Breaking through the mirror glass

Breaking through the mirror glass


The spring equinox opens the veil between the physical and the spiritual so that resurrection in our lives can be inaugurated. Ted Andrews



On the second Friday of March I packed a bag with clothes, and my portable office: my laptop and planner, in another. We drove south for 5 hours to the border, and stopped just before crossing it, in a little place called Grand Forks. Julien’s Aunt and Uncle welcomed us into their sweet cabin home, and indulged us with voracious entertainment and delicious food.


Julien took me for a walk to the nearby woodcrafter, a vibrantly happy man in his late 60’s, who looks like the spirit of the forest. Brimming with child-like enthusiasm, Julien showed me the woodcrafter’s museum: hundreds of chain-saws of every size and from every era. I smiled and tried my best to be fascinated for at least 5 minutes.


I woke up the next morning in that cabin in the woods when the mountain mist was still hanging low. I walked out of the guest room into the kitchen, picked up a glass and filled it with pure spring water straight from the tap. I drank that water in deeply.


I went to the bathroom, washed my face, braided my matted, slept-on hair and changed into my favourite pair of leggings and a cashmere sweater that a generous stranger gave me when I first arrived in Canada.



Back in the kitchen a steaming cup of coffee straight from an Italian macchinetta was squeeze into my hand. I topped it up with fresh organic cream from the nearby dairy that was sitting on the breakfast table. After breakfast: crusty bread toasted over the fire, eggs, cheese, jams, fruit, berries and homemade yoghurt, I helped clear up the table.


The men went outside to dig a trailer out of the snow. I set off for a walk amongst the firs and birch trees. As I walked I felt the most happiness and burst of joy I have in a while.


On the way back I met a woman who had been waiting for me. She said she had seen my tracks in the snow. She didn’t recognize them and was wondering whose they were. We introduced ourselves and she accompanied me part of the way, enthusiastically revelling in my stories of travels that span our planet, and love that brings you home.


“This is it” I thought. “Magic really is subjective. I’m discovering it everywhere.”



Three days later, we drove on. In the afternoon we arrived in Nelson (with the same name as the town we lived in, in New Zealand). My friends, Rachel and Ricky, live downtown above a boutique clothes shop in a spacious one bedroom apartment with high ceilings and arch windows. They offered us a futon on the floor. When we knocked and opened the door and there they were, these two creatures from so long-ago that it almost feels like a past life to me, with warm hugs and open hearts.


Ricky made us peppermint tea and we caught up on the many travels that had taken us on all our various paths. Julien started making his infamous refried beans and an hour later set out all the ingredients. The best burritos I have ever eaten were made and devoured in that home.


The next day everyone left early: Ricky went to work, Rachel and Julien went to conquer the slopes, and I pottered about getting ready to find a local coffice (cafe = office). I had one of those rare days of incredible productivity in the Empire Cafe, sipping on soy chai and overhearing other people’s conversations. They ranged from thoughts on what fairies live in the valley, to two men discussing their falling out with incredible emotional maturity. If I had been either one of them, I would broken down and cried.


Julien picked me up at 4pm and off we went to the next place: a little cottage outside of town, to see an old school friend of his. We introduced ourselves and hugged and they made us homemade tacos and we shared a bottle of wine.



That night Julien took me curling. His best friend and childhood next-door-neighbour lives in Nelson and had invited us to her staff party.


Essential it’s this: you walk on an ice-rink with slippery shoes, then you crouch down in front of a wooden starting block and gracefully lean on a stick and glide yourself forward into a low “warrior one” yoga position out into the ice, whilst pushing a giant, concrete block in front of you. That concrete block is supposed to hit a target at the other end of the ice rink, and if it’s too slow, two of your team members who are ready and waiting have to rapidly and repeatedly “sweep” the ice in front of the concrete block to make it move faster. If it’s too slow, you lose. If it’s too fast, you lose.


It’s weird. And hilarious. And painful. I have big purple and yellow bruises to prove it.


