Letting Go Makes Life Better, Smoother, Gentler

Letting go…….

It’s soooo damn hard, and yet less energy expending than holding on.

It’s softer, gentler, calmer.

Letting go of resistance, of thoughts, of muscles, of ideas, of feelings, of should’s, would’s and could’s. Allowing the relief of being in the moment wash over you. The pure indecent pleasure of breathing. Tasting the air, the feeling of simply existing.

We all acknowledge the moment when we are purely HERE. Just like when you KNOW you are in love, you KNOW when you are completely present.

Sitting with that inner peace, the stillness within is slightly haunting until you become used to it. A sense of wholeness, of being complete and a part of something much bigger drifts through your consciousness and beads of realisations burst into mind as neurones make brand new synapses that have never occurred before.

Sinking deep into the soul’s endless and timeless expanse, allowing that deep sense of wholeness wash over you.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to simply let go? When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of just being?

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