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The Gypset Guide to Women’s Moon Cycles: menstrual problems + hormone imbalances.

Something that has become a bit of a buzz topic, and something that I have vested interest in, is women’s cycle in relation to hormones

Many of us are thinking about things like: balancing your hormones and bringing your menstrual cycle into a better, healthier and calmer rhythm. This is perfect as it actually relates directly with femininity and creativity; both areas which you felt a little stuck with.




Why we hate our feminine cycles:

The psychosomatic cause is as always, the beliefs that we have absorbed into ourselves and believe are true. In this case, the belief is that being a woman, or being feminine is not as honourable, credible or important (as a man).

Perhaps you created this belief as a young child, when you watched your mother not stand up for her own beliefs, wants and needs, which possibly made you feel that being a woman isn’t good enough to get what you want. Clearly, a belief like that would want to make anyone reject their femininity. Here’s the premise:


Menstrual problems / hormone imbalances:

Probable cause: Rejection of one’s femininity. Guilt, fear. Belief that the genitals are sinful or dirty.

New thought pattern: I accept my full power as a woman and accept all my bodily processes as normal and natural. I love and approval of myself.

If you’re ready to start making changes, then I’d like you to write this new thought pattern into your journal, and think on it often. I will also get you to write about your own connection with your femininity and beliefs around what a woman is.


Understanding your cycle:

In modern society, women are so disconnected from their menstrual cycles. Our period has become a taboo subject, something to remain private and unspoken, or make us feel embarrassed and ashamed. Modern women try their hardest to ignore this natural rhythm, cursing their bleed and hating their cycle. The changes in hormones within our body can have dramatic effects on our internal energy, which in turn, needs changes to be made on the outside to compensate.

A really great way to transform this taboo subject into something you embrace and cherish about yourself, is to get to know your cycle and the energies that come with it, intimately.

Our creative biological and psychological cycle parallels the phases of the moon; recent research has found that the immune system of the reproductive tract is cyclic as well, reaching its peak at ovulation, and then beginning to wane. From ancient times, some cultures have referred to women having their menstrual periods as being “on their moon.” When women live together in natural settings, their ovulations tend to occur at the time of the full moon, with menses and self-reflection at the dark of the moon.

So essentially, when we are at our most natural connection with ourselves and the rest of the planet, our female cycles are in tune with the cycles of the moon.

Many women, including me, have noticed that on the first day or two of our periods, we feel an urge to organize our homes or work spaces, cleaning out our closets—and our lives. Our natural biological cleansing is accompanied by a psychological cleansing as well.


How our cycles are linked to the moon:

To be able to use the energies of the menstrual cycle effectively, you first need to understand the 4 main phases of the cycle. In general terms, think of the seasons of the year. The menstrual cycle is a cycle of creativity, and so the following principles can be applied to any creative venture. Why is the menstrual cycle a cycle of creativity? Because its sole purpose is to create, to manifest. From spark, to flame, to fire, to ashes, to spark again… it is a symbolic creative process that can be applied to many aspects of life.

The cycle comes in 4 phases:

Menstruation (days 1-7) – Winter – Dark/New Moon
Pre-Ovulation (days 7-14) – Spring – Waxing Moon
Ovulation (days 14-21) – Summer – Full Moon
Pre-Menstruation (days 21-28) – Autumn – Waning Moon

This is based on a 28 day cycle, which is the average. However, every cycle varies in length, so these ‘brackets’ may be slightly different for each woman, for example, my cycle is about every 35 days. The one constant is that you will always ovulate 14 days before menstruation.

If we do not become biologically pregnant at ovulation, we move into the second half of the cycle, the luteal phase—ovulation through the onset of menstruation. During this phase, we quite naturally retreat from outward activity to a more reflective mode. During the luteal phase we turn more inward, preparing to develop or give birth to something that comes from deep within ourselves. Society is not nearly as keen on this as it is on the follicular phase. Thus we judge our premenstrual energy, emotions, and inward mood as “bad” and “unproductive.”

Since our culture generally appreciates only what we can understand rationally, many women tend to block at every opportunity the flow of unconscious “lunar” information that comes to them premenstrually or during their menstrual cycle. Lunar information is reflective and intuitive. It comes to us in our dreams, our emotions, and our hungers. It comes under cover of darkness. When we routinely block the information that is coming to us in the second half of our menstrual cycles, it has no choice but to come back as PMS or menopausal madness, in the same way that our other feelings and bodily symptoms, if ignored, often result in illness.


The Spring (Pre-Ovulation + Waxing Moon) is a time of new growth. It is a time of innocence and playfulness. Light and warmth are coming back to a dark earth. Buds are opening, the daylight is growing. The Spring Equinox bring us promise and animals pro-creating. The Earth is waking up. Everything is fertile and the energy is to nurture new growth, feed it and begin to wake up from the winter’s sleep. We stretch and move again. Test the water. It is in this phase of the menstrual cycle we will find the energy to begin projects, to develop ideas and plan ahead.


The Summer (Ovulation + Full Moon) is a time to manifest. The body is open and ready to create. It is highly fertile and flirty. The Sun has returned to the earth, and it’s time to enjoy the sunny days. Get out and socialize, work on projects, finish projects… Like the Summer Solstice, we rejoice and worship the Sun. This is the time in our cycle we need to be connecting to people and relaxing in our outside world. It can also be a time of vulnerability, and it is important that we keep ourselves grounded. It is all to make risky decisions or get carried away in the moment at this time.


The Autumn (Pre-Menstruation + Waning Moon) is a time of harvest and withdrawal. This energy can be really tough for some women. During this phase, our focus begins to turn inwards in preparation for menstruation. We can feel disconnected from life and our mind can become negative and critical. We harvest and complete projects and tasks, ready to withdraw from the outside world all together, like the Autumn Equinox, we remember the past. If the pressure is on to remain in the outside world, we can become even more confused and irritable. This phase slows us down and brings our attention back to our own needs. It is during this phase that women can feel out of control, and suffer from PMS or PMDD.

During this phase, from ovulation until the onset of menstruation, is when women are most in tune with their inner knowing and with what isn’t working in their lives. Studies have shown that women’s dreams are more frequent and often more vivid during the premenstrual and menstrual phases of their cycles. We have access to parts of our often unconscious selves that are less available to us at all other times of the month. In fact, it has been shown experimentally that the right hemisphere of the brain—the part associated with intuitive knowing—becomes more active premenstrually, while the left hemisphere becomes less active. Interestingly enough, communication between the two hemispheres may be increased as well. The premenstrual phase is therefore a time when we have greater access to our magic—our ability to recognize and transform the more difficult and painful areas of our lives. Premenstrually, we are quite naturally more in tune with what is most meaningful in our lives. We’re more apt to cry—but our tears are always related to something that holds meaning for us.


