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Manifesting is the paradox of wanting more and concurrently knowing that what you have is enough


Yesterday I was sitting on the sofa at my friend’s house reading an article about choosing to be mediocre. It touched me: someone had started to formulate the words around something that I too, have been sensing.


The past few months have been filled with this push-pull and it seems to be everywhere. Ads are screaming at me to want more: more money, more success, a thinner body, deeper spiritualism, holier thoughts, nicer things.


Paradoxically, at the same time I’m selling my course Manifest More.


The second word: ‘more’ encapsulates it all: that whatever you’re manifesting, maybe it’s not enough, and see, here I’ll teach you how to reach for more. Funnily, manifesting is the paradox of wanting more and concurrently knowing that what you have is enough.


I teach how limitless and expansive life is and how easy it is to reach for the things that you desire. I teach it because I mean it. I know that we truly are limitless and that we can create anything we want in our lives because there is no real separation between wanting and having except for what we believe.


What is funny is, that the better I’ve become at manifesting and the more I understand this co-creative relationship with the universe the less I want.


More. More isn’t important anymore. Because I’ve learned that it’s actually so easy to ask for more and want more and get more. What you get through registering for Manifest More is the experience that having more is effortless and reachable. You start recognizing your own magnetism. You begin attracting your desires with ease. And when you get to that place you stop wanting more.


You start wanting just enough. And notice how much you are already readily receiving. What you get is a new perspective and encounter with yourself and your life.


Learn more and join us (140+ enthusiastic folk and counting) for Manifest More.



Whether you think there’s not enough money / jobs / men / etc, or not, either way you’re right…


“Your conclusion that there isn’t enough of something—whether it is enough land, or money, or clarity—stems from you learning, without meaning to, a vibration that holds you apart from what you want.” — Abraham Hicks


Often, in conversation or when scrolling Facebook, I hear or read conversations based on beliefs that there is not enough in the world. Their premise goes something like this:


  • “There’s not enough money for everyone to be wealthy.”
  • “There aren’t enough good jobs to go around.”
  • “All the good men are gone.”
  • “The economy is on a constant downturn. No one can thrive with this.”
  • “There isn’t enough food to feed all the people on the planet.”
  • “We are running out of natural resources. Water, oil…”


After years (and years and years) of studying human behaviour and psychology, I’ve come to understand one very simple concept: that whatever we believe is true for us. Our beliefs literally dictate the experience we have of the world. Which is why I consciously choose to perceive the world as a place filled with abundance:


  • “It’s estimated that we have over 7 billion people in the world. As a small example, the world military expenditure is estimated at over 1700 billion USD, to give you a very small idea proportionally on how much money there is in the world. So yeah: There is more than enough money for everyone in the world. Our beautiful lesson to learn here, is how to get into that stream of beautiful money, by looking at our beliefs, and deciding to change them.”
  • “We all have different interests and passions. Some people love to write. Some people love to invent. Some people love to sing, to build, some people love math. One person’s menial job is another person’s dream. This is not true for 100% of jobs, sure; but with seven billion very different people living on this planet, you’d be surprised at what different people enjoy, and consider a good job.”
  • “We can all thrive, despite whatever the economy is supposedly doing. Some of the biggest, most successful brands and businesses came from a time when they were met with challenges. It’s those limitations that add fuel to genius, and result in incredible success.”
  • “Hunger is caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity. For the past two decades, the rate of global food production has increased faster than the rate of global population growth. The world already produces more than 1 ½ times enough food to feed everyone on the planet. That’s enough to feed 10 billion people, the population peak we expect by 2050.”
  • Or as Prof. Steve Horwitz says that “There are economic reasons why we will never run out of many resources. In a free market system, prices signal scarcity. So as a resource becomes more scarce, it becomes more expensive, which incentivizes people to use less of it and develop new alternatives, or to find new reserves of that resource that were previously unknown or unprofitable. We have seen throughout history that the human mind’s ability to innovate, coupled with a free market economic system, is an unlimited resource that can overcome the limitations we perceive with natural resources.”




The difference between having a lack mentality and an abundance mentality?



Resulting in your life experience.

Perception is our beliefs of what is true.

Our experiences are the tangible results of what we believe.

Your lack beliefs are destroying your life (+ your ability to manifest).



There’s a psychological term for this exact thing:

It’s called our reticular activating system which acts as the library of our beliefs system. These beliefs affect our perception of thoughts. Then our perceptions control how we feel about one subject. Or another.


Let’s say there is a middle-class woman in high-level corporate management role. She has a lack belief that stems from her teenage years. Although she is already making more money than average person, she still feels that she is not making enough money to afford everything she wants.


