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The most valuable thing I have ever learnt, + all about clarity, intuition + intention.

The most valuable thing I have ever learnt, is to simply believe in the possibilities that await me and to allow myself to be available, and to say “yes”.


Let’s assume that life — is alive. A living, breathing, loving, reactive entity with unexplainable emotions, which follows a set of simple spiritual laws. Based on this premise, how is it that we think we can predict the future and all that is possible for us?


How is it that we decide where the limitations are?


How do we know that there isn’t more?


If life is very much alive, and responsive to every thought, every action, every choice we make, how is it that it is not possible to be entirely infinite, with endless possibilities and constantly in a rhythm of change.


So, let’s assume that life is full of endless possibilities. A myriad of possible choices in every moment.


That’s what the Gypset Mindset, is all about.


Gypset is not a holiday. It is a lifestyle. It’s a way of life that embraces freedom and authenticity as its highest values. It means choosing what is right for you, with your heart. And letting the universe take care of the rest. It’s following your intuition, no matter what. Finding the clarity on your path. And knowing how to manifest your experiences and successes through intention.






Intuition is a funny, fleeting thing. It’s here and gone in a flash, a blink. Easily missed. Often overlooked.


Sometimes it seems that nothing is more muddled and difficult than the phrase “follow your heart.” But it’s truly the most natural thing you will ever have to do. You only need to learn how to listen.


Your intuition speaks not in words and rhythm, but in subtle tweaks and flutters. In aches and pains and a warm simmering in your belly. It’s a foreign language, it seems. Like words for which there are no letters and sounds to match.


Your body knows before your mind whether you’re sick in the belly, or sick in the heart (though sometimes, they feel just the same).


It knows that from time to time, you wake hungry. And not really for food or drink, but for taste and touch, for lust or love, for cold grass in summer shade and tall mugs of hoppy beer.


Your body knows when to hold a bit tighter. When to let go. When it’s perfectly proper to do two things at once, or three, or four, just to know the difference.


So, close your eyes. Run your thumb across each fingertip. Remember what it feels like to stop, and breathe. Taste summer on your tongue. And then, try to notice the subtle aches, pains, sensations in your body.


While at first you might try to match corresponding symptoms, draw lines between points that do not exist, you’ll find before long that the only questions truly worth asking are the intuitive ones.


What am I holding onto? When I think of my troubles, where do I feel them in my body? When was the last time I gave myself enough room to heal?


With practice — with journaling, meditation, focus & love — you might find that many of your common physical complaints are simply rough nudges from your Spirit. The desire to quit your job might make your belly ache. The stagnant relationship may bring fatigue to your mind and pain to your bones.


The key to intuition isn’t force, or desperation, tirelessly digging through layers of questions that surely require over thinking.


It’s silence, and stillness, and asking inwards, “What do I need to give myself in order to grow, to learn, to love, to heal?”






There’s so much external noise, so much pollution that interferes with knowing our true nature. Our families’ expectations, societies expectations, your own expectations – all colliding in our minds – affecting our own perception of ourselves and who we are.


Sometimes the best thing you can do, is remove yourself from these external factors, and go on an inner journey, of exploring the Self. This can been done through meditation, and it can also be done through travel, as long as the intention is set.


I know lots of people who have gone traveling, on their own, and come back finally knowing what they wanted to give to the world. It takes commitment and vulnerability to explore those hidden parts of ourselves.


I remember when I was 26, I had enough of the festival party life, and started my journey of discovering what it is I wanted to, and could share with the world. I began in India, where I spent 4 months traveling around on my own, which were I realised 3 things:



I love traveling alone; but I don’t like not having anything to do. I remember being in Goa on the beach for 3 weeks, and being bored. I needed a project. By nature, we are creators.



I really don’t need much at all to be happy. I packed a full suitcase when I came, which I ended up leaving at a

friends place, almost in its entirety. All I travelled with, were my passport and bank card, a few changes of clothes, toiletries, a sheet and soft blanket for cold bus rides, a book, a journal and some pens. Packed into a children’s school bag. I was absolutely delighted at not needing anything more. It felt so light; so free; so easy.



