the greatest love of all ::: a self love manifesto

what makes you worthy of being loved? the simple truth that you exist.

the greatest love of all is self love. when we fully love, accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life falls into place.

self love is nurturing your body ~ sustain you life force with love

self love is cultivating you mind ~ grow through pleasure, not pain

self love is listening to your emotions ~ trust them and they will guide you

self love is honouring your spirit ~ mediating between body and soul

self love is accepting yourself ~ you are worth it

self love is practicing kindness ~ benevolence, generosity, charity, sympathy, tenderness

self love is practicing compassion ~ everyone is doing their best

self love is being respectful ~ a sense of worth for all things

self love is be-ing free ~ all conditions are temporary

self love is practicing forgiveness ~ release and let go

self love is allowing yourself to be happy ~ find your happiness within your heart


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