And the more lack she feels, the more her reticular activating system functions as a guidance system to her experiences. And suddenly she will discover that she has a huge debt. Or that she made a critical decision in an investment, which looses her large sums of money. Or she looses her high-paying job. All experiences that support her belief that there isn’t enough.


Because this is how the reticular activating system works.


This doesn’t only apply to finances. It applies to every area of life: Relationships, health, happiness. Everything you experience in life is affected by what you believe is true. (Your reticular activating system.) Your beliefs create your perceptions, and vice versa.


When you believe that there is not enough of what you want (the desires that we want to manifest) there won’t be. Because you can’t manifest something that you don’t believe exists, is possible, or is true for you.


When you believe, deep down, that there aren’t enough good men on the planet, to find true love — no matter how many affirmations and positive thoughts you say to yourself, you won’t find the love you’re looking for.


You have to change the integral belief first, and foremost, and then start calling in what you want. But how?


It’s easy: Start looking for and seeking out evidence to support the belief that you want. Find research that supports the sentiment there are more than enough men, money and natural resources.


In this way, you can break your lack mentality by choosing a new perception, a new stream of thoughts on any topic. This is called reframing in psychology. it works the same way. When you start to believe something new, your reticular activating system starts to take effect and produce those beliefs as tangible, practical results and experiences in life.


I’d love to help you change the beliefs you hold in your life — to an abundance mentality — that attracts prosperity, love, happiness and all the things that you desire. My course: Manifest More teaches exactly that.


Now, right now, is a good time: sign up and learn more here.


It’s 100% up to you what you choose to believe. Your get to design your life any way you want. If you want to believe in lack. Do it! And may you have a powerful, positive change on the world through your beliefs. If you want to believe in abundance. Awesome! And may you have a fulfilling and enchanting positive impact in the world through your beliefs.




Photo: Taline Gabriel


11 super-helpful resources to help you manifest more of the good stuff.


One question I am asked most often (right next to “How are you?” and “Where are you from?”) is “What are the best resources to help me manifest more of the good stuff?”


Here’s my latest list with all my current favourite movies, books, music, courses, ebooks and Youtube videos that inspire me to choose a life that I am madly in love with. If you are someone who is fascinated with taking their life into their own hands, then this list is for you.


I hope it inspires and delights you.




One of the main concepts in manifesting is around your “vibe” or the energy that you are emanating from you. This is because what you give out, you receive. And when you want to manifest joy, love happiness and abundance, you have to feel this things too.


If you’ve practiced being aligned and aware enough, you might have trained yourself to be able to feel what your energy feels like. If not, it’s as simple as paying attention to your emotions. Do you feel good? Or do you feel bad? If you don’t feel good, then it’s time to shift your energy, or your vibe.


The Shift with the late Dr. Wayne Dyer will help you, with exactly that: to shift your energy to vibe at a higher level. Watch it whenever you need a little boost, and each time you will learn something new. Plus, it’s free! So, no excuses.




This movie was probably what inspired my own personal manifesting journey to begin with. While it doesn’t quite cover all the steps (i.e. inspired action — which is a huge part of allowing thing to actually manifest — you will learn more about that in my Free 7 Day Manifesting Course) what it does do, is get you excited and motivated to start believing that there is more out there.


That in itself is a gift, and helps inspire us to start asking for more, receiving more, and believing in more possibilities. Again, The Secret will get you all revved up to start manifesting more!




This playlist is an inspiring soundtrack for those wanting to create a life that they are madly in love with through consciously creating your life by focusing on feeling good and manifesting. Curated by me, especially for you.




Sometimes we hit a big, fat, invisible block on our path and it seems like there’s no way to get over, under or through it. The book that has helped me the most through those times and that I strongly recommend is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. He explains this type of experience as an Upper Limit Problem, where your mind has learned to focus on negative things, to keep your feeling low, instead of chasing high-vibe feelings that allow your to manifest more good stuff!.




The first book I ever read about manifesting, that really opened up my eyes (and heart) to the limitless potential of human beings. I finally realised that, all those things I secretly wanted to have, be or do, weren’t actually as unreachable as I first thought, and that the only thing really standing in my way, was me.




My friend (the author) Denise Duffield-Thomas gave me this book as a gift when she first published it. Initially I thought “What an awful title!” but then I read it, and I was surprised. With this book in my hand, I managed to manifest $1,400 in 48 hours one day, when I was in dire straits, and uncertain how I was going to pay my bills and rent at my Venice Beach apartment. Empowering me with the ability to manifest money whenever I need it, this book was a total game-changer.




