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We are so excited about our Gypset BSchool Adventure, we made a mini-film about it.

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Seeing as Hayley and I are currently both in Byron, working on the Gypset BSchool Adventure program we are creating together for you, we thought we would get together and talk with you a little bit about what this is all about.


And because we can’t help but be extremely silly when we are together, you get to see us in our natural states of ridiculous excitement, fuelled by coconuts and raw snickers bars from our favourite cafe, Naked Treaties.


In our mini-film we invite you to our free Q&A, where you can ask all of your burning questions about our Gypset BSchool program and we will talk what taking your work on the road is all about.



We also outline what is included in the Gypset BSchool Adventure:

  • BSchool 2015 with Marie Forleo + lifetime access to BSchool..
  • Be coached by us for 7 months from May until December 2015 as part of our mentoring program.
  • Immerse yourself in the 5 month ‘SHE IS…’ online training program.
  • Have all your questions answered and find your tribe in the exclusive Facebook group.
  • Receive all of our eBooks and recordings as a gift, sent to your mailbox; download = instant.
  • Attend our unique 3 day Gypset Biz Adventure retreat, in a mystery, international location.


Watch it right here:


And come join us on Tuesday 3rd March at 7pm Sydney time. We will be on the phone to answer any of your questions about B-School, and behind the scenes of what you need to know to make the right decision for you.  This is a free call to help you, if you have more questions about what life during, and after B-School will be like for you. We are here to help!




Your work does not need to be useful. It just needs to be done.


I’ve been sitting in front of my screen for what feels like, days now, willing the words to come out, that I have to share. I have been wanting to answer the many questions that have been filing into my email since we opened the doors to the Gypset BSchool Adventure. But on this rare occasion, I can’t seem to find the threads of where to begin.


Which brings me to the talk I saw by Elizabeth Gilbert of the infamous memoir ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ at the Byron Community Theatre last night. Someone in the audience asked her a question “How do I make my work useful?”. To which Elizabeth answered:


Your work does not need to be useful. It does not need to be beautiful, it does not need to be pleasing, it does not need to fill a hole. It just needs to be done.


How often do I look at my life experiences and think, How can this be useful to others? Often, I tell you. All the time, in fact.


What I took away from last night was that my only work lies in the exquisite self-expression of each moment. The way I show up with my coaching clients. The way I show up and do my writing. The way I creatively express my Being.


So today, I am simply sharing something that is flowing through me.


The remembering that the things I do, don’t have to fit in or measure up to anyone else’s expectations or ideas. They don’t have to be useful, beautiful, pleasing or to fill a hole.That all that I need to do, is allow the creative muse to flow through me. That, is my work.


The same goes for you. Your work does not need to be useful. It just needs to be done.

Come behind the scenes of viendamaria.com with me.


A 6 Week Live Class series, taking you behind the scenes of my online coaching business. For curious souls who are ready to expand their horizons, and start thinking about their lives and possibilities from an entirely different perspective.


Yesterday morning, it was pouring with rain and, as ever so often, I was tapping away at my laptop, while my love was snoring beside me. I was desperately trying to work my way through a conundrum.


Being this:

I often get asked to do live workshops. And I’d really, really love to do live workshops. But herein lies the quandary. I really, really dislike logistics. The practical aspects of organising a workshop or class completely overwhelms me.


I was fantasising inviting everyone to my beautiful farmhouse for a few hours on a Friday night. And then I realised my house-mates probably wouldn’t want 15 giggling girls filling up their lounge room. And what if the chickens decided to crash our party? Plus, where would everyone park? And what if getting to Byron for a 2 hour workshop would be too much for some people? It just didn’t feel flowing and free enough.


So the question continued… How can I provide you with the answers and support that you are looking for, in way that is easy, fun, affordable and feasible for everyone.


And then I started thinking how awesome it would be to run the workshops in my room. And I imagined everyone sitting together on cushions in my workspace while I throned my vintage brown armchair, and shared all the useful, practical tips, tools and insights I have with you. Which still didn’t quite feel right, but it was getting closer.


And then, I remembered this fantastic thing called the Internet. And the incredible tool for connecting live with a group of gorgeous souls, called Google Hangouts, all from the comfort of our homes! Which sparked the 6 week live workshop series I have to share with you today.




Behind the Scenes – 6 Week Live Class Series – With Vienda Maria.


Join me, Behind the Scenes: 2 March – 6 April. To learn what it takes to run an online business and semi-nomadic gypset life.

+ 6 weekly live interactive classes, every Monday evening 7pm – 8pm AEST.

+ Ask questions and get answers specific to your life.

+ Click here to get it now.

+ Receive all the workshops links, dates and times in your email on Monday morning, 2nd March.

+ All classes will be recorded and emailed to you, to watch in your own time, or in the case you can’t attend.




