11 very adulting things I do to run a freedom-fueled heart-led business


I think I have hit the high-point of adulting in my life this month. There’s this feeling in my chest where my heart starts to flutter and beat harder, and I have to bring myself back to the present and breathe, over and over again, while being incredulous of my current reality.


We bought a house. A beautiful bungalow built in the 60’s by an italian family who left the secret garden of my dreams as their legacy. There’s 4 giant grape vines twisting and climbing their ways up and over our balcony, creating a canopy of welcome shade. Also, a plum-tree, an apricot tree, and a peach tree. There are purple Violets growing wildly through the grass and an entire length of roses. I sense there will be much more secret magic for me to discover when we move in. Every time I think about our new home my world freezes for a moment as I allow the joy to envelop me.


I applied for my Canadian residency. It took us several weeks of chasing paperwork, asking for letters and referrals, digging deep for long-lost addresses and photos to plead our case to Canadian immigration and prove that we are, indeed, in a loving relationship and would like to remain that way. Now it’s a waiting game. Who would have thought that that fateful day two and a half years ago when I picked up a stranger on the side of the road and my van blew up, would have led to this.


I’m co-hosting my first-ever 2-day workshop in London in exactly one week, teaching an ebullient group of women exactly what we have learned over a decade’s combined worth of experience of what it really takes to run a heartful business that works. We’re peeling back the virtual curtain on the yin and the yang of business including systems, structures, cycles and self-care. I cannot wait. It’s going to be magic.


The funny thing is, I never really wanted a business. What I wanted was a lifestyle: a way of life that allowed me to live as closely to my inner guidance, my heart and soul, as possible.

I wanted a lifestyle that allowed me space and time to simply “be”. That gave me opportunities to travel or at the very least, the freedom to do so. That provided a platform where I could help. And be creative. While financially supporting me in a way that promoted expansion and access to more beautiful life experiences. 

Following my heart step by step over the years I found my way.⠀So did Claire. We teach you everything we know at The Heartful Biz Workshop in London at the end of the month. If you’ve ever felt this way, and you’re in or around London, then this workshop is for you.


All that… is a lot of adulting.


Apart from showing off how I’ve been aceing adulting recently (honestly: it’s mostly my man, Julien, who leads the way with these things) I wanted to share with you 11 very adulting things I do to run a freedom-fueled heart-led business.






We all know how we want to feel is the main reason why we are motivated to do, well… anything. For example, we start businesses because we want to feel free, aligned, creative and abundant in our lives. However often we think that “when I get / do / achieve this and that, then I’ll feel the way I want to feel”


Journaling provides a different option. It allows us to sit with ourselves and internally analyse what we want to feel and choose to feel it, right now.


Instead of setting tremendous goals for myself I sit down every day and journal. This allows me to tune into how I want to feel and intentionally write down the things I have to do to ensure that I feel that way. What that means is that my business is a result of my mindset and the feelings I foster. As opposed to a sequence of reactions to being out of alignment with the way I want to feel, and scrambling for a way to get back.






I won’t deny that systems and structure were something that I resisted for a long time. The very yang approach to business completely turned me off. Until I figured out how to do it my way.


Now my days are most closely tied to the energetic flow of the days of the week: Tuesdays + Wednesdays are a combination of client calls, admin, and writing; Thursdays are dedicated to creative projects; I mostly take Friday’s off to have fun and socialize; Saturdays are all about planning, managing, and scheduling for the week ahead, with some client calls mixed; and Sundays and Mondays are absolutely always “me time” unless absolutely necessary.


I always start my days checking in with myself and what I need: a variation of exercise, meditation, journaling, quiet time, and: doing my daily Instagram post.


Having this structure allows me to manage my time and energy levels in a way that allow my business to flourish and grow. Which brings me back to my first point: it feels good because it working.






As you can see, I build in a lot of space into my structure, 3 days of space in fact. I need it to feel free. I need it to do good work. My business runs on creative output, and creativity requires space to swell and bloom.


There’s a huge misconception around being successful which is: that you have to work long, hard hours and do things in really complicated ways. This is a lie driven by a culture that prefers to believe that life cannot be easy.


The whole point of running a freedom-fueled heart-led business is to prove that things can be done in a different way. Creating space is one of the key factors of true success and feeling how you want to feel.






