Gypset Mindset mentoring program
10 Reasons Why You Should Join Us for Gypset Mindset Right Now. {Doors Close Tonight}
I created the Gypset Mindset 6 week mentoring program as a response to the top most recurring themes and issues that I’ve worked through with my coaching clients in the past two years. I noticed that very similar concerns kept showing up, and decided that create a program to address them so that everyone could have access to the tips, tools and information, no matter what.
It’s about having resources that you can access at any time, as well as 1 to 1 support with me to guide you through process of becoming who you want to (and are meant to) be.
This 6 week mentoring program is for you, if:

  • WALK THE TALK and get things done
  • want to go BEYOND YOUR LIMITS
  • are ready to go OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE

What you’ll get is:

  • 6 x 50 min 1 to 1 coaching calls with me over the 6 week program.
  • 6 x support emails to keep you focused.
  • 6 x PDF’s full of content to guide your way.
  • Free copies of all of my digital products:

Guided Self-Hypnosis MP3

Guided Self-Love Meditation MP3

Build Your Own Business Blog eBook

The Gypset Recipe eBook

The Gypset Guide to Releasing Rituals 7 Day Program

What you’ll really love about the Gypset Mindset program is that is a hand-held journey. We begin by settling into your centre to find your truth. Then we will build a foundation for your dreams and aspirations and life. One that will support you the whole way. And finally the last few weeks are spent creating a plan for you to take action on and take out into world, in a creative and pragmatic way.
It’s a perfect beginning to a fantastic new year. With 2015 just around the corner, this time brings tremendous possibilities to recreate just about everything in your life.
What will surprise you the most, is just how bespoke and intuitive our 1 to 1 coaching calls are. Even though we will be following the structure of the program, this is essentially about you. Which means that we are going to look into specifically what it is that you need, right in that moment. Yep, it’s all about you. So every call will be different, flexible and approached by a sense of presence, centered-ness and being in the moment.
Curious about what folks think about working with me in my mentoring programs? Here is just one of the beautiful comments:
Vienda, a note of thanks. I’m getting a lot of out this program and you should KEEP DOING IT!
I’m sure it takes a lot of energy on your part, but it seems to be working really well and it definitely holds a lot of value for your clients. I love that you bring your WHOLE self to your coaching.
That is what people need – not streamlined systems that don’t leave room for adaptation, quick thinking, and thoughtful tailoring.” | Anne, USA.
I have been working in this field, and tested it all out on myself, every step of the way, for over 10 years. See, I practice what I preach, and I would never share anything, unless I have tried it, and has worked for me. All the concepts that I share in the Gypset Mindset program are based on years of research, inner work, experimentation, mediation and making mistakes. Over the years, I have come to see that life is so much more simple – if we let it be. And I want to pass that on.
I want you to know, that you have the resources and ability to create the life of your dreams. Because that’s what I have discovered for myself. We all have it. We just need to learn how.
Want to know what it costs to join?

  • In this special, this-year-only deal, the entire mentoring program is only 2 payments of $297.
  • The #GypsetMindset program is valued at $1,250 including the 6 coaching sessions, all the program materials as well as the digital products and resources.
  • Saving you a total of $656 which is way over 50% off its value.
  • Your first payment is due now upon enrolment, and your second payment will be due on Monday 1st December.

It all begins: TONIGHT. I’ll be sending the first email with all the details and free bonuses and an introduction to the program at 8pm AEST tonight.
Ready? Right now, I want you to read the details here, and then sign up for the program, right here.
Can’t wait to see you on the flip-side (inside the Gypset Mindset program) my lovely! xo

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