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Join Us for the Free #SHEISREADY Masterclass on Sunday!



What we give ourselves permission for, transforms our lives. 


Are you ready to finally give yourself permission to create that life and business you love?

Join us for the #SHEISREADY Masterclass!


Last year Hayley Carr and I held a really awesome, free google hangout called ‘She Is Free’ that ran waaay over time. Many of you would know about that of course, because you were there!


(Thank you again. You’re response and inspired presence blew us away!)


One of our viewers wrote in afterwards and said:

“Could you share with us exactly what it took for you to create the lives and businesses you have now? How did you start making real money, what did you have to let go of, what were the major changes and turning points, and how did you continue to move forward when creating your dream life seemed impossible?”

We thought that was a pretty damn great idea. So that’s exactly what we are doing.


The ‘She Is Ready’ Masterclass. 

We hope that it makes your life easier, and your big dreams and business plans all the more achievable.


In the She Is Ready masterclass, we will share with you 7 ways we gave ourselves permission to:

  1. Make more money
  2. Walk away when necessary – from the really good, and super comfortable, to a potential great. (Including relationships, love, friendships, countries, job opportunities, business deals, and sometimes even family.)
  3. Say no to the things that didn’t serve us, even when it makes others uncomfortable (Hint: You can do this in a loving way.)
  4. Say yes to the things that really scared us, but felt right.
  5. Speak our truth, be authentic and unapologetic for who we are
  6. Follow our intuition, even when it doesn’t make logical sense and all evidence is against the odds.
  7. Shine – to step up and allow ourselves to be seen


Plus, it’s free!


One more thing:

It’s on: Sunday 1 February at 11am SYD (EST) // Or Saturday 31 Janurary 4pm L.A. (PST) // 7pm N.Y. (EST). Depending on your timezone (obviously). Sign up here.

And all you need is an internet connection and a comfy chair.

Plus, if you can’t make the live call, we will send you a copy of the recording.

(Ok, so that was three things. Oops!) We would love to ‘see’ you there.

YOU ARE READY to create a life and business you love. Let us show you how we did it!


That’s all for today, friends. BIG, big love. xo

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You’re Invited to the #10DaysofFree Instagram Challenge



Freedom is one of my highest values. Being such, my day-to-day decisions often go like this: “Does this make me feel free?” If it does, then we are good to go. If it doesn’t, I seek out alternative options, choices and solutions.

Everybody has their own definition of freedom.


You’re Invited to the #10DaysofFree Instagram Challenge!


To give us all an opportunity to explore our own definition of freedom, and because we all tend to grow the most in the face of challenge, I’ve put this really fun Instagram challenge together for us.

Starting on Monday 26 January, each day I am going to post a little something inspirational to get you thinking and dreaming about freedom.

I’d really love you to join me!

Here’s an outline of what you can expect over the 10 days:


MON 26 JAN: What Is Freedom.

Introduce yourself by sharing what your definition of freedom is.  I challenge you to reflect and dive deep into what your understanding of freedom is. Share it with us by using the tag #10DaysofFree.


TUES 27 JAN: Where Do You Feel Most Free.

Today your challenge is to find the space you feel the most free. It can anywhere, be it wandering through the forest or laying in the fluffy white sheets of your bed. Share in the comments and post a photo of your own: #10DaysofFree.


WEDS 28 JAN: Find Freedom in the Present Moment.

Let’s get less physical and more internal. Today, I challenge you to take a deep breath. Give yourself the time and space to focus on your breathing, appreciate that breath and find your freedom in each precious surge of air. How do you find freedom here in this moment? Share your experience with a photo that symbolises your freedom: #10DaysofFree.


THURS 29 JAN: Choose 3 Words For Freedom.

Three words. I challenge you to use three words to describe your freedom – three words most embody your moments of freedom and complete ease within yourself. For me the three words that most align with my sense of freedom are WILD, COURAGE + POTENTIAL. What are your 3 words? #10DaysofFree.


FRI 30 JAN: Break Free From Routine.

