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10 Reasons Why You Should Join Us for Gypset Mindset Right Now. {Doors Close Tonight}


Gypset Mindset mentoring program


10 Reasons Why You Should Join Us for Gypset Mindset Right Now. {Doors Close Tonight}



I created the Gypset Mindset 6 week mentoring program as a response to the top most recurring themes and issues that I’ve worked through with my coaching clients in the past two years. I noticed that very similar concerns kept showing up, and decided that create a program to address them so that everyone could have access to the tips, tools and information, no matter what.


It’s about having resources that you can access at any time, as well as 1 to 1 support with me to guide you through process of becoming who you want to (and are meant to) be.



This 6 week mentoring program is for you, if:

  • WALK THE TALK and get things done
  • want to go BEYOND YOUR LIMITS
  • are ready to go OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE



What you’ll get is:

  • 6 x 50 min 1 to 1 coaching calls with me over the 6 week program.
  • 6 x support emails to keep you focused.
  • 6 x PDF’s full of content to guide your way.
  • Free copies of all of my digital products:

Guided Self-Hypnosis MP3

Guided Self-Love Meditation MP3

Build Your Own Business Blog eBook

The Gypset Recipe eBook

The Gypset Guide to Releasing Rituals 7 Day Program



What you’ll really love about the Gypset Mindset program is that is a hand-held journey. We begin by settling into your centre to find your truth. Then we will build a foundation for your dreams and aspirations and life. One that will support you the whole way. And finally the last few weeks are spent creating a plan for you to take action on and take out into world, in a creative and pragmatic way.

It’s a perfect beginning to a fantastic new year. With 2015 just around the corner, this time brings tremendous possibilities to recreate just about everything in your life.



What will surprise you the most, is just how bespoke and intuitive our 1 to 1 coaching calls are. Even though we will be following the structure of the program, this is essentially about you. Which means that we are going to look into specifically what it is that you need, right in that moment. Yep, it’s all about you. So every call will be different, flexible and approached by a sense of presence, centered-ness and being in the moment.



Curious about what folks think about working with me in my mentoring programs? Here is just one of the beautiful comments:


Vienda, a note of thanks. I’m getting a lot of out this program and you should KEEP DOING IT!

I’m sure it takes a lot of energy on your part, but it seems to be working really well and it definitely holds a lot of value for your clients. I love that you bring your WHOLE self to your coaching.

That is what people need – not streamlined systems that don’t leave room for adaptation, quick thinking, and thoughtful tailoring.” | Anne, USA.



I have been working in this field, and tested it all out on myself, every step of the way, for over 10 years. See, I practice what I preach, and I would never share anything, unless I have tried it, and has worked for me. All the concepts that I share in the Gypset Mindset program are based on years of research, inner work, experimentation, mediation and making mistakes. Over the years, I have come to see that life is so much more simple – if we let it be. And I want to pass that on.

I want you to know, that you have the resources and ability to create the life of your dreams. Because that’s what I have discovered for myself. We all have it. We just need to learn how.



Want to know what it costs to join?

  • In this special, this-year-only deal, the entire mentoring program is only 2 payments of $297.
  • The #GypsetMindset program is valued at $1,250 including the 6 coaching sessions, all the program materials as well as the digital products and resources.
  • Saving you a total of $656 which is way over 50% off its value.
  • Your first payment is due now upon enrolment, and your second payment will be due on Monday 1st December.



It all begins: TONIGHT. I’ll be sending the first email with all the details and free bonuses and an introduction to the program at 8pm AEST tonight.



Ready? Right now, I want you to read the details here, and then sign up for the program, right here.


Can’t wait to see you on the flip-side (inside the Gypset Mindset program) my lovely! xo


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How To Follow Your Heart. In 8 Awesome Ways.


Your heart is like an inner GPS. It has the ability to guide you through the world, and nudge you toward your purpose. It’s also interchangeable for you intuition. Usually, the heart speaks through your intuition. Your heart gives it a voice that you can comprehend.


When you follow your heart, you increase the joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.





When I talk about following your heart, I’m not referring to your physical heart, clearly.  Although I’m sure it plays a part.

I’m pointing to the area in the middle of your chest, because that is often where I feel the energy that I call my heart, and that most people refer to when they tell you to listen to your heart.

It’s also known as the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. It is often associated with love, wisdom, and compassion.


We could spend time theorizing about what it does and how it works, but what I care about is that it helps me live a passionate, purposeful, and fulfilling life.


I default to listening to my inner GPS, not to an external source, even if it is family, friends, or world-renowned expert. I know what is needed in my life. If I blindly follow advice from others, I’ll end up unhappy, because no one can know what will work for me.


The reason most people aren’t living like this is because it’s been drummed out of them.


“We’ve been told that we should make logical decisions, and that everything should make sense. But if you’ve been on this planet for a while, you know that you can’t really make sense of life. You can’t figure life out.”


So following your heart means listening to your inner guidance. We all have a guidance system within us waiting to help us. But we have to be willing to listen.


I also had to learn to listen to my body and heart when it came to making decisions.


To rely on feelings, however, can be challenging. Most of us are switched off to our primal instincts, and instead, let fear, pack mentality and society’s expectations dictate our paths.


I have been lured by the sweet promise of safety and security, at my soul’s detriment, and have come very close to settling for a life that was far removed from the one I dreamed of and the one I feel I deserve.


Sometimes the wrong decision is disguised as the easiest. It’s a little trick our minds like to play on us to lull us into a false sense of security.


