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I am passionately interested in the way our beliefs, habits, patterns and thoughts form the world around each of us. It’s fascinating how different a web of reality each of us can spin around us. What I have noticed that the less we hold onto — the less attachment we have — to things being a certain way, the more space we create for something altogether beautiful and magical to flow into our lives.


It’s when we crack open the pathways to the unknown that life really starts to take form in ways that are no longer defined by the limitations of the human mind… the things that we believe to be true simply because we were once told they are and as a result have experienced them over and over and over again until they form a kind of truth for us, a solid beliefs system in our cells that replays itself.


I believe that alignment with your soul and intuitive guidance is the key to having everything that you want. Some of the ways I share and teach this belief is through my online classes.


Affluent by Vienda MariaAffluent: a 13-part digital media class (think video lessons, audios, meditations and a very comprehensive workbook filled with practices and tools) teaching you my practical and effective Affluent Method to break free from scarcity and step into financial abundance. £77 GBP / $97 USD. Enrol here.



Sovereign: A 6-part video-based online class teaching you how to recognise your limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns, and clear them using 4 simple steps. If you want to be liberated in your life, this class is for you. £44 GBPLearn more here.



IntuiMethodThe practical guide to your intuition + the universe. A 15-day interactive video course with a simple method for accessing, trusting and acting on your intuition while addressing the key obstacle that stops you from following your souls’ path. IntuiMethod runs twice a year. £74 GBPLearn more and register here.



The Heartful Biz: A 2-day video-based workshop — outlining exactly what I do, and how I run my intuitive, cyclical, heart-led businesses — created with my friend Claire. $177 USD. Learn more here.



Feminine: Across 8 weeks and 24 video lessons, we show you how to align yourself with your inner feminine essence for more self-love, flow and intuitive grace. £120 GBPEnrol here.



Marie Forleo’s BSchool: BSchool Enrollment is only open once a year. To be notified when 2019 registration opens and join me for Bschool (and receive $1,000 USD worth of gifts for free), sign up here.



To be the first to know and stay in the loop on when the next course runs and how to join, sign up for my weekly-ish emails.


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