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Manifest More Vienda Bio

Since 2013, I have inspired and worked with thousands of women (and a small handful of men) who also want to create a life by their own design. One that fulfills all of their dreams and desires. Discover more about me here.

You can watch (and read) the incredible story how this digital eCourse came to be here

Essentially, it is an insight into your own psyche, and the inner workings of co-creating with the universe. It is through the art of manifesting that the you discover that your deepest desires already exist for you, which is hugely reassuring. And you learn how easy it really is to manifest what you want. 


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$137 USD

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Manifest More here's how

Manifest More week one

There’s never a better time to start manifesting what you really want, than right now. But what is manifesting, really?

bulletpoint - goldIn Week 1; I share how manifesting works and the 6 steps that I apply, every time, to manifest anything I want.

bulletpoint - goldDiscover why saying what you want isn’t enough. And how important clarity is when you’re asking.

bulletpoint - goldAs you’ll learn, the key is, paying attention to how you feel, and the vibes that you’re giving off.

bulletpoint - goldAnd importantly: how to transform how you feel, to align with what you actually want to manifest.

Manifest More Week 1


Manifest More Week 2

We all want to have more money; but due to limiting beliefs, fears and unconscious blocks; many of us get really, really stuck in this particular area of our lives. 

bulletpoint - goldIn Week 2; you will hear about how I went from totally broke — to financially abundant — in a really short time.

bulletpoint - goldDiscover the golden rule to manifesting money: paying close attention to where your focus is.

bulletpoint - goldThis is an opportunity to review your secret, hidden beliefs around money, which are stopping you from manifesting what you want.

bulletpoint - goldLearn how to get unstuck, and out of a rut with your finances, and manifesting more money by changing 2 very simple things in your life.

Manifest More Week 2


Manifest More Week 3

Love is the easiest thing to manifest in the entire world — if you have learned how to love yourself first.

bulletpoint - goldIn Week 3; I share two of my favourite love stories, where I manifested men, directly out of the pages of my journal.

bulletpoint - goldGet clarity, on why — no matter how ready you feel — the love that you are seeking, still hasn’t come.

bulletpoint - goldLearn the very simple shift you must make within you, in order to have all the love that you have always wanted.

bulletpoint - goldBe inspired by finding a new way to ask for what you want; and then let go of expectations, so something bigger and better than you could have ever imaged, can unfold.

Manifest More Week 3


Manifest More Week 4

Hey, don’t think you’ll want to skip this one, because you already have a home; or you’re not planning on buying a place of your own, anyway. If you want your life to change, you have to start believing that it is possible, and start by asking for things that stretch your imagination.

bulletpoint - goldIn Week 4; I share how I always ask for the kind of place that I want to live in wherever I go (except for that one time, when I forgot, and almost ended up in a hovel.)

bulletpoint - goldDiscover how easy it to attract the perfect home into your life, wherever you are.

bulletpoint - goldI show you exactly what I do to manifest the places that I have lived in, which include a $2 million beach shack in Tulum; a gorgeous 3 bedroom penthouse apartment in London; and beautiful, peaceful farmhouse in Byron Bay.

bulletpoint - goldThis is where clarity, visualisation and writing-it-out techniques become really valuable.

Manifest More Week 4


Manifest More Week 5

Manifesting good health was a critical turning point in my personal manifesting story — which took me from being very, very sick — to vibrantly healthy, full of energy and even losing weight. 

bulletpoint - goldIn Week 5; I share with you how, using simple manifesting techniques, I turned my life around in less than a year, after destroying it for years, by partying too much, and not taking care of myself.

bulletpoint - goldDiscover how easily your body responds, when you approach what you want from a space of love, instead of rejection.

bulletpoint - goldChange your relationship with yourself and your health, by choosing to listen to your body’s needs and manifesting wellness from your intuition.

bulletpoint - goldLearn to use images and affirmations to focus your mind on what you want to achieve.

Manifest More Week 5


Manifest More Week 6

The truth is, that everything in life stems from a creative idea, whether it’s a meal that you whip up in the kitchen, the love note you write to your neighbour, or the project you develop at work or school. Absolutely everything in life is a manifestation of creative ideas.

bulletpoint - goldIn Week 6; I share with you how I manifest all of my creative ideas in my business, my travels and my personal life.

bulletpoint - goldYou will discover what “inspired action” and “being the vessel” actually means.

bulletpoint - goldHow effortless turning creative ideas into tangible things is, when you get out of your own way.

bulletpoint - goldThat you literally can manifest absolutely anything, when you make friends with your creative ideas.

