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New Moon in Virgo 2º >>> August 25 2014

We are moving towards more clarity and organization and a renewed energy to get back to tasks that were put on hold for various reasons. This is a great time especially to honor the clarity and commitment around endings and beginnings.

Identify what is ending or what needs to end and your intention to end it. It could be anything from the habit of self judgment to work that no longer serves you, or even a relationship. What have you struggled with lately that you need to change?  Do a ritual that will help you mark the ending.  When something ends, there is always a new space created for something new to begin.

Identify what is beginning in your life or what you wish or intend to begin and ritualize it somehow for yourself. Sometimes we are so focused on what is ending that we can’t appreciate why has been knocking on our door. Open the door to NEW and use this new moon time as a way to establish an energetic marker for your endings and your beginnings. Because the times support clarity and organization, it is also a great idea to make an action plan as long as you have enough clarity.


New moon august 2014


New Moon in Virgo 2º >>> August 25 2014

The Sun leads the way turning the wheel from fire sign Leo to earth sign Virgo on Friday August 22; New Moon follows on Monday.  Virgo’s gifts are nothing like Leo’s fiery warmth and dynamicism; instead, her gifts stem from the combination of her earthiness and her rulership by the mentally agile, Mercury.  Using her ever-practical intelligence, she integrates the mental, emotional, spiritual realms into the physical plane.  Her clear and discriminating eye analyzes and synthesizes all factors and impressions and efficiently creates order out of chaos.  Yes, our Virgonians are known for their perfectionism, but as an earth sign they bring a much needed groundedness and realism to the best use of available resources.  Virgo appreciates organization, hard work, and holding to high standards.  When you get your earthiness working for you, you bring more structure and order to bear and your grounded energy can support abundance and a feeling of security.  When you are spaced out, in self-doubt, critical, lethargic, and you lose your connection to fulfillment, then you need to ground with Mother Earth/Pachamama/Gaia and move your life into balance.

Of course the most grounded place is in that body of yours, and consequently, Virgo rules our health, and the holistic integration of the body, mind and spirit in particular.  Virgo rules the abdomen including the bowels, small intestines, spleen, and diaphragm and tends toward a sensitive digestive function coupled with a strong gut-level intuition.  When you combine their gut-level ‘early warning response’ system with their keen mental abilities granted by a Mercury ruler you have a recipe for practical, reliable judgment.

Virgo is known as the conserver.  Traditionally they took stock of the harvest, stored and preserved it for leaner winter times.  They love to categorize and organize.  Preserving and retaining makes them excellent at study with exceptional memories and discriminating mental abilities.

The Mercury ruler of this New Moon chart is also in Virgo (planets always happy to be in their own sign as they express well) and is in opposition to Chiron, embodiment of a holistic healer tradition himself.  We have an opportunity to heal with deep conversation with another, to realize how powerfully creative our thoughts are, and to express in a way that strengthens our unique, divine presence in the world.

An exact pairing of Saturn and Mars at 17º Scorpio is bringing into very sharp focus the lessons from deep in the human psyche of war, violence and domination and how they no longer serve where we are going.  Transformation of the darkest and most powerful aspects of life on Earth is what you have signed up to transmute.  Also an exact square to Venus in Leo 17º from Saturn and Mars helps us move forward the challenge of healing the relationship of the masculine and feminine within ourselves.  Scorpio helps us courageously acknowledge what we avoid (where we have no control, feel vulnerable, where our ego reigns) and shed that tight skin and become our selves in a more magnificent way.

Uranus who is an ally for making huge change is at the apex of a Finger of God aspect with both Saturn/Mars and ruler Mercury adding just that blast of disruption, reform and inspiration necessary to create movement if you are ready for an influx of powerful new energy in your life.  Uranus also is in trine to Venus providing support to the feminine for allowing the social graces, diplomacy and the value of beauty to show the way forward.

Neptune in Pisces is sitting opposite this Sun and Moon in Virgo so the message is clear to let our Virgo-ruled areas ~ work, health, daily routines, be inspired and infused by the transcendental, that is, something greater than the mundane.  Call on the invisible world of Spirit to infuse your life with the highest frequencies of unconditional love and trust that you can hold.  Although we find ourselves in challenging times of great change called on to release what has been created in fear, so much support is available to live in greater joy, love and cooperation.  Band with like-minded others, hold that vision in your heart, and use your Virgo aspect to manifest it here on Earth.

