Every year or so, I update my “love list”: A collection of time- and sanity-saving tools, creative service providers that I heartily recommend, things and people who inspire me, and more.


Here’s my latest list of all my current favourites. If you’re someone who enjoys discovering new people to inspire you and tools to help your life flow more productively, this list is for you.


Enjoy! I hope you find something that delights you.




Rachael Day — Rachael Day is based out of L.A. and has the sensitivity of an artist, the whimsical style of a free-spirit, and yet, still is incredibly ground in her work, and enthusiastic to a fault. She is adorable to work with.

Love Indigo Creative — Alicia Brunton hails from New Zealand and has dreams of moving to Berlin one day soon. Her exquisite eye for design and passion for doing work that has a positive impact in the world is infectious.

Caz Tanner — Caz helps me with my video editing and has the self-awareness, insight and love that the touching and transformative projects we work on together, truly need. She is an angel and I am sooooo glad I found her.




This Is Lifeblood  — Claire Baker is an Australian living in London, teaching women about cycles, creativity and wellness in terms of learning to listen to what your body needs.

British Vogue — They created this fascinating look into health last year and I loved every second of it.

Free People — My absolute favourite online shopping portal. I shall say no more.

100% Pure — The BEST natural makeup on the market, in my opinion.

Thinx — When I finally figured out how to use my moon cup I thought I was set for life. Until I discovered Thinx. As they say “thinx is period-proof underwear that has your back” and if you use this link you get ten bucks off a pair of thinx, just because I referred you! They change the game when it comes to easily and kindly managing lady-times




Caroline Moye — I was fortunate enough to get a reading from Caroline at a time in 2017 when I felt the most confused and turned-around by life. With her intuitive and mystical approach, she helped me find the clarity I was looking for.

Danielle Polgar — The Danielle Polgar emphasis she places on what I am feeling, and the direction and results of certain decisions I am making, has always been spot on.

Astrozo — Zoe Hind is another astrologer who has read my chart, and whose wisdom I truly appreciate. She gives me tonnes of business and personal solutions, always delivered at precisely the perfect moment.




Books — I write about my favourites regularly, and you can read all about them here.

Spotify — The soundtracks to life live here. I stopped buying music years ago and this is the perfect digital solution for music lovers everywhere.

Soundcloud — Here I listen to podcasts, create my own podcasts, curate soundtracks from lesser known artists and have the freedom to explore and play.

Fire and Joy — A personal journal written by photographer, beautifully sensitive Nirrimi Joy.

Alex Franzen — A favourite writer of mine. She writes about writing, creativity, and getting shit done. I love her.

Marie Forleo — My business mentor. She keeps me ‘in the know’ when it comes to online biz stuff. I learn her wisdom, and then do it my way.




iPhone 5S — People always ask me what camera I use, and honestly, about 80% of the time it’s my iPhone that I bought second-hand from a friend when she didn’t need it and I did. Fun fact: I’ve never bought a new smartphone in my life. In fact, this is the first one I’ve ever paid for. The previous two that I had were hand-me-downs from kind and generous friends. I believe I’m saving the planet, one less purchase at a time.

Nikon D3400 — She is my pride and joy, a Christmas present and business investment to take my photography and filming to the next level. I’ve discovered that creating the imagery to go with my content and marketing brings me such great joy and is a wonderful creative outlet, that I get to do every day, in the name of ‘work’.

Olympus Pen 1 — I’ve had this baby for about 6 years now and I still love her as much as I did the first day I got her. Unfortunately, she was getting a bit outdated and couldn’t keep up with modern needs (aka: connecting to wi-fi so I can upload photos directly from my camera to my phone) so she’s just for playing now.



TransferWise — The best way I’ve found to transfer money internationally. Their exchange rates are always the best and the service they provide is simple, easy and straightforward. I think they may even have plans to become the next ‘PayPal’ with their ‘Borderless Account’ perfect for the gypsy in me.

Money Manager EX — As much as I resent any time doing admin and accounts, I am super grateful for how easy this free accounting app makes my life. It even has an app where you can take photos of your receipts and upload them straight to the accounting system, which makes my travelling life super easy.

PayPal — My online and credit card payment solution.



GSuite — Including and especially their ‘Inbox’ for email, the Calendar app and most definitely Google Docs, where all of my creations are born, first and foremost, before they turn into a tangible product.

Acuity Scheduling — The best way to book my mentoring sessions, and get paid without going back and forth a million times. What sweet relief! Plus: my contracts and agreements are included in the process, making life that much smoother, sweeter and easier.

World Time Buddy — How I figure out time differences and time zones, seeing as my clients span across the 5 continents.

MailChimp — How I send you my weekly-ish love-letters.

SendOwl — The program that I use to sell my digital products.

Typeform — This is what I use to send out surveys, like this one. It’s beautiful, and easy to use.

Amazon S3 — A cloud storage system that I use to store and share all the videos and content for my courses and workshops. This system is a literal godsend. Praise the genius who comes up with all these brilliant and inexpensive solutions.

Icons8 — The place I find all the icons that I use on my website and in my digital products.

Planner/Filofax — How I tie everything together in a handwritten, tangible, carry-it-with-me way.

94 sacred characters + symbols — Every now and then, when I am writing a social media post or updating my profile, I want to embellish it with pretty symbols and characters that illustrate pieces of my soul. So decided to gather a list of sacred characters and symbols that I like to use, and copy and paste into my social media, without having to scour the entire internet for them.




Ostara Tarot — My morning intention setting go to. It’s much easier than having physical cards, especially when you’re on the road as much as I am, and the readings are beautiful and precise. I choose a card for the day when I wake up, or single card for guidance when I’m having a moment. Then for more extensive situations, the full readings are sublime.

Moon Phases — Because I like to know what sign the moon is in, as it changes every few days. Plus this app also tells you which plants to grow and harvest when.

Audible — This app pretty much saved my life when we were travelling and the boats/buses/trains were too bumpy to read on. Instead, I listened to the books I wanted to absorb, and it was wonderful.

Kindara — I track my menstrual cycle and my daily basal body temperature here to keep an eye on things and make sure I don’t get pregnant.




Instagram — My favourite social media platform. You find updates and beautiful images of my adventures here daily.

Facebook — The best way to stay connected. I closed my ‘biz page’ early last year and simply use my personal page to share everything with everyone instead. Best. decision. ever!

Pinterest — People: this thing is going to blow up in 2018. Just sayin’. If you have a business and want to sell something, start getting your beautifully curated high-quality images on there. (Plus, I love it.)



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