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Are You Stopping Yourself From Doing What’s Really Important? Try This.

Sometimes life decides to take you on an unexpected journey, and when that happens you have a simple choice:

1. Accept what is happening, and make the best of it.

2. Resist what is happening, and turn it into the biggest catastrophe in the hemisphere.

Simple, right?

But not always so. Often we think that by resisting what is happening, we can somehow magically redirect the journey back onto the path we had originally thought we were meant to be on. But that never works and so the whole thing just becomes one, big, giant mess.


I know, because that’s exactly what I have been facing for the past few weeks. When my van broke down 2 weeks ago, I thought that everything I had worked so hard against was fucked. I was seriously, deeply hurting and sad, and I saw no way beyond this situation. But after two days of mourning and resisting, I gave myself a stern talking to, and decided to let it all go. That’s when I entered the ‘fuck it’ phase. But as soon as I stopped resisting, miracles started happening all around me, and life gave me a whole other path along with a bucket-load of new opportunities.


Which is why I wanted  to write about resistance today.

Are you stopping yourself from doing what’s really important by resisting the present moment? Then let’s try this:




Resistance stops you from having, doing and being all that you can in life. It’s the feeling you get when you feel like you “have to”, “must” or “should” do something – when you want things to be different – and is experienced as negativity, usually as a judgement.

Resistance comes from and creates separation because wanting things to different makes you feel like you aren’t already good enough, making you want to protect yourself by resisting.

We think that resisting protects us and keeps us in control but it actually makes us more controllable because we close ourselves off. It’s like a closed, defensive existence that limits our capacity to change and limits the flow of life.

It is a limiting belief that you create to protect your other limiting beliefs, a shield that stops you from truly living.

You think that your resistance stops you from suffering but it actually causes your suffering and limitation. The situation always is as it is – neutral – it’s your resistance that causes you to feel stuck. When there’s no resistance, there’s no stuckness and you are free to change and improve.


Your resistance is often far worse than the situation itself and makes you reactive, limiting your ability to handle what is going on and truly improve the situation.


In essence, resistance is non-acceptance and it keeps you stuck.



  • Firstly, you can’t try to change resistance. That’s just more resisting.


  • Don’t try to be in any state other than the one you are in right now because trying to change what already is creates more resistance.


  • Begin by acknowledging the resistance. Notice it. Become aware of it. Feel it. Don’t think about the resistance, feel it. Feel how conflictingly stuck it feels. Become fully aware of what you are feeling at the moment of resistance. Fully feel it. Go into it. Welcome it. Allow it to be there, just for now. Fighting it hasn’t made it go away so welcome it just for now. When you become fully aware of the resistance, you’ll see how trivial and pointless and empty it is. Often that will be enough to make it dissolve and release. Another option that you always have, in any situation, is to accept.


  • Accept. Accept the resistance. Allow it to be there. Welcome it. Don’t resist the pain and stuckness, allow it to be there. Accept it fully. Your non-acceptance creates it, your acceptance makes it evaporate and dissolve. As soon as you accept the resistance and accept how you feel right now, your acceptance alchemises your resistance into peace.


  • Acceptance is entirely a perceptive process made within. You accept your feelings about the situation and what is right now, not the situation itself. You can still change the situation and take action but any action will come from a place of freedom, free of the limitation of resistance.


  • Finally, either take action or don’t. Decide to do something about the situation or don’t. Indecisiveness will create more wanting to change what you’re experiencing, more resisting.


Non-resistance gives you freedom. It doesn’t mean that you do nothing, become a passive walkover or accept undesirable situations, it just means that you don’t create inner conflict about what you’re experiencing.
Non-resistance means that any action you take is non-reactive and comes from a place of power and flexibility instead of from a place of defensive, closed-off stuckness.


Resistance distorts our perceptions and distracts us from our majestically resplendent and limitless nature.

When you stop resisting, life becomes deliciously more real, you become more real, and more simple. You no longer need to protect yourself. You stop layering distorted protective clouds of resistance over reality. It would seem that you become defenceless without the “protection” of resistance but it is only through non-resistance and acceptance that you can live truly free, immersed in reality, completely unleashed.

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Want to Create Your Own Job + Travel the World? Hangout With Us + We Will Show You How!

Everything I know for sure, I’ve learnt through life experience. Because I’m naive (or maybe brave and stupid at the same time) enough to just go for things I know nothing about. Which includes creating my own job and traveling the world. I basically just made it up as I went along. And made tons of mistakes along the way.


