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For those moments when you have a truly burning question, or find yourself in a predicament for which you need an answer. Right this moment.


A-Z categories of my most popular and helpful articles, all in one convenient place.





The Gypset Guide To Using The Stars For An Über-Successful Life + Business {In 3 Principles}

Make More Magic. 7 Days A Week

New Moon. New You. A journaling ritual to create your best life ever.

When the stars align. An astrology reading that set my soul on fire.





If you think you have to choose productivity over presence, in order to ‘make it’ in life, stop.

Stop “trying” and “hustling” and “making it happen”. Be effortless.

I’m closing my public Facebook page.

My pretty peach planner has revolutionised my life. It’s a love story.

Weary of being inundated with too much noise online? Me too. Let’s change that.

How to start a freedom-fuelled business. Introduction to the 8-part series.

How to create an amazing life (and biz) even if you don’t think you’re “ready”.

Don’t wait until you’re ready. Start now. Start from where you’re at.

Your work does not need to be useful. It just needs to be done.

Creativity takes courage. Here are 27 tricks to kick creative-block ass.

Limitations As Fuel For Genius (How to create from a space of not-enough-ness.)

The real truth about entrepreneurship, soulful biz + blogging.

22 iPad Apps That Run My Life + Business

9 daily marketing actions for your blog + business

17 PlugIns That Will Change Your Life (If You’re A WordPress Blogger)

made you look! an seo reminder for bloggettes and bloggers

14 Websites A Gypsetter Must Know For Life + Biz-ness

Productivity Anywhere + Anytime. 5 Ways I Get Stuff Done.

Creativity and Routine ::: a Note for Entrepreneurs

Want to be and do what you want? Show up even when you’re scared.

It All Began With A Raving Curiosity

For when you want absolute certainty for your entrepreneurial freedom-fuelled enterprise.





My 11 day at-home spirit, love + nurture retreat, + banana milkshake + soup detox in New Zealand.

A brief history of leggings

My 5 favourite drinks for rehydration in the morning

diary of a 10 day master cleanse

Coconut Island | My 10 Day coconut water cleanse in Bali.

Detox Super Series: Fasting in Thailand (& why my sister cried)

My Insomniac Haircut: Le Trés Chic Blunt Lob

2 Things you should put in your lady-parts. (So things you don’t want to come out, don’t.)

The 6 Kilos Between I Love Me, + I Love Me Not

Eat What Ever The Fuck Your Body Wants Whenever It Wants, + 5 Other Diets Explained

Why You Shouldn’t Have A Morning Routine

Don’t Read This If You’re Scared To Know Your Body + Its Responses





5 latest books that have made me feel empowered, alive and vibrant.

8 Ridiculously awesome + useful books + resources you will love.

The conflicting paradox of life on the road + 5 books that helped keep me sane.

6 Life Changing Kindle Books I’m Loving Right Now






Read this if: you have a tendency to go into overdrive and exhaust yourself, trying to make your dreams come true.

Want To Know How I Do My Inner Work? How I Create The BIG Things In My Life? This Is How.

On striving for better, dissatisfaction of what is, personal growth, nurturing your soul and what the world needs more of.

4 Steps to shift big blocks and limiting beliefs; when you feel confused, bewildered and frightened.

Your parents and grandparents are (definitely) stopping you from having the life that you want (and deserve).

4 ways to forgive yourself when you’ve done things that you’re truly and deeply ashamed of.

6 Transformative things I have learnt about life from my mother.

The 4 Step Gypset Guide To Self Hypnosis

[VIDEO] How to free yourself from guilt in 5 easy steps.


It’s A Puzzle. It’s A Pattern. It’s An Enigma. + It’s Destroying Your Life. {How To End Destructive Patterns In 5 Steps

From Abusive Childhood To Happy Adulthood. How I Set Myself Free. In 3 Simple Ways.

Want To Work With A Coach But Can’t Afford It? {+ How You Can Turn That Around In 5 Easy Steps}

Do you see their fear – when you look at other people? What about your own?

How To Get Unstuck In You Finances, Work + Relationships Right Now





30+ Mantras To Inspire Your Freedom. For People Who Feel Stuck + Are Terrified of the Future

3 ways to have waaaay more freedom, without giving it all up.

63 freedom-igniting things I want to do in my 30’s (because I’m getting old…er).

what is freedom? (I want to be wild and free)

How to choose freedom, even when you don’t feel free.

How to choose freedom, even when you don’t feel free. (Continued…)

When you let go. When you stop holding back. When you embrace all that you are capable of, it feels like freedom.





The Gypset Guide to Hand Reading

What Is Gypset? + You Know You’re A Gypsetter When…

The Gypset Guide To Releasing Rituals 7 Day Program

The Gypset Guide to Understanding Your Chakras

The Gypset Guide To No Poo-ing

The Gypset Guide To Romantic Love. (Because Love Is Free).