Our minds seek comfort. Our hearts seek truth.




Listening to your heart doesn’t mean that all of the challenges and problems in your life disappear.


It doesn’t mean that suddenly you’re happy 100% of the time. It means that you start living life more holistically. You live life through your whole being.


And it doesn’t mean that you wage war with your mind. It means that your mind becomes a servant to your heart, but you still see your mind for the useful tool that it is.


People may say that following your heart is impractical, but what’s even more impractical is thinking that you can control life and force it to bend to your will. Being practical means living your life with your whole being. That means using both your mind AND your heart.

What happens when we need to make big, life-impacting decisions? Fear takes over, the voices in our head get loud and bossy and urge us to avoid taking risks. Our ego tries desperately to con us into taking the easy way out.


We, therefore, don’t often make our choices from the heart, we make them from the mind space which governs much of our lives and tends to try to keep us small.


Our worried minds are not on our sides. Anything that favors fear over love is not an ally of mine. If 60-80% of our thoughts each day are negative, how do we learn to make decisions based on what is truly best for us rather than what is easiest, or avoid making the wrong choices based on fear?



“I believe in intuitions and inspirations… I sometimes ‘feel’ that I am right. I do not ‘know’ that I am.” | Albert Einstein


When a choice is made based on a deep and instinctual knowing felt in our gut or heart, we tend to find that the outcome is beneficial for ourselves and our life path. Our bodies are our greatest and wisest guides.


We simply need to learn to recognize and listen to their quiet wisdom, rather than the misleading chitter-chatter of our mind. This way, we will be following a deeper calling — an instinctual and soul-driven knowledge that whatever it is we are drawn to is ultimately the best opportunity for us.


You know those pieces of undeniable wisdom which seem to speak out loud at 3 am? That is our higher self communicating, often when you least expect it. It is our inner guru — the you within you, the divine within… our celestial soul.


“We have five senses in which we glory and which we recognize and celebrate, senses that constitute the sensible world for us. But there are other senses — secret senses, sixth senses, if you will — equally vital, but unrecognized, and unlauded.” | Oliver Sacks




So how do we distinguish between the wise voice inside which speaks the truth and the voice which keeps us small and prevents us from being bold?


1. Breathe. Our breath is the single most effective way of connecting with our bodies — and therefore, our truth. Joining the space between our bodies and souls opens up a communication channel from which we can learn ideas, inspiration and truths behind choice.

When it all seems too much to handle, when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, sit and breathe… what do you feel? Go deeper within, keep breathing and you may feel a gentle pull towards what’s best.


2. Trust Yourself. Our friends and families want the best for us. They want us to be happy, but Only You know what’s best for You. Our friends might think they know the answers based on their unique experiences, and our families might advise us based on their need to protect us.

Both are wonderful sources of support, but neither have the answers you need to make that decision. If you go against the advice of everyone around you, that’s fine; it’s your choice, and your heart is leading you on your own special journey.


3. Look for the signs. Often we overlook subtle synchronicities which are there to guide us down the best path. I believe that such signs are actually our subconscious trying to communicate with our conscious self. We should pay attention to coincidences and make note of subtle symbols which might lead us to discover a more authentic life choice which is truly best for us.


4. Smile and let go. Sometimes, when faced with the hardest decisions, we put so much pressure on ourselves to do what’s right that we forget to realize that life is a beautiful ride and is made up of a series of experiences. The choices we make are never wrong — they simply contain the lessons we need to grow as people and be the best we can be.

Know that whatever happens, as a consequence of our actions, will always be the best for us, at that time. Smile, trust, surrender and enjoy the ride.


5. Know that the Universe wants the best for you. Sometimes we have to let go and surrender to the flow of life. We like to be in control of the little fleshy spaceship we call our bodies, but our bodies will operate with or without our instruction. We will keep on breathing, our heart will keep on beating.

The Universe is a complex, intelligent and loving organism, and I’m pretty sure that if it can create planets and stars, then it can guide us on the right course.


6. Move. When water stands still, it becomes stagnant. Similarly, our lives become stale if we become physically stuck. When faced with a big decision, the worst thing we can do is let it paralyze us; we must keep moving. It doesn’t matter where, just move your body.

Those energies shifting inside, when we release our bodies from the shackles of stillness, may just release the answers we are looking for.


7. Create. Sometimes my biggest revelations have come about whilst writing. I let my fingers hit the keyboard, and as I start to type, it quickly becomes a stream of consciousness which can often reveal the answers I was pondering.

Creativity is a direct line of communication between your heart and the world. If you paint, write or build, get lost in creating and your heart might just speak her truth via the medium of your art.


8. Experiment with being aware of your heart. Bring your attention to the centre of your chest, and notice what goes on.

There’s nothing else you need to do. If you’ve never connected to your heart, or if it’s been a long time, you may notice some anxiety or fear there. If you do, feel it fully, and stay with it. That’s the only way to let it go.


“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” | Dean Koontz


Don’t forget that my last mentoring program for 2014 starts on Monday and doors close tomorrow. Join me for 6 weeks of Gypset Mindset now!


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I Want To Help You Recognise Your Own Creative Potential. + Then Unlock It.