No (wo)man is an island. — John Donne


What that means is that human beings depend on each other. Even you, nomadic self-sufficient digital business woman, even you. The most valuable and important thing I have ever done in my business in build and nurture relationships.


I would reach out to anyone that I encountered and admired, send them an email, and tell them that I thought they were a beautiful bright light in the world. Sometimes they wrote back and we became best friends and gave me their bed to sleep in even though we had never met. Sometimes they wrote back and we became cool acquaintances who shared and supported one another across the internet. Sometimes they never wrote back.


The relationships that I cultivate and nurture are what carry me and my business forward beyond all else.






There’s a huge list of incredible tools that I use every day that allow me to run a freedom-fueled heart-led business. Most of them are listed on my love-list here.






My tribe is unique in that they do not fit a specific demographic. Instead, they come together through a unifying feeling and motivation that they have towards life, work and creativity. They are like me: rebels, freedom-seekers, artists who question the norm and want easy, honest, straight-forward integrity and solutions for living a good life.


I find them, and they find me, through this very specific equation of what we are willing to accept in our lives and what motivates us to move forward.


I love them hard, by giving them everything I’ve got: I wear my heart and soul on my sleeve for them, and provide resources and mentoring, both paid and free, as well and entertaining and helpful weekly emails and daily social media posts to keep us connected, tight and heard.






I plan my projects and roll out my ideas with the moon, meaning…


There are two main moon cycles:


Waxing Moon is New Moon to Full Moon and is the most fertile ground for creating things. This is when the moon is getting brighter and bigger, representing the illumination of ideas, concepts and creativity. It the strongest time for creative projects, ideas and generating new materials.


Waning Moon is Full Moon to New Moon and is perfect for contemplation, working through the details and filling in the gaps. This is when the moon decreases size and light and is a time to turn inward, begin exploring your deeper aspects of your project an idea, putting in the structures, details and tying up loose ends. By the end of this two-week cycle, there is a sense of release and completion.


The two weeks of the Waxing Moon and the Waning Moon cycles moves through 8 different moon cycles every 3.5 days:


New Moon: Perfect for starting new projects: planting the seeds of the project even though the idea may not be fully formed yet.


Crescent: I begin to form a plan or course of action around my new idea or project.



First Quarter: I focus on using my unique creative expression to create the content for my idea or project. This is a highly creative few days for me.


Gibbous: I’ll receive more insight or confirmation on how to proceed. I may revisit what I’ve worked on this far to determine my next steps. This is a time to be open to allowing inspiration and intuition to guide me and to trust.


Full Moon: This is when I tweak my plans and efforts. I might even totally scrap my project or idea, if I realise it doesn’t have staying power. The Full Moon is a time to readjust as this is when I have a clearer picture and understanding of the project (or its lessons). It’s also a great time to get others on board.


Disseminating: I often market a new course or program at this time, and then promote it for two to four weeks throughout the moon cycles.


Last Quarter: This phase is about completion and transitioning. My intuition is strong and I feel the energetic last final ‘push’ towards finalising the original idea or project.


Balsamic: Here I create space again: I release and move my attention to the future, to the new moon. It’s a time to set new intentions and start cultivating space for new ideas to arise.






Everything I do, gets checked off by my heart and intuition first. What that means is that I feel into the things that I am thinking about doing, and if they feel good, I go ahead with them. If they don’t I backtrack and find out what’s out of alignment and wait for guidance on how I should move forward.


Living and running a business from a place of alignment is all the matters to me. There’s no point to running a freedom-fueled heart-led business if I am not in alignment because it would mean that it is neither free nor heart-led.


I use my heart, with my body as a conduit, to guide me.






Running a freedom-fueled heart-led business requires tremendous trust. Every day I have to be able to show up, do my work, and trust.  I wrote this article about how to trust when you feel terrified that everything is going to fall apart. I hope it helps you in those moments that you most need to lean into trust.






It’s easy to think that once you have your big, beautiful business idea, everything is going to go smoothly from there. Many of us are pacified by the idea that if we build it they will come.


However, business, especially a heart-led and freedom-fueled business has a spirit of its own. It requires flexibility, room to grow, and for you to have the ability to adjust with it as it does.


