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on feeling lost + the metrics of purpose + uncertainty

feeling lost permeates us all from time to time. fear, doubt + uncertainty play riddles with our minds. we look around, grappling to hold on to something. something that will sustain our reason for being. something to anchor ourselves to. a person. a job. a habit. an image.


for why we are here and what we are doing. we look left. we look right. nothing. nothing to sustain our sense of self. we question ourselves …. we feel like we’re falling + floating in space with nothing to tether ourselves to. then we reach for a beer. or a wine. or something that makes the feeling go away. at least for a little while.


this feeling is actually a breakthrough. it’s scary. falling. your identity is peeling away and you wonder what you’ll be left with. a shell of a person?


but no. do not be afraid. stay within the lostness. it is in these moments that your true self, your authentic self has a chance to shine. the part of you that is beyond how you represent yourself to the world. this is a chance for you to decide what you really want from life. are you being honest with yourself? are you trying to fit into someone else’s hold? change your perception. feeling lost is a gift. a chance to review where you’re at. the most successful, radical-thinking, enigmatic people have no idea where they are going. just that they are going somewhere. something will happen. it always does.


be yourself. do what you love. what makes you happy. you don’t need a reason for it ::: a goal in mind ::: a conceptual end point.


do you need to know the destination in order to move forward? perhaps your purpose is something you cannot grasp in your imagination. it is something that will slowly reveal itself to you. and one day you wake up realising that you’ve been living out your purpose all along.


We all come into our lives wishing to feel some kind of sense of purpose. Something that we can tether ourselves to and identify with. Something that gives us meaning. Innately, having a sense of purpose is a physical and emotional need.


We begin to find ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already, truly, entirely, wildly, messily marvellously exactly who we are meant to be.


The only problem from recognising that is that there is thus undercurrent of rejecting ourselves. We have been taught for years to live up to other people’s expectations, to societies ideas of who we should become, fixations on how other people perceive us, an external means of fulfilling ourselves such as body image and having the latest everything.


To truly discover and embody your purpose, you have to step out of what is keeping you small and contained. Stop being a people pleaser. Listen to and trust your intuition. And start doing things your way.


Discovering your purpose is a topic  that is so very close to my heart, because it’s a defining guide in us having the life that we are meant to have. Which is exactly why I have an entire week devoted to discovering your purpose in the #GypsetMindset 6 week mentoring program starting on Monday 10 November. I’d love for you to join us. Find out more here now. Doors close to my final 1 to 1 coaching program for 2014 on Saturday 8 November.


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Love + The Gypset :: An Unconventional Guide to Love for the Über-Romantic

Six months ago, when I first started writing this article, I felt entirely unauthorized to write about this topic, because right then, I was single.

Which doesn’t really mean anything except that I want to be clear on the fact that I haven’t got this whole romantic relationship thing all figured out. And I’m not really sure if anyone does. But I have been in quite a few relationships. So I’ve got an opinion or two…


I’ve always been a perpetual monogamist. Going from one relationship to the next, even though, and maybe because, I really, really loved being single. I think my first couple of boyfriends – I’d say the first 4 – that took me from highschool to uni, were just experiments. Maybe I loved them in a way, but mostly I was just exploring what being in a romantic relationship with someone else felt and looked like. The emotions, the expectations, mystery of getting to know another person intimately.

I noticed that the first few weeks and months were super exciting. This new rush of energy, hormones, lust, intrigue all rose to the surface and life seemed sweeter that sweet. But as the novelty wore off, so did the rose-tinted glasses, and what was left was simply the ruins of a hormone-induced chemical high.




Then at 23, I fell in love with my first soul-mate. I say first, because I’m one of those weird people who has many soul mates in this life. I’m lucky like that. There’s an unbelievable abundance of love in my life. Just sayin’.

He was 6 years older than me, and definitely not that type of guy you’d take home to your mother. Rough around the edges, had spent a little stint in jail at some point, and drank entirely too much. Obviously, those weren’t the qualities that I fell in love with.