I remember often wishing I could conjure up some kind of mentor who could guide me a little along my way, instead of feeling so alone in my unconventional choices.


So when the wonderful Hayley Carr and I got together one sunny afternoon in Bondi, we decided to do exactly that. To create an opportunity for those of you who want to create a life, that’s a little bit different, to ask questions and learn all about what it takes to create a business and life that you love – one that you can take anywhere in the world.


She Is Free Hangout


Unlocking the myths about traveling the world and running a beautiful, lifestyle-tailored boutique business, Hayley and I will help to lift the veil on the mystery of having a travelling online business, and seeing the world a little differently…


Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Our Stories & how we did things differently
  • How we started to do what we do now
  • What The Catalysts were for change for the both of us
  • How we Deal with, & Face Fears
  • How we Make Money
  • Our Top Time-Management Methods that work anywhere in the world
  • Our Favourite Techy Apps, tools & Equipment that make an adventurous life much easier
  • How we pack our bags & Choose where to go
  • How we manage romantic relationships & family en route
  • How we maintain our Authenticity
  • Our Biggest struggles with Living this life, and how we have overcome them


Of course, we want to answer all of your questions as well, so feel free to post them in the comments below, and join us live for the masterclass on google hangouts, where you can ask us exactly what you want to know, directly.


This is what you’ll get:

You will walk away from this call with a new-found sense of freedom & possibility ignited into your life.
You will stoke that little fire that’s already burning inside of you.
You’ll have actionable insights to take your dreams and start making them a reality.

This is about recognising that anything is possible.
All you have to do, is believe that it is.
We are here to show you how to do that.
Come Travel the world! Join in our Adventures…


Sign up to join us for the She Is Free Google Hangout HERE. I can’t wait to see your pretty faces then!


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When My Van Broke Down Last Week, I Entered the ‘Fuck It’ Phase

Right now, I am sitting on the verandah (balcony) of an old Queenslander (the typical style of house in this part of the world) in a small Australian country town called Gympie, catching up on work things. which in this very instance is my undying need to share my adventures with you.


And well…. The past week has been quite an adventure. Very much of the unexpected kind.


I’ll start at the beginning. Those of you who have been keeping a close eye on my gypset adventures would know that a little over 2 weeks ago, I bought myself a van in Sydney, to spend the summer traveling around the East Coast of Australia.

I was so excited. It was the first time I’ve owned a vehicle in 10 years, and actually done a road trip sans lovers or others. It was going to be my time, to do what I want, how I want, where I want. With my beautiful coaching business in tow. You know, gypset style!

I drove that van up to Brisbane, where I spent the weekend working at a festival, and then the rest of the week decking out my van. The seats were pulled out; a double bed was built-in, and pretty cane boxes put in as storage. The fairy lights went up, measurements were taken for curtains and all the materials purchased. It was so fun, turning Ruby Tuesday into my home.

I was planning to continue on further north, before it gets too hot and rainy – into the tropics of Cairns the following week. Which is a hell of a long journey, so I placed an ad for a ride-share to copilot with me and share fuel costs. Besides the endless amount of random texts I got asking if I was single (!), a lovely person I did find to join me on the drive to the tropics.

Last Monday, I got up at 5.45, quickly packed up and drove the 20 minutes to where I was to pick up my new copilot. Cue Julien, a Canadian adventurer whose love for this country brought him back a second time to explore the vast lands of Australia. A hello and a hug later, and we were on the road.


Up to this point right here, life was sailing so very smoothly. I could have never imagined what happened next.


Entering Gympie 2 hours later – a town that has a reputation for being full of crime, alcoholism and general badness – suddenly the van starts making a strange whirring sound. I looked at Julien. He looked back. Then the van started loosing speed. I pressed on the gas pedal. Nothing. Within 30 seconds of driving along perfectly, my van had suddenly died. I pulled over onto the exiting lane until she rolled to a stop, and got out. There was smoke and the smell of burnt water everywhere.

Julien (who to my greatest relief knows a fair bit about mechanics) checked under the hood, and noticed that the hose coming from the coolant to the engine had come off. Upon further inspection, it was clear that whoever had checked the engine before the sale, hadn’t put the hose clamp on, resulting in the engine not getting any water and essential breaking the entire motor. The whole car engine was blown.