Monday 2nd March: Soul + Spirit

I share my spiritual beliefs and practices, how they make my life easier, sweeter and smoother, and why exactly they are essential to both business and travel.


Monday 9th March: Blogging + Biz-ness

Discover how I started blogging, how to do it yourself, and how I turned that blog into a business. I’ll also share my behind-scenes-business structures and techniques.


Monday 16th March: Money

It took me years to face my money issues – in this class I share everything I have come to understand about money – and how to create an abundance mindset, even when you have nothing.


Monday 23rd March: Coaching + Creativity

Learn my coaching techniques, why we all have the same issues that are simply wrapped up in different experiences and how creativity is an essential part of my business.


Monday 30th March: Love

Having a healthy romantic relationship, no matter where you are, can be extremely challenging. In this live class I share my own experiences in love and what it takes to create and invite into your life, beautiful, loving relationships, that are supportive and soulful.


Monday 6th April: Travel

Learn everything I know about traveling the world and taking your business with you. In the past 2.5 years I have built a thriving life coaching business while traveling and living in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Vienna, Vancouver, San Francisco, LA, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Bali, India and Australia. I’ve got a fair bit to say…




Make sure you bring your burning questions, and open mind and heart, a notebook and pen, and sign up for have signed up for Google+ (it’s free) to join the live classes.


Click here, to join the 6 week live class series starting on Monday 2nd of March.

Being part of #10WeeksofFree = almost over.

Sweet dreamers, that was fast…

My popular mentoring program #10WeeksofFree, is about to close its doors again.

Thank you for your enthusiasm. :)


This will be the last time I run it this year. And perhaps – ever.

I have lots of exciting new projects that I’m working on, that I want to share with you in the future. A Gypset BSchool Adventure. A Manifesting course. And another thing… that’s still taking shape in my heart and mind.


+ There’s still a couple of spots left, so if you’ve been thinking about it, go here. And sign up now. Now is a good time.


+ Read this, the next time you are desperately submerged in resistance. It will help.


+ And, very importantly, it’s New Moon tomorrow night! You can download a copy of my new eBook ‘New Moon. New You: A Journaling Ritual to Create the Best Life Ever.’ (You get this for free in your first email tomorrow, if you have signed up for #10WeeksofFree. Just in time to get those intentions set!)


+ Here’s a portal for a better way of living, working and creating.


After such a busy week online and in your mailboxes, I’m going to pull back for a little while and focus on welcoming my beautiful new clients into our coaching space, and exploring my new home: Byron Bay. 

Until next time then.


Thank you xo

Here’s a portal to a better way of living, working and creating.



If we want our lives to change, we have to get uncomfortable. That means going through the uncomfortable process of changing our thoughts, our mindset, our beliefs, our limitations, and what we think we are capable of doing and achieving.

It also means surrendering to uncomfortable emotions, experiences and of course, other things.


For example:

Heart-break hurts. It’s incredibly uncomfortable. Often we resist and avoid it at all costs. And yet heart-break is the cornerstone of every great thing. The best songs and poetry were written from heart-break. The most transformational decisions are made out of heart-break. Our lives become a song of pain and renewal in those times when our souls are silently crying. And those moments are definitively life-changing.


Yoga is hard. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t doing it properly. We move and squeeze and stretch and push and pull ourselves into various poses and then hold them until we feel really uncomfortable. And then we hold them a little longer. Because it’s in the discomfort that our bodies change; that we release and become more flexible, stronger, deeper, more connected with our souls.


Loneliness confronts. Most of us avoid being alone – because it’s scary – because it’s really uncomfortable. We fill our days, and time and spaces with people, events and things and thoughts we don’t really need. Those times that we feel completely alone in the world, are the moments we see our truth. From that space of truth we observe what lights us up and uplifts our souls; and what pains us and pulls us down. For the discomfort of aloneness manifests self-love and acceptance.


Travel equals risk. Every time we step we step into a car; an aeroplane, and step out in a foreign place, our hearts beat a defenceless rhythm to the awkwardness of unknown perils. Those exact threats of the wild unknown are what grow us into something stronger, wiser, and self-assured.


Creating what matters beckons vulnerability. The creative process is incurably defeating and vulnerability is at the heart of your unique brand of magic. Nothing is of value if it hasn’t arisen from the depths of courage. And courage is only prevalent in spaces where there is fear. This fear, this discomfort is the driving force for creating things that change the world.


Pursuing our real work is treacherous. Sweat will roll down your body, tears will burst forth from your eyes, and your heart will sing a melody of fear, grace and relief when you do your real work. showing up, in your truth, with nothing to hide and everything to lose is the discomfort of undertaking your soul purpose. Admitting what you truly dream to gift and share of yourself in this world, leaves you exhaling uncertainty. As all big dreams start in a pool of impossibility.


