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I’m closing my 1:1 mentoring spaces for 2016.

I'm closing my 1:1 mentoring spaces for 2016.


Late last year, while I was traveling from Australia, to Bali, back to Australia and then on to New Zealand, I wore myself down to the ground and exhausted every tiny ounce of my energy, trying to do all the things. Travel, explore, be adventurous, be a fun girlfriend and lover, show up 1,000,000 percent for my 1:1 clients, keep up with social media and writing articles, run a business and so on.


I ended up feeling overwhelmed, sad and like I sucked at life. It was awful.


I promised myself never to ravage my energy resources like that again. Even though I have been travelling with my business since I started it, 3 years ago, it had never compounded before, in the way it did last year. I had more clients, more travel, was moving around more rapidly, plus a partner-in-love-and-adventures to be present for. It simply became too much.


I learned that I need space and time, in all the elements; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to function at me best. It means that when I travel with my work, I do so slowly. When I work one on 1:1 with folk, I have the space to connect with them at a heart-and-soul level. And adventures are slow fuel for inspired writing and sharing.


We live in a world that glorifies “busyness”. Being busy means that you are important: valued, cared about, loved, popular, successful, and generally a big deal. Yet those metrics keep us out if sync with our lives and often take us further away from what we truly value and desire: connection, love, belonging, creativity, expression, beauty and joy.


What I want to glorify is “greatness”. And the truth is “greatness” rarely stems from “busyness”. How can we all have the “greatest” life ever? For me “greatness” is excelling at the things that bring me joy. It means having more than enough time for the people who mean the world to me. It means that creativity take priority over paperwork. “Greatness” lies in the mastery of living life as defined by my intuition and love for freedom.


So when new travel plans were being made for this year, I knew it was the divine occasion to do things differently, and create more space.


On the 17th of September we hit the road again, doing the long-coveted road trip around the south and north islands of New Zealand for 3 weeks. And then flying to Asia to spend the rest of the year exploring the oceans, jungles and temples of Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. I literally cannot stop thinking about pineapples every time I look at the world map to see where we are going! And then Canada early next year. Brrrr. It’ll be my first real, real, real winter, in a very, very long time.


I’m pretty ecstatic about it all.


Over those 4 months I will still be writing stories and sharing photos from all the beautiful places that we explore. But I won’t be working in a 1:1 capacity with any mentoring clients.


Saturday 11 June, I’m closing my 1:1 mentoring spaces for 2016.


I still have 6 spots available in my 3 month programs for this year.




  • 6 x 45 min Skype calls + follow-up material
  • $960  USD

One-on-one mentoring for free-spirited souls at the onset of your online business, to help you hone in on how to begin, do what you love, and be profitable. Sessions can include: Personal Branding, Emotional Engineering, Marketing, Social Media, Website, Content, Action Plans, Money, Overcoming Fear.




  • 6 x 45 min Skype calls + follow-up material
  • $960 USD

Full-scale spirit-infused life coaching and mentoring to support you in clearing away the past, and doing the deeper inner work required to set yourself free. Sessions can include: Identifying Blocks, Limited Beliefs + Past Conditioning, Negative Patterns, Self-Awareness Practices, Tools to Release + Heal, Big Dream Exercises, Action Plans.



If you are interested in working with me 1:1, this year, now is a good time to jump on that chance. The best way to learn more is to email me directly, and we will arrange a free discovery call to chat and make sure we are the right fit.


Again, my email is:


Photography by Luke Marshall Images.

5 latest books that have made me feel empowered, alive and vibrant.

6 latest books that have made me feel empowered, alive and vibrant.


Every few months or so, I write about the books that have had the most impact on me, lately. I write about them, because I love it when I discover word-gold, and the inner understanding that transforms my life through those words.


Every book I have ever read, has been recommended to me in some form. I very rarely take the time to explore bookshelves or the Kindle store, to find my next read. I want those recommendations to have a ripple effect out into the world, so you too, can experience your own inner understanding and ‘aha’ moments.