What I feel in love with, was his unusual and unique sensibilities to energy and nature. He would, in an instant, pick up what other people were thinking and feeling, he’d be able to tell histories of places when he stood on land just by intuiting them, and he taught me about magic. Unwittingly, he showed me that our thoughts create our experiences. When you believe something, and put all your heart, mind and soul into it, it will happen.

Kindly, however, he loved me enough to push me away, knowing that in the long run, he wasn’t right for me. At the time I was heart broken, but hindsight is such a gift, and I am so grateful to him to this day. For everything. He gave me one of the greatest gifts: I learnt to let go, and still love. I learnt to live without need, or want, or expectation. I learnt to love, just for the sake of loving.


Then I had another few years of gaps, flirtations, affairs and short-term relationships which included: a dreadlocked ballet dancer who smoked too much pot; a Brazilian who owned a TShirt shop in Barcelona, and Englishman I’d met in Rome, a Frenchie who worked the festivals with me, and then, I tumbled into my longest relationship.


A very sweet and kind Englishman, a friend of my friend and housemate in Barcelona, who came to visit us once, and then very kindly to care of me when I moved to London the following year. He was so comfortable, so loving and very, very proper. He endured my gallivanting around the planet for 4 years, until finally he laid down his law: settle. Just try to settle with him. He wanted a go at a ‘normal’ relationship with me.

And so I did. We moved from Europe to Sydney, got an apartment in Surry Hills, got office jobs, and did the normal thing. Within a short 6 months, I felt frustrated, trapped and like I was suffocating. This wasn’t the life I had envisioned for myself. It was all so tediously, bland, dry and boring. I realized that, while I very much loved this man, I had never been in love with him, which, to me, is worlds apart.


I have the ability to love pretty much anyone. Yet I very, very rarely fall in love. Love, for me, is generally the affection, care and admiration that I have for others. I love the cute waiter at my favorite cafe, I love my clients because they’re such amazing, inspiring creatures, I love my family. There’s so many ways to love people.

There are as many different ways to love, as there are people. Each person draws a certain type of love out of you. But being in love with someone, is a whole different ball game. Those are some mad, deep connections that are beyond any tangible explanations of the world.




I digress. Back to the relationship: it parted unkindly, he blamed me for ruining his life plans, I was angry at him for not listening when I spoke my truth. We had both projected our own imaginations onto each other, and felt frustrated when they weren’t fulfilled. I fondly recall him saying, in one of our final fights “Why can’t you just be a normal girl!”. I think that’s one of the best compliments he ever gave me. He should have known, by being with me, that I was never going to be ‘a normal girl’.


Eighteen months past, and I put myself on a strict staying-single prescription. I could play and flirt, but it was absolutely essential to myself that I stay single for as long as possible, so I could take the time to do lots of my inner work, and just enjoy being by myself. The truth is, I really, really enjoy my own company. Frighteningly so, as I’d choose to be with myself over most people much of the time. I love people, but I love myself more.


And then one night, at a friends birthday in a bar, I saw this guy sitting by himself on a bar stool, hood shading his face so I couldn’t see it, but I could just feel this incredibly intense energy. That and possibly the espresso martini, that for someone who rarely drinks, can be a very powerful weapon. As the bar shut and we all got shuffled out, I ran back to this stranger, finding him standing by the doorway, and silently gave him my card. As it turned out, this was the second soul mate of my life.


Right here, we stand at the turning point off my most tumultuous relationship ever. This is one that broke me open; the one that taught me to be vulnerable; the one that made me face my daddy issues; the one that taught men  love, wholly, fully, deeply, and not to be afraid of them pain.

This one filled penchant for bad boys in every way: high risk behaviors were his high and it was all sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Fun, exciting but entirely unhealthy for a partnership. The love was fierce and intense, the drama high scale, and while I saw the beauty of his soul, his actions and the choices I was making in his presence were not in alignment with who I am or what I wanted from my life. It wasn’t long before I ran.

And then I did a whole lot of soul-searching to figure out why I was attracting this sort of situation into my life, when, intellectually I knew it wasn’t right for me. I remember spending 10 days in a hotel room in Prague, crying my eyes out and re-railing my life on the route that I wanted. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Reconnecting with my Self my Soul and my Heart with true self-love, vulnerability and authenticity. It was hard, but I needed the experience to become a better woman, partner and lover.