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Lena Stevens

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Confessions From An Gypsyprenuer {Me}

I woke up the other morning, my eyes wide awake, heart beating fast, mind running at a zillion miles per second.

“Iwonderhowmanyreadersmypostyesterdaygot. OoooIbettergocheckmyemail. ShouldIwriteaboutmyfriendsawesomecourse? Iwonderifmytonesoundedauthentic. Whattimeofthedayisthebesttimetoconnectwithreaders?” Etc, etc, etc.

It was 6.30am.

And I was like. WTF is going on here! I never, ever signed up for this! The reason I have created my business and life the way that I have, is to do the opposite. To live from a place of spaciousness. With freedom. Time. Peace. Calm. NO thinking at a million miles an hour.

So what brought this on?

It was brought on by a very short-lived and minor divergence from my path. You see, ever since I launched the new look of my site two weeks ago, I’ve had well-meaning people from all sorts of different walks of life, kindly add their two cents, on how I can make my business better, what I should be writing about, what strategies to include, what action steps to take and so on, and so on, and so on.

Though their words and efforts were meant kindly, it kind of rocked me off my centre. I’m always up for suggestions, there is no work that doesn’t have room for improvement, everything is always changing and evolving. But in their words, refinements and suggestions, I lost myself.

I lost why I do this.


Confessions from a gypsyprenuer


My why, is to connect with you beautiful like-hearted souls that know that there is more to life, than the bland prescription society has given us, and want to explore what that is. And how to create it. I want to share my own journey on how I do this, my experimentations, and what I discover, and help those of you who want to join this crusade alongside me. We have so many more choices and possibilities available to us than we often realise and recognise. My purpose is in unveiling this, and helping you choose a different path. One that fulfills you in all ways.

But somewhere between upgrading my website, and sitting here before you today, I lost that thread a little. And it felt awful. I started posting words and sharing things, that in part, were me. But they didn’t feel like me because they were tainted and influenced by the words and opinions of others, that, while their intentions were good, are completely out of alignment with who I am. And the way I do my work.

The way I generally work is with my muse on one shoulder, whispering the words that I write, in my ear, and my understanding of how grammar and structure and practicalities all work together on the other, so I can share with you what I’ve got. There’s no strategy. There’s no system. It’s pure, unadulterated inspiration. A sharing of words, worlds and souls.

As soon as I realised what was happening, I stopped. And for a while I just wanted to delete everything that had just happened – that didn’t feel like me. But I didn’t. I waited. I forgave myself for being led astray. Gave gratitude for having experienced this – a spell which countless others fall under. And then I wrote this. My confession: that I erred off my path, as we all do. And that I’m back. The real me.

It’s so good to be back.

11 Responses to Confessions From An Gypsyprenuer {Me}

  1. Ah, sweety- it’s SO easy to fall into the pure panic of the online business world. Your intuition is strong and so is your heart and no matter the circumstances, you will always be led back to what’s meaningful and important – because it’s such a strong part of who you are. And that’s why we love you so!

    • Thank you my love. It was a really good experience as it made me take a step back and reassess what it is I am wanting I achieve and how. So good to set new intentions about the guidelines of how I want to show up in my life. Here’s to integrity forever! xo

  2. I know those voices well! Thank you for sharing : ). I just got back from a we in the middle of nowhere (=filled with wilderness!) and that really helped to clear those voices out and hear mine clearer again. But then again, how can we guide others if we never fall off the path ; ). Big hugs, Karina

    • Yes, isn’t it! It’s surprisingly easy… But I’m just so grateful that I heeded that inner twinge of things not feeling right, and redirected my path. It all just feels and flows so much better this way. Thanks for your insights beautiful Alex!

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Want To Create A Soulful Life?



About 8 months ago, I received a lovely email from a woman, saying “Hi! I saw the chakra drawings you made, and I’d like to use them for an online program I’m creating!”. I, of course, followed this up with a quick cyber-stalk only to discover that Corona Brady from Nurture Pod, is a woman who works on things that are ever so close to my heart! She’s all about soul.