I like to read in bed mostly, or outside in the sun on the balcony, especially when I’m having a quiet, reflective day and pondering the meaning of life and the world. I use Kindle to read, because lugging the amount of books that I read around with me, is totally insane.


Behold, my list of the 6 latest books that have made me feel empowered, alive and vibrant. Please, enjoy them as much as I have.



5 latest books that have made me feel empowered, alive and vibrant: The Art of Asking.


The Art of Asking

If anyone can making asking for what you need and want, feel badass, it’s Amanda Palmer. It’s been such a long time since I have enjoyed reading a book this much, and learning, at the same time. Asking is something that we have been socially conditioned to believe is wrong, and yet, when someone asks us for help, we feel so remarkably good, and thrilled to be able to do something for someone else. Why is that? And how can giving and receiving work  Amanda explores this concept as she takes us on a punk-rock flavoured rollercoaster ride through her creative and artistic ventures. My favourite quote from the book is “When you love people, they give you everything.

This read is perfect for every artist, creative, entrepreneur and woman, who has ever had a hard time asking for what he or she needs. I don’t do star ratings on here, but if I did, The Art of Asking would get a 10 out of 5 stars. In fact, Amanda’s ferocious belief in the generosity human beings, lead the inspiration to my Pay What You Want price for my monthly The Free-Spirited Collective membership. Get your copy from Amazon.



5 latest books that have made me feel empowered, alive and vibrant: The Crossroads of Must and Should.


The Crossroads of Must and Should

My second favourite book in this writeup is this one by Elle Luna. The entire time I was reading it, I wanted to share quotes from her words on Instagram, and only managed to hold back out of trepidation that I would end up overwhelming everyone with enthusiasm. Elle writes about learning the difference between must: “Must is who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest most authentic self.” And should; how most of us unconsciously imprison ourselves in the confinements of what our society and culture expects of us and tell us to do.

This book is about a gentle rebellion, and figuring out what your ‘must’ is, and then doing that, exclusively. “We each have a potential that was given to us at birth, but whether or not we cultivate it is entirely up to us. In its purest sense, Must is why we are here to begin with, and choosing it is the journey of our lives.” Get your copy from Amazon.



5 latest books that have made me feel empowered, alive and vibrant: Big Magic


Big Magic

Every creative ever must read this book about creativity by Elizabeth Gilbert. Simply because it makes the creative process that much more understandable. I felt quite elated that many of the concepts and ideas she shares were already a part of my own personal understanding of my creative process. It’s always so nice to be assured from someone who has been commended for their outstanding work in a field that you admire. I particularly appreciated her powerful prose on making the creative process not have to have meaning, significance or to be ‘useful’, but to do it, for the sake of doing it, and trusting the process as it guides you forward. Plus, her writing style is impeccable and I adore reading Liz’s words, on almost any topic. Get your copy from Amazon.



5 latest books that have made me feel empowered, alive and vibrant: Radical Self-Love


Radical Self-Love

Gala Darling was my inspiration to start blogging. After shunning the internet for years, I suddenly saw it with new eyes: an uncensored platform on which to take pieces of my soul and spin them into words, for all to see. When I first discovered her, she had a voice unlike anyone else, and she was speaking my language, which at the time felt like a fucking miracle.

Her book is an adaptation of an eBook she used to sell on her website, and while I really enjoyed reading it, I did feel a little disappointed that there was no new, juicy, unexpected insights included. What was once brand new and perceptive in her writing, is now a refined recapitulate of what is now already deeply ingrained in me after spending years doing my own soul-searching. Get your copy from Amazon.



5 latest books that have made me feel empowered, alive and vibrant: Clear Your Shit


Clear Your Shit

I spent the first third of this book emphatically nodding my head. So much of what he writes, I have thought in my own mind. It was a wonderful feeling of confirmation that, yes, I am on the right track with how I intuitively view things and the way we can actively reshape our entire lives by clearing the past, and belief systems that hold us back from being limitless. Dane Tomas captures the essence of what it means to modify yourself down to a cellular level, in order to create the kind of life experience you know is meant for you.