Fast forward 2 years and I stand before you a different person. One that I really like and am incredibly proud of. Not only because I’ve overcome so many powerfully transformative and challenging experiences in my life and romances, but because I alchemised every single one of them into something that has helped me become who I am meant to be. For the first time in my life I feel that I am fully embodying my soul, in every aspect of it. Which is exactly what at I am teaching and sharing with the gorgeous participants of the #GypsetMindset 6 week mentoring program starting on Monday 10 November.

And quite recently, someone completely different has shown up in my life. Not a “bad boy” – quite the opposite in fact. And it’s so sweet to discover how easy life can be. I feel compelled to believe that all of my romantic experiences have brought me to this specific point. And I get to measure my own inner growth and development against the intimate relationships that I attract into my space.


What’s going to happen next? I have no idea. Nor does it matter. I’m entering this experience wIth an open heart, no expectations and full presence for what is, right here, right now. It’s a beautiful thing, and I am excited to see where things may go.

The gypset mindset here is that everyone is free, and simply a reflection of the other – showing us where we are at in the present moment – and giving us an opportunity to share and experience the love that we are all made up of. Want to talk more about this kind of stuff? Join me for #GypsetMindset now. You can find out more right here.


10 Responses to Love + The Gypset :: An Unconventional Guide to Love for the Über-Romantic

  1. This is why I’ve embraced the term kindred spirits instead of soul mates. I can feel myself connecting with certain people I meet every day, even just that I see in the distance and never speak to. It isn’t a sexual thing and can be purely friendship based, just two like souls reaching out to one another and kindred spirits better suits this in my mind than soul mates which presents a lot of pressure about having that one eternally perfect relationship which is ridiculous. My boyfriend of seven years is a kindred spirit but I know that if anything happens between us, I will find many more kindred spirits in the future, my life does not begin and end with our relationship. I love that other people feel the same about this xx

    • I like the way you see it Sophie. I feel very similarly, though I also has experienced that some of those soul connections are more fierce, powerful and intense than others. I have this theory: if we were all stars in a star constellation – connected by a universe – then there are some stars that are closer, and that we have a stronger relationship with than others. So certain souls are a more powerful connection than others. And these show up over and over again – in each lifetime as we pass through… It’s a visual idea that makes me feel very sweet about our human counterparts and the souls that we encounter and learn to love in all of their variations.

  2. I love reading content that triggers my soul. This gave me goosebumps and butterflies. I love that way you’ve expressed emotion in this post. It’s so relatable

  3. Oh Vienda, I can relate to so much of what you have written, “I learnt to let go, and still love. I learnt to live without need, or want, or expectation.” is beautiful and I too am sometimes scared of how comfortable I am in my own company. A part of me longs to settle down and find a life partner while the other part is completely happy with my own company.. Whatever happens, I trust the universe has something special in store xo

    • So happy this piece resonated with you beautiful Tegan. And don’t be afraid, the more you love your own company, the more likely it is that you will attract the right kind of person into your life. Just remain open, and loving, and remove any blockages in your heart that might be holding you back. xo

    • Such a pleasure Melissa, I am happy you enjoyed it. It’s so powerful when we speak form our hearts and souls making our own experiences so relatable. xo

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how to know your gypset soul {/sōl/}

How To Know A Gypset Soul

Your soul is not a passive or a theoretical entity that occupies a space in the vicinity of your chest cavity. It is a very positive, purposeful force at the core of your being. It is that part of you that understands the impersonal nature of the energy dynamics in which you are involved, that loves without restriction and accepts without judgment. | Gary Zukav


At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with vast mysteries and wonders.

I often get emails and questions from you gorgeous gypsy-girls and guys asking more about how to know your own soul. I love this question, because it means that there is already some kind of knowing, a force within you, that is asking you to explore further.

Today I am sharing exactly what it takes to know your own soul. You are going to use your heart to tread on the simple path to the temple that dwells deep within you. This topic is very special. We are going commune with the soul.