One of the best things I have ever done in my life was create this free resource on how to manifest. It came about when I noticed that everyone wants to have a happier, more loving and abundant life. But most people don’t know how to do it. I wanted to help. 1,400 (+ growing every day) people have signed up for the course, and I receive emails daily about what a positive impact those 7 days have had. My heart brims with elation every time I read words and stories about lives that have reached a new level of jubilation.




When I first launched Manifest More in late 2015, 130 amazing souls took the leap and we spent 8 weeks together expanding our worlds and manifesting amazing things into our lives. Stories began tumbling in about doubling and tripling incomes, magical love affairs and incredible opportunities that were things of dreams. It filled my heart. For more than 18 months the incredible women in the private Manifest More Facebook Group continued to show unshakeable faith in their manifesting abilities. They were reaching new heights and supporting each other’s successes infallibly. I felt so honoured and proud. They inspired me re-create the course, take it to a whole new level and jam-pack it with even more wisdom, helpful tools and tangible examples, to keep their momentum moving.


On the 1st of January 2017 I sat down and pulled together all the new lessons, resources, tips and tools that I had garnered since I first created Manifest More and turned them into a plan. I interviewed a filmmaker, a psychic witch, a publisher, a musician, a 9 x karate world champion, plus many more, to learn exactly what they did differently to create a life on their own terms. I spent 3 months creating the new content, 2 weeks recording meditations, 4 days filming 18 lessons on how to manifest more, and my team and I put together a brand new version of the course. Behold: Manifest More has opened its doors once again.




Create the best year imaginable is a heart-centred, intuitively guided and inspired workshop for manifesting a great future, using practical planning tools in the form of ready-made planner fills, to make sense of what you are creating for this year (and the years ahead).




Sometimes I need something to uplift me and bring me back on track so I curated some of the best movies and inspiring videos on You Tube into an easy-to-find playlist that I return to time and time again.




Abraham-Hicks is a non-physical presence channeled by Esther Hicks, who have been my biggest teachers around manifesting and co-creating my life in alignment with my truth and the universe. When things feel out or I’m not attracting in the way that I want to be, I return to their wisdom, time and time again.



Photo: Audrie Storme


What is Manifest More all about? Here’s the low-down…

Yesterday I celebrated the relaunch of my popular course Manifest More: an 8 week interactive digital learning program for wild rebels and big dreamers who want to create a life filled with meaning, abundance, adventures, love and opportunities.


Getting your life on the right track requires clarity, vision and an understanding how it all works: when to ask for what you want, how to get it, what needs to be done to fulfil even your biggest dream and desires, and knowing what is your part of the job, and what you need to leave up to the universe.


Without that kind of understanding and knowledge taking responsibility for your life and truly creating it on your own terms can feel impossible and overwhelming.


Manifest More is a step-by-step roadmap for deliberately co-creating your life with your dreams and desires as your compass, and the universe supporting you, every step of the way.




Monday 27 March: Doors to Manifest More open (with the New Moon)
Sunday 9 April: Doors to Manifest More close
Monday 10 April: Manifest More begins (with the Full Moon)




The training is released in weekly modules and each week’s module is filled with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, interviews, resource lists, and worksheets. You get 24/7 access to the private Manifest More member page to view the training videos and materials.


You also are invited to join the private Facebook Manifest More group where I will run weekly Facebook Live calls where I will answer questions, and offer strategic advice. Our Facebook community is extraordinarily active, loving and supportive, which keeps everyone inspired, excited and invested into their own and each others lives.




  1. Manifest More: Understand manifesting is and learn the 6 step Manifest More formula.
  2. Money: Get unstuck from your lack mentality and start manifesting financial abundance.
  3. Love: Learn how to align yourself with the romantic love relationship that you crave.
  4. Home: Hone in and strategically find the perfect home no matter where you are.
  5. Health: Overcome health issues by redirecting your focus.
  6. Opportunities: Attract enviable circumstances and have new doors open for you.
  7. Career: Start doing work that you really, truly love and that support you highest values.
  8. + More: Discover how to apply these same keys to every single area in your life.




  • Emily Pollock is one of our brightest Manifest More alumni who doubled her income within a month of completing the course. In this interview she takes us through the steps that she used to transform her life, and her income. Emily’s biggest turning point was that she learned to create her experience instead of being reactive to it, and that the difference this has made to her life is ultimately the most tangible.


  • Cazz LeMessurier manifested $5,000 within 10 days using the keys she learned through Manifest More, and since then has gone on to manifest a coaching career that lights her up. She guides us on how she changed her mindset from believing she didn’t deserve the money that she wanted to manifest, to knowing that she truly is worthy of her desires, and the steps she took, to get there.