Today, give yourself the space to feel free – get up,  and break free from your usual routine. Take a walk, do some yoga and give your mind the time and space to embrace your freedom. Make a conscious choice to be completely in the mount, and let your intuition guide you. What did you experience that was new? How did you break free? #10DaysofFree


SAT 31 JAN: Music To Inspire Freedom.

There is something mystical about music that reaches us beyond any words. Music can take us places and ignite in us that sense of freedom we often dream of. Todays challenge is to find a track or a song that makes you feel totally free, and share it with us, so we can play it too, and feel what you feel. I can’t wait to see what music sets you free! #10DaysofFree


SUN 1 FEB: Let Go. Release the Past.

Often what holds us back from feeling free, are unresolved emotions and experiences that we are still holding on to  way past their use by date. Sometimes these entanglements are things like gifts from ex’s, furniture, books or clothes. Sometimes they are simply old memories or regrets.

Letting go is not always easy, but I know you can. Give yourself the permission to let go, to release. Be brave, embrace that freedom, and share with us what you let go of. #10DaysofFree


MON 2 FEB:  Embrace What You Can’t Control.

In life, we often find ourselves struggling with the details – things may not always end up the way we expect. Accepting those changes will help you live a life of greater freedom. You may not always have control, the details may not play out as you imagined them in your head. That’s OK! By embracing what we can’t control, we are led one step closer to a life of deeper freedom. #10DaysofFree


TUES 3 FEB:  Try Something New.

We’re nearing the end of our 10 day challenge. If you’ve been resisting starting something new or avoiding reaching out to someone, today is the day to do it. Fear is natural, and not letting it control you is freedom. Share that new thing you’ve done today, to move past your fears. #10DaysofFree.


WEDS 4 FEB: Love Yourself To Discover Freedom.

Today marks the final day of our journey together, #10DaysofFree. I hope you’ve taken something wonderful away from this little project, and remember, it doesn’t have to stop here. Giving yourself a moment to take a deep breath or permission to let go of something is a discipline we can all embrace in order to live a life of freedom.

Today, as my the challenge, I want you to uncover something you love about yourself. For once you understand and love yourself – you can truly find your freedom. Share your love with us: #10DaysofFree.


I’m so excited to be able to share this adventure with you, and even more thrilled about the announcement I’m going to be doing at the end of it. Keep your eyes open, and make sure you join us for #10DaysofFree!

And always remember to tag me: @viendam and hashtag #10daysoffree so I can find you. See you on Instagram!

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Are You Ready? 3 Big Things: An Instagram Challenge; A Free Telejam + #10WeeksofFree


I’m sitting at home, after a morning jam-packed with coaching calls starting at 7am, and am feeling slightly rundown. Tired eyes, headache, sore throat – those common culprits that make everything feel like I’m underwater – when, clearly, I am not. I’m drinking fluids like crazy and hoping that this will pass after an early night and some deep sleep. All in all though, I’m feeling rather cozy and grateful. Grateful for the work I do, the work that’s before me right now and the fact that I can do it all from home.

That being said, if you are ready, I have 3 big things that are coming up, to share with you: An Instagram Challenge; A Free Telejam + #10WeeksofFree.




If you were around last year, you might remember the incredibly fun and successful #10DaysofFree Instagram challenge that I ran. Well, it that time again! Hoorah! You beautiful creatures absolutely blew me away with your enthusiasm, wisdom and heart-swelling immersion into the #10DaysofFree challenge, so I’ve decided to run it again.

Freedom being one of my highest values, and photography being one of my preferred forms of creative expression, this Instagram challenge is the perfect conduit for diving deeper into both of those gorgeous facets. I’d love to invite you, to join us!

When: Starts Monday 26 January.

What: Every day sparks a different perspective on what freedom is to us and how we express and enjoy our freedom. Over the 10 days, you will get really clear on what being free is to you, and learn to incorporate it more in your life and share it with others.

How: On Saturday, I will publish a post on my blog and my Instagram feed with all the details. In the meantime above is an outline of the prompts you can expect over the 10 day Instagram challenge.

Excited? Me too! I can’t wait, in fact. Feel free to share with your friends, because the more, the merrier! Let’s all bring more freedom into our lives.

(And always remember to tag me @viendam and hashtag #10daysoffree so I can find you!)