To say I was devastated, in that moment, would be an understatement. But most of all, I was in shock. And couldn’t do or respond to anything. All I knew was that the van, my home, that I’d only had for 10 days, was gone. A mechanic seeing the hazards on, stopped by confirming what had happened. Then another local came to see what was going on, and very kindly called  his friend who owned a towing company to come and pick the van up and take us off the road.


This is where the miracles began.


I was totally lost. I didn’t know whether to cry with powerlessness and sorrow: or scream with anger at the mechanic who hadn’t put that damn hose clamp on properly. In that moment, everything was fucked. But the universe took over.


  • The tow truck driver, Rob, and his family kindly took us in, backing the van into the shade of their front lawn, so we could stay in it while we figured out what to do next.
  • My co-pilot Julien, whom I’d literally met 3 hours earlier, took over the gears with everything, as I was in no state or mind to comprehend what to do next. He organised contacting the sales person who had sold me the van, and gave him a good verbal beating.
  • When it became clear that replacing the engine would cost as much as the entire van had itself, he took it upon himself to recoup the money I had spent buying it, as much as possible, by parting it out online.
  • And instead of saying “see ya!” and continuing on, on his merry way (which is probably what I would have done, had I caught a lift with someone and their car died) Julien decided to do something incredibly unexpected. He decided to buy another vehicle, so we could continue on.
  • The tow truck driver and his wife (who have been incredible every single step of the way, offering us everything they could to make things easier) then started searching the area for suitable vans and SUV’s that would fit my bed and everything, to keep this road trip going up north.
  • It was Wednesday afternoon, when we came across an ad on Facebook from someone whose father had died last year, and was selling everything quickly and cheaply. It was there that Julien discovered his 4×4. And bought it on the spot.
  • A week later, we are still the process of getting his car on the road, because this is a slow country town, and getting the car registered takes 10x longer than anywhere else. But everything happens for a reason. So here we are. Here I am. Typing this. In Gympie, on the tow-truck driver’s verandah.


There are times in life when you just have to let everything go and let the universe do all the work. I call this, the ‘fuck it’ phase. 

After all, life always falls into place once you’ve let go of expectations of how you thought it should go.

Surrender. Let it go. It’s time for the fuck it phase.


I had spent $3,000 plus a whole lot of love, time and planning on this vehicle. It broke my heart to discover that the universe had other plans for me. That this wasn’t meant to be. But I am totally trusting of the process. And in the midst of all this, have been surrounded by angels who have made every part of this experience as kind, loving and gentle as possible.

While she took something away in one quick swipe, she gave me so much more at the same time. The confirmation that no matter what happens, I am always taken care of. The heart-warming, overwhelming generosity and compassion of complete strangers who could have, quite simply, just walked away. A singular message: ‘life is always good to you’.

12 Responses to When My Van Broke Down Last Week, I Entered the ‘Fuck It’ Phase

  1. Wow. This is incredible to read…after you wrote the post about the van breaking down, I just knew everything would be ok for you…law of attraction! ;). Everyone in our lives is there for a reason. We are always safe, we will always be ok and you’re right…once you realize this and let go the fear, it seems like magical things happen. Love you, Vienda! Can’t wait to hear where the next adventure brings you. And three cheers for Julien! Xo

    • Life is so frickin’ magic Abby! I just feel so blessed that I get to experience such wonderful things on an ongoing, continuous basis. In part it’s all the work I do on myself, and the risks I take – but it’s also always the universe confirming that as long as I believe in the magic, it will come. So blessed. And I just LOVE that I get to share these adventures with you! Love you! xo

    • Thanks darling. I am super good. Money and a van gone is nothing compared to health, happiness and human connection. I am just grateful for my incredible fortune that follows me no matter what fuck-ups I do! xo

  2. Vienda! I once had a VW Van named Ruby and she never ran well! I once hoofed it home 6 miles in a snowstorm because she broke down on me. So sorry for the struggles, but it looks like it’s gonna open into something even better. xo

    • Haha Anne! I can’t believe that you had a van called Ruby too!!! Maybe that name is fated to a horrible end? No more Rubys’ then. I know everything is working out just perfectly… Let’s see what magic is up for me next. Iy’s all quite exciting really once I got over what felt like a great loss.