And so, of course I said yes!

Let’s meet her and find out more about her online program:
I’m Corona. An Intuitive Heart + Soul Infused Life Coach, Yoga Teacher + Energy Healer But more than all that, I’m a seeker. A searcher. A deep-down diver into all things soulful. I truly believe that way too many beautiful, amazing women are struggling in their lives because they’ve turned away from their truth. Their essence. Basically, they’ve lost touch with their soul. My mission is to help women reconnect with that innermost part of themselves, the light that’s always shining underneath the surface.

I coach, teach, speak and write from a space of truth, soul, intuition and love. I’m the creator of Creating A Soulful Life – A 12 Week course on Diving Deep, Shining Bright and Living A Life You Love.


So! I hear you’ve created this new thing. I’m so proud of you!

Tell me …

Kicking off on Sept 15th, we’ll go on a 12 week, 3-phase journey to creating your soulful life – body, mind and deep, deep soul. Each week, there’ll be videos, worksheets, handouts and mp3s. There’s a specially designed yoga video and a beautiful guided meditation to support each unit of work. There’ll also be a live call every fortnight, where all your burning questions will be answered.

All the resources will be delivered direct to your inbox each week, so you can go at your own pace and fit it around your busy schedule.

When you join Creating A Soulful Life Program you also join a wonderful family of soul sisters who’ve already participated in this program. You’ll receive so much support from me and from one another.

There is no coincidence with the start date of my program. I purposely chose Sept 1st as it’s the first of spring in the southern hemisphere and the first of autumn in the northern hemisphere. It’s a wonderful time for new beginnings and committing to YOU. They say that it’s the best time to start something new! In the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, spring is a time for the element Earth. Earth is linked with emotional states of tranquillity (when healthy) and anxiety/ungroundedness/worry (when unhealthy). Therefore spring is a good time to work on removing those elements of your life or thought patterns which cause you the most anxiety or stress. Creating A Soulful Life will help you do that and so much more!

It’s about delving deep into the real reasons why there’s something missing in your life. It’s about turning to the innermost corners of your being to guide the course of your outer life. It’s about helping you find your light and giving you permission to beam it out into the world.

Think self-discovery, electric insights, trusty tools … and the love-laden strategies to put it all into action.

Creating a Soulful Life program came about – to help beautiful, amazing women live the beautiful, amazing lives that they dream of. That they deserve.


What inspired you to create this?

When I was in a job and career that was making me miserable and sick, I was exercising to the extreme and basically doing all the wrong things for my body. I decided to stop looking outside of myself. I decided it was finally time to journey within. I started to connect with my heart and my intuition. I looked at what was really going on within the workings of my mind – my beliefs, my fears, my worries, my anxieties, and my values and why I kept facing obstacle after obstacle.

What I noticed was that the more I committed to working on my inner world and healing the relationship with myself, my external world started to reflect this. I started to change in a very positive way. I started practicing and teaching yoga, I committed to a regular daily meditation and spiritual practice, I started to learn about visualisation and manifestations and I started really making my dreams come true. I started creating and living my very own soulful life. What I’ve come to realise on this journey is that going soul-deep is the key to creating lasting change. It’s the secret to living a life that actually feels good.


Who is it for, specifically?

This program is for absolutely anyone and everyone that feels like there’s something missing in their life. Maybe they are feeling completely and utterly lost? They have no passion, no purpose and no idea on how to go about fixing it? Perhaps they are stressed-out, struggling, and seriously wondering if this is all there is? Perhaps they are simply fed up of their fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs stopping them from moving forward and reaching for their dreams? Perhaps they are wanting more happiness, joy, freedom, fulfilment, confidence and inner peace in their lives? Or perhaps they are simply fed up of playing small and are ready to live a bigger and more satisfying life?


What are those folks going to ‘get’ out of it?

  • The truth about creating change that sticks (without this groundwork, every diet, resolution and good intention is destined to fail).
  • The soul-deep strategy for releasing things that don’t serve you – excess weight, bad relationships, emotional baggage.
  • How to make peace with the voice in your head (and why nothing you’ve tried before has worked).
  • The seriously effective tools to unlock your fears, release your blocks and stop playing small.
  • The spiritual truth about manifesting your best life (and a fool-proof plan to figure out what you want in the first place!)
  • How to give yourself the nourishment you need to get from just surviving to wholehearted thriving.
  • The secret to setting goals, creating your vision and taking inspired action (Hint: it’s all about soul!)

