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A few times per month I send an intimate and entertaining email to a handful of my favourite people. All 2,500 of you right now.


I include my philosophical thoughts, most embarrassing moments, things I’ve learned, and anything that I think might help to make your life better, sweeter and easier in some way.


If you’d love to receive these emails from me, please sign up here:




Really lovely things people have said about my emails:


quotes1 I’m always excited to see your name in my inbox, it means I’m in for a treasure. Thank you for keeping me going, xx. | Alison Johnson



quotes1 I truly adore your newsletters — they feel like a cosy chat with a friend — infused with wisdom and comfort and just the right dose of sassy.Stephanie Lisa Kelly



quotes1 I’m being TOTALLY honest when I say this to you…I subscribe to LOTS of emails of coaches, spiritual teachers, astrologers, moon/goddess women, etc, etc… and I mostly scan/delete them. Many sound the same. Many are boring. Many are too sales-y.  But yours are great — YOURS I actually read!! I even don’t delete them — I read them again later! And, I although I’d like to think I’m a power manifestor as it is, I’ve seriously been super high-vibe and manifesting more than normal lately!! Even when my body has been off. So, thank you for your great content. It’s the right amount of not too much, not too little, not too sales-y, not too sappy. Love it, keep up the great work!  | Beth Weinstein



quotes1 This is just a quick note to say how inspiring your words are. Something is resonating and it’s great! | Stacey Williams



quotes1 I don’t believe in coincidences and I just want to say I’m so glad I found you! Thank you for your enlightening and upliftingly positive blog and emails! | Angi



quotes1 I have been a long time reader of your writings and you have inspired me and touched my soul with your words. In difficult times I find comfort in your words and I wanted you to know :) | Belinda



quotes1I am 65 and feel like I am going on 35 – you really inspire this guy from Kansas! I did your 7 Day Releasing Ritual with the candles (actually, I accelerated it to 2 days for the Full Moon this July) the candles magically went out like it was “effortless”-and your meditation tape is all world-my 3 year old Terrier Tommy C loves it! Anyway,Vienda Maria, you have my full attention – thanks for including me in your emails! | Tim Curran



quotes1 I am going through some heavy changes this month and your writing is so inspiring and nurturing. Thank you. | Natali Stajcic



quotes1 I somehow found you on Instagram a couple of months ago and was drawn to you…..I am now spending time going back through your blog posts and everything in my soul is saying YES! | Michelle



quotes1 Thank you for this delightful email. It has brighten up my inbox and ignited my soul with excitement. Please keep this up, I love your sparkle. | Felicia Fox



quotes1 My name is Anne and I just “found” you through Desha this week.  I wanted you to know that I spent some time on your website yesterday and feel like I’ve fallen in love… The warmth of your presence is so palpable, even over the web, a very rare thing.  I enjoyed reading some of your past posts and basically wanted to let you know that I’m so happy your soul is here and thank you for the love you share through your work. | Anne Holloway



quotes1 I have just spent the last hour or so completely absorbed in your beautiful blog. I have been following you on Instagram for a short while, I have to be honest I’m not sure how I found you, but I am so grateful I did.  I have been drawn to your pictures, intrigued by your gypset lifestyle and wanting to know more. | Tess Mion



quotes1 I found your website in searching information about the master cleanse. And since then I’m your subscriber. I can relate so much to your journey and blog posts! I found so many information and inspiration on your blog that helped me grow and transform parts of my inner self. Your blog helped me a lot when I was searching peace in my heart and so I found peace in my mind. | Milda Berzanskyte



quotes1 Thanks for letting me and many others in on the”secret” of living the life the way you live it! I really appreciate everything you share. Thank you thank you thank you for your kindness and your wisdom. | Susanne Östman



quotes1 I’ve been wanting to write you for a few months now but have been procrastinating due to trying to think of the right words to say. However, there never seems to be that “right moment” as with many other things, haha! I want to say thank you for the amazing blog and sharing all your wisdom with us all out there in the blog world. I’m so glad to have stumbled across your little space on the internet. | Mariana Ruiz



quotes1 I love you and your e-mails. You always manage to put a smile on my face from across the other side of the world!! You’re beautiful – and I appreciate you beyond words. | Ellen Bryant



quotes1 The words that flow from Vienda’s heart and pen coax you to remember. That knowing. The sweet sense of familiarity. She re-introduces you to that familiar friend that resides in you. The one that knows the best path for you. Her words encompass love and bring joy and connection. You know. You know the soft, little, loud, booming, sweet voice. You do. You think you’ve imagined it. Maybe you just forgot it? You didn’t forget it. You know. You know. Love. x | Paula Bailey



quotes1 I just wanted to say I am soooo grateful for your words!! They hit my soul so deeply everytime I read them and it is like you’re speaking to me! So thankyou so very much. | Ruth Balcke