The Winter (Menstruation + Black Moon / New Moon) brings our focus deep within ourselves. We are no longer interested in the outside world. Our mind may be busy with thoughts from the past, negative experiences or trauma. Winter solstice is the darkest point in our year, and a time to study and learn, to keep safe and warm. Women may experience difficult physical symptoms during this phase. Cramps, tiredness and irritability are all signs that you need to relax into the darkness and look after yourself. It is essential that you honour this part of the cycle. You are in the most sacred time of the month. Pay attention to your dreams and visions. Sleep lots. When we look after ourselves during our cycle, especially during this winter phase, we have a better chance of a great Spring and Summer.


It’s all spirit and nature:

When you realise the process of menstruation is so deeply connected to our spiritual energies, it opens up brand new pathways for healing and living life in sync with nature. Unfortunately, many women still opt for the Pill or other hormonal treatments to ‘cure’ the mood swings, to stop the pain, or regulate the cycle. This disconnects us from our natural healing and cycle. It stops us from accessing our inner well of power.

Women are trying to be good wives, mothers, lovers, friends and employees, but we are also in a constant cycle. Our energy ebbs and flows, it is powerful and won’t be denied or ignored It is where it draws our attention that is critical.

If our natural energy wants to retreat during pre-menstruation, but we ignore that and force ourselves to work against that, we will almost certainly end up more stressed. Life will feel difficult, and you will feel more tired and angry. Many women with PMS and the more extreme form PMDD are suffering from disconnection from their cycles. They are working against the body’s natural rhythm and the knock on effects can be devastating.


How to connect with your feminine energy and the moon cycles:

➕ Start paying close attention to your energy levels and your cycle.

➕ Mark in your journal each phase of your cycle, and how you’re feeling at that time. I know that your cycle is irregular, but it’s important to notice what phase you’re spending more time in, as this will give us an insight into what areas of your life require attention.

➕ Take time to intuitively connect within and journal about your connection with your cycle and your femininity. Allow whatever to flow out of you (haha! no pun intended) to come out. Just write, and see where your thoughts and inner wisdom take you as you broach the topic of feminists and your natural cycle.

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A Full Moon Escape Into the Tropical Rainforest

I’m sitting on my bed, in the dark, surrounded by my gypset-entrepruer-technology: my Olympus Pen-1 camera, my iPad where I’ve just edited the photos on, my laptop that I’m typing on and my iPhone that I’m using to get wi-fi from.


The tropical clouds overhead are bursting at the seams, threatening the start of the monsoon season, with thunder and lighting and showers that aren’t quite giving us all they’ve got yet. I’ve been in tropical Far North Queensland for almost two months now, and week by week it’s becoming more tropical. More humid, more hot, more wet.


I’ve just come back from a two-day escape up into the national park rainforest of Cape Tribulation – a much-needed breather from the busy life of a digital entrepreneur, where sometimes the only way to get away from it all is to find a remote location that doesn’t have internet access. Which is exactly what we did.




The sweet welcome sign on the door of our private, beachfront cabin with a private walkway direct to the private beach at the Beach House Resort was endearing and the perfect start to this little getaway in Cape Tribulation. I love when places add unique little touches that leave you that little bit more inspired by life! The bed was SO comfortable and I’m not ashamed to say that after a swim and an early dinner, I was in bed and asleep by 7.30pm. It’s been a really hectic and emotionally intense couple of months. My soul had been yearning for rest and relaxation in every way possible.




I woke early and took myself for a very peaceful walk along this very quiet and deserted beach. Not another soul was around as I picked seashells and waded through the tropical warm water looking for turtles. I love taking little moments like these completely for myself. Where it’s just me, and nature, sharing those precious moments of stillness.




Then I had tea on the stairs of the cabin, looking out at the view directly in front of me:




You can see the little rainbow orbs dancing around in the forest as the sunlight filters in through the trees. It was magical. I could feel my body and soul breathe a sigh of relief, at just being able to simply be. Be present. Breathe. Enjoy the moment. Not have to be anywhere or do anything else. Pure, unadulterated bliss.




Later in the day, we took a long walk through the rainforest canopy, and admired the umbrella trees (on of my favourite) amongst the thousands of other species of plants, that this part of the world abundantly produces.




I was completely bewildered and mesmerised by the skeletal-like roots of the mangroves that were still waiting for the rainy season to hit.


I think tonight was the night! It’s pouring like I’ve never, ever seen before out there right now!


It’s Full Moon tonight, the last one for 2014, and these two days away have given me time and space to think about what I really want to focus on for the next year, and more importantly, what I want to let go of.


I have noticed that in recent months I feel drawn to spend less time online, less time on social media, and more time in the real world, connecting with real people. I need those real human connections in order to bring the richness of the human experience back into my work and the digital realms that we find ourselves in here. There’s a constant harmony to be found in all that we do, and sometimes how we do them has to shift, in order for the harmony to find its rightful flow again.


Enjoy this Full Moon. It’s the perfect time to withdraw a little and take some time out to think about and release anything that you don’t want to take into 2015 with you. New Moon’s are great for letting go and making space. Which is exactly what I’m about today. Go find my journal, play with my tarot cards and crystals, and get really clear on what I’m letting go of and making space for. Want to do it to? Let’s both look at the moon as we do it and share the experience no matter where we are in the world. Because the moon connects us all.

5 Responses to A Full Moon Escape Into the Tropical Rainforest

  1. This sounds like total paradise Vienda and ecactly what i am feeling the pull to do myself. I haven’t been to Queensland in a while so i must start planning! And i too have felt the desire to connect with people through real experiences rather than social media, it doesn’t feel real for me anymore.

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Enter the Festive Gypset Giveaway + Win $670 in Prizes!!!


It’s that festive time of the year again, and whether you believe in or celebrate Christmas, or not, it’s definitely high time that there was some love sent out to all of you stupendously brilliant souls that accompany me, day-to-day here on So to show my endearing, everlasting LOVE and APPRECIATION for you, I have pulled together, from every corner of the Earth, the most brilliant collection of gifts EVER!


Best of all, only ONE of you can win the whole lot of them!


