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New Moon. New You. A journaling ritual to create your best life ever.

New Moon. New You.


A guided journaling ritual that helps you set intentions the right way, and powerfully anchor your dreams into the material world. Because a New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, it provides us with an opportunity take time to create sacred space for ourselves. It’s an essential part of living in alignment with the natural cycle of life.


Every month, I set aside some time with myself to go within, and map out my world, life, desires and lessons. It’s how I make manifest, the things that I want, and keep moving forward, harnessing the exquisite potential of the moon.

I have often posted pictures on Instagram about my soul-searching and finding, which has left me a quantity of queries from soulful folks like yourself: What is my New Moon journaling ritual? And how, exactly, do I do it?



New Moon. New You. A journaling ritual to create your best life ever.


I use this enchiridion every 28 days, on the eve of the New Moon to powerfully create my life from a space of mindful presence, love and openness to miracles and the magic beyond my mind’s eye. This practice is how I show the Universe that I fully trust it to bring me exactly what I need, and allow it exceed my imagination.


There are 6 beautiful, sacred steps in the New Moon. New You. ritual:

+ Create A Sacred Space.

+ Celebrating Past.

+ Letting Go.

+ Inviting In.

+ Taking Action.

+ Dreams + Intentions.


We are born powerful beings, with the potential to create anything we want.


And the New Moon, the very first crescent you see in the sky, is a time for renewal. This is a powerful time for you to recreate yourself and your life experience, and to set intentions for what you want to bring into your life. At this time, there is a sense of recharging and an energy of new possibilities.


The moon represents the feminine, the emotional and nurturing aspects of our lives. She radiates her energy to us – in the most amazing cycles of waxing and waning – bringing in, and releasing, just like the tides of our oceans: constant, rhythmic, soothing.


When the moon is at it’s darkest, renewing itself at New Moon, there is a potent opportunity for you too, to renew yourself.


During this time the Moon is empty, receptive and full of potential. As are you. Which makes it an optimum time to plant seeds of intention for what you wish to manifest in your life.


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Read this the next time you’re desperately submerged in resistance.


You need to do some inner work.

You want to work on your creative project,

You have unfinished business with something….  Or someone.

You have to write a blog post, do your accounts or send an invoice.

But something inside you is resisting.


This happens to me every so often, when I am working. I feel stuck, unmotivated, and can find a million and one excuses not to do that thing, that I had planned on.

What it means is, that I need to become observant and take a step back. When I start to pay attention to the resistance, and sink into it, instead of pushing it away, everything becomes clear. And that thing I was resisting? It dissolves.



Resistance stops you from having, doing and being all that you can in life. It’s the feeling you get when you feel like you “have to”, “must” or “should” do something – when you want things to be different – and is experienced as negativity, usually as a judgement.

Resistance comes from and creates separation because wanting things to different makes you feel like you aren’t already good enough, making you want to protect yourself by resisting.

We think that resisting protects us and keeps us in control but it actually makes us more controllable because we close ourselves off. It’s like a closed, defensive existence that limits our capacity to change and limits the flow of life.

It is a limiting belief that you create to protect your other limiting beliefs, a shield that stops you from truly living.

You think that your resistance stops you from suffering but it actually causes your suffering and limitation. The situation always is as it is – neutral – it’s your resistance that causes you to feel stuck. When there’s no resistance, there’s no stuckness and you are free to change and improve.


Your resistance is often far worse than the situation itself and makes you reactive, limiting your ability to handle what is going on and truly improve the situation.


In essence, resistance is non-acceptance and it keeps you stuck.




  • Firstly, you can’t try to change resistance. That’s just more resisting.


  • Don’t try to be in any state other than the one you are in right now because trying to change what already is creates more resistance.


  • Begin by acknowledging the resistance. Notice it. Become aware of it. Feel it. Don’t think about the resistance, feel it. Feel how conflictingly stuck it feels. Become fully aware of what you are feeling at the moment of resistance. Fully feel it. Go into it. Welcome it. Allow it to be there, just for now. Fighting it hasn’t made it go away so welcome it just for now. When you become fully aware of the resistance, you’ll see how trivial and pointless and empty it is. Often that will be enough to make it dissolve and release. Another option that you always have, in any situation, is to accept.


