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My miraculous cure-all-tummy-pains Aloe Elixir.



On the weekend I was invited to my sweet friend’s house-warming party – a gorgeous new pad a few kilometres south of Byron Bay. Shortly after arriving she quietly confided in me that she was suffering from some pretty serious indigestion, and had been sick all night.


She asked if I knew of a cure. I shook my head until I remembered a drink that saved me many times before when I was in India. Made of 4 simple ingredients. An Aloe Vera based elixir.






an alchemical preparation supposed to be capable of prolonging life indefinitely (elixir of life


anything that purports to be a sovereign remedy; panacea


Luckily she has fresh Aloe Vera growing in the garden, so we cut off a stem, and wandered into the kitchen.


This is how we made it:


+ Fillet the Aloe Vera stem, so you just have the clear, fleshy centre and put it in a blender.

+ Add a tablespoon of turmeric powder.

+ Add a tablespoon (or just under) of raw honey.

+ Add a cup of filtered or spring water.

+ Blend.


Pour into two fancy looking glasses for extra magical effects. And drink. I had some too, just because it’s too delicious not to.


Within half an hour my darling friend started feeling better and an hour later she was eating and drinking away at the party like there had been nothing wrong at all!


So next time you or your friend have tummy pains, try this: my miraculous cure-all-tummy-pains Aloe Elixir.


The real truth about entrepreneurship, soulful biz + blogging.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 5.59.48 pm


I never wanted to own a business.

I feared words like “hustle”and “marketing” – and “fake-it-till-you-make-it” philosophies.


The idea of running my own business seemed to be the equivalent of ripping my heart and soul out, and serving it to the corporations of consumer culture. For breakfast.


All I really wanted, was to work, in a way that is in alignment with my core values, and supportive of the kind of world that I wanted to live in. Apparently that job didn’t exist. I looked. Everywhere.


So I had to create it.


I wanted to choose my own hours.

I didn’t want to be limited to working in a specific place.

I wanted to travel.

I didn’t want my creative pursuits to be undermined.

I wanted to earn money on my terms.

I didn’t want to stuck in the fierce and competitive consumer cycle.

I wanted to facilitate change.

I didn’t want to waste my time on things that don’t matter.

I wanted to be a leader of a new movement.

I didn’t want to buy in to empty social standards.

I wanted freedom.


I believe that everything we experience in life, in the news, in the world around us, is simply a reflection of us, as a collective. So if we want the wars to stop, famine to end, people to be happy and healthy, wealth to be shared and kindness to be standard, then we have to start with us.


We are the heart of our universe. If we want the world to change, we have to change. If there is a war, then look within. What wars are we fighting within ourselves? If there is hunger, look within. What are we so hungry for that we over-feed ourselves and our brothers and sisters starve? If there are sick and dying of disease, look within. What sickness in thoughts and behaviours are we accepting?


There are no jobs yet, that support the inner work and self-awareness necessary to create the changes within us that we need to make, in order to restore ourselves and our entire world back to its whole.


And so I started blogging.


I wrote about what I thought. What I felt. What I saw. It was mostly boring and bland. I did’t really know my voice yet. It took me 6 months of blogging. And then something clicked.


And then, timidly, I decided I needed to create my own job. Which meant learning how to run a business. Which meant mostly, that i needed to understand marketing. Because no matter how great your content is, if no-one knows you, well… no-one knows you.


So with much searching I found something called BSchool. Back then, it was 2011, and Marie Forleo was still filming her videos in her living room. It’s grown in leaps and bounds since then. And despite that, it was amazing. This course was the catalyst that changed everything for me.


I finally believed that I could do this.

I had the courage do to things my way.

I felt encouraged to be authentic and true to my vision.

I found a community of women who felt the same way.

I began to see the world and my possibilities from a different light.

I had practical support to create my dream world.


It was thrilling. And terrifying. Because now I would have to step up and be seen.


Now, I am thrilled to be able to share this opportunity with you. This years enrolment closes tomorrow (Thursday 7am AEST). Now is your chance. Join me for an adventure that lasts until December 2015.


