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Manifest Success Stories: Can you imagine manifesting: a new smart phone; a car; a bright new business vision; exactly the home you wanted or $4,200 in less than 10 days?

Manifest Success Stories: Can you imagine manifesting: a new smart phone; a car; a bright new business vision; or $4,200 in less than 10 days?


The incredible thing about manifesting is… that it works best, when we surrender.

When we stop trying so hard.

When we let go.

When we stop.

Stop doing.



There’s really only two things you need to know about manifesting.


Ask. + Receive.


But for many of us, there is a diorama of conflicting beliefs, feelings and hard-wired concepts that complicate that process. Which is exactly why I created Manifest More. To answer the question that I, and many of my friends asked ourselves: Why am I really good at manifesting some things, and yet other things totally seem to evade me?



It all started with writing notes to the universe, followed by my Free 7 Day Manifesting Course. And within a week, I started receiving incredible emails filled to the brim with manifest success stories. Manifest Success Stories: Can you imagine manifesting: a new smart phone; a car; a bright new business vision; exactly the home you wanted or $4,200 in less than 10 days?



It brings me enormous pleasure to share some of those stories with you today:


Vienda, you sneaky thing! Your 7 day manifesting course just took me by surprise!
Even though I felt as though I would already know a lot of the content, the way you explained it just made it all click – like you put it all into perspective.
At first I wanted to try to attract some more money, but I thought that was a bit vague, so on day 2, I changed my goal to be around attracting a new phone instead. You made it so, damn easy. I really didn’t even feel like I was trying at all.
Anyway, 2 days after the end of the course, a perfect new phone was in my hands, I was pretty chuffed. And then 2 days after that, I received an unexpected payment for $4200 after doing my tax. You’re a gifted teacher babe! Your course (and the results) definitely exceeded my expectations. Love what you’re about too. x





Hi lovely, I hope you’re well? Just wanted to share a little story with you…
So I did your 7 Day Manifesting Course and decided I wanted to manifest a car. This is a massive thing for me because I’ve always had a lot of fear around getting a car and there is a lot tied up in it in terms of my independence and previous dependency on partners etc etc (you know how it goes).
Just this morning I got a text message from a very good friend offering to gift me her old run around Barina because she just bought a new car. Speechless… I mean I have done some manifesting in my time but this is a whole other category…
So, thank you for your work! xox

Cherise Lily Nana — The Eyrie




When I saw that you were holding a 7 Day Manifestation Course I knew I had to sign up!
It was on the day where we looked at our fears and beliefs about what we were trying to manifest that brought it all together for me. I realized that I wasn’t being clear with what I wanted to manifest because I had fears and beliefs surrounding it that were blocking what I wanted to come in. Going through the steps that you created, allowed me to open my eyes to the blocks that I didn’t even know that I had. I sat there laughing, realizing no wonder this hasn’t come in! Look at all of those beliefs around it!
Alongside that, I read your blog post about writing to the Universe. I thought “Hey, this couldn’t hurt!” Again, I got really clear on what my vision was for manifesting and I sent it off the email address provided in her post. When you write to it, the email address sends back “your order as been successful.” There’s something about putting out what you want and getting back a, ‘We’ve got you, want you want is coming’ that puts you into a space of confidence and gives you the believe that what you want is truly on it’s way (asap!)
Within 24 hours, I had got a burst of inspiration to create something for my brand that feels exciting, aligned and full of fun. This is something I had been searching for awhile now and it was all because I learned how to be clear on what I want and recognize my fears and accept them. I’m so grateful that I found your post and email course. You’re a legend and a true manifestation magician!

Olivia O’Conner — Don’t Tell Summer




And finally, from one of my amazing assistants:


I started writing for this program [Manifest More] several months ago, and was then, that I first introduced to the concept and principles behind manifestation.

Around that same time I was 1 month into looking for an apartment, and was having the worst luck. As I began learning about manifestation through the videos I was watching and summarizing, I implemented little tips and tricks I heard with the hope that they would help me find the apartment I had been picturing.

Fast forward about two months… a friend from childhood moved to town and we decided to apartment hunt together, which meant my budget was more accommodating for the apartments around the area I’d been wanting. When I got back from my two week trip to Wales, I received an email letting me know an apartment I had been looking at came available.

We applied, got accepted, and will move in on the 11th of September. The best part about this apartment is that it is EVERYTHING I had been manifesting. Top floor, downtown, walking distance to work, loft style, exposed brick, 15 foot exposed ceiling… I couldn’t picture anything more perfect… I believe manifesting helped me get there. Thank you. 

Mariah Young



Honestly. Reading those words… Has left me breathless. (In the sexy, excited, good way… obviously.) If these people can manifest big things like that, after just 1 week… Imagine what would be possible after 2 weeks. Or 5 Weeks. Or, even, 8 weeks.