Instead of getting really stuck on how your business should be, open to new ways of showing up, sharing and being of service. By adjusting to your business and releasing your expectations, your pathway to success and purpose in much smoother. I’ll be sharing lots of examples of how I had to release and adjust my business at The Heartful Biz workshop next week.






One of my best skills is my ability to lazer focus. I choose a task, I focus until it’s done, and I move on.


I learned to do that many years ago when I used to work in music festivals. There was so much loud noise and distractions and people in party-mode that it required an ability to zone everything around me out so I could complete my tasks.


Now, I write a list of tasks at the end of my work day, ready for the next day. When I set down to start work, I look at my list, choose a task, and lazer focus. This way my work gets done. Giving me space and time for what’s truly important: life.



Read this if: your life appears perfect, but really it’s a big mess.

Read this if: on the outside your life looks perfect, but on the inside it's a big mess.


I know a woman who is ambitious, creative, sexy and beautiful. On the outside, her life looks perfect. On the inside her life is a mess.


Her marriage is in shambles, she is in debt, and feels exhausted, overwhelmed, scared and like something has to urgently change. And she doesn’t what, or how, or where to begin.


We recently had a conversation about how our life is often a mirror of what is going on within. More specifically, how messy her life feels, is a sign of how messy she is within herself.


I want to do the inner work to clear this mess up, she said, but I don’t know how!


This is what I told her:


The funny thing about healing and inner work is that it is mostly invisible and not something you “do” but rather an intention that you hold space for moment to moment.


This is what doing “inner work” looks like, for me, in case that can help you, too.


It often begins with a breakdown: relationship, work, stress, worries… something has gone too far. With the breakdown comes the awareness “something is not right here, something has to change”.


Once upon a time, I was living in Amsterdam, and was in a relationship with someone who was really, really bad for me. Over the course of our 6 month relationship he went from being a gentle artist to an addiction-riddled, gun-wielding drug dealer. I looking around at my life and wondered where the hell I had gone wrong.


Then the ‘inner work’ begins: I take responsibility for my part in the problem I am facing. After all, everything I experience in my life is in some way a reflection of something that I hold in my energetic field. Nothing can exist without my being in relationship with it in some way. Knowing that, doesn’t always mean I know WHAT it is that is causing this thing or how to fix it.


At the time, it was really hard to accept responsibility for what was going on. After all, I wasn’t the one going through a drug-addicted, gun-wielding identity crises… But I accepted that, in some strange way, I had attracted this. That somewhere in the depths of my psyche, my soul needed this to grow and to heal.


So I start to look for patterns. This is where journaling can be exceptionally useful. I start to write out all the scenarios where I felt similar fears, circumstances, responses and so on. I am looking for the key to my subconscious habit or belief that is the root cause. Sometimes I find it. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes just knowing that it exists, even though I don’t know exactly what it is, is enough to start healing it. Sometimes the intellectual understanding of why I did or attracted the thing that I did or attracted doesn’t come until afterwards.


Being okay with not knowing and still having the intention to clear your vibration of beliefs and habits that don’t match the life you want for yourself is more than enough.


I looked at how, throughout my 20’s I chose unreliable ‘bad boys’ over wholesome, kind men. They gave me something I craved: adventure, excitement, and an easy excuse to not give myself over to someone else. On the surface, I was simply wanting to be with men that provided me with an entertaining life. In the depth, I was afraid of being truly vulnerable. Plus: my Papa was a drug-dealing ‘bad boy’ himself. He had modeled the kind of man I would be loved by. And I unwittingly accepted it. Until now…


Then, the thing I need the most, is space and time. Space and time to be alone, to do nothing, to focus on myself, to plan for my future, to nurture my soul with stillness and silence. It is in the ‘nothing’ space and time that most of the ‘inner work’ takes place. At the same time I ask for help and guidance, and pay attention to every single little synchronicity or sign or helping hand that comes my way. I stay open and say “yes” to many of these things because I know that they may be the help and guidance that I have asked for, even if they don’t seem to be directly related to the situation that my inner work appears to be around. Often, the picture is much, much bigger than I can possibly perceive, and it all only becomes clear in hindsight.