Vienda + Hayley’s Gypset BSchool Adventure.


I can’t wait to see your beautiful, smiling face in our amazing community of spirited women with a dream.



P.S. We ran an amazing Q&A in which you guys asked so many incredible, heartfelt and nitty-gritty questions which we answered with all of our hearts and souls. If you missed it and are dying to know more, listen to the recording here.


You have questions, we have answers. You’re invited to a *FREE* (no opt-in necessary) Q&A call tomorrow!


Hello you!

I’ve got a fun invite for you today. Totally free and no need to even opt-in!

Join me, and Hayley Carr this Tuesday 3rd March at 7pm Sydney time on a live Q&A call, as we discuss:

  • How BSchool was essential to creating the businesses we have now.
  • How our lives have changes since starting our businesses.
  • What our Gypset BSchool Adventure is all about.
  • And so much more…


Come and listen, ask us any random question about our businesses and lifestyles, and get inside information on creating the life of YOUR dreams.


Put this in your calendar now ->

It’s happening live: Tuesday 3rd March at 7pm Sydney time.

Title: B-School 2015 Q+A with Vienda & Hayley
Date & Time: Tuesday, March 3rd at 3:00am Eastern

Attend by Skype:
Guest pin code: 807760#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary dial in number: (321) 213-6013
Full list of dial in Numbers:

Event Page:


*** Yes – it’s definitely getting recorded – but if you want to ask us questions live, make plans to be there!


If you have any questions (silly, serious or otherwise) that you’re dying to ask either of us – come over and put them on my Facebook wall or on the comments section below, right now.

This is going to be FUN and inspiring!


Vienda xo


P.S. Everyone is welcome – even if you’re not into business, adventures or gypsetting. Ha!


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We are so excited about our Gypset BSchool Adventure, we made a mini-film about it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.31.57 am



Seeing as Hayley and I are currently both in Byron, working on the Gypset BSchool Adventure program we are creating together for you, we thought we would get together and talk with you a little bit about what this is all about.


And because we can’t help but be extremely silly when we are together, you get to see us in our natural states of ridiculous excitement, fuelled by coconuts and raw snickers bars from our favourite cafe, Naked Treaties.


In our mini-film we invite you to our free Q&A, where you can ask all of your burning questions about our Gypset BSchool program and we will talk what taking your work on the road is all about.



We also outline what is included in the Gypset BSchool Adventure:

  • BSchool 2015 with Marie Forleo + lifetime access to BSchool..
  • Be coached by us for 7 months from May until December 2015 as part of our mentoring program.
  • Immerse yourself in the 5 month ‘SHE IS…’ online training program.
  • Have all your questions answered and find your tribe in the exclusive Facebook group.
  • Receive all of our eBooks and recordings as a gift, sent to your mailbox; download = instant.
  • Attend our unique 3 day Gypset Biz Adventure retreat, in a mystery, international location.


Watch it right here:


And come join us on Tuesday 3rd March at 7pm Sydney time. We will be on the phone to answer any of your questions about B-School, and behind the scenes of what you need to know to make the right decision for you.  This is a free call to help you, if you have more questions about what life during, and after B-School will be like for you. We are here to help!




Your work does not need to be useful. It just needs to be done.


I’ve been sitting in front of my screen for what feels like, days now, willing the words to come out, that I have to share. I have been wanting to answer the many questions that have been filing into my email since we opened the doors to the Gypset BSchool Adventure. But on this rare occasion, I can’t seem to find the threads of where to begin.


Which brings me to the talk I saw by Elizabeth Gilbert of the infamous memoir ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ at the Byron Community Theatre last night. Someone in the audience asked her a question “How do I make my work useful?”. To which Elizabeth answered:


Your work does not need to be useful. It does not need to be beautiful, it does not need to be pleasing, it does not need to fill a hole. It just needs to be done.


How often do I look at my life experiences and think, How can this be useful to others? Often, I tell you. All the time, in fact.