  • Accept. Accept the resistance. Allow it to be there. Welcome it. Don’t resist the pain and stuckness, allow it to be there. Accept it fully. Your non-acceptance creates it, your acceptance makes it evaporate and dissolve. As soon as you accept the resistance and accept how you feel right now, your acceptance alchemises your resistance into peace.


  • Acceptance is entirely a perceptive process made within. You accept your feelings about the situation and what is right now, not the situation itself. You can still change the situation and take action but any action will come from a place of freedom, free of the limitation of resistance.


  • Finally, either take action or don’t. Decide to do something about the situation or don’t. Indecisiveness will create more wanting to change what you’re experiencing, more resisting.


Non-resistance gives you freedom. It doesn’t mean that you do nothing, become a passive walkover or accept undesirable situations, it just means that you don’t create inner conflict about what you’re experiencing.
Non-resistance means that any action you take is non-reactive and comes from a place of power and flexibility instead of from a place of defensive, closed-off stuckness.


Resistance distorts our perceptions and distracts us from our majestically resplendent and limitless nature.

When you stop resisting, life becomes deliciously more real, you become more real, and more simple. You no longer need to protect yourself. You stop layering distorted protective clouds of resistance over reality. It would seem that you become defenceless without the “protection” of resistance but it is only through non-resistance and acceptance that you can live truly free, immersed in reality, completely unleashed.



What it REALLY means to love yourself.


I love Valentine’s Day. Not because it’s the day that I receive copious amounts of flowers and love letters (it happens sometimes!). But I love it because it’s a day that I devote entirely to MYSELF.

I don’t measure my self-worth by how much other people show their love and devotion to me, but by how much I am committed and devoted to myself. The more I love myself, the better, happier, freer, kinder and more spirited my life is.


Some on my favourite Valentine’s Day’s involved:


Hitchhiking with my soul-sister Lily in Costa Rica, being picked up by a massive Bimbo bakery truck, and watching romantic comedies on a laptop for 7 hours in the cabin of the truck, while we were being transported across the country.


Walking alone, along a cold canal in Amsterdam, with tears streaming down my face, as I resolved to break up with my boyfriend, after I discovered that he had lied to me, more times than I dared admit to myself. I loved it, because in that moment I felt totally free. And I knew that leaving him, was one of the greatest acts of self-love that I could possibly do.


Waking up early in India, for my daily yoga class, and then jumping on my scooter and driving along the ocean with the wind in my hair for 30 minutes to meet a bunch of girlfriends at our favourite beach, for a day of swimming, giggles and gossip, finished off by treating ourselves to dinner at our favourite restaurant.


So, as we herald this beautiful day into our lives again, whether we celebrate it or not, what’s important is, what it really means to love yourself. It’s not about how many pretty things you buy yourself or how much time you spend at the spa. Though, of course, those things are nice too.

What loving yourself really is about is, how much your are able to spend time with yourself and deeply love and accept your true nature. Without judgement. Without willing yourself to change, or wishing you were different.


Here are 3 ways.


1. Spend time by yourself. Schedule it in and do it, often.

I spend at least one day per week on my own, doing things that fill me up: reading, writing in my journal, making something beautiful, going for walks in nature and swimming in the sea. I make sure it’s a day that I can truly devote to myself, and ensure that there are no other obligations that disturb me. Spending time by myself allows me to sit with my inner peace and stillness, and truly listen to what I need. This period of self-reflection is invaluable in understanding yourself, and learning to love yourself in the ways that are beyond physical and practical needs. I have learnt to love my own company, and enjoy being in my energy field.


2. Be unapologetic for your feelings.

I used to bulldoze over my own feelings, because I felt that they weren’t as important as those of others. Being taught from an early age to be a perpetual people pleaser, it was a really hard habit to overcome. But not listening to my feelings hurt and harmed me. Over time, I learnt the art of feeling my feelings and expressing them to people in a way that felt safe and comfortable. Learning to recognise what you are feeling, and then express it to others in a positive way, is an invaluable expression of self-love. Be unapologetic for how you feel, and learn to share with people in a way that is helpful and kind.