  3. One thing that is so incredible about those moments is how we just keep going on. I’ve been amazed at some of the stuff that’s happened to me and that I’ve seen happen to others and the human spirit just keeps on going. While it may suck, we really are built for survival against the odds and that’s a truly amazing thing.

    Hoping only good things happen next for you xx

    • Exactly! The human spirit is one amazing, beautiful thing. These kinds of experiences are what make life so worthwhile. Just the incredible love that we all share, strangers, friends or lovers. In the end we are all the same and connected. Material stuff – it comes and goes – but this stuff. It stays with you forever! xo

  4. Gosh Lady! Sounds like a movie plot! I am sorry to hear of the troubles but quite happy for you that things have turned around for the better. Best of luck from here, I cannot wait to hear what happens from here on! :) xx

    • I know, I was saying the same thing – this could totally be a movie! But actually, my entire life would make one hell of a movie… If only I could capture it all!

      At this point my plan is simply to get to Cairns; I have a house-sit in the rainforest for 6 weeks there, and in that time find a way to buy another van, and then keep going.

      That’s if the universe will let me! Let’s see what happens next….


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Read This If You’d Love To Do #10WeeksofFree But Your Still Trying To Decide (This Will Help)

Sometimes, we are drawn to something.

And then we hesitate.

And question ourselves.

So we start to feel indecisive.

This, of course, is very normal.


But imagine if you just followed your heart, and went to where your sprit called you? Without hesitation. Just trusted that, what is for you, is actually, for you.


Because the only regrets we have in life, are the things we didn’t do.




Here is a very unique opportunity to work with me 1 to 1, in a beautiful structure where you can discover tour own brand of freedom, and save over $1,700 from my usual coaching fees. I don’t know if I’ll ever be running this program again. So this truly is a one-off chance.


I came up with this incredible price structure, because I wanted to give you an opportunity to work with me in a platform that works for both of us, while also being incredible affordable. And because I wanted to take you all on my summer road trip adventure with me, in a way that is sustainable, fun and a growth experience for all involved.


When I created this 3 month mentoring program, 10 Days of Free, it was totally lead by soul. Every single component is based on the questions and coaching sessions that I have had over the past 2 years with countless women, who wanted finally feel free in their lives. And not just free, but joyfully and fulfilling free. And so I followed the guidance that I received, and and just let what needed to come out, tumble from me.


It’s a work in progress which will evolve as we move forward together for the next 3 months. A couple of days ago the the full moon eclipsed bringing about a time of major transit in our lives. Right now is all about major endings, and brand new, sparking beginnings.


It is time to step into the next phase of our destinies. Which is exactly what #10WeeksofFree is about. How do we learn? By being stretched out of our comfort zones where we’re squealing with fear and delight.


#10WeeksofFree is a 3 month mentoring program that helps you change the way you think and feel, and to free up all of your potential and bring the unexpected into your life.


It’s about growing, stretching, taking a leap of faith, adjusting, refining our natures, and expanding beyond our limitations in order to evolve.


Essentially, it’s about being free.


Here are the details again:


Starting on Saturday 11 October, we begin a 3 month journey together filled with weekly personal, 1 to 1 calls with me, practical steps, homework and accountability to self-exploration and growth.


Each week you will receive a support email and a PDF full of insights and the weekly topics and homework to focus on, which will take you on an exquisite journey where real change occurs with this dynamic boost, to make the most of the end of this year and prepare for a truly liberating 2015.And, most importantly, and fantastically, you get individual 1 to 1 coaching time with me every week, joining me intimately on my road trip, as well as getting professional support on your own journey toward a life with much more freedom. Freedom in possibilities, freedom in choices, freedom in life.


Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.48.16 pm



What do I get from the #10WeeksofFree mentoring program?

  • 9 x personal 1 to 1 mentoring calls with me.
  • 10 x weekly support emails.
  • 10 x weekly PDF guides with prep work.
  • And a few surprises throughout…



The 10 week program is divided up into 3 parts:

  •  October: Build the Foundation.
  • November: Create the Dream.
  • December: Take Action.


There will be ample opportunities for clearing and resetting your direction to align yourself with your heart, soul and freedom, and to keep you on track. Ending on Wednesday the 17th of December, you will have transformed the way you live and look at life, preparing you for a magical new 2015, filled with more freedom, more courage and more fulfilment than ever before.



How much does it cost?

