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50 Ways to be the most fucking awesome version of yourself.

50 Ways to be the most fucking awesome version of yourself

Being fucking awesome, quite literally, means to elicit awe.


The other day, I was sitting in a cafe — by myself, laptop in front of me — feeling anything but awesome. I felt envious of the people around me who seemed so über-cool, and relaxed, wearing the trendiest neo-hippy rags, and seemingly without any (self-imposed) deadlines hanging over their heads.


I observed myself, with my still-wet-from-the-shower imperfect hair,  cut-off shorts, and tired look on my face — clearly feeling a little bit not-in-awe of myself at all.


I was feeling generally not fit enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, not quick enough, not fresh, new, hot or “original” enough. We have all felt like that, from time to time.


Until I remembered that, unlike most people, I am living my dream: being creative, helping people and traveling, plus running a soulfully and financially rewarding business to boot, from the tiny office that is comprised of just my laptop and a few notebooks, from any place with decent internet, that I can find.


And that’s pretty fucking awesome. Even if it does occasionally mean messy hair, tired eyes and deadlines looming.


The thing is, being awesome is simply about making a decision to be your best self, and recognising that your best self truly is awesome. There are a lot of ways to be awesome: being awesome is being redefined each and every day. It’s all about seeing our own self-worth and building on what we already are and have.


And once we make that decision, we have to fuel that powerful new belief of awesomeness, with interests, talents, creative pursuits and eccentric ventures that say “Yep, everything I do is fucking awesome”!




50 Ways to be the most fucking awesome version of yourself.


1. Become the kind of woman you have always wanted to be: 10 Ways To Connect With Your Divine Feminine.


2. Feel empowered when handling people’s negative emotions, especially is they are feeling really angry: 4 lessons on dealing with angry friends.


3. Embark on the mystical-yet-scientific task of reading your own palm, to get to know yourself even better. The Gypset Guide to Hand Reading. And then try it out on your friends!


4. Let go of any fears and hesitations to cutting your hair short — sometimes a haircut is exactly what you need — to release the past: My Insomniac Haircut: Le Trés Chic Blunt Lob. And then flaunt it publicly and tell a dramatic story about how it all happened.


5. Learn how to manifest anything you want into your world. Manifesting 101 Gypset Style: How To Write Notes To The Universe. Take my 7 Day Free Manifesting Course to learn how to do it more, and better.


6. Stop punishing yourself and your body with endless diets, strict exercise routines and hate, hate, hate. We all know they don’t work! Eat What Ever The Fuck Your Body Wants Whenever It Wants, + 5 Other Diets Explained. Instead, start embracing who you are right now, love that, see your awesomeness, and nurture yourself from there. If you are meant to lose weight and get fitter, your body will naturally teach you how to do that.


7. Speaking of loving yourself here are 88 ways to love yourself. When you start doing that, you start feeling awesome, no matter what!


8. Manifest a tonne of money out of thin air, in less that 24 hours! Here’s how: How to Instantly Make Over $1,000 Gypset Style.


9. Stop taking responsibility for other people’s emotions, problems, weaknesses and lessons. It’s a form of self-sabotage, and will keep you from being the most awesome version of yourself. Are You Carrying Other’s Karma? {What You’re Responsible For + What NOT}


10.  Learn about the always-vibrating and powerful energy centres of your body. They are talking to you, teaching you and want to help you be the most awesome version of yourself, always: The Gypset Guide to Understanding Your Chakras.


11. Make really delicious snacks for yourself, that are healthy. Being organised in the kitchen, and creating amazing, delicious masterpieces that everyone can eat is fucking awesome! Here’s an idea: Honey Almond Choc Chip Cookies {Paleo & Gluten Free!}.


12. Imagine you were Queen of the entire world, and everything you said goes. Your world is milk and honey, people adore you, and you have the power to have an immeasurable, positive impact on the world. What would that look like? This is what it would look like to me: if I was Queen of the World I would…..


13. Write down all the most incredible, amazing, impactful lessons you have already learned so far. You will be amazed at just how awesome you are. I wrote some of mine down on my 30th birthday: 31 magical life facts I have learnt so far.


14. Decide that every single day of your life can be filled with magic! Something that I adore, is using the natural energy of the planets, the moon and the stars to help me be more awesome every single day. Here’s how: Make More Magic. 7 Days A Week.


15. We all know the masturbating is healthy, natural, and a great way to practice self-love. But what about masturbating your ego? 99 Ways To Play With Yourself: How To Be Confident, Charming, & Flirt With Anyone


16. Build your self-confidence and insight into the fallible nature of human beings who are still healing. It is so important to stand in our truth while also practicing compassion and understanding. I learnt a lot about that, which I shared in: The Man Who Asked Me To Be His Baby-Mama. A True Story On Love, Spirit + Connection.


17. Get to know your monthly cycles, and how they are connected to the monthly cycles of our moon. When we know ourselves so deeply, it is easy to always be awesome, and making really good decisions for ourselves. Here’s how: The Gypset Guide to Women’s Moon Cycles: menstrual problems + hormone imbalances.


18. Love yourself so much, that loving someone else becomes easy. When we love ourselves fully first, giving and receiving love to another becomes easy. But many of us are still so full of wounding and hurt, that we create painful situations for ourselves and others that simply encourage old patterns of behaviour that don’t truly support us, or what we want to experience anymore. Why the ones we want run and the ones we don’t cling.


19. Speaking of love, here’s something else about love that you should know: The Gypset Guide To Romantic Love. (Because Love Is Free). Because it will make you fucking awesome.


20. And what is a romantic relationship without speaking about lady-parts. You need this in your life: 2 Things you should put in your lady-parts. (So things you don’t want to come out, don’t.)


21. Sometimes, when you are trying to find out way, and are feeling really impatient that you haven’t figured it all out just yet, you start to feel way less than awesome. In fact, you might feel totally un-awesome. This might help: 8 Insights On How To Find Your Path (I.e. After college/university, a breakup, or being made redundant.)


22. Negativity is, well… negativity. It really brings the vibe down. And if you’re one of those people who is usually totally, enthusiastically, awesomely positive, then hanging around (and loving) people who aren’t positive, can be really fucking annoying and challenging. What to do if your partner (or best friend, or sister) is a whinge-pants.


23. Your parents and grandparents are (definitely) stopping you from having the life that you want (and deserve). This is not about blaming. It’s about recognising the truth, and then doing something about it. Because that’s what makes you the most fucking awesome person ever! Being empowered, and taking charge of your life.


24. Watch films that inspire you: 33 + Three Quarter Fantastic Films That Will Ignite Your Fantasy. Then, you can awesome conversations about all the amazing things you thought, realised and learnt — plus share a thing or two that’s totally new with your friends!


25. Something that has become abundantly clear to me recently, is the fact that most of us have no fucking clue how to truly receive what we want and what we are given. And then we idle around, moaning how life isn’t giving us what we asked for. (That’s a total lie, it totally is, you just aren’t receiving it!) The Gypset Guide To Getting What You Want: 5 Keys To Learning To Receive.