3. Go to bed early.

I know, I know! Most of us are still rebelling to our mother’s nap-time commands, but guess what? Now that we are adults, going to bed early is totally rebellious! In a society that favours burning your candle at both ends, staying up late and getting up early, partying until sunrise and pushing ourselves beyond our boundaries, one of the kindest, most loving things you could possibly do for yourself, is going to bed early. Sleep has the most transformative, life-giving and healing qualities, and a full night snuggled down into your favourite sheets and pillows will restore your magic powers faster than anything else. Want to really love yourself? Go to bed early!



3 ways to have waaaay more freedom, without giving it all up.



Many of us believe that in order to have freedom in our lives, we have to give up some of our comforts; some of the things that we really quite like.

Often, it goes like this.


I am free to (because I really want to):

+ travel, but I’ll have to give up my career/house/family.

+ be spontaneous, but people won’t take me seriously, and will think that I’m some happy-go-lucky flake.

+ have a baby, but not without a partner.

+ start my own business, but I’ll have to give up financial security.

+ save lots of money, but it means that I’ll be missing out on all the fun stuff.

+ be very successful, but I’ll have to work really hard, and become one of those cranky, power-hungry women without kids, a partner or an ounce of sweetness.

+ be my authentic self, and speak my truth, but I won’t be loved and accepted.

+ move to another town/state/country, but I’ll loose my friends and my family will be pissed.

+ go for my dreams but I’ll have to give up security and stability.


I know. I used to believe things like:

+ In order to be financially free and independent, I’d have to marry someone with money.

+ To be successful in my business, I would have to stop traveling, and instead, create a solid base.

+ For people to love and accept me, I’d have to stop my gypsetting ways, and be much more conservative.


I had so many limiting beliefs on why I couldn’t be free to live my life the way that I truly wanted it to. And when I allowed myself to glimpse my fantastic dream of how I actually wanted my life to look like, I would imagine doing it all all at once, and felt completely overwhelmed.

But over time, I figure out 3 very simple ways to have waaaay more freedom, without giving it all up. (Or going into overwhelm.)


1. Replace the BUT, with AND.

All big dreams of creating a life filled with freedom, start seeming impossible. As long as you allow the word ‘but’ to stay in the way of taking the next steps, we can never overcome our limited beliefs that

Pay attention to your language and start replacing but, with and. And then figure it out from there.

For example:

I am going to travel and find ways to keep my career moving forward, make my house a useful asset, and involve my family, so we are all happy.

Then do exactly that!


2. Say NO!

We have been conditioned to say yes to almost everything, before even checking in and making sure it’s right for us. Our parents taught us from an early age, to do as they say, in order to make them happy, and be good children. It’s not healthy, supportive nor of service to you, to spend your precious time and life, on other people’s requests. So I’s like you to integrate a new rule, a rule that creates freedom, into your life:



If it’s not a hell yes! in the first instance, it’s a NO!



Don’t let your conditioning take over here, feel it in your gut. When someone asks you to do something are invites you somewhere or suggests and opportunity to you, unless you get butterflies in your tummy, and little ripple of excitement rising up in your chest, and you feel so good about it, politely and kindly say NO.


3. Say YES!

This is a different kind of yes. This is about saying yes to those things that scare the sh*t out of you. It’s saying yes to big leaps, wild dreams, the vast unknown and trying things that you’ve mostly left to be fantasised in your imagination.

Freedom is taking risks. It’s saying “fu*k it!”and going for it. Despite the fear.

Start saying yes, to those things that you’ve been holding back from. If you want way more freedom in your life, you don’t have to give it all up. You just have to say yes, to more imaginative, out-of-the-box solutions. And go for it!


