you are ready. more than you know.


you are ready. more than you know.

you are ready to take the leap into the unknown simply because the desire exists in your heart.

do that thing that your be-ing is yearning for.

let go. attachment to what the future holds will only clout you. let it be.

trust. have faith. close your eyes + go.

because this is for you.

the universe conspires to give you all that you need.

synchronicity transpires when you follow your heart.

let go. allow yourself to feel that faith.

remember to breathe. remember to feel.

take a small step. + then another. this is all you need to do.

uncertainty is your friend. your tender companion along the path less travelled. embrace him. he will bring you exhilarating surprises. uncertainty is also known as the unknown. or variety. he will be your saving grace. you shall see.

the future will be what it may. it will most likely be more expansive, + more impressive than you can even imagine.

let go. allow your heart to lead you.

the outcome is completely irrelevant as long as you follow your heart. your dreams. your desires. your passion.

everything falls into place. know it. believe it.

you are ready. more than you know.


Image source: my own taken at Gilli Islands, Indonesia 2011.



7 Responses to you are ready. more than you know.

  1. Vienda, i have really enjoyed your writings, I feel you have some sort of outer-earth connection, to put it some way, its refreshing to read your posts, it almost breaths life into you.
    Its hard to come around pages like this on internet! thanks!

  2. You are wonderful Rebecca! I hope it gives you the inspired motivation to do anything you dream of xo

  3. Beautiful, thank you <3

    I think I'm going to print this out and keep it in my bag as ammunition for when my inner voice needs a dressing down. The little critter's always trying to belittle my dreams. I need to squash her, once and for all, and take the leap.

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