Before I built my business and created the very free, location independent and soulfully as well as financially fulfilling life I have now, I had so many limiting beliefs holding me back. I didn’t think I was good enough to follow my dreams, and had doubts that I would be capable of running a business – let alone making it successful, I was fearful of success and terrified of making mistakes. There were so many reasons why I believed that what I wanted, wasn’t possible for me.

Until one day it dawned on me that what was holding me back was, me. I was the only thing standing before me. And even though I didn’t feel it, I was so ready to make the changes necessary in my mindset and in my actions to start. And all it really took, was giving myself permission to go for my dreams. Saying yes, to myself instead of being filled with doubts. Learning to accept that making mistakes is a valuable part of the process.

The She Is Ready Telejam, is an opportunity for me to share with you, in intimate details, just what I had to give myself permission for, and how, in order to start moving forward to create the life that I knew I wanted. Alongside the wonderful Hayley Carr, we will be presenting you with an hour-long call filled with entertainment, anecdotes and stories of how we broke through our limitations, by giving ourselves permission. Are you ready?

When: Sunday 1 February, 10am EST. (Or a copy of the recording = direct in your inbox if you can’t make it.)

What: 1 hour-long free tele-jam with Hayley Carr and me.

How: More details on how to join us are coming soon.






To top it all off, I am incredibly delighted that the second run of my highly popular 10 week signature mentoring program #10WeeksofFree will be kicking off again on the 19th of February. I’m currently busily updating all the worksheets and preparing to welcome a limited 20 inspired people into the program. If you are ready to bring more freedom into your life, and start changing the way you view the things that are holding you back from having that freedom, then I encourage you to join us.

When: Starts Thursday 19 February. (On the Black Moon).

What: A 10 week mentoring program with weekly, that includes private 1 to 1 coaching calls.

How: Doors open Monday 9 February. Discover more on the #10WeeksofFree page.

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8 Insights On How To Find Your Path (I.e. After college/university, a breakup, or being made redundant.)


I wish that, when I was in my years of wondering and wandering, there had been some kind of guided pathway to discovering my own brand of uniqueness. Alas, like most of us, it took extensive self-discovery to come anywhere close to identifying what I actually wanted to do with my life.


Not only that, it took a lot of recognising that life isn’t anything like the way I thought it would be. I remember going through university, assuming that I would become a psychologist at the end, and simply walk into a fulfilling, well-paying comfortable job the moment my twinkling little toes stepped into the world from under the protection of academia.


I was wrong.


Not only did I realise – by the time I had completed my undergraduate and was about to start my honors program – that I didn’t even want to become a psychologist anymore, but also, that the economy and workplace had changed tremendously since the time my parents were my age. They were the once who fed me with these expectations after all.


Since then there have been many other times that I have questioned my path – which often led to questioning my entire existence. After 5 years when I knew I had enough of my music festival career. After the end of my four-year relationship. But all those years of questioning and wondering and wandering, led me to where I am now. Those years of not-knowing are valuable and guide you to finding your path after all. They are necessary adversaries in the journey of finally knowing.


And now I know. I am here to serve. To help others uncover their own truth and start to embody their full potential. And I do it with all the passion and love in my heart and soul. With my very own brand of uniqueness.


There is a lot of pressure put on people to figure out ‘who and what they want to be’. Some people know from an early age, others spend their entire life-time trying to decide. There are no real guaranteed, no-fail short-cuts for this process. You have to live your life to the full, experience as much as you can and make your choices from those contrasts that you get to experience.


You must always follow your heart, do the things that you love to do, and one day you will find yourself creating a life and career that is made up of the things you have been day-dreaming of.


It might look so very differently than you had imagined. And it might change several times.


Here are 8 tips and insights in what worked and continue to work for me (because we are all ever-evolving and changing).


1. Get the book and do the test Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham. It will give you an insight into what you are naturally predisposed to, and to choose to do things that you can shine in. It’s a really insightful book, and the answers will surprise you.


2. Go out and experience life as much as you can. Take hold of every opportunity to try something new that excites and interests you. That’s how you find out what is meant for you.