We stayed in that cute cottage in the snow for two days.



On Wednesday we took off again. I’m learning to drive a stick-shift and it was my turn, so I drove with Julien gently encouraging me, through the misty fog and the endless rain, past the most surreal scenery that evoked memories of reading the Brothers Grimm fairy tales before bedtime.


I pulled over in Nakusp to stop for lunch, but the place we had seen on the side of the road was closed. I was tired and we swapped places and Julien gave me his phone “find us a place to eat”. I looked up “diners” on Google Maps and found a place called Nick’s, and directed us there.


It was perfect, from to the neon sign outside to the worn down wooden floors and simple grandma-diner furniture. Julien ordered us the house-burger and ham-and-pea soup to share. We rarely eat meat anymore but this was one of those cultural experiences that I am always asking for. It was delicious. The cook teased us for inhaling our meal and offered to make us more. We declined and wrapped ourselves up again before stepping back out into the rain.



“Let’s go swim at the hot springs!” Julien suggests. We drive and park and there we are. Soaking in those minerals, easing my aches and pains from curling. I could forget all the rest of the world exists in moments like these.


I felt so relaxed I forgot my favourite pair of leggings and my gifted merino-wool sweater there.



That night we make it to our final destination: Julien’s Dad’s friend has a house in Revelstoke, a town famous for its skiing slopes and cuteness. She had offered use her spare room. In a text she tells us she won’t be home but her housemates John and Kevin would be. When we knocked on the door, a dishevelled-looking man appeared. Julien peered inside “Are you John and Kevin?”. “No” he replied looking around confused. A strong waft of cannabis drifted out to us. Then, almost as if he had only just remembered, he opened up the door “Oh! John and Kevin! Yep, that’s us.”


They showed us to our room and we watched a movie and drank tea.



It was Thursday when we woke up, packed the car and explored Revelstoke. We found bakeries with treats we could barely unglue our eyes from, a strange bookstore run by an anti-social shopkeeper, and a natural clothing store where we spoke to a man about glass blowing and sunshine.


I saw signs for a local winter market “look, it’s on today!” and we followed them to the library. We bought fresh free-range eggs and raw honey and tasted veggie jerky and apple slices.


That whole day I felt exhausted and I really just wanted to go home.


Breaking through the mirror glass


Back in Kamloops I helped unpack the car, put on a few loads of laundry and then showered and climbed into bed. My moon-time was due soon. I am accustomed to listening to my body and working with my cycles, so I gave in and rested.


On Friday I still felt really low. “It’s nothing” I thought. “It’ll pass.” I stayed in bed for most of the day, slowly answering emails and catching up on work. In the afternoon I went outside for a walk. After 10 minutes my body ached and throat started to hurt and I knew: I was coming down with a cold. Back home and back to bed, I hoped that I’d caught it soon enough to get the rest I needed for it to go away.


Breaking through the mirror glass


On Saturday, I gave in. Being sick is necessary sometimes. But a part of me has been wrestling with it. ‘I have so much to dooooooooooo!” my mind screams at me. She’s right. I do.


My London workshop has just been announced.


My 8 week course (the sequel to my free 7 day manifesting course) Manifest More launches in a week. And I am not ready. I haven’t done any of the things I had planned to do for marketing it. All I know is that doors to the course open soon and the content is amazing. Spectacular even. But I’m not ready. And this sickness of mine, is wanting to teach me something around that. To trust and let go.


It’s a strange kind of sick that makes no sense but seems to be saying to me: “Be very still and quiet. Things are changing and you have to stay out-of-the-way and allow them to.” It feels like a paradoxical push-pull — inside my body — outside in my life — where life is fracturing and falling apart and at the same time rebuilding and holding a new framework of reverence and divinity.


It’s both confusing and enthralling. A part of me wants to return to my old defence mechanism: RUN. Another part of me knows that this is exactly where I’m meant to be, even though it’s so super uncomfortable.


A friend of mine said “You are on the edge of total breakthrough… Be patient: the answers come as you know… you look safe, and your light is shining bright”.