I’d love to know, if you have any stories to share. If so, email me: studio@viendamaria.com.


Want awesome manifesting stories of your own? Join me for Manifest More. Doors are open now, for an 8 week adventure into the art of creating the life that you desire. We start September 14. I’d love to have you.


Image source: Outfit Ideas by Pinterest.


Do you want to… MANIFEST MORE?


“I’m not getting what I want in life!”

How many times have people said that to you or how many times have you said it to yourself? Probably every day of your life.



One of the beautiful things about being human is that you are capable of anything you believe in. Our beliefs are not set in stone. Reality is moldable. We can learn how to do things differently.

You want to have more financial abundance, that just shows up from expected and unexpected places?


You want to share your love, your heart and you life with someone incredible?


You want to live in a home you adore, where you feel fulfilled and peaceful?


You want vibrant, radiant health that glows into a serene beauty?


You want to actually get your creative ideas off the ground, and out into the world?


You want to do work that lights you up, and fulfils you?


You want the things you ask for, to appear, more quickly, more powerfully?


You want to harness the power of manifesting it all?


Do you want to… manifest more?


You can do it.


You can manifest more.


I’d love to help you.


Manifesting is about commanding the art of co-creating your life, using the power of your natural magnetism, to attract the things that you want, quickly, easily and with joy.


You don’t have to fear that you’re missing out on all the good that you want anymore. You don’t have to worry that the reason why things aren’t manifesting for you, is that you don’t deserve them, or that you’re doing it all wrong.


In 14 days from today — I am launching my direct-from-the-heart-and-soul course: Manifest More.


An 8 week digital eCourse: September 14 — November 2, 2015.


8 Lessons on how to use your feelings to garner your true desires; how to ask for what you really, truly want; how to become aware of and let go of limiting beliefs and blockages that are stopping you from getting those things; how to let go and surrender; and how to openly and unabashedly receive the things that are bigger than we have ever imagined.


[Plus: Each week is packed with video interviews from incredible folk who have manifested everything that you want. They share inspiring stories, words of wisdom and go-get-’em precise advice, and steps that you can apply to your life, straight away.]


To learn more about Manifest More, and to sign up, this is the place: viendamaria.com/manifestmore.


I feel like a giddy school-girl with a crush just thinking about Manifest More. I have been working on this labour of love for over 6 months now, and am bursting at the seams with excitement, to finally be sharing it with you.


I’d like to invite you to register for Manifest More.


Doors are open as of right now, and close on September 12.


I hope you enjoy the course, over the 8 weeks that it runs, and manifest all of those desires you’ve been holding close to your heart, out into the world.


If you’re new to my world, come on over and say hello; and read: everything that I’ve written about manifesting so far.


If you feel warm and drawn in, I guarantee you’ll love Manifest More.

If it’s not calling you, skip it.

Trust your instincts.


Whether you decide to throw yourself into the course, or tiptoe around it, I hope that you are lovingly manifesting all of your beautiful wants and desires, every single day.


Thank you for being a part of my world.





Everything I know about manifesting, that I’ve shared on my blog, to date.

Everything I know about manifesting, that I've shared on my blog, to date.


Today I received a pretty funny (and slightly insistent) email from a friend of mine:


She wrote:


“Hi beautiful! I really loved doing your Free 7 Day Manifesting Course; and can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us when Manifest More is released next week. But I kinda can’t wait. I want to know more about manifesting right now!”


Although I’m not going to give away all of my secrets just yet, I decided to give her, everything I know about manifesting, that I’ve shared on my blog, to date. And I thought you might like it too.






  • 10 Super fun and easy steps to manifestation. This is amongst one of the very, very first blog posts that I ever wrote, so you get to see some old-school blogging going on right here, plus, maybe a fun little exercise to whet your appetite for more. (Manifest More, clearly ;)





  • How to see the signs from the universe and manifest big things. I wrote this just before I moved to Byron Bay, in early 2015. It such a great example of how manifesting works, within a timeline and what the signs look like when it’s time to go. You see, I had placed “move to Byron Bay and live there with my love” into my manifesting journal over 4 years prior. At that time, I didn’t know who my love was going to be (I was in-between a whole different set of relationships) nor when it was going to happen. But as I share in this post, life is full of surprises. And I like to think, most of them are good ones!



  • How to instantly make over $1000 gypset style. This is a great one for those dire moments when you feel like the entire world is going to collapse from under your feet, if you don’t make money now. Because I made $1,400 out of literally nowhere in 24 hours. And you can too!



