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6 Transformative things I have learnt about life from my mother.

Vienda picking mandarins.


I’m feeling quite sentimental and nostalgic this morning. It’s been almost a year since I left India, and came to Australia. Back then, my intention was to just stay for 3 months, spend time with my family, and then continue on elsewhere. But, as life has it, that’s not what happened.


One of the main reasons I came to Australia, was because I felt an overwhelming need to spend time with my mother. I am getting older. She is getting older. The opportunity to spend quality time together and to make peace with our tumultuous past was too valuable to ignore. And even when it’s scary, I always listen to my inner guidance. I know that there is something to this, even if it doesn’t make logical and intellectual sense.


The family issues that I had come to heal, and especially mother-line wounds, ran deeper than I had first suspected, and 3 months wasn’t enough time to unravel and resolve this threads that were tying me in knots. Things happened. Words were said. Feelings were felt. And things didn’t go the way I had imagined or hoped that they would. On the outside, they went much, much worse. But on the inside, what happened was exactly what I needed, to set me free. (The exact story of what happened will be told. One day.)


And as I look back at this incredible challenging time that I faced last year, I am grateful. Because, inadvertently, throughout the years of what has been a dysfunctional relationship, there are many transformative things that I have learnt about life from my mother. Today, I will share with you 6 of them.



6 Transformative things I have learnt about life from my mother.


1. Acceptance is paramount for a happy, fulfilling life.

I spent most of my childhood believing that my mother was pretty much perfect. She was one of those self-righteous parents who believed that she knew it all. And I believed her. Until I grew up, and realised that there is no such thing as one way to be, or do things.

She often complained and was sad that she didn’t feel accepted by others, when in truth, this experience was simply a reflection of her own non-acceptance of others. Her attitude was derived from a sense that her beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of the average person. Self-righteous individuals are often intolerant of the opinions and behaviors of others.

What I learned from this, is to remain open-hearted and accepting of the myriad ways that life can be lived, seen and perceived. There is no wrong or right way. There is simply the path that we each choose.



2. Mother’s (or anyone, really) are wounded children too.

For so many of us, we can look into our past, and see how the interactions and relationships with our parents formed so much of who are, and who we have become. As adults we have the opportunity to review these beliefs and habits we have learned, and choose to let the ones go, that no longer serve us, or the direction we are growing in. This is a really valuable time because we have an incredibly empowering choice to make:

Take responsibility for ourselves, who are, and who we will become.


Blame our parents for the (mostly innocent) choices they made, and not do anything to change.

We are all wounded children. Including our mothers. My own mother, in her late 50’s still woes the fact that she didn’t receive love from her own mother in the way that she wanted to be loved. It saddens her deeply. She is so deeply wounded by this concept that there is a lack of love in her life, that she cannot feel or experience the love that she has in her life, now.

What I have learned from this, is that it’s really important to heal our wounds, so we can be fully present, and enjoy life as it actually is now, instead of through a filter of what we once believed was true. I have also learned to have and hold great compassion, as this pain she feels is very real for her, even though it also a choice.



3. Pain is an addiction.

We all have our ‘things’. Our own personal addictions. They come in many, many forms. Another way of viewing addictions is: the level of Being, or experience that feels comfortable and normal to you, but is in fact, destructive on some level. Creating and causing pain is one form of addiction. Deepak Chopra says that the addiction to pain is rooted in the beliefs and motivations that give it justice.

My mother has, sadly, experienced a tremendous amount of pain in her life. From her stories, it sounds like her childhood was filled with painful, hurtful, horrible experiences which left her feeling rejected, unwanted, and like she didn’t belong. Unless we heal them, we tend to repeat the patterns that we learn in childhood, forever, and so, for her, feeling pain is her normal. In fact, when she isn’t feeling painful experiences in her life, she will go out and unwittingly create some, so she can return to her level of comfort, which is pain.

What I learned is that it’s invaluable to look at our own addictions, and clear the way, for a better, sweeter, kinder life. We all have them, and it’s up to us to release them.