Yesterday we drove to a park, it’s an island in the middle of the river. Julien showed me the path for me to walk on and I snapped at him, and quickly apologised. “I’m not feeling myself.”


I started walking and watched the old folks joyfully pass by and the ducks playing on the river edge and kid learning to ride her new skateboard. Suddenly I started speaking to myself. It was strange, I had no control over it. All these words came tumbling out about the past, and my mother, and all the things that hurt. I started breathing deeply and speaking incantations on all of the things I wanted to let go.


When it stopped I looked around I felt relieved to see that I had made that part of the walk all alone. I felt strange and lighter and also wonder. “What on earth is going on?” I was acting like a crazy person and yet it all was so real and raw and needed.



I woke up this morning at 5am and realized it is the Spring Equinox today: a powerful period of releasing in preparation for the transition into Spring. It’s my first real Spring in more years than I can remember. Lying in bed watching the sun rise through the cracks in our blinds my mind started showing me more things that are being let go of and. I was seeing where I’ve been trying to control the process and the results and “oh my god”how it’s all coming out into the open.


Something crazy-amazing is going on. I feel like I’m breaking through the mirror glass.


Energy, yeah right. Mojo, weird. Magic, no way. [Aka: What the **bleep** is manifesting?]


When I was a child, I used to lie in bed and squeeze my eyes shut tight, and try to conjure the things that I wanted into existence, by mentally willing them to be so. I’d think and think and imagine and imagine exactly what I wanted and when and how. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.


After a while, and several (big) disappointments, my belief in imagining things into existence faded away. I kept being encouraged to be more realistic, level-headed and only believe in the tangible things that I could see and know. Life lost part of its enchantment and started to feel like incredibly hard work and a constant struggle. Against what, I did not know. There seemed to be unseen elements at play that I had absolutely no control over. I started to feel lost and directionless.


And so, I followed the path that I was “supposed” to take, instead of carving my own. I spent many years comparing myself to other people: that super-pretty girl; my successful friend who seemed to have it all “figured out” and other people who confidently appeared to be living a life filled with excitement, opportunities, adventures, careers and love-affairs. I tried to “get” all the things that they were “getting” by doing all the right things that I was told to do: please others; don’t believe in magic; be practical. It rarely worked and I was certain that I must have missed out on a memo along the way. On multiple occasions, I literally burst into tears of frustration.


Then, one day, I met a curious man named Jason. He was short and stocky and had a crooked face and I was completely mesmerized by him. He seemed to have some kind of strange, fascinating allure, despite his unfortunate appearance. I started to fall in love with him.


He taught me the secret behind his unusual charm: every day he chose to view the world exactly as he wanted it to be, regardless of whether that was “reality” or not.


Leading by example, never with words, Jason taught me how to feel “energy”, how to create “mojo” to redirect events and circumstances and make “magic” by perceiving the world in very specific ways. Essentially, what it took was knowing with absolute clarity what you wanted to experience and have, and then aligning yourself and your energy with that thing, whilst also communicating it to an unseen force that seems to be the creator of everything. We called it: the universe.


It wasn’t until years later when I read Ask And It Is Given that I realised what he had taught me was a way to co-create your life with the universe known as manifesting.


Manifesting really only has two simple steps: 1. Ask. 2. Receive.


If it really is that simple, you’d think everyone was doing it. And the truth is: it is that simple, and everyone is doing it. But not everyone is doing it with awareness and consciousness.


Most people know with absolute clarity what they don’t want, and keep aligning to the things they don’t want by focusing on them, and keep praying for the things they don’t want to stop. Result: they keep manifesting experiences and things that they don’t want. How frustrating!


I know this for certain, because that’s exactly what I did for a long time.


Over time I’ve uncovered the funny little “human” things that we do, that get in the way and block our manifestations. That two-step process of “ask” and “receive” has turned into a 6 step formula that I use in every area of my life: money, love, travel, accommodations or houses, work, creative pursuits and opportunities and my health.