The most important thing in life is the connections we make with other people. I had known this before, as my festival career stemmed entirely out of connections, but it was amazing to see how beautifully my life flowed due to the connections I made with others.


After India, I came back to Europe, and did one last summer of festivals: Bestival, Glastonbury, Transylvania Calling and Boom, after which I flew to visit my sister in the United Arab Emirates, where I worked at the International Film Festival in the Emirates Palace. During this time I continued my search. I read self-help books underlining all the parts that resonated, did all the suggested homework, and kept journaling – every day looking for, and asking for clarity. Clarity became my one-word mantra. My intention. I just want clarity.






An intention that is aligned with your soul’s purpose is a powerful statement to the universe, which will then mobilize all the powers of wholeness to help you fulfill it.


Your life is your kingdom to shape — to cultivate, to nourish, to grow. The more skillfully you care for yourself, the more fully you’ll access your soul and all of its qualities, including creativity, grounding, abundance, wisdom, strength, clarity and purpose. The more fully you embody these qualities in yourself and in your life, the more successful your life will be.


Your soul infuses the whole ecology of your being. One aspect of your soul is incarnated in your life now. This aspect of your soul holds your uniqueness — that which makes you who you are.


This includes your personality, your history, your family, your lineage, your likes, your dislikes, your strengths, your challenges, your physical body — everything that makes you, you.


Your mind and physical body are the  container for your personal energies to flow. A strong, flexible, healthy mins and body help you to develop, hold, contain and radiate those qualities with which you want to fill your life.


Without a strong mind and body, your soul essence qualities like Love and Miracles, Synchronicity and Prosperity, remain in the realms of subtle energy and spirit. You can’t use them, any more than you can drink water without a cup or glass, or at least by scooping it into the cup of your hands.


When you embody these soul qualities – which are already within you as seeds or potentials — they become available in your life. They heal, bless, transform and grow you, your business and your world.


To put this into practice, I’m offering you a different way to spend 6 weeks with me to nurture and develop your gypset mindset. Discover more here. Doors close this weekend. We start on Monday.



Image credit: none of the images are my own, and I couldn’t find their original sources to credit them. If one these are yours, please me know so I can credit you correctly. Thank you.



Do you see their fear – when you look at other people? What about your own?



“Bless your fear for it is a sign of wisdom. Do not hold yourself in fear. Transform the energy to flexibility and you will be free from what you fear.” | Yoko Ono


Everyone knows fear. It can come in an instant and throw you into chaos, yet it can also save your life. Fear is a natural response to physical danger, but it can also be self-created.


Fear of failure, fear of being out of control, of being different or being lonely. There is a fear of the future and of death. You may fear love because you fear being rejected; fear being generous because you fear you will not have enough; fear sharing your thoughts or feelings in case you appear wrong; and fear trusting because you are dominated by self-doubt and insecurity.


This self-generated fear is found in its acronym: F.E.A.R. or False Evidence Appearing Real. It appears real, even though it is a fear of the future and is not happening now. Therefore, it has no real substance, arising when the ego-self is threatened, which makes you cling to the known and familiar. Such fear creates untold worry, apprehension, nervous disorders and even paranoia.


The immediate effect of fear is to shut you down, and—in particular—to shut off the heart. Just for a moment, let’s observe fear.


Most people hunch their shoulders forward, fold their arms across their chests, or assume a similarly contracted position to shield the heart, fear having triggered the need to be on the defensive. In this self-protective place, the heart goes out of reach, and you cannot feel love or even friendliness.


As long as you push away, deny or ignore fear, it will hold you captive and keep you emotionally frozen, unable to move forward. In that place, you become untrusting of love and spontaneity; you get angry or hide.


But where fear contracts and closes the heart—resisting love—love expands and opens the heart, embracing fear.


