Would you like to… make more magic?


After sending out the invite to my 7 Day Free Journaling Course — Love Letters — last week 99 (and counting) of you enthusiastically subscribed within 3 hours. I was astounded.


Soon after, I started receiving lots of emails from Love Letter participants that echoed similar sentiments:


I really need this. I’ve been meaning to start or get back to journaling and this has been the perfect nudge in the right direction. But how do I start to use journaling for real, incremental, potent change? You often mention that you ‘rewrite your life stories’ and create your life through journaling. How exactly, do you do that?


It’s frustrating when you know how you want life to feel and look like, but can’t seem to figure out how to bridge that gap. We all want to create a life that is deliberate, intentional and filled with meaning and purpose. We want to feel alive, and thrilled by our days, and aligned with our dreams and visions.


I use journaling to do exactly that.


I journal to know what to do.
I journal to connect with my intuition.
I journal to cultivate radical self-trust.
I journal to remove blocks and limiting beliefs.
I journal to communicate with Source and Spirit.
I journal to attract love, friends, and opportunities.
I journal to increase my wealth, income and savings.
I journal to direct and define my business, brand and marketing.
I journal to get clear on my direction and soul purpose.
I journal to reframe circumstances and change them.
I journal to get clear on wild dreams and big ideas.
I journal to plan and manifest great adventures.
I journal to know my best plan of action.


I’d love to help you do all that too.


That is why — 3 days from today — I will be leading a brand-new online course called Make More Magic.


31 days: March 1 – March 31, 2017.

31 lessons on how to change your habits and attitudes, get focused, and create, attract, have, be and do what you say you want to, through journaling.

4 weekly Live Facebook classes with Q&A

2 bonus classes on the Full Moon and New Moon

Personal 1-on-1 mentoring in our private Facebook page

Real time shares and examples from my personal daily journal entries.

Lifetime access. You can join in every time I run the class again, for free, which will deepen you journaling skills more each time.


I’d like to invite you to join me for the 31 days of March and register for Make More Magic. The cost is $127.


To learn more about Make More Magic and sign up, this is the place: bit.ly/MakeMoreMagic 


Today is the most powerful New Moon of the year: energetically, we are being given the push we need to manifest the fresh starts we have been trying to create and to do that, we need listen to, and trust, our soul’s knowledgeable whispers.


Journaling is the clearest, direct line to that inner wisdom that I know of.


The words that flow out from under your pen act as reminder that your soul is aware of your destiny and inherently knows which roads will lead to love and the fulfillment of your mission and purpose.

If you’re new to my world, get familiar with my work by reading about me here and watching this video that I made about journaling, or check out my free courses and eBooks. Feel into it.


You know that if your heart and soul yearn for more, you’d benefit from Make More Magic.


And that if you have mixed feelings or it’s just not the right fit, skip it.


Trust your intuition. Maybe even journal about it.


Thanks for being part of my world.


Stay magic.


The truth is, I’ve been struggling…

The truth is, I've been struggling...


Yesterday I went to a lunchtime yoga class. There was a small rectangle of sun on the studio floor shining in from the window. I hurried to it and placed my mat down within that exact rectangle. I didn’t care that I wasn’t in line with the other mats. I just needed the sun. As I peeled my top off to reveal my sports bra and pulled my yoga tights up to my knees, and laid down, tears came to my eyes. The sun felt so good on my stomach, chest, arms and legs as it warmed me and penetrated my skin.


Tears have been a daily companion the last two weeks.


I can’t really explain them. I suppose many things have compounded at once. I just feel really sad. And sometimes really angry. One kind word from someone and I feel those tears well up in my eyes again. I quickly squeeze my eyes shut in the hope to make them go away. Crying doesn’t always feel so comfortable around people you barely know. More often than not they well over and slowly make their way down my face, as I look at people apologetically and assure them it’s not their fault.


I can explain the tears logically, pragmatically, sensibly, if I want to.


I’m coming off the traveler’s high. After 6 months of rapid movement, adventure and constant focus on what’s next, stopping and being still feels like a small death. Withdrawal has set in and I desperately want that feeling of being immersed in the sensation of the high to never end, yet I know that it’s time to stop and restore life to a softer pace. I want this. And yet I resist it.


I haven’t had real sun in about 2 months, and it is possible that I have a vitamin D deficiency. Our bodies need 10 – 20 minutes of direct sunlight on our skin every day. Without it we start to whither, much like a flower, and can feel anxious, depressed, and have a compromised immune system. People often mock me about having a hard time with winter, but you’re Austrian! And they are right. But I have spent my entire life living in summer.