  • 10 Reasons why some people are better at manifesting than others. The latest in my manifesting musings, it answers the question of “Why does he/she had that, and so easily too, and I don’t?!”. Because yes, we are all equal, and well deserve equally,  but we might have a missing element somewhere. This post covers that. For example; I have always manifested love sooooo easily. But money? Nope, it seemed so hard. And the reason was because of what I believed to be true for me: that love is easy and money is hard. Awareness has helped me switch that belief system around. Now I know that manifesting love, and manifest money are both as easy as I allow them to be.





The doors to my bursting-at-the-seams-with-goodness 8 Week Course: Manifest More, open on Monday 31st of August. Get ready…


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Coconut Island | My 10 Day coconut water cleanse in Bali.

Coconut Island | My 14 Day coconut water cleanse in Bali.


Imagine… being stuck on a beautiful, tropical island. For 2 weeks. With nothing but fresh, young, sweet, delicious, nutritious coconuts to drink. Oh, but there’s amazing massages too, psychics who guide you into a spectacular new future, the best facials in the world — that make you whisper sweet endearments of love to your facialist — and colonics, to make sure everything is moooving, just the way it should. That’s what my coconut island cleanse looks like.


Bali is the perfect place to do a cleanse. The coconuts and tropical fruit are fresh, cheap and plentiful. The weather is warm, even in winter, and life can be very, very easy, if you let it be. I hadn’t “planned” to do a cleanse while I was here. It somehow just happened. I was chatting with a good friend who is a nutritionist, and the thought came up, and I hadn’t had much of appetite for a few days, and so I felt into it, and asked my body, which replied with a resounding yes.


I chose to do it with coconut water because its easy — easier than pressing 45 vegetables each time you want a glass of juice — cheap: at $1 a coconut, when I’m drink 3-4 per day, and coconuts are rich in nutrients that include: calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. Since it is isotonic to human plasma, coconut water can be used in extreme emergencies to quickly rehydrated the human body if administered intravenously. Essentially, it’s the perfect liquid to do an extended fast on.


I’m not new to cleansing or fasting, and it’s something that I like to try to do about once a year. Cleansing promotes autophagy, which is like a “spring cleaning” for your cells. Since your body is essentially eating itself, it has a chance to get rid of any junk or waste material that may have built up, and repair the damage of oxidative stress. This is one of the biggest benefits of fasting even for people who are at a healthy weight, since it has powerful anti-aging and muscle-building properties.


I really enjoyed reading this article on cleansing and fasting, and this one too. They might help you get a deeper understanding of what’s involved and how it works. I couldn’t find much information on coconut water fasting — it looks like not that many people have done them — but to me it seems like the perfect in-between straight water fasting, and juice cleansing.


Next to the wonderful physical healing effects from cleansing, one of the main reasons I felt to do this cleanse, was for the emotional and spiritual reset that it provides. The past year and a bit have been emotionally and spiritually colossal. This time last year marks the end of a really challenging experience with my mother, that left my heart torn, and while I have been clearing it, through many of my emotional and psychological techniques, part of the hurt was still trapped in my body. I had thought I’d resolved and worked through this already, but when I went to Ecstatic Dance at Yoga Barn in my second week in Ubud, and a friend asked me about the situation, I burst into tears, surprising both of us. I also entered a whole new realm in an intimate relationship that is unlike any that I have been in before. I want to protect and honour this delicate connection by clearing out any past residue that may still be present in my body from past relationships, to give this one the opportunity to blossom and flourish in its own unique way. Also, my business has beautifully stretched and grown over the past year, and with that have come challenges and massive learnings. This is an opportunity to slow down, press reset on everything, and design a whole new future for myself, and my world.


What I’m sharing with you is purely my personal experience. I do not recommend or hold any authority around health practices. I am simply a huge believer in the body being the most effective and efficient healer that each of us have, and use the knowledge and resources that I have to support it. Everything I do, I do as an experiment; always, always intently listening to my body and to what it tells me it needs. If you are interested in doing a cleanse or fast like this, remember that this is all about taking personal responsibility for your health, life and nurturing an intimate connection with your body, soul and mind. Nobody knows your body better than you do.



Coconut Island | My 10 Day coconut water cleanse in Bali.


Prelude: I prepared for the cleanse by eating very lightly on the days before. I had stopped eating meat about a week earlier, then stopped eating animal products completely, and then juts had one meal of steamed or lightly stir-fried vegetables with rice on the 3 days prior to starting my cleanse. Ut’s really important to be gentle to yourself and ease into these sorts of things. Also, because I didn’t want to mention it on each day, I was still having once or twice daily bowel movements throughout the entire cleanse, which is good, because it means things are moving despite not having anything solid to push them around.


Day 1.

Day 1 is always easy. There’s plenty of food in my stomach from the days before, so I felt completely normal and full of energy. I drank 3 coconuts and 4L of water, went for an hours hike, and worked. By the evening I started feeling a headache come on, and a bit tired, and went to bed early.


Day 2. 

