I Want To Help You Recognise Your Own Creative Potential. + Then Unlock It.


You’re a highly creative person. I know this because:

  • you use your imagination to create things
  • you love to think about the future
  • you’re fascinated by beauty
  • you have a deep appreciation for nature
  • you love to create beautiful experiences for people
  • you have a fine eye for detail
  • you really care how people feel and how your actions and emotions affect them
  • you do work that is creative in itself
  • you are an extension of the creative process
  • you’re entrepreneurial
  •  you like to figure out how things work
  •  you like to do things yourself


I want to help you to discover and recognise your own creative potential, and then how to unlock it. Once you realise that you’re someone with limitless creative potential, it’s about learning how to use it and bring that out into the world.







Creativity is very much a feminine process. But there’s more to it than that.


Obviously, we all have a feminine and masculine part of ourselves. Both of these parts within ourselves need to be balanced in order to be a whole, happy and fully functioning individual. As we’ve discussed quite often, most of our society has been leaning more towards the masculine expression of self, neglecting the feminine, which we are just learning to re-embrace back into our daily lives.


In order to manifest we must be able to run our inspired ideas and plans through both our masculine and feminine expression. And in terms of creativity, the two parts of ourselves are expressed as so:


Masculine creative energy: is all about taking action – making plans, carrying out information and making adjustments.


Feminine creative energy: is where all the creative ideas are received – so we surrender to inspiration, be receptive, introspective, and hold and nurture the seeds of inspired ideas until we can actively bring them out into the world. The feminine cycle generally lasts longer and is what actually allows creative action to manifest into the world.


So clearly, there’s a balance between the two parts, one is highly active, and the other is receptive.


The feminine is expressed differently in everyone depending on their unique expression, however, some tell-tale signs that the feminine is at play is: Stillness, introspection, darkness, softness, vastness, slow, undulating, strength through gentleness, receptive, raw creative energy, growth through nurturing, emotion, intuitive insights. Those are all expressions of creativity that form within us that are based in the feminine part of ourselves.


So when it comes to the reemergence of the feminine in regards to the creative process we are looking at a prominent tendency to surrender to our creative process more, to yield to the flow, and become open.


Creatively, the masculine wants to act, he wants to attack things, he wants to be busy, he wants things to happen now. When he is imbalanced or immature he may think that he can use force to create, he may not understand that there is a great deal of action in inaction, which is the core of the feminine phase of creation. Action through inaction.


Creativity comes from aligning with your higher-self: Co-creating.


The feminine part of us reminds us that creation is co-creation, that we are aligning with our higher-self, listening to it’s instruction, and trusting ourselves enough to genuinely receive insights that lead to inspired action. This is where intuition plays an imprimatur role, as essentially listening to our intuition is hearing the guidance of our higher self.


The thing about this “inspired action” is that it comes from quiet, surrendered alignment with the feminine; very little action is needed. Intuition based action is precise, efficient, and without struggle as it is supported by the rhythms that make up creation itself.


The balanced creative feminine allows, she acts from intuition, she lets things come, she waits (allows things to gestate) until she is balanced and things are clear and ready to be birthed. She understands and even enjoys the slow or unclear times and lets them move through her knowing that in time all will be revealed.





The feminine creation phase is about being open, allowing, being gentle with one’s self, and understanding that stillness and inaction is by no means unproductive.


The feminine asks us to release our ideals about working hard and sacrificing and invites us to soften into who we truly are and allow the world we desire to manifest around us. When we oscillate into a feminine cycle we are called to embrace and feel our emotions, no matter how extreme or repressed. She knows that our emotions determine our experience and any denial or distortion of our emotional process constipates our ability to genuinely feel the clear truth of our soul. She knows that without a connection to our higher self everything that should be beautiful makes us ache with pain rooted in a blindness that formed from our own self neglect and ignorance.


The feminine is raw creative potential and when we align with it we have access to incomprehensible insight and inspiration. When we align with that raw force we begin co-creating with the very source that beats our heart and turns the seasons, it is the seat of creativity itself.