The Gypset Guide to Reading Your Tarot Cards. Even When You Don’t Have A Question.

The Gypset Guide To Getting What You Want: 5 Keys To Learning To Receive

Gypset Guide: 4 Delightful Ways to Be More Grounded Anywhere

The Gypset Guide to Understanding Moon Cycles

The Gypset Guide to Choosing Your Destination

The Gypset Guide to the Year Ahead Fortune Spread

The Gypset Guide to Knowing When It’s Time To Go

The Gypset Guide To Get Out Of Your Head {+ Back Into Your Heart}

The Gypset Guide to Working from India

Gypset Guide: Living, working and traveling in Bali.





Trusting your intuition implicitly, is not only reserved for the people of the jungle. You can do it, too.

Intuition is seeing with the soul.

Follow your heart. [A conversation on intuition.]

The past 7 days have been big.

The most valuable thing I have ever learnt, + all about clarity, intuition + intention.

The Difference Between Intuition + Fear

About being present. About staying connected. About grace and intuition.





Navigating my “sliding doors” moment: on becoming an eccentric old lady; and a psychic compelling me to have babies.

Are you one of 8% of all people?

How to make a difference in the world when there is so much hate, hurt, bad and evil. 

Confession: I haven’t got it all figured out. 

What to do if you’re scared to take big risks in life.

8 Insights On How To Find Your Path (I.e. After college/university, a breakup, or being made redundant.)

Are You Stopping Yourself From Doing What’s Really Important? Try This.

When I was a little girl, I used to think being a grown-up would be so easy.

Be Courageous. Listen To Your Intuition. Learn To Trust Yourself.

procrastination + the art of life

4 Ways To Figure Out How To Create the Life You Really Want

Never Underestimate Your Strengths + Your Desires

Who Is Living Your Dream?

Learning to slow down. A disentangle of the past 2 weeks.

Don’t expect to “know” or “understand’ everything. Instead “be” the change.

You don’t need anything. Nothing at all. Just take action.




The BIG Surprise

What if love isn’t enough to stay.

How to love, and stay, even when it feels too hard.

Why the ones we want run and the ones we don’t cling.

4 lessons on dealing with angry friends

Stop trying to fix people, + have boundaries, now. (So you don’t make the same humiliating mistakes I did.)

Are You Carrying Other’s Karma? {What You’re Responsible For + What NOT}

where have all the good men gone? is not the real question

What to do if your partner (or best friend, or sister) is a whinge-pants.

Love + The Gypset :: An Unconventional Guide to Love for the Über-Romantic

The Man Who Asked Me To Be His Baby-Mama. A True Story On Love, Spirit + Connection.

Want folks to forgive you / let go / make up with you now? Write a love letter…

what women want and men confuse

how to deal with disconnecting friendships

a love letter to my soul sisters & brothers

How to end destructive relationships without ruining anyone’s life. (Or your own.)

7 Steps to Finding Love. (Part 1.)

Finding Love. (Part 2.)

Finding Love. (Part 3.) How to break a Soul Contract.

Woman, your soul is speaking to you.

How do I ask the universe for love?





5 Favourite rituals to create sacred spaces between one moment and the next.

31 magical life facts I have learnt so far

5 Covert practices to protect your energy, for sensitive people.

4 super-essential rituals you must do when you move house.

Don’t Stop Before The Real Magic Happens. Your Emotions Set You Free.

8 Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

3 Habits I Use To Inhabit My Place of Peace

Free 7 Day Releasing Rituals Program






Free 7 Day Manifesting Course

You asked, I answered: How to stay positive, remove blocks and manifest great things.

My best tips on how to pay better attention to the signs from the universe.

10 Reasons why some people are better at manifesting than others.

Seeing ‘signs’ means that something is manifesting.

Your lack beliefs are destroying your life (+ your ability to manifest).

10 Super Fun and Easy Steps to Instant Manifestation

Manifesting 101 Gypset Style: How To Write Notes To The Universe

How to Instantly Make Over $1,000 Gypset Style

How to see the signs from the Universe, and manifest BIG things.

Manifesting Dreams: Rad Livin’ with Olivia from Don’t Tell Summer

How to use gratitude journaling to get more good stuff.




4 ways to change your money story. (And have lots more of it!)

A heartrending story on money, not enough-ness, self-sacrifice, and lacking self-worth.



[VIDEO] How to get your skeptical partner on board the ‘woo woo’ train and other new beliefs.





Easy, delicious, moist + BEST EVER GF banana muffins for domestic-gypset-goddess type days.

Want To Know How To Make The BEST Ever Gluten Free Carrot Cake? {‘Cause, Yes, Even Gypsetters Bake}

My miraculous cure-all-tummy-pains Aloe Elixir.