I know, from personal experience, that it’s absolutely possible to live a life of freedom and have all the comforts of life. I have a successful location independent business, I live in beautiful homes wherever I go (no hotel rooms for me!), I have a healthy, thriving relationship that supports my choices and lifestyle, and I have created a supportive network of folk around me that are aways reaching for the stars. Having freedom doesn’t mean having to give up on anything you want. It simply means rearranging your thought patterns and belief systems to embrace all the odds. And of course every dream conceivable.



Image taken in Costa Rica in 2013.

So, you think you want to stop being judgemental? 6 pieces of advice.


7 seconds.

That how long you’ve got before you judge someone when you first meet them.

Psychologists say that, in a blink of an eye, you’ve formed an impression based on what they’re wearing, their posture and their vibe, and decided how you feel about them.

In that same breath, research shows that, if you truly want to be happy and free in your life, you have to stop being judgemental. As per Science Daily:

“How positively you see others is linked to how happy, kind-hearted and emotionally stable you are, according to new research. In contrast, negative perceptions of others are linked to higher levels of narcissism and antisocial behaviour.”

It all starts with you.


What you say about others says a lot about what you say about yourself.


So, you think you want to stop being judgemental? 6 pieces of advice.

1. Start paying attention to when you are being judgemental to yourself, first. And to others, second. Remind yourself to do so from time to time.

2. If you find yourself being judgemental, stop yourself. Drop that thought like a hot potato.

3. Let it go and forgive yourself for being judgemental. The  get back to being observant for the next time.

4. Be compassionate to your own situation and that of others, instead of judging. There is a reason why everyone is at this particular point in that particular way, including you. Instead of judging be kind and understanding.

5. Accept yourself for who you are, and accept others for who they are. Embrace you own, and their uniqueness. And if you want to change, that’s ok, but create change from a space of acceptance, rather than judgement.

6. Love yourself. And love others too. Start telling yourself “I love myself.” every single day, as many time as you can. Believe me, this will transform your life. As for others: without knowing them, without judging them, send them love as you pass them. Knowing that they are expressing their own divinity in their own way.


While it is our nature to be judgemental in some ways, it’s not always useful to us.  I notice in my own life that the more open, loving and accepting I am of myself, and others, the better, sweeter and more abundant my life is. Instead of judging and criticising, I find beauty, simplicity and things to appreciate.


Image credit.

How to end destructive relationships without ruining anyone’s life. (Or your own.)


When I was 11, I met the first love of my life. We were camping next to each other one weekend and, besides being the same age, we had everything in common. She was my soul-sister and best friend. I was sure we would be inseparable forever.


By the time I was 17 and 18 however, we started to grow apart. I was rebellious, risk-taking and adventurous. She was compulsively well-behaved.  Her parents thought I was a bad influence. I thought she was predictable. I loved her anyhow.


And then one day, she stopped answering my emails, didn’t return my phone calls, and our friendship ceased to be. I felt loyal to our friendship, but for her, I had changed too much.


It hurt. And in the same breath, I completely understood. The directions our lives had taken were so startlingly different, and the ways that we approached things so contradictory, it was challenging to find a common ground. I was creating a life that didn’t fit conventional expectations. She wanted to feel comfortable and safe. Something I couldn’t offer.


I just wanted to feel free.


I was changing in ways that were uncomfortable, for both of us – I always seek out experiences that provide me with the most growth – which felt destructive for her. I got it. And I didn’t hate her for it. But it would have been awesome if she had communicated her actions and choices with me, so I didn’t have to base my thoughts on guess-work.


Since that time, I have left behind and out-grown many, many relationships. Friendships, lovers and even family members, whose correspondence had become destructive instead of supportive in my life. That’s the thing with life. Everything and everyone is constantly changing. Holding on, and expecting things to stay the same is more destructive than saying goodbye (for now) to things that no longer serve us.

There are kind, graceful, and honest ways to end destructive relationships without running anyone’s life. (Even your own.)


+ Firstly, know this: It’s not forever. Just because you’re not harmonising right now, doesn’t mean you will never find a common ground again. Everything has its ebb and flow. Even relationships. Go with that.