I haven’t found my tribe… yet. That sort of thing takes time. And there are so many people who are barely alive, here. It hurts to see so much of humanity walk around like zombies like this. I cried to one of my best friends who lives in the UK about a few days ago. She said You often miss the real version of people… you have surrounded yourself with adventurous folk who have an open-minded global perspective… most people are boring and bored. Another friend said Welcome back to Earth. They are right. I have created a very narrowly filtered reality for myself filled with incredible human beings doing truly great things. And I intend to keep doing exactly that. Because that’s what I want to strengthen in the world. That’s why I have this space, here, and you.


On a deeper level, I think there’s a lot more going on than the practical reasons I can give to my solemn mood. Because really, my life is very, very good. A new, local friend reminded me yesterday that often when we are processing strong, heavy, challenging emotions they are not only ours. There’s a lot shifting in the world and in our stars. Those of us who are willing to feel it, do the work for all of us. That’s what lightworkers do she said.


I know exactly what I need to do during this time: allow myself to feel as uncomfortable as I feel.


These times of discomfort are always the rich fertilizer for radical transformation. I can almost taste it, there’s an urgency to what’s ahead. A sense that what will happen next is really, really different, and that I am being prepared for it. Yet I feel impatient and want to know everything, now. Cultivating radical self-trust takes all my strength and courage during times like these.


Two things are saving me during this time.


A deepening in my spiritual practice: my meditations are more insightful and powerful than ever, as I return to this connection with Source from within over and over during the days. I feel pulled to bring in more ritual and dedication to listening and connecting, and crave a space of my own to do that in. This too, will come.


And gratitude: every night before I go to sleep, I mentally walk myself through all the things that I have to be grateful for during the day that just passed. It always surprises me how many things I can find that I am truly appreciative of. The thing here, is not to just think it, but to actually feel it. It’s with feeling gratitude that my body relaxes and can absorb the loving energy that flows through from the thoughts.


Fascinatingly, I’ve never felt more creative than I do now. Creatives often bemoan the fact that they are most inspired when faced with challenge. It’s almost like that sense of loneliness, of isolation, allows us to nudge that much closer to our souls, and pour what we find inside, out. This process is to heal more than to share. And the result of the process is art.


Last Sunday I frantically created ‘Love Letters’, a free 7 day journaling course as it surged out from within me. From it has evolved an idea that has been toying with me for longer than I care to admit: a very intimate look into my daily writing and journaling practice, that I use to literally create my life. I can’t wait to reveal it to you, in a few short days, with the New Moon.


7 Day Free Journaling Course — Love Letters


I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train. Oscar Wilde


I find writing the catharsis of my soul. I often don’t even know what I think or believe, until the words come flying out from under my pen. Writing for me is the purification and purgation of my thoughts and emotions that results in renewal and restoration.


I write down what I’m feeling, why I am feeling that way, why I feel scared, and what beliefs are holding me back, making me feel stuck, confused or resistant about change and the future.


Journaling is literally the best way I know how to process blocks and solve problems.
Through journaling I have created the most amazing things in my life:


My romantic relationship (the love of my life)
My travels (over 12 years of them to more than 35 countries)
My freedom-fuelled business (where space, time and abundance coexist)
Connections with amazing people (who have changed my life for the better)


… And many more miracles of every kind.


Journaling isn’t normally considered a traditional business and life practice, but for me it’s essential. It helps me guide myself to my highest truth and create a model of life that is entirely mine and truly aligned. Which is what makes it so damn amazing and magical. I’m not doing it like anyone else and it’s because journaling changes everything for me.


I journal to release fears, blocks, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns. I journal to manifest my big dreams, visions and goals. I journal to process emotions and difficult situations. I journal to create my future and to clear my past. I journal to change my mindset, attract clients, opportunities, friends and lovers into my life. I journal to get clarity around how much I want to earn and how. I journal to plan and initiate my travels and adventures. I journal to develop my sense of self-love, self-acceptance and improve my body image. Journaling has become my sacred starting point to access my intuition and the conversation that I have to my spiritual understanding and the universe. My life is literally created from the words that I write.


Journaling, for me, is my ‘thing’. Maybe it’s your ‘thing’ is too.


This 7 day Love Letters journaling course is a simple, soulful, loving practice to rekindle your connection to your inner wisdom and cultivate radical self-trust.