On Monday 10 April, my popular 8 week course Manifest More, opens its doors again, where I teach this 6 step formula in detail through an 8 week interactive digital learning program for unconventional folk who want to create a life filled with meaning, abundance, adventures, love and opportunities. This time the videos and worksheets are completely new, and never-seen-before. It’s had a radical upgrade.

Getting your life on the right track requires clarity, vision and an understanding how it all works: when to ask for what you want, how to get it, what needs to be done to fulfil even your biggest dream and desires, and knowing what is your part of the job, and what you need to leave up to the universe. Without that kind of understanding and knowledge taking responsibility for your life and truly creating it on your own terms can feel impossible and overwhelming.


Over the next few weeks I’ll be revealing more and more about Manifest More, and about the elusive manifesting process, making a whole lot more fun and easier (as it should be). Doors open to Manifest More on Monday 27 March (with the next New Moon).


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I’ve got a gift for you. [Clue: Less wishing. More doing.]


At the start of March I relaunched my Free 7 Day Manifesting Course. You might have seen me mention it before. In it I share 7 steps of manifesting over 7 days, that have a powerful impact, every single time.


Over 1,400+ people have signed up for my course (so far), and people have manifested some pretty incredible things. I know, because they told me!


It brings me enormous pleasure to share some of those stories with you today:


Vienda, you sneaky thing! Your 7 day manifesting course just took me by surprise! 

Even though I felt as though I would already know a lot of the content, the way you explained it just made it all click – like you put it all into perspective.

At first I wanted to try to attract some more money, but I thought that was a bit vague, so on day 2, I changed my goal to be around attracting a new phone instead. You made it so, damn easy. I really didn’t even feel like I was trying at all.

Anyway, 2 days after the end of the course, a perfect new phone was in my hands, I was pretty chuffed. And then 2 days after that, I received an unexpected payment for $4200 after doing my tax. You’re a gifted teacher babe! Your course (and the results) definitely exceeded my expectations. Love what you’re about too. x




Hi lovely, I hope you’re well? Just wanted to share a little story with you… 

So I did your 7 Day Manifesting Course and decided I wanted to manifest a car. This is a massive thing for me because I’ve always had a lot of fear around getting a car and there is a lot tied up in it in terms of my independence and previous dependency on partners etc etc (you know how it goes). 

Just this morning I got a text message from a very good friend offering to gift me her old run around Barina because she just bought a new car. Speechless… I manifested myself an entire car! For free! I mean I have done some manifesting in my time but this is a whole other category… 

So, thank you for your work! xox

Cherise Lily Nana — Cherise Lily Nana




When I saw that you were holding a 7 Day Manifestation Course I knew I had to sign up! 

It was on the day where we looked at our fears and beliefs about what we were trying to manifest that brought it all together for me. I realized that I wasn’t being clear with what I wanted to manifest because I had fears and beliefs surrounding it that were blocking what I wanted to come in. Going through the steps that you created, allowed me to open my eyes to the blocks that I didn’t even know that I had. I sat there laughing, realizing no wonder this hasn’t come in! Look at all of those beliefs around it! 

Alongside that, I read your blog post about writing to the Universe. I thought “Hey, this couldn’t hurt!” Again, I got really clear on what my vision was for manifesting and I sent it off the email address provided in her post. When you write to it, the email address sends back “your order as been successful.” There’s something about putting out what you want and getting back a, ‘We’ve got you, want you want is coming’ that puts you into a space of confidence and gives you the believe that what you want is truly on it’s way (asap!) 

Within 24 hours, I had got a burst of inspiration to create something for my brand that feels exciting, aligned and full of fun. This is something I had been searching for awhile now and it was all because I learned how to be clear on what I want and recognize my fears and accept them. I’m so grateful that I found your post and email course. You’re a legend and a true manifestation magician!

Olivia O’Conner — Don’t Tell Summer




Honestly. Reading those words… Has left me breathless. (In the sexy, excited, good way… obviously.) If you can manifest big things like that, after just 1 week… Imagine what would be possible after 2 weeks. Or 5 Weeks. Or, even, 8 weeks.


