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I help inspired women (like you) cultivate radical self-trust so they can start doing the great things in the world that they are being called to do.


What that means is: that I teach, guide and mentor you to harness what it is that sets you apart, identify what you want to do in the world, and give you the tools to embark on a journey of anchoring your life into the sacred, doing your soul-work and making the world beautiful, through your unique, creative gifts.


I believe the mainstream path doesn’t work for everyone (and, since you’re here, it probably doesn’t work for you). Innovation and living on the leading-edge of your life requires breaking the rules. I help you do that. 


I mentor women from around the world on breaking through belief systems, choosing freedom, overcoming limitations, manifesting, creating life on your terms, stepping up to your purpose and, if it’s right for you: how to start and grow a small business. 


This isn’t about fantasy — it’s about the beauty and freedom of designing your own reality.





I work with


Folks who are ready to change. It’s terrifying to admit that your entire life has to change. It feels like slamming into a wall at high-speed, whilst gasping for air as if you were drowning. It’s also exhilarating. And relieving.


Overworked and overwhelmed women disillusioned by corporate careers those who believe that there’s more to life than hustle and stress. With an urgent need to really live.


Aspiring and flourishing health and life coaches, yogis, illustrators, photographers, videographers, musicians, artists, graphic designers and writers who want to cultivate freedom in every area of their own lives alongside having financially and soulfully fulfilling, location independent businesses.


Individuals, companies and brands who share my message of self-discovery, authenticity, raw truth and story-telling, and want me to facilitate a workshop or speak at their event, company, or studio.


Brands and businesses who want unique one-on-one creative direction for a specific program or project, with focus on artistry, woo-ing their audience and inspiration, for a better world.


Feel called? Let’s connect:



About Vienda Maria




My name is Vienda. I’m a writer, visual story-teller and mentor. I make money doing a few different things: as a writer -> I write about things that matter; I take pieces of my soul + spin them into words; as reassurance that we’re all in this together. I mentor women -> in 1:1 sessions I help them navigate big changes in their lives; offer them support to return to their truth; + provide frameworks for them to change careers + start businesses that fulfil their heart + souls. I also work with brands -> creating beautiful content + big ideas for branding + marketing.

Ultimately, my message is about choosing freedom in every situation, finding the magic in the every-day + navigating this incredible human experience with radical self-trust: looking at your intuition + internal guidance for the answers, instead of seeking them outside + being hung up on external assurance + validation.

I’m 35. I was born in Salzburg, Austria. My mama is Austrian; my papa is Italian. He died in a car accident when I was 10. I speak German + English fluently. I shyly butcher Spanish + Italian. I have a funny motley accent because I’ve lived in many, many places, Australia featuring most highly (no-one can resist those beaches!). The past 12 years I’ve dedicated to non-stop traveling around our beautiful globe + after a last hurrah through SE Asia, have ended up in Canada.

Why, you ask? Because 2.5 years ago I fell in love with a Canadian (+ very handsome) stranger on the side of the road. I’m swapping it all out for a garden, a miniature goat, a pup + love. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s so nice to meet you!

Vienda xo


P.S. Years ago, when I was cool, I worked at underground psychedelic music festivals as an artist coordinator, all around the world. It was a trip. Literally. Then one day, I stopped caring about being cool and threw myself into creative expression, personal development, delighting in the little things and learning about how to make the world a better place, for everyone.





Other important things


You can read all my weekly articles here. I have also been featured in Cleo Magazine, Inspired Coach Magazine, Natural Health Magazine, Telstra Smarter, Raspberry Magazine, Roooar Magazine, Tiny Buddha, The Wellness Warrior, Such Different Skies, This Is LifeBlood, Melissa Ambrosini, and Awaken Radio, to name a few. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try this.



Also, sign up for my weekly-ish email. It’s full of adventures, most embarrassing moments, and lessons learned.



I have a Degree in Psychology with a minor in journalism and have taken formal and informal study in the areas of human behaviour, emotional engineering, counseling and coaching, business, Reiki, meditation, positive psychology, manifesting and neurolinguistic programming. Also: astrology, conscious entrepreneurship, marketing, photography, design, styling and visual communication feature highly in my repertoire.



If I can leave you with one certainty, it’s this: you are your own Oracle; the key to knowing everything you need to know, and the direct line to everything you need and want.



I speak about how to embrace life and make it better, sweeter, kinder. You can hire me for your next event.



The topic closest to my heart is: freedom. Which, as it turns out, is actually a state of mind. As I have sought freedom in my work, in my lifestyle, in my relationships, in myself, I have discovered one vital thing. Freedom, true freedom, comes from within.



I run an annual course: Manifest More. It’s about getting more of all the good stuff we all want in our lives: love, money, health, happiness and so on. But at a deeper level it teaches you how to stop being reactive and just let life happen to you. Instead you learn to harness your mind to consciously create the life you want. Doors for Manifest More open again in April 2017.



I also create free mini-courses and things. Because it’s fun for me, and useful for you. Here they are:

Love Letters — Free 7 Day Journaling Course

Make 2017 the best year imaginable

The 7 Day Manifesting Course

New Moon journaling ritual

Full Moon journaling ritual

and a guided audio program: Releasing Rituals.



I believe that everyone has an important purpose to play in the puzzle of life. It takes some soul-searching — saying “no” to the status quo = setting ourselves free — to uncover what that is. And also that: life is not about sacrificing hope, excitement and adventure. It’s about following whatever you feel called to. Following your inner guidance sets you free.



I have an ongoing romance with astrology: I’m a Leo with Scorpio moon and Taurus rising, making me very balanced, and love to map my life out to align with the moon and stars.



About Vienda Maria



You can contact me for


1:1 and group mentoring sessions.

Creative collaborations and sponsorships.

Radio, podcast and TV appearances.

Private workshops and seminars.

Speaking engagements.

Panel events.



My email is





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Vienda is a writer, visual story-teller and mentor with an international audience who teaches you to cultivate radical self-trust; harness creativity; do your soul-work and make the world beautiful.


Over the past 10 years she had sharpened and refined her manifesting skills to create an enviable life filled with extensive global travel, living in some of the most beautiful places in the world, a freedom-fuelled creative career, romantic love, and extraordinary opportunities and experiences, providing endless stories that will leave you speechless and giddy.


Vienda is the creator of the popular 8 week course Manifest More, and has been featured in 3 books including best-seller Love & Oneness.


Vienda’s message has been shared by thousands across the globe through her blog, which reaches over 15,000 inspired folk per month, and platforms such as Cleo Magazine, Tiny Buddha and Natural Health Magazine.


Connect with Vienda at, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram: @viendam.