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11 inspiring things 1 woman manifested in less than 1 year


To celebrate manifesting and make it available to more people, from Friday 23 June at 9:00am PST to Saturday 24 June at 11.59pm PST Manifest More is $50 off using the code — mmv2 — at the checkout.


I often receive emails about how Manifest More has changed people’s lives. But I rarely share them. I really should do that more often! So when Nicola sent me an email filled to the brim with 11 inspiring things that she has manifested in less than a year, I had to share them with you. Here’s what she said…


Since I started Manifest More I often feel like a powerful magnet drawing in everything and anything but some seriously major shifts began to happen in October when I found out I was pregnant, so I’ll start there…


When I first saw the strong pink line on the pregnancy test, I was full of joy and immediately afterward full of panic. My husband and I literally live paycheck to paycheck. All I could think about was ‘how in the world are we going to support a baby?’. I didn’t allow myself to stay in that fear for too long. Your MM course helped me to focus my energies and I knew what I needed to do.


I needed to get into a flow of feeling amazing and full of gratitude.  I needed to trust the divine timing of everything. I needed to get super clear on what I wanted to manifest to feel good and safe bringing this child into the world. I needed to clear some deeply ingrained blocks. And of course, I needed to get moving! 9 months seems like a long time, but time moves in the most mysterious ways during pregnancy.


Over these past 9 months, the most incredible things have manifested both in my personal life and also in my business. To list a few…


1. A free trip to India with my husband.


2. I sold my wedding dress for $1300. It was so important to me to sell it to someone who would feel as amazing in it as I did… she was absolutely thrilled with it and I was so grateful to receive the money.


3. A co-sleeping cot was gifted to me by a friend who had never used it.


4. My best friend who lives in Canada surprised me with a virtual Skype baby shower complete with champagne and balloons. She gathered funds from all my loved ones and sent two suitcases full of gifts for the baby to my home in Bali. I opened all the gifts while my family watched me on the screen and every single item I had asked for was in there and SO much more. I feel so grateful to know that I have the things I need to be able to take care of this little one! 


5. I am planning on giving birth at a birthing clinic near where I live. This clinic is free to use, however, my husband and I wanted to donate $1000 for all the services they have provided to us and to support the clinic in aiding other women in having the opportunity to have safe, healthy pregnancies and births. This $1000 manifested through two $500 gifts given to us from family to put towards buying stuff for the baby. Since we had received everything we needed through the surprise baby shower we were able to make the donation.


6. Although I trust that my wish for a natural birth at the clinic will all go according to plan, we needed to have a backup plan just in case an emergency does happen. After my husband and I talked to a friend about the cost that would come to us if I do have to go to the hospital he said: “I’ll lend you the money”. He said if we need it, we’ll work out a payment plan afterward, and if we don’t end up needing it we just send it right back to him. I truly feel and trust in my heart that we will be able to have the birth at the birthing clinic, but it has given me and my husband so much peace of mind to know that if we do need to go the hospital me and the baby we will be taken care of.


7. Over the past few years, my husband and I have gone into a fair amount of debt keeping our non-profit alive. So often it has felt that we will never catch up, but I have been making a very conscious effort to keep my vibration around the debt and money very high and through your course, I have been able to get very clear on what we need. About 5 months ago, our accountant contacted us about a way to get some of our debt removed. It was a long (and at times emotional) process but last month we had $12,000 taken off of our debt! My husband and I were in shock for about a week! We couldn’t believe it. It felt like we had won the lottery. We still have a debt to pay but I have asked the Universe to be debt free and I know it is happening!


8. We manifested a home for 6 months. Since moving to Bali, we have been living in a sweet little one-bedroom flat style home. It was perfect for us and very affordable but we knew with a baby on the way and family coming to visit throughout July and August we would need a bigger space. I followed your steps on manifesting a home and totally trusted that we would find something we could afford where we would be happy. With the exception of 1 or 2 things the place we found has everything I asked for. We moved in last month and I have been able to nest and get ready for the arrival of our baby. I have no idea where we will go when our lease is up in November but I know and I trust that we will be guided to where we are meant to be. For now, we have this beautiful home and I am SO grateful every day for it.


9. When I first started on the topic of manifest more love I thought that it wasn’t really what I need to be focusing on right now. Then I realized that actually, I was really in need of manifesting love, just not in the romantic way I usually think about it. Since moving to Bali, I haven’t made many close friends. I have met people, but I haven’t felt that I have had a tribe around me. This has been particularly hard throughout what has felt like a very solo pregnancy as I haven’t had my closest friends with me to share it with. I also felt that I didn’t have female support for the birth of my baby because for a long time I didn’t have a midwife or doula who could commit to being there. I was feeling so much sadness around all of this early in the year. After doing some journaling and getting very clear about what sort of relationships I was missing and wishing for in my life so many wonderful women started to come into it! I was invited to join a mothers group and met the loveliest group of women who I am slowly building beautiful friendships with. My dearest friend and soul sister, Amy, moved to Bali with her family. And I met an incredible doula who will be assisting me during the birth of my baby. I am feeling so supported and surrounded by love!


