How I manifested $1,450 in 24 hours.


It was August 2013. I had just started my business: mentoring free-spirited wanderlusters on how to live a sustainable life on the road. I had done it for most of my adult life, it was the one thing I knew about, for sure.


I had just moved to Venice Beach, LA a month earlier, and found myself in this incredibly uncomfortable predicament: I was standing with my two feet in different realms. On one side I was taking on contract work writing and managing social media accounts for clients. This was where most of my income came from. But they were taking up all my time. On the other side I really wanted to dive fully into my real work: my mentoring business, and I was petrified that it would fail. And it wasn’t supporting me financially.


It was crunch time and I had to make a decision: keep taking contracts out of fear of failure or take the leap of faith and truly step into my business.


I was stressed out. Worried. Overwhelmed. Stuck. Terrified. Because I had no money. More specifically: I had $300 in a bank account, and about $1,000 emergency money stashed away, just in case. I didn’t know what to do.


Up to that point, I considered myself a manifesting master. I was so good at attracting incredible opportunities, jobs, lovers and adventures into my life. Why was I getting so stuck when it came to my own business and money? It was time to take my own advice and look at this area in my life differently.


One day when I was particularly freaking out about my situation (should I stick with what’s safe or should I step into my dream-work and omg what about money, eeeeek!) I sat down and starting journaling out some questions to get clarity. These questions were what later turned into the Instant Money Manifestation Formula that I teach in Week 2 of my 8 week course Manifest More.


First I had to get clear on how much money I wanted to manifest and why. I wrote down every bill, need and want that I had coming up, and that I required money for most urgently. I placed the figure next to each item and then added them all up. It came to about $1,450, and I needed it now.


Then I examined the story I kept telling myself over and over again about money. I had to find out what I was subconsciously thinking about money. Knowing what my limiting beliefs were and what was holding me back would create space for transformation and release. What I started to notice was that, while I was good at attracting work through others, I didn’t trust my ability to fully take responsibility for myself. I diverted my responsibility to support myself financially to others. As it turned out, somewhere along the line I had picked up the belief that I am not responsible with money and therefore shouldn’t be trusted with it. Even now, all these years later, I notice how these words of truth heal me, still. With this realisation, I decided to change.


The next part felt strange: I wrote down, tracked, acknowledged and gave tremendous gratitude for all the abundance that came into my life over the next few days. My mind was so stuck in the idea that I didn’t have enough money, it was hard to do, but I forced myself to assimilate the changes I was making through action. I even wrote down the 25c coin I found on the ground and the lunch my friend bought me.


To further integrate my new approach to money, I knew I had to take further action. So I wrote down 50 things I could do right now to start manifesting more money. I even wrote down silly things that I would probably never do like ‘become a stripper’ and ‘sell drugs’. I chose the ones that were the most fun and easiest for me to do right away and got to work.


Finally, I had read that in order to attract abundance you had to feel abundant. This seemed impossible. I mean, have you seen my bank account?! I had nothing to lose. So I wrote down affirmations and repeated them as often as I could. These are the ones that I used: “Money loves me and wants to take care of me.” or “Life loves me and wants to support me. It is safe for me to receive.” or “Money comes to me easily and frequently.” They helped me open up to a different way of viewing my relationship with money and allowed me to vibrate at a different, more abundant level.


What happened after that was a miracle:


I re-branded and immediately attracted several new clients. I opened up new savings accounts and devoted myself to saving 10% to 20% of my earnings. I had an old client pay an invoice that I had forgotten about. And within 24 hours had manifested the exact amount of money that I had written down that I needed. $1,450 ended up in my bank account.


I sighed with relief, and had a newfound trust in the power of manifesting. That’s why I created Manifest More. To teach, with specific examples and do-it-right-now solutions, how we can literally create our lives to reflect the changes we want to see.


The countdown is on: we start in less than a week. Join us, if you dare:


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