3. Don’t be afraid to say NO to the things that bore you or simply don’t pique your interest. They are simply not for you.


4. Give yourself permission to follow your dreams no matter how weird and out-of-the-box they seem. Just because your ideal life and job doesn’t exist (as far as you know) yet, doesn’t mean that you can’t create it. You have the capacity to make your life anything you want. Anything.


5. Believe in yourself. Don’t allow judgement and doubt to cloud those dreams. Because every great thing starts out looking impossible and ridiculous. About 8 years ago I remember saying to a friend “I wish I could figure out a way for people to pay me to travel and live my life the way that I want!” And well, 8 years later, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Plus I get to inspire thousands of people who read my blog and help hundreds of my coaching clients to turn those dreams into reality too.


6. Always choose whatever is the most fun. Fun doesn’t necessary mean easy. I would have never started my business if I had known some of the challenges I have had to face throughout building and growing it! I will never forget that time I had $300 in my bank account, my rent due, and no clients in sight. But it’s been the most fun, exciting, exhilarating ride ever, and now I am so very grateful that I did take all those risks, despite the many tears shed and the many challenging limitations and obstacles overcome.


7. Don’t put yourself under pressure to have it all figured out. Part of the journey is simply about not knowing. And trying out everything until you know what you like and what you don’t like. Every day you are collecting experiences and making decisions about whether those experiences are in alignment with who you are. One day you will have enough contrasts collected up to have a very defined and specific idea of what you want to share with the world and the best way to give your gifts. And even once you’ve figure that out – it will continuously be refined. It’s a never-ending process.


8. Know that there’s no getting there or arriving or end point; you will be discovering yourself for the rest of your life. Once you get comfortable with that, and learn to accept yourself as part of the process in the present moment, everything gets much easier.


Did you know that if you read for just 30 minutes a day on a particular subject, in seven years you can be a leader in that subject? If you study for an hour a day, you can reach this expert level in under four years, and if you commit to three hours per day, then in less than two years you’ll be on the cutting edge. When you are vastly informed on a subject that you love, radiate with it. | Dr John Demartini

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The Gypset Guide to the Year Ahead Fortune Spread


I received my first deck of tarot cards when I was 15. I’d been asking, possibly even begging for them for a while, until my mama finally caved in and took me to one of those eccentric spiritual book and crystal shops in town.

That first set of cards had me mesmerised for hours, as I taught myself how to read the cards, and perhaps even more importantly, how to ask the right questions to get a clear answer.

Tarot cards, after all, are simply a reflection of the truth that our soul already knows.


This year, I’m setting myself up for something big. And getting really, super clear on my focus, and creating with intention is a part of that.

Part of this preparation is one of my favourite rituals, that I look forward to all year, which is the year-ahead-fortune-spread.

Here’s my gypset step-by-step guide, on how to do it yourself.


The Gypset Guide to the Year Ahead Fortune Spread.




Take your cards in your hands, and start shuffling them, with the thought in your kind and the intention in your heart “What will is year bring for me?”. You can either shuffle them 3 times, or, as I do, just shuffle them until it feels right. Then splay them out in a semi-circle, ready for you to start choosing.

The use your non-dominant hand (I’m right-handed, so my non-dominant is my left hand) and feel the cards. I like to do this process really quickly so that the choosing literally comes from intuition rather than from my mind. I sweep my left hand across the cards, first choosing the overlying theme for the year, and then one for every month from January through to December, keeping them all face down until I’m done.


Now, the exciting bit! May your fortune be revealed! This is where I expectantly turn over each card, and study them briefly, to behold what the year has in store.

And then, I write down the simple theme for each card, and month, to refer back to, as the year moves along, remind me.



Son of Swords – about action and intellect; ruled by the element Air.


imageJANUARY 2015

Daughter of Wands – about creativity, inspiration, goals and dreams.




9 of Cups – about emotions and relationships.



MARCH 2015

7 of Cups – about emotions and relationships.



APRIL 2015

The Emperor – a reflection of the soul.



MAY 2015

5 of Pentacles – about home, money and career.



JUNE 2015

Strength – a reflection of the soul.


imageJULY 2015

Father of Wands – about creativity, inspiration, goals and dreams.




