Free 7 Day Manifesting Course

Free 7 Day Manifesting Course with Vienda Maria


We do not manifest from the brain, from the mind alone. There’s a whole lot of emotion, deep currents of beliefs, and the way that you feel about things, that play an important role too.


But your thoughts are very, very powerful. And so is what you feel.


One thought, one word, one feeling — could change your entire day, week, month or life. That’s how manifesting works.


Today — starting now — join me for the Free 7 Day Manifesting Course. 


I will be sharing the 7 steps of manifesting over 7 days, that have a powerful impact, every single time.


You don’t need anything except an open heart and mind, a big imagination, and a pen and paper.


Are you in?


Sign up for my free course and I will email you a new manifesting prompt, every day, for the next 7 days.


Registration for the course is now open. Simply enter your email address:

Join the 1,400+ gorgeous folk who have already signed up, and adore the heck out of this course: I’d so love for you to be apart of this too!


And if you’ve got a friend who would be super keen to get in on the action, please invite them as well and share the goodness!


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Sweet things folk say about the Free 7 Day Manifest Course:


“I just wanted to say thank you for this beautiful manifesting course. For helping me to put some action behind a process I think a lot about but rarely with the intention and focus it deserves. Sending my notes out to the universe feels expansive and so supportive, I’m adoring this process.” — Tara


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“I am LOVING this manifesting course so so so much! Thank you for breaking it down in bite size pieces to work through and understand!’ — Ruth


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“THANK you for all the inspiration that you share every week! And specifically at this moment, the Manifesting course. Thank you so so much for this course and for all that you do that inspires me. I have taken so many steps towards living my dream life since you came into my life.” — Suzanne


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“I am really enjoying the manifesting course. Like everything you do it is inspiring, soulful and spot on!!” — Hayley


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“From your manifesting 7 day course I asked for a job. I got a call for an interview, got hired immediately after, and started 2 days later! I think it’s just the beginning and I think I’ll get a call from a higher paying job soon.

I’ve also been pursuing a modeling career and after using your manifesting techniques I finally got the attention of a modeling agent and we’re friends on Facebook and Instagram. Before this, she told me a couple of times if I got more toned she’d sign me so now that she’s finally following me on social media I’m working more consistently and being more careful about what I post. I’m excited about manifesting more and I’m grateful to have your guidance.” — Brianna


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I am SO excited I just had to email you, to thank you for opening my eyes.
I was receiving your generous manifesting tips via email and I thought to myself “Ok, it’s time to start applying this mindset and these tips because I’m sick of feeling so stressed about out money situation. I want to feel wealth in abundance, or more to the point, I want to recognise how already abundantly wealthy we are!!”
It’s been a little while since absorbing these words and I was getting anxious writing my weekly budget today, when it literally smacked me in the face. I laughed out loud because I can’t believe I didn’t see it! BUT recently I: increased my regular income AND we just refinanced our house. The bank however, made an error and ended up giving us $1500!
My heart is bursting with gratitude and I feel really humbled. Thank you, for making me mindful of the money that flows into my life. I’ve gone way too long without recognising those blessings. — Lauren


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“I woke up with a wonderful feeling — then I realized that my [manifesting letter] did just that! This is worth working on every day — thank you Vienda! Dreams do come true!” — Tim


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“THANK YOU!! SO. DAMN. MUCH! I have adored this manifesting course, it has helped in ways I didn’t even expect. I manifested for more financial abundance, I wrote it out, repeated it out loud then let it go. Then I saw that my sister had advertised on Facebook that she needed to buy an iPhone, so I offered her my old one. Then changed my mind for some reason, I just thought I’d prefer to keep it (what a nice expensive paper weight). 

THEN I read the last email of the course… and I was like WTF am I doing, I just rejected money! So here I am, $250 richer. This is nice, it’s not how I expected to get the money at all, but I guess that’s the point isn’t it?! THANK YOU!” — Ali


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“LOVED your 7 day course Vienda!! Such amazing, insightful information. It was presented and written so beautifully, I couldn’t help but be inspired. Thank you.” — Kate


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I participated in your 7 Day Manifesting Course — which was the highlight of my past week — and it seems that the Universe has just responded in person!” — Nina


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“I absolutely loved your 7 Day Manifesting Course! I keep coming back to it on daily basis. And yes, I manifested some exciting things for my creative business! Thank you. xx” — Marta



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