A brief history of leggings.

A brief history of leggings.


I remember sitting in the car, the warm air of humiliation rising up in me, as she strode towards me in her tight, bright purple leggings, and jumped in the car. “There! All done. Now we can go home.” she said. I contorted my face into a typical teenage grimace. “Why do have to wear those leggings all the time, Mum? It’s embarrassing.” “They’re comfortable and I like them.” was her simple response.


Those are my very first memories of leggings. It was the mid-90’s and neon-coloured everything was all the rage. And it was not uncommon for every mother to be flaunting her legs in a pair of bright leggings.


A brief history of leggings.


Fast forward about 10 years. It was 2006, and I was living in Barcelona, and every girl worth her street-cred knew: black leggings go with everything. Long-forgotten were my reservations against leggings, as they became my staple. I wore them with t-shirts, vests and cardigans, jumpers, dresses and when necessary, as pyjamas. They were multi-purpose, multi-functional and comfortable.


Then, 6 months later I moved to London. My leggings came with me. I remember one day very warm October afternoon, my very British flatmate saying to me “I thought it was so weird that you wear leggings all day long. But recently, I have seen so many girls wearing them! I think you brought leggings to London.” Of course, I agreed with his statement.


A brief history of leggings.


Another 10 years later, I’m still wearing leggings. Now, they are my go-to active wear, my travel-long-distances garb, and sometimes, my all-day-every-day wear, if I’m having one of those weeks where getting fully dressed in civilian clothing feels too hard. (It’s rare, but there are days when I have mentoring clients, where I’ll get dressed up on the top half, put my make-up on, and still be wearing lounge-ing leggings down below. )


When Pins to Kill contacted me and said “Hey. Want to try a pair of our amazing leggings? You can choose any pattern you like…” I jumped up and down with excitement and said “Yes. Yes, I do.” May leggings never, ever leave me.


A brief history of leggings.


Leggings by Pins to Kill. Photography by One Simple Soul.


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