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You asked, we answered. Some Gypset Adventure FAQ’s: If you have to know what you ‘thing’ is; If the Adventure will happen again next year; and When we will meet for the 3 day retreat in December.

You asked, we answered. Gypset Adventure Q&A.


You asked, we answered. Some Gypset Adventure FAQ’s: If you have to know what you ‘thing’ is; If the Adventure will happen again next year; and when we will meet for the 3 day retreat in December.


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I am keen as mustard to sign up for The Gypset Adventure you are running but although I have signed up for your Live Q&A call, on Tuesday June 23, 7pm AEST, 10am London, work is going to be a bit crazy around that time & I don’t think I’ll be able to be online to ask my questions. What do I do?


We totally understand that not everyone can make the call, so please send all your questions here, and will make sure to answer them during the Live Q&A call. After the call, we will email a copy of the recording to all of you who have signed up, whether you were able to make it, or not!


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I want to make the leap from cubicle-dwelling stresshead to free-as-a-bird gypsetting adventuress. I was just wondering if you gave guidance during the course if we weren’t 100% sure about how we thought we’d be able to make money – to put it bluntly. Do you have to start the course armed & ready with your ‘thing’ at least 93% defined i.e. life coach, virtual assistant, digital reiki rastafarian etc.?


We are very clear that the leap from cubicle-dwelling stresshead to free-living gypsetter, is first and foremost about mindset. It’s about valuing yourself, believing in yourself, and saying yes, I am doing this for me, because I damn well can, and deserve it, even when it’s scary and tough.


You want to make money, being free and doing what you love. But you don’t believe it’s possible? Herein lies the problem. The belief. Which is exactly what the Gypset Adventure is about. Changing your beliefs / mindset and then immediately taking action from a completely different place. So, no, you don’t have to start the course armed and ready with your ‘thing’. We are ever-evolving and that’s part of this adventure. Making money is a very important topic that we will be speaking about often, throughout the 6 months together.


Or, the short answer to this question is: if you feel called to The Gypset Adventure – there’s a reason. Trust your intuition/gut. 


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I was wondering if you would be confirming the dates for the 3-days in Bali so I can plan my life!


We will be confirming the dates for the retreat during the Live call, and we can tell you right now, that they are: Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 of December 2015.


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Do you anticipate that an adventure such as this one will be offered by you again?  Next year perhaps?


At this point in time, the honest answer is: ‘I don’t know’. This is the first time that we are running a 6 month program that’s ending in a retreat like this one, so it’s a bit of a learning curve for us as well, as we figure out the best way to share value and give you the best of everything we can conjure.


We would love to say yes, we will be, but it completely depends on this very first ever 6 month program, and how much we love doing it.


Right now we are pouring so much love into the video eCourse, creating activities and structure for the fortnightly mentoring sessions, and working with an awesome event organiser for the retreat at the end of the year, which is just so exciting.


I think we will have a much better idea on whether we will run it again, by the end of this year.


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I’d love love love to do your Gypset Adventure Program and I noticed that as soon as you sign up to the program the monthly payments commence immediately. I’m wondering if it’s possible to sign up and not start being billed monthly until the program actually begins? Totally fine if not, I can just sign up later in June but thought I’d ask :)


As you have noticed, the first payment does occur immediately, and then it’s a month by month payment plan.


It may be best for you to sign up later on in June, when the timing is better for you, though I do feel that I should warn you that there are limited spaces available, as we have already filled 12 spots.


Thank you for reaching out and checking with us. It’s definitely appreciated as we will take this kind of feedback into consideration for future projects.


I have 41 days left in Byron Bay. The past 108 days have been full of love, expansion and growth.

Sunset in Byron Bay


I arrived in Byron Bay on Valentines Day 2015. Aptly so, considering that many people who live here, believe Byron to sit at a converging point of powerful ley lines, that are directly affecting our heart centre, creating a blueprint for unconditional love. As well as being placed in the most easterly point of Australia, it is supposed that Byron has tremendous effects on our energetic fields releasing blockages in the heart chakra – to allow for openings of more unconditional love. I don’t have anything to back those presumptions up, but I like them. And well, why not believe something that increases love in the world.