And that’s just the beginning!

This program is for you if you are willing and ready to be who you really are. To live a deeply connected, fulfilling life. To shine so-damn-brightly, like you always knew you could.

You’re going to feel so excited for the future that lies ahead of you – fist-pumping fulfilment and sheer possibility. You’re going to be high on life and brim-full of radiant energy. Best of all, you’re going to be relieved – oh so relieved – because you’ll have all the tools you need to create your very own soulful life, and a roadmap of EXACTLY how to do it.


Is there anything that might ‘surprise’ folks about this online program?

I think just how Life-Changing this program truly is!

This will be a journey unlike anything you’ve done before. With bright eyes, an open mind, and a full heart, we’re going straight to the real stuff. Together, we’re going to be crafting the soul-stirring life of your dreams, from the inside out.

This approach is so different to the stock-standard ways of modern life. But it is seriously potent and powerful. The truth is, lasting change can only happen when you start from the soul up. Every lofty dream and sky-high vision you have, has to start with the heart.

So that’s what we’re going to do: peel back all the layers, connect with your core, and create the soulful life that you’ve been craving.


Have you tested this program out with anyone, yet? How’d it go? What happened?

Yes I sure have. I had over 50 women worldwide complete Round 1 for me and the testimonials I have received have literally brought me to tears. I personally watched these women go through deep soul transformations. If you commit to putting the work in like anything in life, you’ll reap many rewards!

You can read about these amazing women for yourself here.


DAMN! You’re so gifted + valuable. So, what are you going to charge for the Create A Soulful Life program?

The cost of the program is only $299 which also includes 4 Super Supportive Bonuses! You can pay in full or I’ve also created a two part payment plan; $175 today and $175 in 30 days time.

A LITTLE HEADS UP: For a limited time only I’m giving away a FREE wonderful bonus to the first five people who sign up. If you happen to be one of those lucky five, you’ll receive a 45min one-on-one Virtual Soulful Coaching Session with me over Skype!


What’s the first thing folks need to do, in order to own / have / begin / use it?

Jump on over to my website at and take a look at what’s included in the modules. Familiarise yourself with the content and if you feel it’s right for you I’d love to welcome you on board our CASL family of soul sisters.

You just have 10 short days to purchase so be quick if you’re keen. Doors will be closing Monday 01st Sept at 12pm EST.

Come join the tribe as we dive deep down!

I’m so excited to share this journey with you – your soulful life awaits!


imageCorona Brady is a Heart and Soul Infused Life Coach, Yoga teacher and Energy Healer. But more than all that, she’s a seeker. A searcher. A deep-down diver into all things soulful. Corona truly believes that way too many beautiful, amazing women are struggling in their lives because they’ve turned away from their truth. Their essence. Basically, they’ve lost touch with their soul. Her mission is to help women reconnect with that innermost part of themselves, the light that’s always shining underneath the surface.

Corona coaches, teaches, speaks and writes from a space of truth, intuition, soul and love. She’s the creator of Creating A Soulful Life – A 12 Week course on Diving Deep, Shining Bright and Living A Life You Love.


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How To Discover Your Soul Purpose

How to discover your life purpose.


When you read the title “How To Discover Your Soul Purpose” you might have thought that you would get a nice, tidy 5-step plan, that would give you all the answers.


Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you today, my love. It’s actually much, much simpler than that.


1. Your soul doesn’t care what you do. It just cares about HOW you do it.

2. Your purpose is already right in front of you, woven into the threads of what makes you, you.


Allow me to embellish on those two points a little more. I’ve spent YEARS of my life trying to figure out this exact on thing, until I almost gave up. And then I realised that I was looking in all the wrong places. I was looking at it all the wrong way.


You see, I was searching in the world outside of me, for answers that only live within.

I was looking for that exciting and challenging career that would fulfil my need to be of service to this world. I was seeking for that perfect relationship with a man, who could show up in all the ways that I could not – someone to complete me. I was looking for that lifestyle that would make me feel alive and inspired.