Such a good question! It’s all super easy and incredibly affordable:

  • 3 payments of $197.
  • Payable upon signing up for the 10 week program, and then again on the  29th of October and 19th of November.
  • Secure instant payment through PayPal.
  • Saving you over $1,700 from my usual coaching fees.
  • (In other words, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work with me 1 to 1.)


(Pssst! You can sign up right HERE, right now.)


Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.48.16 pm




What can I expect?

Every Saturday you will receive a support email from me with details on how to prepare for the next week, filled with lots of love and goodness.

Coaching calls will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of each week of the #10DaysofFree mentoring program, except for the final week, where you will have had all the hand-holding and support needed to take action and change your life, now.They will take place at the same time each and every week, for 30 minutes during which we can focus entirely on you and your personal journey towards more freedom. That’s a whole 2 hours of individualised 1 to 1 coaching per month!

Make sure you save up all your questions for the 1 to 1 session you have with me, so we can focus on what you’re stuck with.



Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.48.16 pm


What will we be covering?



Build the Foundations:

Week 1:

  1. What is freedom?
  2. What does freedom feel like?


Week 2:

  1. Freedom is being without judgement.
  2. Freedom is letting go of expectations.
  3. Freedom is not being bridled by fear.


Week 3:

  1. Freedom is letting go of limiting beliefs.
  2. Freedom is understanding resistance.
  3. Freedom is trusting yourself.


Week 4:

  1. Freedom is going with the flow.
  2. Freedom is having an abundance + gratitude mindset.
  3. Freedom is believing that the universe is a friendly place.




Create the Dream:

Week 5:

  1. Freedom is saying No. (Stop doing list.)
  2. Freedom is saying YES. (Start doing list.)
  3. Freedom is following your intuition. It comes from within.


Week 6:

  1. Freedom is following your heart. (How to follow your heart.)
  2. Financial freedom.
  3. Emotional freedom.


Week 7:

  1. Physical freedom.
  2. Freedom in choice.
  3. Freedom in self-expression.


Week 8:

  1. Freedom in creativity.
  2. Freedom in relationships. (Do you need a friendship/people purge?)
  3. Freedom in love. Knowing what love really is, and what you love, sets you free.




Take Action:

Week 9:

  1. Freedom is dreaming big.
  2. Let’s make a plan.
  3. Let’s take action.


Week 10:

  1. Break it down into steps.
  2. What can you do now?
  3. What holds you back from being free now?



What are the next steps?

Because of the nature of working 1 to 1 in private coaching sessions, spaces for this very unique #10WeeksofFree mentoring program are limited, and I’m offering the opportunity to  you first, to say thank you for always being there.

We are starting tomorrow so come and join me for #10WeeksofFree HERE now!


Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.48.16 pm

Can’t wait to see you in there!

Vienda xo

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4 Ways To Figure Out How To Create the Life You Really Want


There’s a question that comes up in many of the coaching calls that I have with my clients:


How can I create a life that is filled with freedom, abundance and soul, while still being grounded and fulfilling all of my needs?


I love this question as it is loaded with tons of underlying beefs, thoughts and questions. And it all simmers down to one thing.

Before you start re-creating your life, you have to decide why you’re changing it.


It sounds simple, and it is. Your why is going to guide you and align you with what you truly want. Which is exactly what you will be experiencing by going through the #10DaysofFree me noting program with me, starting on Saturday (yep, in just 2 more days!). Join us now!


Here are four ways you can figure out your why, to help you actually create the life that you want.


1. How do you want to FEEL?

The first question you have to ask yourself is how do you actually want to feel? The way we experience our lives is not through the doing, or having of it. But through what we feel. When we are clear on what we actually want to feel. Once you know that, it’s much easier to break down the steps of what it might take to get there.


For example:

I want to feel excited about my life, and like everything is always comfortable and secure.



2. What kind of CHANGE are you trying to create?

Write down, what exactly needs to change in your life, for you to feel the way you want to feel. What changes can you make tight now, to start moving in the direction of what you want in your life?


For example:

I need to make more time to write/surf/dance/sing/create, because without it my soul is turning into a prune. I need to reawaken that part of me to bring the juicy flow into my life. (Because abundance, fun and creativity are directly linked.)


3. Set a clear, uplifting INTENTION.

Focus on what you want to experience, give, as well as receive. Write down your intentions for the kind of life you actually want. The one that fulfils the dream conjure up by the question that you asked:


“How can I create a life that is filled with freedom, abundance and soul, while still being grounded and fulfilling all of my needs?”


