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In 2011, 2 years before I started my business, I had a very simple dream: To create a way for me to earn money, that made a real, positive, tangible difference, doing things that I loved, while travelling the world. At the time I had no idea what that could be.


As simple as that dream really is (now), it was uncommon and seemed hard to reach. So I spent months, weeks and hours searching the web, while sitting in my office job, searching for an answer: something that could help me step away from my swivel chair and into the world with my own little venture that would financially support me.


Those hours of searching led me to BSchool by Marie Forleo: an 8-week interactive video-based training that teaches you how to build a successful online business. I signed up, and as they say, the rest is history. Marie has been my business mentor ever since.


Every year, Marie Forleo updates and relaunches BSchool.


BSchool was what thrust me from having a dream to living my dream. And it was the training that gave me the confidence to start, plus the courage to do things my way.


As a BSchool alumnus, with a tribe of inspired women (you) who want to create their own lives on their own terms (just like me) too, every year I am given the opportunity to promote BSchool as an affiliate. This means that Marie pays me just under $1,000 for every person that buys BSchool through me.


What that means for YOU, is that I get to offer you something from me, for free, to the value of $1,000.


If the idea of living another year confined to a small cubicle, tethered to working a schedule and for enterprises that you don’t intrinsically believe in is slowly breaking you. If you are craving to share your unique gifts with the world and want your work to be heartful and freedom-fueled, this course is for you.


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