26. Sometimes we just have to say “fuck it” to everything. And that’s awesome too. When My Van Broke Down Last Week, I Entered the ‘Fuck It’ Phase


27. There is a beautiful balance in everything we do. Often we might think that life is so very one-sided, and to be truly awesome, you have to embrace only one side of the coin. Especially if you are, or aspire to be, a creative entrepreneur. Here’s one explain where that’s simply not true: Creativity and Routine ::: a Note for Entrepreneurs.


28. The other day, I had a really horrible conflict with a friend. We both were terribly upset about how we mis-communicated, and I was sorry that things had gotten so out of hand. Not awesome! Want folks to forgive you / let go / make up with you now? Write a love letter…


29. Sometimes, we hold negative patterns and bad habits, deep within our subconscious, that are really fucking with our flow. This will help: The 4 Step Gypset Guide To Self Hypnosis.


30. Whenever I feel like I have some pretty big life questions that I want answered, I refer to my tarot cards for help. If you’re new to doing this, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: The Gypset Guide to Reading Your Tarot Cards. Even When You Don’t Have A Question.


31. If I can do it, you can do it! Work from a remote, developing country, creating, writing and making awesome shit: The Gypset Guide To Working From India.


32. I’ve always been supersensitive to energies and other people’s weird juju. This is awesome, but what’s even more awesome, is if you can find ways to manage them, clear them and protect yourself from them. Here’s how: 5 Favourite rituals to create sacred spaces between one moment and the next.


33. 30+ Mantras To Inspire Your Freedom. For People Who Feel Stuck + Are Terrified of the Future. Because freedom is awesome.


34. Speaking of mantras, did you know that being organised releases incredibly fucking awesome feelings of pleasure in the brain? It’s true! Read it here: 20 Mantras for disorganised people, who really, really want to get organised.


35. In the first year of my business, I ran the whole thing off of my iPad, while travelling through Central and North America. It just shows that things can be easier and more accessible than you think. all you have to do is get started. 22 iPad Apps That Run My Life + Business.


36. In believe that the secret to true, unequivocal awesomeness, is knowing how to follow your own heart. There are a million voices out there, all telling you how to be, how to show up, how to love, what successful looks like and trying to define awesome for you, but it’s all b.s. Your heart knows the only truth that is for you. How To Follow Your Heart. In 8 Awesome Ways.


37. It goes without saying, that the way your heart speaks to you, is through your intuition. Not sure how to do it? Here’s how I do it: how to listen to the whispers of your intuition.


38. Your work does not need to be useful. It just needs to be done.


39. Generosity is the purest form of love, serving and helping others. The more you give, the more you also receive. Giving without expecting anything in return is where it’s at. And so today, I’d love to give you this: Download my ‘What’s for you won’t pass you by.’ manifesto. A gift from me to you.


40. Learning is always awesome. The more we learn, more empowered we are, the more choices we have, and — mostly — the happier we are. So I bring you this: 8 Ridiculously awesome + useful books + resources you will love.


41. Our parents are our absolute greatest teachers. 6 Transformative things I have learnt about life from my mother.


42. You know, how you know when someone is the most awesome version of themselves? They don’t follow other people’s rules. They do exactly what feels right to them, and when. Which is why I wrote this: Why You Shouldn’t Have A Morning Routine. That doesn’t mean that finding routines and rituals that work for you is a bad thing. The key here is: doing things that work for you. Not trying to fit yourself into a system that someone else has prescribed.


43. I’m Stuck + Scared To Take The Steps Towards My Dreams. Acknowledgement is always the first step. Then comes acceptance. Then come action. And then, of course, comes awesome! (Come on, you knew that was coming!)


44. I am a huge believer in taking care yourself and discovering what natural remedies can cure you. That’s a form of absolute awesomeness in my books. Like this: My miraculous cure-all-tummy-pains Aloe Elixir. And this: Don’t read this if you’re scared to know your body + its responses.


45. Being judgemental is like saying “No! I don’t accept life in every form that is transpires in!”. It’s really negative, and saying no to life is… well, saying no to life. We want to say and emphatic YES to life, while also being discerning about what we choose to experience and have. So, you think you want to stop being judgemental? 6 pieces of advice.


46. Realising our life purpose and potential is fucking awesome. Figuring how what to do, and how to get started, can be challenging. This might help: I want to help people. + Travel. + I don’t know how to start.


47. Sometimes, we have been living in one place for a really long time. And we feel like it might be time to go on adventures and have new experiences. But when we have invested so much tome, love and energy into one place, letting go and leaving is haaaaaard! Yet, nonetheless — that feeling — it just won’t go away! So what do you do? The Gypset Guide to Knowing When It’s Time To Go.


48. Travel is fucking awesome: Travel is like a truth serum. It is the best cure for being self-centred and close-minded.


49. From time to time, as we evolve and change, we have to reconsider our friends and whether they are truly still our friends, or if we have, just maybe, grown too far apart. Being discerning with whom you spend your time with, is important, because studies have shown that you are most like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Knowing that, do you want to be like the 5 people you spend the most time with? If not, then this will help: How to end destructive relationships without ruining anyone’s life. (Or your own.)


50. And finally, something that makes everyone’s life more awesome: 3 ways to have waaaay more freedom, without giving it all up.









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I want to help people. + Travel. + I don’t know how to start.

I want to help people. + Travel. + I don't know how to start. (View from my villa in Ubud, Bali.)


Hey Vienda,

just want to say that all your posts are so inspiring; you are beautiful!

I wanted to ask you some advice, since I’m traveling all the time ( because it feels so good): I really want to find a way to help people even though I’m not physically in one place. You are the only one (I know) that does that, so I was looking for some tips. I don’t really know where to start. I have so many ideas, but don’t really know how to put them together, + I’m used to work with my patients one to one, physically.

I feel like I really need to help; it’s an urge inside me. I want to help people. + Travel. + I don’t know how to start.

Lots of love,





My sweet Mey,


Thank you for your gorgeous note.


One thing that I am completely certain of, is that each and every single one of us, are put onto this planet to have a positive impact on the world, and help one another.


Figuring out how to do that, is a challenging journey of self-discovery, all of its own. It means that you need to really look closely at your values, skills, talents, passions, what people will pay for and what you really would love to do, and find the sweet spot that factors all those elements into it.


It also means getting really creative in what you can offer and how.


These days, we live in an age where information is power, knowledge is what drives our world, and being empowered through choice and understanding gives us strength and comfort.


Here’s my advice:


  • Start brainstorming and writing down all the ways that you can provide value and help people, without having to physically be in one place, all the time. Write down at least 50 ideas, and then choose your top 5. Start doing them. Action over contemplation works every time, because it’s that fastest way to find out what works, and what doesn’t.