What I took away from last night was that my only work lies in the exquisite self-expression of each moment. The way I show up with my coaching clients. The way I show up and do my writing. The way I creatively express my Being.


So today, I am simply sharing something that is flowing through me.


The remembering that the things I do, don’t have to fit in or measure up to anyone else’s expectations or ideas. They don’t have to be useful, beautiful, pleasing or to fill a hole.That all that I need to do, is allow the creative muse to flow through me. That, is my work.


The same goes for you. Your work does not need to be useful. It just needs to be done.

Come behind the scenes of viendamaria.com with me.


A 6 Week Live Class series, taking you behind the scenes of my online coaching business. For curious souls who are ready to expand their horizons, and start thinking about their lives and possibilities from an entirely different perspective.


Yesterday morning, it was pouring with rain and, as ever so often, I was tapping away at my laptop, while my love was snoring beside me. I was desperately trying to work my way through a conundrum.


Being this:

I often get asked to do live workshops. And I’d really, really love to do live workshops. But herein lies the quandary. I really, really dislike logistics. The practical aspects of organising a workshop or class completely overwhelms me.


I was fantasising inviting everyone to my beautiful farmhouse for a few hours on a Friday night. And then I realised my house-mates probably wouldn’t want 15 giggling girls filling up their lounge room. And what if the chickens decided to crash our party? Plus, where would everyone park? And what if getting to Byron for a 2 hour workshop would be too much for some people? It just didn’t feel flowing and free enough.


So the question continued… How can I provide you with the answers and support that you are looking for, in way that is easy, fun, affordable and feasible for everyone.


And then I started thinking how awesome it would be to run the workshops in my room. And I imagined everyone sitting together on cushions in my workspace while I throned my vintage brown armchair, and shared all the useful, practical tips, tools and insights I have with you. Which still didn’t quite feel right, but it was getting closer.


And then, I remembered this fantastic thing called the Internet. And the incredible tool for connecting live with a group of gorgeous souls, called Google Hangouts, all from the comfort of our homes! Which sparked the 6 week live workshop series I have to share with you today.




Behind the Scenes – 6 Week Live Class Series – With Vienda Maria.


Join me, Behind the Scenes: 2 March – 6 April. To learn what it takes to run an online business and semi-nomadic gypset life.

+ 6 weekly live interactive classes, every Monday evening 7pm – 8pm AEST.

+ Ask questions and get answers specific to your life.

+ Click here to get it now.

+ Receive all the workshops links, dates and times in your email on Monday morning, 2nd March.

+ All classes will be recorded and emailed to you, to watch in your own time, or in the case you can’t attend.




Monday 2nd March: Soul + Spirit

I share my spiritual beliefs and practices, how they make my life easier, sweeter and smoother, and why exactly they are essential to both business and travel.


Monday 9th March: Blogging + Biz-ness

Discover how I started blogging, how to do it yourself, and how I turned that blog into a business. I’ll also share my behind-scenes-business structures and techniques.


Monday 16th March: Money

It took me years to face my money issues – in this class I share everything I have come to understand about money – and how to create an abundance mindset, even when you have nothing.


Monday 23rd March: Coaching + Creativity

Learn my coaching techniques, why we all have the same issues that are simply wrapped up in different experiences and how creativity is an essential part of my business.


Monday 30th March: Love

Having a healthy romantic relationship, no matter where you are, can be extremely challenging. In this live class I share my own experiences in love and what it takes to create and invite into your life, beautiful, loving relationships, that are supportive and soulful.


Monday 6th April: Travel

Learn everything I know about traveling the world and taking your business with you. In the past 2.5 years I have built a thriving life coaching business while traveling and living in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Vienna, Vancouver, San Francisco, LA, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Bali, India and Australia. I’ve got a fair bit to say…




Make sure you bring your burning questions, and open mind and heart, a notebook and pen, and sign up for have signed up for Google+ (it’s free) to join the live classes.


Click here, to join the 6 week live class series starting on Monday 2nd of March.