I cried, a lot. I felt lost and confused and hurt and angry. And I knew that I had to leave. Even though a large part of me didn’t want to. It was hard, feeling such conflicting emotions. I mourned the loss of the relationship, and grieved the ending of a pattern. I felt safe and comfortable being with men that allowed me to be emotionally detached. Yet I knew it had to end.


Being willing to be in the mess of it, to feel the emotions of it, whilst reaching for the light, what ‘inner work’ is. From this space of embodying the pain and confusion and suffering while also asking to be relieved of it and searching for a new path, healing is happening.


In its own time, miracles start to occur, new choices are made and life changes as a reflection of the inner work and clearing I have done, simply by being with my unhealthy patterns and holding space and awareness for them.


It took me 3 months. I continued to put up with the madness of being in love with someone who had unpredictable mood-swings, oscillating from kind and tender to verbally abusive. He threatened me when I spoke about leaving, and terrified me with his constant need to sniff white powders and smoke weed. Until one day. I had enough.


I was shaking but focused, adrenalin rushing through my body, as I packed all my belongings into my massive duffel bag, while he sat in the living room sniffing and smoking with his friends. As quietly as I could, I slipped out the door and made my way to the train station. I had to make a fast decision: to go somewhere he wouldn’t suspect in case he tried to stop me. I decided on the international bus station, where I booked the next bus leaving the country. Which is how I ended up in Prague. (But that’s another story…)


Don’t put so much pressure to “do your inner work the right way” and rather allow yourself to be guided. Use simple tools like meditation, journaling, running, walking and alone time to create space for the things you are working through and allow yourself to be guided on exactly what to do. More than anything inner work requires you to give it space and time, so try to avoid filling your space and time with people and activities.


A lot more ‘inner work’ took place after that. But it all started there. With time, for the first time ever, I was able to have healthy relationships with kind, wholesome men, that actually supported me. The mess I was in became the initiation I had to go through to create a life in alignment with my true self.



94 sacred characters and symbols for you to copy and paste into your social media


Every now and then, when I am writing a social media post or updating my profile, I want to embellish it with pretty symbols and characters that illustrate pieces of my soul.


For some reason, it always feels like such a chore to find the exact ones I want, and to put them together in a way that’s magical and alluring.


So decided to gather a list of sacred characters and symbols that I like to use, and copy and paste into my social media, without having to scour the entire internet for them.


I thought you might like them too. Enjoy!




☾ ☽  ❍ ☼ ☀ ★ ☆ ☄ ╰☆╮ ✳ 



☉☽ ☾ ● ◯ ☿ ♀ ♄ ♃ ⊕ ♁ ♂ ♅ ♆ ♇



↠ ↞ ➵ ➳ ➳ ➴ ➵ ➶ ➷ ➸ ➹ ➺ ➻ ➼ ➽ ← ↑ → ↓ ↔ ⋖ ⋗ ⋘ ⋙



❀ ✿ ❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆ ✷ ✸ ✹ ✺ ✻ ✼ ❆ ❈ ❊ ❋



♥ ♡ ❥ ❤



❂ ྊ ྾ ྿ ࿄ ࿇ ࿈ ࿉ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿏



► ◄ ᐄ ⍙ ◣◢◥▲ ▼△▽



I love manifesting, but not for the reason you might think…

I love manifesting, but not for the reason you might think...


I love manifesting, but not for the reason you might think…


You probably know that manifesting is about having experiences, things and ways of being that you aspire to like making more money, meeting the love of your life or creating a job that fulfils you and satisfies your desire to be creative and helpful.


But that’s just numbers and circumstances and things you do. They’re important, but they’re not why I love manifesting.


I love manifesting because:


It’s not really about those things: the money, the love, the career. It’s about feeling good. All those things that we want represent something else that we want.


—  We want more money, because having more money provides us the freedom to make better, more conscious, sustainable and aligned choices. More money = more choices. And that feels good.


—  We want to fall in love because, at our core, we deeply want the love that we are, to reflected back to us. It’s not about having someone to love or being loved. More love = more love. It’s about being love. And that feels good.


—  We want to do work that lights us up and makes us feel excited, because this isn’t just about having a job. It’s about what we are doing with our lives. We want to feel useful, we want to feel validated, we want to be seen. Work we love = wholeness. And that feels good.