Manifest More Week 6


Manifest More Week 7

Whether we know what we want to do with our lives, or not, every single one of us, has the desire to have a beautiful, powerful and positive impact on our world.

bulletpoint - goldIn Week 7:  I share with you how I manifested the career that I have now, and give you easy to follow examples on how you can do it too.

bulletpoint - goldYou will learn that life isn’t linear, and so you don’t need to manifest the end goal straight away.

bulletpoint - goldExplore how the stepping-stones of manifestations turn into an epic life adventure.

bulletpoint - goldBecome aware of your true nature: to be creative and help others. And learn how to bring that into your life, more and more, so you end up doing work that you truly love.

Manifest More Week 7


Manifest More Week 8

Manifest More is an 8 week eCourse created by me (Vienda Maria) interwoven with 19 dynamic interviews with master manifestors who come from all walks of life, spanning across our entire planet. In each of the first 7 Weeks this course teaches you, specifically how to manifest 6 key desires into your life: money, love, a home, health and beauty, creative ideas, and a dream job.

These same steps and tools can be used to manifest absolutely anything. As I wrap up the course in this final week, I share with you, how manifesting is applied to every single aspect of your life.

bulletpoint - goldIn Week 8; you won’t hear from any more experts, because now is the time to put everything you’ve learnt, into practice.

bulletpoint - goldThe twist? You won’t just be “visualizing” or “dreaming” or “journaling” — you will be taking real-life steps, to change your mindset, get clear, get motivated, revamp your life, reach out to your network, line up opportunities, and manifest more!

bulletpoint - goldI’ll also be answering all the questions that I have received from you, to make the process even clearer and easier.

bulletpoint - goldNo more waiting. No more procrastinating. Now is the time for you to manifest more.

bulletpoint - goldMy goal in this final Week is to shift your attitude from one of scarcity and self-doubt (“I’m no good at this,” “It’s too hard,” “It’s impossible!”) to one of empowerment and focus (“I can manifest anything that I desire,” “I’ve got this,” “It’s on its way.”)

bulletpoint - goldManifesting unfolds when you commit to your dreams and desires one hundred percent.


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bulletpoint - goldThe apex of manifesting over 8 topics. Manifesting at it’s most relevant.

bulletpoint - goldEvery week for 8 weeks your receive an email from me.

bulletpoint - goldEach email contains videos, top tips and well-honed steps to guide you in manifesting the life that you desire.

bulletpoint - goldA dedicated Manifest More Facebook group, where you can share your success, fears and stories, and support one       another along the way.  (There’s 60+ folk in there already, waiting for you to join!)

bulletpoint - goldNo homework. (Yay!) Because you’ll know how to apply the things you learn, instantly.

bulletpoint - goldA do-it-at-your own pace, at any time, course, that will change the way you live. Forever.





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$137 USD

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Manifest More imagination



Manifest More testimonials


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What I guarantee is that, this digital program will change your life. It will transform the way you think about yourself, your thoughts, feelings and desires, and open up your mind to a vast expanse of limitless potential.

What I cannot guarantee is how much and how well you apply it. Manifesting is an art, a skill learned through practice, experimentation and trial and error. This is where you get to do your part. 

It’s one thing knowing how to manifest. It’s another actually putting that knowledge into practice, and participating in this wild, crazy, beautiful thing that we call life. Start with where you are. Start being a magnet for your deepest desires.

Please note: Your purchase is non-refundable — shop mindfully.

If you’re worried that this isn’t the course for you, or that you’ll regret making this purchase; remember that you are a limitless being, with limitless opportunities.

Sometimes all it’s about is finding the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They already know what you truly want. If it feels right, it is right.

And maybe you’d like to get to know a little bit more about me, before you decide. Spend some time exploring my articles on manifesting, newsletter, about page, and Instagram and Facebook.

I believe that your vibe attracts your tribe (because that’s how manifesting works), and that you’ll know. You’ll just know, deep inside your gut/heart that this course is right for you.




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$137 USD

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I’m new to manifesting. Can I still do the course?