Top Shop, Byron Bay


On that fateful day, I was lucky enough to catch a lift into this unique and world-famous little town with my sweet friend Carly from Pockets of Peace. We spent the whole drive down chatting about all things spiritual: how to cleanse your aura; why it’s important to work through old family stuff that’s keeping you stuck; what meditations we like to do; and why learning to love yourself is the best V Day gift you could ever give yourself. Promptly followed by a less spiritual lunch of ‘USA Burgers’ and green juices at the beautiful Top Shop on the hill.



Julien in Byron Bay


Two days later, my sweet love Julien and I moved into our beautiful little farmhouse, complete with 5 chickens and 1 kitten. Oh, remember Julien? The rather handsome Canadian man whom I picked up off the side of the road, who then stood by my side and held my hand (like in every woman’s dream), when my van blew up? And then spent 3 months house-sitting with me in Cairns? Well, we’re still adventuring around together. I’ve learnt so much about love from him too. Like, how love expands more than you can ever possibly imagine. And that your relationship is a direct reflection of what you feel about yourself, in each and every moment. (He may just kill me for using this photo of his amazing-peacock-hair, but hopefully he won’t ever read this to find out!)



Vienda in Byron Bay


One of the many reasons I felt called to Byron was to see the endearing and enlightening Elizabeth Gilbert speak on the topic of creativity. She was doing a literary tour for her new book, and after seeing this TED talk some years ago, I knew I wanted to hear more from her. Which I did. And what she taught me was this:

“Your work does not need to be useful. It does not need to be beautiful, it does not need to be pleasing, it does not need to fill a hole. It just needs to be done.”

It was around this time, that I released my third ever eBook ‘New Moon. New You. A journaling ritual to create your best life ever.’ Because it just had to be done. And I love it and use it all the time.



Banana Muffins in Byron Bay


What was really unforeseen was that, when I first got Byron, I literally did not want to do anything. I was pulled into a vortex of stillness, which I wasn’t really comfortable with (because, ahem, I run a business and in many ways the equation works as such: no working = no money) but there were greater conduits at play here. So I trusted the inner calling to just relax a little and allowed life to wash over me. And I did a lot of baking: Banana Muffins and Carrot Muffins and so much more!

This time was filled with soul-searching, and thinking about what I really wanted and what was important to me. Which was swiftly enhanced by a midnight-death experience that I shared: Life is dangerous. You are so damn courageous for living it. Julien, of course, was the hero of that particular tale, too.



The Pass Byron Bay


Little did I know that that time of quiet, could be likened to the calm before the storm. Because swiftly following it has been, what feels like, never-ending months of high-speed chaos. Aka: swift change and energetic nudges driving me to expand and grow in ways that are ridiculously unfamiliar. Yet I welcome them with open arms. Because if we want our lives to change, we have to get uncomfortable.

It means that, for the first time since I have created my coaching business and started working in it full-time 2 years ago, that I catch myself thinking “I don’t have enough time!”. What it really means is that life has beautifully sped up, increased it’s horse-power and thrown a bucket-load of amazing opportunities in front of me. And that it’s up to me to learn to bring more presence and awareness into my life, and make sure that I am truly focused on what’s important. This is such a wonderful learning curve around expansion. When we ask for more, we always get more. And then we need to learn how to handle more.



Vienda in Byron Bay


I am so grateful for the many things that are filling my life and days at the moment. I’m close to full capacity with my 1 to 1 coaching clients in both the unique coaching programs and the incredibly popular #10WeeksofFree program, that take enormous precedence in my life. Every call has me smile —  the enormous capacity that my clients have to create a life that surprises all of us. And to actually do the things they says that dream of. With unparalleled ease, determination and enthusiasm. It astounds me. I swear I learn as much from being a mentor, as they do having me teach them. And I get to meet and make friends with some of the most breath-taking human beings on the planet.



Vienda and Hayley in Byron Bay.


The project that’s really been stretching and growing me? The Gypset Adventure. My dear colleague, life-coach-in-arms, and friend Hayley and I, dreamt this baby up when I first arrived. We knew it was big. Bigger than anything we had ever created before. And big = scary. And scared means that we are growing and stretching ourselves beyond anything either of us have ever imagined before. Our weeks are currently filled with writing, writing, writing. And filming the content. And getting beautiful photographs like the one above take by even more wonderful friends, our darling Michelle from Eyes of Love Photography. Our weeks have also been filled with overcoming big challenges, technical issues, internal conflicts, upper-limit-problems and the need to push and grow, and with that comes growing pains. That said, I can feel the heavy weight lifting. There’s something really beautiful evolving, and I know that The Gypset Adventure is something incredibly special. as well as a powerful catalyst. A 6 month program that will change lives. If you’re the right person for it.