So now let’s watch the posture of love. Observe how people’s bodies respond, their arms reaching outward, accepting and inviting. Fear may still be there, but love can welcome fear—it can embrace any negativity. Watch how their breathing gets deeper, fuller. Where fear shuts out love, love holds fear tenderly. It is like the sky that contains everything—the stars, the moon, the wind.


Remember, there are times we have all met fear and moved through it. Those are moments are filled with courage. And above all, love. Fear may close the heart, but courage comes out of heart-fulness, out of releasing resistance. Fear will stop you from facing your shadow and participating fully in life, but love will give you the courage to dive into the unknown.


In other words, courage does not mean you deny fear, it is not a state of being without fear. Rather, it is fully experiencing the fear, naming it, getting to know it and taking it by the hand so it can become your friend and ally.


Do you see their fear – when you look at other people? What about your own?


I can’t fully capture in words, what this move had literally moved within me, but today, I will try.



Right now, I’m sitting on my large floor cushion, covered in my rainbow-flavoured blanket that I bought in Guatemala 12 years ago for only $4. (Can you believe the amount of work that goes into these blankets, and how cheap they were back then? It hardly seems fair…)


As you can see, this is what my office currently looks like, ever since I moved to Byron Bay about 6 weeks ago.


I can’t fully capture in words, what this move had literally moved within me, but today, I will try.


Every now and then I catch myself, in a grateful moment of glee at my current life and surrounds and I hear an inner voice saying, things are changing. And those changes, I know, are ones that transform a life from one thing to another. I can almost hear the DNA strands of my being, being reprogrammed to mirror a life that is different to the one I have known. It’s one that I’ve called in many times, and yet feared. It’s something to do with a deeper purpose.


Some say it has to do with this. According to Astrologists, the 16th of March marked the end of a very challenging cycle in our lives, that started in June 2012. When I read these dates, I can pinpoint exact moments that were like curveballs on fire aimed directly at me. For me, I can definitely say that is true. And what I want to focus on is just how different, easier, happier, lighter things feel now.


What I feel is most in alignment with my truth is this: “If you’ve been looking for a change the universe is about to deliver.” This is happening tonight and I can’t wait to snuggle up with my journal and do my New Moon New You manifesting ritual. Yep, some kind of mega change is definitely in the air. I am so delighted to revisit my hopes and dreams for the future, and to make a renewed commitment to my path and soul journey.




If I had to choose one word to sum up how I feel, it would be happy. If I could choose many they would be, heart-full, deeply blessed, humblingly grateful, connected, and deliriously happy! I feel like a whole other part of me has awoken and I’m getting to see a side of life that I’ve been missing out on in the past year.


I love the simplicity of life here, and how easy it is to feel full, whole and fulfilled. I love that I get wake up in the mornings, say hello to our kitten, and then walk outside to be greeted by our 5 hens and their 5, still perfectly warm, freshly laid eggs. Making breakfast with those fresh eggs is out of this world! I also love that all it takes is a 10 minute bike ride to get into town, and 10 minutes back to be in peaceful nature. There are amazing walking tracks all over Byron, not to mention the effervescent and spectacular beaches.




When I first got here, I was pulled into a vortex of stillness. Meaning that I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to lie on my bed and be. It felt incredibly counter-intuitive, not to mention counter-productive. And being human, I struggled with the sense of self-worth that comes with achievement. And thereby the lack of it which comes with the emptiness.


But I honoured the call. I laid still. And meditated. And baked and cooked delicious meals. Stole kisses. Danced barefoot under the stars. Swam at the beach. And allowed my heart to rest, and my soul to tell me secrets.




Which brought me to asking questions.


About my work.

  • How is this to keep growing and expand in a way that is healthy, beautiful, fun?
  • How do I do my work, and make sure what needs to be is done?
  • Where is my focus? Is that what’s truly important? How can I best serve?
  • And what is my motivation? Is it ego or love or passion or desire?




About my relationship.