To eliminate the need for crazy competition permits, I’m running these contests as a game of skill. Follow the steps below on how to enter and then patiently wait until I draw the winner on Saturday the 13th of December. The lucky person will be announced in my newsletter and sent out to your excitable little mailboxes on Saturday morning.






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Leave a comment below sharing what you are ready to:

a) let go of + b) change + c) start doing – – – to make 2015 the best year of your entire life!









This beautiful mandala symbolises intuition; governed by the element of spirit – it’s associated spirit animal is the owl. She brings her acute sense of sight. This mandala represents the ability to trust, listen and stay open. To embrace the messages sent to you from the universe.




Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.39.44 am


Each one is crafted into a base of love, certified organic camellia and essential oils, infused with flower and gem essences. Look closely and you’ll see quartz crystals catching the sunlight and twinkling.

Each perfume comes with a ritual card to prompt you to make a self-love intention to support you throughout your day. Life is good! Adore yourself even more with every drop in these magic bottles. Smile big and walk tall. The world is more beautiful with you in it!

No nasty synthetics. No parabens. No phthalates. No mineral oils. No DEA (Diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), TEA (Triethanolamine) or anything else that you can’t pronounce! No ‘parfum’ which is just synthetic fragrance (in most typical ‘perfumes’)



rituals fb share image


RITUALS – The eBook

Part guidebook, part spiritual and emotional journal, Rituals showcases a number of experts in their field. With sharing their loss, their pain and subsequent lessons and joy, they’ve found a space for healing, teaching and growth. I was lucky enough to contribute my own story and ritual to this book, which you can learn more about here.

The intention is to create an incredible resource for anyone struggling with grief, and to ensure that they had tools to manage and navigate their way through this dark maze.















One of the biggest tumbling blocks that my darling coaching clients sometimes come up against is how to change those habits, negative thought patterns and behaviors that they are easy to let go of. While the biggest learning that I teach them is simple awareness, everyone is different, which means that everyone has to find a way that works best for them.

Self-hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind which can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration. With it, you can change your thinking, kick bad habits, and take control of the person you are – as well as relaxing and de-stressing from everyday life. It’s similar to meditation, but more focused on areas you want to transform.


Meditation is also one of the most powerful practices you can do to improve your life. This unique guided self-love meditation has been specifically created for you, to increase your sense of well-being, confidence and self-love at anytime.

20 minutes of pure bliss: my voice guiding you through a relaxation and self-love practice so you can actually feel what it feels like to be so wholly loved.







Queens size all 100% pure cotton, machine embroidered, traditional sheet set from Fes, Morocco. Includes an embroidered flat top sheet, which allows the embroidery to hang around the edge of the bed; one bolster pillow and two European pillows. Superb for the summer months, and the perfect chance to bring a little piece of Morocco into your world.







Relaxed-fit jumpsuit in a fun mix of fresh floral prints, from the experts at Nolitha. Finished with a drawstring waist and adjustable skinny straps for a perfect, secure fit.

- Rayon
- Hand wash
- Imported

- Model is 5'10" and wearing size Small







The native Berber women in the Atlas Mountains spend their days taking care of their families, rolling couscous by hand, marinating spicy chickens for their tagine and delicately cutting pieces of tin into earrings and tapping away at them with small hammers and tools to create unusual designs and patterns.

Their handicraft is so unique and famous from their region; these mamas are true artisans (and also famous gypsies who travelled into Africa and Europe – not the mention their famous pirate Red Beard who stole from the rich and gave to the poor!).

These beautiful tin earrings are light, easy to wear and give you the perfect gypsy vibe for festivals, markets and gypsy jazz music gigs! The metal tin corresponds to the planet Jupiter, and therefore is a trajectory for being philosophical and lovers of travel and going abroad for long periods. It also strengthens and supports the liver & gall bladder and is naturally occurring in nuts, seeds, lemons, apples.

Worn either at the wrist or on the upper arm, this delightful vintage silver cuff from India is inset with turquoise and coral.

Turquoise is the oldest stone in man’s history, the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. It is a stone of protection, strong and opaque, yet soothing to the touch, and healing to the eye. As a crystal for travel, Turquoise protects you and your possessions against theft, loss or attack, and helps prevent accidents, especially falls.
Coral comes from the sea and is associated with emotional healing because of its watery home. Wearing this illustrious combination will protect you on all your journeys. Not onLy that, but it looks great layered up with other bangles and jewels, to give you that spirited gypsy vibe!



Good luck to you my fine feathered friend! I cannot wait to see your entries and read through all of the amazing responses to what you are ready to:

a) let go of + b) change + c) start doing – – – to make 2015 the best year of your entire life!




55 Responses to Enter the Festive Gypset Giveaway + Win $670 in Prizes!!!

  1. Wow , I feel a bit vulnerable posting this , but this is part of want I want for 2015 .

    Letting go of …… Past programming related to fear of not being enough .

    Changing….. Always changing, more into my truest authentic self. Being vulnerable and fearLESS . Trusting – the universe has my back.

    2015….. Bring it on, I am ready to shine bright and true with my offerings.
    I am learning about marketing, brainstorming new avenues of income to help my family and manifest more abundance , making beautiful connections and moving more to feel comfortable in my own skin and to glow.
    I am also going to find more balance in my life so I can spend more time with the one I love.

    • Letting go of the past and our social conditioning and programming is always the first step towards creating a life and future that you actually LOVE. So adore hearing your sentiments – thank you for being vulnerable and sharing them with us! x

  2. 2015 is going to be a year of dramatic changes, I think…but good ones. First off, I’m ready to let go of FEAR. I’m tired of that blocking my path to my true divine self!

    As far as change goes, I’ve already begun…I have stopped holding my tongue in my professional field and therefore finally settling into my place of rightful power. It hasn’t been easy for me (a shy little bird by nature!), but it is necessary and I embrace the change.

    I would like to begin branching out in my career this year. I’ve really pigeonholed myself and I think there is so much more out there for me that I need to be brave enough to reach for! I have already begun researching and plan to continue making this dream a reality in 2015!