Because in the intention and the why and the what you will discover the how.


4. Choose 1 BIG IDEA… and commit to it.

This is where the fun begins. One you are clear on the first 3 steps, you get to actually take action. From everything you’ve learnt about yourself and what you really want, ask yourself:


What is the 1 thing that stands out and is most important to me? What is the 1 thing that would have the most impact on my life, right now?


The sentiment is that you find something that actually can take action on now, because all small steps combined become one giant leap.


This is what my forthcoming mentoring program is all about.

#10WeeksofFree is a 3 month mentoring program that helps you change the way you think and feel, and to free up all of your potential and bring the unexpected into your life.

It’s about growing, stretching, taking a leap of faith, adjusting, refining our natures, and expanding beyond our limitations in order to evolve.

Essentially, it’s about being free. But it’s much, much more than that. It’s about creating the right mindset and having the tools to support you, to set yourself free. Because you are that empowered, luminous soul that can create you own reality.

With a little bit of help from a friend.

Join me for #10WeeksofFree now. We’ve only got 2 days left to register and spaces are limited and filling up fast.



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30+ Mantras To Inspire Your Freedom. For People Who Feel Stuck + Are Terrified of the Future

The main thing that keeps us stuck when we really want to feel free, is that we are terrified about what will happen next. It paralyses many of us to the point of not being able to move forward any longer, because we are afraid that the outcomes will spell doom, disgrace and sorrow. Essentially, we become numb and immobilized by our fears.

Which is exactly the opposite of having freedom.

Freedom means trusting life enough, to take risks. To try something new. To actually take the steps necessary to create and live the kind of live you have always hoped for and imagined for yourself.

So to help get you unstuck, and as part of my #10WeeksofFree mentoring program, starting in 3 days (eeep! I am so excited! Have you signed up yet?) I have pulled together some of my favourite mantras that will help.




30+ Mantras to Inspire Your Freedom. For People Who Feel Stuck + Are Terrified of the Future.


+ I am ready for change. Now is a good time for me to change.


+ I am exactly where I need to be right now. I am learning things that will uplift my future.


+ I trust in the process of life. I let go, and I am guided.


+ Only the best experiences are coming to me. I am always safe and excited about my future.


+ Strong lessons precede great growth. Something wonderful is about to happen.


+ When I find myself in a repeated pattern I become aware that I have to change.


+ Freedom lies in my self-awareness. I set myself free by being aware of my thoughts and actions.


+ I am my own best friend. What do I need to give myself right now, to feel good?


+ My thoughts and beliefs create my life. I always choose thoughts and beliefs that serve me.


+ I believe that I am worthy of living my dreams.


+ Self-expression is one of my human rights. How do I feel and want to express myself right now?


+ I love being creative, even if I don’t know how. Creativity flows through me in every moment.


+ I feel calm, at peace and supported.


+ The future is full of prosperous opportunities.


+ I embrace the unknown, knowing that I always attract the best possibilities.


+ Receiving the good in life is easy for me.


+ I am abundant with talents, abilities and possibilities. I have so much to give.


+ I trust that an ending is always followed by a new beginning.


+ I completely accept myself, just the way I am.


+ My feelings are the insights into my thoughts. I embrace my feelings and let them go.


+ I let go of expectations of others, and of myself.


+ Everyone, including me, is always doing the best they can.


+ I trust my intuition. My intuition is wise and reliable.


+ I am grateful for every moment, and every experience.


+ I love my life, and want to make the best of it.


+ The truth is simple. Only fear makes things complicated.


+ I allow myself to go with the flow.


+ I give myself permission to try new things.


+ I slow down and rest when I feel tired. I don’t need to push myself.


+ I support myself in everything that I do.


+ When I feel good I celebrate, when I feel bad I turn inwards and nurture myself.


What do you do when you feel stuck and terrified of the future? Run to the beach? Breath? Yoga? Write? Sing? Share your love with us in the comments below or on Facebook!


Image from

4 Responses to 30+ Mantras To Inspire Your Freedom. For People Who Feel Stuck + Are Terrified of the Future

    • Such a pleasure beautiful, I actually really loved coming up with them and sharing them as I use many of them in my own every day life.

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Who Is Living Your Dream?

“And she said “Look at you! You’re living your dream, while the rest of us are disgruntled and trying to make a life out of the limitations that we have!””

