what’s for you won’t pass you by


remember that.

sometimes we rush about trying to grasp our “opportunities” ~ to reach our dreams + goals. sometimes we need a reminder that it’s unnecessary. because it will come to you.

I woke up this morning with three reminders in my inbox with exactly this phrase.

“what’s for you won’t pass you by”

clearly I needed that reminder. the world was making sure I got it. maybe you need it too.

in a time where everyone is rushing about making their lists of goals + new year’s resolutions and taking the new year by the horns so to speak, perhaps it’s also time to take a step back and allow things to gestate. + trust. that you will get exactly what you need + want at exactly the right time. because you will.

know what you want. yes. remain clear + focused. yes. but you can stop trying so hard. right now.

we are taught to “go for it”. get it. catch it. strive for it. plan it. pursue. push. harder. faster. better. MAKE IT HAPPEN. TRY. GO. DO. they are such poignant words.

what would happen if you knew that all you had to do is ::: show up. be present. do what you love. follow your heart. give your gifts. + allow the rest to come.

you are special. unique. what’s for you is entirely different to what’s for someone else. there’s enough for everybody. deep down you know it.

lean back. relax. breathe. allow. sense it all coming. at just the right time.

there is a delightful comfort and sense of relief when we fully know + allow ourselves to experience that trust the comes with knowing that you will get what you need + want. that everything will be okay. in fact it may just be wonderful. it will probably blow your mind.

be aligned with what is. have faith. not only does it feel good. it makes life so much easier. you know it. I know it.

because what’s for you won’t pass you by.



16 Responses to what’s for you won’t pass you by

  1. Beautiful reminder; needed it today. Even though it was an older post! So it was no mistake I “happened” across your page.

  2. Oh…this, this is what I needed to read. Here’s to moving towards alignment! I feel like this…all of this, is what I’m doing…I’m just waiting for it to manifest. Waiting in faith. It will come. xo

  3. Ah Brenda, we can all let out a sigh of relief in knowing that we ALL sometimes get caught up with our mental anxieties. Society has programmed us to act from a place of stress and fear instead of love. And right now, the work we are all doing, for all of humanity, is unlearning this negative habit. You’re doing SO good! x

  4. Vienda, I so needed to hear this today. I am one of those who has been pushing hard, driving hard and pushing hard and 2 days ago felt like it was just too much. This morning I spent time planting seedlings with my 2 girls and then this came up in my FB news feed. Thank you.. I love what I do, but it should feel so hard. Time to take a look at how to attract whats already out there for me. :)

  5. Love this. Needed this. It is so easy to fall into the pressure trap, the trying to keep up with everyone else trap, the I am going to be left behind trap. I am definitely guilty of having these feelings/thoughts and they are not fun, they are stress/anxiety that is not worth going through; because like you said Vienda, there is enough for everyone and I don’t need to force my path. I just need to go into my dreams with ease and grace and know the universe will bring me exactly what I need when I need it. Thanks love xo

  6. wow, so true, sometimes when your so fast to get something or strive so much for it, you fall flat on your face, but when you let go of it, it comes back to you as if by destiny(in its time of course)

  7. My mom has said this to me all of my life -it’s SUCH an important reminder! Thank you for your inspirations and beautiful writing.

  8. This is wonderful Vienda, i think we all forget this sometimes, your whole site is beautiful xo

  9. Oh so true!
    I think the second you start doing what you love, and throw yourself into something you’re passionate about, that’s when everything starts happening.
    Thanks for the reminder, perfect timing as I read this ;) x

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