    So much to look forward to this year! :) wishing you a bright and joyous year as well! <3

    • Thanks for your beautiful wishes my lovely! I also, have a feeling that 2015 is going to really make us all smile. So many of us have been on such a rollercoaster of emotions for the past 2 years: 2013 + 2014 bring up all the loose ends and unfinished threads for us to finally face and deal with. There’s been lots of endings, and letting go – which makes space for the new. Hooray for a brand new year of choices, possibilities and opportunities! x

  3. I am SO excited for 2015!! this is the year where i am ready to let go of any mind chatter or doubts towards myself and to truly follow my heart in every moment. I am currently working on my star mandala artworks which i plan to turn into a business at the start of the year. These are symbols that have been gifted to me through the last year through spirit/source. To share these with the world and have people resonate with them as strongly as they have so far will be the greatest gift of ALL. i want to nourish my soul and start to truly step into my soul purpose ( which is to study myself through love and creation).
    I am ready to let go of any worries about living within this financial conformity that we have in society and to truly trust that as long as i am following my inner whispers and creating from my heart i will be fully supported and successful in any endeavours i choose to follow.
    Lastly but not least, i will constantly work towards change, to let myself flow with change….it is constant and we cannot control it, to continually work towards expanding my heart even more as it is a limitless journey and to share it with all i encounter. <3 2015 is truly a year for change and i am excited!!!

  4. Vienda, i stumbled upon your blog via instagram and i wanna start off with saying that i absolutely love it. thanks for sharing all this with us!
    Now to your questions:
    a) I wanna let go of all my negativity i fed all the years. Decemeber 2013 i moved from Europe to San Francisco all by myself to continue my education, learn more about other people and find myself and finally experience what it means to be truely happy. I’d like to say it was the best decision of my life. I never felt so much alive before and i finally met the love of my life, which i never thought would happen, since i’m kind of a loner who likes to travel by herself and do everything on her own.
    b) What i wanna change is moving back to the bay since i had to move back to europe to do my BA degree in art history, which i did. i finally graduated and now i wanna go back where my heart and life is. ’cause we all know without you heart it’s hard to live. and was truely one of the toughest decision to leave my love behind for almost 5 month.
    c) i think this explains it itself. my best year will definitely start when i’m reunited with my american sweetheart and the city i absolutely adore and love. It brought me back life as i felt dead and lost for so many years. i was always struggeling with my life- for whatsoever reasons. 2014 changed my life and opened my eyes what really matters in life. I wanna give back all the good vibes and positive energy i was blessed to experience the last year. we all deserve happiness and it might sound corny but i want to make the world a better place and help other people. Tell em it’s not always easy but the things that are really hard to get are the ones that are really worth fighting for. never give up. i’d like to end my reply with one of my all time fav quotes by Eric Thomas- “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

    Thank you and much love!!

    Ps: sorry i left my reply on the wrong post-so sorry!!

    • This is soooooo beautiful Christina! I’m definitely a sucker for any love stories ;) wishing you all the blessings to make all you wishes and dreams for the new year a reality. x

  5. Let go of all those pains physical and mentally that have diminished my spiritual being. Change the distractions that stop me from seeing each moment as beautiful wherever I am . Start mediating more on the positives whether sitting, walking, physically active or at work.

  6. I want to let go of my past that has created a wall of fear to connect with other beautiful souls. I want to change my views of humanity. I want to see the good in everyone rather than looking for the bad. I want to start looking and feeling with positivity this upcoming new year, 2015. I want to start re-connecting with humanity & seeing every individual with eyes of compassion & a heart filled with gratitude. I’m a good vegan nutritionist & a holistic health educator but I want to a better one. I want the giver of inspiration & hope. This is my desire for myself this new year. This amazing & generous giveaway would be the best guide into aiding me to my wishes for the new year. Thank you for kind offer & positive energy!

  7. a) let go of + b) change + c) start doing – – – to make 2015 the best year of your entire life!

    This is such a great way to contemplate things! For me I would have to say that I’m going to a) let go of fears that don’t serve me, b) change my mindset and let abundance flow through me, and c) start connecting more throughout 2015! :D

  8. The year of 2015 will be my year to work harder on being consistent, sticking to my guns and following my dreams. I want to let go of fear, the fear of change and following my passions. I will work on any limiting beliefs I might still harbor and let go of wanting to control everything; let time tell if it’s meant to be or not.
    I want to continue looking out for myself – eating healthy, doing yoga, meditating and being more creative. I will follow my dream of completing a yoga teachers course and adding some more massage courses to my books.
    It’s a year of full commitment to myself :) and I can’t wait! Good things are to come.

    • I love this Miranda “it’s a year of full commitment to myself”! Amen to that my darling, it’s a promise that we could all be making to ourselves, in order to create a greater peace and love in the entire world. x

  9. Thank you Vienda for this beautiful opportunity of both entering the competition but also answering such awesome questions which really have helped me to become clearer in such a simple way.

    Letting go of…….. My old story. Wow that’s powerful and transformative. Within that old story is so many fears, habits, perspectives, beliefs. Stop clinging to what I “know” and open myself up to a new story. One that’s yet to be experienced instead of letting past experiences cloud current moments.

    Changing…… My energy. Energy is everything. Just for good measure and so the universe knows I’m serious, I’m also changing where I’m living.

    Start doing…… Life. I’ve been unwell for a while now. 2014 has been a big year. Heading into 2015 the momentum has picked up and my boundaries are expanding. 2015 will be the year of doing more. Thriving, study, work, friendships, fun – living life. Whilst taking the lessons of balance and listening to what my body needs whilst fully embracing and continuing to explore the magnificence of who I truly am and what makes me, me ❤️

  10. In 2015 my aim is to let go of expectations, expectations of myself and of others which often leads to that feeling of failure and disappointment. I need to embrace whole heartedly who I am and what my capabilities are, I am only one person and I need to nourish my mind and soul. I will change living from a to-do list, getting caught up in social media and FOMO (it’s totally a real thing), I will start writing more and meditating, I want to connect with my spiritual being and really cherish what I have been given. Practicing gratitude and letting go of pre conceived ideas of what life ‘should be’.
    Peace and love

  11. I am letting go of that final shred of self doubt. I am going to change my energy to one of abundance and expansion. I am going to start running my business with clarity, purpose, and direction. And 2015 is going to be my best year yet! Xx ♡ xX

  12. I want to let go of the habit of overthinking! I want to get out of my head, and stop planning how I think things should be, to stop waiting for things to be perfect in order to take the next step. I also want to stop holding myself back.

    I want to start living a life that I know is in alignment with everything I believe in, so I can start being authentically me. A life that is based on trusting the beautiful process of life, of letting go of control. I want to stop holding my true self back from the world, and let out the vibrant passionate and spirited person that is screaming to bet let free from deep within me.  I want to start taking bold steps towards living life 
    on my terms, and creating my world just as I dreamed it to be.

