My name is Vienda. It’s pronounced like Vienna, but the second ‘n’ is a d. It’s Italian and means “the coming one” or “the person that you are waiting for”. It’s telltale of you and I, and why we are meeting here, today.


I believe the mainstream path doesn’t work for everyone. And, since you’re here, it probably doesn’t work for you. Innovation and living on the leading-edge of life require us to break the rules and live intuitively. If I can leave you with one certainty it’s this — you are your own oracle — the key to everything you want, and need to know.


I run a digital lifestyle-design business teaching at the crossroads of manifesting, intuitive living, radical self-trust and creative business.


What that means is: through my articles, online classes and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, I enable women (like you) to use your own intuition, desires and creativity to shape your future. Also: I collaborate with brands who want to make the world a better place by developing creative ideas to bring their concepts, services and products out into the world.


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I’m based in the beautiful desert valley of Kamloops between the vast Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, Canada. It wasn’t always like that. In 2014 I fell in love with a Canadian (and very handsome) stranger on the side of the road in Australia. In 2017 we bought a cute little 1950’s bungalow-style house in his home-town. Now, I am here.


I was born in Salzburg, Austria. My mama is Austrian, my papa is Italian. He died in a car accident when I was 10. I speak German and English fluently. I shyly butcher Spanish and Italian. I have a funny motley accent because I’ve lived in many, many places. I’ve travelled the world (vastly albeit slowly) since I was 19. Now I am 36.


Between then and now I acquired a Degree in Psychology with a minor in journalism and have taken formal and informal study in the areas of human behaviour, emotional engineering, counselling, business, Reiki, meditation, positive psychology, manifesting and neurolinguistic programming. Also: astrology, marketing, photography, design and styling feature highly in my repertoire.


Years ago, when I was cool, I worked at underground music festivals as an artist coordinator, all around the world. It was a (psychedelic) trip. Literally. Then one day, I stopped caring about being cool and threw myself into living a creative, intuition-led life, and making the world a better place.





official bio


Vienda is a writer and creative who spends her time teaching at the crossroads of manifesting, intuitive living, radical self-trust and creative business, and is the creator of the popular 8-week course Manifest More.

Vienda’s message has been shared by thousands across the globe through her blog and Instagram, which reaches over 15,000 inspired folks per month, and platforms such as Cleo Magazine, Rebel Society, Tiny Buddha and Nabalo Magazine. Connect with Vienda at ViendaMaria.com and Instagram: @viendam.









1-on-1 mentoring


During a session we can:

→ get clear on what you actually want in your life and how to get there
→ resolve relationship issues or distressing experiences
→ work on your creative project or business idea
→ review and spruce up your website
→ get unstuck around something you want to manifest
→ develop an exit plan from your current life and a leap-of-faith plan into a new one
→ structure a year of wanderlust-satisfying travel (and ways to support it)
→ decide on how you want to reinvent yourself
→ outline and structure the book you want to write
→ brainstorm a long list of blog-post or podcast ideas
→ generate the structure for a workshop or course
→ provide you with the tools and inspiration to go for your dreams, and so on.


I also offer ongoing mentoring programs. Please email me at studio@viendamaria.com for details.

Want to know what past clients have said about me? Read here. 


You will get:

— 1 hour of time with me
— a recording of our session
— follow-up notes in an email outlining your next steps






I love sharing my stories with you and am regularly featured in various podcast interviews. These are perfect for when you’re having one of those days where you just want to listen and be inspired. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have loved being a part of them.


Dream Freedom Beauty dove into topics with me like weaving intuition with a structure to make money and business decisions, journaling is a potent method for creating your life and why trust is a choice and a decision you have to fully commit to.


The Great Unraveling podcast invited me to unravel the topic of money through a new lens. We also talk about the importance of self-responsibility and taking aligned action to support ourselves financially.


Kirby and Claire from Blog Authentic welcomed me onto their podcast to reveal how to create a positive impact with a blog, manifesting money and connecting with your true self through journaling.


Susana Frioni from Love, Sex + Desire interviewed me on how to call in a lover, exploring sexuality without being dependent on a partner and navigating the world of dating.