You sure can. This program is the perfect introduction to manifesting, and will have you hitting the ground running. You can apply all the new tips and tools you learn into your own life, now.


I’ve been manifesting for a while now. Is the course right for me?

Folks participating in the Manifest More course range from those just getting started to those who understand the ‘law of attraction’ quite well. The thing is, we all sometimes plateau or hit a roadblock and are looking for the laser-sharp insights and motivation to take your life to the next level. This program will steer you in the right direction.


How does this course differ from any other courses out there?

Awesome question. Here’s how:

It has my very own, unique blend of insights, experiences and manifestation mastery that no-one else can share with you. You’ll get never-been-told-before stories about my manifesting journey and the way I’ve created a thriving life by using manifesting techniques. If you’ve been inspired by my work, or if you’ve ever wanted to work with me, but your budget hasn’t permitted, this is the best way to tap my brain.

Plus, you get 19 master manifestors share their stories with you, who each have a plethora of practical, easy-to-follow, tangible tips for you.

The focus is on manifesting 6 specific and important areas of life: Money, Love, A Home, Health, Creative Ideas and a Dream Job or Career, into our experience in ways that are fun, easy, tangible and exciting.

MANIFEST MORE has been priced with the beginner (and the not-so-beginner) in mind to make it accessible for those that need it most.


How is the course delivered?

The program is broken up into 8 weekly modules, delivered over eight weeks. All content is sent out on Mondays in an email, that you should file away, to refer back to whenever you need.


What system requirements are needed?

You’ll need internet access to access the emails and watch the videos. You can watch and listen to the materials on any laptop, computer or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, tablet etc).


When does the course start?

This is a do-it-at-your-own-pace course, that starts as soon as you purchase it.


I’ve got a holiday/wedding/giant deadline in the middle of the course and might fall behind. Can I still participate?

Of course. The materials will be delivered to your inbox each week, but it’s up to you how quickly you want to work through them. If it takes you a little longer because life gets in the way, that’s totally okay. Wherever you are is perfect.


What sort of time investment is required?

Each week’s materials will take you about an hour to dive into and complete. As always, the real value comes in then implementing these insights with inspired action in your own life.


Do you offer payment plans?

No. The payment is made in one go. All prices are in USD.




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$137 USD

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I can’t wait to guide you, delight you, share my secrets, let you peek inside the minds of some of the best master manifestors, … and most of all: inspire you to manifest more!

It will be such an honour to welcome you into the Manifest More digital eCourse, and support you in accessing the art of creating the life that you desire – over these 8 weeks.

To your abundance, love and success!

Vienda xo

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I love your videos and hope you will consider doing more.  Having 3-4 videos per week really kept me focused and I will miss having them.  I don’t typically do these kinds of courses since I don’t have a lot of money (yet!) but I will consider your courses in the future now that I know how valuable they are.” — Kate Goff, UK.


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“I have literally doubled my income since starting this course!

I always had this feeling there was some great distance between where I was in life and where I wanted to be. Before beginning Manifest More I had no idea how to approach closing this gap and start living the life I was dreaming of.

It is so simple. Imagine doubling your income in just two months thanks to the wisdom and the guidance of this course and its application? That is what happened to me.

You are capable of creating your reality, what’s stopping you?” — Emily Pollock, Canada.


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“I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend Marc, who I manifested by doing Manifest More. He is the sweetest, most caring and beautiful soul out there. We just spent an amazing week together and I cannot wait to celebrate the New Year with him. It is that kind of relationship that I have always only dreamt about. Thank you for making it reality!” —Janina Roeseler, Germany.


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Let’s start saying that before Manifest More, I was like a Matchbox 20 song ”But for an angel, she’s a hot, hot mess” because I was feeling totally lost and confused about my life, in almost all areas.

Nowadays I feel more focused, more blessed, open and free than ever. Manifest More changed the way I see life. After the course I left a lot of emotional baggage behind, and started to open myself personally, creatively and spiritually.

MM make me see every event of my life with a new perspective. When I started the course I was unemployed and in debt,  so after I started watching the first week’s videos, Vienda suggested we try to manifest the value of the course, even though it was my first time in manifesting I decided to follow the suggested instructions and listed everything I needed to pay, every actions I could do to get the money, a date, and stopped thinking about it.