    I will start tapping into my intuition more, and just letting the processes of life unfold. Resistance free. I will start my coaching studies and living life passionately. I will not hold back who I really am, and through this I hope to inspire others, and create meaningful connections x

  13. I’m looking forward to releasing old emotions that no longer serve me ,to be clear ,living in harmony with love always ! To refocus on being true to myself ,not trying to please everyone else ,to live a happy soulful life

  14. I’m looking forward to letting go of old emotions that no longer serve me to not feel guilty about
    Pampering myself ,loving who I am right now my spiritual happy self !!
    It would be amazing to win any of these prizes .Thank you !maria

  15. Hello Vienda

    What an amazing give away and all the best to who ever wins!!

    What my focus for 2015 :

    A. Letting go of…..being someone who i am not. Its been many years of always being “nice and doing the right thing” but never ever checking in with myself and asking myself how i feel about doing or being . I guess this has been ingrained from childhood and no longer serves me any more. So letting go of that doormat and allowing my true self to shine. Also want to let go of past hurts and wounds as i have kept them inside far to long so a lot of forgiveness rituals and writing will be happening and opening the heart to more love and manifesting.

    B. Change…Will be more focused on health and well being. So more mindful about what i eat and how much. Also want to introduce more movement and yoga in my week. Want to do this more for being a better role model for my family. Oh and the change which i believe is always “in progress” is mindfully keeping a positive attitude!!

    C. Start doing….ahhhh well have wanted this for so many years and i really want this to happen in 2015 is start to have more ‘mini breaks’ for myself. I would like to start having 1-2 days a month ( if possible) to get away by myself or with a girlfriend and just be..chill…relax…meditate..laugh…nature walks…(a lot of that) …. and just have time out from the hectic routine of life.
    Also i have a few on line courses and day workshops lined up for 2015 for this will all be new for me in 2015..the focus is definitely more on MYSELF which i have neglected for many years. I want to start doing more study, learning and sharing what i learn with others so very very excited about that journey.

    WOW!! cannot believe i have just blurted all this out so naturally….i think i may have just written my 2015 goals…thank you Vienda will be sharing the post on Facebook!! LOve and light Meri xxx

  16. A- I would like to let go of my expectations of life and live more in the now.
    B- I would change how I react to life, situations and people.
    C- I would like to learn to be kinder to myself and teach my children the importance of self growth and self worth.

  17. Wow such an amazing array of special treasures!
    I have been thinking along similar lines of what I need to let go of , what I wish to embrace more of, and what to focus on and move into…
    So here goes….
    A) I am ready to let go of the lack of belief I have in myself. The negative criticisms that plague my thoughts and tear me down. I am ready to let go of the fear that keeps me there.
    B) I am ready to EMBRACE change in all its forms. The big, the small, the tiny. My life is definitely 100% different from what it was before, and I’ve had a challenging time releasing and accepting. Change my negativity into gratitude and let myself be open to accepting the new.
    C) I am ready to start stepping into my Power as a woman, a co-creator of my life. To take Action and not too hide within the shadows, a wallflower. Too not be afraid of myself and my true essence. To Radiate.
    ~* xo

  18. I’m going to let go of the fear of being judged because if I let myself be ruled by fear, the right people who need me will not get my message. I’m going to change the way I look at time and goal setting. So i’m going to take one year at time and dream AS BIG AS POSSIBLE! With no fear! And lastly, I’m going to start noticing the tiny, tiny things I can be grateful of. Because I know that when I do, I feel a rush of pure happiness. It’s the best cure for bad days :) Thank you for this Vienda!

  19. WOW babe what an awesome giveaway! Man I’d be so thrilled to walk away with this, but there are some brilliant answers here – good luck choosing the winner!

    My 2015 focus is on
    A) letting go of playing small. I need to step it up and start playing bigger. I’m not a risk-taker by nature but I feel like I’m selling myself short if I don’t make huge steps forward in this area next year. so, BIG it is!

    B) Change my focus on numbers, popularity and likes. I want to focus more on the connections, the impact and the feeling of my words – rather than how many people like it. I want my desire to be truly connecting with one soul, rather than just being read by many

    C) Start doing what I’m scared of – being wholly myself. I feel that there are still some parts of me that I’m reluctant to share in case they aren’t welcomed by everyone. I need to be my authentic self more, and start the process of peeling back the layers, one by one until I’m completely laid bare. This is my year to do it!

    Thanks so much for this gorgeous! Good luck everyone! xx

    • Fear holds us all back from time to time – and taking massive action is the only way to overcome fear! But above & beyond all of that I think the most important thing is to really, really like yourself. No matter what! xo

  20. What a wonderful and generous give away. Thank you Vienda.

    In 2015 it’s time to shake off the shackles of self-doubt, fear and playing small. It’s time to be open hearted, honest and vulnerable, to allow deep connections and true moments of simple, soulful beauty. It’s time to nurture, nourish and release, to choose freedom, forgiveness and fun. It’s time to love and be loved, with everything I am and everything I have to give. It’s time to tear down the walls, take off the mask and choose love.

    • Sarah! This is wonderful! I think many of us are ready to let go of the shackles that this year has made visible to us and are so very ready to create a year full of ease, fun and grace! x

  21. Hi Lovely!

    Your giveaways are always so amazing!

    a) I would like to let go; of anything that doesn’t feed my passions or light up my world. I want to let go of negative influences in my life and welcome in more positive influences. I’d like to let go of the toxic relationships once and for all and embrace positive and soul connecting relationships.

    b) I would like to change; the way I view my relationship with my partner and myself. For example,
    not placing so much of my happiness in my partner’s hands so when he does something that upsets me, I feel crushed and that I have failed myself. I would like to place the happiness decider card in my hands, so that at any given moment I call the shots. Happiness lies with me.

    c) I would like to start doing; more things that make me come alive (outdoor activities, exploring new places), be more creative (paint, photograph, write), loving myself as much as possible and discovering more that life has to offer!

    Thank you for this!