  • Read the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. It’s über-practical, and he gives so many great, tangible ideas and examples of different ways to create a location independent life and business. Since you’re traveling, download it onto your tablet or Kindle, ’cause it’s massive!


  • Plant the seed now. I remember, 7 years ago, I was wandering through the streets of Barcelona, with a friend, and said to her “I wish I could create a job that allows me to do work I love, and travel, wherever, whenever I want.” I planted that seed in my wish, and even though I already was doing work that allowed to travel at the time (working at music festivals) it wasn’t fulfilling my soul purpose. Ever since then, I’ve been adjusting and refining, to find that perfect sweet spot for myself. It all starts with a seed.


  • Look for signs that guide you in the direction of what you are wanting to do: help people + travel. Once you decide that that is what you want to do, the Universe will provide a pathway of solutions and opportunities. The caveat here, is that you remain open to them, and don’t block them with fears of failure, or a lack of self-worth. This is where practicing the art of manifesting and getting out of your own way, comes in really handy.


  • Support yourself with resources. If you want to create a financially and soulfully fulfilling location independent lifestyle, you need resources on how that could work. There are many mindset practices that can help you on your way, like believing that you can be of service, without physically being in the same place as your patients, and finding ways to help and empower them, that don’t require your face or your touch. This is where The Gypset Adventure program really is helpful. Doors are currently closed, but we will be re-opening them as a do-it-when-you-can course in a few months. In the meantime, start seeking out books, articles and other resources that support the new direction that you want your life to take.


This is a really exciting time for you, and I can’t wait to see it all unfold for you, as you explore the edges of your own life-experiences to uncover how you can begin to help people, no matter where you are.




20 Mantras for disorganised people, who really, really want to get organised.

20 Mantras for disorganised people, who really, really want to get organised.


“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organised, actionable elements.” ― Scott Belsky


If you put your fingertips on your temples, just above the outside part of your eyebrows, there’s an area about the size of an almond on each side. Psychologists have been researching this part of our heads for over 15 years.


This area contains prediction circuits that are scanning and monitoring the environment and trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. If everything in the environment is utterly predictable, you become bored. If it’s utterly unpredictable, you become frustrated.


The psychologists have found that intense pleasure results from having this area of your brain experience an optimal balance between predictability and surprise. It’s the perfect line between being organised and spontaneous.


So many of us don’t get to experience this sense of pleasure, because we are utterly disorganised. So I wrote this, to help: 20 Mantras for disorganised people, who really, really want to get organised. Read them, often, until you believe them. They will change you.


1. Because I am organised, I am able to relax and enjoy my life more.


2. I take the necessary time to be organised, because I know that by doing so, it minimizes my daily stress.


3. While it is sometimes tempting to rush into a busy week, I still choose to be organised.


4. I recognise that my time is like money, I have to invest some, to gain some.


5. I organise my time to facilitate my goals by saying no to activities that drain me of my time and my energy.


6. I recognise that my day-to-day time is limited.


7. I choose to set aside specific times for those things that are important to me.


8. And I let the rest go.


9. I set aside time at the beginning of each project, to make sure that I have a clear picture of where I am going and that I have the resources I need, to get there.


10. New beginnings and projects excite me.


11. This means I don’t waste any of my precious time on limiting and unnecessary activities.


12. I am organised, which means that I prepare my things in advance, so that when it’s time to get started, I simply get started.


13. That means that, if I want to exercise daily, I map out where I am going, and lay out my running shoes and outfit the night before, in a place I can easily see and reach it.


14. That means, if I want to start each morning by writing a blog post, email, novel or letter I prepare: I put my paper, pen and laptop ready on my desk.


15. That means, if I want to work on my business: I charge up my computer, queue up my favorite music, get my headphones, block out the time on my calendar and treat it with the same level of devotion as I would an urgent appointment.


16. I ensure I don’t allow things to distract me, when I am doing those things, that are important to me.


17. Because I am organised, I feel secure in my sense of direction in my life.


18. A weekly intention or to-do list, eliminates any wasted time, wondering where my focus needs to be.


19. I take the time to get organized in all areas of my life, on a weekly basis to keep me aligned with my dreams and the direction of my devotion.


20. Being organised gives me more time to truly focus on what is important to me in my life.


VM Presents LOKA Travel: An 11 day escapade along the East Coast of Australia, from Byron Bay to Cairns.


“I am much inclined to live from my rucksack, and let my trousers fray as they like.” ― Hermann Hesse


Being a free-spirited well-travelled young woman, I am generally not one to take tours, or cruises, or ready-made-packages. My joy and sense of adventure comes from getting lost, mis-adventures, and discovering it all on my own.


But when I learned about Loka Travel — the call themselves the Flexible Travel Collective — I noticed that they were a different breed of guided tour. I have done the east coast of Australia several times already, but not the way that they did. And I was fascinated.


Allow me to present: LOKA Travel: An 11 day escapade along the East Coast of Australia, from Byron Bay to Cairns.


I am sharing every intimate, inspired and frivolous detail of this magnificent adventure with you today, and I have a special little surprise for you: Julien, my gorgeous Canadian hunk of a delicious man, is making a guest appearance. He is sharing his own voice and opinion on each leg of the journey with you, alongside mine. You’re going to love his words and super-masculine perspective. Enjoy!





Noosa Sunset - VM presents LOKA Travel


Vienda says:

Byron is… It was hard to say goodbye after 5 months Byron. It’s one of those really special places that will give you exactly what you need, even when you don’t know what it is that you need! It’ll nurture you, care for you, protect you, push your buttons, stretch and grow you. My highlights were the Lighthouse walk which I did as often as I could, the early morning Farmers Markets every Thursday, and the gorgeous artisan folk that filled my days with inspiration and became some of closest friends.


The last day before leaving was hectic, our lives were being packed up again, and I had a million mixed feelings.


But once we were on the LOKA bus, all the angst and anticipation disappeared and was replaced with that feeling of freedom from being on the road again, and an unstoppable enthusiasm for the adventure that lay ahead.


Arriving at our first stop: Noosa; was divine. We caught the most stunning sunset (as you can see), before settling in for an early night, in preparation for the next few jam-packed, fun-filled days.


Sadly, the next day I caught the worst cold I have had in years, and was confined to bed while Julien went exploring.


However on our second day in Noosa, we went on the Noosa Everglades Discovery canoe trip, and it was one of the highlights of our entire journey. Our boat driver and guide Dave, had an almost ethereal quality about him, making the entire day feel so incredibly calm, and magical. We learned so much about the local wildlife, like that 44% of Australia’s bird species live in the Noosa Everglades, and about the local aboriginal tribes and the history of the area. And he made sure we spied in on the activities of Richard Branson’s new property Makepeace Island, formed in the shape of a perfect heart. Canoeing through the perfect reflection and stillness of the Everglades took my breath away. It was nature at its finest. There are not enough words. It was one of the most beautiful things I have done in my entire life.