In this new phase that I find myself in, I am in a relationship with a man who defies my palate for bad boys that add fire to parts of my ego and darkness, and instead brings a calm, deep sense of peace into my world. Those of you who have been journeying with me for a while now would remember what happened that fateful day my van blew up and a complete stranger held my hand and stood by my side. He hasn’t left since.


Yet I question my decisions and choices.

  • Do I actually want this, or am a falling for a social norm?
  • Does he have to fulfill all the criteria for my happiness? Or can I just accept and enjoy him the way he is and receive those other elements elsewhere?
  • Does it mean I have to settle one day, for a life with a house and a dog and chickens, or can there be a middle way, where I can travel on my own from time to time, and we can still both be happy and fulfilled?
  • Or is best that I walk away before our hearts and souls are intertwined any further? Is it better not to invest my love and life into something that could essentially be a travelling affair?
  • Will it be the same if we continue down this path? And how much will things change?


Intellectually, I don’t know the answers. And deep within, I know that it doesn’t even matter. That these questions are the egoic mind trying to take control and make sense of what is happening. And that all I need to do is keep showing up, and keep doing my work. I don’t need to know these things.


So instead, I have truly been living moment to moment, enjoying all that life has to offer. And I am so damn happy.


My mornings start with tea and writing, my days are filled with coaching calls, meetings and creative expression, my evenings end with yoga, walks, and swims at the beach. I recognise that a massive change is coming. One that I’ve been waiting for. It’s scary and yet I want it. I know it as part of my growth. My evolution as a human being.


And I know from experience, that these changes mean that I’ll be delving into some inner work again, as my choices and experiences are guided by my mindset. I choose freedom, I choose ease, I choose abundance, I choose joy, I choose fun, I choose spaciousness, I choose creativity, I choose connection, I choose love, I choose peace and I choose growth.


Which I am so delighted to share in this coaching program. Gypset Mindset is all about the inner changes that have to take place, in order to make this kind of life a sustainable, graceful and beautiful reality. I’ve just opened the door to my 6 week Gypset Mindset mentoring program this week, and it starts on Monday 30 March.


I’d love for you to join us. Find out more here.


6 Weeks of Gypset Mindset Mentoring That Will Make You Go “Woah!”



A 6 week mentoring program for folks that are on the edge, and ready to take that leap into a life that’s somewhat different. A life that includes love, travel, freedom, financial success and doing things your way. Something that requires a different mindset.


There is a reason why so much of our time, energy and interest is focused on mindset and personal development. So much so that, before I even released this mentoring program out into the world today, spots were already snapped up.


I’ve only got a few left. If you want in, you might want to be quick!


So why are we all really here? 

It’s about becoming who you are meant to be.




Ok. So, becoming who you want to be is an ongoing, transformative process that never really ends. But there is a huge difference between actually being on the path, and not even being anywhere near it. I know what that’s like. I spent many years of my life trying to figure out how to feel comfortable in my own skin; wishing I knew what my purpose in life could possibly be. I felt lost and afraid of both the answers and of not knowing.


It was in those years of swishing around somewhat aimlessly, from party to party – from country to country, where I learned to actually listen to my intuition. Something that I always had quite strongly, but happily ignored in favour for more exciting, louder messages. Usually from external sources, and somewhat disconnected from who and what I really am.


And then, suddenly, my life shifted and started to take form. I decided to create my own job. On my terms. Following passion. And of course, most importantly, serving others in the best way I possibly could. I asked for guidance from my intuition, got out of my head and learnt to follow my purpose by getting clear on what that actually was, and the role I had to play in the world.


All of those experiences have helped me become who I am today. Which is exactly what I’m sharing this mentoring program with you. Even though the gypset concept is all about travelling, gypset mindset is actually about something else. It’s about becoming who you are meant to be and creating your life based on that.