Pan Fried Wild Salmon + Sweet Potato Fries

Honey Almond Choc Chip Cookies {Paleo & Gluten Free!}

The Gypset Recipe Book

Delicious Creamy French Watercress Soup

She Is Wild Retreats + Beetroot, Coconut, Lime Soup

Baby Spinach, Asparagus and Pea Salad

raw organic key lime pie ~ decadence you deserve

Incredible Tahini Lady Balls





Heartfelt courage and confidence. Want a boost?

Be lonely. Learn to be alone. This is how you deal with loneliness.

10 Lessons on receiving, for when you’ve been sitting in over-drive and blocking the gifts from the world.

How to make a ‘no-drama’ policy in your life. 

50 Ways to be the most fucking awesome version of yourself.

99 Ways To Play With Yourself: How To Be Confident, Charming, & Flirt With Anyone

32 ways to improve your relationship with the most important person in your life: YOURSELF

{language warning} We Teach What We Most Need To Learn. Today: On Money, Joy, + Deservability.

88 ways to love yourself.

The Gypset Guide to Women’s Moon Cycles: menstrual problems + hormone imbalances.

I Want To Help You Recognise Your Own Creative Potential. + Then Unlock It.

What it REALLY means to love yourself.





Read this if: you have been nervously struggling with ‘trust’ and want to take a leap of faith.

10 Lessons on receiving, for when you’ve been sitting in over-drive and blocking the gifts from the world.

Read this if: you’re going through a transitional phase and feel raw, scattered, vulnerable and confused.

An entertaining carousel of articles, videos and inspired moments from the past year.

Choosing joy. The guiding light for creating a life you love.

[VIDEO] How to connect with your spirit guides.

Life is dangerous. You are so damn courageous for living it.

Let the searching end here. (Aka: what to do when it all just doesn’t quite feel… enough!)

Here’s a portal to a better way of living, working and creating.

Spirituality Is A Four Letter Word

personality testing ::: get to know yourself

self realisation + self actualisation + maslow’s hierachy of needs

what’s for you won’t pass you by

where do your boundaries lie?

How To Follow Your Heart. In 8 Awesome Ways.

if I was Queen of the World I would….

2 Favourite poems that break me open + make everything beautiful. Recorded + ready for you to download.

20 Mantras for disorganised people, who really, really want to get organised.

Dear Confused… A Letter On Discerning Between Your Heart + Your Ego. In 3 Steps.

Find A Way Of Life You Love + Have The Courage To Live It.

let your mind sink into your heart

the free-stylers guide to meditation

I’m Stuck + Scared To Take The Steps Towards My Dreams

Detox Super Series: 100 Hours of Silent Meditation (Vipassana)

you are ready. more than you know.

3 Steps to Banish the Trolls of Comparison

Who Is Living Your Dream?

What To Do When It All Seems To Hard

The Difference Between Intuition + Fear

Letting Go Makes Life Better, Smoother, Gentler

So, you think you want to stop being judgemental? 6 pieces of advice.

less is more: minimalism + why “stuff” doesn’t make your happy





VM’s extraordinary 3 week travel guide to mystical Myanmar (Burma).

If you want to work on the road whilst rapidly wandering around the world…

My non-negotiable travel essentials + packing list.

VM’s travel guide to the North Island of New Zealand.

VM’s travel guide to the South Island of New Zealand.

A back-stage tour of the last 6 months: My life in New Zealand.

My best #gypset tips for solo world-wanders. (And wanderers.)

Travel is like a truth serum. It is the best cure for being self-centred and close-minded.

Gypset Confessions: “Please don’t leave your country. Ever. Again.”

My last month in Australia: A visual carousel.

I have 41 days left in Byron Bay. The past 108 days have been full of love, expansion and growth.

When My Van Broke Down Last Week, I Entered the ‘Fuck It’ Phase

Written Én Train: What I’ve Learnt In 7 Weeks of Being In Australia

So… Tomorrow, I’m Going to India

So What About India? A Quick Update From The Past 3 Weeks…

The Gypset Guide to Working from India

The Metrics of Belonging. Where Do Gypsetters Call Home?

6 Flight Essentials For A Better Life {How To Stay Healthy During Transit}

The Dark Side of Travel…

Right Now, I’m 35,000 Feet Above The Atlantic Ocean

8 Gypset Travel Tips for Keeping It Simple

What the Hell Do You Do With All You Old Journals When You’re Hitting the Road?

That time I crossed the border from Belize into Honduras with my soul-sister Lilly, with less the $1 USD, and ended up on a bus with 40 men who were being deported from a Mexican jail.

Kick Jet Lag in the Butt

Nicaragua, Costa Rica + Panama {a travel update}

10 Awesome Things To Do In Puerto Viejo

Meet My New Home: Venice Beach, LA

hitchhiking, pilgrims, Paris, struggling with belief systems + values, + Amsterdam