Until one day, I realised that I had a choice in every moment. To do whatever I was doing with grace, and joy, and gratitude. Or without. And that my soul was still and happy when I chose the former. It was then, that I felt fulfilled.

When I did everything I was  doing with purpose – I was living my soul purpose.


So, if my soul doesn’t care what I do, then what’s the point of all this?

That’s when the other part, our human nature comes in, We all have an innate desire to bring forth whatever unique skills and talents lay within us, and share them with the world.

Some of us find jobs, careers, relationships and lifestyles that allow us to do this. And some of us don’t.

Some of us find a sweet harmony between our jobs, hobbies and passions. And some of us make it their work.


Figuring out the WHAT to do part, beyond the HOW to do it, is what turns so many of us in our beds at night.

The caveat here is getting to know oneself. To really, expertly know yourself. Not just your favourite foods, colours and sexual positions. But getting to know all the unique parts that have come together that make you who you are.


The active part of your soul purpose is the culmination of everything you already are:

> Your childhood experiences.

> Your dreams and desires.

> What makes you feel free and wild.

> Those silly, weird things that you secretly love doing.

> The things you’ve learnt at work and at school.

> The things you do, when you’re procrastinating.

> Those things you do, simply because they make you smile.

> Your prayers and intentions – set at night.


You discover your soul purpose by discovering yourself, and by doing everything you do, with a sense of love, grace, gratitude and purpose. Start where you are. Because that’s where you’ll find it. That’s where you’ll discover your soul purpose.

Want to find out more? Work with me 1 to 1 in my coaching program where you’ll receive exquisite personal attention on your journey, or take the Gypset Mindset Class.


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Find A Way Of Life You Love + Have The Courage To Live It.

Find a way of life you love, and have the courage to live it.

When was the last time you sat at your desk, looked out the window, and wondered “Is this it? Is there not more?”.

I remember those days. I have had 3 “real” jobs in my life. You know the ones. Office jobs. With swivel chairs and desks and computers and big-ass printers. Even though I was very lucky, and always found creative, interesting jobs, there was something not quite right in it for me.

I didn’t like my time being defined by office hours and my salary limited to those hours. I didn’t like the way I was valued; another cog in the system, making sure everything runs smoothly in just the way it should. With terms defined by someone else; rules made up by a society that I didn’t quite fit into.

I remember always arriving at my desk on time, – I happen to be a little pedantic about this – siting down, and whizzing through my “to-do’s” in the first 4 hours. And then…

The boredom set in. I was obliged to sit at this desk from 8.30am to 5pm. That is what I got paid for. I didn’t get paid for my efficiency or innovative thinking. I didn’t get paid for using my imagination or coming up with great new ideas. I got paid for sitting at that desk, completing my tasks, and answering any phone calls regarding those tasks, that might come in.

In between those 3 jobs I lived off my savings, travelled the world, studied and took on contract jobs for events.



In 1999 I was a PA for a film editing company in Soho, London for 6 months. It was flashy, shiny and glamorous, and my bosses spent most of their time, racking up lines of cocaine, while I answered the phones, and prettily welcomed film and art directors, advertising agencies and script writers through the doors. I was 21 and left with a wad-ful of cash and a desire for warmer climates and to ‘make something’ of myself. So I went to university to become a psychologist. Or so I thought.

In 2007 I came back to London, with that psychology degree in my hand, after having circled the globe several times, with my festival-coordinating contract gigs; and landed my next office job: 1 year as an Events Organiser for a dance company in Shoreditch, where the cool kids played ‘who’s-the-baddest-hipster’ and the struggling bohemian artists, were slowly squeezed out with sky-rocketing rents. The only thing I liked about this job were my beautiful colleagues – we were the international department of the company: a Spaniard with wild, flaming red hair; a passionate Italian who cursed like a sailor after hanging up on clients; a Grecian with the biggest eyes and most loving heart on this planet; and a gypsy – me.

In 2010 I moved to Sydney, Australia, with my boyfriend. By that time I knew that I wanted to work for myself. It simply was the only solution for someone like me. And I also knew that in order to have a business, the most important element was learning to market myself and share what I had to give. Something that, at that time, was most definitely my biggest obstacle. So I got my 3rd and final “real” job: as Business Manager and PA for a small marketing consultancy that ran workshops and presented at corporate events. It was the longest job I ever held: 2.5 years.