At the end of the week, I had managed to manifest more than imagined! I was able to pay for Manifest More and my college fees. MM helped me to find myself again, I was so lost, and living in anxiety and fear, and now I’m feeling more and more like me.

Thank you with all my heart.  — Aline da Silva, Brazil.


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Before Manifest More, I was a believer, but highly logical and visual so frustration of not being able to see results was common. Now I firmly believe that results are everywhere, always. We are always creating cosmic vibrations and I’ve learned that our mindsets and thoughts can create cosmic sparkles if we trust. 
I have genuinely LOVED this course and will recommend. I believe for the cost that it delivered great content. I think if you continue to deliver such deliciousness that you will be unstoppable and will spread your love and voice far and wide. 
My fav manifesting story to date was one by one of the masterminds, talking about how she unexpectedly found a boyfriend. By keeping open and by not over judging the situation. — Stacey Williams, UK.

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Before I started the course, I knew a little bit about manifestation and heard about law of attraction, but wanted to know how it was something I could bring in to my life more. I have had a few people say to me in the past that I am a powerful manifestor but honestly had no clear idea how I did it.

In Manifest More, Vienda broke down the steps very simply. I loved the different focus each week and found hearing other people’s experiences manifesting and that they all worked methodically through all the steps, was really confidence building and empowering for me — all helping raise my vibration!

Now I feel really clear on what I need to do if I want to specifically manifest something, as well as manifesting how I want to feel on a daily basis.

Manifesting has now simply just become a part of my life. — Angela Ashley-Chiew, Australia.


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I felt really excited when I started Manifest More. I had read and practised a bit of manifestation in the past but had never been able to use it to make the big, consistent changes I wanted. 

After finishing the course I felt incredibly high vibing. I hadn’t realised how much the way you feel on a daily basis impacts your manifesting ability and manifest more taught me to tap into the daily joy and self belief that is manifesting gold. Not only did it get me manifesting but it just made me feel so much better on a daily basis. 

It made me realise that manifesting isn’t something you do now and then when you need a hit of cash, but a lifestyle that includes a daily commitment to living your life from a place of positive, manifesting energy. I loved that Vienda did focus so much on everything manifesting can do for you, not just on the money aspect that so many others do. 

There was so, so much that I successfully manifested with this course. Just a few of the biggies though were an unexpected $1000, a cushy new job with the exact right amount of hours and an engagement after a seven and a half year relationship.

All of these were achieved with this courses teachings which put me in a space of expectation but not needing which I’ve learnt is the perfect space to be in for serious manifesting success. — Sophie Crooks, Australia.


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My life has changed so much and I haven’t even finished the whole course!
Since starting Manifest More I have manifested a new job, with my dream company, that is perfectly suited to my skills and experience. I had applied for a different role with this company six months ago and missed out. I knew I wanted to work for this company so I followed the steps from Manifest more and within a couple of weeks this position became available. It was so perfectly suited to me and it all just worked out so smoothly, all the interviews fell on my days off, everything just happened so naturally.
Then, when I found out I got the job I started to think about the kind of place I wanted to live, as my new job meant moving to a new city. Again, I followed the steps and I was able to easily find my dream place, with a beautiful view, 10 minutes from the beach, within my price range, and housemates who are like minded and easy going. 
I also have to say that I had been searching, hoping and praying for a new job for over 18months. I finished studying in July 2014 and had been looking for full-time work ever since. It still blows my mind that this has all happened :-)
When starting Manifest More my other goal was to pay off some of my credit card debt. I had two credit cards both with about $1800AUD on them. I managed to pay one off with my tax money a few months ago but the other I was still chipping away at slowly. I was in a bad financial situation with these cards, I used them a lot while I was studying full-time and barely working. I even got a consolidation loan to make paying off the debt easier and then had to use them again in my final semester for uni costs.  It turns out, as part of the loan agreement the credit card company should have closed both accounts at the time of creating the consolidation loan but didn’t, and i never realised and started using them again. Amazingly, a few months after paying one off I received a letter saying that both cards had been closed and the second car paid off due to their error of not closing the accounts initially.  So that was $1800 and a lot of stress taken care of.

Thank you so much Vienda for creating such a beautiful and helpful course! — Amy Wittleton, USA.



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[Valued at $137 USD]

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