You’re a highly creative person. I know this because:

  • you use your imagination to create things
  • you love to think about the future
  • you’re fascinated by beauty
  • you have a deep appreciation for nature
  • you love to create beautiful experiences for people
  • you have a fine eye for detail
  • you really care how people feel and how your actions and emotions affect them
  • you do work that is creative in itself
  • you are an extension of the creative process
  • you’re entrepreneurial
  •  you like to figure out how things work
  •  you like to do things yourself


I want to help you to discover and recognise your own creative potential, and then how to unlock it. Once you realise that you’re someone with limitless creative potential, it’s about learning how to use it and bring that out into the world.







Creativity is very much a feminine process. But there’s more to it than that.


Obviously, we all have a feminine and masculine part of ourselves. Both of these parts within ourselves need to be balanced in order to be a whole, happy and fully functioning individual. As we’ve discussed quite often, most of our society has been leaning more towards the masculine expression of self, neglecting the feminine, which we are just learning to re-embrace back into our daily lives.


In order to manifest we must be able to run our inspired ideas and plans through both our masculine and feminine expression. And in terms of creativity, the two parts of ourselves are expressed as so:


Masculine creative energy: is all about taking action – making plans, carrying out information and making adjustments.


Feminine creative energy: is where all the creative ideas are received – so we surrender to inspiration, be receptive, introspective, and hold and nurture the seeds of inspired ideas until we can actively bring them out into the world. The feminine cycle generally lasts longer and is what actually allows creative action to manifest into the world.


So clearly, there’s a balance between the two parts, one is highly active, and the other is receptive.


The feminine is expressed differently in everyone depending on their unique expression, however, some tell-tale signs that the feminine is at play is: Stillness, introspection, darkness, softness, vastness, slow, undulating, strength through gentleness, receptive, raw creative energy, growth through nurturing, emotion, intuitive insights. Those are all expressions of creativity that form within us that are based in the feminine part of ourselves.


So when it comes to the reemergence of the feminine in regards to the creative process we are looking at a prominent tendency to surrender to our creative process more, to yield to the flow, and become open.


Creatively, the masculine wants to act, he wants to attack things, he wants to be busy, he wants things to happen now. When he is imbalanced or immature he may think that he can use force to create, he may not understand that there is a great deal of action in inaction, which is the core of the feminine phase of creation. Action through inaction.


Creativity comes from aligning with your higher-self: Co-creating.


The feminine part of us reminds us that creation is co-creation, that we are aligning with our higher-self, listening to it’s instruction, and trusting ourselves enough to genuinely receive insights that lead to inspired action. This is where intuition plays an imprimatur role, as essentially listening to our intuition is hearing the guidance of our higher self.


The thing about this “inspired action” is that it comes from quiet, surrendered alignment with the feminine; very little action is needed. Intuition based action is precise, efficient, and without struggle as it is supported by the rhythms that make up creation itself.


The balanced creative feminine allows, she acts from intuition, she lets things come, she waits (allows things to gestate) until she is balanced and things are clear and ready to be birthed. She understands and even enjoys the slow or unclear times and lets them move through her knowing that in time all will be revealed.





The feminine creation phase is about being open, allowing, being gentle with one’s self, and understanding that stillness and inaction is by no means unproductive.


The feminine asks us to release our ideals about working hard and sacrificing and invites us to soften into who we truly are and allow the world we desire to manifest around us. When we oscillate into a feminine cycle we are called to embrace and feel our emotions, no matter how extreme or repressed. She knows that our emotions determine our experience and any denial or distortion of our emotional process constipates our ability to genuinely feel the clear truth of our soul. She knows that without a connection to our higher self everything that should be beautiful makes us ache with pain rooted in a blindness that formed from our own self neglect and ignorance.


The feminine is raw creative potential and when we align with it we have access to incomprehensible insight and inspiration. When we align with that raw force we begin co-creating with the very source that beats our heart and turns the seasons, it is the seat of creativity itself.


The masculine is the energy that carries out the insights that are brought through this feminine process.


The feminine is open and gathers, becomes ‘pregnant’ with potential through receptivity, openness and intuition; while the masculine carries out the actions that are needed to ground the raw energy coming through the feminine. He acts upon the ideas that come forward from the feminine cycle, he brings them to life in the material world. Together through the back and forth of feminine and masculine, surrender, and receptivity and inspiration, to refining, building and giving structure through action, the masculine and feminine birth all things into this world.





The key is to find your personal balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of your being and realize that it is the feminine aspect which nurtures and sustains the creation.


The masculine holds focus and creates the safe and secure space for the feminine to nurture her creation. But it is the feminine which nurtures and sustains the creation. If she is not properly protected, the creation will be thwarted in some way. This is true for creation which occurs at any level of our being or of Creation. There is a feminine presence equal to the masculine and if the masculine and feminine are not properly balanced the creation will be thwarted.


On this point of the feminine nurturing and sustaining a creation and need for a balanced dance between the masculine and feminine, the dance is not equal.



That is, the feminine always give more to the create manifestation than the masculine. The feminine must be willing to give of herself much that a female must give of herself to grow the fetus in her womb to create life. This cycle of conception, fetal growth, birthing, and nurturing the creation until it can stand on it own two feet is true for any creation. It is the feminine which gives of herself through most of this process and this is true for every level of being.


So your work here, is to recognize when you are playing the masculine role, and when you are in the feminine.

How do these two work together in your life?

How can you create smooth and balanced symbiosis?


What I’ve noticed is that, you often feel like you lean too far into your masculine, but it’s actually that when you do this, when this habit arises for you, you become stressed, exhausted and out of alignment with your true, authentic self.