Manifest More

The project that makes me smile and glow and sparkle inside? Manifest More. This one is so special to me, and it’s been  pleasure to watch it unfold and evolve. Manifest More is based on my own extensive experiences in manifesting all the things that I want and indulge in, in my life, such as moving to Byron, traveling the world, making plenty of money, falling in love, finding the perfect apartment wherever I go, creating my own job, taking creative ideas and turning them into tangible experiences, creating a really healthy and vibrant body, and so much more. I have interviewed over 15 experts on different topics, who have shared with us how to manifest anything you want into your life. And I’m sharing all of my own intimate experiences and stories, plus a step-by-practical-step ‘how to’ for every single area of your life, that anyone can use and apply to their own lives. It’ll come out as an 8 week video eCourse, to be launched in August. My beautiful designer Alisha, has been doing an amazing job at creating the stunning visuals to go with the Manifest More program, and I am so excited to share more about it with you soon.


Byron Bay Sunset


And then there’s my own internal spirit / life journey as it unfolds. The past 6 months, and especially the time in Byron has been quite dedicated to doing my own inner work on untying my negative family ties. When my family experience came to a rather shocking peak in September last year, I recognised that I had to heal my mother and father lines on a deeper level than I had ever before. For some reason, being in Byron has given me a really safe and loving place to do that. And I feel like I’m tying up loose ends in that specific arena of my life. It feels good. It kind of feels like I’m growing up.


Lighthouse walk Byron Bay


All of this “busy-ness” and wild unrest means that I’ve been even more aware of how sensitive our bodies are. Which means that I need even more rest and care than usual. For me, that means putting self-care ahead of everything else. I do that by starting each day, asking my body what it needs, first and foremost. And doing that. Which means lots of runs up to the lighthouse to move my body, sweat, and give my muscles something to firm them. It means gentle yoga at home to the soothing sounds of Cora & Bhodi in my ear via a personalised yoga sequence that was especially made for me a year ago. It means a blend of spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorophyll and alfalfa powder in the mornings, and probiotic and Vitamin C during the day, to support my body and immune system while it goes through rapid changes and inner growth. Because, after all, everything is connected. And it also means taking naps whenever I can fit them in.


Nimbin Peaks


And of course; adventures. Life isn’t complete without adventures, and it’s one  thing that Julien and I do well. In fact, we took the last two days off, for exactly that.



Flower field near Nimbin, Australia.


The day before we went to the local Tea Tree Lake, where tales are told of the aboriginal women who held it as a sacred space, and gave birth to their little ones, and would wash in the water, as the Tea Tree works as an antiseptic. Followed by a scenic drive to Nimbin, the infamous tie-dye and weed capital. Our timing was perfect, as I could indulge myself in the intricacies of the massive Sunday market, while Julien went in search of the perfect hacky sack.



Minion Falls, Australia.


And then yesterday: Minyon Falls — which spectacularly descends over more than 100 metres — and once was a part of a volcano, a long, long time ago.



Crystal Castles Byron Bay.


Followed by Crystal Castle, a magical property, designed with crystal grids, that facilitate healing, releasing and opening your heart and third eye. We had a beautiful sound healing and meditation, which was the highlight of my day. Even Julien was impressed by the sonar resonance and vibration from the quartz crystal singing bowls, as they moved through different areas of our bodies.


I have 41 days left in Byron Bay. The past 108 days have been full of love, expansion and growth. I wonder what these last few weeks will bring, as I wrap things up, and prepare for the next steps in my journey.


Are you one of 8% of all people?

The Gypset Adventure Welcome Video


Did you know that, according to Forbes, only 8% of people actually do what they say they want to do, and follow their dreams, per year?


Social psychologists say that it’s because just saying things like “This year I’m going to travel.” or “This year I’m going to get out of the cubicle and create a lifestyle that make me feel happy, excited and whole!” is too vague, and doesn’t include achievable metrics, necessary for people to take action.


I have a dream. A dream to make the dreams of those people, easier to achieve. By giving them the support and tangible steps to do what they say they want to do.


Allow me to share with you, my, and my incredible partner-in-adventures Hayley Carr’s exciting program: The Gypset Adventure.