    Much love! xo

  22. Oh what a beautiful giveaway. I have this crazy intuition that I’m going to receive something really beautiful this Christmas season, maybe this will be it :) In 2015 I am ready to let go of the past obsessing and the future tripping and just be and enjoy the present moment. I am ready to change the way I treat my body and begin giving it the same love through movement and nourishment that I give my heart and spirit through self love. I am ready to start flexing my throat chakra and start declaring to the world that this is who I am and I am here to shine bigger and brighter than ever before. There is no way 2015 isn’t going to be the best year of my life. I’m calling it in to me this very moment. xx

  23. Such great things happen when I keep up with my friend Desha, the world is smaller and full of possibilities. A) I will let go of the rat race, living frantically from one thing to the other without enjoying the process that brings us from one experience to the next. B) I will change my job situation so I can control when and where I want to work and not be a cubicle drone (yay for passing exams and having options open up) I will also focus on my knits as they are a creative outlet/source of revenue/way to meet more people. C) I will start really enjoying my children, my husband, my friends as priorities second to none, I will take days off as possible to give each one on one time and really listen and appreciate each moment. I won’t be distracted by work, technology, dirty house etc. Phew, thanks Vienda, even though I don’t know you thanks for letting me make these promises to myself. I’ll write them down as a reminder, a contract with myself if you will. Cheers

    • Yes!!! I love this idea: having a contract with yourself. I actually wrote a little promise letter to myself a few days ago – on the areas in my life that I want to focus on in order to experience the things that I know make me feel good and light up in life. Nice one Mariella! xo

  24. let go of: I’m ready to let go of worry. Worry that I’ll be failed by things and people worry that I’ll come up short on my efforts.

    change: My job. I’ve already started this transition early this past year but still haven’t fully found my new path. I have some hints and I’m working on learning about all of those.

    start doing: being more thankful every single day for what I already have. This isn’t an easy one as it sounds but would make a huge influence on my daily life.



  25. I am SO ready to let go of FEAR. 2015 is when I get back into my writing, get that house and that Masters without thinking ‘Oh I’m too old… It would be better to rent until we leave London… My writing isn’t good enough…’ Just done with it! I’m going to focus on looking after me and building the life I want – this means relaunching my blog as a place that really reflects me (no more vague and sitting on the fence!), turning to work outs that I like instead of feeling like I have to run or spin or whatever, learning to meditate… Wow, I’ve never written that down before, but yeah – those are my intentions for the New Year. Starting… now!

    • Awesome Nikki! It’s so transformative when we write these things down on paper and get really clear on the direction we are moving in. So excited to see how your new year will unfold. xo

  26. I am ready to let go of my ego. Everything that is holding me back from being my true higher self. All the expectations.

  27. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! It’s a gift in itself.
    I so need to let go of old habits and patterns of thinking that keep me from flourishing. This means for me to finally fly free of the damaging way I was treated as a youth.
    I need to change the whole structure of how I make my living. I am actively working to flip my life into something self-sustaining and fulfilling and that makes the best use of my talents.
    Which leads me to: Actually USING my talents and figuring a definitive way to market them. And asking for and getting any help I may need to do so.

    • I LOVE this Dot! Sounds like you have some pretty amazing, challenging-though-totally-worth-it, spectacular changes coming up for you! So delighted and proud of you. xo

  28. What a gorgeous giveaway Vienda!! I shared this on FB and will repost on Instagram, too!
    a) I’d like to let go of any residual thoughts from the past around financial lack, for good!
    b) I’d like to change some structures in my business to allow for more ease and flow.
    c) I’d like to grow my business by leaps and bounds. I’d like to help more people create a life that feels fulfilling and surrounded by beauty. I’d like to continue doing amazing, life -transformational retreats. I’d like money to flow easily as I do work that I love, that I am fully aligned with…. making 2015 the best year of my entire life!

  29. Such a fun & festive thing to do, Vienda!

    There is so much we ALL need to let go of. This is merely an example. I recently spent a weekend with a colleague and dear friend who is my mother’s age. I brought my 2 year old son and partner to stay overnight. And we had a lovely time over food, wine, conversation… And the next day, I sensed something. An aversion, shall we say to my lifestyle (which is low-income, but high happiness) because her focus has always been money.

    I let go of my desire to argue or prove any points. I let go of ego, to allow her the beliefs she felt. But, in my heart, I was burning…wanting to say “you have NO IDEA what it’s like to try to raise a child in love and kindness while also trying to make money.”

    But, I let it go. And I release her opinions and grip from my heart and consciousness, because she owns them – not me. And I am very happy and at peace with a loving family. We don’t have millions, but we have so much love.

    Things To Change: I need to focus more on my desire to help others experience freedom from the grip of corporate culture, from “shoulds” and from negativity and things that do not feel right in life. If I need to change anything, it’s that I need to extend myself outside of my home and work to a wider community to let people know…there are so many ways to make life work. And encourage! Encourage!

    Start Doing: Self employment is hard when you have a little one. I work so hard to make sure we can meet our bills, but what I should start doing more of is taking that hour or two with my son and just going to the park and swing. He loves to swing. Or make a fort and eat our lunch under the blankets. I think what I need to start doing is … when I’m not working … edging into the precious moments, giving ALL of myself to my son. It’s hard to remember how you thought when you were two, what went thru your head. But that is what I could start with …. What did my mom do that I loved when I was two? What does Jude LOVE and how can I absolutely maximize every second of our time together so that he understands that while mama “has to work” he also knows he is vitally and completely LOVED.

    • I love the way your mind works Anne, and you’re absolutly right, this friend is only seeing things from her limited view of the world. You don’t need to explain your choices – the only person who needs to love your choices is you – and in doing so, I’m certain that you can help SO many other women who are gently treading a similar path as you. Plus, who says you can’t have LOVE + MONEY!!!?? xo

  30. I have let my beautiful self slip into a state of despair this year. I based alot of my happiness on how another person close to me was feeling and in turn i lost myself in their misery. Starting now i want to create a better mind set for myself.
    a)Let go of : The guilt, fear and hurt i have let creep into my mind and consume me this year.
    b)Change: Break old patterns that have been holding me back from being the woman i want to be, and experiencing the love and intimacy i deserve.
    c)Start doing: Start taking full ownership of my life and inner happiness and nurture the woman i know i truly am and want to be.

    • This is beautiful Belinda – sending so much love and blessings your way as you enter 2015 with a new mindset and a dedication to care for and nurture yourself!

    • I am looking forward to a bright new year for 2015! I cannot thinking a better way to get the winds of change rolling than the help from you Vienda! Things I would like to focus on & also ..
      A) let go of is the constant worry- the worry I’m not doing enough to support my life & the worry I’m not involved in the life of everyone I know.
      b) change is my thought process to engulf positivity & have an action for happiness! With work and outside life being so busy, it is so easy to get dragged down by all the negative dwellings.
      C) start doing is embrace who I am & truly Love myself. I am my worst critic when reflecting on my actions, but rarely feel satisfied by my accomplishments. It’s time to realize I have done so much in my young life to be proud of & treat myself that way!
      Thank you for this beautiful reflection time & amazing offer!!