To participate: Register for the course over here. Even if you don’t have time to read the emails as they come in right away, don’t worry: you can read them and start manifesting in your own time.


Either way, I hope the course brings you tonnes of inspiration.


Please: keep your secrets, secret

Please: keep your secrets, secret


Here’s a secret: I’m a very private person.


Here’s another secret: I share as much as I do because it allows me to create a controlled sphere of privacy around my life. Also: because it heals me. And: it helps you.


There are other secrets that I hold close to my heart too: the big things that I (secretly) want to manifest.


I’ve noticed that, when I really, really, really want something… And it’s big and scary and new, that I very quietly and inconspicuously go about calling it into my life. I hold it close, nurture it with intention and clarity, and take inspired action towards what I want, without telling a single soul. It’s my secret, and I’ll keep it, until it’s strong enough to withstand the elements of judgment, expectation and criticism.


I find that, when I share a secret wish too soon, the energy and movement that has been building up around it through my intention, focus and action, comes to a terrifying and complete standstill. What was once something thrilling filled with excitement and anticipation seems to have lost its allure and it’s momentum. Suddenly, the magic, and the manifestation is gone.


A few days ago, Julien and I went for a walk along the river in these woods.


Nearby stands an old insane asylum that is slowly deteriorating. It is full of secrets. We could feel them, curling up around our toes and fingers as we slowly drove past. I am secretly breathlessly enraptured with the idea of having a photo shoot there. It’s something I want to make manifest.


As we walked, I realised something. Secrets hold a potent, powerful magic.


Secrets are the womb for all our creative ideas, biggest ambitions and slightest yearnings and desires. Secrets create a safe space, untouched by the rest of the world, to sow the seeds of our dreams and wishes. They are the invisible threads that hold the web of life together: the tiniest and grandest hopes we hold for ourselves and our futures.


All of manifestation begins with a secret.


Secrets used to be an integral part of our lives. Long ago when witches, and priestesses and kings and wild men ruled our world, they used secrets as containers for magic and manifestations. Keeping secrets connected us with the unseen world, the spirits of ourselves and our lands. We knew that through secrets we could manifest things that existed beyond our imaginations. Secrets were our conduits to our dreams.


It is not necessary to lose that connection. We are still able to manifest and make magic through the use of ritual.


Let us summon a trial: choose a secret wish, something you’d absolutely love to make manifest. Make sure you keep your secret, secret. Don’t tell a single soul. Keeping this secret is like having a magic helping hand in which you can put the power of manifesting to good use.


Do my free 7 day manifesting course, starting today.


And watch what happens, when you hold that energy close. The things you create through this potent portal are more powerful than you can imagine.


This is where the magic lies.



After that night, things started to change


Yesterday I found myself back in that little sunny rectangle on my yoga mat. It felt as if I was an entirely different human to the one who had wept in that space only 10 days ago. It’s amazing what a difference a week and a half can make.


One night I woke up at 4am, unstoppable tears streaming down my face and a sense of hopelessness so great I thought it might crush my entire body. Julien woke up and took me in his arms and listened to my confusing spiel about how I didn’t know why I was crying, and that I was sorry for it. He seemed to understand even more than I did, consoling me with his words. This is huge for you, I know. He said. It’s a lot to take in all at once.


After that night, things started to change.


Even though we have not found the right place to rent or buy yet, we did find the next stepping stone, an offer to house- and dog-sit, on and off, for the next month and a half, giving us more time to find our perfect ‘home’. It was a relief as the pressure was off.


We planned two week-long road trips around British Columbia this month, and well, if you’ve been journeying alongside me for a while now, you know nothing could make me happier. I’ll be sharing all my favorite travel-inspired pictures on Instagram. It’s going to be wonderful!


Thank you for the innumerable kind words I received the days following my confession that I was struggling. It actually made all the difference, as did the recommendations for Vitamin D drops (they totally work), and my Astrological insight (thank you Danielle) which really clarified things for me, as well as my journaling rituals that allowed me to work the things inside me back out.


