1:1 Mentoring with Vienda Maria



My 1:1 mentoring spaces are now full for 2016. Please apply below, to work together in 2017.



  • 3 months one-on-one support for either: 
  • Business and blog mentoring for free-spirited souls at the onset of your online business, to help you hone in on how to begin, do what you love, and be profitable;
  • Spiritual life mentoring support in clearing away the past, and doing the deeper inner work required to set yourself free, and start living heart-driven and on purpose.
  • 6 x 60 minute calls / 12 x 30 minute calls
  • Follow up emails and resources as seen fit
  • $970 USD



  1. Complete the application below.
  2. Then I will contact you to schedule a 30-minute conversation so that we can get to know one another. You can tell me what it is exactly you want to work on and I can determine if we have the right kind of magic together.
  3. If we feel we’re a fit and it will be of benefit for us to work together, I will send you a mentoring agreement, an invoice and times to schedule our calls.



Kind words from past clients:


quotes1 Words cannot justify the transformation & beauty I shared with Vienda. I met Vienda at a mutual friends birthday where I sat across from her at the dinner table, for me it was an instant connection! It was divine timing as I was looking for direction and confidence to bring my dreams into reality. Vienda was able to do that through removing the veil from my eyes through which I could not see: that I was worthy to share all my wisdom & magic with others! Vienda literally was the trunk to  my ideas, she gave me the steps & understanding of the online world! And well as a woman with emotions, she was and continues to be a mentor, friend & sister all rolled into one. Forever grateful to have her in my world! — Kirsty Targrass, Australia.



quotes1 Vienda’s mentoring revolutionized my life. Months ago, I felt trapped and hopeless on a dead-end path with no clue how to grasp the life my heart truly desired. Like a magic fairy godmother, she transformed my perspective and gave me glass slippers to the ball by guiding me to figure out what was holding me back from my biggest dreams. Since our sessions, I have found the strength to radically change my life and live each day on my own terms. Friends and family have commented how genuinely happy and whole I seem, and I readily attribute so much of this to Vienda and her personalized, intuitive way of mentoring. Her words and wisdom are with me daily, and I know they will continue to light the way towards my highest self. If you feel called to work with her, believe in that sign as I did! She is worth every penny and more for a lifelong mentor and soul-sister. This lovely lady is pure magic! — Kehlee Walsh, USA.



quotes1 The night before we did start to work together something happened in my relationship, something big. Something where the preceding six weeks with Vienda were very precious to me. Right in that time I needed someone who was objective, considered and loving. Vienda opened up new ways of thinking that were not only healthy for my relationship but for me. She helped me break toxic habits and view myself in a more nourishing and respectful light. Sometimes you need an outsiders perspective to help you see clearly. I can honestly that I am now in one of the happiest places I have ever been.Mariel Cunningham, Australia.



quotes1 Amazingly I worked through all of this [my blockages]! Journaled like nuts, and celebrated the “let go” with a journal fire on my back yard where my daughter (and neighbors) thought I was a little crazy; and met the [spirit of my business] “deva” herself even today with the meditation you sent over. Still obviously a lot of work to do to continue the process but wow V, one session with you was so transformative and informative for me and it’s just the start!  Thank you so so so much! You are wonderful at what you do my dear! — Kirby Amour, London/New York.



quotes1 My heart now feels open to receiving the Greatness that lies ahead for me. It’s been a subtle shift but something that has been huge for me. I knew that no matter what I told Vienda about the issues and blocks I was facing she would always be honest with me and find a way to guide me through the mind chatter and self-doubt. I’m now two weeks away from getting on a plane to start my next journey of taking my work on the road and I feel completely ready for the adventure ahead. Working with Vienda has helped me prepare for this and I feel open to the opportunities that will come my way.Erin Aldersea, Australia.