  • Carly Stephan takes life to an ascended level through her relationship with herself and the universe. A metaphysical teacher for female embodiment, Carly defines exactly how we clear the path to receiving what we want and takes us through a journey of calling in the love of her life and current romantic partner.


  • Timothy Wildgoose is a filmmaker based out of Portland, Oregon who shares his personal experience around wanting something that is considered taboo in our culture, the great lengths he went to try to override those desires, and what happened when he surrendered to wanting what he wanted, leaving him happier, more fulfilled and whole in himself.


  • Erin Schroeder is a psychic witch who teaches us how to fully own your emotions and ground into your body in order to get out of your own way and receive the things you are calling into your life. She takes us through the steps she used to manifest the perfect loft apartment in Portland that she currently lives in, and then guides us in a sacred grounding meditation, clearing the base chakra and feeling safe and grounded to make manifesting more, easy.


  • Hayley Carr, a 9 x karate world champion and life coach for high achievers, has also been incredibly driven. Until about 10 years ago when chronic fatigue brought her to her knees. Hayley shows us how she overcame her health problems despite doctors telling her she would never get better again, and how her intuition played an important role in allowing her to let go of her aim and receive.


  • Teresa Grant is a Manifest More alumni who knew her life had to change and approached it from a space of focusing on what she didn’t want any longer: pain. Over time she realised that focusing on pain was not making it go away, and instead started focusing on what she could do to release the pain: change her diet and focus on what she is grateful for. This simple shift changed everything for Teresa.


  • Morgan Joanel has lady-luck by her side in everything she does as a multi-versed creative and artist who discovered early on that the stories she told herself and the beliefs she held were always reflected to her in her life experience. The penny dropped when she manifested a recording deal with Sony after having set the intention in her journal. Morgan explores her manifesting landscape with us, sharing her story on manifesting a trip to Los Angeles and a $10,000 wardrobe by riding her high vibes across the way.


  • Dave Thompson wears many hats and has manifested a multitude of awesome things into his life, with a focus on taking action to bring the things that you want into reality. In this interview, Dave teaches us how to approach the active aspects of manifesting illustrated with stories from starting his own business and running an X-Marathon.


  • Drew Gerald is one of those unique people who truly understands what is takes to be human. Having lived and witnessed life from many varying viewpoints, from lucrative entrepreneur, to homeless, to successful teacher and writer, he sees life through the lens of spirit. In this astounding interview Drew takes us on a journey of self-awareness and discovery and what it really takes to get out of your own way to manifest the things that you want in your life.


  • Olivia O’Connor has an infectious vibe that allows her manifest easily and quickly, dubbing her as “lucky” since she was a girl. She shares her latest manifesting feats and gives distinct examples from her own life on how to let go of the outcome, find the balance between inspired hustle and flow, and surrendering it all to the universe.


  • Hayley Donohue is a Manifest More alumni who followed her intuition to Bali to fulfil a dream, that shapeshifted and brought her many unexpected lessons instead. Through it all she was able to grow and let go of certain areas of her life to manifest the lifestyle of freedom that she has always dreamt of.


  • Simran N’golet another Manifest More alumni was a wannabe entrepreneur when she first took the course. By the time she finished, she started spiritual coaching and doing intuitive sessions and was flooded without much effort. Her intention was to really manifest a nicer life for herself and when she got clear and started setting intentions things really started to show up for me in ways she never imagined. Not only did she create a new career for herself but she also healed her Crohn’s Disease by staying focused on wellness instead of listening to doctors who told me I would have a diminished quality of life for the rest of my life.


Learn more and join us for Manifest More here.


Behold: doors to Manifest More are open as of right now


A story:


In late 2013 I was living in London, UK. One day I wrote a blog post titled How to write notes to the universe. In it I shared a confidential email address. Many of you told me you used my guide and wrote to that email address too.


In early 2015 I was living in Byron Bay, Australia. One day Gmail sent me an email “You have an email address connected with your active account. Click here to view it.” So I did. It took me to the email address I had created to write my manifesting letters to. The one I shared in the blog post.


To my surprise, I discovered 1000’s and 1000’s of emails that had been sent, from people I did not know. All of a sudden, a burning curiosity overcame me. “What did people write to the universe?” I ammmed and ahhhed whether I should just have a little peek. I tried not to, but my humanness was too inquisitive.


I started reading. One email. And then another. And then another. After 20 emails, I’d read enough. I was surprised by what I found. While a few emails were beautiful and eloquent and clear, most were demanding, inconsistent and lacked understanding of how manifesting actually works.