4. Without awareness, patterns repeat themselves.

As I mentioned above, pain was a pattern that, for my mother, then became an addiction. Our patterns are the things that we subconsciously learn in life, and that then continuously repeat themselves until we decide to unlearn them. Some patterns are good. Some patterns are destructive.

For my mother, the patterns were around feeling unwanted, judged and rejected. That’s what she experienced as a child, and then, has continued to experience throughout her adult life. She consistently attracts experiences into her life that match those negative patterns, meaning that, over and over again, in different situations and with different people, she feels unwanted, judged and rejected. (Including with me.)

From this, I learned that our patterns can be examined and changed, as long as we are willing to do the inner work. Luckily, and gratefully, I’ve cleared those patterns from my own life many years ago, but it took self-awareness, willingness to change, and a level of curiosity to clear them.



5. Being a victim is a choice.

Based on her life experiences, my mother feels like so many people have done her wrong, and that she is a victim. I get that. But I don’t agree. You see, this is what I believe:

If we want our lives to change, we have to change.

As long as we remain in the victim mentality we are giving our power away to all the people in the world, who could possibly do wrong with us. When we choose to be empowered, we get clear on our ability to create our experiences, by cleaning up our thoughts and beliefs, getting clear on our boundaries, and most importantly, treating ourselves in the ways that we wish to be treated. No one can treat you in any way, unless you let them. While she might struggle with this concept, especially because it confronts her addiction to pain, being a victim is her choice.

Through being an avid observer and student, I learned that we always have a choice in every moment. Being a victim is one choice. Being self-aware and empowered is another. I know which one I prefer.



6. You get more of what you focus on.

My mother’s days are filled with the sadness of the pain that she has experienced in her life. She focuses so closely on this pain, that it engulfs her entire world and Being. As a daughter, this hurts, because no-one wants to see their loved ones suffer, be it emotional pain, or physical. (And often, unresolved emotional pain — eventually turns into physical pain.) My mother focuses on that pain so succinctly that she creates more of it. Pain in her relationships with all of her family members, in her friendships and with her intimate partners. It’s really, really sad.

This has taught me, that you always experience more of what you focus on. When you focus on love, on joy, on happiness, on peace, on the way that people uplift and support you, you get more of that. When you focus on the hurt and pain, you get more of that, too.


My mother has been such great teacher for me and I am very grateful for that. We might not have the sweet, loving mother-daughter relationship that Hollywood films are made up of, but there is definitely a deep love there, and I don’t think our relationship could be more perfect. It teaches us both, exactly what we need, in exactly the right moments. And it gives us a platform to grow, evolve and truly break free from the paradigms of limitation, by allowing us to examine life from a perspective of how it comes together, in the building blocks of beliefs, mindsets and reflected experiences.


Having gone through this journey of healing my own mother-line (and father-line — but that’s a story for another time) I am able to help others on their path, do the same. Because this is what sets us free. Being really honest, aware, compassionate and open to change has helped me shoot for the stars and live a life that, for many, only dreams are made of. I have examined the limitations that have been mirrored so beautifully to me by my mother and used this mirror to heal myself and my life. And as I have changed, my life experiences have changed. Life continues to open up, to blossom, to become sweeter and more beautiful, as I continue down this journey of unraveling and unlearning the beliefs, ideas, thoughts and patterns that hold me back, contract me, and stop me from being what we all truly are: limitless.


Soul Plan ::: Do you want to feel… powerful?



Soul Plan. Do you want to feel… powerful?

This is dedicated to:

The thinkers, the creators, the courageous and the spirited people of the world.

SOUL PLAN. A new generation of powerful future-mapping and planning. Registration closes tomorrow.
Having awkwardly muddled my way through the first two years of running a heart and soul-driven business, I have somehow, managed to figure out a way, where I can carve a path that allows me to do things my way. In way that is fun and easy. The gypset way.
Those of you who have been striding alongside me through that time, would know that gypset is an amalgamation of gypsy and Jetset which refers to an emerging group of creative thinkers who are ditching constrictive society. We are people who want to be free to live, do business and make unconventional choices, on their own terms. Mostly, it’s about having freedom.
And the most fascinating thing that I have discovered on this journey, is that, even the greatest freedom requires some parameters. Some structure. Otherwise, there is no contrast. Nothing to compare the freedom that you have, to. And no way of being clear that you are, actually, doing things your own way.
And the other thing that I have learnt, is that the reason I crave this freedom, is because it makes me feel powerful. I like the idea that I am the creator of my own Universe. Of my life experience. So, when I break it down:
Power is… confidence and freedom.