First, let’s just get clear on this: We are Spiritual beings. We are not bodies having a Soul, we are Soul having bodies. Our aim, in life, is to deeply connect with our soul. In your soul is stored all the strengths you need to meet the challenges of your life; confidently and creatively. It is the source of your power.


Connecting to your soul is a divine act that brings you in touch with love, empowerment and a sense of purpose. Your soul communicates with you, your desires, your purpose. They are urgings that rise from deep within Self. Through your deep desires, your soul motivates you and directs you. You desire to be loved, your desire to help others, your desire to shine.


This is how you do it. How to know a gypset soul:

  • Slow down. Like, right down. Slow down so much, you can hear your own heart-beat, and languish in the essence that makes you, you. In this crazy, busy world we live in, it’s hard to hear yourself breathing, let alone connecting with your soul.
  • Take time to just be. Be present in the moment, sit in your body and just feel what it feels like, to be you.
  • Listen. Listen to the words, the sounds, the thoughts that come from deep within. Beyond the endless chatter of our everyday mind. Hear it out for those golden nuances, that surprise you as they whisper past.


The more you take the time, attention and energy to enhance your awareness and connect to your deep desires, the clearer and stronger they become. With time and practice you will learn to discern between the ego and the soul.

Ego desires bring temporary fulfilment at best, whereas soul desires bring lasting fulfilment. As you connect to your soul desires, your soul will respond and open more lines of communication with you. This is not only exciting but also very empowering. It is a major step in co-creating and manifesting your life with aspects that are more powerful, more intelligent and more knowing than the human personality alone.


These concepts are just a glimpse into the kinds of thoughts and ideas that I cover in the #GypsetMindset 6 week mentoring course, starting on Monday 10 November. It’s essential that we get to know who we truly are, and learn to embody our whole selves, which includes every aspect. Yep, including your soul.

There are only 7 spaces left and it’s the last mentoring program I’m running in 2014, before a whole new start next year so if you feel called, love the content (which I know you will) and have been wanting to work with me 1 to 1 for a while, this is a really great opportunity to take advantage of. Find out more here.


Image from

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6 Weeks of #GypsetMindset Mentoring That Will Make You Go “Woah!”


There is a reason why so much of our time, energy and interest is focused on mindset and personal development. So much so that, before I even released this mentoring program out into the world today, spots were already snapped up. And I’ve only got 7 spaces left. If you want in, you might want to be quick!


So why are we all really here? 

It’s about becoming who you are meant to be.


Ok. So, becoming who you want to be is an ongoing, transformative process that never really ends. But there is a huge difference between actually being on the path, and not even being anywhere near it. I know what that’s like. I spent many years of my life trying to figure out how to feel comfortable in my own skin; wishing I knew what my purpose in life could possibly be. I felt lost and afraid of both the answers and of not knowing.


It was in those years of swishing around somewhat aimlessly, from party to party – from country to country, where I learned to actually listen to my intuition. Something that I always had quite strongly, but happily ignored in favour for more exciting, louder messages. Usually from external sources, and somewhat disconnected from who and what I really am.


And then, suddenly, my life shifted and started to take form. I decided to create my own job. On my terms. Following passion. And of course, most importantly, serving others in the best way I possibly could. I asked for guidance from my intuition, got out of my head and learnt to follow my purpose by getting clear on what that actually was, and the role I had to play in the world.


All of those experiences have helped me become who I am today. Which is exactly what I’m sharing with you in my final mentoring program for the year #GypsetMindset. Even though the gypset concept is all about travelling, gypset mindset is actually about something else. It’s about becoming who you are meant to be and creating your life based on that.


I am so ridiculously excited to be finally sharing this program with you today, which I have been creating to content for all of this year. I wasn’t even sure if it would be ready by the time I wanted to release it, but here we are, with the final two months of the year remaining. Just in time to prepare for a whole new year.