It was there, that I started blogging, and scheming and formulating my personal escape plan from the ruts of the rat race. In figuring out and conceiving this plan, I knew I needed to cover my highest values:

  1. It had to be something that I love. If I don’t love what I do, then it’s not worth it for me.
  2. It had to be soulful. At the depths of my being I have an infinite well of soul connection. This shows up in all areas of my life, and needs to have space to be included in my work.
  3. It had to be something that gave me freedom. Freedom to live my life the way I want to, freedom to travel, freedom that have plenty of space and time, freedom in my finances, meaning this Thing that I’d be doing, supports me wholly.

It meant that I had to create a business and life that allowed me to be myself, and give all that I have. And it had to suit my personality. It had to be a little bit gypset.

Taking your own life into your hands takes a certain self-belief. An inner knowing that you are good enough, important and smart enough to share something with others that is worthwhile and transformative. I remember months of whispering to myself “No matter what happens, I’m always going to be ok.” Willing myself to believe it. To step beyond the limited beliefs of what is possible for us, to create the lifestyles we wish to lead. It takes a willingness to get uncomfortable and face all those limited beliefs and fears that come up in order to create a different reality.


Today, I am sitting on my bed, looking out the window into the rain wondering “How can life get any better than this!?”

If you’re ready to take that leap, and create YOUR own life, check out my coaching programs. I can help you find a way of life you love, and to have the courage to live it.



One Response to Find A Way Of Life You Love + Have The Courage To Live It.

  1. Gorgeous post — & so true. I have been working for myself steadily since 2010 and was just talking with my mister yesterday about how amazing things have turned out, especially once I found alignment with my passion and, I daresay, my life’s purpose. it’s pure magic.

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Generosity Is Not A Joke. It’s A Gift. {For You}

So, you want to change your life.

Or at least upgrade it from what it is.


But, let me ask you:

Do you… really?

Does the idea stimulate your mind?

Or does connecting with your soul ignite you?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell one from the other.

You think you want to change your life, but does that mean admitting that something is wrong with it?

Or is it about rediscovering who you really are; whole, safe, beautiful, charismatic, enigmatic, fulfilled.


In my mind, in both cases, it’s the latter: it’s about reconnecting and rediscovering what and who you are. Exploring that, and then taking it higher. By taking action on it. By being gentle and kind, and allowing your Self to come out to play, to flourish.


So I’ve decided something.

I want to give you this chance.

Because generosity is not a joke.

I’ve recently create the Gypset Mindset Class – a set of 6 classes valued at $1,074.

On the surface, it’s all about getting to know yourself, and creating a lifestyle that promotes freedom and wanderlust. You get practical do-it-right-now steps, to get your journey under way.

But really, it’s about connecting with your soul, and seeing beyond our traditional strongholds, to all the endless possibilities we can create for ourselves, when we choose to see them. And what to do with them.


And I’m really excited and proud of these classes, and want to share them with you. So I’ve created a little limited-time-only special.

It goes like this:

Sign up for a 3 or 6 month coaching program with me, by Monday 1st September, and you will receive access to all 6 classes, for free.

Yep, that’s $1,074 worth.

Because generosity is not a joke. It’s a gift. For you.



P.S. Email me if you want in, and remember that spaces are limited, so you know, first in best dressed and all that…

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Fun. Easy. Affordable. Gypset Mindset Class.


I’ve spent the past 12 years of my life, perfecting my own version of the gypset lifestyle. Which means that I’ve made tones of mistakes, I’ve experienced more than most people do in their lifetime, and I’ve learnt a lot.


It meant that there was a time that I hitchhiked from Italy, through Spain and into Portugal, to make it to my next festival gig, because my passport had been stolen. All by myself.


It means that I’ve been proposed to, several times, and in the end, my answer was no. Because I didn’t share enough of the same values with the beloveds that wanted my promise and my hand. Because I wanted something else, someone other, than conventional. Something extraordinary.


It means I’ve started a business that failed and lost $30,000 in the process.

