It All Began With A Raving Curiosity


I’ve been asked, many times now, to tell my story. “How did you become who you are now?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

It all began with a raving curiosity. And an unquenchable thirst for understanding what life is all about.

Allow me to explain.

When I was teeny tiny, I was mesmerized by the nature of what I experienced. People, trees, footpaths, snails, clouds, blades of grass. And they all left me wondering.

So I asked a lot of questions. Like “why does my grandpa have hair growing out of his nose?” and “how do trees cry?” and “why is the sky blue?”.

That was my favorite one. And because my mum always tried to tell me the truth, and she didn’t always have a true answer for me, she told me something else. Something along the lines of: “I can’t remember why the sky is blue baby, but I DO know that the blue we see looks different for everyone.”

Woah! And right then and there, my interest in human nature was aroused.

So, people, who are not me, can have the same encounter as me, and yet experience it in a completely different way?

In that moment. I learnt a valuable lesson.


We are all connected and separated at the same time. And that separation is what makes each and every human being unique and powerful. And at the same time, this separation is the physical manifestation of what we are all made of, which thereby connects us.

And that everything is magic.


I’ve been fascinated by the human experience ever since.

And of course, all that which comes with it: our emotions, our beliefs and values, our behaviors, our connection with Spirit, our exquisite endless possibilities, our perfect imperfections, and our innate essence which comes through us into every cell of our body.

So from, curious child to psychology student, to travel writing, to music festival coordinating, to personal development blogging, to coaching, people have always been my world and my work.

And that, my sweet friends, is the story of how I became what I am now: a gypsetting coach, writer and creative. With a fierce, endless thirst for understanding what makes us all tick, how we can express our true nature, and become alchemists of our own lives.

2 Responses to It All Began With A Raving Curiosity

  1. beautiful honey! sounds pretty similar to me too! such inquisitive souls we are. i find though lately i have been really realising… the boundary between trying to understand life (in our minds), and then actually LIVING life (in our hearts & bodies)… that is where the real lessons / truths unveil. oh so many lessons and magical happenings. xx keep up ur amazingness woman. x

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