Noosa Everglades | VM Presents LOKA Travel


Julien says:

Byron Bay is incredible. When I say incredible, I mean extravagant, diverse, expensive, trendy, and interesting. Not good, or bad. It’s just BYRON! Like any place there are pro’s and con’s about living there, but no matter what, Byron is anything but boring. Once you get past the dirty streets, the potholes, the explosion of travel agencies and the overflow of backpackers, you’ll find the fossilised remains of a trendy, hippie town. If you take a good look, you’ll find everything awesome in Byron: Farmers Markets, amazing hikes and walks, a very lively music scene, an iconic lighthouse and plenty of outdoor activities. The surf is good, the dolphin kayaking is magical, the hang-gliding is fantastic, and the skydiving is top. Don’t forget the restaurants and café’s. Despite the fact that most things in Byron are astronomically overpriced to offset lease/rental prices, if you know where to look you can pick up on some of the best food you’ve ever had, at an affordable price! My personal favourites were Thai Lucy, The Cardamom Pod (vegetarian), and the Japonaise Kitchen, which all fell within an affordable budget with great service and delicious foods. For all the foodies out there, you’ll never have enough years in your life to taste all the amazingness that Byron Bay has to offer. I could go on about Byron forever, but for now, that’s a taste.


On our first morning — at 07:10 exactly — Vienda and I finished our 20 minute workout for the day. It was the process of waking up, scrambling to pack all our last-minute things and walk with all of our bags the 2 km’s to our LOKA bus pickup at the Arts Factory in Byron. Surfboard under-arm, and skateboard trailing in tow, we plunked ourselves down on the bench out front. Right on time. At 07:12 the LOKA minibus made its appearance around rounded the parking lot. Prompt.


By about 2pm we were dropped off at the colonial-like Halse Lodge in town and without any issue we checked in. What normally would have been an extremely boring, full day of travel, turned out to be a surprisingly quick, interesting, and relaxed trip up the beautiful Australian coastline.


Byron Bay, Noosa called….you lose.


Wow, Noosa was absolutely phenomenal. The roads were clean, the sights were spectacular, and the people were instantly friendly and welcoming. It was insane how frequent the locals would smile, wave, and say good’aye. We spent a day exploring and getting accustomed to our surroundings, and that’s about the time where Vienda was hit hard with a terrible cold. I spent the following day exploring the rocks, shoreline, and sensational views through the Noosa National Park. I literally spent a good 6 hours hiking, walking, jumping, and swimming that day without a cloud in the sky. Amazing.


As if it couldn’t get any better right? Well, after a night of heavy rest and lots of soup, Vienda was feeling a little bit better and was eager to join me out on a tour with The Discovery Group for a 1 day trip up the Noosa Everglades; both by guided boat and canoe. The halfway point consisted of a very simple, but delicious lunch, and the way back was a combination of wildlife, reflections, sunsets and a very interesting series of informational monologues from our tour guide, Dave. The whole experience was unbeatable, and well worth it.




Sunset at Emu Park, Rockhampton | VM Presents LOKA Travel


Vienda says:

One of the things that particularly allured me to LOKA Travel was the unique mode of travel it provided: train. Many of my favourite travel memories were made on trains, yet I had never ventured on one in Australia.


We boarded onto The Spirit of Queensland in a small country-town called Cooroy, where we spent some time exploring, that came complete with the best selection of vintage stores ever!


Rockhampton is on of LOKA’s ‘unique’ stops: a night sleeping in ‘swags‘ on a cattle station. Weirdly, my favourite part was arriving to steaming hot Australia damper — made of beer, flour and butter — and stew, that we enjoyed alongside a big burning fire. Climbing into those swags was an experience of its own…


Oh, but the nature! When we woke up, looking around and exploring the gorgeous scenery made it for me. After feeding the animals, we were off again, to the next destination: Emu Park, where we caught up on some sleep and then ventured out to a beautiful lookout for sunset.


And then, an experience that was most definitely unique to me — a rodeo, served alongside big clumps of dirt flying through the air, beers and a delicious pub-style dinner. I have never watched people ride bulls before, and it was the little, tiny children who were putting on a show, that stole my heart! How do they even get on those bulls let alone hold on for dear life! Adorable and dangerous.


Next: an overnight train to the Whitsundays.


Unique stop at cattle farm in Rockhampton | VM Present LOKA Travel


Julien says:

On the day of departure from Noosa, we met our main man Jono who was our substitute driver to get us – and the new guide – to the train station in Cooroy. In Cooroy we got to know our new guide Dion, and spent the following hour poking our heads into thrift stores, and scanning the local scenery. The train showed up about an hour late, but soon enough we were on board, loaded up, and ready to go.


The carriages were a little older, but still in fair condition, and the seats were soft, horrible patterns, but they were definitely comfortable. I was impressed with the amount of leg room there was, as well as the nice little complimentary tea and cake we each received from the Galley.


We arrived in Rockhampton pretty much right on time. We were picked up by a small shuttle bus and all 5 of us bounced around consistently up the gravel road to the Cattle Station which was our final destination. The forestry department of Queensland were doing a back-burn in the area and basically the whole trip was smoky, and out one side of the van we had a clear view of the forest-fire only metres away from our windows.


*SIDE NOTE*: On a previous trip I had the chance to do a 4×4 tour on Fraser Island departing from Rainbow Beach. It was 3 days and 2 nights with food, taxes, and camping included. It was an exceptional experience and If I had the time I would gladly do it again. It is the largest sand-island in the world, with some of the most diverse freshwater creeks, lakes, rainforests, and sand dunes. A 4 wheel drive tour around the island is a MUST!


The Cattle Station at the base of Mount Wheeler was truly a unique experience. Even being Canadian and having spent a lot of time camping, building fires, and living around farms, I was having a learning experience. We arrived late, with only enough time for a couple of beers, some delicious fire-cooked stew, and an awesome fire-cooked bread called Damper; which is a very interesting recipe of beer, flour, and butter. Delicious.


After a very frosty, chilly night of sleeping in individual swags, I awoke early to re-stoke the fire at 05:00am. We all managed to sleep again until about 07:00 am when we awoke to Dion’s enthousiastic wakeup call and morning chatter. We quickly grabbed a hot drink and made our way as a group to the farm and spent the first part of the morning feeding the livestock. We met pigs, goats, chickens, horses, and cows. We fed them all pieces of stale bread which they absolutely loved us for. The rest of the morning was spent learning to crack a whip, eating a hearty bacon and egg breakfast, and walking up to the base of Mount Wheeler to learn about the surrounding aboriginal land and the history behind the granite and limestone rock formations.


The afternoon was spent exploring the small town of Emu Park and having a relaxing nap in our afternoon accommodations. After the nap we went up a local walking path to view the incredible cloudless sky as the sun went down. An eagle floated gracefully overhead as we watched the sun pass down across the smoky hilltops where the forest-fires were being controlled.


That night we filled our Friday night with the local, Rockhampton Rodeo. After a few shared pitchers of Beer we were really getting into the spirit of things; our guide Dion even raced around “Yee-Haw”ing and waving his trusty cowboy hat at any opportunity.