In my 8 week course Manifest More I teach you have to start feeling good now, even if those things haven’t fallen into place yet.


—  I teach you how to use your intuition to attract the best experiences, people and opportunities into your life.


—  I teach you how to cultivate gratitude as the most potent magnet to feeling good and how this manifests the things you want, without trying.


—  I teach you how to open up and learn to receive so that you can accept the abundance that is waiting for you.


Although I provide very clear examples and how-to’s on manifesting money, love and work you adore, plus lots more, at a deeper level I teach what I love the most about manifesting. That everything you want is right here, already, and the only thing you really need to do is get out of your own way, and starting feeling good. That’s all it takes. Then all the things you want start falling into place.


Tomorrow the doors to Manifest More close. Now is a good time to join us.



3 inspiring stories from women who have manifested more


I rarely talk about the incredible women who have dived deep into my 8 week course Manifest More and their achievements… I really ought to do that more often!

Today, I want to share stories from 3 women who are doing Manifest More and have created exceptional things in the world…


—  I met Janina in Bali in 2015. She was a yoga teacher at a retreat tucked away in the far north of the island in the mountains. She had sent me a sweet note on Instagram and I suggested we meet in person at Clear Cafe in Ubud one sunny day. We did and she told me about her desire to make a positive impact in the world. She wanted to share yoga with the world and help people fall in love with Mondays again. Then she leaned in, and shared an even deeper desire. It had been a while since she had really connected deeply with a man. And she was ready for some ground-shaking, heart-opening, passionate love. 3 months later she emailed me from Germany. This is what she told me: I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend Marc, who I manifested by doing Manifest More. He is the sweetest, most caring and beautiful soul out there. We just spent an amazing week together and I cannot wait to celebrate the New Year with him. It is that kind of relationship that I have always only dreamt about. Thank you for making it reality! — Janina Roeseler, Germany.



—  Nicola tells her story well herself:

My partner and I are running our own non-profit organisation. In many ways, our organisation is still a start-up and like any start-up organisation we’ve experienced a few challenges along the journey. Our latest challenges have meant that for the last few months we have come terrifyingly close to not receiving our modest salaries at the start of the month. We managed to pull something together for September but it was looking pretty grim that we would receive a salary for October.


After watching Vienda’s video about the steps she takes to manifest money I went through each one. I got absolute clarity and wrote down exactly what we needed. Then I had to clean up my blocks and this is where I had a breakthrough.


Block: I have chosen to work in the nonprofit space and for a cause I am passionate about. The work I do should only be done out of the goodness of my heart and therefore I don’t deserve to be paid well, or perhaps paid at all, to do it.


I spent hours breaking down this massive block. I really had to look hard at this idea that I don’t deserve money. I realized this block isn’t about nonprofit work. This is about ME work! There is still a lot more of my energy that needs to go into clearing this, but now that I can recognize this block I can do the work.


When I finished the steps I totally, completely let it go. I just got on with my work and felt so blessed for all the amazing opportunities and experiences I have been able to have as a result of the work my husband and I do.


With some magic woven by the Universe, we received our paychecks today and we also have a little bit of a cushion for next month.


I am full of so much gratitude and I am so so ready to do the work. Thank you for this incredible course, Vienda Maria! —  Nicola Courtin, Bali.



—   Simran joined Manifest More more out of curiosity than anything else. She had been dabbling with spirituality, intentional thinking and manifesting for a while, and wasn’t sure what to expect. Deep inside her, she also wanted to share her own experiences and make a difference in the world through her work and career. As she put it, she was a wannabe entrepreneur when she took the course. This is what she said: I didn’t even take it for business or anything like that but when I finished the course I started spiritual coaching and doing intuitive sessions and I was flooded with clients when I started. It was insane and still is since then. I wanted to really manifest a nicer life for myself and when I got clear and started setting intentions things really started to show up for me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I feel like this course really kickstarted the release of my blocks. After taking Manifest More I manifested a completely new life. It was amazing! — Simran N’golet, USA.


These are all normal women who simply decided to start making different choices. And those choices had an impact that changed their lives.


You’ve got 3 days left to join us.




Photo: Anouk Yve

Other people have the biggest impact in our lives.