You have a very feminine, gentle energy, yet your habit is to lean into the masculine too far, in order to be heard, respected and have your needs met.





In my own life I have taken the time to find a balance in my feminine and masculine expression, which naturally flows over into all areas of life, including creativity.
What I discovered was that we often use busyness which is an over-exaggerated masculine as an avoidance of the deeper, more painful shadow work that we need to do from time to time. Over-masculine busyness keeps us from deepening into creative vision.


Psychologist Chuck Spezzano explains busyness:

“Busyness attempts to protect us from the fear generated by our shadow figures, the unconscious mind, and our pain. It blocks out soul level gifts, our purpose and our destiny. In our busyness we are trying to run away from feelings of guilt, failure and worthlessness. We drive ourselves onward to prove we are useful and valuable. Yet dark feelings float to the surface in any moment of respite, so we keep pushing on. Our busyness keeps us too busy for love and bonding that would bring about the same success with much less effort. Instead of moving forward to a new stage we change by slight degrees.”


It can feel really strange just to sit and receive “nothing” other than the urge to become more present and more accepting of my life as it was unfolding. The feminine place of creativity gestates and grows even as it seems to “do nothing”. The feminine aspect of creativity waits to see and hear new information from the unseen realms before taking action. The feminine also nurtures what has already been created.


Many women develop an over-exaggerated masculine in an effort to make a living.


It is highly encouraged to strike out independently. We are encouraged to make our mark separately upon the world. Yet life unfolds all in one piece and it is a feminine trait to realize that we all evolve together. We are part of larger systems that do not always evolve according to our personal agendas. We each belong to a family evolving. We may be part of a working group evolving. And we may be part of a partnership or a marriage evolving.


Creations need to be loved and acknowledged, revisited and honored in order to continue living and this incites a revitalized energy and a passion in our inner masculine to do and bring further form to old and new creations from a nourished and revitalized place. Feminine nurturing is what strengthens and inspires our inner masculine to exert the energy to bring our creations into tangible form, and to make them more real in our lives.


Come and join me for the 6 week Gypset Mindset mentoring program starting on Monday, where we can continue to delve deeper into this discussion. It would be an honour to have you there, and examine your own sense of femininity and part in the creation process.




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What Do You Want To Be, When You Grow Up?

Do you remember when we were little, and grown-ups asked us, what we wanted to be when we grew up?

And often they were hoping for grand answers like lawyer, or doctor or astronaut.

Do you even remember what you wanted to be, when you grow up?





I remember being 10 and training hard to be a mermaid. And this was waaaay before the whole mermaid thing was “in”. I spent hours in the pool, the river, the ocean – swimming underwater, with my eyes wide open, holding my breath until my lungs burnt and I had to come up for air. I figured that, if I could learn to hold my breath for long enough, eventually I wouldn’t have to come up for air anymore.


After that dream was shattered by some un-imaginative adult, I decided I wanted to be a back-up dancer in music videos like the ones I saw on TV. Hours were spent every Saturday and Sunday morning mimicking the bold moves, the hip-thrusts and the swivelling of late 80’s – early 90’s hits.


Then those awful teenage years hit, and I had no idea what I wanted to, but preferably as far away from this planet and all its weirdness, as possible. Especially my family. God! Is there anything more irritating, embarrassing or weird than family when you’re in your teens?! I think not.


As I was finishing school, I had some brief flirtations with the idea of being a lawyer and an actress. By then my ego was in full force and I just wanted people to like me and think that I was lovely. It’s those teen years that mutilate your self-confidence and leave you wanting to be something that you’re not. And by the time I completed my school years, I was ready to pack my bags and head off on my first, real adventure, all by myself, as a quasi-adult.


It took me many years of trial and error, of testing many different paths and trying lots of various careers, until I realised that, what I really wanted to be when I grow up, is myself.


But what does that mean, really?


In a world that’s obsessed with titles and “making something of yourself” – a society that tells us we are never good enough, exactly as we are, without embellishments or fancy accolades, where does “being yourself” fit in?


Moreover, how does one create value and earn money in this way?


These questions were something that plagued me and kept me awake many nights. Now that I had figured out exactly what I wanted to be, how could I turn, who I am, and my unique collections of talents, experiences, passions and skills, and package them into some thing that’s useful? And even more importantly, that people will pay for?


My question was: how could I get paid for being myself?


  1. First, clearly, I had to figure out who that even was.
  2. Then, I had to decide what it was that differentiated me, from all the other amazing people, who had similar skills and qualities. What made me stand out?
  3. Finally, how was I going to serve people, and give them what they need and want? What would by my method of providing value?


That’s exactly what I’m covering with you in the 4th week of the 6 week Gypset Mindset mentoring program starting on Monday. (Doors close Saturday and there’s only 4 spaces left right now!)


I’ll be sharing with you my own story of how I created the job, business and career that I now have and absolutely love. And I will guide you through the practical as well as psychological aspects to creating the same for yourself. It’s such a fun, exciting journey which I know you will just love every step of the way!


