Imagine having the sovereignty to clear your patterns, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks in minutes.




Independent from the influence of circumstances, thoughts or habits that don’t support or align with you anymore. The power to surpass your past, and your former self. Liberation from your own inner restraints. The freedom to step out from the under the control and power of your blocks and limited beliefs. To rise above it all and become truly self-ruling, the queen of your own life.


That’s what being ‘sovereign’ is. 


Sovereignty is what has sustained my ability to build a life that truly is an extension of my soul and purpose. And thereby live in alignment with the natural growth, expansion and evolution of life.


I grew up thinking that life was a sequence of circumstances that I had to react to as my parents had done, and those before them. It wasn’t until I was halfway through my psychology degree that I realised that my life experience was a result of pre-programmed patterns, blocks and beliefs in my mind. When I discovered that, I recognised that I have a choice on how my life unfolds. We all do.


Patterns are the habits we unconsciously act out day-to-day without even being aware of them. Sometimes they serve us, other times they undermine us. Emotional blocks are wounds we carry in our bodies that create a filter around how we experience life. The more emotional pain your body holds, that more difficult life feels. Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that tell us we can’t have, do or be the things we yearn for and thereby limit us from expressing and fulfilling our purpose and potential.



Overcoming these blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs, is what this class is about. ‘Sovereign’ is like yoga for your soul.



I devised this system that allows me to practice sovereignty, when it came to me in meditation 12 years ago, and have applied it to every area of my life, year after year, ever since.


In this in-depth 6-part class, I’ll guide you through the process of your own sovereign practice. In each section, I share detailed steps and real-life examples pulled from my own stories to lead you into releasing the blocks and limited beliefs that no longer serve you.





Sunday, June 30

DELIVERY: 6-part Video Series
START DATE: Instant Access


£44 GBP // $58 USD





The key to being sovereign lies in being fully present with the pain that the block, pattern or belief attempts to protect you from, without resistance.



There are many different ways to approach this. Since my method is so simple, literally just a few steps, I would question whether there might be another, better way for me to address and release my limiting beliefs and blocks. So I took some fancy courses (EFT, NLP, observational psychology, psychotherapy) only to discover that the techniques were too convoluted and tedious. Their processes were complicated which really appeals to the intellect, but engaged changes at a mental level, instead of the deeper, emotional level where limited beliefs and blocks actually originate.


I like results, fast. And I get bored, easily. So I teach what works, for me, every single time. I refined and tested my system until I clearly understood what set it apart and made it work. It came down to 4 simple steps with 2 unexpected elements that most people don’t know are essential to include in the process.


Whether you’ve been diving deep into doing your ‘inner-work’ for a while, or you are completely new to the idea of sovereignty, this class will provide you with simple steps that make something that feels like hard work — examining yourself with raw vulnerability — and turning it into something light, easy and playful.




→ Limiting beliefs and emotional blocks: what they really are
→ Identifying your limiting beliefs and blocks
→ How to locate their origin
→ What to do to clear them
→ Making sure they don’t come back
→ Integration: your new self and changes
→ BONUS: How to stop accumulation blocks, to begin with



→ A 6-part video sequence outlining every step of the ‘Sovereign’ process
→ Insightful prompts and “golden nuggets” to apply in your sovereignty practice
→ Options to implement the steps in real time as you move through the class
→ An audio edition of the class so you can listen to the steps, on the go
→ Intimate connections in a private Facebook group
→ A 40-minute guided audio practice





By the end of this class, you’ll have a much more connected and profound relationship with yourself, as well as the ability to see how the circumstances of your life are a reflection of what is going on within. And you’ll know exactly how to clear your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs in minutes. You’ll learn effective steps you can apply anywhere, at any time, without any additional tools and be the ability to move above and beyond the influence of your past. Sovereignty will become your superpower



You will be FREE.






The most common emotional blocks and limiting beliefs come down to the following:


I am not wanted. I am not loved. I am not loveable. I am not accepted. I am not good enough. I cannot do it. I am all alone. I am separate. I am abandoned. I cannot depend on others. I have to do it all on my own. It is not safe to trust. I have to be in control. It is not safe to relax. Nobody understands me. Nobody listens to me. I do not count. I cannot express myself. It is not safe to speak out. I cannot say no. I cannot ask for what I want. I cannot have what I want. I am a nuisance. There must be something wrong with me. I cannot cope. I am not safe. Life is not safe. It is my fault. It is their fault, they are to blame. I am stuck. I am trapped. I do not want to be here. It is not safe to leave. I do not belong. I do not fit in. It is not safe to show my feelings. I have to hide my feelings. I have to be good. I have to do the right thing. I have to be nice. I must not upset others. I have to hide who I really am. I am not worthy. I can’t trust my own judgement. I have to be brave. I have to be strong.


If you identify with any of these, this class is for you.





“Thank you for putting into words what I couldn’t and creating a space that allows people to feel they can go through safely. The key things I loved was identifying blocks and then knowing when they are cleared. Also the bit about being addicted to the process, I admit I had a block come up with that — how can I be enough, a healer, a teacher, just as myself — there is always something to improve.”  — Ashleigh Mythen, Naturopath, AUSTRALIA



“I have practically gotten all of Vienda Maria’s digital online courses and absolutely love and cherish them all. However, Sovereign holds a very, very special place in my heart because of its beautiful simplicity and effectiveness.  Through Vienda’s process of releasing blocks, limiting beliefs, and fears, I have been able to feel more freedom, lightness, abundance, and beauty in my life. I am specifically working on being able to surrender more deeply and tap into my feminine, seductive energy and abundant mindset to invite and receive romantic love and money into my life and it’s been extremely supportive to discover a simple, easy to do, yet incredibly profound process that helps me to release fears and blocks.  I never realized that if I wanted to make it, it can be simple and easy to release deeply embedded limiting beliefs from my body, soul, heart, and mind.  It’s one of the things I am transforming in my life is how I can expect things to flow and come to me with ease and flow instead of struggle.  I’ve also used Vienda’s system to dive deep into some intense, deep experiences to clear them from my system and I love the integrative approach of combining my body and emotions along with mindset because although I intellectually and logically understand, my body and heart and soul need to “catch up” to truly create the deep transformation on a cellular level.  I also feel it’s important to integrate the entire experience and celebrate it and accumulate your supportive, loving belief after going through the process of releasing it into your day to day life and this is something I learned in this course. I highly recommend Sovereign to anyone who wants to manifest their desires with more ease, sensuality, and magic and wants to live their life with deep self-love and freedom!’ — Priyanka Yadvendu, Creator of Wildly Intimate, USA



“I have gone 34 years of my life on autopilot mode of ‘struggle street’. I never really understood that there were such things as blocks or limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that I had been carrying around making me miserable for my whole entire life.  Sovereign has made me be totally in control of my life and look at my life from a whole new angle.  After this work, I constantly find I’m checking in with myself and questioning every single feeling or thought that comes into my head that makes me feel icky and not in alignment. I address it and remove it from my life. I would never have had that awareness or tools if it wasn’t for this course and my whole outlook on life has changed. I am in the driver seat and I can’t wait to make my life ridiculously amazing. Thank you Vienda, you have changed my life with this course, and my only regret is not having discovered you a long time ago. x” — Angela Fitzpatrick, Creator of Soulful, AUSTRALIA


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