Once he gets into the ‘how to’ steps however, he looses me a little. This book is excellent if you process things predominantly through your intellect. And I recommend it highly to anyone that is new to doing their inner transformational work, and don’t have $1,000’s of dollars to spend on coaches, mentors and psychologists to help them on their way. However I personally, from experimenting on myself, find that the best way to ‘clear my shit’ is to work through it on an emotional and physical level, using my own processes that I have adapted.

Overall its awesome insight into how you can totally transform your life, by doing your inner work, and I am quite proud to say that Dane is one of my manifesting experts in my course Manifest More, as well as a speaker in the July edition on The Free-Spirited CollectiveGet your copy from Amazon.



Photography by Jessica Shirley.

My pretty peach planner has revolutionised my life. It’s a love story.

My pretty peach planner. A love story.


Late one night last year, during my detox in Bali, I had one of those sit-up-straight-in-bed aha moments. Simplifying and streamlining my life is a huge priority in my life for several reasons. It creates more time and space, it makes everything a lot easier, and it means that practical and organisational tasks feel less daunting.


I am organised. But I’m not someone who wants to spend lots of time organising. I like to have systems and practices in place that keep everything organised. I used to think that stuff was boring, but nowadays it necessary.


But there was one system in my life that was becoming the bane of my heavy travelling bags: my notebooks. As much as my life and work is online, I really love connecting pen to paper for: taking client notes, creative ideation, taking notes from books I like, journaling, keeping track of my income, moon rituals and business ideas.


This meant that each of those areas of my life were represented in its own little (or big) notebook, that I carried with me around the world. Everywhere I went, I took 5 or 6 notebooks with me. And as cute as that might be, it’s not practical, and is extremely wasteful.


Which brings me back to that evening in Bali, in bed, when I realised there had to be another way. I started researching ‘planners’ and ‘filofax’ across the internet and found tonnes of articles and blog posts dedicated to the art of organising ones life in one single book.


Immediately I was hooked.


And promptly spent the next 5 hours researching for the perfect solution: a beautiful planner that would lovingly hold all the words of my heart, soul and work. The one I settled on was this one in the pictures from Kikki K. They don’t have the peach colour anymore, but you can see their latest range here. (I got the textured leather personal planner in Large. And if I were to choose again now, I’d totally go for the tangerine one!)


I ordered it, had it sent to my friend’s place in Byron Bay, where I knew I’d be passing through in the near future. I am so happy I did. My pretty peach planner has revolutionised my life!



My pretty peach planner. A love story.


Now, everything I’m working on is organised into section with tabs, yet it’s still sitting prettily, all together in one beautiful book that I adore and take with me everywhere. My laptop and planner are literally all there is to my mobile office that I travel the world with. (Plus, obviously a collection of pens and such.)


I love that I can go through my planner every 3 – 6 months and remove the old notes I no longer need, and then fill it up with fresh new pages whenever I want. I buy my refills from and prefer to get unlined paper in both plain and rainbow!


I’m not sure, but I think I might be saving rainforests with this. (Now, if only the rainbow refills came in recycled paper, my life would be complete.)



My pretty peach planner. A love story.


To take you through each of the sections, here is how I organise my planner:


Calendar — Self explanatory really. I use my online google calendar to organise my schedule, and I use this calendar to pencil in my project dates and blog posts schedule.


To Do — This is my ongoing ‘To Do’ list. At the start I have my goals and intentions for the year. Then I break those down into months on the following pages. And then at the start of each week, I write down my tasks that need to be completed that week. This keeps me aligned with my goals and intentions, and means that I am consistently taking micro-actions towards want I want to experience, have, be and do in my life.

I usually leave  my planner open on that page so I can go back and check off completed tasks. At the end of the week I tear the page out of my planner, throw it away and start again. I personally don’t do daily ‘To Do’ lists because I feel stressed when there’s too much of a time limit and pressure to complete something. I am more likely to get my work down, when I feel like I have plenty of space and time for everything.



My pretty peach planner. A love story.


Coaching Notes — Here I write down every single mentoring session, to keep track of what we are working on and how many sessions we have had. I write the person’s name at the top and then the session no. so I can refer back whenever I need.


