An 8 Week Adventure — Starts on Monday 10 April PSTLifetime Access

Manifest More is a complete step-by-step guide for using practical manifesting tools including conscious intention setting and journaling, your imagination and intuition, and taking heart- and spirit-guided inspired action, to create a life that you are madly in love with.

It’s manifesting, but so much more.



What You’ll Learn

 What manifesting really is and how to harness it.

 The unique 6 step Manifest More formula that works every time.

 Get unstuck from your lack mentality and start manifesting more financial abundance.

 Align yourself with the romantic love relationship that you crave.

 Hone in and strategically find the perfect home no matter where you are.

 Overcome health issues by redirecting your focus.

 Attract enviable circumstances and have opportunities miraculously show up for you.

 Start doing work that you really, truly love and that supports your highest values.



What You’ll Get

 8 weeks of interactive digital learning at your fingertips

 25+ illuminating videos (+ interviews with past MM alumni and guest experts)

 30+ rituals, meditations, exercises and worksheets to keep you on track

 Audio recorded versions of every module

 The vibrant and devoted private MM Facebook Group

 Weekly Facebook Live Calls with Vienda

 Bonus videos to answer all your manifesting questions

 Additional access to Manifest More archives valued at $137 USD





Manifest More Program Breakdown


Week 1. What is manifesting.

  • How you can start manifesting right now.
  • The 6 step Manifest More Formula
  • Bonus: The role your intuition plays in manifesting.
  • Bonus: How to start a journaling practice for manifesting.

Week 2. Manifest more money.

  • How you are repelling your financial desires.
  • Practical changes to immediately to shift that.
  • Why ‘receiving’ is crucial to manifesting money.
  • Bonus: How to be in alignment with what you want to manifest.


Week 3. Manifest more love.

  • How to be in love to attract your lover.
  • Why you can’t make someone love you.
  • What you can do to become irresistible to love.
  • Bonus: How to be specific about what you want.

Week 4. Manifest a home.

  • How to attract your ideal living space anywhere.
  • What tricks to use to find the perfect home for you.
  • What to do when you can’t find what you want.
  • Bonus: How to stay motivated and on track when your manifestation hasn’t arrived yet.


Week 5. Manifest more health.

  • How your health is a direct indication of your truth.
  • How to improve your body image and mental health.
  • Why you become unhealthy + how to feel better now.
  • Bonus: How to recognise blocks and clear them to get out of your own way.

Week 6. Manifest opportunities and creative ideas.

  • Which ideas to manifest and turn them into things.
  • Effortlessly turn creative ideas into tangible things.
  • Open up to lots of new opportunities.
  • Bonus: How to manifest multiple things at once.


Week 7. Manifest a career or job you love.

  • The biggest impact your job and career.
  • How to manifest work that you truly love.
  • What to do if you’re in a job or career that’s not quite right for you.
  • Bonus: How to practice the art of surrender and trust.

Week 8. Manifest more and more and more.

  • How manifesting is applied to everything.
  • Choosing specific manifestations to focus on.
  • Putting what you’ve learnt, into practice: taking real-life steps to manifest more!
  • Bonus: How to deal with disappointment when you don’t get what you want to manifest.





Why Manifest More Is For You

Manifest More will shift your attitude from one of scarcity and self-doubt “I’m no good at this,” “It’s too hard,” “It’s impossible!” to one of empowerment and focus “I can manifest anything that I desire,” “I’ve got this,” “It’s on its way.”


 You want a freedom based life where your needs and happiness are important.

 You love, love. And have so much love to give: and it’s time to share that love with another.

 You are ready to live your purpose and do your real work in the world; work that fills you up and makes a difference.

 You are excited by the prospect of doubling and tripling your income and attracting unexpected financial abundance into your life.

 You are ready to uplevel your life and living environment: no more cheap homes in crappy locations. It’s time to start living in a home that makes your heart sing.

 You want to feel part of a secret women’s society where you learn about getting what you really want, and build a powerful momentum towards creating your life.

 You are ready to take full responsibility for your life and understand how and why you manifest everything that you do, including the “bad” stuff.

 You have big, wild visions and lofty dreams of the potential your life could hold for you, and want to finally do those things you’ve always wanted to do.

 You are sick and tired of feeling blah, despondent, stuck and out of control and are so ready for things to change, and willing to learn how to.






Can I give Manifest More to a friend as a gift?

Absolutely. When you click through to buy, Click on "I Want This", near the top where you would place your email there's a little "gift" symbol that you click on to send it as a gift, and then you simply complete the details as per usual.

I’m new to manifesting. Can I still do the course?


You sure can. This program is the perfect introduction to manifesting, and will have you hitting the ground running. You can apply all the new tips and tools you learn into your own life, now.

I’ve been manifesting for a while now. Is the course right for me?


Folks participating in the Manifest More course range from those just getting started to those who understand the ‘law of attraction’ quite well. The thing is, we all sometimes plateau or hit a roadblock and are looking for the laser-sharp insights and motivation to take your life to the next level. This program will steer you in the right direction.

How does this course differ from any other courses out there?

Awesome question. Here’s how: It has my very own, unique blend of insights, experiences and manifestation mastery that no-one else can share with you. You’ll get never-been-told-before stories about my manifesting journey and the way I’ve created a thriving life by using manifesting techniques. If you’ve been inspired by my work, or if you’ve ever wanted to work with me, but your budget hasn’t permitted, this is the best way to tap my brain.


Plus, you get real case studies from master manifesters who share their stories with you, who each have a plethora of practical, easy-to-follow, tangible tips for you.


The focus is on manifesting 6 specific and important areas of life: Money, Love, A Home, Health, Opportunities and Creative Ideas, and a Dream Job or Career, into our experience in ways that are fun, easy, tangible and exciting.


Manifest More has been priced with the beginner (and the not-so-beginner) in mind to make it accessible for those that need it most.

How is the course delivered?


The program is broken up into 8 weekly modules, delivered over eight weeks. All content is housed on a private membership page, which you will  get access to in your weekly emails.

What system requirements are needed?


You’ll need internet access to access the emails, sign into the private members page to watch the videos, listen to the audios and download the worksheets. You can watch and listen to the materials on any laptop, computer or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, tablet etc).

When does the course start?


This is a do-it-at-your-own-pace course, that starts on Monday 10 April 2017.

I’ve got a holiday/wedding/giant deadline in the middle of the course and might fall behind. Can I still participate?


Of course. You will receive reminders your inbox each week, but it’s up to you how quickly you want to work through them. If it takes you a little longer because life gets in the way, that’s totally okay. Wherever you are is perfect.

What sort of time investment is required?


Each week’s materials will take you about an hour to dive into and complete. As always, the real value comes in then implementing these insights with inspired action in your own life.

Do you offer payment plans?


Yes. You can choose to make 4 weekly payments of $57. All prices are in USD.