The venue shuttled us to the train station at 23:00hrs and like the previous train, it was late. Again. Shortly after midnight we climbed aboard and tried to get comfortable for our overnight sleep.


The carriages were brand-spanking new. Leather seats, USB chargers, individual screens, loads of leg room and even full power outlets on the walls. Unfortunately, they were also stiff, uncomfortable and didn’t have flexible headrests, nor proper foot rests. It was a real struggle to get fully comfortable and I ended up sleeping on the floor beneath Vienda’s feet for the entire trip. We arrived at 6:00am in Airlie Beach and waited patiently at the local markets before checking into our accommodations.




Airlie Beach | VM Present LOKA Travel


Vienda says:

I still had a horrible cold at this point, so traveling wasn’t as fun as usual, and arriving in Airlie Beach was a welcome relief. I needed a day to rest.


Years ago, I did a stunning sailing trip for 3 days and 2 nights around the Whitsundays, that departed from Airlie, and it is one of those experiences that I will always remember. Pure white, soft, sandy beaches. Snorkelling with brightly coloured fish. Eating and drinking with new-found friends is what these kind of days are made of, and it’s heaven.


This time, I was too exhausted to go island-hopping, but as luck would have it, stumbled upon one of my most beloved things in the world: Markets! Their weekly flea and farmers market were on, the morning we arrived and I was in happiness heaven, exploring all the local crafts, organic produce and delicious wares of Airlie surrounds. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy!


Sliver moon in Airlie Beach | VM Presents LOKA Travel


Julien says:

Unfortunately we only had enough time to take in 1 day of beauty of Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, and after an overnight train we desperately needed a quick meal and a nap. The afternoon was spent walking the boardwalk, finding sunken ships, and sight-seeing under another beautiful cloudless sky. That night we went out for a  very nice little Sushi dinner and a drink out with Dion at Down Under Bar. Anticipating a 04:00 am start Vienda and I packed it in early and awoke around 03:30 to head to the bus stop.


04:00 rolled around, no Dion, and no Driver.
04:30 rolled around, no Dion, and a Bus Driver.


After a few attempts to contact him, we made an executive decision to not miss our train and to carry on without a guide. Our driver agreed and we made it in time for the train, which was 15 minutes late. Luckily for Dion, it was just enough time for him to grab a Taxi and make it out to join us. We were still missing 2 others who must have missed their alarms as well.


We arrived in Townsville and made it to an 11:00am ferry before making the quick 25 minute crossing to the Island.


*SIDE NOTE*: On a previous trip I had the chance to go out to the Whitsunday Islands. I chose to do the trip over 1 day as the overnight boats are extremely pricey and I had heard that you can get a very good idea of what the Whitsundays are about within an afternoon. For about $140 I went out with a speedboat, had my lunch included, got to spend about 2 hours on Whitehaven Beach and did some snorkelling. For me, that was enough. I also wanted to spend more time diving the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns and thought it was a better use of my time and money. Whitehaven beach is definitely do-able in 1 day, and if you are more interested in Diving, Snorkelling, and seeing lots of the reef, you’re better off waiting until Cairns; where the Reef is closer, the dive sites are more accessible, and the water is warmer.




Magnetic Island | VM Presents LOKA Travel


Vienda says:

4am Starts are not my idea of bliss, but they do tend to come part and parcel with travel, and watching sunrises always makes it all worth it.


Arriving on Magnetic Island at 11am was like arriving in another country. The pace slowed right down, everyone seemed to know everyone, the people were incredibly friendly, and straight away I knew I would love this place.


We hired a car, and had the best exploring sessions ever: 1 amazing hike, 2 beautiful sunsets, 3 koalas with the cutest little baby koalas in their pouches, endless little Rock Wallabies that ate out of our hands, the best Chai tea I’ve ever had from Cafe Nourish. And best of all, time with some of my favourite people: Chelsea, Tara and Emily, who joined Julien and I for Magnetic Island adventures.


Next to the Noosa Everglades, Magnetic Island was a very close second-favourite of this journey with LOKA Travel.


Magnetic Island | VM presents LOKA Travel


Julien says:

Magnetic Island was rad. Simply put, it has the quaint hospitality of most small islands you’d find in the world, but surrounded by beautiful beaches, interesting hikes, and fun restaurants. Our first night, we were shown up an amazing path known as Tom Thumb, where we watched the sunset, beers in hand. Afterwards we headed to Base Hostel for a couple more drinks with Dion and some of our fellow Loka Travellers.


Each side of the Island is completely different, and on our second day we arranged a 4-wheel-drive, had some friends join us, and we spent the whole day exploring as much as we could. We had a quick breakfast at café Nourish in Horseshoe Bay, a hike up to the WW2 bunkers known as The Forts, had a picnic lunch at Radical Bay, and watched the sunset at West Beach. The best was that we actually got to see a few wild Koalas (a true first for me) and each one of them was cuddling their incredibly cute babies. We also got a chance to feed carrots to wild Rock Wallabies, and even saw an Echidna crossing the road out to West Point. Tired, and satisfied with the incredible day we had, it was bed time; with another day of travel soon approaching.


We got up bright an early after spending 2 nights on Magnetic Island. We trucked it down to the port for the 07:40 Ferry Across to Townsville, where we took the city bus to the train station, accompanied by our guide Dion – of course. The train picked us up shortly after 09:00am and we were off, sad to leave such a great place behind. A few hours later we stopped at Tully station, where we got off and were introduced to Dougie of Ingan Tours. He would be our transport and introduction to the Indigenous Camp.




Cassowary at Indigenous Camp | VM Presents LOKA Travel


Vienda says:

Leaving Magnetic Island was hard, I could have easily stayed a week or more! But onwards and upwards… I had an important coaching call that evening, so continued on directly to Cairns, while the rest of our group and Julien spent the night in an indigenous camp, which he will tell you all about.


Sunset Beer | VM Presents LOKA Travel


Julien says:

The Indigenous camp was really cool. Now, being from BC, Canada, I know what camping looks like. This was no different. We arrived at a National park, parked the vehicle, put up our tents under a large tarp and helped stoke the fire that the two nephews had started before we got there. It may have been “roughin’ it” for some…but for me, this was pretty standard camping.


Dougie introduced us to his two nephews, and after a delicate discussion about the history and rights of the Aboriginal people of the Misty Mountains, we were passed on to the eldest: Warren. Warren was a somewhat quiet, and gently gazed at the ground through his glasses as his uncle spoke. We discussed the history of their tribe, the horrific past that they carried, and their appreciation for the land that was deemed sacred and given back to them. The history lesson was heartbreaking.


Warren was the quiet type. Not necessarily shy, just smart about when to talk. Not a lot of people have that cander these days. I like it. He walked us along a 3km track and educated us about all the plants, trees, and fruit along the way. He knew his stuff and it was a pleasure listening to him talk about what their purpose was for his tribe, dating back thousands of years.