Sign up for my free course and I will email you a new journaling prompt, every day, for the next 7 days.


Registration for the course is now open. Simply enter your email address:



All you need is a notebook, a pen and an open heart and mind.


Your journaling will be most effective if you do it every day for at least 20 minutes. Begin with the prompt I send you, and forget about spelling and punctuation. Write without censor. Write quickly, and freely. And most importantly, trust what comes out.


The only rule for journaling is that there are no rules.


Through your writing you’ll discover yourself in ways you have always wished to.


She who makes her own fate…

She who makes her own fate...


When I’ve figured this out perfectly, then I’ll start.


When I’m successfully living my non-conventional life, then I’ll start putting myself out there.


When I’ve finally figured out how to carve out the time I need for myself and the time I can give of myself, then I’ll have kids.


When I’ve signed up that one client or paid off that last bit of debt, then I’ll start investing in my self-care and personal growth.


When I’ve lost 10 pounds and got a better job, then I’ll be ready for the relationship that I crave.


When the people I love stop doing those annoying things they do, then I’ll be happy.



  she who makes her own fate —


There have been times in my life where I have thought every single one of the statements above. Maybe even said them out loud to someone I trust. But mostly: I thought them. I thought them and then I waited patiently for that perfect time to magically appear.


Strangely, however, it never did.


So I started asking myself why. Why wasn’t I moving forward with things I clearly wanted?


What I learned was that I was scared. Not just scared — terrified, petrified and intimidated — of making mistakes, of people seeing me for the vulnerable human that I am, of not being good enough for my own dreams.


I felt two things: seriously frustrated and annoyed with myself: likegoddamnithowlongamIgonnakeephidingfrommyowndreams, and also compassionate: there’s a little girl living inside me who was told “no” and that she “couldn’t possibly” for a really long time. I had to (and still at times do) parent myself out of that dark corner that I keep slinking into.


I knew that I had to make my own fate.



— she chooses change —


There are two main tools I use to get out of the “not-enoughness” feeling that keeps me stuck in fear and unwilling to take action:


1. Letting go of the past. I sometimes write about the challenging and somewhat traumatic childhood I had. Not in detail because they are stories of the past, but they sometimes provide context to my stories, and so I touch on them. We have all been broken, at least a little bit, somewhere along the line. Recently I wrote about the 5 easy steps I use let go of terrible memories, and stop reliving the past. In summary, I systematically forgive myself for each memory I was holding onto, every shred of pain that I was choosing to hold in my body. Every memory and pain that arose for me, I would forgive myself for holding on to. And then I accept that what happened, happened and forgive the individual involved in each memory and experience. You can read exactly how I do it here.


2. Journaling. I journal to cultivate my relationship between my logical brain and my much wiser, more ancient intuition. When I journal I ask myself questions like: Where is the resistance coming from? Why do I feel that it’s safer to hide than to shine? What is stopping me from stepping up and actually living the dreams I hold for myself? How can I move past it? I filmed a video about my journaling practice that you can watch here.


These two practices impact change. Change creates space for something new, and allows you to start doing the things you know are necessary, for the life you want to start. It allows you to make your own fate.



— and knows her magic —


It’s easy to defer your own dreams into a time in the future, where everything will be perfect. At least, it’s easier. It means you don’t have to take responsibility for taking action now, because you will, definitely, at some point, soon, when the stars align and everything is perfect and ready and in place, do that thing that you say you want to do.


I’ve noticed that a lot of the women I work with tend to downplay their own magic: the incredible, selfless, limitless acts and their own magical existence, because they don’t consider what they do, enough…


But if you actively choose to do the little things every day required to lean in the direction of the kind of life you want for yourself, you’re doing it — you’re making your own fate — and it’s going to be fine. That bigger sense of not having wasted your life on the little fears invalidates all those when’s that you are waiting to happen.


Because you’re doing it. Even though it’s not perfect, or ready, or the way that you think it should be, before you start.


If these words resonate and you are interested in upping your fate-making skills, I’d like you to send you an email with something that might help. Sign up up here.


5 easy steps to let go of terrible memories, and stop reliving the past.

5 easy steps to let go of terrible memories, and stop reliving the past.


I sometimes write about the challenging and somewhat traumatic childhood I had. Not in detail because they are stories of the past, but they sometimes provide context to my stories and I touch on them. We have all been broken, at least a little bit, somewhere along the line.


