What to do if you’re scared to take big risks in life.


I recently received an email asking:

What to do if you’re scared to take big risks in life.


Here’s my answer.



The thing with fear, is that, in the moment that you are experiencing it, it feels so very real. It feels like truth. And obviously, we are innately driven to respond to those warning signs.


But our natural evolution also drives us to take risks. To explore the unexplored. To do things we have never done before. To quote Einstein badly, he says that, in order to experience something different, we have to become different.


Essentially, if you want your life to change, you have to change. That includes being sacred and taking risks. They go hand in hand. But if you are ready to change. If you are willing to change, even though you’re scared. Well, then it’s just going to be one grand adventure.


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2 Responses to What to do if you’re scared to take big risks in life.

  1. You have an amazing vision to behold. What an incredible thing you are doing right now! I am SO frickin proud of you, watch, life will guide you to choose something bigger than ever before. Massive love to you Lisa. Keep trusting in life. xo

  2. The risk I’m taking is quitting my job because it made me unhappy and I don’t have a new job yet and in about 90 days I’ll run out of money and I’ve invested all my money and 7 years to my masters of science education and now I don’t even want it. This is the truth, and I don’t have a plan: I’m giving myself this gift of uncertainty because it makes me feel alive and I haven’t found a better reason to live than to feel alive…

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