Temperance – a reflection of the soul.




3 of Pentacles – about home, money and career.




The Fool – a reflection of the soul.




Ace of Cups – about emotions and relationships.




6 of Swords – about action and intellect.



From this year-ahead-spread, I can see a very clear timeline of significant themes and features to be aware of. I can see the months that are full of fun, creativity and successes, and others that may be more challenging, and will be rewarded through inner growth and expansion. I can see when it’s time to pull back and nurture myself, and when to put myself out there and go for it. Having this kind of guidance and clarity for the year ahead is invaluable, and exciting for dreamers like me who love to think about the future!

For those of you have been asking me about these tarot cards, they are by the mesmerizingly talented artist Kris Krans and can be found in her site The Wild Unkown. I am in no way affiliated with her – this recommendation is simple, true, pure love for the beauty, grace and magic of her work.

Now tell me, what does the year ahead hold for you?


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Never Underestimate Your Strengths + Your Desires



Like a magnet, your yearnings pull you towards your strengths. So, if you catch yourself longing repeatedly to do something, therein lies your strength. Never underestimate the power you have within you.


Traditionally a lot of focus is put on “improving”, “changing oneself” + fitting in to pre-formed molds. Instead of being taught to seek out what comes, naturally, easily, gracefully from ourselves we are taught to fight that + instead choose the things that are challenging and difficult in order to “grow”, evolve + learn.


What if.
Just imagine.
What if we were to learn from pleasure rather than pain?
What would that FEEL like?


To me it feels so much lovelier. I can breathe easier. I feel so much more supported. My life feels expansive + I’m excited and thrilled by what I do. I feel as if my talents can be shared + that I’m heading in the right direction. I’m moving with the flow. Life is easier this way. I’m not fighting against anything. I’m in tune with myself + my purpose.


It took me years to even start realizing that what I love to do, + what I am good at are my strengths. Now that I am clear within myself of where my natural talents and strengths lie, my life moves with grace and ease. Some of the natural talents that I possess + use on a regular basis are:


En·chant·ress (n-chntrs)

1. A woman of great charm or fascination.
2. A woman who practices magic; a sorceress.

I am an enchantress. I can speak with anyone and charm them. But only if I want to. I can also be cold and distant if I don’t like you. With great ease and finesse people are lured into my web of magic and fascination. It’s a love thing.


Creative Thinker / Dreamer. There’s always a way in my world. I am a unicorn of possibilities. Nothing is impossible.


Portal of Transformation. I am passionate to make things happen and conjure dreams into realities in this world. Be it connections with people or internal changes in me or others thinking and belief systems. I am passionate to be a portal of transformation in this life. For myself and everyone whom touches my path.


Spiritual Perceiver . I see things as a whole, which encompasses so much more than just the physical and superficial part of life. I feel and sense the depth and meaning in everything and can illustrate how things fit together when seen as part of the whole. This gives everyone a clearer understanding and ultimately a sense of complete-ness.


Working with my strengths means I can give you the best of me. I can share my unique + well rounded knowledge, power + insights because these come easily to me. They’re the things I love to do, they are the areas I have the most wisdom in, they’re my talents that set me apart from everyone else.


Your strengths are ultimately the keys to your happiness and success. Here are the four steps find out what your strengths are.


1. What gets you really, super happy + excited?

Notice the things that you really love doing, those things that get your heart rate up + have you skipping around at the thought of them. Write down a list of things that make your soul sing, your heart pitter-patter + your mouth involuntary turn up into a smile. Then whittle the list down to your top 5.


2. Where do you stand out?

Your strengths are highlighted in the areas where you do things a little differently to everyone else. Your approach will be unique. To name your strengths, you want to identify those moments and articulate how you are different. Write down the top 5 areas in which you stand out.


3. What do your friends + family tell you?

Oddly, we are often blind to our owns strengths, however those around us who love us are not. Ask the 5 people who know you the best to name your top strength. When someone compliments you on something well done, pay attention! They are telling you one of your strengths.