I never went back and read those emails again. What happened that day changed my life. I learned something important: everyone wants to have a happier, more loving and abundant life. But most people don’t know how to do it.


I wanted to help.


Over the months following I started interviewing experts from around the world, whom I knew had manifested amazing things into their lives: large sums of money, the love of their life, an entire house, transformed health and wellness. They had attracted their dream careers, had unexpected inspired ideas that turned into successful projects and were given gifts of world trips and travel.


Together with their tips and tools, and all the strategies I personally used to consciously choose a life that was filled with freedom, adventure and joy, I created an 8 week email course called Manifest More.


In late 2015 I was In Bali. One day I clicked “publish” and my course went live. 130 people signed up and we spent 8 weeks together expanding our worlds and manifesting amazing things into our lives. Stories began tumbling in about doubling and tripling incomes, magical love affairs and incredible opportunities that were things of dreams. It filled my heart.


In mid 2016 I was in Nelson, New Zealand. One day I noticed that the incredible women in the private Manifest More Facebook Group continued to show unshakeable faith in their manifesting abilities. They were reaching new heights and supporting each other’s successes infallibly. I felt so honoured and proud. They inspired me re-create the course, take it to a whole new level and jam-pack it with even more wisdom, helpful tools and tangible examples, to keep their momentum moving.


In early 2017 I was in Kamloops, Canada. One day I sat down and pulled together all the new lessons, resources, tips and tools that I had garnered since I first created Manifest More and turned them into a plan. I interviewed a filmmaker, a witch, a publisher, a musician, a 9 x karate world champion, plus many more, to learn exactly what they did differently to create a life on their own terms. I spent 3 months creating the new content, 2 weeks recording meditations, 4 days filming 18 lessons on how to manifest more, and my team helped me put together a brand new version of the course.


Today, right now I am sitting in a cafe called ‘Nourish’ in Victoria on Vancouver Island. I’ve just finalized the final touches on the brand new sparkling version of Manifest More and am bursting at the seams with excitement to share it with you.


Behold: doors to Manifest More are open as of right now:


Breaking through the mirror glass

Breaking through the mirror glass


The spring equinox opens the veil between the physical and the spiritual so that resurrection in our lives can be inaugurated. Ted Andrews



On the second Friday of March I packed a bag with clothes, and my portable office: my laptop and planner, in another. We drove south for 5 hours to the border, and stopped just before crossing it, in a little place called Grand Forks. Julien’s Aunt and Uncle welcomed us into their sweet cabin home, and indulged us with voracious entertainment and delicious food.


Julien took me for a walk to the nearby woodcrafter, a vibrantly happy man in his late 60’s, who looks like the spirit of the forest. Brimming with child-like enthusiasm, Julien showed me the woodcrafter’s museum: hundreds of chain-saws of every size and from every era. I smiled and tried my best to be fascinated for at least 5 minutes.


I woke up the next morning in that cabin in the woods when the mountain mist was still hanging low. I walked out of the guest room into the kitchen, picked up a glass and filled it with pure spring water straight from the tap. I drank that water in deeply.


I went to the bathroom, washed my face, braided my matted, slept-on hair and changed into my favourite pair of leggings and a cashmere sweater that a generous stranger gave me when I first arrived in Canada.



Back in the kitchen a steaming cup of coffee straight from an Italian macchinetta was squeeze into my hand. I topped it up with fresh organic cream from the nearby dairy that was sitting on the breakfast table. After breakfast: crusty bread toasted over the fire, eggs, cheese, jams, fruit, berries and homemade yoghurt, I helped clear up the table.


The men went outside to dig a trailer out of the snow. I set off for a walk amongst the firs and birch trees. As I walked I felt the most happiness and burst of joy I have in a while.


On the way back I met a woman who had been waiting for me. She said she had seen my tracks in the snow. She didn’t recognize them and was wondering whose they were. We introduced ourselves and she accompanied me part of the way, enthusiastically revelling in my stories of travels that span our planet, and love that brings you home.


“This is it” I thought. “Magic really is subjective. I’m discovering it everywhere.”



Three days later, we drove on. In the afternoon we arrived in Nelson (with the same name as the town we lived in, in New Zealand). My friends, Rachel and Ricky, live downtown above a boutique clothes shop in a spacious one bedroom apartment with high ceilings and arch windows. They offered us a futon on the floor. When we knocked and opened the door and there they were, these two creatures from so long-ago that it almost feels like a past life to me, with warm hugs and open hearts.


