How to see the signs from the Universe + manifest BIG things.



I like to think that I’m really, really good at manifesting. Sometimes I even like to – modestly – brag about it. It’s not that I always get whatever I want. Though, I like to think that I do. But, from years of honing my manifesting muscle, I’ve got a pretty simple and clear practice that works for me.


Part of it is holding an intention that this is for you, knowing that, and being patient.

The other part is paying attention to, and seeing the signs from the Universe, for when it’s go time.


How to see the signs from the Universe + manifest BIG things. Broken down into steps woven through a true story.


Let’s start at the very beginning:


About 3 years ago, when I was living in Sydney, before I started being a full-time life coach and writer, I had this dream, which I wrote in my journal:


“To move to Byron Bay, with my love, for 6 months, and experience life from that viewpoint.”


At the time I was working full-time for someone else, don’t have a “love” per se, and had no idea what would happen next. What did happen next was that I got into a relationship that was exciting, though totally tumultuous and unhealthy, which ended after a short 6 months, and traveled around Europe, the Americas and India for 2 years.


My Byron dream was moved into the background. It just wasn’t the right time yet.



Fast forward to late last year:


I bought a van, with the intention to spend the Australian summer, quasi September 2014 to April 2015, slowly weaving my way up and down the East Coast, which would include a delicious amount of time spent in Byron. It’s a place that I’ve spent plenty of time in before and had been calling me for a few years by now.


Alas, the Universe had other plans for me. On my way up to my intended starting point, Cairns, where I was planning to spend 6 weeks before I headed south again, my van blew up, and I met a charming man who swept me off my feet. Serendipitously, both those things happened in exactly the same moment. It was like I was being told “Sorry, you can’t have that van, but here’s something else you can have instead.”


The universe is always speaking to us.

And so, together, hand in hand, without the van, we made our way up to Far North Queensland: Cairns, where we still find ourselves today.


Now however, is the twist in the story:


About two weeks ago, the Universe started dishing out some pretty strong signs. All of a sudden, everywhere I looked, everyone I spoke to, Byron Bay was being mentioned. Within 3 days, I and 4 different gents tell me they were visiting there, 2 soul-sisters tell me they were thinking of moving there, 2 folk tell me they thought I lived there and 7 other signs from the Universe, placing the Mecca of Creative Pursuits into my forefront.


I know when the message is this strong, when a certain place, person or thing is repeatedly placed before me, to sit up and pay attention. That’s how I know the Universe is telling me it’s time to go.


And I was ready.


So I sat my love down, and told him, gently and with kindness, that I really, really needed to move to Byron for a while. And that, while I’d love him to come join me, if he couldn’t, that I totally understand, but I had to do this. For me. I had a feeling that this had to happen fast. My intuition was kicking in and telling me to move.


That simple nudge changed everything. And the Universe provided the steps necessary to make this dream of mine, an intention I’d been holding for myself for 3 years now, a reality.


The next day (while I was mentally planning a solo departure) my love was offered a transfer by his work, to their head office. Which just so happens to be based in Byron Bay. And we had to leave in 5 days. Talk about WOW!


Then we were offered a camper van that needed relocating from Cairns to Brisbane, to take ourselves and out things down, for free!


It was as if a meticulous plan was simply unfolding for us, simply because we were willing to jump when the timing was right. I paid attention to the signs from the Universe, which manifested one of my BIG dreams.


The steps are simple:

1. Get clear on your intention: your BIG dream.

2. Trust that it will come at the perfect time. Be patient and stay open to RECEIVE.

3. See the signs from the Universe as a message to ACT upon.

4. TRUST your intuition even though it makes no logical sense.

5. Allow you DREAM to unfold in its own way and time. Be humbled by the mysterious magic of the Universe.


Now, I am lying on my bed, writing, about to jump in the van, our packed bags sitting around us, ready for the next adventure, which begins:




19 Responses to How to see the signs from the Universe + manifest BIG things.

  1. hi,

    my best friend of 4 years moved to another city 4 months ago. I have
    been in love with her since the day I met her. I only just recently
    told her how I felt about her and how much I loved her. she obviously
    doesn’t feel the same way now, but she did before she even admitted
    herself. I was very depressed and hated everything and everyone. I
    didn’t even say goodbye to her when she left. so I cut off all
    contacts with her and asked her to not talk to me. I needed some space
    as I was very confused. then I came across this LOA thing and have
    been meditating for the past couple of months. I gotta admit I do feel
    a lot better now. I promised myself to not msg her ever again but I
    couldn’t hold myself, so I texted her on her bday and were sort of
    warming up again. I havnt stopped meditating and have been writing a
    lot of positive affirmations. I really want her to come back home. I
    do get the feeling that she will move back. she has depression so I
    really want her back because I want to be there for her and take care
    of her. any more suggestions ? she hasn’t texted me today, but I am
    not worried about that. as long as we are warming up again and sort of
    have her back in my life.

  2. I absolutely agree. We often think that by controlling the time-line, we are in control of our happiness, but it actually always works out so much better when we release and surrender to the ways of our magnificent Universe!

  3. Gorgeous Kristel, how beautiful to be drawn to Bali and to follow that call. Just remember to be open to receiving, and follow anything that excites your heart – the right things will find you. xo

  4. Great post Vienda, thank you! I’m in Bali right now, and really practicing being open to signs from the Universe. I was led to Bali by the Universe, and am now wondering what the lesson is for me here. Thank you for your message – I’m going to be patient and keep my eyes and ears open <3
    Much love, Kristel

  5. I’m always so happy to see your beautiful notes here in the comments. I can’t wait to hear about what youre manifesting! What is it? What is it? xx

  6. Hmmmm, I might have written an article about that… But I can’t remember right now! Maybe I should write another one?! Do you remember more of the details, then I can find it for you…. xx

  7. Oh Ainslie, you are just the BEST. Thank you for your sweetness, love and support. Keep making magic the way that only you do! x

  8. This made me so happy! I’m so delighted for you, Vienda. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey with us. I’m sitting here, honoring you and your gorgeous path.

    I’m manifesting a little something myself…and this post serves as a reminder that I *can* do it!

  9. Hey again Miss V, Curious. Do you ever bump up against opposition from people close to you for choosing to live in such a free spirited way? I’m sure you wrote an article about that last year, no? Love to read it again as am finding myself in a situation with a family member who would love me to settle down and own a white picket fence, for her sense of security rather than my own. It’s affecting our relationship and as am in the process of prepping for another overseas adventure, be great to deal with it in a gentle, loving way, for both our sakes. x

  10. Woo hoo! Love this story.

    I’m in Brisbane now, heeded a call from l’universe to come here for a bit post Sydney. Now am in the process of choosing my next stop. Byron’s been calling a little too but not to live, I don’t think. If I find my way down there soon, would love to have the chance to finally connect. Or if you happen to pop upto Brisbane…

    Bon chance pour toi et ton mec! xx

  11. I love this. I love that you do this and honour this. I can’t wait to hear what unfolds and why xxx

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