If you feel drawn, it’s your intuition telling that there is something in here for you…


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  1. I think you can learn so much about people by what they wanted to be when they grew up. My dream jobs when I was 0-11 all involved things I’m still passionate about to this day (writing, animals) but all my dream jobs from then onwards were actually things that I picked simply because I thought I would get attention for doing, something I desperately craved (acting, tv host, lecturer) not because I was actually interested in those careers. It wasn’t until a few years ago that the thought suddenly occurred to me that I might be happier if I pursued something that made me happy career wise (a radical concept seeing as everyone in my life has always hated their careers). Now that I’ve realised this, nothing could make me go back to doing something I disliked again, regardless of money, parental pressure etc. Beautiful post, loved the mermaid bit :)

    • Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story, beautiful. I love hearing other’s journeys that bring them to where they are now. Isn’t it funny how we start to veer away from our hearts in order to get the reassurance and praise that we are seeking – instead of checking in to see if WE actually are ok with the decisions we are making! Life. Such a funny, funny journey. I hope the gods are wildly amused be our antics! xo

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on feeling lost + the metrics of purpose + uncertainty

feeling lost permeates us all from time to time. fear, doubt + uncertainty play riddles with our minds. we look around, grappling to hold on to something. something that will sustain our reason for being. something to anchor ourselves to. a person. a job. a habit. an image.


for why we are here and what we are doing. we look left. we look right. nothing. nothing to sustain our sense of self. we question ourselves …. we feel like we’re falling + floating in space with nothing to tether ourselves to. then we reach for a beer. or a wine. or something that makes the feeling go away. at least for a little while.


this feeling is actually a breakthrough. it’s scary. falling. your identity is peeling away and you wonder what you’ll be left with. a shell of a person?


but no. do not be afraid. stay within the lostness. it is in these moments that your true self, your authentic self has a chance to shine. the part of you that is beyond how you represent yourself to the world. this is a chance for you to decide what you really want from life. are you being honest with yourself? are you trying to fit into someone else’s hold? change your perception. feeling lost is a gift. a chance to review where you’re at. the most successful, radical-thinking, enigmatic people have no idea where they are going. just that they are going somewhere. something will happen. it always does.


be yourself. do what you love. what makes you happy. you don’t need a reason for it ::: a goal in mind ::: a conceptual end point.


do you need to know the destination in order to move forward? perhaps your purpose is something you cannot grasp in your imagination. it is something that will slowly reveal itself to you. and one day you wake up realising that you’ve been living out your purpose all along.


We all come into our lives wishing to feel some kind of sense of purpose. Something that we can tether ourselves to and identify with. Something that gives us meaning. Innately, having a sense of purpose is a physical and emotional need.


We begin to find ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already, truly, entirely, wildly, messily marvellously exactly who we are meant to be.


The only problem from recognising that is that there is thus undercurrent of rejecting ourselves. We have been taught for years to live up to other people’s expectations, to societies ideas of who we should become, fixations on how other people perceive us, an external means of fulfilling ourselves such as body image and having the latest everything.


To truly discover and embody your purpose, you have to step out of what is keeping you small and contained. Stop being a people pleaser. Listen to and trust your intuition. And start doing things your way.


Discovering your purpose is a topic  that is so very close to my heart, because it’s a defining guide in us having the life that we are meant to have. Which is exactly why I have an entire week devoted to discovering your purpose in the #GypsetMindset 6 week mentoring program starting on Monday 10 November. I’d love for you to join us. Find out more here now. Doors close to my final 1 to 1 coaching program for 2014 on Saturday 8 November.


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Love + The Gypset :: An Unconventional Guide to Love for the Über-Romantic

Six months ago, when I first started writing this article, I felt entirely unauthorized to write about this topic, because right then, I was single.

Which doesn’t really mean anything except that I want to be clear on the fact that I haven’t got this whole romantic relationship thing all figured out. And I’m not really sure if anyone does. But I have been in quite a few relationships. So I’ve got an opinion or two…


I’ve always been a perpetual monogamist. Going from one relationship to the next, even though, and maybe because, I really, really loved being single. I think my first couple of boyfriends – I’d say the first 4 – that took me from highschool to uni, were just experiments. Maybe I loved them in a way, but mostly I was just exploring what being in a romantic relationship with someone else felt and looked like. The emotions, the expectations, mystery of getting to know another person intimately.

I noticed that the first few weeks and months were super exciting. This new rush of energy, hormones, lust, intrigue all rose to the surface and life seemed sweeter that sweet. But as the novelty wore off, so did the rose-tinted glasses, and what was left was simply the ruins of a hormone-induced chemical high.




Then at 23, I fell in love with my first soul-mate. I say first, because I’m one of those weird people who has many soul mates in this life. I’m lucky like that. There’s an unbelievable abundance of love in my life. Just sayin’.

He was 6 years older than me, and definitely not that type of guy you’d take home to your mother. Rough around the edges, had spent a little stint in jail at some point, and drank entirely too much. Obviously, those weren’t the qualities that I fell in love with.

What I feel in love with, was his unusual and unique sensibilities to energy and nature. He would, in an instant, pick up what other people were thinking and feeling, he’d be able to tell histories of places when he stood on land just by intuiting them, and he taught me about magic. Unwittingly, he showed me that our thoughts create our experiences. When you believe something, and put all your heart, mind and soul into it, it will happen.

Kindly, however, he loved me enough to push me away, knowing that in the long run, he wasn’t right for me. At the time I was heart broken, but hindsight is such a gift, and I am so grateful to him to this day. For everything. He gave me one of the greatest gifts: I learnt to let go, and still love. I learnt to live without need, or want, or expectation. I learnt to love, just for the sake of loving.