As we walked back we got a chance to see a wild platypus hunting in the pond at dusk. Exceptional. That night we cooked fish in wild ginger leaves in the coals of the fire and feasted in the dark. We slept in our tents that night and in the early hours of the morning I got up and was blessed with another platypus sighting and a visit from a young, endangered, protected, prehistoric bird: the Cassowary. His name is Bubba, and he was orphaned and left for dead in Tully before he was relocated by the local tribe. He loves Warren and Dougie and when he hears their voices he follows close like a young puppy dog. I was thrilled and felt completely satisfied with our visit.


Although I felt a little disappointed that we didn’t have a boomerang session, the wildlife, night-time barramundi feast, and the educational rainforest walk were definitely worth the trip.


By lunchtime we had been transferred back into town and boarded our train not long afterwards.




Cairns | VM Presents LOKA Travel


Vienda says:

Those of you who have been following alongside my wanderings, would know that Julien and I actually met on the way up the East Coast and lived in Cairns together 9 months ago.


Arriving here was sentimentally sweet. It’s always such a pleasure to arrive somewhere that feels familiar, that welcomes you with its warm, humid air, and embraces you with soft beads of sweat, when you’ve been freezing you ass off for the past 2-3 months. Seriously, I love Cairns. Mostly for its tepid atmosphere and luscious nature, not to mention the grandest reef in the entire world.


Fungi in Cairns | VM Presents LOKA Travel


Julien says:

Well, what can I say about Cairns. It’s bogan-central, it has a serious issue with lost souls, alcoholism and excessive drug abuse, and the highway through town can be an awful racket.


However, this awesome little city is absolutely buzzing with life. Young people, hostels, party bars, ocean views, public swimming pools and hiking, are all within fingertip reach. Not only that, you’re at one of the warmest, and most accessible locations to get to the best diving on the Great Barrier Reef. With Rainforests on one side, the Great Barrier Reef on the other, and practically any activity you can imagine within a quick drive away, you’re in an explorers paradise.


It’s an insanely difficult thing to try to narrow down the best things to do in Cairns. Seriously. But, I figure my favourite trips in (and around) Cairns were definitely Bungy Jumping at AJ HACKETT, diving the Agincourt Reef from Port Douglas with Poseidon, and driving up the absolutely stunning roads to spend overnight at Beach House in one of the oldest rainforests in the world: The Daintree Rainforest.


The East Coast of Australia is approximately 3,000kms. I’ve done it a couple of times now, but never by train, and never with so many stops. In all the driving I did, and with all the places I stopped at, I was still surprised with how much more I could see. Loka was an exceptional experience. Without Loka I never would have made it to the outback, on a wicked comfortable train, or had a guide join us and show us a very cool, unique overnight camping trip on Aboriginal land. Never have I seen Australia like I have with Loka over the last 2 weeks.


Loka is truly a UNIQUE, Flexible Travel Collective.


Koala and baby | VM Presents Magnetic Island


LOKA Travel is perfect for you if you:

  • Are 18 – 30, full of life and have a sense of adventure.
  • Want the structure of a tour but the freedom to stop and stay wherever and whenever you like.
  • Love it when other people take care of your transfers and tickets. (No responsibility! Yay!)
  • Are travelling alone and want to meet a new crew of cool kids to journey with.
  • Feel scared to travel by yourself, but want to dip your toes in and try it. (This is the perfect half-way alternative.)
  • Want to learn more about Australia, and normal tours just aren’t cutting it.
  • Are ready to try something new.
  • Have a flexible budget


*SIDE NOTE*: Although we completed this amazing journey in about 11 days, we would highly recommend giving yourself at least 21 days to take full advantage of the East Coast Experience,


The first ever, (and perhaps only ever) opportunity to work with me 1 on 1, in-person. In Bali.

The first ever, (and perhaps only ever) opportunity to work with me 1 on 1, in-person. In Bali.


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. — Marianne Williamson



We all want to make a tremendous, positive impact on the world and those around us.


It’s an innate human attribute of being alive on this planet, in this day and age.


And something that gives me (and all of us) a deep sense of pleasure.


We have that impact (yes, every single one of us) through the message we share with the world.


What is the legacy that you are leaving in your wake?


Do people see you as the woman who truly embodied own? (Or as the one who played it small and safe, and never truly shone?)


What’s your message to the world?


Become an example of your message, of your unique purpose, in everything you do.


Deep down, most of us know what our message is.

We’ve held it and nurtured it and softly whispered to it, as it lays close to our hearts.


(My message is about freedom. Maybe yours is too…)


And most of the time, we stand in our own way.

We know our own purpose, our message to the world, we can see and feel and almost touch it in our day-dreams, the ones that have us reaching our full potential.


If you can move yourself out of your own way, there is no limit to what you can do, for yourself, or for others.


This is not about business.


It’s about Being. Femininity. Giving. Receiving. Creativity. Honing your message. Sharing it with the world.


And if you are a woman, who is wanting to give to the world through her own business, then this is about how you share your message through your business.




About a month or so ago I had the opportunity to work in person, 1 on 1 with one of my clients (twice!!) while she was doing her yoga teacher training in Byron Bay. She’s a true gypset: from South Africa, via everywhere, based out of Barcelona for a while, and now sailing the Indian Ocean on a yacht…


It was so fun. We really got to hone in on the little things that were holding her back. Her belief systems, her confusion on what her message truly is, and how to share it. She wanted to feel beautiful, powerful, exotic and yet gentle, nurturing and kind, as well as smart and savvy. Luckily, she already is all those things. She just needed to uncover them, and become them.


She’s building a beautiful business combining all of her dreams and talents, and we spent two separate sessions together: one — getting really clear on her message and who she is in the world; and the second — crafting her website copy, messaging and overall feel, so she could start confidently expressing herself and her gifts with the world.


Our time together was impactful, powerful and decisive.




I am inspired to share this kind of intimate and powerful experience with a small number of committed women, who are ready to get clear on their message to the world, and to start living it, being it, and sharing it. So I have decided to open up 5 spaces in the first ever, (and perhaps only ever) opportunity to work with me 1 on 1, in-person. In Bali.


This is a chance to receive the support you have been looking for: to decide on and own your purpose, to step up and embody the answer to that question: “Why am I really here/ what’s my purpose?” by knowing and being that message that you have to share with the world. Without a doubt, without fear, and with tremendous, expansive love.


And if you have a business, learning how to make that message not only your legacy, but your income too.


In other words, you will start being who you’ve always wanted to be.




YOUR CORE MESSAGE | BALI: 1 on 1 coaching.


In this unique coaching method, we will look at your life, and define your current “thing”; your purpose; your je ne sais quoi. And then build it up into something tangible, a message that you can embody and share, in your day-to-day life, through which you leave your legacy and create an impactful positive difference on the earth, and on those around you.


Each step of the way, we will ensure that everything you do is in alignment with your highest values, and you learn to give yourself permission really dream big and act on your greatest desires, without holding back.