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.28.56 pm


What You’ll Get

  • 6 x 50 min 1 to 1 coaching calls with me over the 6 week program.
  • 6 x support emails to keep you focused.
  • 6 x PDF’s full of content to guide your way.
  • Free copies of all of my digital products:

+ Guided Self-Hypnosis MP3

+ Guided Self-Love Meditation MP3

+ Build Your Own Business Blog eBook

+ The Gypset Recipe eBook

+ The Gypset Guide to Releasing Rituals 7 Day Program


Who It’s For

This mentoring program is for folks who are at the exquisite juncture of their lives, where things are about to change.

  • At the end: of a relationship; the death of a friendship or loved one.
  • Or at the beginning: of a new career or business; a new journey into the wild world.

It is perfect for anyone in the world who has a good internet connection and a willingness to change, grow and learn –  as all 1 to 1 sessions are done on Skype, and time zones manoeuvred around to suit both of us.

#GypsetMindset is for you. The you who has been waiting on the sidelines and is ready to take the leap. To become who you are meant to be.


What It Costs

In this package deal, the entire mentoring program is only two payments of $297.

The #GypsetMindset program is valued at $1,250 including the 6 coaching sessions, all the program materials as well as the digital products and resources.

Saving you a total of $656 which is way over 50% off its value.

Your first payment is due now upon enrolment, and your second payment will be due on Monday 1st of December.



Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.35.29 pm


When It Starts

Doors close on Saturday 8 November and the 6 week #GypsetMindset mentoring program starts on Monday 10 November.

There are only 7 spaces left, so I would love you join us for this fantastic opportunity now!


What We’ll Cover


Week 1. Get Out Of Your Head

Connect With Your Body and Get Back In The Flow

  • Discover how your mind works, and what role it plays in your life.
  • Understand why slowing down is imperative to getting out of your head.
  • Recognise the blocks and distractions that keep you in your head.
  • Learn 3 steps that help you get out of your head in any situation.
  • Know how to feel in order to drop you back into connection.
  • Become savvy to the difference between being in your head and in your soul.
  • Learn techniques to drop into your body and stay out of your head.
  • Connect with your body and inner energy to get back in your natural flow.



Week 2. Listen To Your Intuition

Listen To, Trust and Follow Your Inner Wisdom

  • Recognise what intuition is; and what it looks and feels like.
  • Commit to hearing your intuition, and allowing yourself to be guided.
  • Learn to build trust and develop a loving relationship with yourself.
  • Understand why your intuition is so powerfully important for creating your reality.
  • Know how to stop trying to control you experience, your environment, and others.
  • Recognise your intuition as guidance from your soul.
  • Practice following your inner wisdom by using 3 simple tricks.
  • Become familiar with how to act upon you intuition in every moment.



Week 3.  Discover Your Purpose

Uncover The Life Path That Is Uniquely Yours

  • Get clarity on who and what, you really are.
  • Learn what to do, if you keep asking yourself “What should I DO with my life?!”
  • Discover your greatest strengths, talents and unique abilities.
  • Expose the vulnerable, authentic parts of yourself that keep you hiding in the shadows.
  • Learn to value yourself and be willing to embrace your authentic self.
  • Reveal you true nature and allow yourself to be seen.
  • Summon incredible opportunities where you can express your life purpose.
  • Know how to act on purpose and create your perfect reality.



Week 4. Create Your Own Job

Use Your Greatest Strengths To Create Work You Love

  • Get clear on your big WHY you should create your own job.
  • Figure out which business or job is right for you.
  • Learn how to business-brainstorm for amazing new ideas.
  • Decide on which business idea is the most profitable for you.
  • Define the structure of your new life, job and business.
  • Uncover your first big $100,000 idea.
  • Make an action plan to bring your business to life.
  • Develop a defined vision for the future of your business.



Week 5.  Love Your Money

Become Abundant By Changing Your Money Mindset

  • Understand the difference between an abundant mindset and lack mindset.
  • Learn the key steps to changing your mindset for more financial abundance.
  • Get honest about your current financial situation and spending habits.
  • Declare how much money you want and learn to live in accordance with that figure.
  • Create a community of people who support your new money values.
  • Learn to take risks, and do new things to increase your income.
  • Develop a new love, respect and appreciation for money.
  • Discover some fun, simple tricks to manifest money now.