Then I had another few years of gaps, flirtations, affairs and short-term relationships which included: a dreadlocked ballet dancer who smoked too much pot; a Brazilian who owned a TShirt shop in Barcelona, and Englishman I’d met in Rome, a Frenchie who worked the festivals with me, and then, I tumbled into my longest relationship.


A very sweet and kind Englishman, a friend of my friend and housemate in Barcelona, who came to visit us once, and then very kindly to care of me when I moved to London the following year. He was so comfortable, so loving and very, very proper. He endured my gallivanting around the planet for 4 years, until finally he laid down his law: settle. Just try to settle with him. He wanted a go at a ‘normal’ relationship with me.

And so I did. We moved from Europe to Sydney, got an apartment in Surry Hills, got office jobs, and did the normal thing. Within a short 6 months, I felt frustrated, trapped and like I was suffocating. This wasn’t the life I had envisioned for myself. It was all so tediously, bland, dry and boring. I realized that, while I very much loved this man, I had never been in love with him, which, to me, is worlds apart.


I have the ability to love pretty much anyone. Yet I very, very rarely fall in love. Love, for me, is generally the affection, care and admiration that I have for others. I love the cute waiter at my favorite cafe, I love my clients because they’re such amazing, inspiring creatures, I love my family. There’s so many ways to love people.

There are as many different ways to love, as there are people. Each person draws a certain type of love out of you. But being in love with someone, is a whole different ball game. Those are some mad, deep connections that are beyond any tangible explanations of the world.




I digress. Back to the relationship: it parted unkindly, he blamed me for ruining his life plans, I was angry at him for not listening when I spoke my truth. We had both projected our own imaginations onto each other, and felt frustrated when they weren’t fulfilled. I fondly recall him saying, in one of our final fights “Why can’t you just be a normal girl!”. I think that’s one of the best compliments he ever gave me. He should have known, by being with me, that I was never going to be ‘a normal girl’.


Eighteen months past, and I put myself on a strict staying-single prescription. I could play and flirt, but it was absolutely essential to myself that I stay single for as long as possible, so I could take the time to do lots of my inner work, and just enjoy being by myself. The truth is, I really, really enjoy my own company. Frighteningly so, as I’d choose to be with myself over most people much of the time. I love people, but I love myself more.


And then one night, at a friends birthday in a bar, I saw this guy sitting by himself on a bar stool, hood shading his face so I couldn’t see it, but I could just feel this incredibly intense energy. That and possibly the espresso martini, that for someone who rarely drinks, can be a very powerful weapon. As the bar shut and we all got shuffled out, I ran back to this stranger, finding him standing by the doorway, and silently gave him my card. As it turned out, this was the second soul mate of my life.


Right here, we stand at the turning point off my most tumultuous relationship ever. This is one that broke me open; the one that taught me to be vulnerable; the one that made me face my daddy issues; the one that taught men  love, wholly, fully, deeply, and not to be afraid of them pain.

This one filled penchant for bad boys in every way: high risk behaviors were his high and it was all sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Fun, exciting but entirely unhealthy for a partnership. The love was fierce and intense, the drama high scale, and while I saw the beauty of his soul, his actions and the choices I was making in his presence were not in alignment with who I am or what I wanted from my life. It wasn’t long before I ran.

And then I did a whole lot of soul-searching to figure out why I was attracting this sort of situation into my life, when, intellectually I knew it wasn’t right for me. I remember spending 10 days in a hotel room in Prague, crying my eyes out and re-railing my life on the route that I wanted. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Reconnecting with my Self my Soul and my Heart with true self-love, vulnerability and authenticity. It was hard, but I needed the experience to become a better woman, partner and lover.


Fast forward 2 years and I stand before you a different person. One that I really like and am incredibly proud of. Not only because I’ve overcome so many powerfully transformative and challenging experiences in my life and romances, but because I alchemised every single one of them into something that has helped me become who I am meant to be. For the first time in my life I feel that I am fully embodying my soul, in every aspect of it. Which is exactly what at I am teaching and sharing with the gorgeous participants of the #GypsetMindset 6 week mentoring program starting on Monday 10 November.

And quite recently, someone completely different has shown up in my life. Not a “bad boy” – quite the opposite in fact. And it’s so sweet to discover how easy life can be. I feel compelled to believe that all of my romantic experiences have brought me to this specific point. And I get to measure my own inner growth and development against the intimate relationships that I attract into my space.


What’s going to happen next? I have no idea. Nor does it matter. I’m entering this experience wIth an open heart, no expectations and full presence for what is, right here, right now. It’s a beautiful thing, and I am excited to see where things may go.

The gypset mindset here is that everyone is free, and simply a reflection of the other – showing us where we are at in the present moment – and giving us an opportunity to share and experience the love that we are all made up of. Want to talk more about this kind of stuff? Join me for #GypsetMindset now. You can find out more right here.


10 Responses to Love + The Gypset :: An Unconventional Guide to Love for the Über-Romantic

  1. This is why I’ve embraced the term kindred spirits instead of soul mates. I can feel myself connecting with certain people I meet every day, even just that I see in the distance and never speak to. It isn’t a sexual thing and can be purely friendship based, just two like souls reaching out to one another and kindred spirits better suits this in my mind than soul mates which presents a lot of pressure about having that one eternally perfect relationship which is ridiculous. My boyfriend of seven years is a kindred spirit but I know that if anything happens between us, I will find many more kindred spirits in the future, my life does not begin and end with our relationship. I love that other people feel the same about this xx

    • I like the way you see it Sophie. I feel very similarly, though I also has experienced that some of those soul connections are more fierce, powerful and intense than others. I have this theory: if we were all stars in a star constellation – connected by a universe – then there are some stars that are closer, and that we have a stronger relationship with than others. So certain souls are a more powerful connection than others. And these show up over and over again – in each lifetime as we pass through… It’s a visual idea that makes me feel very sweet about our human counterparts and the souls that we encounter and learn to love in all of their variations.