Biz Ideas — Is where I collect all of my ideas as they arise. Some of them evolve into fully fledged projects, while others fade away. Writing them down gives them all an equal chance to manifest, and once I had something on paper, I have a better idea whether it’s viable or not, and whether I have the passion and interest to invest into it and see it through. Once it’s got a skeleton structure, I flesh it out into its fullness in my Google Docs.



My pretty peach planner. A love story.


Money Love — Has become a favourite practice that my money mentor taught me. Every time I get a little ‘ping’ from my PayPal account, letting me know I have been paid, I enter it into this section. This file is organised into years: past years with monthly earnings are written out on a page each, with a total at the bottom. And for the current year: each month has a page to track my daily income, which is tallied at the end of the month.

When I tally the month, I also like to write little affirmations below it like: “Yes. Thank you! More please.” or “Money comes to me easily and frequently.” or “I expand in love, success and abundance every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.” or sometimes “I am open to expected and unexpected financial abundance that arrives in a fun, safe and healthy way.”

Tracking your income is so important, beyond just being organised. More importantly (for me, anyway) is that it keeps me focused on abundance and gratitude for what I already have. I write down everything, even if I find 20c on the ground, or someone gives me a gift that has a specific value (like a free course, for example). When I first started doing it, I was surprised to learn that I was earning more than I thought. And within a few months my income started to double and triple, simply because I was feeling so abundant, instead of focusing on lack or not having enough. Isn’t it amazing!?



My pretty peach planner. A love story.


Intentions + Sacred Words — Last but by no means least, here I write down my monthly moon rituals, set my intentions and journal my thoughts and feelings. This space is extra special to me because the words I write here hold such potent power. I’m pretty sure this part of my planner is where all the magic happens, that creates the rest of my life!


And that, my friend, is how my pretty peach planner has revolutionised my life. It’s most definitely a love story.



My pretty peach planner. A love story.


My best tips on how to pay better attention to the signs from the universe.

My best tips on how to pay better attention to the signs from the universe.


I’ve had a bit of an epiphany this week.


So many of you say that you want to be guided by your intuition and the universe. And then you look for things you can do, to do that.


The insight, however, is that being guided is not a doing thing. It’s a feeling thing.


Stay with me here.


Let’s say, that, for example, I need some guidance on the content for my new live class that’s starting in late June: The Practical Guide to Connecting to Your Intuition & The Universe. Considering it’s a class about intuition, much of the content is being pulled together intuitively.


Instead of forcing the answers to come to me, I ask the questions, maybe even write them down, and then wait.


I wait until I have a sudden influx of inspired ideas, momentum, excitement and motivation to work on the content for this class. And without thinking much about it, I pour whatever answers, ideas and insights are arriving in my heart, mind and imagination forth onto paper until it’s all there. And then I wait again. Until the next time.


This process continues until I feel I have all the content down. And then I allow my analytical and logical mind to take over, to organise, edit and structure everything, to make it easy to read, learn and listen to.


This same process works for everyone, on all things.


Sometimes this waiting game takes a while. And we feel frustrated and inspired. Our minds get impatient and decide they have to control the process. This is a warning sign. Don’t do it. Trust the process. Allow yourself to have the time you need. It will get easier and faster the more you do this.


I have decided to close my public Facebook page at the end of this month, as a result of a process exactly like this. I was starting to feel resentful, annoyed and frustrated with having two separate Facebook accounts. This is a sure sign that something needs to change. And so I asked for help and guidance, and felt inspired (and a little scared) by the solution of closing my Facebook business page. It feels like a big, dangerous step in some ways. It also feels like sweet relief, and more real, honest and authentic. You can read all about it here.


By the same token, I updated my “Love List” this week. It’s a collection of time- and sanity-saving tools, creative service providers that I heartily recommend, things and people that inspire me, and more. I update it every year or so, and recently had the inspired nudge to do it. So many of you said it arrived at just the perfect time. Enjoy! I hope you find something that delights you.


Here are my best tips on how to pay better attention to the signs from the universe:


  • Make sure you take time out on a daily basis to check in with yourself and how you feel. Getting to know your feelings and whether things are lighting you up, or draining you, is the first step.


