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6 Life Changing Kindle Books I’m Loving Right Now

Miao! Hello love-bugs! I don’t know about you but I spent this recent Mercury Retrograde hiding away under the soft, luxurious covers of my bed, getting my soul-nurturing on, in place of gypsetting around at a high pace. As I mentioned a few of weeks ago, I’ve moved to a new pad in Venice, and… Continue Reading

6 amazing books I’m reading right now

The Magicians Way A very wonderful friend of mine actually gave me this book to read and quite serendipitously it was exactly what I needed at the exact right moment. I finished the book quite quickly and then wished it had lasted longer so perhaps I need to go back and read it again! Every… Continue Reading

You are not unloveable

  Recently, a friend of mine confided in me, that she had decided she was unloveable. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, she said, but I just can’t seem to make a relationship work.   She is beautiful: with big green eyes and long auburn hair and a slim pixie-like figure. She is accomplished:… Continue Reading

Surrendering to the creative pause.

  Every time I sit down to write this article I stop. It’s really hard to write about the space-in-between — the creative pause — the gestation period… when I am in it. Yet these words are insistent on being written.   It hit me when I arrived back from London, though I had felt… Continue Reading

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