Through journaling I started to realise that part of my sudden fling into a somber state of (almost) depression was based on some little-girl fears I was holding close to my heart. Fears that initially manifested as deep sadness, and then also anger. Fear that I might lose myself in a world that feels confining and linear to me. Canada is beautiful and wild, but winter keeps one locked inside and restricted to indoor spaces. Fear that I have to be a ‘good girl’ to fit into society here. It’s been a long time since I have lived in a traditional, conservative environment. Fear that I might have deceived and entrapped myself in the entanglement of lovers’ dreams: a house and a life in a town.


While, logically, I know that no-one can take my freedom and wildness away, my inner child was certain that she was being forsaken for more grown-up endeavours. She has allowed me live to the free-spirited life that I have chosen, and she suddenly felt like her dreams weren’t important anymore. So I promised her that her freedom and wildness would always be my priority, and that I would keep them in tact by always listening closely, every day, to what she needed.


As soon as I welcomed and embraced my sadness, anger and fear, they began to soften. And then time, time really is the ultimate healer. With time, and intention to change the flux I was in, and loving support, everything started to feel better.


I am writing this to you today from the office of our friend’s place. I have a chai tea on my left and my journal open to my right, as I prepare for a big day of mentoring clients and tying up loose ends. Being here feels good. And it reminds me that sometimes, no matter how much personal responsibility you take for your life, and the way that you feel, there are always external factors influencing things.


That the best thing you can sometimes do, is change. Change your environment. Change your plans. Change your focus. Change the people you spend time with.


Until things come back into alignment.


The past few days have been filled with filming all the videos for the updated version of my popular course Manifest More that starts again on Monday April 10 PST. It’s incredible how much energy it takes to be eloquent, spirited and clearly share all the lessons that you want to share, in sixteen 10 to 20 minute segments. It’s been such a joy to create these lessons for you.


Over the next few weeks I will be sharing lots more stories around how manifestations work in my life, and what I do, to consciously cultivate the kind of life that is in alignment with my highest self, and my biggest, wildest dreams for my life and the world. It’s one of my favourite topics in the entire world.


In the meantime, if you haven’t already, I’d love you to join me on a 7 day adventure: my Free 7 Day Manifesting Course. It has already been taken by over 1,400 inspired folks, who write to me every day, letting me know about the amazing things that they have manifested. I am honoured and jubilant every time I read about the lives that you consciously create through the fine art of relating with the universe and your own soul.



Would you like to… make more magic?


After sending out the invite to my 7 Day Free Journaling Course — Love Letters — last week 99 (and counting) of you enthusiastically subscribed within 3 hours. I was astounded.


Soon after, I started receiving lots of emails from Love Letter participants that echoed similar sentiments:


I really need this. I’ve been meaning to start or get back to journaling and this has been the perfect nudge in the right direction. But how do I start to use journaling for real, incremental, potent change? You often mention that you ‘rewrite your life stories’ and create your life through journaling. How exactly, do you do that?


It’s frustrating when you know how you want life to feel and look like, but can’t seem to figure out how to bridge that gap. We all want to create a life that is deliberate, intentional and filled with meaning and purpose. We want to feel alive, and thrilled by our days, and aligned with our dreams and visions.


I use journaling to do exactly that.


I journal to know what to do.
I journal to connect with my intuition.
I journal to cultivate radical self-trust.
I journal to remove blocks and limiting beliefs.
I journal to communicate with Source and Spirit.
I journal to attract love, friends, and opportunities.
I journal to increase my wealth, income and savings.
I journal to direct and define my business, brand and marketing.
I journal to get clear on my direction and soul purpose.
I journal to reframe circumstances and change them.
I journal to get clear on wild dreams and big ideas.
I journal to plan and manifest great adventures.
I journal to know my best plan of action.


I’d love to help you do all that too.