It’s a very rare thing when an interviewer can hold a sacred safe space for you, that allows you to reveal things that perhaps you yourself weren’t even aware of. She Makes Magic did exactly that when I was interviewed about freedom, travel, entrepreneurship and manifesting.


In Unclassified Woman we talk about the choices that we can (and sometimes have to) make as women around having children and what that means for us as a society. It gets pretty personal and vulnerable, and I’m so grateful that this is a conversation that is being had nowadays.


My friend Connie from Awaken Radio interviewed me on the gypset mindset — living a free-spirited lifestyle and travelling the world — how to make it sustainable and really make it work for you.








“What I love about Vienda is that every time I listen to her, I feel like she is my best friend. She gets me. She gets us. She talks openly and honestly about things we all go through, whether it’s self-love, relationship, freedom or money related… But what I also love about her way of guiding and helping is that she never says “this is the right way and the only right way and you should do it”. She guides you but gives you “only” the little pushes, the rest she lets you do, she makes you do. She helps you feel like a person totally capable of handling everything that comes your way through the tools inside of you that she helps you discover. Thank you for who you are, Vienda, deeply.” Denisa — Healing With Color, Slovakia



“Vienda supported me in uncovering my dreams and bringing them to life. Before we began our journey I felt such a block; a block in trusting and believing in myself.  She held space for me as I stepped through my fears and reclaimed the power I had within to manifest my visions. Her constant support, creativity, wisdom, and ideas were the catalyst for me to step fully into my role with true authenticity and alignment to who I am and what I can offer. Now, I feel so alive, excited, and passionate about what’s to come.” Anoushka Loftus — The Goddess Space, UK



“Vienda has a true ability to vision greatly, like most creatives — but her tangible superpower — unlike many is the ability to softly see the chapters of the vision with the clearest of clarity. Vienda’s guidance is both gentle and functional, for the first time in a long time I felt the true potential of my business and all of a sudden it felt EASY. In person, I admired how humble and approachable she was, although it made perfect sense as she inspires through her authentic self.” Stacey Williams — Interior Designer, UK



“Before starting to work together I was feeling very frustrated with my business. With you, I had so many shifts and improvements in the way I work and results in a very short period of time, which felt awesome. I learned to do things with more lightness, letting go of perfectionism and as a paradox, I’ve been showing up with greater professionalism and consistency than ever before. I loved our work together because it was extremely practical, down to earth while also spiritual and magical, the perfect combination for me!” Alessia Gandolfo — Life Coach, France



“The biggest impact my session with Vienda has had on me is the clearing up of all the inner roadblocks I had towards moving ahead to the life of my dreams. I now have such clear guidelines, such exact information, and so much more clarity on how to get to my goal. I could have never done it without her! She’s like this beautiful forest-fairy who comes into your life, clears all the cobwebs off your doubts, and dusts sparkly gold on the road to your dream-life!” Linda Maria — Writer, Spain



“From day one Vienda totally understood my business concept (a lot of people didn’t) and helped me to hone it into a tangible offering. What I love about her is the way she balances heart and hustle, or action and flow, with such grace. I always felt her genuinely loving encouragement along my journey, but I also trusted her to call out my self-sabotaging moments and hold me accountable to my goals, which I really needed to push past my fears of stepping out into the world and being seen.” Cherise Lily Nana — Artist, Australia



“Last week I worked my last day at the little craft beer restaurant/bar I’ve been working at for the past four years. Letting go of that and going 100% full-time with into my business was a huge step, and I owe so much of this to you. It’s slightly terrifying but in such an exciting way. So thank you, thank you, thank you. For putting yourself out there with your business, for reaching out to me, to working with me and inspiring me to reach for more. I am beyond grateful for my relationship with you.” Victoria Jones — Menstrual Health Coach, USA



“I wanted to pursue new things but felt so pulled between what I should be doing, what is right and wrong, and what my heart and gut were guiding me towards. Since working with you I feel so much more trust and feel much more confident in listening to the little nudges coming from my intuition.  I have now created a business that I feel totally aligned with, which before seemed impossible.  I am so proud of it and actually feel excited about working which I hadn’t felt in a while. Thank you!!”  Anna D’Amelio — Creator of ‘Skinfood’, Australia



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