I have 41 days left in Byron Bay. The past 108 days have been full of love, expansion and growth.

Sunset in Byron Bay


I arrived in Byron Bay on Valentines Day 2015. Aptly so, considering that many people who live here, believe Byron to sit at a converging point of powerful ley lines, that are directly affecting our heart centre, creating a blueprint for unconditional love. As well as being placed in the most easterly point of Australia, it is supposed that Byron has tremendous effects on our energetic fields releasing blockages in the heart chakra – to allow for openings of more unconditional love. I don’t have anything to back those presumptions up, but I like them. And well, why not believe something that increases love in the world.



Top Shop, Byron Bay


On that fateful day, I was lucky enough to catch a lift into this unique and world-famous little town with my sweet friend Carly from Pockets of Peace. We spent the whole drive down chatting about all things spiritual: how to cleanse your aura; why it’s important to work through old family stuff that’s keeping you stuck; what meditations we like to do; and why learning to love yourself is the best V Day gift you could ever give yourself. Promptly followed by a less spiritual lunch of ‘USA Burgers’ and green juices at the beautiful Top Shop on the hill.



Julien in Byron Bay


Two days later, my sweet love Julien and I moved into our beautiful little farmhouse, complete with 5 chickens and 1 kitten. Oh, remember Julien? The rather handsome Canadian man whom I picked up off the side of the road, who then stood by my side and held my hand (like in every woman’s dream), when my van blew up? And then spent 3 months house-sitting with me in Cairns? Well, we’re still adventuring around together. I’ve learnt so much about love from him too. Like, how love expands more than you can ever possibly imagine. And that your relationship is a direct reflection of what you feel about yourself, in each and every moment. (He may just kill me for using this photo of his amazing-peacock-hair, but hopefully he won’t ever read this to find out!)



Vienda in Byron Bay


One of the many reasons I felt called to Byron was to see the endearing and enlightening Elizabeth Gilbert speak on the topic of creativity. She was doing a literary tour for her new book, and after seeing this TED talk some years ago, I knew I wanted to hear more from her. Which I did. And what she taught me was this:

“Your work does not need to be useful. It does not need to be beautiful, it does not need to be pleasing, it does not need to fill a hole. It just needs to be done.”

It was around this time, that I released my third ever eBook ‘New Moon. New You. A journaling ritual to create your best life ever.’ Because it just had to be done. And I love it and use it all the time.



Banana Muffins in Byron Bay


What was really unforeseen was that, when I first got Byron, I literally did not want to do anything. I was pulled into a vortex of stillness, which I wasn’t really comfortable with (because, ahem, I run a business and in many ways the equation works as such: no working = no money) but there were greater conduits at play here. So I trusted the inner calling to just relax a little and allowed life to wash over me. And I did a lot of baking: Banana Muffins and Carrot Muffins and so much more!

This time was filled with soul-searching, and thinking about what I really wanted and what was important to me. Which was swiftly enhanced by a midnight-death experience that I shared: Life is dangerous. You are so damn courageous for living it. Julien, of course, was the hero of that particular tale, too.



The Pass Byron Bay


Little did I know that that time of quiet, could be likened to the calm before the storm. Because swiftly following it has been, what feels like, never-ending months of high-speed chaos. Aka: swift change and energetic nudges driving me to expand and grow in ways that are ridiculously unfamiliar. Yet I welcome them with open arms. Because if we want our lives to change, we have to get uncomfortable.

It means that, for the first time since I have created my coaching business and started working in it full-time 2 years ago, that I catch myself thinking “I don’t have enough time!”. What it really means is that life has beautifully sped up, increased it’s horse-power and thrown a bucket-load of amazing opportunities in front of me. And that it’s up to me to learn to bring more presence and awareness into my life, and make sure that I am truly focused on what’s important. This is such a wonderful learning curve around expansion. When we ask for more, we always get more. And then we need to learn how to handle more.



Vienda in Byron Bay


I am so grateful for the many things that are filling my life and days at the moment. I’m close to full capacity with my 1 to 1 coaching clients in both the unique coaching programs and the incredibly popular #10WeeksofFree program, that take enormous precedence in my life. Every call has me smile —  the enormous capacity that my clients have to create a life that surprises all of us. And to actually do the things they says that dream of. With unparalleled ease, determination and enthusiasm. It astounds me. I swear I learn as much from being a mentor, as they do having me teach them. And I get to meet and make friends with some of the most breath-taking human beings on the planet.



Vienda and Hayley in Byron Bay.