In relation with your needs and where you are at right now, we might:

> Get clear on your values and prioritize them.

> Learn to set goals from a place of heart and soul.

> Decide on your purpose.

> Craft a clear message.

> Define how to share that message with the world i.e: through your business; through a new invention; a creative pursuit; or changing your entirely life around and doing something totally new.

> Map out a 12 month plan of action.

> Rewire you heart and mind to give you the highest vibe life and fulfilment.


You will get:

> A full day with me, in person, in Bali.

> An intuitively written follow-up email, to guide your soul.

> 2 x 45 minute follow-up Skype sessions



$1,200 or 3 payments of $450


This opportunity is only available between the 15th of August and the 20th of September. And as there are only 5 spaces available, this program is available by application, to ensure that we are a good fit, and will have the most impactful and powerful outcomes. Apply for Your Core Message.


Applications close on Friday 31 July.




So many women feel so directionless and lost, because they *think* they don’t know who they really are, or what to do with their lives. But the truth is, deep down, you do know. It’s just that you’re scared to find out. And then you’re scared about what you have to do with that information. Like Marianne Williamson says “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”


But I am in the clarity business. With this program, you will get so crystal-clear on who you really are, what your purpose is and how to share that message with the world, to make it a better place. Both for you, and for everyone around you. And how you do that, is all part of the fun we are going to have, figuring out.


And when you do, you will sigh an exultant sigh of joy and relief, as all the pieces of the puzzle glide together, things start to make sense and you feel yourself rise with a powerful sense of purpose and mission and you step forth into your life. I can’t wait to share that moment with you…


Plus, we are going to do it all in Bali!


Free 7 Day Manifesting Course. August 8 — 14, 2015.

Free 7 Day Manifesting Course with Vienda Maria


We do not manifest from the brain, from the mind alone. There’s a whole lot of emotion, deep currents of beliefs, and the way that you feel about things, that plays an important role too.


But your thoughts are very, very powerful. And so is what you feel.


One thought, one word, one feeling — could change your entire day, week, month or life. That’s how manifesting works.


This August, starting on the 8th — my birthday — join me for the Free 7 Day Manifesting Course. 


I will be sharing 7 steps to manifesting over 7 days, that work for me, every single time.


You don’t need anything except an open heart and mind, a big imagination, and a pen and paper.


Are you in?


Sign up for my free course and I will email you a new manifesting prompt, every day, throughout my birthday week: August 8 – 14, 2015.


Registration for the course is now open. Simply enter your email address:


 Or try this link.

In Transition: An updated behind-the-scenes peek at my life + business.

in transition - an update


“Light precedes every transition. Whether at the end of a tunnel, through a crack in the door or the flash of an idea, it is always there, heralding a new beginning.” 

― Teresa Tsalaky


There’s stuff everywhere, and I have tears in my eyes from chopping onions for tomorrow’s on-the-road guacamole. My emotions are frazzled, having wrapped things up, and spent the last few days saying goodbye to people whom I have come to know and love in the past 5 months. There’s a sadness sitting next to the anticipation and excitement for where the road is taking us next.


I am currently in transition. Again. This in-between-spaces feeling, is a common one in the semi-nomadic lifestyle that I have chosen as a gypset, Times like these are filled with contradictory emotions: anticipation and excitement about where I’m going and what’s happening next… And a kind of sweet melancholy for what I’m about to leave behind.


The last few weeks (and months) have been alive with changes, energy-in-motion, and the kind of small ups and downs that only life can provide. Honestly… I’m almost on the edge of exhausted. And profoundly looking forward to slowing down, and the journey ahead.



I am incredibly excited to share that my blog and I have been sponsored by a independent and quirky guided tour company called LOKA, Starting early tomorrow morning, my love and I are being taken on an 11 day trip up the East Coast of Australia. We are going exploring in a way that I have never been before, and you can follow along in real time, as I take over their Instagram account. Think: kayaking through the Noosa Everglades, picnics in the National Park, cuddling koalas at Australia Zoo, an overnight stay on a cattle station compete with a rodeo (whatever that is…), ocean rafting on the Whitsundays, a night in an aboriginal camp, and swimming with whales on the Great Barrier Reef. I’ll of course share the entire experience with you, right here on the blog.


And then Bali. For me, my 58 days in Bali are to be a gentle, creative respite. I want to pull back a little, step away from the things that have kept me so busy lately, reassess and realign with what’s truly important, and simply be. A part of me wants make big plans, to make good use of my time there, but another part, a wiser part says “Practice the art of allowing. Trust what comes.” And that feels really good. So, that’s what’s happening.



Speaking of transition, I can feel things shifting in my business life as well. It’s not something I can wholly explain yet, but things are changing. I feel like I’m going to be showing up and sharing my work with the world in a different way soon, and even though I don’t have any logical answers right now, I am excited to discover what unfolds.


I feel really inspired to do some live, in-person, 1 on 1 type half day sessions. Let’s see how that will come to be.


I’m also totally ecstatic about the Manifest More program that I have been working on since April. I’ve interviewed over 25 experts from around the world, who are master manifestors, and have generously shared their juiciest stories and their best how-to steps on how to manifest more money, true love, the home that you’ve dreamt of, vibrant health and beauty, a fulfilling dream job or career ,and turning your creative ideas into beautiful, tangible masterpieces. I can’t wait to share more with you soon!


Manifest More will be out in mid-September, but if you can’t wait that long, I’m running a free 7 day manifesting email course, starting on my birthday — August 8 — and I’d love you to join. Simply enter your email address here.



I am still deeply, madly, crazily in love with the sweet Canadian man that I met on the side of the road, 9 months ago. There is nothing that I adore more than pressing my body against his, as I fall asleep at night. My heart feels content, my soul trusts him completely, and, even when we push each others buttons, as we all do, it is always so gentle and loving. Life with him has been so good, and I am deeply grateful.


He’s off to Canada for a month, while I’m in Bali, where he will meet me on his way back. I am looking forward to discovering and exploring what life feels like, when I am alone again for a while. We have been inseparable since the day that we met, and while I wouldn’t have it any other way, the truth is that I actually really like myself, and enjoy my own company. Going on some solo missions, and spending time alone, is going to bring many beautiful realisations and an expansion of understanding as I review the past 12 months of my life, which have been filled with ongoing transitions.


Here’s to the light that precedes it.


8 Ridiculously awesome + useful books + resources you will love.


I noticed — many years ago — that when I read and learn a lot, I feel empowered, alive and vibrant. And I like to feel empowered, alive and vibrant. Which is also why I love to read and learn.


And most of the resources that I’ve come to love and cherish have been passed on to me from friends, colleagues and loved ones. We can all share knowledge freely, instead of hoarding it.


This is how we make life-changing introductions of all sorts for each other, instead of letting each of us “connect the dots” on our own.


Behold my list of 8 ridiculously awesome + useful books + resources you will love. Please, enjoy them as much as I have.



