The Metrics of Belonging. Where Do Gypsetters Call Home?



“So…  Where’s home?”

It’s a question I get asked a lot. I usually respond with a cheeky smile and a wink and say “Right here.”

“Where do you live? Where do you go back to?” Is the next inquisitive question.

“No where.” I reply.

Which seems to leave most strangers both curious and dissatisfied. So they probe deeper. And I explain a short version of my story: I’m half Italian (my Papa is from Sardinia) and half Austrian (my Mama) and was born in Salzburg. But I’ve lived everywhere. Almost. And in the last 12 years? 28 different countries was my latest count…

My English accent has bits of British and Australian mixed into it. When I speak German my voice is soft and gentle unlike most German speakers. I pick up languages and accents quickly, leaving me with a jumbled mixture of tongue movements, intonations, reflections and tones. So guessing my background is hard enough. Plus I’m a chameleon. I can fit in anywhere.

And when you ask me where I belong?

This planet is my home. This body is my home. Home is wherever I choose to be.



Here’s the thing. After a while…

After country borders, languages and cultures cease to feel like something foreign, something separate to who and what I am…

Once geography doesn’t determine where I belong, because my egoic attachment to certain spaces has disappeared; that place that feels like HOME ceases to be a place.

Instead, being HOME becomes a feeling.

A feeling of inner knowing. Of complete and utter trust that I am always in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. With exactly the right people. A feeling of loving and being loved by those around me. An appreciation of nature, architecture, and the beauty that I currently find myself in.

Home is me fulfilling my dreams and living in alignment with my core value.

Home is where I am.

Home is a place I carry within me, always and wherever I go. Home resides within me.

And where I belong is in the calm, centre of my being.



: Practicing acceptance of what is, gives you a sense of inner stillness. That stillness feels like home.

: Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet the most wonderful, fascinating people. With them, I belong.

: Home is not your wardrobe full of clothes. It’s not your job or your mortgage or your car. Home is where you place your heart.

: Belonging is simply a matter of knowing that we are all ONE. I belong anywhere and everywhere.

: Staying connected to Spirit and soul means you’re connected to everything. So show me where is not home?


Loving you so much, you!


5 Responses to The Metrics of Belonging. Where Do Gypsetters Call Home?

  1. It’s very freeing when you’re no longer chained to an identity based on belonging to a location… All of a sudden where you belong to is….EVERYWHERE! Haha! :)

  2. I have a huge fascination with people’s geography/backgrounds/ancestral heritage etc. I think you can discover such amazing things about people in that way. Like you say its not so much about being tied to any one place, but about a shared collection of things and experiences that make up a whole person. When you are comfortable with that then you can belong anywhere :)

  3. Ah! It seems quite unfathomable when you think about it too much my darling Jessica. That’s why you’ve got to stop thinking about it and just DO IT. The rest takes care of itself… xx

  4. You’re such an inspiration to me Vienda, I’m still getting my head around the whole living out of a suitcase idea. I’m so excited to begin my life as a nomad! x

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