I was on the phone with a very close friend of mine. A gypsetter like me, who had just returned back to her apartment in Nottingham from a summer travelling around Europe. Like myself, she has created a sustainable lifestyle for herself, where she is semi-nomadic, and doing what she loves: creating beautiful, sustainable gardens at festivals and managing the environmental aspects of eco-friendly events.

She was sharing her experience of having been at a wedding where an ex and several friends from her past life as a produce seller were at, divulging their unhappiness with their lives, and dreaming of greener pastures. She described them as unsatisfied, complaining and moaning about their partners and dreaming of a different life. A different life. One that they knew they wanted, but didn’t dare to dream of.

This is a conversation that comes up often when I spend time with people who are not living out their deepest yearnings – their dreams. When you repress what is calling you, when you don’t allow the creative spirit within you to rise up and be expressed through you, in whatever form, a small part of you dies. Quietly, softly turning into dust. When we don’t nurture our dreams, we don’t get to fully show up and experience life.





We all come into our lives wishing to feel some kind of sense of purpose. Something that we can tether ourselves to and identify with. Something that gives us meaning. Innately, having a sense of purpose is a physical and emotional need. It’s what we build our dreams on.

We begin to find ourselves when we notice how we are already found – already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvellously exactly who we are meant to be.

The only problem from recognising that is that there is this undercurrent of rejecting ourselves. We have been taught for years to live up to other people’s expectations, to societies ideas of who we should become, fixations on how other people perceive us, an external means of fulfilling ourselves  such as body image and having the latest everything.

To truly discover and embody your purpose, you have to step out of what is keeping you small and contained. Stop being a people pleaser. Listen to and trust your intuition. And start doing things your way.

This is quite a journey. You have to make mistakes to find out who you aren’t. You take risks, try new things, and the insight follows. You don’t think your way into becoming yourself. You experience you way into it!



When you look around you, and see what other people are doing with their lives, who is living your dreams?

But really. I mean, if you look down deep within you, and asked your soul. What would your dream life look like?


Do you need to spend some time and get some guidance around how to work out what your dreams actually are?

And if you have a clear picture of it, isn’t it about time to start moving in the direction of your dreams? Isn’t it time to remove the shackles of compliancy and actually take a few risks, to get that heart racing and re-discover the fulfilment of being alive again?

Our aim now is to create a clear context, a clear projection and a clear dream for ourselves. Because clarity is magic! Clarity helps us define the processes, projects and steps we need to be able to fulfil our purpose and our dreams.

If we have no focus, no clarity, we can’t move forward. If we have nothing, we get nothing.



I recently created a new mentoring program that I am just so excited about, which launches in only 4 days: #10WeeksofFree. In it I am teaching and guiding you how to let go of all those preconceptions that are holding you back from living your dream. And then how to turn your dreams into reality by setting yourself free.

I will give you exercises and homework as well as weekly 1 to 1 coaching calls to help you identify your overall purpose and dreams in life. Which is then followed by the next step, which is to turn that purpose and those dreams into achievable goals, projects and actions. It’s about creating a life that is congruent with all aspects of you. It’s about living your dreams.

Spaces are filling up fast, and doors close on Friday at midnight so you better make your mind up to join us quick-smart! I can’t wait to meet you in #10WeeksofFree mentoring program in a just a few days.



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Don’t Stop Before The Real Magic Happens. Your Emotions Set You Free.

I woke up this morning, from a quiet slumber in my van, somewhere halfway between Brisbane and Cairns, pondering the world and life, as I often do. I can hear the waves crashing in from the nearby beach, and am planning to slip on my bikini and run straight into that fresh, salty water. Right after I finish writing this.

Something really weird is going on. I feel a little bit excited, frazzled, on edge. I feel a huge jumble of emotions coursing through my body right now. Some of them are familiar. Some of them are uncomfortable. And I sit with those sensations and emotions, with the knowing that the only way to process them and move on is to stay with them. To feel them.

What is all this coming from? Shouldn’t I be feeling gleefully ecstatic now that I am officially on my road trip? Isn’t this exactly what I wanted?


But I am also going through a great change.





Those of you who have been journeying side by side with me for some time now, would know that for me, this year began in the little seaside town of Brighton, followed by a short road trip with one of my favourite beings, my soul-sister Lily around the UK countryside. Then a 3-month stint in India and finally a strong pull that took me back to Australia after having been away for 2 years. Australia is the most grounding country I have ever lived in. It is here where I come to nurture my roots.