You feel most powerful when you have BIG dreams, and then actually go ahead and achieve them.

You feel powerful through knowledge. Gaining knowledge of oneself, and the world around you.

You are most powerful when you allow yourself to be who you are. And take focused action from that place of power.

That sense of power is instilled even more deeply, when you know exactly how you are going to move forward with your hopes, ideas and dreams.

You are only ever yourself, so when you empower that, and be that fully, is when you feel most free.

You can do this.

You don’t have to live in fear of making mistakes, and not getting it quite right, or worse, not giving it a go at all.

I’d love to help you.

This is why I am so excited about this brand new Beta coaching program titled SOUL PLAN.

3 months: May, June, July 2015.

3 x 2 hour intimate coaching calls on how to connect with your intuition, change your habits and attitudes about the life you are creating, get focused and do what you say you want to do.

Because I’m still testing this program out, I’d like to invite you to register for Soul Plan for $300 per month (saving you over $500) to the first 10 inspired folk, who feel called to join me for this program.

This is the last structured coaching program I will be offering until September 2015. And maybe this year.
To learn more about Soul Plan and register, go here, or schedule your first Soul Plan call straight away, here.

Registration closes tomorrow, Friday 24 April.
Tune in to your intuition and explore whether this program is the right fit for you.

Remember, the way I work is all about intuition. So always listen to that. I know I do.

And if you can’t quite tell the difference between intuition and fear, I’ll let you in on a secret, that I teach all of my clients: Intuition is the voice that gently whispers a single, simple message. It doesn’t have to explain itself because it always speaks truth. Whereas fear, has a much more nagging, persistent voice, with 1-million-and-1 reasons why it is right, and why you should listen to it.

Simple, right?!


Image from Free People.

Limitations As Fuel For Genius (How to create from a space of not-enough-ness.)




I love setting limitations for myself as it forces me to create amazingness out of what is at hand. It gets my creative juices flowing and teaches me that limitations are simply an illusion. This is where magic happens.


If you look at the history of the world, the greatest inventions, ideas and businesses burst forth from some kind of limitation be it a lack of something, not enough resources or a financial downturn. It creates the space for genius because we have to think outside of the usual parameters in order to create results.


The marvelous richness of human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse. | HELEN KELLER


Is that why twitter is so popular?….


Embracing the limitation can actually drive creativity … We need to first be limited in order to become limitless. | PHIL HANSEN


Limitations are bringing our curiosity back – curiosity about new possibilities that we hadn’t explored before. And these possibilities are shattering our previous beliefs of what is actually possible as we discover better alternatives.


When you think about why this is you can isolate the possible reasons. When someone possesses abundance they have less needs in general. Proportionate to this abundance, is the tendency to have less motivation and creativity to meet the remaining needs they have yet to gain. In a nutshell, they take their work for granted.


Instead of being unique problem solvers, they become participants in the status quo. You know the type “Just get it done and out the door.” That element of creative challenge to accomplish something usually isn’t there.


A person who possesses little tends to make good use of what they do have, and seeks to find new ways they can stretch it to accomplish more than what is expected. The creative challenge is paramount in exercising creativity to solve problems, and when that happens you tend to get something profoundly simple, yet simply profound.


There are those moments in the creative process when you’re brainstorming ideas and stumble upon that precious jewel of inspiration. Doing this — while being in the midst of scant resources and time — is unfortunately becoming more rare as our industry moves at light speed into the digital realm. It can be done and it doesn’t take unlimited resources, it takes unlimited creativity and proves once again that necessity is indeed the mother of invention.


Thus we should embrace the challenge of having minimal time or no budget. These types of restrictive perimeters are what you can capitalize on in your own work flow. View them as an opportunity rather than a problem and you’ll marvel at the brilliant ideas birthed from limitation.