In the morning I woke up feeling super energised and excited about life, as if I had just had a double strength coffee. I drank 4 coconuts and 2L of water, did 20min of yoga and a 1 hour walk. By the time the afternoon came around, I could feel my body starting to detox already: headaches, bad breath, sore throat.


Day 3.

As I shared on Instagram, Day 3 was the roughest, hardest day yet! As I was moving into ketosis, from burning the glucose stores in my body for energy, to burning the old, excess, dirty, fat and dying cells. This is what I want when I cleanse, but the transition period is really rough. I had a busy start to the day with coaching calls, and didn’t have my first coconut until noon, so I was feeling a little bit shaky by then. I went to meet a friend and work together at a coffice (cafe + office) but couldn’t concentrate, even on a single word she was saying to me, and had to go back home. Then I started getting flu-like symptoms: swollen glands, sore throat, headaches, phlegm in my throat and mouth, tired eyes, and lethargy. Also, my tongue is getting covered with a white, weird film, feels thick and swollen and tastes metallic. I couldn’t do any exercise on this day and had 3 coconuts and 4L of water.


Day 4.

I like up with headaches in the morning, followed but intense clarity, and the most productive day at work that I had, had in ages! I went for an hour walk and drank 4 coconuts, a big pot of fresh ginger tea and 3L of water. In the afternoon when my energy wore down, I started to feel physically and mentally really tired and a little bit dizzy. Better than the day before however.


Day 5. 

Ahhh, sweet, wonderful Day 5. How I loved you! Despite waking up 3 times to pee during the night, I had the deepest, most wonderful nights sleep ever, and woke up feeling super excited and enthusiastic about life. At this point I felt like I could go on forever. It amazing how I haven’t had a single craving or felt hungry at all. My friends sit around and eat entire meals beside me, and it doesn’t phase me. I had 4 coconuts, 3L water, and went for a 1 hour walk. I almost felt at full strength today: alert, awake and inspired. I did continue to have detox symptoms: my joints hurt when I first woke up, which is really common when cleansing as the toxic are pulled out of the joints; headache; and sore throat and a really white tongue. I started to feel tired towards the evening but not like on the days before. I also noticed that, each time I do a cleanse or fast, it seems to feel easier and easier, as if the body knows what’s happening and gets straight work.



Day 6.

In the night I awoke at 1am with a lot of pain in my stomach, especially on my left side. It felt like my reproductive organs were having a healing crisis. I’ve had some hormone imbalance issues in the past, so I’m not surprised this is being addressed during this cleanse. I also have a lot of discharge coming from there, it’s mucous and old blood mainly, I think. I’m so grateful that the body has the ability to heal itself in this way, and that I can take the time out to do it! I drank 3 coconuts and 4L of water, did 1 hour of yoga, and ran some errands in town, which felt really hectic as I was feeling very sensitive. My body was still showing pretty serious detoxing symptoms: my skin broke out and my tongue still coated in white, but the headaches and extreme fatigue and lethargy had gone.


Day 7.

I was feeling so much gratitude for everything in life this day, as I shared on Instagram. By this day life and I had slowed down considerably. My breathing became deeper and slower, and I felt very much at peace and centred within myself. I went for an hour walk and had 3 coconuts and 4L of water. In the afternoon I started having a really, really sore lower back — where the back meets the bottom essentially — and had to lay down and place my hands there, practicing some Reiki, for a while. Despite this, I actually had a ridiculously productive day of work again, which is quite amazing at this stage.


Day 8. 

My tongue started to getting pink again on the edges! Yay! This means that things are cleaning and clearing up and I can start thinking about finishing the cleanse soon. My stomach also started making lots of rumbling and grumbling sounds which was weird. I have no idea what that means. Even though I felt really full of energy in the morning, Day 8, like Day 3, was super, super hard. I stared feeling really anxious and emotional for no obvious reason, and had a big cry. I was also really agitated and restless and indecisive.And I was missing my love terribly, and felt like the day that I was going to see him again, was almost an eternity away, even though it really was only about 2 weeks. I had an appointment with a psychic that afternoon, luckily after my emotional breakdown, which took me on a wild journey of what life might look like for me in the future. I felt like I was on acid during the entire session, and came away with some pretty deep and insightful information about myself and my life. But having had the session during my cleanse meant that I wasn’t as grounded as I usually might have been, so it had an incredibly strong effect on me. This day was so weird and crazy to me that I forgot to write down if I went for a walk and how much I drank. I just remember meeting my sweet friend Belinda in the evening, to talk all the had happened out, and having some ginger tea with honey in it, to calm my nerves.


Day 9.