Blue Truth David Deida review


Blue Truth. A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex.

I discovered this book in one of those serendipitous moments: I had just had an extremely intense couple of months with my business, and things were starting to beautifully unwind. Except that I wasn’t. I was still coiled up tight in response to making bigger strides and leaps and decisions than I have been used to.


And the one morning I walked over to the bookshelf and suddenly this dark blue book just shone out at me. I had never seen it in my bookcase investigation before, but there it was, calling me. And as I started to read page after page, I could feel my body relax. Uncoil. Breathe. And remember. It was exactly what I needed.


Blue Truth is a beautifully written sample of how to feel our way through life, without letting the rigours of our analytical mind taking over control. David Deida teaches how to expand and open, as opposed to contract and close, especially during challenging times, in order to experience our lives from a space of love, relaxation and almost from a higher realm or perspective. This read is perfect for those of us who are sensitive, easily stressed out, and ready to unfurl our hearts and spirits. All it takes is a little bit of practice and understanding how. Get it from Amazon.





Louise Hay Affirmation Apps.

On Facebook, I asked you what you wanted to know more about and you replied “Any particular sites/books you use for meditations or affirmations.”


These days I tend to come up with and create my own affirmations that I use to transform my thinking, when it out of alignment with where I want to go, or the kind of person I want to be. But it took practice to get to this point. About 5 years ago, I was going through a really challenging time in my life. I was in a relationship that made me feel stuck, joyless and unenthusiastic, the work I was doing wasn’t totally lighting me up, and I had a tonne of fears holding me back.


I’ve always been a fan of Louise Hay, especially her book You Can Heal Your Life, so when I discovered that she had some affirmation apps, I bought them and would listen to them non-stop. Every morning and evening I would do the meditation. And during the day I listened to the affirmations, even at work. Sometimes I played the subliminal meditations, so all my co-workers would be infected by the positive thoughts too. They helped me believe in myself, and find the inner strength to turn my situation around. I still listen to them every now and then when I feel like it. These are ones I use personally:


101 Power Thoughts Audio App

Morning and Evening Meditations Audio App

Feeling Fine Affirmations Audio App



Women Bodies Womens Wisdom review


Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom

If you’re a lady, and you have body, then this book is for you. It is so incredibly important that we learn to care and nurture our bodies, and its unfortunate but true, that our medical and health system just doesn’t cut it. So we have to educate ourselves on what is best for us. And then do that.


I bought this book on Kindle years ago, but only recently picked it back up, to look something up about women’s reproductive organs. It’s so refreshing to hear a Doctor speak about how all of our physical pains are reflections of the emotions that we carry within us, and that, often in order to cure and heal, we have to not only remove the physical symptoms but also the emotional conditions and beliefs connected to the particular issue. Dr Christiane Northrup touches on how every different part of a woman is connected to a specific part of her emotions and behaviours, giving us clues and tools in healing ourselves and having healthy, whole and fulfilling lives, always and forever. Get it from Amazon.



Self-Made Man - Norah Vincent


Self-Made Man

I am fascinated by men, and how wildly different they can be, from us women-folk. While we do have many similarities, I’ve come to the conclusion that we are very different creatures, and a bit of a mystery that I find entertaining to learn more about. So when I heard about a woman, and reporter, who completely disguised herself as a man, and lived like man for a whole year, through several male-dominant scenarios and environments, I was hooked.


Norah Vincent takes us through her journey as a woman, pretending to be a man, for an entire year, and reveals the hidden secrets of gentlemen-only bowling clubs; strip-clubs; dating; a high-level testosterone-fuelled sales job; and finally a monastery. She gives us an intriguing insight into the world, minds and emotions of men, which left me feeling more compassionate than ever for our sweet men-folk. They don’t have it easy, and I love them a little bit more, for, on the most part, trying so hard to get it right.


It also leaves me with feeling that the society we live in currently, as best as we are doing, still isn’t particularly supportive, of any of us. We have created such strange, twisted, unhealthy expectations and beliefs about each other, no wonder things have been so imbalanced. This read is quite captivating on so many different levels! Get it from Amazon.



Girlboss book review


If you need a swift kick in your pants to finally go out and start doing things with your life, this book will do it for you. Sophia Amoruso is an eBay seller who went from totally broke to CEO in eight years. That eBay seller is Nasty Gal.


“The world loves to tell you how difficult things are, and the world’s not exaggerating. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, and out of the bajillions of things in this universe that you can’t control, what you can control is how hard you try, and if or when to pack it in.”


Though she has a bit of a masculine, American approach to her life and business (she’s a tough lady!) her words are super inspiring and have the intended effect: getting you all bridled up and excited about taking risks, flying by the seed of your pants and just doing it, whatever it may be, without too much attachment for the outcome. Get it from Amazon. 


The Big Leap book review


The Big Leap

Each one of us carries ingrained, unconscious ideas of just how happy and successful we can be.


Celebrated psychologist and author Gay Hendricks coined the term “Upper Limits’ to describe how we limit our ability to reach our full potential in all areas of life. He explains that by learning to identify and transcend these self-imposed “Upper Limits,” we can expand our potential for happiness and abundance in extraordinary ways.


The understanding is that, when we reach our Upper Limit of how much positive feeling we can handle, we self-sabotage by creating a series of unpleasant thoughts and experiences to deflate ourselves. The thoughts and experiences that we subconsciously manufacture in response to hitting our Upper Limits in happiness and success, guarantee to return us to a state that we are more familiar with: not feeling so good.


In The Big Leap, we learn how to recognise and overcome those Upper Limits, so we can continue to expand, grow and enjoy more and more success, abundance and love. This book has been a game-changer for me. Get it from Amazon.





Overcoming Underearning

I recommend this book to most of my clients with money issues. And if we are honest, all of us have some kind of money beliefs that are holding us in situations that we don’t want to be in. In this day and age, debt is rife, and even people who earn above-average wages are often broke, with no savings to their name.


I passionately believe that it is imperative that women learn to feel deserving of, earn, keep and invest large sums of money. The reason is that women tend to make good decisions; nurturing, kind, community-minded decisions, that support everyone. And if we want the world to change, then we have to change. And starts by empowering ourselves to such a degree, that we can make a positive impact.


And money is one incredibly powerful way to do so.


But if we can’t even begin to own our worth and value, how can we make the money to have a positive impact in our own lives and the lives of all those around us? Read this book if you’re ready to overcome underrating. Get it from Amazon.



Turning Pro book review


Turning Pro

Short, sweet, fast-to-read, and an incredible jolt of inspiration to step up your game and show up as a pro, in everything you do. Years ago I would have despised the concept of ‘turning pro’ because I thought that’s just something that wanky business-people spoke of. But in reality, it’s about mindfulness, presence and truly giving your unique gift to the world.

Even when it feels really, really hard. Because that’s where your live’s work comes from. And where everything starts to feel meaningful. Get it from Amazon.



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