Let the searching end here. (Aka: what to do when it all just doesn’t quite feel… enough!)



Have you found what you are looking for? For that one thing that will make life finally feel enough? Maybe it’s time to stop looking.


Every now and then during a philosophical mull-in with friends, a notion arises — that is “I am looking for something that is other than what I have.”


Examples would be …… “I haven’t figured out what I want to do with my life / my career / my love …..”  – “I am looking for a sense of fulfilment outside of myself, and I don’t know how to reach it.” “So and so aren’t making me happy / my job isn’t fulfilling me / my life just isn’t quite right ….. yet.”


Let the searching end here.


I’ve been there myself, many times, trust me – I have galavanted across oceans in every direction in chase of adventure, to taste the potent elixir of life, or to escape from situations that I didn’t know how to stand in.


I hope, no, I am certain that by now, I have learnt my lesson. I have been the princess of chasing lost dreams that were actually never lost……. though not anymore. This is what I know for sure:


When you stop looking it comes to you.


Whatever that piece you feel is missing, it’s not, but by the fact that you are searching it out, that you believe you don’t have it, this elusive “thing” disappears and is suddenly invisible to the eye. That illusion of fulfilment, the idea of something lacking in your life is created by not attuning yourself to what IS already in your experience. By not allowing what is to be, and thinking that it is other than what you should have.


We always get exactly what we need; what we ask for.


Sometimes we are blind to the things that are in front of us purely due to the fact that we have forgotten to appreciate them for what they are. We judge them as good or bad instead of just as an experience, a possible opportunity to grow and learn.


When you hold in your consciousness how you want to feel, what you want experience, the type of people you want in your life, when you stay with it …… you find it.

Or rather .. it finds you. I know now that things always work the best when we allow them to arrive rather than pushing and striving to achieve them.


Let the searching end here.


What you are looking for is not missing.  It’s not lost. It’s right in front of you… and you will see it soon enough. As soon as you let go.


How to have a coaching business that is attainable and can be simple, yet fun and creative.


Become a successful coach.


Last week I received an email from my beautiful, talented and über-helpful intern Bethany Mullins on how to create a successful coaching business. This is how it went:


Hi Vienda!


As you well know, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of yours. You’ve actually inspired me and shown me that a coaching business is attainable and can be simple yet fun and creative. I feel like your business is a model for me to get inspiration from and remind me that it is always possible for me to get there.


I recently felt a wave of clarity in the last 10 days – it was crazy! I just launched my site with my solid message. I’m currently looking at my business through new eyes and am eager to learn what things worked for different people.


I was hoping you’d have a few minutes to answer some questions for me about how you do what you do. I don’t mean to copy you or steal – only learn and understand what is possible.
I understand you’re busy and don’t expect much. But would absolutely LOVE to hear from you :)



Her questions were so good, I decided to share them, and my answers with you here, today:



How do you go about scheduling your blog? Do you have a months worth backed up and schedule from there?


I spent about a year working out what days and times were the best for me to post on and in the ned figured out that Mondays and Thursdays work the best. Studies say that people read blog posts the most on Tuesday mornings, but I don’t believe that’s true for everyone so I follow my own rhythm and intuitive process and this is what works for me. I write posts as and when I am inspired and then schedule them. Again, this is an intuitive process.Sometimes I wrote a tonne, and have weeks of content ahead of me, at other times I write and post in the moment. It varies and all I do is trust the process. I don’t encumber myself with too much ‘should’s’ and expectations.



Do you have an assistant to help you?


I do not have an assistant at this time, though as things speed up, I will be seeking out to work with an admin assistant in the near future, to give me more space and time. Currently I have an intern helping me with design, I used to have one in the past, helping with social media, and I have a bookkeeper whom I pay a weekly salary to take care of my accounts and such, as it does my head in!



What social media has been good to you in growing your business?


My favourite Social Media channels are Instagram and Facebook. They allow me to tell my story, share what inspires me and relate the brand personality and message in a constant and fun way.