I had a colonic today, just to give my colon a good cleanse out, and discovered I’m actually quite blocked. Eek! So I woke din two more session for the following days. But after the colonic I felt amazing! So light and free, almost as if I could fly away. By now I had noticed that I had lost some weight, though I have no idea how much. I could just tell by the way my body felt and my clothes fit. The colonic did wonders for my stomach. Afterwards it felts so flat and toned! I had no idea how much gas was stuck in there! What the…  I also, for the first time, started to feel hungry today. This is a good sign because it means my body is ready to end the cleanse. I was also having trouble drinking coconuts now. Even the day before was a struggle to get them down, and people were surprised when I turned their offers for coconuts to drink down. (Like, who does that, right!?) I decided that Day 10. would be the last day of my cleanse. My body clearly had enough. I went for a 1 hour walk and dark 3 coconuts on this day.


Day 10.

Yay! Last day! I was so excited to transition to light fruit the next day! I woke up feeling amazing in the morning. I also felt like the colonic had done some kind of wonders for me. Something had definitely shifted, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. I was totally, and utterly sick of coconuts by now, and couldn’t even imagine having another one. I kept looking at the one I had left sitting on my table and felt sick at the thought of drinking it! So I stuck to lots of water all day, and got a watermelon juice in the afternoon to tie me over, and went for a walk in the evening. I also had an amazing day working: my Manifest More program is coming together so beautifully, I’m so delighted with every single part of it, my writing was flowing and I was generally delighted about life.


NB: I transitioned out of the cleanse very, very slowly in the days following. I started with a few bites of papaya because it’s full of enzymes and natural probiotics plus lots and lots of water. Then the following day, I ate little pieces of watermelon every few hours, before adding a light salad meal the day after that, and then finally after 5 days, adding in steamed or stir-fried vegetables. It’s really important to be really gentle and take great care when coming off a cleanse, to give your body ample time to adjust to digesting again, and not fill it up with crap. One of the best parts of doing cleanses is that they give you a whole body reset, which means that when you start eating again, you just stick with the healthiest choices, and keep taking really good care of you.



Image from FreePeople.com.

Why RIGHT NOW is the absolute best time to start manifesting your desires.

Why RIGHT NOW is the absolute best time to start manifesting your desires.


I frickin’ love when I’m creating something, from the depth of my heart and soul, to help and inspire those around me, and the entire Universe aligns and supports it, on every damn level! Or… maybe it was destined in the stars all along…


Check it out:


I’ve been mentioning the evolvement and roll-out for the Manifest More program, since about April / May 2015, when I first started working on it. My incredible designer Alisha from Love Indigo Creative has been with me every step of the way, working on all the pretty little design elements to make it look and feel and powerful as beautiful as the content is. Not to mention my amazing two interns, without whom, I’d be lost.


And now we have dates.


Doors open to Manifest  More on: Monday 31 August.

Manifest More start on: Monday 14 September.


[If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll be getting an extra-special-vip-first-in on Saturday 29 August.]




When I mapped out how I was going to unravel and develop this soul-inspired 8 week course, I used astrology to chart my way. But I had no suspecting idea, of exactly just how precisely the stars would be pointing at manifesting at this particular time of the year.


Here’s how:


Elizabeth Peru says that:


Manifestation is the key theme this month and over the next five months. Therefore, you need to be so disciplined about using your energy wisely. For what you put your feeling and energy behind, you’ll get almost instantly..

This is ‘The Year of Action’, I’ve said it all year and now we are in the eight month of this universal EIGHT year. The final five months o5 2015 are accelerated. We’ve done the hard yards whilst Saturn was retrograde. I trust you’re doing your work in 2015 and not shying away from you challenges? Yes? Say…Yes!”


Cosmic Queen says this:


“So, the key message this week is to use the fresh New Moon energy to start manifesting the fabulous new projects you want to get started.

Next month is eclipse season with  a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 13th, followed by a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries on September 27/28th depending on your location. Eclipses are always times of intense change that can affect us for months and months to come.

So its important to use this energy to support our ambitions and life purpose.  And eclipse season is followed by some of the best astro of 2015 in October. So I can’t emphasise enough that we need to start taking steps towards our biggest and most audacious goals NOW so we can leverage the intensity of the eclipses to instigate change, and then use the fabulous energy of October to further progress our projects. Exciting times! Go forth and manifest ok? And I want to hear all about it.”




It’s uncanny to me, how powerfully all the signs are pointing towards starting to really harness the power of manifesting and co-creating — starting now — and into September and October, at exactly the same time as the Manifest More 8 Week Digital eCourse.


I suggest that you to start getting clear on the things that you want now, and then from September 14,  use my Manifest More program to actively start manifesting those things.


So much energy around helping you manifest what you want is building up. That’s why right now is the absolute best time to start manifesting your desires.


My heart is so, so full with the excitement, joy and delight with all this good news, I had to share it with you.


Image from freepeople.com.