The masculine is the energy that carries out the insights that are brought through this feminine process.


The feminine is open and gathers, becomes ‘pregnant’ with potential through receptivity, openness and intuition; while the masculine carries out the actions that are needed to ground the raw energy coming through the feminine. He acts upon the ideas that come forward from the feminine cycle, he brings them to life in the material world. Together through the back and forth of feminine and masculine, surrender, and receptivity and inspiration, to refining, building and giving structure through action, the masculine and feminine birth all things into this world.





The key is to find your personal balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of your being and realize that it is the feminine aspect which nurtures and sustains the creation.


The masculine holds focus and creates the safe and secure space for the feminine to nurture her creation. But it is the feminine which nurtures and sustains the creation. If she is not properly protected, the creation will be thwarted in some way. This is true for creation which occurs at any level of our being or of Creation. There is a feminine presence equal to the masculine and if the masculine and feminine are not properly balanced the creation will be thwarted.


On this point of the feminine nurturing and sustaining a creation and need for a balanced dance between the masculine and feminine, the dance is not equal.



That is, the feminine always give more to the create manifestation than the masculine. The feminine must be willing to give of herself much that a female must give of herself to grow the fetus in her womb to create life. This cycle of conception, fetal growth, birthing, and nurturing the creation until it can stand on it own two feet is true for any creation. It is the feminine which gives of herself through most of this process and this is true for every level of being.


So your work here, is to recognize when you are playing the masculine role, and when you are in the feminine.

How do these two work together in your life?

How can you create smooth and balanced symbiosis?


What I’ve noticed is that, you often feel like you lean too far into your masculine, but it’s actually that when you do this, when this habit arises for you, you become stressed, exhausted and out of alignment with your true, authentic self.

You have a very feminine, gentle energy, yet your habit is to lean into the masculine too far, in order to be heard, respected and have your needs met.





In my own life I have taken the time to find a balance in my feminine and masculine expression, which naturally flows over into all areas of life, including creativity.
What I discovered was that we often use busyness which is an over-exaggerated masculine as an avoidance of the deeper, more painful shadow work that we need to do from time to time. Over-masculine busyness keeps us from deepening into creative vision.


Psychologist Chuck Spezzano explains busyness:

“Busyness attempts to protect us from the fear generated by our shadow figures, the unconscious mind, and our pain. It blocks out soul level gifts, our purpose and our destiny. In our busyness we are trying to run away from feelings of guilt, failure and worthlessness. We drive ourselves onward to prove we are useful and valuable. Yet dark feelings float to the surface in any moment of respite, so we keep pushing on. Our busyness keeps us too busy for love and bonding that would bring about the same success with much less effort. Instead of moving forward to a new stage we change by slight degrees.”


It can feel really strange just to sit and receive “nothing” other than the urge to become more present and more accepting of my life as it was unfolding. The feminine place of creativity gestates and grows even as it seems to “do nothing”. The feminine aspect of creativity waits to see and hear new information from the unseen realms before taking action. The feminine also nurtures what has already been created.


Many women develop an over-exaggerated masculine in an effort to make a living.


It is highly encouraged to strike out independently. We are encouraged to make our mark separately upon the world. Yet life unfolds all in one piece and it is a feminine trait to realize that we all evolve together. We are part of larger systems that do not always evolve according to our personal agendas. We each belong to a family evolving. We may be part of a working group evolving. And we may be part of a partnership or a marriage evolving.


Creations need to be loved and acknowledged, revisited and honored in order to continue living and this incites a revitalized energy and a passion in our inner masculine to do and bring further form to old and new creations from a nourished and revitalized place. Feminine nurturing is what strengthens and inspires our inner masculine to exert the energy to bring our creations into tangible form, and to make them more real in our lives.


Come and join me for the 6 week Gypset Mindset mentoring program starting on Monday, where we can continue to delve deeper into this discussion. It would be an honour to have you there, and examine your own sense of femininity and part in the creation process.




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