That is why — 3 days from today — I will be leading a brand-new online course called Make More Magic.


31 days: March 1 – March 31, 2017.

31 lessons on how to change your habits and attitudes, get focused, and create, attract, have, be and do what you say you want to, through journaling.

4 weekly Live Facebook classes with Q&A

2 bonus classes on the Full Moon and New Moon

Personal 1-on-1 mentoring in our private Facebook page

Real time shares and examples from my personal daily journal entries.

Lifetime access. You can join in every time I run the class again, for free, which will deepen you journaling skills more each time.


I’d like to invite you to join me for the 31 days of March and register for Make More Magic. The cost is $127.


To learn more about Make More Magic and sign up, this is the place: 


Today is the most powerful New Moon of the year: energetically, we are being given the push we need to manifest the fresh starts we have been trying to create and to do that, we need listen to, and trust, our soul’s knowledgeable whispers.


Journaling is the clearest, direct line to that inner wisdom that I know of.


The words that flow out from under your pen act as reminder that your soul is aware of your destiny and inherently knows which roads will lead to love and the fulfillment of your mission and purpose.

If you’re new to my world, get familiar with my work by reading about me here and watching this video that I made about journaling, or check out my free courses and eBooks. Feel into it.


You know that if your heart and soul yearn for more, you’d benefit from Make More Magic.


And that if you have mixed feelings or it’s just not the right fit, skip it.


Trust your intuition. Maybe even journal about it.


Thanks for being part of my world.


Stay magic.


The truth is, I’ve been struggling…

The truth is, I've been struggling...


Yesterday I went to a lunchtime yoga class. There was a small rectangle of sun on the studio floor shining in from the window. I hurried to it and placed my mat down within that exact rectangle. I didn’t care that I wasn’t in line with the other mats. I just needed the sun. As I peeled my top off to reveal my sports bra and pulled my yoga tights up to my knees, and laid down, tears came to my eyes. The sun felt so good on my stomach, chest, arms and legs as it warmed me and penetrated my skin.


Tears have been a daily companion the last two weeks.


I can’t really explain them. I suppose many things have compounded at once. I just feel really sad. And sometimes really angry. One kind word from someone and I feel those tears well up in my eyes again. I quickly squeeze my eyes shut in the hope to make them go away. Crying doesn’t always feel so comfortable around people you barely know. More often than not they well over and slowly make their way down my face, as I look at people apologetically and assure them it’s not their fault.


I can explain the tears logically, pragmatically, sensibly, if I want to.


I’m coming off the traveler’s high. After 6 months of rapid movement, adventure and constant focus on what’s next, stopping and being still feels like a small death. Withdrawal has set in and I desperately want that feeling of being immersed in the sensation of the high to never end, yet I know that it’s time to stop and restore life to a softer pace. I want this. And yet I resist it.


I haven’t had real sun in about 2 months, and it is possible that I have a vitamin D deficiency. Our bodies need 10 – 20 minutes of direct sunlight on our skin every day. Without it we start to whither, much like a flower, and can feel anxious, depressed, and have a compromised immune system. People often mock me about having a hard time with winter, but you’re Austrian! And they are right. But I have spent my entire life living in summer.


I haven’t found my tribe… yet. That sort of thing takes time. And there are so many people who are barely alive, here. It hurts to see so much of humanity walk around like zombies like this. I cried to one of my best friends who lives in the UK about a few days ago. She said You often miss the real version of people… you have surrounded yourself with adventurous folk who have an open-minded global perspective… most people are boring and bored. Another friend said Welcome back to Earth. They are right. I have created a very narrowly filtered reality for myself filled with incredible human beings doing truly great things. And I intend to keep doing exactly that. Because that’s what I want to strengthen in the world. That’s why I have this space, here, and you.


On a deeper level, I think there’s a lot more going on than the practical reasons I can give to my solemn mood. Because really, my life is very, very good. A new, local friend reminded me yesterday that often when we are processing strong, heavy, challenging emotions they are not only ours. There’s a lot shifting in the world and in our stars. Those of us who are willing to feel it, do the work for all of us. That’s what lightworkers do she said.