10. One of the most important aspects of the work that my husband and I do is fundraising. Without funds, our projects simply don’t happen. Working through your course I realised that my money blocks were not only having an impact on me, they were impacting our organisation and in turn impacting our projects and the children we support. My husband had the same realisation. Knowing that our personal money blocks could have such an impact on others was a profound awakening for us and since this awakening, we have been applying your course towards our business. It’s often hard to separate personal from work because for us it’s all just life but there were some specific funds that needed to manifest for our projects and the kids. We wrote every detail out of what we needed and the total came up to $150,259. In the past two months, our organisation has raised $129,462 to fund education projects. We have never raised so much so quickly and without most of this funding, some of our projects would have been at risk.


11. A few days later Nicola added: A little update to the last story I shared with you… We received another grant/donation for one of our projects. Of the $150,259 we needed to raise we have now raised $143,109. Incredible!!


I just so wanted you to know how much you have done for me and my family. The gift you give to others through your work is invaluable. It has changed my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I am eternally grateful to you Vienda.


To celebrate manifesting and make it available to more people, from Friday 23 June at 9:00am PST to Saturday 24 June at 11.59pm PST Manifest More is $50 off using the code — mmv2 — at the checkout.



Photo: Hayley Richardson

19 ways to get out of the box and be a rebellious game-changer


Sometimes it feels like the entire world is out to smush us into tiny perfect little boxes. This ends up making us feel terrible about ourselves. We wonder why our legs won’t fit or our hair keeps trailing out or the way we do things causes creases in our box. 


From inside the box we will never be good enough. Because it simply doesn’t fit.


I have sometimes had days where I would struggle with the concept that to be accepted I must fit myself inside a box. And those days I forgot myself and tried.


I would do my hair like a model I once saw on Pinterest and wonder if I should try out a new cut or get my eyebrows microbladed. I’d say the things that I know are expected of me to say instead of what I feel. I would bemoan my figure and it’s short, curvy body, and stick legs and arms and come up with some ridiculous exercise plan that I never follow. I’d wonder if I’m successful enough, on social media enough, making enough, and listen to some business coach tell me how to set very pragmatic, material goals.


But none of that gave me the feeling I was really craving: to be accepted, just as I am.


What I have learned over the years is this: at a certain point you just have to accept yourself. No-one can accept you for you. It’s all you.


When I first made that decision I would repeat a mantra in my head, over and over again. Sometimes I would whisper it to myself. Sometimes I’d say it to the mirror.


I deeply love and accept myself.


Once you have made that decision the fun begins: you get to decide who you are, and what that looks like. You get to reinvent yourself! Over and over and over again. No boxes necessary.


Here are 19 ways that I live my life my way, live outside of the box and choose to be a rebellious game-changer.



1. I get my hair cut maaaaaaybe once per year. The rest of the time I let friends hack at it, I get experimental with or it, or it just grows.


2. I don’t take things personally. I know that whatever someone is saying, even if it’s directed at me, is actually about them. Not taking things personally means that I am free from guilt, fear, and expectations that others may try to place on me.


3. I always check in with what I think and feel before I do anything. I know that my truth resides within me and nowhere else. Which means that before I take action or make a decision I need to make sure that it’s right for me. Checking in is as simple as feeling my body and asking it how it feels about this thing. An easy, light, expansive feeling means I’ve got a “yes”, a heavy, dark, contracting feeling means it’s a “no”.


4. I quit getting my legs waxed and took my power back. After years (and probably $1,000’s dollars) spent in fancy waxing salons, I decided I’d had enough. I invested in a high quality epilator, this one to be exact, and have never been happier. My legs, underarms and lady-parts are soft, smooth and hair-free, whenever I want them to be. No extra hassle or cost.


5. I make up my own working hours. I know that I am most creative in the first 4-5 hours of the day… So that’s when I work. And on my two mentoring days per week, when my days often fills up, I focus on connecting with my clients. Plus: I use astrology to guide me on what I do, and on which days.


6. I don’t follow fashion trends. I adore clothes and feeling beautiful in the things I wear, but I genuinely have no idea what’s in style. I wear what makes me feel good: mostly pretty dresses, cute blouses tucked into jeans, skirts with t-shirts, and leggings with long tops and my long hair piled up on top of my head.


7. I practice radical self-trust. What that means is that I trust what I feel above any external influence. I don’t always get it right. But when I do, and I follow that, everything makes so much more sense.


8. I have a daily nonnegotiables list. It includes: alone time, lemon water in the morning, sweating every day, writing every day (even if it’s just journaling), meditation, eating lots of greens, being creative, nurturing relationships, and day-dreaming. If they don’t happen, nothing does.


9. I rarely scroll Instagram or Facebook. I’d rather be creating than consuming. 


10. I allow my intuition to guide me in every area of my life. I am not shy to admit that I have no idea what I am doing 90% of the time. I’m completely comfortable with not-knowing because I know that when I trust my intuition and follow that guidance, only the best can come of it. Sometimes it does feel confusing because the path ahead isn’t linear, and that’s ok.


11. I don’t care. That sounds like a really harsh statement but what I mean is: I don’t care about what others think of me or why things happen. I care about accepting what is and making the best of what I feel to be true, in every single moment. Not caring is the best thing ever.