Watch the video below:



A 6 month mentorship for entrepreneurial, ambitious, wanderlust souls who have had enough of their cubicles and want to step foot into the wild unknown. A step-by-step breakdown that allows them to create a life and business that is financially and soulfully fulfilling, and allows them to travel the world. Just like they always wanted.


Experts say that if you can’t measure it you won’t do it.


This program is changing that. Every week includes actionable steps, mindset transformations, live in=person coaching from around the world, and an excess of new possibilities — a literal expansion in every area of life — ending in the most exciting part of all: a very real and tangible 3 day live retreat with us in Bali in December.


Discover more about The Gypset Adventure here: http://viendamaria.com/vienda-and-hayleys-gypset-adventure/.


This is only the beginning!


Vienda xo


P.S. Still wondering what Gypset is? Read this.


You’re invited to a Gypsy Garden Gathering in Byron Bay!




Not all of us were born to live a conventional life.


Some of us want to connect with real, amazing, spirited people. We want to have fun, and dance and laugh and be merry. Above all, we really want to know that we belong to a tribe of like-minded people.


Would you like to say hello, meet me, my sweet friend and co-presenter Emily Rose, and a whole bunch of other inspiring and bohemian folk under a starlight sky for a Gypsy Garden Gathering? Would you like to hug, meditate together, and release that stuff that’s dimming your shine, dance to the songs and vocals of Nick Cunningham and indulge in the yummiest, tasty treats that Byron Bay has to offer?


Then this event on Sunday the 14th of June from 6 – 9pm, is for you.


It will be joyful and playful. I hope that you come.



What is it?

The Gypsy Garden Gathering is an event for people who want to spend time with good people. And who love to laugh, dance to music, drink chai, eat naughty and nice treats, and meet lots of other people who love those things too.


Where is it happening?

It’s happening at the raddest house in Suffolk, just a few minutes south of Byron Bay. The address will be revealed on your ticket.


How much?

$40 per ticket. GET YOUR TICKET.

When is it?

It’s on Sunday the 14th of June.

6pm. Hugs and chai. (Yep. Can’t wait to hug you.)

6.30pm. Releasing ritual and group meditation.

7pm. Music, dancing, laughing, eating and drinking.

9pm. More hugs and chai and goodbyes.


Is this for girls only?

Nope. This is for everyone. Boys. Girls. Women. Men. Fairies. Gypsies. Unicorns. Everyone is welcome.


What should I bring?

A cushion to sit on. And some warm layers in case it gets coooooooold.



Your parents and grandparents are (definitely) stopping you from having the life that you want (and deserve).


your parents and you


Let’s begin with the fact that each and every one of us is 100% responsible for our life experience. This is not about blaming others for our circumstances. In fact, that’s shrugging our responsibility off our shoulders. Nonetheless; Your parents and grandparents are (definitely) stopping you from having the life that you want (and deserve).


This is how it works.


Most of us (if not all), are born into specific family lines, which are riddled with unconscious, abusive or addictive behaviour, that has the capacity to destroy individuals and harm those around them. My personal family lineage carries within it alcoholism, poverty, shame, abuse, anxiety, fear and depression. I have shared some of those experiences here and here.


Some people say that these elements are hereditary, throw their arms up in the air, and choose to be victims of their lineage and past.


And then this is what happens.


We repeat the same patterns from the past, wrapped up carefully, and repackaged in ways that appear different. We choose relationships that are abusive and controlling, because that’s what we know, what we are comfortable with, and are used to. We turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, because hey, it’s socially acceptable and that makes it ok, right? We unconsciously choose to be victims of fate, and blame the name-less Gods in the heavens for our misfortunes. We live with depression and believe that there’s nothing we can do to change it. We don’t ask our worth, don’t value ourselves and are consistently underpaid, because “the world is a cold and careless place”, not because we have a poverty pattern running through us.


Essentially, we choose to be powerless and not take responsibility for our lives.


Because; Oh no. It couldn’t be us.


But that assumption wrong. It is us.


There is another choice.


In fact, I believe that our generation has been given an invaluable gift: the courage, tools, and ability to say no. This negative, undermining, self-destruction and sabotage ends here. No more. No more alcoholism, poverty, shame, abuse, anxiety, fear and depression.


We have the power to close that cycle, and end it in our lifetimes, not just for ourselves but for the generations in front of us. Not only can we end and heal those negative cycles. We can heal the past and the wounds of our parents and grandparents by choosing to do so. As far as that timeline stretches in either direction.


