About being present. About staying connected. About grace and intuition.


I woke up this morning with one singular thought, rolling around in my mind: BE PRESENT.

Ok, let me be honest.

I actually woke up feeling slightly annoyed by my interrupted nights sleep as several Mosquitos chose my hands, fingers and ankles to be the honoured participants in their sacrificial blood ritual. Which woke me with a murderous rage and resulted in blood-filled Mosquitos being smeared across my bedroom wall in the wee hours.

And I also awoke with a nuance of stress, as I hadn’t finished preparing for my first coaching call this morning, as I had planned to, and needed to sit down and get clear on what I wanted to take her through today, to help her access her femininity, her intuition and run a successful business all at the same time.

Which is when my inner wisdom spoke up.









Isn’t she clever? I love listening to my intuition and connection with our Universal wisdom. It all becomes so clear and simple when I do.

I guess you’re wondering how I become present when I’ve allowed my egoic mind to run wild… It’s actually very, very easy.


1. I bring my attention back to my body; away from my thoughts. I just FEEL what it FEELS like, to simply BE present in my body. Sometimes I just pay attention to my breathing. Not changing it. Just observing it. Sometimes I feel my heart-centre, the space in my chest where I feel connection with Spirit the strongest.

2. Once I am in a comfortable space of BEING in my body, my attention doesn’t waver. I simply stay with FEELING. What direction is my body leaning in? What does it want? The moment thoughts try to take over, I start again and bring attention back to my body. That’s it. That is how I BE PRESENT.


For me, the way the rest of the morning played out, is so:

I got up, showered, tidied my bedroom and organised the house in preparation for the cleaner who will be coming in while I’m out. With grace, with presence I completed my tasks.

I packed my mobile office and drove to my favourite cafe for a morning of work, where I started my day with with a Diamond Detox shot, because my body has really been craving Aloe Vera lately. It’s made up of fresh aloe, mint, ginger, turmeric and honey.

Then I replied to a couple of emails, prepared for my coaching call, with complete presence and joy, recognising that the thought of preparing caused anxiety, whereas the action of doing so brought about great pleasure. Ha! All I had to do was get out of my head and BE PRESENT!

And finally I noticed that I had enough time to write this post. About being present. About staying connected. About grace and intuition. I am totally calm, at peace and present. I am exactly where I meant to be, doing exactly what I required of me: expressing  and sharing my life purpose, my energy.

Ah, love bug! Life is a beautiful, beautiful thing…


5 Responses to About being present. About staying connected. About grace and intuition.

  1. Beautiful, beautifully written, yes I love your posts too :) Really enjoyed this and the grounding reminder. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your kind words Hanna, I’m happy this post brought you a sense of calm and peace. It’s right there, within you, to access any time you would like! xx

  3. I love your posts! They are all so inspiring and relaxing, I swear that every time I come to your blog it calms me down. Thank you for that!

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