  2. I love reading content that triggers my soul. This gave me goosebumps and butterflies. I love that way you’ve expressed emotion in this post. It’s so relatable

  3. Oh Vienda, I can relate to so much of what you have written, “I learnt to let go, and still love. I learnt to live without need, or want, or expectation.” is beautiful and I too am sometimes scared of how comfortable I am in my own company. A part of me longs to settle down and find a life partner while the other part is completely happy with my own company.. Whatever happens, I trust the universe has something special in store xo

    • So happy this piece resonated with you beautiful Tegan. And don’t be afraid, the more you love your own company, the more likely it is that you will attract the right kind of person into your life. Just remain open, and loving, and remove any blockages in your heart that might be holding you back. xo

    • Such a pleasure Melissa, I am happy you enjoyed it. It’s so powerful when we speak form our hearts and souls making our own experiences so relatable. xo

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how to know your gypset soul {/sōl/}

How To Know A Gypset Soul

Your soul is not a passive or a theoretical entity that occupies a space in the vicinity of your chest cavity. It is a very positive, purposeful force at the core of your being. It is that part of you that understands the impersonal nature of the energy dynamics in which you are involved, that loves without restriction and accepts without judgment. | Gary Zukav


At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with vast mysteries and wonders.

I often get emails and questions from you gorgeous gypsy-girls and guys asking more about how to know your own soul. I love this question, because it means that there is already some kind of knowing, a force within you, that is asking you to explore further.

Today I am sharing exactly what it takes to know your own soul. You are going to use your heart to tread on the simple path to the temple that dwells deep within you. This topic is very special. We are going commune with the soul.


First, let’s just get clear on this: We are Spiritual beings. We are not bodies having a Soul, we are Soul having bodies. Our aim, in life, is to deeply connect with our soul. In your soul is stored all the strengths you need to meet the challenges of your life; confidently and creatively. It is the source of your power.


Connecting to your soul is a divine act that brings you in touch with love, empowerment and a sense of purpose. Your soul communicates with you, your desires, your purpose. They are urgings that rise from deep within Self. Through your deep desires, your soul motivates you and directs you. You desire to be loved, your desire to help others, your desire to shine.


This is how you do it. How to know a gypset soul:

  • Slow down. Like, right down. Slow down so much, you can hear your own heart-beat, and languish in the essence that makes you, you. In this crazy, busy world we live in, it’s hard to hear yourself breathing, let alone connecting with your soul.
  • Take time to just be. Be present in the moment, sit in your body and just feel what it feels like, to be you.
  • Listen. Listen to the words, the sounds, the thoughts that come from deep within. Beyond the endless chatter of our everyday mind. Hear it out for those golden nuances, that surprise you as they whisper past.


The more you take the time, attention and energy to enhance your awareness and connect to your deep desires, the clearer and stronger they become. With time and practice you will learn to discern between the ego and the soul.

Ego desires bring temporary fulfilment at best, whereas soul desires bring lasting fulfilment. As you connect to your soul desires, your soul will respond and open more lines of communication with you. This is not only exciting but also very empowering. It is a major step in co-creating and manifesting your life with aspects that are more powerful, more intelligent and more knowing than the human personality alone.


These concepts are just a glimpse into the kinds of thoughts and ideas that I cover in the #GypsetMindset 6 week mentoring course, starting on Monday 10 November. It’s essential that we get to know who we truly are, and learn to embody our whole selves, which includes every aspect. Yep, including your soul.

There are only 7 spaces left and it’s the last mentoring program I’m running in 2014, before a whole new start next year so if you feel called, love the content (which I know you will) and have been wanting to work with me 1 to 1 for a while, this is a really great opportunity to take advantage of. Find out more here.


Image from

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6 Weeks of #GypsetMindset Mentoring That Will Make You Go “Woah!”


There is a reason why so much of our time, energy and interest is focused on mindset and personal development. So much so that, before I even released this mentoring program out into the world today, spots were already snapped up. And I’ve only got 7 spaces left. If you want in, you might want to be quick!


So why are we all really here? 

It’s about becoming who you are meant to be.


Ok. So, becoming who you want to be is an ongoing, transformative process that never really ends. But there is a huge difference between actually being on the path, and not even being anywhere near it. I know what that’s like. I spent many years of my life trying to figure out how to feel comfortable in my own skin; wishing I knew what my purpose in life could possibly be. I felt lost and afraid of both the answers and of not knowing.


It was in those years of swishing around somewhat aimlessly, from party to party – from country to country, where I learned to actually listen to my intuition. Something that I always had quite strongly, but happily ignored in favour for more exciting, louder messages. Usually from external sources, and somewhat disconnected from who and what I really am.


And then, suddenly, my life shifted and started to take form. I decided to create my own job. On my terms. Following passion. And of course, most importantly, serving others in the best way I possibly could. I asked for guidance from my intuition, got out of my head and learnt to follow my purpose by getting clear on what that actually was, and the role I had to play in the world.


