Nothing makes me happier than hearing from awesome people (like you) who want to share an inspired note of gratitude; a bright idea; or a collaborative concept. Sometimes my inbox gets rather full and heavy, so please keep it short, direct and sweet. Because brevity is beautiful. I (try to) read and respond to each and every email that I receive.


You can contact me at: studio@viendamaria.com.

Snail-mail can be sent to: Vienda Maria, 531 Linden Avenue, Kamloops BC, V2B 2N5 Canada.


Things you can contact me about:

✴ 1-on-1 mentoring
✴ Creative collaborations and sponsorships.
✴ Private workshops and seminars.
✴ Radio and TV appearances.
✴ Podcast interviews.
✴ Panel events


Again, my email is studio@viendamaria.com.


Other ways we can connect:

✴ Facebook … let’s get close and personal.
✴ Get into a pinning frenzy with me on Pinterest.
✴ Share inspirations and heartfelt moments on Instagram.
✴ Receive my emails and special offers. You’ve subscribed right?



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