The Moon Makers Apprenticeship


A 6-month ideation, creation and liberation process for an intimate group of heart-led women in online business, to create their own unique expression in the world in the form of a digital course/program/product, guided by the ebb and flow of the moon and intuitive cycles.




My very first e-course was created on a whim in response to a problem that I noticed: the people who read my articles on manifesting didn’t really know how it worked. They kept emailing me questions like “I can I make the boy who doesn’t know me marry me?” and “How do I manifest long hair from short, overnight?”.


I interviewed people I knew were spectacular manifestors, on the most important topics: money, love, home and career and turned it into an interactive digital video course with minimal financial investment.


It was 2015.


With an Instagram following of under 2,000 people, an email list of under 1,500, I still made over 130 sales and more than $10,000 in revenue.


After that, I knew I had found something that I loved: creating digital products that are beneficial for people, value-packed and made a good profit.


What I discovered, was a unique ebb and flow — a series of effort and release — throughout my ideation, creative process and sales, that made everything come together exceptionally well. Aligning my approach with the cyclical nature of both the moon and my own intuitive cycles, allowed to me move forward and explore my creative expression in a way that honoured the work and was effective, every step of the way.


I didn’t know that a business system could have an intuitive flow and as a result be so successful until I was doing it.


Welcome to The Moon Makers Apprenticeship, where I intimately teach, share and guide you through this process for you to create your own digital program, too.


A 6-month incubator for your online course, program or product, I support you through 1:1 mentoring calls, email support and an accountability partnership program encouraging you to design, structure, develop, create, market and sell your online offering.


If you’ve ever wanted to get the inside story about how I create my online courses, so you can do it too, this apprenticeship is for you. From how I start my process, choose the right idea and structure my days, to the tools I use, how I run my courses, build community and fanfare, and navigate social media, I’ll share everything with you that I know.


It turns out that success lies at the epicentre of your unique expression, combined with what people really need, and a generous impulse to be guided by your own cyclical flow.







APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Friday, February 16th
START DATE: Thursday, March 1st
END DATE: Friday, August 31st







12 spaces for heart-led online business women who are truly ready to devote themselves to bring their unique expression and gift to the world to life, in the form of an online course, program or product.

Bi-weekly emails with a detailed breakdown of each step of the Moon Makers program. Bi-weekly one-on-one mentoring calls. Specifically tested accountability partnership groups for regular calls and partnership exercises.



March + April

→ Share vision and set tangible intentions
→ Heart + brainstorm ideas
→ Test, test, test + allow room for redirection
→ Determine final product + start developing marketing plan

May + June

→ Develop structure and start creating
→ Choose design, feel + look 
→ Dive deep into creation mode
→ Schedule marketing, sales + delivery dates

July + August

→ Break down + implement marketing plan
→ Wrap-up creation process
→ Sell, sell, sell
→ Celebration + review




→ Are in the first 1-3 years of their online business
→ Have been dreaming of creating their first digital offering but don’t know how
→ Are committed to following through even if the road appears bumpy
→ Want to see results and are flexible on how they get there
→ Absolutely will show up consistently and do the work
→ Are willing to trust in themselves and their ideas
→ Trust me to guide them there



→ Using their intuition
→ Manifesting and following inspired ideas
→ Being guided by the moon
→ And their own natural cycles


→ Create
→ Develop and
→ Sell an online product






If you are curious about joining, complete the application form. If it feels like a fit, you’ll be notified shortly after applying, and we will set up a time to speak before enrolling. Following enrollment, you will be sent a Skills Assessment Test to determine your strengths so I know where you require the most support, and to match you up in an accountability partnership with 1-2 others in the apprenticeship who will be able to offer skills and strengths that you are limited in.


You will then be added to a private group, introduced to your fellow ‘Moon Maker’ partner, and schedule recurring one-on-one calls with myself, and with your team member. 


On the first and third Sunday of every month, you will receive an email from me with a video introduction and an outline of our focus for the following two weeks including how you can anticipate the cyclical nature of the moon to impact your progress and how to best make use of it during this time period.


Our one-on-one calls are tailored to specifically support you in your own process, while your accountability partnership calls will be an opportunity to work alongside a peer and receive and offer support in each others’ progress. 


If you are ready to share your gifts with the world, I can’t wait to take you through the process that works for me.


By the end of this 6-month apprenticeship, you’ll have a much deeper insight into, and relationship with your audience, and what they really want and need. You’ll have precisely identified the intersection between what insight, skills and tools you have to offer and what people find truly useful and so irresistible that they want to buy what you sell. And you will have a very clear system to wrap around your creative process, that you can apply to your work, time and time again. Best of all, your brand and business will take its turn in the spotlight and become known for offering effective solutions for its audience, creating a powerful foundation from which you will continue to grow.


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