I know exactly what I need to do during this time: allow myself to feel as uncomfortable as I feel.


These times of discomfort are always the rich fertilizer for radical transformation. I can almost taste it, there’s an urgency to what’s ahead. A sense that what will happen next is really, really different, and that I am being prepared for it. Yet I feel impatient and want to know everything, now. Cultivating radical self-trust takes all my strength and courage during times like these.


Two things are saving me during this time.


A deepening in my spiritual practice: my meditations are more insightful and powerful than ever, as I return to this connection with Source from within over and over during the days. I feel pulled to bring in more ritual and dedication to listening and connecting, and crave a space of my own to do that in. This too, will come.


And gratitude: every night before I go to sleep, I mentally walk myself through all the things that I have to be grateful for during the day that just passed. It always surprises me how many things I can find that I am truly appreciative of. The thing here, is not to just think it, but to actually feel it. It’s with feeling gratitude that my body relaxes and can absorb the loving energy that flows through from the thoughts.


Fascinatingly, I’ve never felt more creative than I do now. Creatives often bemoan the fact that they are most inspired when faced with challenge. It’s almost like that sense of loneliness, of isolation, allows us to nudge that much closer to our souls, and pour what we find inside, out. This process is to heal more than to share. And the result of the process is art.


Last Sunday I frantically created ‘Love Letters’, a free 7 day journaling course as it surged out from within me. From it has evolved an idea that has been toying with me for longer than I care to admit: a very intimate look into my daily writing and journaling practice, that I use to literally create my life. I can’t wait to reveal it to you, in a few short days, with the New Moon.


7 Day Free Journaling Course — Love Letters


I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train. Oscar Wilde


I find writing the catharsis of my soul. I often don’t even know what I think or believe, until the words come flying out from under my pen. Writing for me is the purification and purgation of my thoughts and emotions that results in renewal and restoration.


I write down what I’m feeling, why I am feeling that way, why I feel scared, and what beliefs are holding me back, making me feel stuck, confused or resistant about change and the future.


Journaling is literally the best way I know how to process blocks and solve problems.
Through journaling I have created the most amazing things in my life:


My romantic relationship (the love of my life)
My travels (over 12 years of them to more than 35 countries)
My freedom-fuelled business (where space, time and abundance coexist)
Connections with amazing people (who have changed my life for the better)


… And many more miracles of every kind.


Journaling isn’t normally considered a traditional business and life practice, but for me it’s essential. It helps me guide myself to my highest truth and create a model of life that is entirely mine and truly aligned. Which is what makes it so damn amazing and magical. I’m not doing it like anyone else and it’s because journaling changes everything for me.


I journal to release fears, blocks, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns. I journal to manifest my big dreams, visions and goals. I journal to process emotions and difficult situations. I journal to create my future and to clear my past. I journal to change my mindset, attract clients, opportunities, friends and lovers into my life. I journal to get clarity around how much I want to earn and how. I journal to plan and initiate my travels and adventures. I journal to develop my sense of self-love, self-acceptance and improve my body image. Journaling has become my sacred starting point to access my intuition and the conversation that I have to my spiritual understanding and the universe. My life is literally created from the words that I write.


Journaling, for me, is my ‘thing’. Maybe it’s your ‘thing’ is too.


This 7 day Love Letters journaling course is a simple, soulful, loving practice to rekindle your connection to your inner wisdom and cultivate radical self-trust.


Sign up for my free course and I will email you a new journaling prompt, every day, for the next 7 days.


Registration for the course is now open. Simply enter your email address:



All you need is a notebook, a pen and an open heart and mind.


Your journaling will be most effective if you do it every day for at least 20 minutes. Begin with the prompt I send you, and forget about spelling and punctuation. Write without censor. Write quickly, and freely. And most importantly, trust what comes out.


The only rule for journaling is that there are no rules.


Through your writing you’ll discover yourself in ways you have always wished to.