+ Secondly, get clear on why this relationship has become destructive for you. Is this person holding you back? Are they taking away your freedom? Are they being a negative influence or bringing you down? Clarity is magic, in that you can discern their behaviour and choices from their spirit. This is where you get to accept where you are in your life right now, in relation to where they are, and know that these places just happen to be different right now.


+ Thirdly, give gratitude to this friendship for all the lessons, experiences and beautiful moments you have shared. Every single person is a mirror, a gift, and a blessing – even if your relationship wasn’t the healthiest one. They teach you where you need to change and grow, as well as reflect back to you, how far you’ve already come.


+ Finally, share where you’re at, with love and kindness. Write a letter, an email, or a card. Leave them a voicemail or a text message, and tell them why you need to step away for a while. Explain that you love them and are grateful for what they have brought into your life, but that it’s time to release each other, for both of your growth and wellbeing. Say it with grace, and keep it short and sweet. Don’t engage in an ongoing conversation. Just stick with you decision, and leave it with that.



what is freedom? (I want to be wild and free)

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It is in the circumvent moment of taking a leap of faith that we taste true freedom.

It is in the letting go that we gain so much more.

Saying no leads to better yes’.

When we let go of expectations that we feel the sweetness of success.

As the dreamer we realise that our dream was being realised all along.

It’s not judging…..and relinquishing the need to care about what others think.

It’s in the shedding of tears, in feeling lost and still moving forward.

It’s having tremendous faith…..that everything will work out….better than fine.

It’s in the questions we pose of ourselves, just enough to widen our horizons and move past our limitations.

Freedom is being a bright beacon of light…..clarity, honesty and love….no matter what else is going on around us.


When disappointment turns to longing turns to the realisation that what we thought we wanted we didn’t actually want.


It’s in the receiving….graciously, openly, without feeling we owe something in return.

It’s in the giving selflessly…altruistically without expecting anything in return.

It’s in the loving someone fearlessly…completely, whether or not they may love you back

It’s in the intoxicating joy, the serenity, the happiness without a reason.

It’s in realising that no-one’s got it all figured out ….. and nothing is permanent.

It’s when we teeter beyond our imaginations with nothing but trust and hope to catch us.

And when we do fall, we fall up….and everything gets unexpectedly better.

It’s in reinventing yourself every single day.

It’s when simplicity takes over.

This is freedom.



Hooray! Doors Open Today: Come Join Me For #10WeeksofFree.

There Is Freedom Waiting For You!


There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky, and you ask “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly? – Erin Hanson


Ain’t that the truth.


Last year I ran a unique 10 week mentoring program which I called 10 Weeks of Free. Your response was overwhelming, you loved it, and all the spaces were filled up in less than a week. I even received emails from folk that had missed out, and wanted to know when I would be running the program again.

I didn’t know the answer then. It was my first time running it and I wasn’t sure how it would go. But go, it did. It was fantastic!


And so now, the doors are open once again. Behold:

The 10 Weeks of Free Mentoring Program.


The content and outline of this program came to me in a dream, when I was sleeping on my friends’ sofa, in a little studio flat in Bondi Beach last year. I was visiting for a week, and one morning I woke up from this dream, and just started scribbling out the notes as they came to me, as quickly as I could. I had to try to capture it all before it faded. Within a day, I had the outline, and the basic structure, which developed over the following weeks.

When you know, you just know. This program birthed itself into the world, willing me to share it. It was a magical experience. And now I get to run it for a second time!


Being free is our natural state. We are born into liberty.


And often, over time, we forget. We start to create walls, steeped in beliefs that keep us rigid, stuck and confined.

You want to have more spontaneity?

You want to follow your dreams?

You want to be released from judgement?

You want to be more creative?

You want to experience more flexibility?

You want to have more time?

You want to follow your passions?

You want to be unstoppable?

You can.

I’d love to help you.


That’s what #10WeeksofFree is all about. Which is why – 10 days from now – I am running this program again.

10 Weeks of Free: 19 February – 10 May 2015.

10 weeks of weekly emails, workbooks, and private 1 to 1 coaching sessions with me.


Join me.




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