12. I meditate, but not in the ways that popular culture depicts. My meditation is messy, raw and unfiltered. I meditate sprawled out lying on my back on my bed, I meditate lying in the grass, I meditate when I am walking in nature, I meditate when I do the dishes, I meditate chopping vegetables, I meditate folding clothes. Any mundane, simple task becomes a meditation in my day. I don’t do cross-legged-lotus-position “official” meditation. Instead, it’s an ongoing moment-to-moment practice in my life.


13. I refuse to use plastic bags everywhere I go. It’s simple and easy and we should all be doing it. 


14. I make doing my ‘inner-work’ a priority. I know that my entire life is a reflection of what is going on inside. I believe that we are all on a spiritual-physical quest to reach, embody, grow and learn. We are all becoming. And the only thing that I have found that makes this quest fun, playful and inspiring is bey being open to it, and willing to do the work that is required to move through the various lessons that it brings. 


15. I dance to almost any music. It’s embarrassing but I literally can dance to anything. Some people are very set around what music they find acceptable and what not, and while I certainly favour some over others, music stirs my soul and my hips start to move.


16. I will do almost anything for freedom. 


17. When everyone goes one way, I go the other. I have a strange terror that rises up and makes the hairs stand up on my back, when everyone turns and starts taking the same direction. I innately don’t trust it. Popular trends make me uneasy and I question why everyone is trying to take the same path. It’s unnatural.


18. I often work sitting or kneeling on my yoga mat or bed. They say that sitting down for long times isn’t good for people, and I don’t. I lie or kneel or sit on the floor.


19. I stopped wearing underwire bras almost as soon as I started wearing them. While I enjoy the lacy sexiness, subtle protection and support of a bra, I feel very, very weird about the whole wire thing. Thank goodness that bralettes in all their fanciness are currently trending. On a side note, did you know that in 2009 Elena Bodnar invented the Emergency Bra, which doubles as a gas mask? Fascinating.


In what ways do you stay out of the box and lead the way as a rebellious game-changer? I’d love to know…


Surrendering to the creative pause.


Every time I sit down to write this article I stop. It’s really hard to write about the space-in-between — the creative pause — the gestation period… when I am in it. Yet these words are insistent on being written.


It hit me when I arrived back from London, though I had felt murmurs of it even back then. This strong urge to do absolutely nothing. When my friends write to see how I am I keep replying:


I just want to spend a week or two, alone, in nature, in a luxurious bed. And sleep, and rest and do absolutely nothing for a while! And then go back to the drawing board and see what I want to do. And I could… but I have commitments and responsibilities (clients and a new house… what was I thinking)!!? Lol. Jokes. I am really happy and life is good. I’m just going through a massive transition: physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and sometimes I feel a little crazy.


One thing that I’ve discovered time and time again is that the creative process requires a gestation period: a phase where it simply sits in my body and incubates, before I start taking steps towards bringing it to life. 


You cannot create and put out at the same time as you receive. And right now you mustn’t keep trying to create. You must relax and receive.


I am most certainly in a receptive phase in my life. The two words that have accompanied me everywhere this past month are surrender and receive. I keep hearing them over and over again and sometimes I want to shout I am! and they reply More!

To begin with I was unwilling to surrender. But I have so much to do! I thought. Until I had no choice… The words, the motivation and the energy to do the things I do vanquished and I was left feeling hollow and alone, at the precipice of an existential crisis. Until I tuned in again… surrender and receive. And I finally did.


The first few weeks were tricky. I tried but couldn’t distract myself with tasks: my energy immediately deflated. Social media felt overwhelming, and sometimes even answering simple emails and writing in my journal felt too much. How do I balance the things I must do with doing nothing? I kept asking myself, the universe, and anyone who would listen.


Then I went through the 4 fours stages of surrender:


Denial: Maybe I don’t really need to slow down and surrender. Maybe I’m just bored and need to find more things to occupy my time.


Fear: What if people think I’m lazy? What if this feeling of living in a space-cloud never goes away and my enthusiasm never-ever returns!!!!


Guilt: Maybe I AM lazy! I should just get over myself and start doing all the things?! Am I just feeling sorry for myself?


Acceptance: I realise I am simply going through a change. I recognise that for my body to heal and my life to be lived at its highest expression, I need to slow down and surrender. I trust myself and I trust life to guide me.


I have entered my creative pause. In this place I must be open and receive. I know that on the other side of this time period, I will be filled with clarity, insight, direction and enthusiasm. But for now, I must simply surrender, be open to what the world is giving me and trust.


What that means is that I have limited my tasks to the bare essentials: just enough for my work and life to keep ticking on, while creating enormous amounts of time and space for quiet reflection and self-care.


Instead of filling my time with being productive, I take my time to prepare and eat good meals, play my ukulele and sing, listen to music and audio books, or do yoga and hike the hills nearby. I lie on my yoga mat or on my bed for hours, just feeling, allowing my awareness and thoughts to drift. I watch movies and tv shows that I would have previously considered a waste of time, and write in my journal, as often and as much as I feel drawn to.


I’m living out one of my fears: to have a very simple, boring existence, for a while. It surprises me how good it feels.