Week 6. Plot Your Gypset Journey

Follow Your Dreams and Go. Travel.

  • Discover what gypset really is, and how to apply it to your life.
  • Articulate the dream journey that you want to undertake.
  • Get clear on what you really need to go on your gypset journey.
  • Map out what needs to happen from now, until you leave.
  • Learn how to structure your trip, to fulfil all your needs and desires.
  • Familiarise yourself with simple gypset mindset philosophies to support your journey.
  • Create an action plan to take you from here, to there.
  • Get insider information, to ease your concerns.



Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.35.29 pm


With deepest gratitude, and delight and I can’t wait to see you inside the #GypsetMindset program soon! Will you be one of the 7?


Vienda xo

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I Want To Be There For You. Here’s Just 1 of the Ways. #GypsetMindset.

Last week we got 100’s of you all excited about the free google hangout that Hayley Carr and I were presenting for you. Due to various technical issues we were forced to cancel the event, but last night, we finally got to get together with all this of you who showed up and rocked our worlds with your questions.

It was awesome in more ways than I could possibly share, but luckily we got it all on video which you can see below. Just because there was so much to say and share, we went overtime by about an hour, but it was so worth it.


  1. Our stories and how we got started.
  2. How we deal with + face fears.
  3. How we make money.
  4. Our top time management methods that work anywhere in the world.
  5. How to stay fit and healthy anywhere.
  6. Our favourite techy apps, tools and equipment + how we pack our bags.
  7. How we manage romantic relationships + family en route.
  8. Our biggest stumbling blocks and how we managed to get through them.




This google hangout was a perfect prelude for the next mentoring program I’ve got coming out, starting on Monday the 10th of November. I want to be there for you. Here’s just 1 of the ways.



A 6 week mentoring program where you can ask all the difficult questions and align yourself to the kind of life you truly want.


gypset | gyp(d)sɛt|

an emerging group of people, characterised by an unconventional, bohemian approach to life: they have this down-to-earth ease and freedom – so gypset.

mindset |ˈmʌɪn(d)sɛt|

the established set of attitudes and beliefs held by a person or group of people: this town seems stuck in a medieval mindset.



  • I’ve spent the past 12 years of my life, perfecting my own version of the gypset lifestyle. Which means that I’ve made tons of mistakes, I’ve experienced more than most people do in their lifetime, and I’ve learnt a lot. And it’s not just about travel. It’s actually more about finding out who you truly are, and what your purpose and authentic self and vision is.


  • For me, it meant that there was a time that I hitchhiked from Italy, through Spain and into Portugal, to make it to my next festival gig, because my passport had been stolen. All by myself.


  • It means that I’ve been proposed to, several times, and in the end, my answer was no. Because I didn’t share enough of the same values with the beloveds that wanted my promise and my hand. Because I wanted something else, someone other, than conventional. Something extraordinary.


  • It means I’ve started a business that failed and lost $30,000 in the process.


  • It also means that from those ashes and tears, I learnt and grew, and created a business that blossomed. One that I love.


Which is how I stand before you now. With all of this to share with you. And a collation of all the questions you ever asked me.

So I created something wonderful. A 6 week mentoring program that takes you from the foundations into your dreams.


We often think that in order to feel and experience what we want in life, the world around us has to change. But the truth is, for our experiences to change, we have to change. We have to clean up our thoughts, start making choices that are in alignment with our dreams and values and take action on our intuitions and hearts. When we do that, everything else simply follows and falls into place.

That’s what #GypsetMindset is all about.


I can’t wait to share everything I’ve got in store for you over the coming weeks! More details on how to get in on the program are coming soon!

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Having An Abortion Is A Really Fucking Difficult Decision. This May Help.

About 6 months ago Adele from Vegie Head emailed me and said “I just bought your Releasing Rituals 7 Day Guide and LOVED it! I’m writing a book for women who have lost their child, and the rituals they can use to support themselves throughout the process. I would LOVE for you to contribute!”