Being part of #10WeeksofFree = almost over.

Sweet dreamers, that was fast…

My popular mentoring program #10WeeksofFree, is about to close its doors again.

Thank you for your enthusiasm. :)


This will be the last time I run it this year. And perhaps – ever.

I have lots of exciting new projects that I’m working on, that I want to share with you in the future. A Gypset BSchool Adventure. A Manifesting course. And another thing… that’s still taking shape in my heart and mind.


+ There’s still a couple of spots left, so if you’ve been thinking about it, go here. And sign up now. Now is a good time.


+ Read this, the next time you are desperately submerged in resistance. It will help.


+ And, very importantly, it’s New Moon tomorrow night! You can download a copy of my new eBook ‘New Moon. New You: A Journaling Ritual to Create the Best Life Ever.’ (You get this for free in your first email tomorrow, if you have signed up for #10WeeksofFree. Just in time to get those intentions set!)


+ Here’s a portal for a better way of living, working and creating.


After such a busy week online and in your mailboxes, I’m going to pull back for a little while and focus on welcoming my beautiful new clients into our coaching space, and exploring my new home: Byron Bay. 

Until next time then.


Thank you xo

Here’s a portal to a better way of living, working and creating.



If we want our lives to change, we have to get uncomfortable. That means going through the uncomfortable process of changing our thoughts, our mindset, our beliefs, our limitations, and what we think we are capable of doing and achieving.

It also means surrendering to uncomfortable emotions, experiences and of course, other things.


For example:

Heart-break hurts. It’s incredibly uncomfortable. Often we resist and avoid it at all costs. And yet heart-break is the cornerstone of every great thing. The best songs and poetry were written from heart-break. The most transformational decisions are made out of heart-break. Our lives become a song of pain and renewal in those times when our souls are silently crying. And those moments are definitively life-changing.


Yoga is hard. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t doing it properly. We move and squeeze and stretch and push and pull ourselves into various poses and then hold them until we feel really uncomfortable. And then we hold them a little longer. Because it’s in the discomfort that our bodies change; that we release and become more flexible, stronger, deeper, more connected with our souls.


Loneliness confronts. Most of us avoid being alone – because it’s scary – because it’s really uncomfortable. We fill our days, and time and spaces with people, events and things and thoughts we don’t really need. Those times that we feel completely alone in the world, are the moments we see our truth. From that space of truth we observe what lights us up and uplifts our souls; and what pains us and pulls us down. For the discomfort of aloneness manifests self-love and acceptance.


Travel equals risk. Every time we step we step into a car; an aeroplane, and step out in a foreign place, our hearts beat a defenceless rhythm to the awkwardness of unknown perils. Those exact threats of the wild unknown are what grow us into something stronger, wiser, and self-assured.


Creating what matters beckons vulnerability. The creative process is incurably defeating and vulnerability is at the heart of your unique brand of magic. Nothing is of value if it hasn’t arisen from the depths of courage. And courage is only prevalent in spaces where there is fear. This fear, this discomfort is the driving force for creating things that change the world.


Pursuing our real work is treacherous. Sweat will roll down your body, tears will burst forth from your eyes, and your heart will sing a melody of fear, grace and relief when you do your real work. showing up, in your truth, with nothing to hide and everything to lose is the discomfort of undertaking your soul purpose. Admitting what you truly dream to gift and share of yourself in this world, leaves you exhaling uncertainty. As all big dreams start in a pool of impossibility.


Inherently, we human beings have been designed to be lazy. We are resourceful at extending the least possible amount of effort and energy, because we are tailored to preserve our energy, to survive. But this survival instinct doesn’t serve us. Being lazy and avoiding inner and outer growth; expanding our self-awareness is how we evolve as beings, and as a society.


We cannot embody our full potential, without getting exquisitely uncomfortable. We cannot thrive in abundance, success, love and self-expression. We cannot override the instinct to merely survive, when we stay comfortable.


How willing are you to get uncomfortable? Do you really want your life to change? It’s in this discomfort, where you are set free…



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