It also means that from those ashes and tears, I learnt and grew, and created a business that blossomed. One that I love.


Which is how I stand before you now. With all of this to share with you. And a collation of all the questions you ever asked me.

So I created something wonderful.


Gypset Mindset Class. For creatives, adventurers + Bon Vivants.

A set of 6 live, mentoring classes, that guide you through the process of creating your own gypset life.

Find out more about them here.


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Now. Now Is The Time. Please Meet Our New Online Home.

If you’ve been journeying with me the last few months, then you would know that I’ve been blatantly hinting away at the fact that I’ve been creating a rework of our digital digs here on

And if you’ve been sauntering alongside me for even longer, maybe a year or two or more, you would know that this space has gone through some pretty major shifts throughout it’s very short life-time.

Something that started as a blog to get me through my own confusions, slowly grew into a platform from which your soul could drink and fill up the palpable needs of connection, dreams, love, freedom, and endless possibilities.

So today, I am extremely — oh-so-incredibly — delighted to unveil and share with you the latest and most magnificent iteration of our online gypset queendom. And I say OUR, because that’s exactly what it is. Yours and mine. Without you, it would be equally as nothing, as it would be, without me.

Have a look around, get comfortable and re-aquaint yourself with all the nooks and corners of the new site.

There’s some things that have stayed the same.

Like, I’m still here, blogging + coaching — awakening you and shaking you to remember, and believe, in your day-dreams.

And some things that are new.

Like the free 4 Step Credo To More Love, Soul + Freedom course that you get when you sign up. It’s in PDF format so download = instant. Not to mention the 2 very special bonuses I’ve included within. (Don’t worry, if you’ve already signed up in the past, you’ll be getting your copy straight in your inbox!)

I’ve also got a really wonderful surprise addition: Lena from The Power Path, will be sharing her tri-monthly astrological updates with us from now on, every Full Moon, New Moon and of course at the start of each new month.

And we have got some über-incredible blog posts lined up, that will inspire you to take those next steps and finally fly. Not to mention, interviews coming up with fellow gypsetters: a high-end fashion designer; a singer/songwriter/jewelry designer; a karate world champion; a well-travelled business coach — just to name a few.

Read this, if you want to discover another aspect of my story. It may stun you.
Read this, if you’re wondering what other people have to say about me.
Read this, if you’ve been curious about working with me, and want to know more.
Read this, if you’re interested in more resources, and lots of free goodness.
Read this, if you been meaning to shoot me an email about something that excites you.

Whoosh! I’m getting all dizzy and heady from all this excitement, and all the yummy, juicy goodness I’ve got in store for you.

So, for now, let me just say:

Welcome! And welcome back! And please come again, and again, and again!

Also, let me be candid with you for a moment. I want to be really honest and sincere here. This new site, and everything that has come with it, and all the projects that I’m currently working on. They haven’t come easily.

Over the past 7 weeks, I’ve had to face my own fears of success not to mention incidents that can only be described as Upper Limit Problems, which included two trips to the hospital, for two very different reasons and an undignified array of physical ailments and obstacles.

Those of you who don’t know what ULP is let me enlighten you briefly. ULP is a term created by Gay Hendricks, from his book The Big Leap – which you obviously must read. Essentially, the Upper Limit Problem refers to how our subconscious sabotages ourselves when we reach higher levels of success. It’s fascinating to discover that we have to break through our own limitations not only at a psychological level, but simultaneously at a cellular, physical as well as emotional and spiritual level.

Creating your life with in intention, as I am, is wonderful. But it certainly doesn’t come easily. It takes tenacity, determination, a willingness to outgrow yourself and those around you, and lots of hard work. When you want a life that fulfils you on every level of your being, one that dreams are made of, you have to face your own darkest corners, make smart, informed decisions, and work your ass off.

And you know what? It’s so totally worth it. Every tear, every doubt and fear, frustrated head-banging and every single drip of sweat along the way. It’s so empowering to be able to create our own realities.

I just absolutely love, adore and cherish you. Thank you for being here, sharing this journey with me. And for being you.
Now, go! Look around. Explore.

And let me know what you think.


P.S. I’ve got another surprise lined up for you later this week. Keep your eyes wide open for it!!!

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