Not only is Adele an incredible person with one of the biggest hearts in the entire planet, she has the deepest compassion for love and pain I have ever seen. And being give this opportunity to help and heal through my own experiences was one in a million. So I jumped at the chance to contribute.


My story, however, is a little bit different. I confided in her that I had never lost a child through miscarriage or illness. But rather,  that a couple of years ago, I lost a child by choice, per se. Having an abortion is a really fucking difficult decision. And 2 and a half years ago, it was one that I had to make.


rituals fb share image



This story, as you can imagine, is very, very close to my heart and not something I would normally share, but for this book Rituals, I knew it was the right time to open up and show a deeper side of myself. And to also share what helped me.


What was really crazy was that, during the time of writing I had sooooooo much resistance to actually bringing the story out of me into words on paper. And not so coincidentally, the man who was involved suddenly came back into my life out of the blue, and we spoke about what had happened for the first time since we had parted ways. Writing this story was cathartic and releasing for me, and I know this story can help others too.


I’m not going to go into the details here, but you can buy the book and read the whole story, plus the ritual I used to move on, by clicking on the button below.


Buy Now



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New Moon With Partial Solar Eclipse Is Tonight!

This is the second eclipse of the month and serves as a bookend to the most highly eccentric aspect of the month. Take some time today to just breathe. It’s as if you have just witnessed the most radical circus act and your adrenalin is settling back to normal. If there is any way to take a bit of a retreat here just to honor yourself and your authentic self with gratitude and awareness of your many talents, do it. It could just be that you give yourself an hour to be in contemplation or you leave work early to take a walk.

This new moon is a reset point where you get to decide who you are and what you are up to, what you WANT to do and how you are going to express and support it. If you truly don’t know, start with what you are not and do not want to do and work from there. The energy of the eclipse period as well as this new moon will feed these inner realizations with much power and help carry this new alignment forward.




The eclipse window preceded by Mercury’s retrograde and commencing with the fiery, lunar eclipse of Oct 8 has been a fast-paced, eventful, life-jarring ride for many.  We are encouraged to ‘invite the child out of the basement’.  Let that part of us walled out of the light-filled domain of the heart, be released from the fear and diminishment of the many lives and experiences we have partaken of to reach this threshold where we can now manifest our divine selves here on the physical plane.  Yes, the backlash is great, as is the support for change.  Many cling out of fear to the past, wary and resistant to letting go of what is familiar.  Don’t we all, to some extent?  Doesn’t the world reflect our need for security in the face of such an amazing leap in consciousness?  We find ourselves in a period of extraordinary transition on the edge where chaos reigns, and we must hold the paradox of ‘don’t know mind’ while mind-altering coincidence and creativity and manifestation in alignment with the dance of the divine has never been more spectacular.


Let this New Moon eclipse split you open like a ripe seed pod and sow your dreams into the underworld where they can gestate and release you into your personal power. 

Scorpio says, it’s time to step up and be seen, speak your truths, share your gifts of wisdom, invite in your relationship with the invisible world, and be the master of your life from that place that is deep within your belly and right from the depths that Scorpio rules.


Mercury is still retrograde until Saturday, Oct 25 when this mischievous messenger will come to a slow standstill in Libra and begin to regain its degree before retrograde – 2º Scorpio which will take until November 10th.  With Mercury opposed to Uranus, I would look for unexpected truths to present themselves, and seeing familiar situations in a whole new light that unravels a problem knot.  Mars is working harmoniously in the background with the eclipse parade and is also in quintile aspect to Mercury supporting us in all our communication and interconnecting activities.  Mars enters earthy Capricorn where it is exalted on Oct 26.  Mars is action; get ready with your list and tools to move plans forward and get things done in the physical world.

In awareness and esteem of this watery eclipse and in deference to an honored and recently departed teacher, Dr. Emoto, I urge you to whisper and sing your prayers and dreams into a basin of water and bless yourself and the world with this blessed liquid at the eclipse. Invite in and claim your right to have the life you want using Scorpio’s passion to call forth your secret longings.


Lena Stevens

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Are You Stopping Yourself From Doing What’s Really Important? Try This.