What You’ll Get

  • 6 x 50 min 1 to 1 coaching calls with me over the 6 week program.
  • 6 x support emails to keep you focused.
  • 6 x PDF’s full of content to guide your way.
  • Free copies of all of my digital products:

+ Guided Self-Hypnosis MP3

+ Guided Self-Love Meditation MP3

+ Build Your Own Business Blog eBook

+ The Gypset Recipe eBook

+ The Gypset Guide to Releasing Rituals 7 Day Program

+ New Moon. New You. A journaling ritual to create your best life ever.



Who It’s For

This mentoring program is for folks who are at the exquisite juncture of their lives, where things are about to change.

  • At the end: of a relationship; the death of a friendship or loved one.
  • Or at the beginning: of a new career or business; a new journey into the wild world.

It is perfect for anyone in the world who has a good internet connection and a willingness to change, grow and learn –  as all 1 to 1 sessions are done on Skype, and time zones manoeuvred around to suit both of us.

Gypset Mindset is for you. The you who has been waiting on the sidelines and is ready to take the leap. To become who you are meant to be.




What It Costs

In this package deal, the entire mentoring program is only two payments of $397.

The Gypset Mindset program is valued at $1,250 including the 6 coaching sessions, all the program materials as well as the digital products and resources.

Saving you a total of $456.

Your first payment is due now upon enrolment, and your second payment will be due on Monday 27th of April 2015. Join me now.





When It Starts

Doors close on Sunday 29 March 2015 and the 6 week Gypset Mindset mentoring program starts on Monday 30 March.

There are only a few spaces left I would love you join me for this fantastic opportunity now!



What We’ll Cover


Week 1. Get Out Of Your Head

Connect With Your Body and Get Back In The Flow

  • Discover how your mind works, and what role it plays in your life.
  • Understand why slowing down is imperative to getting out of your head.
  • Recognise the blocks and distractions that keep you in your head.
  • Learn 3 steps that help you get out of your head in any situation.
  • Know how to feel in order to drop you back into connection.
  • Become savvy to the difference between being in your head and in your soul.
  • Learn techniques to drop into your body and stay out of your head.
  • Connect with your body and inner energy to get back in your natural flow.



Week 2. Listen To Your Intuition

Listen To, Trust and Follow Your Inner Wisdom

  • Recognise what intuition is; and what it looks and feels like.
  • Commit to hearing your intuition, and allowing yourself to be guided.
  • Learn to build trust and develop a loving relationship with yourself.
  • Understand why your intuition is so powerfully important for creating your reality.
  • Know how to stop trying to control you experience, your environment, and others.
  • Recognise your intuition as guidance from your soul.
  • Practice following your inner wisdom by using 3 simple tricks.
  • Become familiar with how to act upon you intuition in every moment.



Week 3.  Discover Your Purpose

Uncover The Life Path That Is Uniquely Yours

  • Get clarity on who and what, you really are.
  • Learn what to do, if you keep asking yourself “What should I DO with my life?!”
  • Discover your greatest strengths, talents and unique abilities.
  • Expose the vulnerable, authentic parts of yourself that keep you hiding in the shadows.
  • Learn to value yourself and be willing to embrace your authentic self.
  • Reveal you true nature and allow yourself to be seen.
  • Summon incredible opportunities where you can express your life purpose.
  • Know how to act on purpose and create your perfect reality.



Week 4. Create Your Own Job

Use Your Greatest Strengths To Create Work You Love

  • Get clear on your big WHY you should create your own job.
  • Figure out which business or job is right for you.
  • Learn how to business-brainstorm for amazing new ideas.
  • Decide on which business idea is the most profitable for you.
  • Define the structure of your new life, job and business.
  • Uncover your first big $100,000 idea.
  • Make an action plan to bring your business to life.
  • Develop a defined vision for the future of your business.



Week 5.  Love Your Money

Become Abundant By Changing Your Money Mindset

  • Understand the difference between an abundant mindset and lack mindset.
  • Learn the key steps to changing your mindset for more financial abundance.
  • Get honest about your current financial situation and spending habits.
  • Declare how much money you want and learn to live in accordance with that figure.
  • Create a community of people who support your new money values.
  • Learn to take risks, and do new things to increase your income.
  • Develop a new love, respect and appreciation for money.
  • Discover some fun, simple tricks to manifest money now.



