The Gypset Guide to Reading Your Tarot Cards. Even When You Don’t Have A Question.


Sometimes, as in most of the time, I don’t want to ask my cards a question, rather, I want THEM to tell ME what I need to know. I simply want some guidance on a certain topic. In the reading above, I asked to be spiritually as well as practically guided around the topic of money. This is what’s called, an open tarot card reading.

And this is how you do it.



To begin, have ready: your tarot cards; the layout for the spread you have chosen (my favourite is the 3 card spread: past > present > future); and the card and spread information pages, if required.



Prepare your environment as feels good to you. Candles, incense, essential oils, feathers. Or not. Sit down with some empty space in front of you. Relax and still your mind. Breathe deeply several times.



Remove the deck of cards from their casing. Hold the cards cupped in one hand. Place the other hand on top and close your eyes. Decide on an intention for this reading (i.e. I would like guidance on… / Please give me clarity on… And say your intention out loud as an opening statement.



Shuffle the cards until you feel ready to stop. Keep your mind free and open while you shuffle.



Place cards face down in front of you with the short edge toward you. Cut the deck in one unplanned action as follows:

➳ Grab some number of cards from the complete pile.

➳ Drop this smaller pile to the left.

➳ Grab part of this second pile. Drop this third pile to the left.

➳ Regroup cards into one pile in any fashion.



Hold the cards in your hand with the short edge toward you. Then turn over the top card as you would turn the page of a book. Lay out the cards according to the spread you have chosen. Turn reversed cards around if you are not using them. (I never use reversed cards…but some people like to.)



Note your responses to individual cards. Note your response to the whole pattern of cards. Analyzing the cards; analyzing each individual cards: find the information page for the card, read over keywords and actions.



Look for signs that trigger thoughts and emotions within you. These are the concepts that are important and poignant for you right now. Write down the thoughts and feelings, if you wish. Use your intuition to interpret what each card, and the relationship between all the cards, mean to you. Be sure to take note of inspired ideas and additional insights.



Based on the revelations through the meaning you have uncovered in your reading, tell the story that the cards are showing you, in relation to your current life. Let it flow out of you spontaneously either in written form in your journal, or spoken out and recorded for you to review. This will uncover a theme identified by the cards.



Clear the deck (tarot cards are very sensitive to energy which they store very easily) by gathering the cards together, and holding the cards cupped in one hand, with the other hand placed on top.

➳ Close your eyes.

➳ Say out loud what you have learned from the readings expressing gratitude to your Inner Guide and the cards for their insight.

➳ Put cards back into container, and tidy up your environment if you’ve brought out lots of ornaments the share the experience with.



Let the message of the reading guide you in a general way, throughout your days following, and specifically around the things that you set your intention for the reading on. Observe how this tarot reading is opening up your view of possibilities, insight and ability to perceive a new way forward.


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6 Responses to The Gypset Guide to Reading Your Tarot Cards. Even When You Don’t Have A Question.

  1. How exciting Jenny! If you’re on Instagram, I’d love for you to tag me when you use them! xx

  2. Oh I love the universe! You’re the 4th person to tell me about these tarot cards and you know what – I saw them at my local “energy” store on Tuesday after having a massage. They caught my eye but I was in a rush and had to leave!! I know what i’ll be doing tomorrow! Thanks so much xox

  3. Hi Jenny, the ones I used in the picture above are by The Wild Unknown, and Indy artist in California, and I love them. But I would recommend just using your intuition and trusting what you are drawn to. Google tarot cards, loom at the selection on Amazon, check them out in Etsy and go to your local crystal shop and browse their selection. You’ll be sure to know which ones are calling you! xx

  4. Hi Vienda,
    Which tarot cards do you recommend? I have many oracle card sets but the last few days I have had this feeling I need to get some tarot cards. Would love your wisdom on this one! Thanks so much x

  5. Yes, I agree with you! I love the feeling of giving it all over to a higher power and knowing that you’re always in the hand of the highest good. “I’m just a mere child, show me the way!”

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