10 Reasons why some people are better at manifesting than others.

10 Reasons why some people are better at manifesting than others. Photo taken in Ubud, Bali.


How annoying is it when you look around, and see other people have exactly what you want? They have the type of career that you have only dreamed of. Money appears to be falling at them from every direction. Amazing things happen to them all the f#*&ing time. Oh, and they have the hottest, nicest, most genuine boyfriend / husband / love ever.


It’s so exasperating!


Lucky for you, this maddening sensation is a golden opportunity for you to turn your life around, into the one that you truly want.


Firstly, while comparing ourselves to others isn’t healthy; admiring others is. So, let’s say those people you’ve been eyeing off enviously with all their treasures, to-die-for wardrobes and sexy friends, became your inspiration, instead of devastation. With one simple change of perspective, you’ve already changed the way you view and feel about yourself and the world.


This tiny transformation is so simple; yet unbelievable powerful. By deciding that the people who have previously irritated you, can now become a source of learning and inspiration for you, means that all of a sudden you have upped your game, and are that much closer to having the things that you want.


You’ve changed your vibration around it from rejecting them, because they have what you want; to embracing them, and opening up to those things, that you too, want.


Secondly, we get to view these moments of green-eyed jealously, as clarity points. Whenever you feel annoyed about someone else having something that you want, see it as a wake up call for more clarity. That thing that they have, that you want, is calling you, too. Recognising this, means that you can start to ascertain the kind of life that you desire.


It also means that, in the end, you have ultimate responsibility and the power to either lead a good life, filled with beauty, happiness and abundance; or a miserable one, filled with complaining, unhappiness and lack.


When you know what you want, you can start manifesting it. But, hold up! Why have they been able to manifest it, and you haven’t? Good question. Here’s 10 reasons why some people are better at manifesting than others.



1. They love themselves.

People who are good at manifesting have learned how to love themselves. That doesn’t mean that they buy themselves flowers every Saturday and religiously go to yoga. It means that they have come to appreciate their own energy, their uniqueness, the vibration that is theirs and theirs alone. It means forgiving themselves and fully accepting themselves, exactly the way that they are.



2. They believe they deserve the best.

Many (if not all of us) have an underlying, sneaky little belief system that says “I am not worthy” and “I am not good enough“. This means that we don’t believe that we truly deserve the things that we want. Clearly, this is a problem. If you want to manifest something into your life, but secretly don’t actually believe that you deserve it, then… it’s highly unlikely to show up.


The reason why we have these underlying beliefs is because — twofold:


  1. Somewhere along the way, someone told you that you weren’t good. Remember being a little child, and being scolded for doing something wrong? Yep. In that moment a part of you decided “Well, that must mean I’m not a good person“. This is no-ones fault. It’s part of our fate and destiny in this particular time of our evolution to overcome childhood conditioning by coming back to ourselves, and remembering what we really are: whole, beautiful, perfect and loveable in every way.
  2. We have been taught to worry about everything. The reason why we worry, is because we believe worrying means we are taking  positive action. We feel as if doing so can change the situation, when in reality it cannot. Worrying is exhausting. It drains you mentally and physically. And in the end, nothing gets accomplished except worrying.


The solution?


Stop worrying. Start paying attention to your self-talk and change it from negative to positive, just like we did when we turned our aggravators into inspirers, earlier on in the post. And finally, start to just decide, that you are deserving of all the you imagine and dream of. When you decide it, it becomes true for you.



3. They are in vibrational alignment with what they want.

Your thoughts and feelings are not equal to your vibration. They’re merely effects of your vibration, but they get filtered through your beliefs. If your beliefs aren’t aligned with truth, then your inner perception of your vibration will be a distortion of your true vibration, so you won’t perceive yourself accurately. You may think you’re resonating with a certain energetic frequency like abundance, vitality, or love, when the truth is quite different.


How can you become aware of your true vibration if you can’t blindly trust what you’re thinking and feeling?


We all have blind spots, myself included. In order to become aware of those blind spots, we need to take a step back and observe what’s really coming out of us. What are the real frequencies we’re broadcasting, and how do they compare with what we think we’re broadcasting?



4. They’ve worked through their blocks + fears.

This is a really big and important one. When we are wanting to manifest something, but we actually have fears around those things that we want to manifest, then they’re simply not going to come. I go into this topic more deeply on Day 3. of the Free 7 Day Manifesting Course. Essentially, it’s about getting to know your fears (and more often than not, it’s actually fear itself, that we are most afraid of) and allowing yourself to feel them. Then, once we really know them, we dissolve them, because we recognise that they don’t truly exist and can be transformed at any time.



5. They know what to ask for.

So often we think we know what we want. But usually those things are incredibly superficial, and being the fickle human beings that we are, as soon as that thing has been done, we want another thing. Most of our wants are actually just the tip of the iceberg of our true desires. Our desires stem from the feelings that we want fulfilled. As physical beings, we are incredibly sensual, and even though many of us are stuck in our thoughts, it’s what we feel, that really touches our hearts, souls and memories.


