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You have a burning desire to do work in the world that’s both meaningful and profitable, but running your business currently feels kind of crazy, overwhelming and like you’re driving through the fog with your hazards blinking: you can only see so far ahead. You know that owning a creative business that’s in alignment with your belief systems, values, natural cycles and flow is important to you, but it seems almost impossible. (We know, we’ve gone through that!)


The thing is, you want to master what you’re good at and do you, always while making a beautiful, heartful impact in the world and getting (well) paid for it. But how do you actually do that?


That’s what we are here to teach you.


Hey London! We’re Vienda and Claire.


In this intimate two-day workshop, we’re going to peel back the curtains on our online businesses and get down to the nitty-gritty on what it takes to build a thriving heartful biz. We value an honest and realistic approach to creative business and bring a decade of combined experience in the online world, having both built heart-centred businesses that add real value to our communities and support the kind of lives we like to live. We both value self-care and honour our natural rhythms and the cycles around us, knowing how critical — and potent — this sustainable approach to business truly is. We know what it takes to propel your business forward and together, we’re going to teach you the tools, systems and mindset changes you need to build a creative heart-centred business that works (really well) in full alignment to you.


If your intentions for 2017 include bringing more ‘you’ into your business by honouring your unique style and vision and ultimately manifesting your personal definition of success (which we will totally help you get clear on), then this workshop is for you.


Because business is best when it’s heartful.