Ricky made us peppermint tea and we caught up on the many travels that had taken us on all our various paths. Julien started making his infamous refried beans and an hour later set out all the ingredients. The best burritos I have ever eaten were made and devoured in that home.


The next day everyone left early: Ricky went to work, Rachel and Julien went to conquer the slopes, and I pottered about getting ready to find a local coffice (cafe = office). I had one of those rare days of incredible productivity in the Empire Cafe, sipping on soy chai and overhearing other people’s conversations. They ranged from thoughts on what fairies live in the valley, to two men discussing their falling out with incredible emotional maturity. If I had been either one of them, I would broken down and cried.


Julien picked me up at 4pm and off we went to the next place: a little cottage outside of town, to see an old school friend of his. We introduced ourselves and hugged and they made us homemade tacos and we shared a bottle of wine.



That night Julien took me curling. His best friend and childhood next-door-neighbour lives in Nelson and had invited us to her staff party.


Essential it’s this: you walk on an ice-rink with slippery shoes, then you crouch down in front of a wooden starting block and gracefully lean on a stick and glide yourself forward into a low “warrior one” yoga position out into the ice, whilst pushing a giant, concrete block in front of you. That concrete block is supposed to hit a target at the other end of the ice rink, and if it’s too slow, two of your team members who are ready and waiting have to rapidly and repeatedly “sweep” the ice in front of the concrete block to make it move faster. If it’s too slow, you lose. If it’s too fast, you lose.


It’s weird. And hilarious. And painful. I have big purple and yellow bruises to prove it.


We stayed in that cute cottage in the snow for two days.



On Wednesday we took off again. I’m learning to drive a stick-shift and it was my turn, so I drove with Julien gently encouraging me, through the misty fog and the endless rain, past the most surreal scenery that evoked memories of reading the Brothers Grimm fairy tales before bedtime.


I pulled over in Nakusp to stop for lunch, but the place we had seen on the side of the road was closed. I was tired and we swapped places and Julien gave me his phone “find us a place to eat”. I looked up “diners” on Google Maps and found a place called Nick’s, and directed us there.


It was perfect, from to the neon sign outside to the worn down wooden floors and simple grandma-diner furniture. Julien ordered us the house-burger and ham-and-pea soup to share. We rarely eat meat anymore but this was one of those cultural experiences that I am always asking for. It was delicious. The cook teased us for inhaling our meal and offered to make us more. We declined and wrapped ourselves up again before stepping back out into the rain.



“Let’s go swim at the hot springs!” Julien suggests. We drive and park and there we are. Soaking in those minerals, easing my aches and pains from curling. I could forget all the rest of the world exists in moments like these.


I felt so relaxed I forgot my favourite pair of leggings and my gifted merino-wool sweater there.



That night we make it to our final destination: Julien’s Dad’s friend has a house in Revelstoke, a town famous for its skiing slopes and cuteness. She had offered use her spare room. In a text she tells us she won’t be home but her housemates John and Kevin would be. When we knocked on the door, a dishevelled-looking man appeared. Julien peered inside “Are you John and Kevin?”. “No” he replied looking around confused. A strong waft of cannabis drifted out to us. Then, almost as if he had only just remembered, he opened up the door “Oh! John and Kevin! Yep, that’s us.”


They showed us to our room and we watched a movie and drank tea.



It was Thursday when we woke up, packed the car and explored Revelstoke. We found bakeries with treats we could barely unglue our eyes from, a strange bookstore run by an anti-social shopkeeper, and a natural clothing store where we spoke to a man about glass blowing and sunshine.


I saw signs for a local winter market “look, it’s on today!” and we followed them to the library. We bought fresh free-range eggs and raw honey and tasted veggie jerky and apple slices.


That whole day I felt exhausted and I really just wanted to go home.


Breaking through the mirror glass


Back in Kamloops I helped unpack the car, put on a few loads of laundry and then showered and climbed into bed. My moon-time was due soon. I am accustomed to listening to my body and working with my cycles, so I gave in and rested.


On Friday I still felt really low. “It’s nothing” I thought. “It’ll pass.” I stayed in bed for most of the day, slowly answering emails and catching up on work. In the afternoon I went outside for a walk. After 10 minutes my body ached and throat started to hurt and I knew: I was coming down with a cold. Back home and back to bed, I hoped that I’d caught it soon enough to get the rest I needed for it to go away.


Breaking through the mirror glass


On Saturday, I gave in. Being sick is necessary sometimes. But a part of me has been wrestling with it. ‘I have so much to dooooooooooo!” my mind screams at me. She’s right. I do.


My London workshop has just been announced.