All of those experiences have helped me become who I am today. Which is exactly what I’m sharing with you in my final mentoring program for the year #GypsetMindset. Even though the gypset concept is all about travelling, gypset mindset is actually about something else. It’s about becoming who you are meant to be and creating your life based on that.


I am so ridiculously excited to be finally sharing this program with you today, which I have been creating to content for all of this year. I wasn’t even sure if it would be ready by the time I wanted to release it, but here we are, with the final two months of the year remaining. Just in time to prepare for a whole new year.


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.28.56 pm


What You’ll Get

  • 6 x 50 min 1 to 1 coaching calls with me over the 6 week program.
  • 6 x support emails to keep you focused.
  • 6 x PDF’s full of content to guide your way.
  • Free copies of all of my digital products:

+ Guided Self-Hypnosis MP3

+ Guided Self-Love Meditation MP3

+ Build Your Own Business Blog eBook

+ The Gypset Recipe eBook

+ The Gypset Guide to Releasing Rituals 7 Day Program


Who It’s For

This mentoring program is for folks who are at the exquisite juncture of their lives, where things are about to change.

  • At the end: of a relationship; the death of a friendship or loved one.
  • Or at the beginning: of a new career or business; a new journey into the wild world.

It is perfect for anyone in the world who has a good internet connection and a willingness to change, grow and learn –  as all 1 to 1 sessions are done on Skype, and time zones manoeuvred around to suit both of us.

#GypsetMindset is for you. The you who has been waiting on the sidelines and is ready to take the leap. To become who you are meant to be.


What It Costs

In this package deal, the entire mentoring program is only two payments of $297.

The #GypsetMindset program is valued at $1,250 including the 6 coaching sessions, all the program materials as well as the digital products and resources.

Saving you a total of $656 which is way over 50% off its value.

Your first payment is due now upon enrolment, and your second payment will be due on Monday 1st of December.



Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.35.29 pm


When It Starts

Doors close on Saturday 8 November and the 6 week #GypsetMindset mentoring program starts on Monday 10 November.

There are only 7 spaces left, so I would love you join us for this fantastic opportunity now!


What We’ll Cover


Week 1. Get Out Of Your Head

Connect With Your Body and Get Back In The Flow

  • Discover how your mind works, and what role it plays in your life.
  • Understand why slowing down is imperative to getting out of your head.
  • Recognise the blocks and distractions that keep you in your head.
  • Learn 3 steps that help you get out of your head in any situation.
  • Know how to feel in order to drop you back into connection.
  • Become savvy to the difference between being in your head and in your soul.
  • Learn techniques to drop into your body and stay out of your head.
  • Connect with your body and inner energy to get back in your natural flow.



Week 2. Listen To Your Intuition

Listen To, Trust and Follow Your Inner Wisdom

  • Recognise what intuition is; and what it looks and feels like.
  • Commit to hearing your intuition, and allowing yourself to be guided.
  • Learn to build trust and develop a loving relationship with yourself.
  • Understand why your intuition is so powerfully important for creating your reality.
  • Know how to stop trying to control you experience, your environment, and others.
  • Recognise your intuition as guidance from your soul.
  • Practice following your inner wisdom by using 3 simple tricks.
  • Become familiar with how to act upon you intuition in every moment.



Week 3.  Discover Your Purpose

Uncover The Life Path That Is Uniquely Yours

  • Get clarity on who and what, you really are.
  • Learn what to do, if you keep asking yourself “What should I DO with my life?!”
  • Discover your greatest strengths, talents and unique abilities.
  • Expose the vulnerable, authentic parts of yourself that keep you hiding in the shadows.
  • Learn to value yourself and be willing to embrace your authentic self.
  • Reveal you true nature and allow yourself to be seen.
  • Summon incredible opportunities where you can express your life purpose.
  • Know how to act on purpose and create your perfect reality.



Week 4. Create Your Own Job

Use Your Greatest Strengths To Create Work You Love

  • Get clear on your big WHY you should create your own job.
  • Figure out which business or job is right for you.
  • Learn how to business-brainstorm for amazing new ideas.
  • Decide on which business idea is the most profitable for you.
  • Define the structure of your new life, job and business.
  • Uncover your first big $100,000 idea.
  • Make an action plan to bring your business to life.
  • Develop a defined vision for the future of your business.



Week 5.  Love Your Money

Become Abundant By Changing Your Money Mindset

  • Understand the difference between an abundant mindset and lack mindset.
  • Learn the key steps to changing your mindset for more financial abundance.
  • Get honest about your current financial situation and spending habits.
  • Declare how much money you want and learn to live in accordance with that figure.
  • Create a community of people who support your new money values.
  • Learn to take risks, and do new things to increase your income.
  • Develop a new love, respect and appreciation for money.
  • Discover some fun, simple tricks to manifest money now.



Week 6. Plot Your Gypset Journey

Follow Your Dreams and Go. Travel.

  • Discover what gypset really is, and how to apply it to your life.
  • Articulate the dream journey that you want to undertake.
  • Get clear on what you really need to go on your gypset journey.
  • Map out what needs to happen from now, until you leave.
  • Learn how to structure your trip, to fulfil all your needs and desires.
  • Familiarise yourself with simple gypset mindset philosophies to support your journey.
  • Create an action plan to take you from here, to there.
  • Get insider information, to ease your concerns.



Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.35.29 pm


With deepest gratitude, and delight and I can’t wait to see you inside the #GypsetMindset program soon! Will you be one of the 7?


Vienda xo

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