While I can’t put words to what this creative pause is bringing with it yet, I am catching glimpses of what the future holds. I feel more sensitive, the world had more vivid colours and is filled with more love, everything feels more significant, beautiful and touching, than before. I keep receiving these illogical downloads of how my world and my work will unfold from here, but my mind cannot make sense of them.


So I wait, patiently for this creative pause to unfold.


8 books that have opened my eyes and given me pivotal tools for transition + change


I have noticed that I tend to go through two different phases: In one phase I block out all the external noise and create, a lot. In the other phase I am selectively receptive, open and I learn, a lot. 


It is in that second phase that I start reading and absorbing all the books that I have collected over the months, ready for them to open my eyes and give me pivotal tools for transition and change. This is where I find myself right now.


I love the way books, and their audio counterparts that accompany me on long walks and while sunbathing, always tell me exactly what I need to hear and seem to arrive at exactly the time I am ready to hear them.


Whether you find yourself in phase one or two right now, I wanted to share with you my latest favourites, so you can either tuck them on your bedside table for later, or start devouring them with hungry eyes, straight away.



Sacred Success

I often catch myself enthusiastically nodding my head and emphatically gasping “yes” even on my second spin of this book as Barbara Stanny, author of Overcoming Underearning explores the true meaning of money for women, and how it can be used as a tool to step into their power. Essentially, for us women money isn’t about money, it is about choice, freedom, alignment and power. I love every word she speaks and my heart skipped a beat when you, very practically, teaches you how to wield the power of money well. She makes affluence meet generosity and creating positive change in the world. Get it here.



The Woman Code

I picked this one up upon several recommendations when I decided I wanted to educate myself around my health changes and challenges. It completely changed the way I viewed and understood women’s hormones, our cycles and the way that our needs for different types of foods and exercises changes, week-by-week and even day-by-day. Alisa Vitti’s book helped me change my diet habits and gave me the permission slip I needed to take a different approach to life. Get it here.



Red Moon

I’m obsessed with the link between moon cycles and menstrual cycles at the moment and Miranda Gray is my go-to women to reference on this topic. She says when women ovulate at the full moon and bleed at the dark, new moon you are in a fertile cycle that supports nesting, settling down and caring for loved ones… And when a woman ovulates at the dark moon and bleeds at the full moon our attention is away from the energies of procreation and the material world and towards inner development and its expression.’ She adds that both cycles are expressions of the feminine energies and neither is more powerful or more correct than the other. I used to always bleed at the full moon, but ever since my lover and I bought a house my nesting instinct immediately kicked in and I now bleed at the new moon. Fascinating stuff! Get it here.



The Universe Has Your Back

I am a firm believer that we create our lives through the words we speak, the thoughts we think and the vibes that we emit out into the universe. I personally call it ‘manifesting’ and talk, teach and write about it a lot. This easy read by Gabby Bernstein is essential about exactly that: how we can create our lives through intentional thinking and being. It’s a beautiful reminder of just how powerful we are, and how important it is to dance the co-creative dance with the universe to live your happiest, most fulfilled and best life. Get it here.



Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

This book was recommended to me years ago, but I wasn’t quite ready to read it until recently. The premise is that effective marketing is real and generous, something that I wholeheartedly agree with. In more detail, the formula is to give 75% value and then only ask for sales 25% of the time, something that I have applied to my work as much as possible, and love. Gary Vaynerchuk is a leader in social media marketing and I love the straightforward, no BS approach he has toward business. Get it here.



Defy Gravity

Another one of those books that just left me nodding my head like a bobble head, Carolyn Myss takes us through the energetic healing that has to occur in order for our bodies to be at their healthiest. While the title may seem a bit misleading listening to this audio book makes me feel weightless as I work through past traumas and unwanted patterns as I listen to her wisdom. Get it here.



The Vortex

Voices of wisdom channeled through Esther Hicks, The Vortex is an extensive outline on how to live a spiritual life and use manifesting in a way that is conscious and self-aware. Since this is a topic that I have stepped much of my life into, these teachers are my favourite source of knowledge on creating a life in alignment with my unique energy. Get it here.



Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit

I wrote 24,000 words to turn into a book last year. Then I came to Canada and life happened and I’ve not quite gotten the last part finished. Partly because only now am I learning more about what needs to be included. Partly because I’m scared it won’t be good enough. In this book Steven Pressfield very beautifully outlines how to write anything: a script, a blog post, a movie, or a book, so that people will read it and love it. I took millions of notes and it was a game-changer in the way I have structured and formatted and created the flow of my writing. I would call this a bible for writers. Get it here.


Things are changing.


My legs are tucked under me as I lean forward to reach my keyboard on the bed in front of me. I washed the sheets this morning and for the entire 3 hours that it took to wash and dry them I walked around the house feeling betrayed and confused because I had nowhere to go. I only wanted to be on the bed.


Since then I’ve been wondering exactly how to tell you what I’ve been thinking and feeling.


In short, everything is changing. I’ve felt it for weeks, this gnawing at the edge of everything I do, telling me that the more I narrow down, subtract, edit, limit and let go, the more my life will flourish. It’s a spring clean for how I’m doing life.