quotes1 Before working with Vienda, I felt clueless and no thought as to what direction/steps to take towards my dreams of creating my own location independent, freedom-based soulful business. After the 3 month coaching program I felt  grounded, at peace and a full knowing of what to do and where I am headed. I’ve even signed up for an additional 3 months to keep me on track! My favourite part was seeing it all develop and become clear on paper and in my head. Biggest difference: I know where I am going and can see the results and can FEEL it all happening. — Miranda Hafeli, Spain.



quotes1 Vienda, thank you so much for all your support through this short journey together. I stumbled onto your site and mentoring at just the right time. I didn’t even notice the change you initiated at the time but looking back now I do not think I would be where I am at now without you. You opened my eyes and helped me realise that I can do this, I love your honesty and your stories that showed me we are all human. — Ame Tully, Australia.



quotes1 When I pondered what freedom meant for me I realised that I felt anything but free in my life. In fact, I felt the very opposite, trapped. I felt trapped by the constraints of being a mother, trapped by being single (alone), trapped by financial scarcity and trapped by my own feelings of not-good-enough. Mentoring opened up my eyes, mind and heart to the possibility of creating freedom, every day, regardless of my circumstances. Vienda encouraged me to stand up for the life I am dreaming of, to make plans, to travel, to create, to believe anything is possible. She showed me how to value my talents, my dreams and myself so that I would feel free to express myself. Now, I feel the true meaning of free. — Vanessa Millar, Australia.



quotes1 Let me start by saying: Thank you, thank you, thank YOU… talking to you helped me clear my mind and opened my soul in so many levels. You are SO amazing, and honestly it felt so natural to talk with you. I always felt a really good vibe from you, your style and message and I am so happy that I took that chance. You are so worth it babe! There is something so pure and luminous about your presence, I felt so blessed to share that screen in that time and space. Since that day I feel more confident, and I have actually started to move towards those goals that we defined together.Val Cassalderrey, USA.



quotes1 Vienda is like a little wink from the universe. A true, rare gem, and in working with her, I have experienced the vortex of genuine intelligence, wit and worldly wisdom first hand that she has to offer on everything from mindset, to manifesting, to men, and all the way to Morocco. I now understand truly what it means to follow my heart, for the first time in my life. She has granted me permission to trust my intuition more than I have ever granted myself, and it has led to me to the most fabulous and fulfilling experiences in both my personal life and my business. — Hayley Carr, Australia.



quotes1 I never thought I really “needed”mentoring, but working with Vienda has been wonderful and oh-so eye-opening. She has a gift for asking questions that get to the core of any experience, and she illuminated things about me that I myself was never even aware of. Vienda’s big-sisterly nature gives her no-nonsense guidance a reassuring and relatable touch. She’s been right there with me, every step of the way. Before I started working with Vienda, I had big dreams but no foreseeable way of making them happen. Now I stand on the cusp of a cross-country move and a much longed-for new career.Rebecca Hunter, London.



quotes1 You are the most amazing and magical soul. Your ability to tap into peoples core and bring out all the wonderfulness is such a beautiful gift. I cherish you and will be forever thankful for the self-belief, self-confidence and most importantly the self-love you have given me. xx — Anna Moran, Australia.



quotes1 I thought I knew everything about freedom – until I completed this program. Vienda helped me realize that it’s more than the right to speak or act. Freedom can be discovered in practicing forgiveness, gaining clarity about your desires, setting boundaries, speaking your truth, setting goals, self-care and much more. This mentoring program ignited something within me that cannot be undone, and I am so thankful.Mia Pinango, New York.



quotes1 First of all I want to say a BIG heartfelt thank you to you! Not only for the awesome and life changing mentoring program, but also for the constant guidance , support and inspiration. Honestly, thank you for just being you and sharing everything you have with me over the last 10 weeks. Your soul, your wisdom, and you! From being a bit of a procrastinator before this program, I have found that I am now taking serious action toward changing my life, trusting my inner voice, and setting up the foundations of a coaching business. I love what you do! Your honesty, your genuine and soulful way, and your ability to connect and relate. You have such a beautiful gift, and I can not thank you enough! — Hayley Donohue, Australia.