What was a big turning point for you in really bringing in paying clients?


One of my biggest turning points to bringing in paying clients is to stop having a plan B to fall back on, and fully leaping, both feet first, into my coaching business. It meant: no bridge jobs, no side jobs, no padded income from other areas and fully stepping into the fear of making this business my only source of income. Doing that was of course, insanely scary, because I literally didn’t know how I was going to make money, but it was the push I needed to make this business financially and soulfully fulfilling on every level.


Do you have questions about becoming a coach too? Book in for a Soul-Jam Session with me to nut them out, and help you take strides on your own path to success.


Finding Love. (Part 3.) How to break a Soul Contract.


In my first and second Finding Love videos, I spoke about how, in order to invite the love that I wanted into my life, I had to let go of someone from my past, with whom I had unconsciously made a strong soul contract, that, energetically, worked much like a marriage. This meant that I couldn’t pursue any new love interests, until I energetically divorced this person.


In today’s video I share my story of how I broke a soul contract that was holding me back from finding love, suddenly started attracting so many sexy men wherever I went, and then met and fell in love with my current partner, all within two months!



Here are 6 steps to breaking a soul contract, as I encountered and followed from Spirit Science:


1. Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Close your eyes and start by taking 10 deep slow deliberate breaths.

2. Think of the person with whom you want to cut ties with.

3. Scan your body. Try to visualize a cord coming from the heart or any other region in the body your mind is pulled to being connected to this person. Selenite wands help with body scanning and clearing.

4. Keep breathing and imagine how it feels to cut this cord between the two of you. If you have a similar experience to me I could feel the density and size of the cords and why they were place there. Imagine cutting the cords.

5. Ask your higher self and subconscious mind to release all contracts and/or subconscious obligations with this person. This includes all energetic invasions in your environment (car, house, etc), ask for the release and complete return of your original energetic balance within your body.

6. Lastly, picture sending this person love and gratitude for hard learned lessons and thank the universe for the return of balance to your body and your physical environment. Visualize closing this energetic portal.


I’d love to know about your own experiences with soul mates, soul contracts and ending those commitments with love and letting go! Share them with me in the comments below.

99 Ways To Play With Yourself: How To Be Confident, Charming, & Flirt With Anyone



Confidence is such buzzword in our Western world that seems to imply that when you are confident you have not a care in the world and believe in yourself so fiercely, that no-one and nothing else (not even a natural disaster) can push you off your path. This premise, is of course, entirely untrue.


The truth is that everyone is just as fucking scared as each other, and that some of us are better at being comfortable with that fear, or hiding it, than others.


What is greater than confidence is a grounded self-belief that you are always doing and being your very best in every moment. No matter what. And that, that is more than good enough. It’s about truly loving and valuing yourself down to the very last part of you.


And if you don’t believe me, here are 99 ways to play with yourself: how to be confident, charming and flirt with anyone.




1. Floss your teeth. Your smile is the best way to attract beautiful friends, admirers and lovers.

2. Obviously brush your teeth too….

3. Spend your time wisely. Ensure that the company you keep is the best connection that you cherish the most.

4. Learn more languages. Communicating with more people will make you a magnet of conversation.

5. Be classy. Do your research, be prepared, and go for the finer things in life.

6. Be spontaneous. Take time in your life for a day where you do something exciting that was completely unplanned.

7. Think before you speak. Learn to say what you feel instead of what you’ve been programmed to say. Cherish the mistakes and learn from them.

8. Learn to apologize.

9. Practice learning and remembering names.

10. Exercise consistently and enjoy the activities you’re doing.




11. Shake hands and hug with genuine intent to connect.

12. Listen more and speak less.

13. Practice self-love. Here are 88 ways.

14. Take time for yourself.

15. Try new things. Even the weirdest of things.

16. Observe others and learn to take away and mold your envies.

17. Use your knowledge to educate, not impress.

18. Be honest. Don’t lie to others nor yourself.

19. Focus on physical traits that you love about yourself and wear them proudly.

20. Focus on physical traits that you’ve struggled to accept, and find ways to give them love as well.




21. Walk into every new room or situation like you’re taking the first step on Mars.

22. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

23. See the world. Don’t just travel; learn, love and accept its differences.

24. Immerse yourself somewhere new. Stay somewhere that scares you.

25. Wear clothes that make you feel like the best version of yourself.  (Shy of being completely nude!)

26. Love yourself naked. Fill your home with amazing mirrors and work towards a body and sparkle you like to see every day.