We have the power. And we owe it. To ourselves. To our future. And to our past.




It’s simple and complex.


The simple answer is: by being aware and conscious. When we bring our fullest self-awareness into every moment, be start to notice when we do and say things that are out of alignment with our true nature. It feels edgy, we respond too quickly, choose re-actions out of habit rather than presence, and we repeat the patterns that harm us. With that awareness, we empower ourselves with seeing what these genetic patterns actually are.


The complex answer is: changing those patterns can be hard. Often they are so deeply ingrained into our DNA from generations and generations of repetition, that once we become aware of them, removing them is the only answer, just as one would want to remove a cancerous cell from an otherwise healthy body. It takes commitment, a willingness to get uncomfortable, the inner strength to face those patterns head on, and a determination to see it through, despite how emotionally or physically painful the experience may be.


The result is true freedom. Freedom from the damaging constraints of an unhealthy lineage. And freedom to create a life that is truly your own.  Freedom to be you. And exhalation from the weight of generations past.


We have the choice and power to change ourselves, our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, and the future. Which is a beautiful, beautiful inspiring thing.


I myself have been working through lineage patterns, for the past couple of years now. It was the next step, after I had cleared all the negative patterns from my own, short yet potent life so far. It’s a challenging, yet incredibly worthwhile and fulfilling process. And it gift to me the ability to create anything that I can imagine in my life, as I have shared here.


And what is truly exciting, is being able to help my clients who are going through that process in their own lives, as they wade through the muddy waters of lineage history, and choose to transform into crystal clarity.


Do you feel called to clear your past, discover your freedom and create and brilliant new path for the future. I have just opened up 2 new spots for my 3 month coaching program. Click here, to book a free 15 minute ‘get to know each other’ session, and discover more.



Photo credit: JBird.

So, I’m still no-poo-ing, 1 year later. (+ 5 things I learnt along the way.)

No-poo-ing 1 year later.


Yes. It’s true. I’m still no-poo-ing, 1 year later.


When I first wrote all about no-poo, I too, thought it might just be a phase or trend, but it’s a wonderful new habit that has stuck, and I’m utterly convinced that it’s the best way to care for my hair ever. My hair was only just touching my shoulders then, so see how much it’s grown!


But I have definitely learned a few things along the way. Here are 5 of those things:


  • You are unique, so make sure you treat yourself like it. You have to get the bicarb soda, and water to vinegar proportions just right to suit your personal hair type. I personally have very fine hair, and a lot of it, so it tangles and damages really easily. Which means less bicarb to begin with, and more vinegar diluted in water, than many other people on the internet proclaim to use.


  • Your hair ends up smelling like salad. I knew that, plus, I like salad, but when my boyfriend gently mentioned it a couple of times, I got the hint and decided to do something about it. My solution? A few drops of essential organic lemongrass oil in every vinegar/water solution. He loves the smell now. It’s fresh and clean and a totally uplifting.


  • Men like to no-poo too. Speaking of my boyfriend, not only does he now love the smell, he’s actually started no-poo-ing himself. He has had issues with dandruff and an itchy scalp for years now, and ever since he’s started using my no-poo method, he’s been itch and dandruff free. Not only that, he also says his hair is the softest it has ever been before. Ha! Totally suckered in. Plus, he likes the idea that he’s saving the dolphins by doing no-poo. No toxins, no chemicals not bad stuff floating into our nearby oceans.


  • Raw eggs become your hair’s best friend. As mentioned previously, my hair tends to hang out on the dry end of the scale, which means it wants plenty of love and treatments to keep it looking shiny and healthy. “Oh, but the toxins!” you’ll hear me say. But, what I have discovered is this: 1 raw egg yolk, mixed with a dash of cold water, and used as a shampoo instead of bicarb and vinegar, about once a month, is a miracle-worker. I always have the softest, lush-est, most delightful hair the day after, and it saves me having to buy icky, expensive and toxic treatments. Plus, now that we have 5 chickens for the time being, it couldn’t be any easier!


  • Argan oil rocks. So, to combat my general hair dryness from too much sunshine, surf, and all things fun, I’ve been experimenting with hair oils. Almond, coconut and olive oil are all lovely, but somehow too heavy and fatty for my fine strands. I end up looking (and feeling) like a greased up monkey, clapping cymbals, which, trust me, is not a good look for me! Argan oil, however is as gentle as a saint, and make my ends feel happy, light, and protected.