The project that’s really been stretching and growing me? The Gypset Adventure. My dear colleague, life-coach-in-arms, and friend Hayley and I, dreamt this baby up when I first arrived. We knew it was big. Bigger than anything we had ever created before. And big = scary. And scared means that we are growing and stretching ourselves beyond anything either of us have ever imagined before. Our weeks are currently filled with writing, writing, writing. And filming the content. And getting beautiful photographs like the one above take by even more wonderful friends, our darling Michelle from Eyes of Love Photography. Our weeks have also been filled with overcoming big challenges, technical issues, internal conflicts, upper-limit-problems and the need to push and grow, and with that comes growing pains. That said, I can feel the heavy weight lifting. There’s something really beautiful evolving, and I know that The Gypset Adventure is something incredibly special. as well as a powerful catalyst. A 6 month program that will change lives. If you’re the right person for it.


Manifest More

The project that makes me smile and glow and sparkle inside? Manifest More. This one is so special to me, and it’s been  pleasure to watch it unfold and evolve. Manifest More is based on my own extensive experiences in manifesting all the things that I want and indulge in, in my life, such as moving to Byron, traveling the world, making plenty of money, falling in love, finding the perfect apartment wherever I go, creating my own job, taking creative ideas and turning them into tangible experiences, creating a really healthy and vibrant body, and so much more. I have interviewed over 15 experts on different topics, who have shared with us how to manifest anything you want into your life. And I’m sharing all of my own intimate experiences and stories, plus a step-by-practical-step ‘how to’ for every single area of your life, that anyone can use and apply to their own lives. It’ll come out as an 8 week video eCourse, to be launched in August. My beautiful designer Alisha, has been doing an amazing job at creating the stunning visuals to go with the Manifest More program, and I am so excited to share more about it with you soon.


Byron Bay Sunset


And then there’s my own internal spirit / life journey as it unfolds. The past 6 months, and especially the time in Byron has been quite dedicated to doing my own inner work on untying my negative family ties. When my family experience came to a rather shocking peak in September last year, I recognised that I had to heal my mother and father lines on a deeper level than I had ever before. For some reason, being in Byron has given me a really safe and loving place to do that. And I feel like I’m tying up loose ends in that specific arena of my life. It feels good. It kind of feels like I’m growing up.


Lighthouse walk Byron Bay


All of this “busy-ness” and wild unrest means that I’ve been even more aware of how sensitive our bodies are. Which means that I need even more rest and care than usual. For me, that means putting self-care ahead of everything else. I do that by starting each day, asking my body what it needs, first and foremost. And doing that. Which means lots of runs up to the lighthouse to move my body, sweat, and give my muscles something to firm them. It means gentle yoga at home to the soothing sounds of Cora & Bhodi in my ear via a personalised yoga sequence that was especially made for me a year ago. It means a blend of spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorophyll and alfalfa powder in the mornings, and probiotic and Vitamin C during the day, to support my body and immune system while it goes through rapid changes and inner growth. Because, after all, everything is connected. And it also means taking naps whenever I can fit them in.


Nimbin Peaks


And of course; adventures. Life isn’t complete without adventures, and it’s one  thing that Julien and I do well. In fact, we took the last two days off, for exactly that.



Flower field near Nimbin, Australia.


The day before we went to the local Tea Tree Lake, where tales are told of the aboriginal women who held it as a sacred space, and gave birth to their little ones, and would wash in the water, as the Tea Tree works as an antiseptic. Followed by a scenic drive to Nimbin, the infamous tie-dye and weed capital. Our timing was perfect, as I could indulge myself in the intricacies of the massive Sunday market, while Julien went in search of the perfect hacky sack.



Minion Falls, Australia.


And then yesterday: Minyon Falls — which spectacularly descends over more than 100 metres — and once was a part of a volcano, a long, long time ago.



Crystal Castles Byron Bay.


Followed by Crystal Castle, a magical property, designed with crystal grids, that facilitate healing, releasing and opening your heart and third eye. We had a beautiful sound healing and meditation, which was the highlight of my day. Even Julien was impressed by the sonar resonance and vibration from the quartz crystal singing bowls, as they moved through different areas of our bodies.


I have 41 days left in Byron Bay. The past 108 days have been full of love, expansion and growth. I wonder what these last few weeks will bring, as I wrap things up, and prepare for the next steps in my journey.


8 Responses to I have 41 days left in Byron Bay. The past 108 days have been full of love, expansion and growth.

  1. Byron loves you and so do I! I wonder where in the wold we will be when we meet again (if it’s not Bali for the Gypset Adventure!) So loved reading this xxx

  2. Oh thank you my lovely Gabbi. It’s so nice to hear from you, as I know you’ve witnessed my journey from the very beginning! xo

  3. I love reading what you write – your words, your voice, your tone. What an amazing journey you’re on! xxx

  4. Thank you beautiful. I can just say that I am in so much gratitude for everything in my life right now. How can it get any better than this? Can’t wait to finally catch up one day soon! xo

  5. Oooh I got goosebumps reading this Vienda. It’s so lovely to hear all about what’s going on in your life and seeing all the pics of the Rainbow region. Enjoy your final days in Byron xxx

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