My 8 week course (the sequel to my free 7 day manifesting course) Manifest More launches in a week. And I am not ready. I haven’t done any of the things I had planned to do for marketing it. All I know is that doors to the course open soon and the content is amazing. Spectacular even. But I’m not ready. And this sickness of mine, is wanting to teach me something around that. To trust and let go.


It’s a strange kind of sick that makes no sense but seems to be saying to me: “Be very still and quiet. Things are changing and you have to stay out-of-the-way and allow them to.” It feels like a paradoxical push-pull — inside my body — outside in my life — where life is fracturing and falling apart and at the same time rebuilding and holding a new framework of reverence and divinity.


It’s both confusing and enthralling. A part of me wants to return to my old defence mechanism: RUN. Another part of me knows that this is exactly where I’m meant to be, even though it’s so super uncomfortable.


A friend of mine said “You are on the edge of total breakthrough… Be patient: the answers come as you know… you look safe, and your light is shining bright”.



Yesterday we drove to a park, it’s an island in the middle of the river. Julien showed me the path for me to walk on and I snapped at him, and quickly apologised. “I’m not feeling myself.”


I started walking and watched the old folks joyfully pass by and the ducks playing on the river edge and kid learning to ride her new skateboard. Suddenly I started speaking to myself. It was strange, I had no control over it. All these words came tumbling out about the past, and my mother, and all the things that hurt. I started breathing deeply and speaking incantations on all of the things I wanted to let go.


When it stopped I looked around I felt relieved to see that I had made that part of the walk all alone. I felt strange and lighter and also wonder. “What on earth is going on?” I was acting like a crazy person and yet it all was so real and raw and needed.



I woke up this morning at 5am and realized it is the Spring Equinox today: a powerful period of releasing in preparation for the transition into Spring. It’s my first real Spring in more years than I can remember. Lying in bed watching the sun rise through the cracks in our blinds my mind started showing me more things that are being let go of and. I was seeing where I’ve been trying to control the process and the results and “oh my god”how it’s all coming out into the open.


Something crazy-amazing is going on. I feel like I’m breaking through the mirror glass.


Energy, yeah right. Mojo, weird. Magic, no way. [Aka: What the **bleep** is manifesting?]


When I was a child, I used to lie in bed and squeeze my eyes shut tight, and try to conjure the things that I wanted into existence, by mentally willing them to be so. I’d think and think and imagine and imagine exactly what I wanted and when and how. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.


After a while, and several (big) disappointments, my belief in imagining things into existence faded away. I kept being encouraged to be more realistic, level-headed and only believe in the tangible things that I could see and know. Life lost part of its enchantment and started to feel like incredibly hard work and a constant struggle. Against what, I did not know. There seemed to be unseen elements at play that I had absolutely no control over. I started to feel lost and directionless.


And so, I followed the path that I was “supposed” to take, instead of carving my own. I spent many years comparing myself to other people: that super-pretty girl; my successful friend who seemed to have it all “figured out” and other people who confidently appeared to be living a life filled with excitement, opportunities, adventures, careers and love-affairs. I tried to “get” all the things that they were “getting” by doing all the right things that I was told to do: please others; don’t believe in magic; be practical. It rarely worked and I was certain that I must have missed out on a memo along the way. On multiple occasions, I literally burst into tears of frustration.


Then, one day, I met a curious man named Jason. He was short and stocky and had a crooked face and I was completely mesmerized by him. He seemed to have some kind of strange, fascinating allure, despite his unfortunate appearance. I started to fall in love with him.


He taught me the secret behind his unusual charm: every day he chose to view the world exactly as he wanted it to be, regardless of whether that was “reality” or not.


Leading by example, never with words, Jason taught me how to feel “energy”, how to create “mojo” to redirect events and circumstances and make “magic” by perceiving the world in very specific ways. Essentially, what it took was knowing with absolute clarity what you wanted to experience and have, and then aligning yourself and your energy with that thing, whilst also communicating it to an unseen force that seems to be the creator of everything. We called it: the universe.


It wasn’t until years later when I read Ask And It Is Given that I realised what he had taught me was a way to co-create your life with the universe known as manifesting.


Manifesting really only has two simple steps: 1. Ask. 2. Receive.


If it really is that simple, you’d think everyone was doing it. And the truth is: it is that simple, and everyone is doing it. But not everyone is doing it with awareness and consciousness.


Most people know with absolute clarity what they don’t want, and keep aligning to the things they don’t want by focusing on them, and keep praying for the things they don’t want to stop. Result: they keep manifesting experiences and things that they don’t want. How frustrating!