We have a new experiment coming up soon; Making our own toothpaste. I’ll let you know how that goes…


A journey to Freedom: 10 learnings from #10WeeksofFree.




Late last year, I awoke from a dream, which contained all the content for one of my most popular coaching programs to date: #10WeeksofFree. I ran it for a second time earlier this year, and was graced with a group of the most stunning, beautiful souls one can imagine.


One of these was Tracey Gobey from The Bootstrap Assembly. So when this incredible, passionate and multi-creative woman sent her biggest turning-points and lessons from #10WeeksofFree, to me, I was totally blown away! And of course, I had to share her words with you. Behold:



A journey to Freedom: 10 learnings from #10WeeksofFree.


When Vienda sent a note out to ask for feedback on her #10weeksoffree program, I felt that a few generic statements back to her about my experience wasn’t enough. I wanted to share a richer story about how much the program has changed my life.


This was also the first time I ventured into this type of coaching. I am pretty good at signing up for business-related courses but this was a new zone for me. Typically anti anything that resembled woo-woo, I felt that I should try something different. I am so glad I did and I now think a little bit of woo-woo is a good thing.


Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. Throughout my life I have been incredibly successful at most things that I turned my hand to.


A tennis career that took me around the world and paid for my college education, a successful corporate career with promotions and more money than I cared to spend, a home owner by 26 (all on my own) and a great marriage to boot.


Seemingly I was ticking all the boxes we are supposed to tick. To add to all of this, my husband and I recently set out for an epic one year road trip around the USA, we are currently in month three in Texas after having explore the south-west, taking in amazing sights like the Grand Canyon, living in an adobe home in New Mexico and skiing Lake Tahoe (all off the sale of my apartment).


So, I’m good on paper right?!


But in spite of all this, I was stuck in a paralytic state of fear and uncertainty about what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life. You see the corner office, power suits and sky-high heels don’t really tick my boxes any more.


So what was my problem?


My problem, I am coming to learn is that I was not truly FREE.


“Freedom” or “being free” of course means different things to different people. For me, it was (and to some extent still is) a bit of a mental battle – I know what I want, I’m just not sure which path I want to take to get to it. Perhaps it is in this fact alone – all this choice, an abundance of options and opportunities that lies my greatest challenge. Finding my path to simplicity and alignment.


I don’t have it all figured out (I’m not sure we ever do), but I am in a more peaceful place and know that my journey through this crazy ride called life will be a lot smoother.


So when I think about my own freedom and how it has been impacted by my journey through #10weeksoffree, these are some of the learnings that are now guiding me. It is in little actions that I am learning to take every day, which are getting me closer to my version of free.


  1. That’s it 100% OK to not know all the answers and have solutions to everything straight away, all the time.
  2. That I can’t predict the future, I just have to live in the now and the rest will take care of itself. Worrying about the future doesn’t do anything but create pain and fear in the present. It’s so not worth the effort.
  3. That I do not have to solely value myself on the work I do, or the hours I spend doing it. I give value in every moment – it may be making a beautiful meal for a loved one, a kind word to a stranger, taking time out for myself. I am valuable – I am enough!
  4. That it’s OK to start things and sometimes not finish them. By nature I’m a creator and an explorer – these are my strengths and I should cherish them, work with them and not mark myself down on them.
  5. That I can make up my own rules. And know that when I follow them instead of other people’s idea of what I should be doing, I will be living a more authentic life.
  6. To always follow my fun. Do what makes me feel great and I enjoy…and not feel guilty about doing so.
  7. To let my feminine side have more of a say in how I live my life. I have been very successful in a male dominated world and if that’s not the type of world I want to live in anymore then I need to shift my attention – this means listening to my intuition more, to breathe instead of push through things, more calm less hustle.
  8. To be OK with making mistakes or not getting the exact result I wanted. That a failure should not mean giving up on something, but rather finding a new way or trying to do it a little differently.
  9. To allow myself the space and time to be still. To sit with feelings, fears and doubts and not try to find an immediate solution – let the universe do its magic in these times.
  10. To be OK with just saying “f**k it” and letting things go. One door closes and another will open – they always do, I know this, I just have to trust it more.
  11. I know I said 10, but who doesn’t like bonuses…I think I may have found my gypset tribe through this journey.


