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I love sharing my stories with you and am regularly featured in various podcasts and interviews. These are perfect for when you’re having one of those days where you just want to listen and be inspired. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have loved being a part of them.



I was recently honoured to be invited on The Great Unraveling podcast to unravel the topic of money through a new lens. This requires an open heart and mind and may give you a whole new take on your money and abundance mindset. We chat about the energy of money, and how mindset is instrumental in cultivating an abundant life. We also talk about the importance of self-responsibility and taking aligned action to support ourselves financially.

Listen to the podcast here.





Kirby and Claire from Blog Authentic welcomed me onto their podcast to reveal how I manifests money, and how bloggers can learn to help themselves through manifesting. We spoke about what I mean by ‘manifesting money’ and how it helps bloggers, specifically; the required approach and mindset for manifesting money; how to create a positive impact with a blog and all about journaling and connecting with your true self.

Listen to the podcast here.





When I was asked to be interviewed on how to call in a lover I emphatically said “YES!!”.

I am lucky enough to call Susana Frioni from the prominent Love, Sex + Desire podcast a friend since we both first started delving into the world of online business 4 years ago. Susana knows how to reel those intimate secrets out of you with a flourish and I now blush as I recall our conversation about exploring sexuality without being dependent on a partner, calling in a lover and navigating the world of dating. (I fervently hope that my boyfriend’s mother doesn’t stumble on this one and decide to listen.) You on the other hand, are more than welcome to it!

Listen to the podcast here.

love, sex, desire with Vienda Maria







I had this unwavering trust that I was going to be supported in my choices, no matter how crazy they might seem, because I knew it was the only way to break free from old paradigms and do things differently.” — Vienda Maria

It’s a very rare thing, when an interviewer can hold a sacred safe space for you, that allows you to reveal things that perhaps you yourself weren’t even aware of. Alana from She Makes Magic did exactly that when she interviewed me about freedom, travel, entrepreneurship and manifesting recently. I shared the story that triggered my plight for freedom in my life, that I have actually never told anyone before (not even my boyfriend) and the steps I have taken to create the life that emulates my highest vision and dreams.

She Makes Magic podcast with Vienda Maria





To have kids? Or not to have kids? That is the question… The thing is, there is no right or wrong answer to this…

A few years ago, my mama sat me down to have “the talk” and told me that it was time I looked for a partner that I could have children with. Being the modern woman I am, I told her that the conventional choices people made for the sake of tradition didn’t interest me, and that having children wasn’t huge on my agenda. In the Unclassified Woman podcast, we talk about the choices that we can (and sometimes have to) make as women around having children and what that means for us as a society. It gets pretty personal and vulnerable, and I’m so grateful that this is a conversation that is being had nowadays.

Listen to the podcast here.





“Embrace your messy, crazy life and share it in a way that is real.” — Vienda Maria

On the Rock Your Goals podcast, we spoke about being authentic in online business, creating a connected and engaged community, reconnecting with your intuition and how to find your groove online. Plus, I share my best tips for aligning your beliefs and desires, mastering your money mindset and releasing the blocks and resistance around getting what you really want. This episode is full of goodness to help you ditch the pushing and striving and build a business you love from a place of ease, flow and most importantly fun! I hope you enjoy it.

Listen to the podcast here.

Rock Your Goals podcast with Vienda maria