It began when I moved to Canada. I knew it was coming…


It started with endless fatigue, fatigue so great I couldn’t sleep, and weeks passed by as I grew more and more tired and irritated and sharp. Then the tears. Everything made me cry. People being kind to me. Watching puppies play. So I did what I always do: I googled for hours searching for answers.


Two things came up. 1. Hormone imbalance. 2. Adrenal fatigue.


I went to see a naturopath, a gentle, soft-spoken woman named Tara. As soon as she looked at me, she knew. “After finishing medical school, starting my business and having a baby I had them too.” she told me as I burst into tears after sharing as much as I could as to why I was sitting in her office.


It’s the adrenal fatigue that triggers me. It makes so much sense and yet I have been avoiding it for years distracting myself with adventure and excitement in an attempt to avoid reckoning with a behaviour that does me no good: living on an adrenalin-fueled edge with little consideration for my very-human limitations. I have done it through drugs, relationships, travel and work. I saw my mum do it and I realise that these things are not so much genetic but learned behaviours that play out when we haven’t unravelled the deep conditioning.


Tara put me on a strict regimen of intensive self-care: 3 whole meals per day (no more skipping) including 20g of protein with each meal (which is like… 3 eggs!) some herbs, and enormous amounts of rest.


Days later I flew to London to co-host The Heartful Biz workshop with my friend Claire, meet 4 clients for 1-on-1 creative sessions and immerse myself in the love that is my soul-sisters who live there.


London exceeded every expectation in every possible way… But it was not restful. It was full, and intense, wonderful and beautiful, and everything I had hoped for, but armed with the knowledge of the limits of my body, and the healing I am doing, I resolved that as soon as I came back home, the way I approached my life would change.


I used to extract a lot of my self-worth and importance from creating a life that was based on depleting my resources. I thought to be worthy was to work and play and live so hard that there is nothing left. I often forgot to honor my own edge and feared that because I have a gentle nature my energy limits were also my shortcomings.


On an intellectual level I know that this isn’t true. On a physiological level it’s a pattern that has been so deeply ingrained in me that learning to live without it feels foreign and awkward. But I am learning. Which is why everything has to change.


The way I eat and exercise. No more starving myself because then tomorrow I’ll feel skinny. Who knew a subtle eating disorder was hiding under all that too. That the slight softness on my belly that wouldn’t shift was a result of my adrenals and hormones being unbalanced.

The way I protect my energy levels. Naps, rest and relaxing are strictly adhered to even though often I want to do just one more thing. It sounds ridiculous: resistance to resting, but after years of putting myself in circumstances that lead me to my edge until adrenalin and stress became my norm, this is where I find myself.


The way I work is being refined. I love my business and multifaceted tasks I do every day. Creating beautiful, helpful and practical resources and support for women to truly take full responsibility of their lives and happiness at the crossroads of manifestation, intuitive living, radical self-trust and creative business is my heart. But I’ve been approaching it all with unrestrained love and little structure. A lot of energy has been wasted along the way. Truthfully, I think every business starts like that. The changes in my life, however, must also be reflected in my business.


I don’t have all the answers yet. I’m still at the very beginning of this. We will see, as we journey alongside one another over the next few months, exactly how all this will unfold.


All these changes have led me to thinking a lot about who I am and what I’m all about the last few days.


In my day-to-day I exist at this intersection between psychology, creativity, business and spirituality.


Psychology because it is the basis for human behaviour and changing our psychology is what allows us to step into a sweeter, happier, better life. Evolution is in our DNA and understanding that allows us to make wise choices. Experiences like this one only furthers my fascination with human behaviour and how we can make conscious choices and create our lives, over being subject to habits, patterns and circumstances.


Creativity because it is the ultimate human expression. Human beings, all of us, are creative by nature, and figuring out our unique brand of creativity allows us to be fully expressed and fulfilled.


Business because I see it as the ultimate vehicle for freedom and change in our current world. Where politics and religion have failed, business now speaks for its people because money has the power to transform the market and the world, when we use it wisely. Business allows us make choices, to have a lighter footprint, work fewer hours, and do things with integrity that we truly believe in.


Spirituality because it is container that holds everything together. Without our connection to the universe and ultimate understanding that we are insignificant star-like flecks dotted across a sky, we lose sight of our place in the world and the true meaning of life which is simply to enjoy this sensual human experience and all the emotions and human interactions that it brings. We tend to turn something beautiful, complex and simple into something complicated, difficult and confusing.


My head feels muddled. My heart feels clear. I journal and rest and journal and work and rest and journal and watch Netflix and cry and rest and journal and I know I will figure all this out.


Thank you for being here and listening as I find my way.



P.S. My 30 day journaling course ‘Make More Magic’ begins again on Thursday June 1. The theme is: Your thoughts and words really do have the power to create your life. Learn more and join us here.


11 very adulting things I do to run a freedom-fueled heart-led business


I think I have hit the high-point of adulting in my life this month. There’s this feeling in my chest where my heart starts to flutter and beat harder, and I have to bring myself back to the present and breathe, over and over again, while being incredulous of my current reality.