Inherently, we human beings have been designed to be lazy. We are resourceful at extending the least possible amount of effort and energy, because we are tailored to preserve our energy, to survive. But this survival instinct doesn’t serve us. Being lazy and avoiding inner and outer growth; expanding our self-awareness is how we evolve as beings, and as a society.


We cannot embody our full potential, without getting exquisitely uncomfortable. We cannot thrive in abundance, success, love and self-expression. We cannot override the instinct to merely survive, when we stay comfortable.


How willing are you to get uncomfortable? Do you really want your life to change? It’s in this discomfort, where you are set free…


New Moon. New You. A journaling ritual to create your best life ever.

New Moon. New You.


A guided journaling ritual that helps you set intentions the right way, and powerfully anchor your dreams into the material world. Because a New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, it provides us with an opportunity take time to create sacred space for ourselves. It’s an essential part of living in alignment with the natural cycle of life.


Every month, I set aside some time with myself to go within, and map out my world, life, desires and lessons. It’s how I make manifest, the things that I want, and keep moving forward, harnessing the exquisite potential of the moon.

I have often posted pictures on Instagram about my soul-searching and finding, which has left me a quantity of queries from soulful folks like yourself: What is my New Moon journaling ritual? And how, exactly, do I do it?



New Moon. New You. A journaling ritual to create your best life ever.


I use this enchiridion every 28 days, on the eve of the New Moon to powerfully create my life from a space of mindful presence, love and openness to miracles and the magic beyond my mind’s eye. This practice is how I show the Universe that I fully trust it to bring me exactly what I need, and allow it exceed my imagination.


There are 6 beautiful, sacred steps in the New Moon. New You. ritual:

+ Create A Sacred Space.

+ Celebrating Past.

+ Letting Go.

+ Inviting In.

+ Taking Action.

+ Dreams + Intentions.


We are born powerful beings, with the potential to create anything we want.


And the New Moon, the very first crescent you see in the sky, is a time for renewal. This is a powerful time for you to recreate yourself and your life experience, and to set intentions for what you want to bring into your life. At this time, there is a sense of recharging and an energy of new possibilities.


The moon represents the feminine, the emotional and nurturing aspects of our lives. She radiates her energy to us – in the most amazing cycles of waxing and waning – bringing in, and releasing, just like the tides of our oceans: constant, rhythmic, soothing.


When the moon is at it’s darkest, renewing itself at New Moon, there is a potent opportunity for you too, to renew yourself.


During this time the Moon is empty, receptive and full of potential. As are you. Which makes it an optimum time to plant seeds of intention for what you wish to manifest in your life.


Get your copy here. $8 + download = instant.



Read this the next time you’re desperately submerged in resistance.


You need to do some inner work.

You want to work on your creative project,

You have unfinished business with something….  Or someone.

You have to write a blog post, do your accounts or send an invoice.

But something inside you is resisting.


This happens to me every so often, when I am working. I feel stuck, unmotivated, and can find a million and one excuses not to do that thing, that I had planned on.

What it means is, that I need to become observant and take a step back. When I start to pay attention to the resistance, and sink into it, instead of pushing it away, everything becomes clear. And that thing I was resisting? It dissolves.



Resistance stops you from having, doing and being all that you can in life. It’s the feeling you get when you feel like you “have to”, “must” or “should” do something – when you want things to be different – and is experienced as negativity, usually as a judgement.

Resistance comes from and creates separation because wanting things to different makes you feel like you aren’t already good enough, making you want to protect yourself by resisting.

We think that resisting protects us and keeps us in control but it actually makes us more controllable because we close ourselves off. It’s like a closed, defensive existence that limits our capacity to change and limits the flow of life.

It is a limiting belief that you create to protect your other limiting beliefs, a shield that stops you from truly living.

You think that your resistance stops you from suffering but it actually causes your suffering and limitation. The situation always is as it is – neutral – it’s your resistance that causes you to feel stuck. When there’s no resistance, there’s no stuckness and you are free to change and improve.


Your resistance is often far worse than the situation itself and makes you reactive, limiting your ability to handle what is going on and truly improve the situation.


In essence, resistance is non-acceptance and it keeps you stuck.




  • Firstly, you can’t try to change resistance. That’s just more resisting.


  • Don’t try to be in any state other than the one you are in right now because trying to change what already is creates more resistance.


  • Begin by acknowledging the resistance. Notice it. Become aware of it. Feel it. Don’t think about the resistance, feel it. Feel how conflictingly stuck it feels. Become fully aware of what you are feeling at the moment of resistance. Fully feel it. Go into it. Welcome it. Allow it to be there, just for now. Fighting it hasn’t made it go away so welcome it just for now. When you become fully aware of the resistance, you’ll see how trivial and pointless and empty it is. Often that will be enough to make it dissolve and release. Another option that you always have, in any situation, is to accept.