27. Use your senses. Smell, taste, touch, observe all things you believe to be interesting or beautiful.

28. Breathe.

29. Talk to the audience that listens, don’t yell to the audience that doesn’t.




30. Take your time. Trip along the way.

31. Share your bed.

32. Work hard. Make your days feel challenging and rewarding.

33. Learn to dance.

34. Wear good shoes.

35. Keep your friends and family close. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

36. Be an expert. Find something you love and be a part of it. Love it.

37. Get physical. Wrestle, play, and enjoy childish moments.

38. Laugh with your belly. It hurts, but it’s worth it.

39. Keep your mind clear. Be aware of substances and their effect on your mind and your productivity.




40. Be appropriate. Don’t just change the way you think or speak based on your audience. Be one version of yourself that could speak to any audience in any situation.

41. Get in touch with your environment. Look at where you live, find our where it is, what it means and explore it. Find out what grows there, what the air is like, and how fertile the soil is etc.

42. Find nature. Wherever you are, find trees, fruit, ground, and oxygen. Get comfortable being in your own head and being present in the silence.

43. Leave technology at home.

44. Read great books.

45. Learn to give a massage. Give them and never expect anything in return.

46. Find your purpose then try and fulfil it. Repeat. Forever.

47. Enlighten and educate those who look up to you.

48. Spend time with children. Ask them questions, and let them be honest with their answers.

49. Touch people. Don’t be afraid to put a hand on a shoulder, to kiss someone on the cheek, or to buddy up for pictures.




50. Buy something nice for someone you don’t know. Go to your favourite coffee shop, walk in, order something for someone of your  equal and offer it with kindness and without intent.

51. Listen to live music. Connect with the musicians.

52. Allow yourself to be intimate when you’re sober.

53. Protect your core values.

54. Be respectful and understanding, even if you don’t agree .

55. Ask yourself challenging questions. Be honest with your answers.

56. Ask weird questions. Find out unique and interesting things about your peers.

57. Do a date night, with anyone. Find a friend, a lover, your mom, or a bro and go be plutonic and relaxed.

58. Enjoy the sea.

59. Learn from the wise. Spend time with senior citizens and devour their knowledge.


Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset


60. Be hungry! Eat with intent. Eat with your hands. Chew your food. Enjoy sharing. Be grateful, and connect with your food.

61. Be angry. Allow yourself to feel anger and to find productive outlets. Empower yourself with these tools.

62. Touch yourself. Learn what feels good and help others by guiding them to what you like. Adapt, progress, and allow it to grow.

63. Keep secrets. Protect the little things that make you reliable and trustworthy. You are strong and you can be a safe-haven for yourself and your friends. Keeping secrets can make you feel like a boulder of strength when entering a room, and others will curiously envy that.

64. Embrace your roots. You don’t have to like them, but you need to learn to love them.

65. Save for the big ones. Use your energy to save your time, money and freedom for the big things.

66. Don’t give money to charity. Be the skills, time, and energy people really need. Volunteer!

67. Don’t follow the trends, do what’s tried and true. You get what you pay for.

68. Chew the ice-cubes from your empty glass. In public settings you may annoy some, but you will interest others.

69. 69, at least once, and like it.




70. Build a nest. Find someone interesting and invite them to join you. Pillows, blankets, and a movie.

71. Accept your family. Learn to laugh with them and learn when to remove yourself. Too much family time can be a bad thing.

72. Create an Alias. Practice being that person, and have fun with it playfully.

73. Stay clean. Decrease alcohol, substance and sugar intake and challenge yourself to live in your own skin no matter how uncomfortable it may feel.

74. Be the journey. Take every second of everyday to try to relive the feelings we take for granted. Touch, smell, taste things in a new light.

