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“Change is the only constant” my Mama used to quote me when I was a little girl. Looking back at those times now, I think she was saying it to herself more than anyone else. I would just shrug my spindly little shoulders and skip off to play, wondering why change seemed to weigh so heavily on her shoulders.


As an adult, I know why. Somewhere along the way, we start to think that we have to control the way our lives unfold, otherwise we won’t get what we think we need and want. And so we manipulate, and influence and try to bend the universe to our will, so life will be exactly as we think it should be.


We (as a collective consciousness) are beginning to awaken from these mind-driven constraints and are learning that trying to control our lives, and thereby the natural changes that are apart of them are both futile and limiting. The reason why this stresses us out so much is that it doesn’t actually work. Even though sometimes we believe it does.


To help, I have created the following free resources — to help free you — from the shackles of trying to micro-manage the results you want and open up the potential of working in alignment with your true potential. Because when you change your approach everything changes!



Free 7 Day Manifesting Course: I will teach you how to manifest with ease, every day, for the next 7 days. My most popular free course taken by over 2000 inspired folk and counting.



30 Day Journaling Course: 30 lessons on how to change your habits and attitudes, get focused, and create, attract, have, be and do what you say you want to, through journaling. Instant access = you can start journaling right away.



How To Use The Energy Of The Days Of The Week: Every single day has a different vibe. When you know how to harness the energy of the days of the week, and make them work for you, your entire life changes.



New Moon Journaling Ritual: At the new moon there is a strong and potent opportunity for new possibilities — an optimum time to plant seeds of intention — for your greatest desires.



Full Moon Journaling Ritual: The full moon is the perfect time to celebrate the magic you have manifested into your life and let go of anything that no longer serves you adjusting your course.



Make 2017 The Best Year Imaginable: 1 hour video workshop on how to use manifesting, intuition and planning for the year ahead. I share 11 key elements that I use to create a life and world that I love.



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