      • This is SO beautiful Kelli, thank you so much for sharing. I think you have pin-pointed areas that we all want and need tow work on. Letting go of worry, focusing on the things that make us happy, and loving ourselves wholly and completely re the crux of any happy life.

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Gypset Guide: 4 Delightful Ways to Be More Grounded Anywhere

In response to a question that I am asked so very often, today I am answering this: how to be more grounded anywhere. When you’re travelling as much as I do, creating a stable, comfortable and grounded life-experience is imperative, if you don’t want to burn our and go running home again with you tail between your legs after only a few short months.




Here are 4 simple, very effective and delightful ways to be more grounded anywhere:


1. Create A Routine.

If you’re a nomadic traveler looking to get work done while on the road, a morning routine is the best way to cultivate a grounded working mindset.

Why? Because routine:

Sets the tone.
Creates Momentum.
Enables Positivity.


Meditation and a gratitude journal are the perfect way to start the day. When positive thoughts are intentionally cultivated in the morning, the trend continues throughout the day.


2. Eat Local.

Travelling in exotic places that can set your head spinning, food, of all things, will keep you grounded.
When you eat the foods that were grown in the soil where you now stand, the earth becomes a part of you, which has a tremendous settling and grounding effect on your body and your psyche.

Eating local often means you can meet the people who produce your food, and keeps you in touch with the seasons. By eating with the seasons, you are eating foods at their peak taste, at the most abundant, and the least expensive.


Heading to your nearest farmers market to taste the local fare or buying some fresh produce to prepare a meal at home has the most settling effect, bringing you back down to let you’re feet touch the earth and bask in the sweetness of this magnificent world.


3. Attitude is Everything.

When life gives you delayed flights, mild nausea, or even awkward lunches with relatives you thought you once knew, reflect on the words of famed travel writer and Dalai Lama bibliographer Pico Iyer: “We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate.”

Travel is transformative.
Whatever the experience, when you accept it as it is, rather than judging it as good or bad, your eyes will see it again through a lens of love, beauty and gratitude.

Keeping in mind that everything is always exactly as it should be, and that everything happens for a reason, keeps you grounded.


Approach your journeys with openness and courage. When you open your heart to the unknown, magic and miracles occur.


4. Exercise.

Moving your body is the best way to release any toxic energy pent-up in your body before and after a long journey. It releases mental and emotional stress, and helps clear your mind. When you look after your physical needs and exercise, you almost immediately feel more grounded, as well as having much more restful sleep.


Best of:
Yoga. Walking outside in the fresh air. Swimming. Stretching. Jogging it out. Dancing.



Image from

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The Gypset Guide To Romantic Love. (Because Love Is Free).

Love is a many splendid thing …… all you need is love! | Moulin Rouge


We all know how dramatic and life changing falling in love with someone can be. It is often one of the most electrifying, heart pounding and exciting adventures in life, one that many often crave and yearn for.


There are times you may meet someone and have such an intense cosmic bond with them that it seems unexplainable. You may come from completely different backgrounds and agree on almost nothing and still deeply love another person with all of your heart and soul. These are also times where we might wonder about soul mates or other mystical explanations for a strong sense of connection that’s appears otherwise enigmatic.




To love is to see ones souls counterpart in another.


When you love someone you do so independently. You are free. And they are free. You don’t own them or their heart. You can only hope that they love you in return. Loving someone doesn’t mean they owe you something or are obligated to you in any way. This of course works both ways: being loved by someone doesn’t require an obligation of you to love them back. It’s actually rather simple …….. either you do or you don’t. Be honest, it’s better for you both in the long run.


Sometimes we hold on to someone we love, or that loves us even when the love is not reciprocated to fill a void somewhere else in life. It can be something as simple as supporting your ego or your external sense of self-worth, or other needs that you are afraid won’t be filled when you are without the other. This should be an alarm in your head that it’s time to work out what the underlying issues are because they reflect to you what you need to harmonise in your life.


Let go of one another as kindly and sensitively as possible. Let go easily. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be …… and it will happen. It can be that you feel so deeply in love with another person however circumstances prevent you from being with them, signifying simply that it is not the right time for this love to exist as you imagine it in your mind. Don’t fight against life, go with the flow. If the love is strong enough it will endure and if it is meant, one day you will be together. In the meantime be a good friend. You may even come to find that you can love this person and not want to be with them because you know it simply wouldn’t work. You can love this person and yet still fall in love with another.


There are as many different types of love as there are people.


Remember that, since you exist, your perfect partner also exists, though who this is may change as you also evolve. We need to spend time with different people in order to grow but there comes a time when many of us will encounter someone whom we would love to live out the challenges, learnings and pleasure of life together, hence entering into a form of committed relationship.


Jealousy is not love. Jealousy is about ownership and possession and one’s own insecurities. This has nothing to do with love. If you seem to suffer from uncomfortable amounts of jealousy then you are probably not ready for a relationship and need to do some work on yourself in which you discover where your jealousy stems from. Ask yourself in what situations you have felt jealous before and why. See if you can find patterns of jealousy arising throughout your life and make an effort to eradicate them by shining your light of realisation on them. When you have sorted out your jealousy issues, then not only are your relationships more fulfilling and enjoyable but a huge load has been lifted off your shoulders and you can relax and enjoy life more = Happiness!


Also, when jealousy is no longer a concern in your life, you won’t attract partners whom you feel the need to be jealous of. We are often attracted to those who confront us with our issues so that we may be healed and move forwards towards self-actualisation. To becoming the happiest person you can be. Jealousy tends to be one a most destructive element within relationships that causes you to act like a stupid ape instead of an enlightened human being.


Don’t loose yourself in the one you love. It is important to have a clear sense of who you are when you enter into a relationship as not only will you be able to be with someone who is really great for you, but you are also more able to define your boundaries. You are two people choosing to share your lives with one another, not two people who melt into one. Have your own interests and don’t stop doing things you enjoy just because the other doesn’t like it.

2 Responses to The Gypset Guide To Romantic Love. (Because Love Is Free).

    • Absolutely, I so agree with you on that Katie. It’s so annoying when people see you and treat you as a single entity, when actually you are two people with two sets of life experiences, thoughts, emotions and values that – when brought together- make life even more wonderful than it already is. Relationships aren’t there to complete us, they are there to teach us and add a little something extra and beautiful to life.

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Where Is My Mind?