I know this for certain, because that’s exactly what I did for a long time.


Over time I’ve uncovered the funny little “human” things that we do, that get in the way and block our manifestations. That two-step process of “ask” and “receive” has turned into a 6 step formula that I use in every area of my life: money, love, travel, accommodations or houses, work, creative pursuits and opportunities and my health.


On Monday 10 April, my popular 8 week course Manifest More, opens its doors again, where I teach this 6 step formula in detail through an 8 week interactive digital learning program for unconventional folk who want to create a life filled with meaning, abundance, adventures, love and opportunities. This time the videos and worksheets are completely new, and never-seen-before. It’s had a radical upgrade.

Getting your life on the right track requires clarity, vision and an understanding how it all works: when to ask for what you want, how to get it, what needs to be done to fulfil even your biggest dream and desires, and knowing what is your part of the job, and what you need to leave up to the universe. Without that kind of understanding and knowledge taking responsibility for your life and truly creating it on your own terms can feel impossible and overwhelming.


Over the next few weeks I’ll be revealing more and more about Manifest More, and about the elusive manifesting process, making a whole lot more fun and easier (as it should be). Doors open to Manifest More on Monday 27 March (with the next New Moon).


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I’ve got a gift for you. [Clue: Less wishing. More doing.]


At the start of March I relaunched my Free 7 Day Manifesting Course. You might have seen me mention it before. In it I share 7 steps of manifesting over 7 days, that have a powerful impact, every single time.


Over 1,400+ people have signed up for my course (so far), and people have manifested some pretty incredible things. I know, because they told me!


It brings me enormous pleasure to share some of those stories with you today:


Vienda, you sneaky thing! Your 7 day manifesting course just took me by surprise! 

Even though I felt as though I would already know a lot of the content, the way you explained it just made it all click – like you put it all into perspective.

At first I wanted to try to attract some more money, but I thought that was a bit vague, so on day 2, I changed my goal to be around attracting a new phone instead. You made it so, damn easy. I really didn’t even feel like I was trying at all.

Anyway, 2 days after the end of the course, a perfect new phone was in my hands, I was pretty chuffed. And then 2 days after that, I received an unexpected payment for $4200 after doing my tax. You’re a gifted teacher babe! Your course (and the results) definitely exceeded my expectations. Love what you’re about too. x




Hi lovely, I hope you’re well? Just wanted to share a little story with you… 

So I did your 7 Day Manifesting Course and decided I wanted to manifest a car. This is a massive thing for me because I’ve always had a lot of fear around getting a car and there is a lot tied up in it in terms of my independence and previous dependency on partners etc etc (you know how it goes). 

Just this morning I got a text message from a very good friend offering to gift me her old run around Barina because she just bought a new car. Speechless… I manifested myself an entire car! For free! I mean I have done some manifesting in my time but this is a whole other category… 

So, thank you for your work! xox

Cherise Lily Nana — Cherise Lily Nana




When I saw that you were holding a 7 Day Manifestation Course I knew I had to sign up! 

It was on the day where we looked at our fears and beliefs about what we were trying to manifest that brought it all together for me. I realized that I wasn’t being clear with what I wanted to manifest because I had fears and beliefs surrounding it that were blocking what I wanted to come in. Going through the steps that you created, allowed me to open my eyes to the blocks that I didn’t even know that I had. I sat there laughing, realizing no wonder this hasn’t come in! Look at all of those beliefs around it! 

Alongside that, I read your blog post about writing to the Universe. I thought “Hey, this couldn’t hurt!” Again, I got really clear on what my vision was for manifesting and I sent it off the email address provided in her post. When you write to it, the email address sends back “your order as been successful.” There’s something about putting out what you want and getting back a, ‘We’ve got you, want you want is coming’ that puts you into a space of confidence and gives you the believe that what you want is truly on it’s way (asap!) 

Within 24 hours, I had got a burst of inspiration to create something for my brand that feels exciting, aligned and full of fun. This is something I had been searching for awhile now and it was all because I learned how to be clear on what I want and recognize my fears and accept them. I’m so grateful that I found your post and email course. You’re a legend and a true manifestation magician!

Olivia O’Conner — Don’t Tell Summer




Honestly. Reading those words… Has left me breathless. (In the sexy, excited, good way… obviously.) If you can manifest big things like that, after just 1 week… Imagine what would be possible after 2 weeks. Or 5 Weeks. Or, even, 8 weeks.


To participate: Register for the course over here. Even if you don’t have time to read the emails as they come in right away, don’t worry: you can read them and start manifesting in your own time.


Either way, I hope the course brings you tonnes of inspiration.