I feel quietly jubilant today. It’s a feeling of joy like an aquarium fizzing away inside me with bubbles of happiness overflowing out of me. I’m sitting at my desk chair-dancing to my latest favourite playlist on Spotify and jamming out the most productive day of work that I’ve had since… probably that day I spent in the cafe in Nelson 2 weeks ago.


Julien started his new job on Monday, and for the first time in 10 months, after travelling around New Zealand and South East Asia I have whole, endless, beautiful, wide expanses of days all alone ahead of me. It feels so good.


I often speak about how freedom is the most important thing to me. But freedom isn’t just some childish desire to do whatever I want. Freedom is having enormous amount of space and time in my life.


Time alone. Time to be. Space in my life without constant  input or need to interact with others. That’s freedom. Freedom is having enough money to be supported in having abundance of space and time. Freedom is having connections with other people who get it.


Whether we like it or not, it’s other people that have the biggest impact on our lives, the choices we make, the way we feel.


For example:


— It wasn’t until I met Jason, and learned through observation, exactly how my thoughts created my world, and what I could do to manifest a much happier, fun-filled, fulfilling life for myself, by choosing to see things the way I wanted them to be.


— When I first started travelling, I was 23. I met a professional hula-hoop dancer who travelled the world working at festivals, and I thought I want to do that! Not the hula-hoop part, but the travel the world and work at music festivals. She showed me what is possible. The next festival I wanted to go to was in the south of Turkey. So I emailed them and told them what I was good at: organising and being creative. They hired me as their artist coordinator. I had to welcome the musicians, manage their schedules and make sure they were backstage an hour before their set. It became my career for 5 years.


— After so much freedom and fun, I knew I couldn’t give it up. There wasn’t a job in the world that I thought would live up to the vision I had for myself and my life. I decided I had to create my own job. So I joined a program called BSchool. The women in that course gave me the foundation to create a business and the confidence to follow my whimsical dreams. By seeing how others succeed, I found ways to succeed, too.




Other people have the biggest impact in our lives.


Which is why I am so proud of the enthusiastic folk in the private Manifest More Facebook group. Every day, they come together in this space we have created, cheer each other on, share examples of what has worked for them and what hasn’t, and devotedly show up for themselves and each other. They come together to show each other the way, and impact each other’s lives.


They show each other what’s possible, encourage one another to reach for more and celebrate their unified desire to create a life that is extraordinary. One that they are madly in love with.


As Andy Andrew says:


“Every single thing you do matters. You have been created as one of a kind. You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.”


And everything you do, impacts someone else. You might teach them, uplift them, guide them, show them, offer them alternatives, open their eyes to something new, simply by being you.


Manifest More begins on Monday.


One thing that I know for sure is that this course and the vibrant interactions that happen inside our private Facebook make a huge difference. Manifest More provides a gentle platform for change, champions those who take leaps of faith into choosing a life that they are madly in love with, and provides encouraging structures to let go of fear and step into fully creating your life instead of being at the mercy of your circumstances.


I’d love you to join us.


Now is a good time: http://viendamaria.com/manifest-more-2/


How I manifested $1,450 in 24 hours.


It was August 2013. I had just started my business: mentoring free-spirited wanderlusters on how to live a sustainable life on the road. I had done it for most of my adult life, it was the one thing I knew about, for sure.


I had just moved to Venice Beach, LA a month earlier, and found myself in this incredibly uncomfortable predicament: I was standing with my two feet in different realms. On one side I was taking on contract work writing and managing social media accounts for clients. This was where most of my income came from. But they were taking up all my time. On the other side I really wanted to dive fully into my real work: my mentoring business, and I was petrified that it would fail. And it wasn’t supporting me financially.


It was crunch time and I had to make a decision: keep taking contracts out of fear of failure or take the leap of faith and truly step into my business.


I was stressed out. Worried. Overwhelmed. Stuck. Terrified. Because I had no money. More specifically: I had $300 in a bank account, and about $1,000 emergency money stashed away, just in case. I didn’t know what to do.


Up to that point, I considered myself a manifesting master. I was so good at attracting incredible opportunities, jobs, lovers and adventures into my life. Why was I getting so stuck when it came to my own business and money? It was time to take my own advice and look at this area in my life differently.