  • Pay attention to the things that light you up: those exquisite moments, that bring delight and happiness to you. Those are the signs that guide you toward the ‘greater’ things that you can do and create in the world.


  • Say “no” to the things that drain you, as much as you possibly can, until one day, you are only doing things that light you up. This is an ongoing, ever-changing process. That’s why you have to keep checking in with how you feel, every day.


  • Disconnect from the Internet, television, radio, books etc. for a couple of hours or even days. It’s hard to get attuned to your feelings when you have a slew of loud voices yelling at you, telling you what to do all the time. When was the last time you were alone, without having a book, a movie, the television, a magazine, or a playlist to distract you?


  • Meditate. Go for a walk. Have a swim. Look through your closet. Get a massage. Do things that bring you into a state of connecting with your feelings (instead of your thoughts).


  • Give yourself permission to start asking yourself, what it is you truly want. Grab a piece of paper and start to write things out. At the beginning these things might contradict each other but stick with it. As you move through it, your mind will become clearer, and the things that actually thrill you will jump out at you like big, shiny (and sometimes scary) gems.


  • The more you listen to your feelings, the more obvious the signs form the universe and your inner guidance becomes. All you have to do is devote time to feeling your feelings, learning to recognise them and spending time alone, which so few of us do. The more time you spend feeling and thinking deeply, the more in tune with yourself and the signs from the universe you will be.


  • Once you get clear on these things, you can use the signs from the universe and your inner guidance to start creating the life that you truly want.


P.S. Next month’s edition of The Free-Spirited Collective is devoted to creating action plans for those big dreams that you have. It might be right up your alley.



I’m closing my public Facebook page.

I'm closing my public Facebook page.


Two weeks ago, I sat down one morning and opened Facebook. I have two pages. One for business. One for personal. As I travelled between the two, posting different posts, and sharing the same links, I felt annoyed, frustrated, and confused. It made me feel like I had a split personality.


The truth is, ever since I asked you what it is you wanted, I have come to realise that you are just like me. You want honesty, authenticity, inspiration, creativity, to learn and to be entertained. Having two separate “personalities” or “pages” on Facebook doesn’t feel honest or authentic to me any more. I actively dislike having two manage two spaces on one social media channel, when all I really want to do, is connect with you, like a friend.


As a result, I have decided to close my public Facebook page at the end of this month. And instead, welcome you to join me on my personal page instead. The way I see it, Facebook is an information sharing network, and so privacy has never been an issue in my mind, and the page has always been open for anyone to view.


I am looking forward to the simplicity, creativity, space, and further honesty this will bring to both my world and yours. As a closet minimalist, I am always looking for ways to make my life easier, more simple, and to create increasing space and time in my days, so I can focus on what’s truly important: living life.


And while I endlessly appreciate the incredible connective power of platforms such as Facebook, which brings me so much joy and pleasure, I also acknowledge the necessity to prioritize the things that allow me to keep growing and being inspired. Remember: while the online world is absolutely fascinating, it is the physical world that inspires the content that we are so enthralled by.


Over the next few weeks, I will be posting less and less, and slowly moving things over to my main page. As of now, all Instagram posts are already being directed there, and soon all blog posts will only be shared in this space, as well as my regular feed of comments, entertaining observations and insights.


I’d love you to come over, and connect and share with me there.


Plus, you have options: if you feel drawn to me as a “friend” simply friend me, or if you want to keep your world private you can choose “follow” and will still have all the same content and the ability to comment and connect with me, in your feed.


A third alternative (my personal favourite) is to sign up for my weekly-ish love letter. That way you stay in the know, get all my latest blog posts conveniently in an email, and are savvy to exclusive insights and offers.


Thank you for your boundless and generous support and understanding as I navigate the changes that are unfolding at present.


Learning to slow down. A disentangle of the past 2 weeks.

Learning to slow down. 


I am sitting, waiting for the words to come.


Today is dedicated to words. I don’t have client calls. I get to spend the whole day writing. It’s one of my favourite things in life. Sitting at my desk, lounging across a sofa, sitting on the floor, nursing endless cups of tea, moving from one project to another, and back again. Allowing the words to quell up inside me and the flow.