Sometimes life decides to take you on an unexpected journey, and when that happens you have a simple choice:

1. Accept what is happening, and make the best of it.

2. Resist what is happening, and turn it into the biggest catastrophe in the hemisphere.

Simple, right?

But not always so. Often we think that by resisting what is happening, we can somehow magically redirect the journey back onto the path we had originally thought we were meant to be on. But that never works and so the whole thing just becomes one, big, giant mess.


I know, because that’s exactly what I have been facing for the past few weeks. When my van broke down 2 weeks ago, I thought that everything I had worked so hard against was fucked. I was seriously, deeply hurting and sad, and I saw no way beyond this situation. But after two days of mourning and resisting, I gave myself a stern talking to, and decided to let it all go. That’s when I entered the ‘fuck it’ phase. But as soon as I stopped resisting, miracles started happening all around me, and life gave me a whole other path along with a bucket-load of new opportunities.


Which is why I wanted  to write about resistance today.

Are you stopping yourself from doing what’s really important by resisting the present moment? Then let’s try this:




Resistance stops you from having, doing and being all that you can in life. It’s the feeling you get when you feel like you “have to”, “must” or “should” do something – when you want things to be different – and is experienced as negativity, usually as a judgement.

Resistance comes from and creates separation because wanting things to different makes you feel like you aren’t already good enough, making you want to protect yourself by resisting.

We think that resisting protects us and keeps us in control but it actually makes us more controllable because we close ourselves off. It’s like a closed, defensive existence that limits our capacity to change and limits the flow of life.

It is a limiting belief that you create to protect your other limiting beliefs, a shield that stops you from truly living.

You think that your resistance stops you from suffering but it actually causes your suffering and limitation. The situation always is as it is – neutral – it’s your resistance that causes you to feel stuck. When there’s no resistance, there’s no stuckness and you are free to change and improve.


Your resistance is often far worse than the situation itself and makes you reactive, limiting your ability to handle what is going on and truly improve the situation.


In essence, resistance is non-acceptance and it keeps you stuck.



  • Firstly, you can’t try to change resistance. That’s just more resisting.


  • Don’t try to be in any state other than the one you are in right now because trying to change what already is creates more resistance.


  • Begin by acknowledging the resistance. Notice it. Become aware of it. Feel it. Don’t think about the resistance, feel it. Feel how conflictingly stuck it feels. Become fully aware of what you are feeling at the moment of resistance. Fully feel it. Go into it. Welcome it. Allow it to be there, just for now. Fighting it hasn’t made it go away so welcome it just for now. When you become fully aware of the resistance, you’ll see how trivial and pointless and empty it is. Often that will be enough to make it dissolve and release. Another option that you always have, in any situation, is to accept.


  • Accept. Accept the resistance. Allow it to be there. Welcome it. Don’t resist the pain and stuckness, allow it to be there. Accept it fully. Your non-acceptance creates it, your acceptance makes it evaporate and dissolve. As soon as you accept the resistance and accept how you feel right now, your acceptance alchemises your resistance into peace.


  • Acceptance is entirely a perceptive process made within. You accept your feelings about the situation and what is right now, not the situation itself. You can still change the situation and take action but any action will come from a place of freedom, free of the limitation of resistance.


  • Finally, either take action or don’t. Decide to do something about the situation or don’t. Indecisiveness will create more wanting to change what you’re experiencing, more resisting.


Non-resistance gives you freedom. It doesn’t mean that you do nothing, become a passive walkover or accept undesirable situations, it just means that you don’t create inner conflict about what you’re experiencing.
Non-resistance means that any action you take is non-reactive and comes from a place of power and flexibility instead of from a place of defensive, closed-off stuckness.


Resistance distorts our perceptions and distracts us from our majestically resplendent and limitless nature.

When you stop resisting, life becomes deliciously more real, you become more real, and more simple. You no longer need to protect yourself. You stop layering distorted protective clouds of resistance over reality. It would seem that you become defenceless without the “protection” of resistance but it is only through non-resistance and acceptance that you can live truly free, immersed in reality, completely unleashed.

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