“No matter what is happening in our lives, we choose how we wish to think about it. And the greatest gift we give ourselves is often our willingness to change our minds. Despite what might seem to be the saddest and most intractable situation, we have the power to believe that something else is possible, that things can change, that a miracle can happen.” | MARIANNE WILLIAMSON


I was having a re-epiphany last night. Obviously a re-epiphany is what happens when you remember to remember a piece of wisdom that has momentary escaped you. Which is that, in every single moment, I get to choose how I experience life, by the thoughts that I think.

I’ve had a cold for about a week now, which means, that while I was busy being sick, a whole heap of cruddy, complain-y, disgruntled and unappreciated thoughts have decided to huddle up and take refuge in my mind, while playing themselves on repeat, without my consent. And all of a sudden, I thought “What the hell?! Why am I thinking these thoughts? These are not the kind of thoughts I want in my world! WHERE IS MY MIND!?”



The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness.

intellect – thought – opinion – wit – sense – notion


Your mind is your greatest tool. It gives you the power, the freedom and the ability to create any kind of life you want to. Your thoughts are incredibly powerful, + as with every powerful tool, the power + wisdom lies in knowing how to use it.

Here’s the premise: every thought you think makes a difference.

Are you using your thoughts and using the power of the mind consciously, or are you throwing any old kind of thoughts around without consideration of their effect?

Your power lies in your ability to choose thoughts that are in alignment with who you really are {an incredible, inspiring + unique creature, clearly!} and what you want to experience.

Let’s start with the basics. According to scientists in quantum physics, physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy, and your thoughts too, are vibrations of energy. Your thoughts have a powerful influence; they affect what happens to you. To know this is to know something great.

You harness the power of your mind by directing your thoughts toward a desired outcome. Put simply, what you focus on you attract. Your thoughts are the primary creative forces in your life. Your thoughts are creating your reality! But that’s good because you can CHOOSE what thoughts to have.



  1. Bring awareness to the thoughts you think.
  2. Bring acceptance and forgiveness into that awareness with you.
  3. Be willing to change negative thoughts instantly and replace them with positive ones.

Awakening to this truth, the way to an empowered life becomes crystal clear. Train your conscious mind to think thoughts of success, happiness, health, prosperity, and to weed out negativity such as fear and worry. Keep your conscious mind busy with the expectation of the best, and make sure the thoughts you habitually think are based upon what you want to see happen in your life.


So I have re-commitment to myself to be aware of my thoughts. I know from experience that when I pay attention to what thoughts I am thinking consistently, and find ones that aren’t in alignment with where and whom I’d like to be, I can choose to replace them with new thoughts. And by doing this consistently, I change, not only my thoughts, but also my entire life experience.

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It’s 6.52am. This Is Where I’m At Right Now.



It’s 6.52am. I’ve been pottering around for about half an hour – slowly moving around the house, putting on clothes, washing my face, drinking a tea, putting away the dishes from last night’s dinner – slowly preparing myself physically and mentally for the day ahead. My first coaching calls starts in half an hour, and today is one of my biggest ‘work’ days, so I am finding sanctuary in the early morning stillness before it all begins.


You might remember that about a month and a half ago, I began my trek North to the tropics of Far North Queensland, Australia, with a few adventures and mishaps along the way. I’ve been here 3 and a half weeks now, and while it’s definitely heating up for the monsoon and cyclone season, at this particular time of the morning everything is still so fresh and cool from the night. I love these hours that I have a lone before the rest of my household and world wakes up.


I came to Cairns for 2 reasons.

Firstly, exactly 10 years ago I received my degree in Psychology here, after 4 years of studying at the James Cook International University. And I had always promised to return. I suppose now was the time. It’s such a familiar, gentle, easy affair. Despite the heat, I’m starting to think that I want to stay longer.

Secondly, I came because I was offered a beautiful home to house-sit for 6 weeks. Situated up high in the rainforest, overlooking the city, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by a stream of peace and stillness in this part of the world. The time is passing quickly – too quickly – and I know in 3 weeks it’s time to move on again.


My original plan (before my van died) was to leave this wet, hot climate early to mid-December and make my way down south to Byron or even Sydney for the New Year. Now, things feel kind of different. There’s a man in my life whom I want to factor into my decisions, and while he is happy to join me on my gypset journeys, he is a more settled creature than I, so things are happening a little bit more slowly. Which I really, really like. It means that I get to focus my time and energy on other things than the journey – such as my business and where I am taking that as we come into the New Year.


I love this time of the year, for exactly that reason. It’s a time where we get to look back, take stock and see how far we have come. This year, for me, has been tremendous. It held many, many challenges, I wept many tears along the way, and simultaneously took enormous risks and grew as a woman, a human being, and an entrepreneur. It was all systems go, and while sometimes I felt like I was stuck in the very-fast-spin-cycle of life at times, now, as I take a breath and look around, it all makes sense.


So what’s next? I’ve actually got a second house-sit arranged to take me through to the first week of January. That’s about as much forward planning as I need to do right now. In the meantime, I am going to get very, very clear on the direction that I’d like my life to take in the next 6 to 12 months, and start paving the way towards my lofty dreams.

Yep, it’s 6.52am. This is where I’m at right now.


What about you? Where are you at right now? And what’s next?

5 Responses to It’s 6.52am. This Is Where I’m At Right Now.

  1. I have a whole heap of crap to let go of and this couldn’t have come at a better time :)
    I am going to let go or EVERYTHING that no longer serves me, including but not limited to my past, my destructive thought patterns, my anxiety, my negative judgement and so on i am going to make major changes one being detoxing in the new year (this scares me :) i am going to change the way i think by nourishing my body with love, nutrition, positive affirmations and belief in myself. I am starting tomorrow actually Viendas 7 day letting go ritual very exciting :) i am ready to let it allllllllllll go and start 2015 as the new Julia Spanos, the Julia Spanos that is waiting to jump out and live this amazing life bull shit free :) eeee i feel amazing just writing this xxxxxx 2015 is the just the beginning of the best of the rest of my life :) YAY XXXXXX

    • Love this Julia! You know, you are already perfect just way you are – it’s all about peeling away the layers and letting go of anything that is holding you back from being the true you! love you, you beautiful woman, you! x

      • owwww thank you :) you are so beautiful and kind. I wish i could just carry you around with me so you could answer all my questions with your incredible amount of positive knowledge and wisdom. You are just perfect and i am going to miss our our weekly calls you are the best. I love you, you amazing lady xxx

    • I love YOU and yes, of course I will! I’ll definitely be coming to visit you – I actually can’t wait and can’t stop thinking about it! xo

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