It’s grey and rainy and dreary outside. Moody. Exactly the way I like it when I’m sitting, connecting with words.


Change is the only constant, I wrote in an Instagram post the other day. And it seems that change is literally a constant companion. At the beginning of the year I said that things were changing. I don’t think I quite realised the impact of that intention. Since then, everything has been changing: my writing, what I create and how, my relationships with friends and my lover, my clients, the way that I make choices and do life.


Recently everything has been nudging me to look inwards for these next few weeks and months. Slowing down has become high in my priorities.


Often I catch myself, restlessly searching for something to do, something to add to my burgeoning ‘to do’ list, the list that never truly ends or is finished. And in those moments I know I most need to pull back, return to stillness and feel, instead of do.


It feels counterintuitive. It’s exactly the opposite of what the media and cultural demands would have us do and believe. And yet, I know that if I want the changes that I have been calling in to take place, I have to get comfortable with feeling in limbo between perceived expectations and the subtle calls of a richer, deeper, alternative world.


Learning to slow down is part of the change that I have been calling in around being more connected, feeling more ease, and bringing even more trust, intuition and divine guidance into my daily life and work. It means that I take on less, and trust that I am enough. That what I do, and create and believe is worthy of the life that I want for myself.


What is that life that I want? I often ask myself.


The older I get, the simpler it is: adventure, love, creativity, connection, beauty, freedom, expansion and growth.


I want to make amazing things with rad people who have a positive impact in the world, both big and small. From recycling my egg cartons to transformational turning points with my clients. I want to feel alive, which means learning and doing new things, exploring unexplored places, feeling grateful for everything in the world. I want to have choices, to make what I want with my everyday. I want to inspire, and be inspired by free-thinkers, free-spirits and folk who have chosen unconventional paths. I want to evolve and grow as a human being, simply because it feels so good. I love observing how my vision and understanding of myself and our universe expands year to year, allowing refreshing thoughts and experiences to accumulate. I want to make everything as beautiful as I can. My intention is to leave every place and space and human in the very corner of the world that I touch, a little more beautiful, happy, sparkling, than before.


Learning to slow down, is an aspect of that. Slowness brings with it an appreciation for what is. It brings space and time into the present moment. Slowness leaves no room for habitual reaction and instead makes conscious choices an easy rite. Slowness creates room to breath, to create, to connect. Especially to connect. Not only with those we love, but even more importantly with ourselves.


It also creates space to create.


I’ve been receiving the slow it down lesson from every angle. Two weeks ago I released a free course: Releasing Rituals. Hundreds of folks signed up. And then, two days in, it broke. The course stopped sending, and I received lots of emails from you saying “Hey, where’s my stuff?”. I knew this happened because I released it with too much haste, anxious to get it out into the world, instead of waiting for the perfect moment. More than a week later, the course is still sitting there, not getting sent out, and the program developers can’t figure out why. I’m putting it down to divine timing and mercury retrograde.


Slowness is exactly what living in New Zealand has taught me. And, paradoxically, exactly what I was afraid of before we moved here. That life would become too slow. As it turns out, this has been a good thing. For my heart, my soul, my body and my business. It’s always so amusing to me how I like to think I know what’s best for me, and then the universe surprises me with something much better.


A few days ago, we received the confirmation that it’s time to up and move again. My handsome man has received a 4 month contract working in conservation, further south on the South Island. On the last day of this month we will pack up our car and drive 7 hours south, down to a small town called Timaru. Everyone tells me it’s a dump. I’m sure it’ll bring its own kind of magic. I’m pretty good at manifesting the perfect thing into my experience. Plus, it’s only 4 months.


I’m looking forward to hunkering in for those winter months, down in the cold and snow, and focusing on the clients and creative projects that are filling my heart with love and pride. As I’m taking 4 months off from mid-September, I’m wrapping up my long-term clients over this time, and currently taking on a limited number of 3 month mentoring clients, until I close the doors to working with me in this capacity in mid-June.