We bought a house. A beautiful bungalow built in the 60’s by an italian family who left the secret garden of my dreams as their legacy. There’s 4 giant grape vines twisting and climbing their ways up and over our balcony, creating a canopy of welcome shade. Also, a plum-tree, an apricot tree, and a peach tree. There are purple Violets growing wildly through the grass and an entire length of roses. I sense there will be much more secret magic for me to discover when we move in. Every time I think about our new home my world freezes for a moment as I allow the joy to envelop me.


I applied for my Canadian residency. It took us several weeks of chasing paperwork, asking for letters and referrals, digging deep for long-lost addresses and photos to plead our case to Canadian immigration and prove that we are, indeed, in a loving relationship and would like to remain that way. Now it’s a waiting game. Who would have thought that that fateful day two and a half years ago when I picked up a stranger on the side of the road and my van blew up, would have led to this.


I’m co-hosting my first-ever 2-day workshop in London in exactly one week, teaching an ebullient group of women exactly what we have learned over a decade’s combined worth of experience of what it really takes to run a heartful business that works. We’re peeling back the virtual curtain on the yin and the yang of business including systems, structures, cycles and self-care. I cannot wait. It’s going to be magic.


The funny thing is, I never really wanted a business. What I wanted was a lifestyle: a way of life that allowed me to live as closely to my inner guidance, my heart and soul, as possible.

I wanted a lifestyle that allowed me space and time to simply “be”. That gave me opportunities to travel or at the very least, the freedom to do so. That provided a platform where I could help. And be creative. While financially supporting me in a way that promoted expansion and access to more beautiful life experiences. 

Following my heart step by step over the years I found my way.⠀So did Claire. We teach you everything we know at The Heartful Biz Workshop in London at the end of the month. If you’ve ever felt this way, and you’re in or around London, then this workshop is for you.


All that… is a lot of adulting.


Apart from showing off how I’ve been aceing adulting recently (honestly: it’s mostly my man, Julien, who leads the way with these things) I wanted to share with you 11 very adulting things I do to run a freedom-fueled heart-led business.






We all know how we want to feel is the main reason why we are motivated to do, well… anything. For example, we start businesses because we want to feel free, aligned, creative and abundant in our lives. However often we think that “when I get / do / achieve this and that, then I’ll feel the way I want to feel”


Journaling provides a different option. It allows us to sit with ourselves and internally analyse what we want to feel and choose to feel it, right now.


Instead of setting tremendous goals for myself I sit down every day and journal. This allows me to tune into how I want to feel and intentionally write down the things I have to do to ensure that I feel that way. What that means is that my business is a result of my mindset and the feelings I foster. As opposed to a sequence of reactions to being out of alignment with the way I want to feel, and scrambling for a way to get back.






I won’t deny that systems and structure were something that I resisted for a long time. The very yang approach to business completely turned me off. Until I figured out how to do it my way.


Now my days are most closely tied to the energetic flow of the days of the week: Tuesdays + Wednesdays are a combination of client calls, admin, and writing; Thursdays are dedicated to creative projects; I mostly take Friday’s off to have fun and socialize; Saturdays are all about planning, managing, and scheduling for the week ahead, with some client calls mixed; and Sundays and Mondays are absolutely always “me time” unless absolutely necessary.


I always start my days checking in with myself and what I need: a variation of exercise, meditation, journaling, quiet time, and: doing my daily Instagram post.


Having this structure allows me to manage my time and energy levels in a way that allow my business to flourish and grow. Which brings me back to my first point: it feels good because it working.






As you can see, I build in a lot of space into my structure, 3 days of space in fact. I need it to feel free. I need it to do good work. My business runs on creative output, and creativity requires space to swell and bloom.


There’s a huge misconception around being successful which is: that you have to work long, hard hours and do things in really complicated ways. This is a lie driven by a culture that prefers to believe that life cannot be easy.


The whole point of running a freedom-fueled heart-led business is to prove that things can be done in a different way. Creating space is one of the key factors of true success and feeling how you want to feel.






No (wo)man is an island. — John Donne


What that means is that human beings depend on each other. Even you, nomadic self-sufficient digital business woman, even you. The most valuable and important thing I have ever done in my business in build and nurture relationships.


I would reach out to anyone that I encountered and admired, send them an email, and tell them that I thought they were a beautiful bright light in the world. Sometimes they wrote back and we became best friends and gave me their bed to sleep in even though we had never met. Sometimes they wrote back and we became cool acquaintances who shared and supported one another across the internet. Sometimes they never wrote back.


The relationships that I cultivate and nurture are what carry me and my business forward beyond all else.






There’s a huge list of incredible tools that I use every day that allow me to run a freedom-fueled heart-led business. Most of them are listed on my love-list here.






My tribe is unique in that they do not fit a specific demographic. Instead, they come together through a unifying feeling and motivation that they have towards life, work and creativity. They are like me: rebels, freedom-seekers, artists who question the norm and want easy, honest, straight-forward integrity and solutions for living a good life.


I find them, and they find me, through this very specific equation of what we are willing to accept in our lives and what motivates us to move forward.


I love them hard, by giving them everything I’ve got: I wear my heart and soul on my sleeve for them, and provide resources and mentoring, both paid and free, as well and entertaining and helpful weekly emails and daily social media posts to keep us connected, tight and heard.