So that was #10weeksoffree for me. It was amazing journey (and continues to be) and opened up a whole new way of thinking and being for me.


*Those of you who have been asking me about when I am running #10WeeksofFree again, sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop.*


Growing pains and Gypset Adventures. (All access – no holds barred, emotional breakdown.)

By Louie Luxe.



I woke up this morning, feeling that pain in my heart again, a kind of sadness, but not, which I spoke of last week. I’ve been trying to intellectually understand and rationalise why I was feeling this way, for a week now. Moving between just trusting the unknown, and my inner processes — and wanting to understand, so I can fix it — has made the past week a strangely emotional one.


Until I realised something. This morning, amongst my musings, it all became so clear to me. This uncomfortable pain I was feeling; this sense of sadness; of letting go; is also coupled with a new beginning. And what I have been feeling, is growing pains.


You see, I’ve been working a really special project, which has seen me stretch and grow in ways, as never before.


And sometimes (always), when we create something so big, that it takes every part of you to commit and stay with it, it’s a bit (very) scary.


What happens, is that when we step out of our comfort zones, in order to create an experience that is beyond anything we have created before, we have to let go of old paradigms. We expand. We say goodbye to old beliefs. We open up. We take steps in directions where we don’t know what might happen next.


It feels like falling. And not knowing what will happen next, or if you’ll hit the ground.  It’s exiting. It’s exhilarating. It’s terrifying.


And it brings up all the blocks, fears and limitations. But when we continue to go forth with it, what we get, is growing pains. And then, beautiful, spectacular results.


Which brings me to what has caused all this commotion. Allow me present to you: The Gypset Adventure.


6 Months of support, source of strength + bi-weekly group coaching calls in the Gypset Live Mentoring.

A lifetime of new friends + allies from every corner of the world  – find your tribe in the exclusive Gypset Facebook group.

5 Month immersion in the soul + spirit meets financial + practical ‘SHE IS…’ digital eCourse.

3 days of live + personal putting-gypset-biz-life-into-practice at our unique 3 day Gypset Adventure retreat, in an international location.

8 Unique resources created by Vienda and Hayley in the form of eBooks and MP3 recordings as a gift, sent to your mailbox; download = instant.


I’d like to invite you to join me.


I’ll be sharing a lot of stories around this exciting adventure, over the next 6 weeks or so, but just to give you a little insight, here are the 5 elements that make up the Gypset Adventure.


Starting on Wednesday 1st of July, here is where the journey will take you. From Group, to online, to at home, forever, and face-to-face support, we’ve got you covered, in 5 Parts:



Gypset_Headers_660x220_FINAL6“She Is…” Gypset Digital eCourse Series. A 6-month guided journey, with all the practicalities, principles and inner-work required by you, to make your Gypset dreams a reality. Delivered with love straight to you via beautiful videos, audio’s and PDF’s to whip your butt into aligned action, and soothe the queries of your soul. Yours to keep, forever and ever.



 6 Months of fortnightly coaching calls, to supplement the lessons you are learning in the Gypset eCourse. Get on the phone for laser-coaching by Vienda and Hayley, together, every two weeks, from around the globe, for the rest of the year, until it’s time to take your gypset journey to the world, and…



Turn your efforts and actions into results. You will be joining your Gypset sisters and your mentors for our 3-day International Work & Play Retreat, Gypset:Bali.  3 days of travel, lifestyle and business live work-shopping, hot-seats, and adventures, to celebrate live with your sisters from around the world. This retreat is the summation of everything you have worked towards, the accumulation of everything that you need to take continue this journey forever, and a celebration of everything to come.



 Gypset Private Facebook Group. This is where you get to start connecting to, and growing your circle of traveling sisters around the globe, chat, and ask questions with Vienda and Hayley, harness the support of your group while you’re on the go taking action, for continued support. Community is everything, and when you’re a Gypsetter, you require a very unique tribe. Consider yourself sorted.



Solo-Moment Support. 8 x hand-crafted digital resources to get you through anything, yours to keep forever and use on the road to keep you grounded, inspired, and focused on your goals and connected to your dreams. (*extremely helpful*) Plus, Whimsical, Sassy, Beautiful Gypset Surprises… Because –Wanderlust!


Want to know more? Check out the full details here. I’d love to have you with me, on this particular adventure.


Top image by Louie Luxe.



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