Week 6. Plot Your Gypset Journey

Follow Your Dreams and Go. Travel.

  • Discover what gypset really is, and how to apply it to your life.
  • Articulate the dream journey that you want to undertake.
  • Get clear on what you really need to go on your gypset journey.
  • Map out what needs to happen from now, until you leave.
  • Learn how to structure your trip, to fulfil all your needs and desires.
  • Familiarise yourself with simple gypset mindset philosophies to support your journey.
  • Create an action plan to take you from here, to there.
  • Get insider information, to ease your concerns.






Find out what others have to say about working with me here.


With deepest gratitude, and delight and I can’t wait to see you inside the Gypset Mindset program soon! Will you be one of us? Click here.


Vienda xo

7 Steps to Finding Love. (Part 2.)


A few days ago I shared the 7 Steps to Finding Love. (Part 1.) video with the first 3 steps outlined. It was incredible to see how much it resonated with many of the women who watched the video and some of the experiences you shared with me as a result. Damn, you rock! Your really blew me away with your response.


I am delighted to share Part 2. with you now.


7 Steps to Finding Love. (Part 2.)


4. Love Yourself.

If we don’t love ourselves, we can’t expect others to love us. I will say it a million times. Your life is experience is a direct reflection of what is going on within you. And the things that you are seeking outside of yourself are exactly what you need to give yourself, first and foremost. So many women tell me that they have so much love to give, and yet they are not experiencing love in their lives. The reason is that in order to receive love, you need to firmly be able to receive it from yourself. An open, loving heart, begets the experience of a loving relationship, but then earth must be open and knowing how to receive love to begin with.


5. Do Things You Love Doing.

I feel this is self-explanatory, but allow me to expand. If you go out doing things you don’t really enjoy, you may meet men, that is true. But you’ll probably meet men that you don’t really enjoy, and that aren’t the right match for you. When you are immersed in things that you are passionate about, that excite you and light you up, your beauty shines through every part of you, and you will meet men who are on the same wavelength. Do things you love doing, and you will meet other people who love doing those things, and lo and behold, you already have something beautiful in common.


6. Write A Manifestation List.

This part is super fun and easy. It’s where magic comes in. And clarity is magic. In order to know what you at calling into your life, you have to get really clear in what it is you actually want. So this is where you write a list, in present tense, of what exactly you are waning in your love. How does he make you feel? What kinds of things do you do together? What values does he hold and respect? How does he balance and support you? What do you bring into his life? Get really, really clear on the dream, in order to recognise it in reality.


7. Embody What You Want.

Again, here it’s important to remember that your life experience is a direct reflection of what you already are. Common desirable traits are: Trust. Commitment. Fun. Spontaneous. And here lies the clavette. You what to feel trust. But do you trust yourself? What’s your relationship with your own inner voice and are you trusting of it? You want commitment. But how committed are you to yourself? Do you place your own needs and dreams at the highest regard? Where does your commitment lie? I can go on, but I know you’re smart and can work out the rest!


Did you enjoy these videos? Do you want me to make more? Let me know in the comment below!




7 Steps to Finding Love. (Part 1.)



Let’s talk about L O V E!


Last week 3 clients, 2 friends, and 1 random stranger whom I met in a cafe, all started telling me about their desire to find love. Yet this desire feeling very unfulfilled. So I decided to create a resource around finding love.


When we women want love in our lives, it’s much more than simple companionship. We want to be wanted. We want to feel desirable and beautiful. We want to be supported in our dreams and ambitions. We want to be held, touched and passionately made love to. And above all that, we want a deep soul connection.


All of the women that I spoke to last week, were feeling defeated, tired and frustrated in their quest. Finding love seems ubiquitous and yet simultaneously unreachable to them. Yet in this distress, nor forward motion can happen. But I know, from experience, that finding love doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be really very easy. We have to become clear channels for receiving, in order to call in the love that we want.