What I thought would be 3 months is now over 5 months, spent in this beautiful country. And I intend to stay for at least the summer. Which kind of leads me to where I am now.

With my move to Australia, I invited into my life great change. And with great change comes great growth. I knew that I was at the precipice of experiencing my life in a completely different and new way. And that I had some pretty hefty cleaning out to do. Which means taking a step back, and revisiting your thoughts, beliefs and ideas about yourself and the world. It means letting go of anything and anyone that no longer serves me.



It began with taking all of my belongings out of storage, going through them, and getting rid of anything I didn’t want or need anymore.

It was followed by the end of a tumultuous on-again off-again relationship that, while having been bound by a powerful soul-contract, wasn’t healthy for either of us. Finally saying no, letting go using releasing rituals, and feeling freed from that stronghold was simultaneously heartbreaking and enlivening.

At the same time, my business morphed and transformed, becoming an entity of its own that started growing and building  momentum like never before. I had to let go of beliefs around what it meant to be successful, and how I am to show up and serve in the world. I started learning about money, investing, self sabotaging and how we attract wealth and success into our worlds.

When I arrived in Australia, I moved in with my mum. Which of course is the greatest push for growth of them all. I hadn’t seen her for 2 years, and quite little in general in the past 10 years, and in that time had romanticized the type of relationship that we might have. Now that we are both equals, and adults, and all. Within a few weeks, it was clear however that our relationship is not one of a conventional mother-daughter. We had too much history standing between us, some of which I shared with you yesterday.

And so I let go of any expectations of her, of myself, and of our relationship. I knew that for this change that I was calling into my life, to take place, I had to face myself, my past and my future all at the same time. And to stand still within the essence of my being, and allow all of those things to wash over me. It’s all part of the transformation. It’s the only way to set myself free.

I left her home a month ago, and then bought a van. Since the start of September, life has been one hell of a ride.



With all of this change, arise powerful emotions. Feelings around self-worth and self-doubt. Fears of the unknown. Feelings of not having my needs met, as a child, a daughter, a woman. Feelings of not belonging or being accepted. Lots of turbulent emotions, feelings and fears arise with great change.

And this is the part where people often falter. This is where they get scared, turn around, and go back to where they came. back to their old ways, old choices, old beliefs, old life. This is where they light that joint, turn to that bottle of wine, hit the gym that much harder, starve themselves that much longer, eat that many more cakes and go into a self-destructive mode. Anything, to just not feel.

They get scared by all the emotions. By the process that I am personally going through right now. Because it’s challenging, it doesn’t make logical sense, it’s powerful, and it’s scary.



In life we always have two choices:

Accept what is, right now. Or resist it. And we all know, by now, that whatever you resist, persists. If we don’t work through those emotions. Through the feelings that arise in us, we can never get to the other side.

The process is easy. Just to feel. Allowing yourself to fully feel what you are feeling. Accepting what you feel without judgement. And sitting with it, without resistance until it passes. You emotions will set you free.

Don’t stop before the real magic happens.

Which is exactly what I teach and guide you with, in my #10WeeksofFree program. In our 1 to 1 sessions I give you the intimate support and handholding to help you work through the emotions that you are feeling, and take that leap into the unknown. The place where your dreams lie.

I am so incredible excited by this program which is starting in only a few days on Saturday 11 October. Find out more here and jump on board. I’d love to see your beautiful face in the #10WeeksofFree program and help you on your own path to freedom!


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4 Responses to Don’t Stop Before The Real Magic Happens. Your Emotions Set You Free.

  1. Wow. I am so looking forward to working through all of this and popping out the other side a changed person- I love your writing, and I love that our paths crossed! The universe works in some beautiful ways!

    • Doesn’t it darling Hannah! Emotions are so important and I love that we get to work on this together. You are such a beautiful, unique person. I can’t wait to be a admiring observer of your transformation. Love you! xo

  2. Beautiful post babe. I love it. Such a true message. I like to think that as soon as something seems scary, whether that be hitting publish or putting myself out there more – then that’s where I’m going to experience the most growth. Huge love to you x

    • Thank you my lovely. I completely agree. Those things that scare us the most are the things we often need the most – they are calling to step up and play our game in the great universe.

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