The reason I share these personal glimpses into my past, is because they have been one of the greatest gifts I have been given in my life. Yes: they were sad, hard, and difficult to navigate, especially as an adult. But they gave me insight, depth, tools and compassion that I would not have garnered elsewhere.


You cannot pay for this kind for education. It’s experiential only.


Every day, I have a choice: use what I have experienced and learned, for growth and to rise from those ashes, or not. The choice that I am committed to is clear. I have and will, use every contrasting experience to create a life that is most aligned with my truth and my relationship with nature, this planet and the universe. Because I want to feel happy, and alive, and free.


One of the biggest transformations in my life was literally a 24 hour period of choosing to let go of all the terrible memories and stop reliving the past.


I had been manipulated, berated, punished, and verbally and emotionally abused by my mama and stepfather on a daily basis since I was 4 until I left home at 17. And the few times that I came home to visit. Something that happened less and less as I started to make sense of what had happened. But it doesn’t matter what happened. The only thing that matters is what you do with it. This is where alchemy happens.


In my late teens and early twenties I became a big, walking wound, who carried the pain of her childhood and past experiences like armour. I did this, because I thought that holding onto the past, remembering it and feeling the pain of it, would protect me from experiencing those things again in the future.


I was wrong. Holding on to the memories and the pain only allowed me to continue living out those memories and the pain. Plus, I was adding fuel to fire. By staying focused on all the bad things, I manifested more of the same.


What I realised on that fateful night was that it was not the past was hurting me, but my holding on to the past that was creating my emotional and physical pain. The past has absolutely no power to hurt me. It was me, who was keeping those wounds alive, by choosing to hold on by keeping those memories fresh in my mind, by holding on to that pain in my body, as a fearful armory to protect me from future pain. Of course, it did not work.


What I did that night, was systematically forgive myself for each memory I was holding onto, every shred of pain that I was choosing to hold in my body. Every memory and pain that arose for me, I would forgive myself for holding on to. And then I would accept that what happened, happened and forgive the individual involved in each memory and experience.


These are the 5 easy steps I used let go of terrible memories, and stop reliving the past:


  • I realised why I was holding on;
  • I forgave myself for holding on;
  • I accepted what happened;
  • I forgave anyone involved;
  • I let go.


It all left my mind and body because I decided for it to. I never revisited those old pains and memories again because I didn’t need to.


I spent hours alone, on my bed, crying as I went through this process using my mind: memories; and my body: feeling what I felt and releasing it by holding the feelings in my heart and allowing it to fade, until the biggest blocks were gone.



The process is simple. But you have to want to do it. And be willing to go through the emotions of it.


I still use those steps, whenever I need to. If I notice a challenging emotion arising that is connected with a memory, I’ll clear it in exactly the same way. Until it’s all gone.


My approach now is for ‘letting go’ to be a daily practice to occur alongside any resistance, anger or annoyance I might feel. I recognise what I feel and why. And then I do whatever I can to change it.


Often it simply means speaking out about what is happening and how it doesn’t sit right for me. Other times it is recognising that I’m just feeling touchy because I’m on my monthly cycle. I change what I can and let go of what I cannot and move on before anything can take up residence in my mind and body. The moment has passed and I move on the next one, freely, unencumbered by the past.


When one of your highest values in life is freedom, you dedicate yourself to ensuring that you truly are free.


I also created a free Releasing Rituals program that might help you let go, too. You can join here.


I still no-poo. 2 years on…

For clarity’s sake I’d like to assure you that I am not speaking about how regularly I am visiting the porcelain kingdom. No-poo refers to washing you hair without shampoo, hence the term. I first wrote about it in 2015. If you want to know more, please go back and read, to refresh your memory.


Lately, lots of people have been asking me what I do with my hair. Honestly, I don’t do much. I’m very casually low-maintenance. To the point where I get invited to things, and I have to ask if they require me to wash my hair to go. It’s a kind of #selfemployedpersonproblem. I centre my hair washing around work meetings, client calls and events. The rest of the time it just hangs out on my head as it is, or gets whirled up into a bun as a last resort.