I plan my projects and roll out my ideas with the moon, meaning…


There are two main moon cycles:


Waxing Moon is New Moon to Full Moon and is the most fertile ground for creating things. This is when the moon is getting brighter and bigger, representing the illumination of ideas, concepts and creativity. It the strongest time for creative projects, ideas and generating new materials.


Waning Moon is Full Moon to New Moon and is perfect for contemplation, working through the details and filling in the gaps. This is when the moon decreases size and light and is a time to turn inward, begin exploring your deeper aspects of your project an idea, putting in the structures, details and tying up loose ends. By the end of this two-week cycle, there is a sense of release and completion.


The two weeks of the Waxing Moon and the Waning Moon cycles moves through 8 different moon cycles every 3.5 days:


New Moon: Perfect for starting new projects: planting the seeds of the project even though the idea may not be fully formed yet.


Crescent: I begin to form a plan or course of action around my new idea or project.



First Quarter: I focus on using my unique creative expression to create the content for my idea or project. This is a highly creative few days for me.


Gibbous: I’ll receive more insight or confirmation on how to proceed. I may revisit what I’ve worked on this far to determine my next steps. This is a time to be open to allowing inspiration and intuition to guide me and to trust.


Full Moon: This is when I tweak my plans and efforts. I might even totally scrap my project or idea, if I realise it doesn’t have staying power. The Full Moon is a time to readjust as this is when I have a clearer picture and understanding of the project (or its lessons). It’s also a great time to get others on board.


Disseminating: I often market a new course or program at this time, and then promote it for two to four weeks throughout the moon cycles.


Last Quarter: This phase is about completion and transitioning. My intuition is strong and I feel the energetic last final ‘push’ towards finalising the original idea or project.


Balsamic: Here I create space again: I release and move my attention to the future, to the new moon. It’s a time to set new intentions and start cultivating space for new ideas to arise.






Everything I do, gets checked off by my heart and intuition first. What that means is that I feel into the things that I am thinking about doing, and if they feel good, I go ahead with them. If they don’t I backtrack and find out what’s out of alignment and wait for guidance on how I should move forward.


Living and running a business from a place of alignment is all the matters to me. There’s no point to running a freedom-fueled heart-led business if I am not in alignment because it would mean that it is neither free nor heart-led.


I use my heart, with my body as a conduit, to guide me.






Running a freedom-fueled heart-led business requires tremendous trust. Every day I have to be able to show up, do my work, and trust.  I wrote this article about how to trust when you feel terrified that everything is going to fall apart. I hope it helps you in those moments that you most need to lean into trust.






It’s easy to think that once you have your big, beautiful business idea, everything is going to go smoothly from there. Many of us are pacified by the idea that if we build it they will come.


However, business, especially a heart-led and freedom-fueled business has a spirit of its own. It requires flexibility, room to grow, and for you to have the ability to adjust with it as it does.


Instead of getting really stuck on how your business should be, open to new ways of showing up, sharing and being of service. By adjusting to your business and releasing your expectations, your pathway to success and purpose in much smoother. I’ll be sharing lots of examples of how I had to release and adjust my business at The Heartful Biz workshop next week.






One of my best skills is my ability to lazer focus. I choose a task, I focus until it’s done, and I move on.


I learned to do that many years ago when I used to work in music festivals. There was so much loud noise and distractions and people in party-mode that it required an ability to zone everything around me out so I could complete my tasks.


Now, I write a list of tasks at the end of my work day, ready for the next day. When I set down to start work, I look at my list, choose a task, and lazer focus. This way my work gets done. Giving me space and time for what’s truly important: life.



Read this if: your life appears perfect, but really it’s a big mess.

Read this if: on the outside your life looks perfect, but on the inside it's a big mess.


I know a woman who is ambitious, creative, sexy and beautiful. On the outside, her life looks perfect. On the inside her life is a mess.


Her marriage is in shambles, she is in debt, and feels exhausted, overwhelmed, scared and like something has to urgently change. And she doesn’t what, or how, or where to begin.


We recently had a conversation about how our life is often a mirror of what is going on within. More specifically, how messy her life feels, is a sign of how messy she is within herself.


I want to do the inner work to clear this mess up, she said, but I don’t know how!


This is what I told her:


The funny thing about healing and inner work is that it is mostly invisible and not something you “do” but rather an intention that you hold space for moment to moment.


This is what doing “inner work” looks like, for me, in case that can help you, too.


It often begins with a breakdown: relationship, work, stress, worries… something has gone too far. With the breakdown comes the awareness “something is not right here, something has to change”.


Once upon a time, I was living in Amsterdam, and was in a relationship with someone who was really, really bad for me. Over the course of our 6 month relationship he went from being a gentle artist to an addiction-riddled, gun-wielding drug dealer. I looking around at my life and wondered where the hell I had gone wrong.


Then the ‘inner work’ begins: I take responsibility for my part in the problem I am facing. After all, everything I experience in my life is in some way a reflection of something that I hold in my energetic field. Nothing can exist without my being in relationship with it in some way. Knowing that, doesn’t always mean I know WHAT it is that is causing this thing or how to fix it.