People who are good at manifesting, ask for how they want to feel. They say “I want to feel abundance in every area of my life. What that looks like is having more than enough money to buy delicious, healthy food, live in a place that I love, and connect with like-minded spirited souls, every day.”



6. They know how to trust and let go.

Surrender is the biggest key to manifesting anything. It means that, once you’re clear on what you want, have cleared away any block and fears around that thing, and asked for it, you simply let it go. Many of us believe that if we want something bad enough, we constantly, repetitively have to ask for it. As if that will speed the process up and give us what we want, faster. This, of course, is not true. It is when we let go, and trust that exactly what we want and need is coming to us at exactly the perfect time, that manifesting starts to work in its magic.



7. They know how to receive.

So many of us have been taught to give, give, give because it’s considered polite, and to make other people happy, but very few of us have learned how to receive.


As I begin to examine this deeper, I realize for many of us receiving involves vulnerability. When we give, we feel in charge. When we receive, we feel open and vulnerable. This is an incredibly important aspect to be aware of. Give feels like an action word; receive feels like something passive. Yet this perspective is a mistake. Giving and receiving are yin and yang, the equivalent of the infinity symbol—looping back and forth, neither side larger than the other, both integral to the larger whole.


Learning to lean in and feel comfortable with receiving, means that the things that you choose to manifest, can come easily to you.



8. They can easily clean up their vibrational field whenever they need.

Some people tell me about how they shifted their vibration (thoughts, feelings, actions) to align with financial abundance, but they’re still manifesting scarcity. They often end up deciding that manifesting doesn’t really work.


However, the truth is that they are vibrating scarcity through every pore. Their mannerisms and choice of words always betray their true vibration. It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking in your head. It’s about the feelings that they choose to emit and share with the world through their interactions. It’s easy to say one thing, but feel another.


This incongruence means that manifesting isn’t going to work for them. Your true vibration isn’t what you’re thinking or feeling in your head. Your true vibration is what you’re broadcasting out to the universe.


People who are good at manifesting know this. Which brings me to the next point.



9. They shift their focus on what they want.

When we are constantly paying attention to the things we don’t want by complaining, and not finding solutions, or talking about all the things that we lack, we are constantly putting out a message that says the opposite of what it is you want. This step is so simple, but it does take practise: Stop complaining. And focus on all the good things in your life.



10. They practice stillness / presence /meditation.

When we are deeply connected with ourselves, the things that we want, and that are meant for us, they easily flow through our experience. We are not attached to the having or not having, but rather, joyful observers experiencing the sensuality of life, in all its variations and forms. Manifesting works easily, when we are detached from the outcome, while still knowing what it is we want.


The easiest way to do this is to have some kind of mindfulness practice in your life. There are many to choose from: surfing, walking, meditation, yoga, playing music. Whatever tunes you into your own inner vibration, and allows you to feel and flood your heart with love and appreciation of what is, will do.




Manifesting is such a beautiful and fascinating aspect of life — a learning to co-create with the higher energies and your spirit. It gives us an awareness of the incredible limitless and expansive beauty that we get to call life. Over the next few weeks, as we move closer to the day that my Manifest More digital eCourse is launched, I am going to be sharing more and more insights on manifesting, to get you as excited and inspired on the topic as I am.


If you feel called (and since you are reading this, you obviously are) I suggest you do the Free 7 Day Manifesting Course, which is essentially a precursor to the 8 Week digital video program that’s coming up. The whole program is overflowing with deliciousness, but just to get you started and whet your appetite, the free course is the perfect place to begin.



I want to do what I love. But I don’t where to start. Help!

I want to do what I love. But I don't where to start. Help!


Did you know that 80% of people hate their job? That means that only 2 out of 10 people happily waltz home each day, feeling totally fulfilled and content with what they do.


These figures are incredibly high, but not surprising.


We live in a world that values time invested over actual productivity, and having law-abiding citizens over getting creative out-of-the-box amazing results. I believe this is why there are so many deeply unhappy folk in the world. Because they haven’t been encouraged to discover what makes them shine their light, what turns them on, their purpose.


When my friends are overwhelmed and overworked, their beautiful spark starts to die, they have less time for the things they love, and their energy levels wane. Some of them even get really, really sick, because they are doing something that doesn’t serve them or their values. I remember a time in my own life, where I was doing jobs that I didn’t adore, and they left me feeling used, overwhelmed, disconnected and stressed. I hated it and spent most of my time, in those jobs, trying to figure how to get out of them!