Here’s how I no-poo:


  1. Twice a week, usually around a Monday and Friday night, I take a shower, and wet my hair.
  2. I sprinkle about a cherry-sized amount of baking soda (bicarb) into my hand.
  3. I wet it with the shower spray just enough so it’s all moist and turned into a wet slippery paste.
  4. Sometimes I’ll mix the baking soda and water with a finger to make sure there are no clumps.
  5. I take the fingers of my empty hand to scoop up small amounts and place them in various areas of my head: at the two front corners of the front and the back, and a few spots throughout the middle, so that when I start “washing” it the wet solution is evenly distributed.
  6. I massage the bicarb and water solution into my scalp. This feels amazing.
  7. When I’m done I wash it out straight away, without washing the lengths of my hair. As the water runs through my head from my scalp to the ends, the bicarb mixture naturally washes through the rest of my hair, and I don’t cause any damage by “scrubbing” it.
  8. I finish rinsing and squeeze most of the water out of my hair, and put some light conditioner in it, that I leave in. I currently use a natural aloe vera conditioner that I bought at a 7/11 in Thailand which I love.


That’s it. Then, depending on the weather, I blow-dry, or not.


My hair is very fine and gets damaged easily, so I found that it needs more moisture, especially in the dry conditions that west-Canada bring, or the sun and wind from tropical temperatures, hence I always make sure to keep it hydrated by leaving in conditioner or putting hair oils into my ends before it dries.


I wish I could say that I no-poo because I want to save the planet. That just happens to be a positive side-effect. The truth is that I have reactions to all the many natural and chemical shampoos that I’ve tested: I get a dry scalp and little flaky scabs on my head and it all feels super itchy. My version of no-poo puts an end of all my hair-woes and leaves it looking and feeling soft, healthy and strong.


It’s one of those things that you have to experiment with. Every hair type is different and has different needs. Also, the kind of water you wash with changes the result, and how much bicarb you need. I notice that it doesn’t work so well in cold water, and is generally better in soft over hard water.


I hope that answered all your questions!


How I use journaling for: processing difficult emotions and experiences; clearing blocks and limiting beliefs; and creating my future.

How I use journaling for: processing difficult emotions and experiences; clearing blocks and limiting beliefs; and creating my future.


When I was a little girl, I had an evil stepfather. One day he came home with a pretty pink journal for me. It had a lock and key, and glossy little angels on the cover. It was one of the prettiest things he ever gave me. He sternly told me that I had to write in it every day.


In the weeks that followed, every day, he would remind me to write in my journal. It was to be one of my daily tasks. Even as a little girl, I knew there was more to this gift than meets the eye. So I wrote, every day, diligently, the mundane things that I did. It would go, in scrawly little-girl handwriting, something like this:


Dear Diary,

Today was a sunny day. We went to the supermarket and then stopped by the river for a swim and played in the park. My little sister fell off the swing and hurt her knee. I had maths homework to do. It was not fun. 



I dared not write my true feelings in that journal, because, even as a little girl, I knew this gift was too good to be true. I had an intuitive feeling that my words were not truly safe in that little book.


Then, one night when I was supposed to be asleep, I heard my stepfather sneak into my room, pick my journal up from the dresser and take it. I opened up my eyes just for moment to check, and it was true, he had taken my journal to read. He was searching for reasons to punish and abuse me more than he already did. Minutes later he returned, replaced my journal, and left.


I continued my mundane entries, he continued pressuring me to write, and then sneaking into my room to read my journal. After a few months he grew tired of it, I suppose because I never gave him anything juicy to work with, and the journaling story ended.


This experience left a bitter taste in my mouth when it came to journaling. I did not enjoy writing about my life and feelings, because my writing was not safe. I had no privacy, and no personal space, except for in my own mind. So I refused to journal ever again.


It all changed, when I was 19. I was traveling for the first time on my own, and had just moved to Italy to work as a nanny to a 7-year-old girl, just outside of Florence. It was a lonely time for me, the good kind of lonely that every person sometimes needs, with space and time to think and figure things out. I needed to find a way to get all those thoughts out of my head, to make sense of them all.


I bought an empty notebook and just started writing. At first, my writing was awkward and repetitive. I couldn’t quite work out how to get all those conflicting feelings down on paper. I thought it all had to be fluid and meaningful to be worthy of being written down. Day by day as I kept writing, I relaxed and stopped trying to force my words to come out in a certain way, instead, allowing them to tumble out in any nonsensical way that they wanted. It was from this point that I started to see the fears, the pain, the connecting patterns, the dreams and the visions I held. This is where the magic started.