At the time, it was really hard to accept responsibility for what was going on. After all, I wasn’t the one going through a drug-addicted, gun-wielding identity crises… But I accepted that, in some strange way, I had attracted this. That somewhere in the depths of my psyche, my soul needed this to grow and to heal.


So I start to look for patterns. This is where journaling can be exceptionally useful. I start to write out all the scenarios where I felt similar fears, circumstances, responses and so on. I am looking for the key to my subconscious habit or belief that is the root cause. Sometimes I find it. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes just knowing that it exists, even though I don’t know exactly what it is, is enough to start healing it. Sometimes the intellectual understanding of why I did or attracted the thing that I did or attracted doesn’t come until afterwards.


Being okay with not knowing and still having the intention to clear your vibration of beliefs and habits that don’t match the life you want for yourself is more than enough.


I looked at how, throughout my 20’s I chose unreliable ‘bad boys’ over wholesome, kind men. They gave me something I craved: adventure, excitement, and an easy excuse to not give myself over to someone else. On the surface, I was simply wanting to be with men that provided me with an entertaining life. In the depth, I was afraid of being truly vulnerable. Plus: my Papa was a drug-dealing ‘bad boy’ himself. He had modeled the kind of man I would be loved by. And I unwittingly accepted it. Until now…


Then, the thing I need the most, is space and time. Space and time to be alone, to do nothing, to focus on myself, to plan for my future, to nurture my soul with stillness and silence. It is in the ‘nothing’ space and time that most of the ‘inner work’ takes place. At the same time I ask for help and guidance, and pay attention to every single little synchronicity or sign or helping hand that comes my way. I stay open and say “yes” to many of these things because I know that they may be the help and guidance that I have asked for, even if they don’t seem to be directly related to the situation that my inner work appears to be around. Often, the picture is much, much bigger than I can possibly perceive, and it all only becomes clear in hindsight.


I cried, a lot. I felt lost and confused and hurt and angry. And I knew that I had to leave. Even though a large part of me didn’t want to. It was hard, feeling such conflicting emotions. I mourned the loss of the relationship, and grieved the ending of a pattern. I felt safe and comfortable being with men that allowed me to be emotionally detached. Yet I knew it had to end.


Being willing to be in the mess of it, to feel the emotions of it, whilst reaching for the light, what ‘inner work’ is. From this space of embodying the pain and confusion and suffering while also asking to be relieved of it and searching for a new path, healing is happening.


In its own time, miracles start to occur, new choices are made and life changes as a reflection of the inner work and clearing I have done, simply by being with my unhealthy patterns and holding space and awareness for them.


It took me 3 months. I continued to put up with the madness of being in love with someone who had unpredictable mood-swings, oscillating from kind and tender to verbally abusive. He threatened me when I spoke about leaving, and terrified me with his constant need to sniff white powders and smoke weed. Until one day. I had enough.


I was shaking but focused, adrenalin rushing through my body, as I packed all my belongings into my massive duffel bag, while he sat in the living room sniffing and smoking with his friends. As quietly as I could, I slipped out the door and made my way to the train station. I had to make a fast decision: to go somewhere he wouldn’t suspect in case he tried to stop me. I decided on the international bus station, where I booked the next bus leaving the country. Which is how I ended up in Prague. (But that’s another story…)


Don’t put so much pressure to “do your inner work the right way” and rather allow yourself to be guided. Use simple tools like meditation, journaling, running, walking and alone time to create space for the things you are working through and allow yourself to be guided on exactly what to do. More than anything inner work requires you to give it space and time, so try to avoid filling your space and time with people and activities.


A lot more ‘inner work’ took place after that. But it all started there. With time, for the first time ever, I was able to have healthy relationships with kind, wholesome men, that actually supported me. The mess I was in became the initiation I had to go through to create a life in alignment with my true self.



94 sacred characters and symbols for you to copy and paste into your social media


Every now and then, when I am writing a social media post or updating my profile, I want to embellish it with pretty symbols and characters that illustrate pieces of my soul.


For some reason, it always feels like such a chore to find the exact ones I want, and to put them together in a way that’s magical and alluring.


So decided to gather a list of sacred characters and symbols that I like to use, and copy and paste into my social media, without having to scour the entire internet for them.


I thought you might like them too. Enjoy!




☾ ☽  ❍ ☼ ☀ ★ ☆ ☄ ╰☆╮ ✳ 



☉☽ ☾ ● ◯ ☿ ♀ ♄ ♃ ⊕ ♁ ♂ ♅ ♆ ♇



↠ ↞ ➵ ➳ ➳ ➴ ➵ ➶ ➷ ➸ ➹ ➺ ➻ ➼ ➽ ← ↑ → ↓ ↔ ⋖ ⋗ ⋘ ⋙



❀ ✿ ❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆ ✷ ✸ ✹ ✺ ✻ ✼ ❆ ❈ ❊ ❋



♥ ♡ ❥ ❤



❂ ྊ ྾ ྿ ࿄ ࿇ ࿈ ࿉ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿏



► ◄ ᐄ ⍙ ◣◢◥▲ ▼△▽