75. Work on your posture. Be the biggest person in the room even if you’re the smallest.

76. Make deep eye contact. Try and see both eyes at the same time and acknowledge your speaker.

77. Keep palms and chest out and visible. Be open and keep approachable body language.

78. Don’t hide your nerves, ride them! Be honest and feel them out. They can be a great learning tool and they are a great reality check for yourself.

79. Write it down. Find yourself in a moment of happiness and clarity and write down all your favourite things, and why you’re passionate about them.




80. Listen to the Compliments. If someone compliments you, accept it, be gracious and consider its origin. Validate it and use it to your advantage. Enjoy it.

81. Live your life with colour. Enjoy your differences from others, and take advantages of the quirks you have.

82. Watch some porn. Play with it, enjoy it, understand it, then burn it. Understand the reality of it and the clear differences between it and real life.

83. Don’t resist. If the whole world is pulling you in one direction, don’t fight it, don’t ignore the signs, flow with it.

84. Take classes. Find what’s affordable, and short-term. Do things totally out of the ordinary, and don’t be afraid to do it on your own.

85. Be awesome, even if you suck.

86. Talk to strangers. Smile at people on the bus, chit-chat with the homeless, give friendly hello’s to security guards and custodians.

87. Ask anyone their honest advice. Sometimes people will surprise you and in turn you will feel great.

88. Draw a bath. With Bubbles. And a book. And Champagne. And your favourite music or tv show. Take the 45 minutes you want for yourself.

89. Don’t over-apologize. A sincere “I’m sorry” should be enough. If someone is still offended then it wasn’t meant to be. Be sympathetic, but don’t get bent over. Move on.




90. Give sincere compliments, and do it often. You can never give too many.

91. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Minimize the shit in your life, and organize the few things you do have control over.

92. Slow down. When you’re nervous, feeling rushed, or under pressure to perform. Just quit it, slow down. The 3-5 seconds more that you take for yourself to breathe and release the tension in your chest will allow you the freedom to be yourself and do your best.

93. Expect success, and prepare for downfall. Not everything works out, but dammit it can be fun to try.

94. Shoot a big gun. Do it at least once. Do it at an inanimate object. Understand its power, feel it and respect it. Have fun with it.

95. Throw your TV out the window. It’s expensive, it’s kind of heavy, and besides the odd movie you’ve downloaded for free, it’s useless. Enjoy smashing it, and freeing yourself from the clutches of your couch and false dreams fed to you by reality TV and Propagandist news networks. Go outside, be real and feel active and strong.

96. Set up a hammock. Take naps, often.

97. Make good with your ex’s. Call them, send them a handwritten letter, or meet them in public. Don’t apologize, just be real. Make it nice, and find closure…..or not.

98. Learn to cook. Learn to make cocktails. Host a dinner-party. Make it the best ever, even if it’s just you, your cat and the neighbour down the hall.

99. Use the toilet outdoors. Laugh about it, then do it again. Free yourself from your sterile life and just be human.


Ghost writer: Julien Peron.


Want to learn how to map out + take soulful action on those big dreams (so they actually happen)?




 A 3 month mentoring program for big dreamers and world wanderers, who need help turning those creative ideas into real, tangible processes and results — whilst always staying in alignment with intuition and soul.


The idea struck me, while I was doing my own soul and life mapping for the next 3 months, that there are so many amazing folk, with such great ideas and dreams for their lives, who have a really hard time taking those ethereal thoughts and turning them into a beautiful, reality.


Which led me to decide to test out a new kind of coaching method, run across 3 months: May, June and July 2015, that is specifically centered on connecting with your intuition and allowing that to guide your goal setting and action taking. Which is how, I personally, create and run my life and business.



Who it’s for.