  • Accept. Accept the resistance. Allow it to be there. Welcome it. Don’t resist the pain and stuckness, allow it to be there. Accept it fully. Your non-acceptance creates it, your acceptance makes it evaporate and dissolve. As soon as you accept the resistance and accept how you feel right now, your acceptance alchemises your resistance into peace.


  • Acceptance is entirely a perceptive process made within. You accept your feelings about the situation and what is right now, not the situation itself. You can still change the situation and take action but any action will come from a place of freedom, free of the limitation of resistance.


  • Finally, either take action or don’t. Decide to do something about the situation or don’t. Indecisiveness will create more wanting to change what you’re experiencing, more resisting.


Non-resistance gives you freedom. It doesn’t mean that you do nothing, become a passive walkover or accept undesirable situations, it just means that you don’t create inner conflict about what you’re experiencing.
Non-resistance means that any action you take is non-reactive and comes from a place of power and flexibility instead of from a place of defensive, closed-off stuckness.


Resistance distorts our perceptions and distracts us from our majestically resplendent and limitless nature.

When you stop resisting, life becomes deliciously more real, you become more real, and more simple. You no longer need to protect yourself. You stop layering distorted protective clouds of resistance over reality. It would seem that you become defenceless without the “protection” of resistance but it is only through non-resistance and acceptance that you can live truly free, immersed in reality, completely unleashed.



What it REALLY means to love yourself.


I love Valentine’s Day. Not because it’s the day that I receive copious amounts of flowers and love letters (it happens sometimes!). But I love it because it’s a day that I devote entirely to MYSELF.

I don’t measure my self-worth by how much other people show their love and devotion to me, but by how much I am committed and devoted to myself. The more I love myself, the better, happier, freer, kinder and more spirited my life is.


Some on my favourite Valentine’s Day’s involved:


Hitchhiking with my soul-sister Lily in Costa Rica, being picked up by a massive Bimbo bakery truck, and watching romantic comedies on a laptop for 7 hours in the cabin of the truck, while we were being transported across the country.


Walking alone, along a cold canal in Amsterdam, with tears streaming down my face, as I resolved to break up with my boyfriend, after I discovered that he had lied to me, more times than I dared admit to myself. I loved it, because in that moment I felt totally free. And I knew that leaving him, was one of the greatest acts of self-love that I could possibly do.


Waking up early in India, for my daily yoga class, and then jumping on my scooter and driving along the ocean with the wind in my hair for 30 minutes to meet a bunch of girlfriends at our favourite beach, for a day of swimming, giggles and gossip, finished off by treating ourselves to dinner at our favourite restaurant.


So, as we herald this beautiful day into our lives again, whether we celebrate it or not, what’s important is, what it really means to love yourself. It’s not about how many pretty things you buy yourself or how much time you spend at the spa. Though, of course, those things are nice too.

What loving yourself really is about is, how much your are able to spend time with yourself and deeply love and accept your true nature. Without judgement. Without willing yourself to change, or wishing you were different.


Here are 3 ways.


1. Spend time by yourself. Schedule it in and do it, often.

I spend at least one day per week on my own, doing things that fill me up: reading, writing in my journal, making something beautiful, going for walks in nature and swimming in the sea. I make sure it’s a day that I can truly devote to myself, and ensure that there are no other obligations that disturb me. Spending time by myself allows me to sit with my inner peace and stillness, and truly listen to what I need. This period of self-reflection is invaluable in understanding yourself, and learning to love yourself in the ways that are beyond physical and practical needs. I have learnt to love my own company, and enjoy being in my energy field.


2. Be unapologetic for your feelings.

I used to bulldoze over my own feelings, because I felt that they weren’t as important as those of others. Being taught from an early age to be a perpetual people pleaser, it was a really hard habit to overcome. But not listening to my feelings hurt and harmed me. Over time, I learnt the art of feeling my feelings and expressing them to people in a way that felt safe and comfortable. Learning to recognise what you are feeling, and then express it to others in a positive way, is an invaluable expression of self-love. Be unapologetic for how you feel, and learn to share with people in a way that is helpful and kind.


3. Go to bed early.

I know, I know! Most of us are still rebelling to our mother’s nap-time commands, but guess what? Now that we are adults, going to bed early is totally rebellious! In a society that favours burning your candle at both ends, staying up late and getting up early, partying until sunrise and pushing ourselves beyond our boundaries, one of the kindest, most loving things you could possibly do for yourself, is going to bed early. Sleep has the most transformative, life-giving and healing qualities, and a full night snuggled down into your favourite sheets and pillows will restore your magic powers faster than anything else. Want to really love yourself? Go to bed early!




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