Now, one of the things that I am most excited and proud of, is my work. I adore being able to do what I love: write, create and help people, in exactly my way. Even though it’s unconventional: traveling the world, writing, meeting amazing new people, coaching and having an online business full-time, is unlike any other work that people do, but it lights me up. I am excited every single day about what I get to do and I can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else.


I often receive emails saying “I want to do what I love. But I don’t where to start. Help!”


The answer to this question would take more time than I can muster right now. So when Fernanda contacted me and said “Hey, I’m starting a revolution: a Do What You Love Revolution!” I was smitten. She asked me to speak on embodying freedom in your life and business, and I very happily obliged. You can watch my talk on Day 4!


The Do What Your Love Revolution is a free week-long summit starting August 17, 2015, and each day you can listen to experts share all they key tips and tools on how you can do what you love.


Reserve your free spot at the Do What You Love Revolution summit here.


I am very, very fortunate to be surrounded by people who are doing what they love. And if they’re not doing what they love yet, are willing and curious and ready to learn. I think that you might just be one of them. Come. Join us!


Worried that you can’t make it this week and will miss out? Never fear.


Behold: Get your VIP pass to the Do What You Love Revolution, and never miss a thing.


I am a huge believer in living your life purpose, with spirit, with love and with flamboyance. We are creative, sensual, incredible beings with this unlimited well of potential in each and every single one of us. When you give yourself permission to tap into that, and allow it flow out and be shared with the world, you are not only doing yourself a huge favour, but also adding that missing element to our world, that only you can provide. Are you ready to do what you love?


Join me.



Image by EyesofLovePhotography.com


In the beginning…. How the incredibly exciting, heart-burst-wide-open, Manifest More Digital eCourse (arriving at a good computer near you soon) came about.


There is a time in a woman’s life, where she might look at herself, and the years that have gone past, and wonder… Wonder about how everything has come to unfold. Wonder why some of the things she wanted have felt so hard to reach. Wonder why other things seemed to just, miraculously fall into her lap.


In these wonderings, what she will discover, is that there is a kind of co-creation at play.


We call this kind of co-creation: Manifesting. It also has other names, like the law of attraction; day-dreaming; wishing; magic; rituals; witchcraft.


See how familiar this all is?


This new way of being and co-creating the life that you desire into the world is done through the action of surrender.


For too long, many of us have gone into overdrive to plan everything. We were taught to believe that when we organise, schedule and calculate meticulously, we can control outcomes and avoid surprises. It is how we try to numb the negative thoughts and try to manage our neurosis’. But this means that we never fully felt at ease, always reacting, fearful, and disappointed when our well-laid plans turned out to be futile.


This recognition… The understanding that life isn’t so linear, but a connection to thoughts, feelings, spirit, insight, intuition, and the energy with which we show up in life, is the beginning of understanding manifesting.


In the beginning, this journey usually begins with a journey into ourselves. It begins by loving, honouring, claiming our own bodies, our hearts and soul.


This is when we discover the reality that the universe is our strongest ally. It is our fears, and not the world around us, that are out to get us.  By giving up the story that our world is unsafe, we come into a pure trusting that we are held and cherished by the universe. And so we no longer predict our future from a place of fear. 


In the process of learning about co-creating; about how manifesting works, we are becoming relaxed and confident. We start to be in a loving, co-creative relationship with our world. And we learn that as we relax into trust, our deepest desires show themselves to us, and light up our path.


So we learn more. How to ask. How to let go. And how to receive. We can now wait without despairing. Learning how to manifest, we are getting an insight into the inner workings of the universe. Our deepest plan already exists. And we can begin to see that now.




I, like all of us, have been manifesting since the time that I can recall my first thoughts. But conscious manifesting, is quite different to unconscious manifesting. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I discovered the empowering magic of co-creating, and manifesting with the universe. Since then, it has become an integral part of my day-to-day life and actions.


Like all things, manifesting is an art, a skill, and an adventure. It is something that you can learn, and then learn deeper and deeper. Like the universe, the concept of co-creation is limitless and expansive. It’s something that I am still learning.


So when, 18 months ago, I wrote a blog post about how to manifest your desires by writing notes to the universe, I wasn’t surprised when sweet, inspired folks wrote to me, telling me how much they enjoyed the process. But I was absolutely baffled when, a few months ago, I discovered that there were 1000’s and 1000’s of email being sent to this manifesting email address.


Learn more about what happened next, in this video. In the beginning…. How the incredibly exciting, heart-burst-wide-open, Manifest More Digital eCourse (arriving at a good computer near you soon) came about.



So, that’s how the incredibly exciting, heart-burst-wide-open, Manifest More Digital eCourse (arriving at a good computer near you soon) came about.


And when I say coming soon, I mean it: the course begins on Monday the 14th of September, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a lot more about manifesting, and the Manifest More course, and how you can join in.


I’d love to have you on this journey, alongside me, if it calls you!





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