4. What do you call your strengths?

Once you have your 3 lists from asking the top three questions, compare them + see where they overlap. Order the strengths that have been repeated in number order from the ones most mentioned to the ones least. Take the top five and give each of them a unique name that is special to you. Perhaps one of your strengths is Storyteller, Lifestylist, or Social Wizard. Perhaps you are an Investigator or Siren. Find an exciting word that best describes each of your strengths and then own that, encourage yourself in the direction of your ease, love and joy + enjoy learning + growing as you become more + more yourself.


For a more specific study + test on Strengths read this post here.

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What to do if your partner (or best friend, or sister) is a whinge-pants.


I prefer to surround myself with people who inspire me and uplift how I feel about myself and my world. I know that I feel better around people who see the world through lenses that are speckled with gratitude, abundance, kindness, happiness and beauty. I consciously choose that’s that see the world from a positive perspective, and enjoy spending time with others who feel the same.

However much of the world has been socially conditioned to find problems to complain about. Our media is filled with negative-Nancy’s and our neighbors more often than not, tend to be whining whinge-pants.


Definition of whinge


But what do you if you partner (or best friend, or sister) is one of those who like to spend their days complaining about all that’s wrong in their world, when actually they have it very, very good?

This question came to me the other day when I was feeling utterly exasperated with my guy, who likes to hang out on the pessimists end of the spectrum, was complaining for the 7th time since we’d woken up, about how hot it is. I was thiiiiiiiiiis close to telling him to move to frickin’ Alaska if he’s not happy with the choices he’s made in his life.

I know that the partners (and sisters, and best friends) we choose in life are our polarities; they are different to us and we need that; they bring a certain balance into our worlds. If they were the same as us, they would probably drive us crazy (or crazier than they already do).

So this is what I do:


Focus On Myself

We are not here to change others. The only person we can change is ourselves. My lesson here is to practice equanimity and not react to his negativity. He has his thoughts, reactions and beliefs – I have mine. That’s the way it is, the world over. I choose to be positive because I know that it makes me feel good, and when I feel good, wonderful, magical things happen in my world. He either chooses to be negative because that’s the way he sees the world, or he hasn’t learnt that he has the power to choose his thoughts and create his own world through them. Either way, it’s his journey. I have my own lessons and journey to focus on.


Share My Beliefs

Many people think that being positive is just something that either you are naturally born with. Or not. Pessimists especially, have preconceived ideas that they are just the way they are, and cannot change. One day soon, I’m planning to sit down and explain to him, why I choose to focus on the positive aspects of life. And just why I’m so blindly determined to do so: because I know that I create my entire world through the thoughts and beliefs that I repeat and focus on. (Or, I might just quietly send him the blog post… Maybe you could try that too!)


Be Compassionate

People who are consistently negative have to live with themselves and their constant negative thoughts whirring through their heads. That negative energy that we feel, and sometimes absorb a little, they have to live with all the frickin’ time! I’m sure that can’t be easy. Instead of reacting to his negative statements I listen with compassion, and then move the conversation onto a different topic, or focus on something that is important to me.


Understand Negativity

All negativity and complaining comes from a sense of fear. Fear is deeply inbred into many of us, and takes time and consistent working through to tackle. The most common fears that negativity stem from are: the fear of not being respected, the fear of not being loved, and the fear that the world is a dangerous place. All of these fears create a strong sense of insecurity and the expression of that is finding problems outside of themselves, that bolster their self-importance and make them feel more powerful. More often than not, our partners (or best friend, or sister) are unable to see their negativity as their problem, but rather view it as a real problem at large. Understanding negativity means that we can learn not to respond to it, or be affected by it, because it doesn’t align with our own beliefs.


And here is the very clever conduit: while we are busily complaining about our partners’ negative demeanor, are we not falling into exactly the same trap that we are despising? Our lovers, friends and family are such excellent mirrors for ourselves and the lessons that we are learning.

No one is responsible for how we feel and experience life, except ourselves. Not even someone close to you, whom you love dearly, has the power to change your state of mind, unless you allow them to.

This is where I’ve learnt to take a breath, step back, and shut my mouth. To look within instead of without, and smile at the hilarity of the human contrasts and conditions.


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