One day when I was particularly freaking out about my situation (should I stick with what’s safe or should I step into my dream-work and omg what about money, eeeeek!) I sat down and starting journaling out some questions to get clarity. These questions were what later turned into the Instant Money Manifestation Formula that I teach in Week 2 of my 8 week course Manifest More.


First I had to get clear on how much money I wanted to manifest and why. I wrote down every bill, need and want that I had coming up, and that I required money for most urgently. I placed the figure next to each item and then added them all up. It came to about $1,450, and I needed it now.


Then I examined the story I kept telling myself over and over again about money. I had to find out what I was subconsciously thinking about money. Knowing what my limiting beliefs were and what was holding me back would create space for transformation and release. What I started to notice was that, while I was good at attracting work through others, I didn’t trust my ability to fully take responsibility for myself. I diverted my responsibility to support myself financially to others. As it turned out, somewhere along the line I had picked up the belief that I am not responsible with money and therefore shouldn’t be trusted with it. Even now, all these years later, I notice how these words of truth heal me, still. With this realisation, I decided to change.


The next part felt strange: I wrote down, tracked, acknowledged and gave tremendous gratitude for all the abundance that came into my life over the next few days. My mind was so stuck in the idea that I didn’t have enough money, it was hard to do, but I forced myself to assimilate the changes I was making through action. I even wrote down the 25c coin I found on the ground and the lunch my friend bought me.


To further integrate my new approach to money, I knew I had to take further action. So I wrote down 50 things I could do right now to start manifesting more money. I even wrote down silly things that I would probably never do like ‘become a stripper’ and ‘sell drugs’. I chose the ones that were the most fun and easiest for me to do right away and got to work.


Finally, I had read that in order to attract abundance you had to feel abundant. This seemed impossible. I mean, have you seen my bank account?! I had nothing to lose. So I wrote down affirmations and repeated them as often as I could. These are the ones that I used: “Money loves me and wants to take care of me.” or “Life loves me and wants to support me. It is safe for me to receive.” or “Money comes to me easily and frequently.” They helped me open up to a different way of viewing my relationship with money and allowed me to vibrate at a different, more abundant level.


What happened after that was a miracle:


I re-branded and immediately attracted several new clients. I opened up new savings accounts and devoted myself to saving 10% to 20% of my earnings. I had an old client pay an invoice that I had forgotten about. And within 24 hours had manifested the exact amount of money that I had written down that I needed. $1,450 ended up in my bank account.


I sighed with relief, and had a newfound trust in the power of manifesting. That’s why I created Manifest More. To teach, with specific examples and do-it-right-now solutions, how we can literally create our lives to reflect the changes we want to see.


The countdown is on: we start in less than a week. Join us, if you dare: http://viendamaria.com/manifest-more-2/


Manifesting is the paradox of wanting more and concurrently knowing that what you have is enough


Yesterday I was sitting on the sofa at my friend’s house reading an article about choosing to be mediocre. It touched me: someone had started to formulate the words around something that I too, have been sensing.


The past few months have been filled with this push-pull and it seems to be everywhere. Ads are screaming at me to want more: more money, more success, a thinner body, deeper spiritualism, holier thoughts, nicer things.


Paradoxically, at the same time I’m selling my course Manifest More.


The second word: ‘more’ encapsulates it all: that whatever you’re manifesting, maybe it’s not enough, and see, here I’ll teach you how to reach for more. Funnily, manifesting is the paradox of wanting more and concurrently knowing that what you have is enough.


I teach how limitless and expansive life is and how easy it is to reach for the things that you desire. I teach it because I mean it. I know that we truly are limitless and that we can create anything we want in our lives because there is no real separation between wanting and having except for what we believe.


What is funny is, that the better I’ve become at manifesting and the more I understand this co-creative relationship with the universe the less I want.


More. More isn’t important anymore. Because I’ve learned that it’s actually so easy to ask for more and want more and get more. What you get through registering for Manifest More is the experience that having more is effortless and reachable. You start recognizing your own magnetism. You begin attracting your desires with ease. And when you get to that place you stop wanting more.


You start wanting just enough. And notice how much you are already readily receiving. What you get is a new perspective and encounter with yourself and your life.


Learn more and join us (140+ enthusiastic folk and counting) for Manifest More.



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