quotes1 You have changed my life forever Vienda – you are seriously so amazing and I know that you know that because you taught me to believe in myself which means you do!  I really thank you for everything, I really love you and I really will have you in my thoughts for the rest of my happy healthy life. — Julia Spanos, Australia.



quotes1 I am so happy I met Vienda. The first time I read about her I felt a connection. When we met in person it was even magical. She’s very kind, super creative and organicwith her approach to life. Vienda is focused & detail oriented she pays attention to your vision & brings it to light… I am a believer in energy and Vienda’s energy is a sparkle unto the world… I’m so happy I made the choice to work with her. — Kiki Kyte, Los Angeles.



quotes1 I am so glad that I trusted my intuition. It has been invaluable to me and to my business, to have the professional support, guidance and love from working with Vienda. Looking back now I can see how far my business and my self-worth has come. Vienda always offers fresh advice, business direction and plenty of ‘ah ha’ moments. Working with Vienda has opened my eyes, my heart; really awakening and inspiring me to follow my heart and chase my creative dreams ~ accepting everything in its’ own glorious perfection.Kate Parker, Australia.



quotes1 I wish I had met you so much earlier! For years I have struggled to be truly happy with myself. During our first one on one session, you were able to identify the source of my inner frustration. My thoughts were so clouded and I never would have gained such clarity without your help. I am now learning to love and appreciate myself. You are such an insightful and inspiring person. Thank you for listening, understanding and sharing your wisdom. — Michelle Jensen, Australia.



quotes1 I wished I could have this type of support more often in my life. It’s great to bounce off other creative thinkers. The biggest difference mentoring made in my life was getting clarity and inner peace, deeper self awareness and energy increase as well as increased well being. I felt a greater sense of creativity and open expanded awareness about my forward trajectory. It was really great getting to the root of weaknesses in both my actions and expressions, also becoming deeply clear about what I actually wanted to do.Monique Drinkwater, Morocco / London.



quotes1 I now feel so alive and inspired again! I have a clear direction forward, can recognize the value in my offerings, and my self confidence has grown so much.  I loved the weekly calls…the learning, understanding, and support that comes from working with someone who gets my unconventional, nomadic life and sees it as a gift and an asset, rather than something I need to grow out of or change, has been invaluable. — Heather Bokowski, Scotland. 



quotes1 I learned so much from working with you, I couldn’t stop at just one thing:

  1. That’s it 100% OK to not know all the answers and have solutions to everything straight away, all the time.
  2. That I can’t predict the future, I just have to live in the now and the rest will take care of itself. Worrying about the future doesn’t do anything but create pain and fear in the present. It’s so not worth the effort.
  3. That I do not have to solely value myself on the work I do, or the hours I spend doing it. I give value in every moment – it may be making a beautiful meal for a loved one, a kind word to a stranger, taking time out for myself. I am valuable – I am enough!
  4. That it’s OK to start things and sometimes not finish them. By nature I’m a creator and an explorer – these are my strengths and I should cherish them, work with them and not mark myself down on them.
  5. That I can make up my own rules. And know that when I follow them instead of other people’s idea of what I should be doing, I will be living a more authentic life.
  6. To always follow my fun. Do what makes me feel great and I enjoy…and not feel guilty about doing so.
  7. To let my feminine side have more of a say in how I live my life. I have been very successful in a male dominated world and if that’s not the type of world I want to live in anymore then I need to shift my attention – this means listening to my intuition more, to breathe instead of push through things, more calm less hustle.
  8. To be OK with making mistakes or not getting the exact result I wanted. That a failure should not mean giving up on something, but rather finding a new way or trying to do it a little differently.
  9. To allow myself the space and time to be still. To sit with feelings, fears and doubts and not try to find an immediate solution – let the universe do its magic in these times.
  10. To be OK with just saying “f**k it” and letting things go. One door closes and another will open – they always do, I know this, I just have to trust it more.
  11. I think I may have found my gypset tribe through this journey. — Tracey Gobey, USA.