Broken down into two parts, here are the first 3 of the 7 steps to finding love.


7 Steps to Finding Love. (Part 1.)


1. Stop Looking.

It is in the surrender of what you want, that you will find it. While we are desperately seeking to fill a man-shaped-void the energy that we carry with us, is one of lack. The sensation of lack is one that pushes away, rather than attracts what we want. It is when we release our desires and know that they are coming to you, at exactly the right time, that the manifestation of finding love accelerates.


2. Release Blocks.

More often than not, there is a reason why the love you seek isn’t finding its way to you. The reason is that you have some kind of subconscious, invisible barrier up, that is stopping that love to come to you. In order to be able to receive the love you want, you have to resolve the blocks that are stopping it from getting to you.


3. Give Yourself That Which You Desire.

When you fill you own well with the things that you desire, you interact with the Universe from a space of wholeness and completion. It warrants that you receive more of what you are already giving yourself, which isn’t possible when you are waiting for someone else to fill that void. One of the best ways to find love is the work on the lower three chakras.

When we are unresolved in the lower three chakras, then we are always hungry for energy. This energy can come in the form of money, attention from others, emotional neediness, or energy acquired through sex. When we are unresolved in the lower chakras then we feel we want more energy and that we are not getting enough. In finding love, this becomes the major source of resistance and conflict.

You can get a basic understanding of chakras in a post a wrote some time ago here.


Part 2. of the Finding Love can be seen right here.


Download my ‘What’s for you won’t pass you by.’ manifesto. A gift from me to you.


Yep. A gift from me to you. Just because.

Download my ‘What’s for you won’t pass you by.’ manifesto. Just click on the image below.






Design created by my lovely intern Bethany Mullins.

Enjoy! xo

Easy, delicious, moist + BEST EVER GF banana muffins for domestic-gypset-goddess type days.



This is what happens when I move into a new place:


I go into nesting mode. 


And the cute little farmhouse that I’ve recently moved into, complete with chickens and a kitten, just minutes from Byron Bay, is the perfect sanctuary to allow my inner domestic goddess play. I’ve been making oat cookies, and raw-chocolate-chip-cookie-dough balls, and chicken soup and roasted pumpkin. I’m truly allowing this part of me to fly –  and feeding my friends and loved ones in the process.


Those of you who already have a copy of my Gypset Recipe Book, would know all about how my Italian Mama blood springs to the surface from time to time, and I just want to feed people.


So when one of my gorgeous readers emailed me the other day, and told me she was coming to Byron for her birthday, and that she would love to meet me in person, I was totally flattered. The next day we met at Naked Treaties, for smoothies (my favourite, and the one I always get is called ‘I Am Beautiful’) and I surprised her with these:


Easy, delicious, moist + best GF banana muffins for domestic-gypset-goddess type days.



What you need:

  • 4 large ripe bananas
  • 1/2 cup of raw sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups gluten-free flour



What to do:

Preheat the oven to 180C and grease a muffin pan (mine made exactly 12 as shown above) with coconut oil.


Mash the banana with a fork and then add the oil and egg. Mix and mash some more. Then add the sugar, vanilla, salt and cinnamon. Mix and mash again.


Now add the baking soda, baking powder and gluten-free flour. Mix with the fork until smooth.


Finally, get a spoon and share the mixture out among your muffin pan dips, and place in the oven for about 25 minutes. I sprinkled mine with some coconut rough for extra prettiness… You could too. And I bet walnuts or dates would look good in there too!


Check with a knife because sometimes they take a bit longer depending on how moist and big your bananas are. (Yes, I agree, that sounded kind of naughty…)


When they are ready, take them out to cool. Make sure you taste-test one, while it’s still warm, just because. You know, it’s domestic-gypset-goddess rights!


And it’s probably the only one you’ll get. These were scavenged by hungry animals (aka boys) in less than 24 hours….






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