The Free-Spirited Collective, that gently landed earth-side less than a week ago, and is welcoming in some of the most beautiful souls I could imagine has captured my desire to bring the changes I am experiencing into tangible formats for you to have in your life too. And The Practical Guide to Connecting to Your Intuition and the Universe 4 week class that is launching in June, which includes emails and 1:1 time with me. This project is  exciting with possibilities, autonomy and freedom it will bring to you: focus from seeking external reassurance and validation, to being guided by a much more generous and wise inner wisdom.


I’m also looking forward to doing it all slowly. With plenty of space, time, quality over quantity and integrity.



Photography by Jessica Shirley.

[VIDEO] How to get your skeptical partner on board the ‘woo woo’ train and other new beliefs.

[VIDEO] How to get your skeptical partner on board the 'woo woo' train and other new beliefs.


A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend about how rapidly our beliefs can change when we experience an ‘aha’ moment. She was telling me about her ardent launch into mindfulness, changing her mindset to create the experiences she actually wants, manifesting and spirituality. She also spoke about how disappointed she felt, that her partner was stubbornly skeptical and not at all open to her new insights.


I often receive emails and notes with a similar quandary and question.


“How do I get my skeptical partner to share these amazing new thoughts and beliefs that I have accumulated and brought into my life?”


It’s normal that when we learn something new, something that has a massive, positive impact on us, that we want to share this with our beloveds. But what if they don’t want to know or hear about it? What if they’re headstrong about change?


It is very common in any relationship, for women to bring in the new ways of thinking and to influence change. Women are generally more fluid, more open, and more ready to absorb new ways of seeing the world. Is is often up to us, to share these insights with our men. But not in the ways that you think, as I show you in this video.


In pagan times, the only way that men could connect with their gods and spiritual practices, was through women and nature. Women have always had a direct connection to the spiritual source and are able to tap into that much more easily.


In this video I show you exactly what you have to do, to get your loved ones to share your views.



The Free-Spirited Collective — May 2016 — is the time where you need to sort out what works for you.

TFSC May 2016

Today marks the very first ‘official’ edition of The Free-Spirited Collective. Coming into May you are at a point where you have to make committed choices around practical issues.


This month is dedicated to paying attention to your physical, material and emotional concerns. You will seek security and stability, that lasts.


Under this influence, throughout May your thinking is down to earth, solid, and grounded. Common sense reigns over more fanciful thinking. You communicate more deliberately, and your mind is oriented to the world of the five senses.


This is the time where you need to sort out what works for you — and your life — and what doesn’t.



What’s included in this month’s TFSC:



PODCAST: How to free yourself financially.

May is a good time to take stock of your relationship to money and what you need to create a sense of inner stability and security. It’s about looking more closely at how you spend money and how you make it. In this 1 hour podcast, I share my own story around money, coming from a family background with a deeply impoverished lack mindset, and the changes I had to make to turn my relationship with money around, plus 7 daily habits that I use to keep my mindset on track and my income and financial abundance flow high. I also interview an incredible guest; money expert Siobhan McAuley, who teaches women how to create financial freedom for themselves, and shares her story of how we she went from $20k per year, to $20k per month.



VIDEO: The power of receiving. How to receive the abundance you desire.

We often believe that receiving is easy and comes naturally, just like breathing. However there is a paradox at work here, in that many of us have been socially conditioned to believe that asking and receiving is wrong. Often we block the way for the things we want from coming to us, and then wonder why we are not receiving the fulfilment and abundance that we crave. In this video I teach you how to know when you are in receiving mode, and when you are blocking the way, as well as some fun and simple practices that allow you to remain open to receiving easily and consistently.



ASTRO GUIDE: May 2016 Astro-Guide.

The real nourishment for the month of May that sits in Taurus is our divine connection to the universe. All the physical, material and emotional concerns of this sign are expressions of our true connection with joy and the five senses. This month is the time to get a little bit practical and take stock of what you have and what you want to call into your life, by cultivating the seeds of your desires, preparing for them through action and practicing receiving. Written by astro-expert Danielle Polgar.



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Illustration by Victoria Rosas.