Since those first few weeks in Italy, I have used journaling to create a life that is truly my own. I journal to release fears, blocks, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns.  I journal to manifest my big dreams, visions and goals. I journal to process emotions and difficult situations. I journal to create my future and to clear my past. I journal to change my mindset, attract clients, opportunities, friends and lovers into my life. I journal to get clarity around how much I want to earn and how. I journal to plan and initiate my travels and adventures. I journal to develop me sense of self-love, self-acceptance and improve my body image. Journaling has become my sacred starting point to access my intuition and the conversation that I have to my spiritual understanding and the universe. My life is literally created from the words that I write.


In this video, I show you exactly what processes I use to create my life through journaling. I hope you find it helpful, entertaining and useful.


How to leave your entire life behind and reinvent yourself.

How to leave your entire life behind and reinvent yourself.


I just wrapped up a deep conversation with a client who wanted guidance and clarity on whether she should move from LA to Hawaii or not. It was something that pulled at her heart. She knew she wanted to go, but was scared. She felt torn: both elated and terrified; about leaving the life she has created for herself behind, including a successful fitness studio and plenty of amazing clients; and starting new, in a place where she might have to begin her career again.


I told her that when you have the crazy strong desire to move to a new place, there’s a reason for it. That place is calling you because it has something to show you and teach you. It’s an opportunity to reinvent yourself.


“I don’t know what to do!” she moaned.


Then she proceeded to tell me all the challenges that she was facing, with the impending move: money to save, debts to pay off, belongings to ship, a new job, house and car to find. It was all starting to feel overwhelming, and she was losing faith in her dream to move to Hawaii, leaving her life behind and reinventing herself.


So I shared her one of my secrets: Whenever I am about to embark on a new adventure, I ask the universe for support.


It’s one of my best manifesting tools, that I use all the time. When I have a desire spark up into my vision, I get really clear on how I want to feel when this desire unfolds, and then I ask for support to allow it to do so.


For example: late last year I decided that I wanted to go on a trip to see my friends in London, in the first half of the year. And that I wanted the trip to be paid for by itself, and then some. So I sent my wish out into the universe. I mentioned it in my meditation, I wrote about it in my journal and I placed that dates I wanted to go, in my calendar. Over the weeks and months that followed, I mapped out a 2 day workshop that is being held over the last Friday and Saturday of April (more on that coming soon) with a friend, secured a few in person sessions to cover my costs, and everything fell into place.


What I did, was ask for what I wanted, from place of complete trust that no matter what the outcome, I would be guided to my highest good. I wrote about how to trust in the universe here. If I wasn’t meant to go to London, it simply wouldn’t have worked out, no matter how hard I tried. I know that from experience.


I told my Hawaii-bound client that her very first step was to ask for guidance and support for this big adventure she was about to undertake. If she is meant to move to Hawaii everything will fall into place for her with absolute ease as long as she stays true to her vision and clear on her path.


She knows what she has to do: take each day at a time and follow her course. Save the money. Pay off the debts. Look at jobs. Find a place to live. Buy a new car when she gets there. Each part has its own divine timing that she will be guided on, as long as she believes that she supported in her endeavours.


When everything aligns, and the path ahead takes her to her destination, she will look back with astonishment on how easy it all was, because she let go of the need to control how and when she reached the outcome, and instead allowed herself to guided by surrendering to the support that she attracted to her.


The second step, is letting go of what you think you need. We often tend to hold onto certain things thinking that we need them, in order to feel comfortable and do the things you need to do. But the reality is, when you want to leave your entire life behind, and reinvent yourself, you literally don’t need anything except for a change of clothes and a passport. Everything else can be acquired again, anywhere you go.


Reinvention is a chance to recreate yourself and be who you actually are meant to be. This can be a challenge when you are surrounded by people who have specific expectations of who you are and how you act. Transforming in plain view of others can be terrifying and paralyzing. Which is what makes travel or moving to a new place so appealing. Unconfined to the expectations of others and old habits of the past you are free to finally be you.


Over the past 12 years of living in many different countries and visiting many new places I like to think that I’m a master of reinvention. In reality however, what I have been doing so masterfully, is coming home to myself. Every move, every new choice, every new location, has given me the opportunity to refine who I am, and who I really want to be, in the world.


This is exactly what Hawaii is, to this client. A new fresh perspective on herself, and her world.


So why wouldn’t she grasp it? Because sometimes, those voices that appeal to us, voice themselves too strongly for us to ignore. Here begins the internal struggle between what we intuitively know is right for us, and what our logical mind tells us, because it wants to keep us safe.


The only solution is to practice a depth of trust, and keep asking for the support to show up, as she makes her way towards living out that powerful call she has to move to Hawaii.