This coaching program is for BIG dreamers who have a hard time setting those creative dreams into real, tangible experiences and need structure, support and a definitive timeline to get things done. It’s part spirit-based soul-searching, part creative planning and clarity creating, dazzled with healthy doses of clearing out blockages and limited beliefs, practical action-taking and accountability. 
Normally, working with me costs $470 per month, but because I’m BETA testing this new coaching style, I’m offering it to 10 people at $300 per month.
 What you’ll get.
3 Months of 1 to 1 support
3 x 2 Hour coaching calls.
A Video recording of each call.
4 “Eeeek! I’m stuck” support emails per month.
Session 1.: 120 minutes.
  • Intention setting meditation.
  • Connecting with heart and spirit.
  • Drawing out your soul path on paper with coloured pens.
  • Creating a 3 month vision quest.
  • Creating tangible goals.
  • Breaking down the steps necessary fulfil goals.
  • Outlining tasks that need to take place.
  • Creating an action plan for the next 4 weeks.
Session 2.: 120 minutes.
  • Intention setting meditation.
  • Reflecting on what’s happened in the past 4 weeks.
  • Removing any blocks or limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • Connecting with heart and spirit.
  • Re-assessing direction and soul path.
  • Re-calibrating as necessary.
  • Creating tangible goals.
  • Breaking down the steps necessary fulfil goals.
  • Outlining tasks that need to take place.
  • Creating an action plan for the next 4 weeks.
Session 3.: 120 minutes.
  • Intention setting meditation.
  • Reflecting on what’s happened in the past 4 weeks.
  • Removing any blocks or limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • Connecting with heart and spirit.
  • Re-assessing direction and soul path.
  • Re-calibrating as necessary.
  • Creating tangible goals.
  • Breaking down the steps necessary fulfil goals.
  • Outlining tasks that need to take place.
  • Creating an action plan for the next 4 weeks.

I’m really excited to be offering this, and curious to find out for how many of you are seeking this kind of structure, support and content resonates. 


If this sounds like it’s talking you and your current journey, be the first to join me for this experimental BETA program. Let’s make May, June and July 2015 the most productive, and forward moving, soulfully aligned months you’ve ever had!




Other stuff you’ll want to know:


+ Registration is open now, and closes on Friday 24th of April.

+ Coaching calls are held in the first week of each month.

+ Payments are made by monthly installments due before each coaching session.

+ The sooner you register, the more likely you’ll get one of the 10 spots available.

+ Once you have registered by clicking on the button above, and paying the first instalment, I’ll get in touch with you via a personal email letting you know you’re in, and what the next steps are.



What folks say:


20131210-095101.jpg“Let me start by saying: Thank you, thank you, thank YOU… talking to you helped me clear my mind and opened my soul in so many levels.

You are SO amazing, and honestly it felt so natural to talk with you. I always felt a really good vibe from you, your style and message and I am so happy that I took that chance. You are so worth it babe! There is something so pure and luminous about your presence, I felt so blessed to share that screen in that time and space.

Since that day I already feel more confident, and I have actually started to move towards those goals that we defined together.”

VAL  CASSALDERREY | Finding Grace {Urban Remedies}




Before working with Vienda, I felt clueless and no thought as to what direction/steps to take towards my dreams of creating my own location independent, gypset-style soulful business.

After the 3 month coaching program I felt  grounded, at peace and a full knowing of what to do and where I am headed. I’ve even signed up for an additional 3 months to keep me on track!

My favourite part was seeing it all develop and become clear on paper and in my head :). Biggest difference: I know where I am going and can see the results and can FEEL it all happening.

MIRANDA HAFELI | Ixchel Element


20131113-145634.jpg“Oh how life can change in 3 short months. In August, a lost little soul trying to find her place in the world emailed you seeking to embrace an abundance of happiness and some direction in life. Fast forward to November and how amazing and inspired by life do I feel right now.

I have a goal. I have come to truly accept my authentic self. I am filled with so much joy, happiness, excitement and optimism for where this little journey is going to take me. I am so excited about shinning my bright light on the world. Who knows where the next 3 months is going to take us, but I am so looking forward to each session with you.

You are the most amazing and magical soul. Your ability to tap into peoples core and bring out all the wonderfulness is such a beautiful gift. I cherish you and will be forever thankful for the self-belief, self-confidence and most importantly the self-love you have given me. xx”

ANNA MORAN | Wellness Centre Manager


Read more praise here.



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