I have recently come to a fork in the road. No……… actually, I’ve come to a massive blinking sign on my path that has told me that I am coming up to a fork in the road…. and that right now is the time to prepare for that fork. Since mercury is in retrograde, and any plans or actions can get confused, this is the perfect time to research, plan and prepare for the future. So I am cleaning and tidying all my paperwork/ideas/clothes/things/life and reviewing how to make the decisions and create what I want. Here are the 10 steps of creating what you want in your life. Remember, this is a never-ending process so it’s good to put these steps into daily practise:

1. Be positive. Life is all about perspective and it is entirely up to you how to see every single experience in your life. Choose to think and believe the thoughts that most support you. Love yourself so that you are overflowing with positivity and this energy permeates the entire of your life and those around you. The energy you give out from yourself you get back.

2. Have gratitude. Appreciate all the wonderful things that you have in your life. Make it a habit so you wake up counting all your blessings and go to bed thanking for the wonderful day. The more you appreciate the good in your life, the more you will attract it.

3. Feel good. You actually have to feel good about the actions you are making, the words you are speaking, the beliefs you are believing, the actions you are undertaking, the life you are living. If your actions or words don’t match with what you want then you need to sit down and review what is going on. How you feel, or in other words, your emotions are the most precise indicators of what the future holds in store for you. If you aren’t feeling good, change it right now! I feel so lucky and super excited about what the future holds in store for me and can’t wait to find out! Amazing things happen all the time and they can for you too!

4. Focus on the life you want. If you want to be healthier, slimmer, faster, more successful, richer, funner then think it. Somewhere along the line we were taught to focus on all the things that weren’t right with our lives which makes absolutely no sense. Think about the things you DO want, not on what you DON’T want. I can’t remember who said it but it’s true: What you think about, you bring about.

5. Visualise. I used to think that visualisation is really hard. I just couldn’t conceive sitting there and visualising an event or an outcome…. That was until I changed my perspective on it. Now I just “imagine” instead of visualise …. for some reason this works for me. I have a very creative imagination and can conjure up the most amazing things, I just have learnt to maintain these imaginations within the realms of what I really want to see happening. Visualising or imagining works because once something has happened in the mind’s eye, it has already happened, even though there is a delay in seeing the outcome. All great sports-people, entrepreneurs and successful creatives and corporates use visualisation techniques to bring about their dreams. Take a few minutes each day and imagine how wonderful life is when you are living your dreams.

6. Trust in the process of life. The physical results to your focusing and imagining that what you want in your life can take a varied amount of time. Sometimes I say /think something to myself in it appears the next day, sometimes it takes months. Either way, you have to trust that you are getting exactly what you need in the exactly the right time. Let go, stop trying to control the world, enjoy your life and be ready to receive the wonders of you imagination.

7. Love. Love love love love. People often think that when we say love we mean romantic love or the love you have for your family but love is much much more than that. Love is that what makes the world go round. Love yourself, love those around you and sit back and admire how much your life changes. Open up your heart and allow love to pass thorough you, into you and out of you. Real love has no clinging, no expectations, no fear. It is simple and pure and makes the whole world a better place.

8. Help others. Sharing your skills, love, knowledge and so on with other people and empowering others is a dominant process in every single person’s life as I have outlined previously in this post. We all do it and we all need to do it since we are all connected. Don’t believe me? Go study some quantum mechanics …… or watch What the Bleep Do We Know: (It’s amazing, trust me!)


9. Surround yourself with people who you admire, who you want to be like. The people you spend time with you become more alike, so be very, very aware of whom you are spending your precious time with. Are these people lifting you up, supporting you and helping you reach your dreams and goals? Or are they taking away from you, negative, insulting and leave you feeling a lesser version of yourself? Make a choice. This is YOUR life. You might as well make the best of it.

10. Love yourself. This means looking after yourself. Eat nutritious food, exercise, pamper and look after your body, appreciate your body, meditate and stay centred within yourself. Don’t give more of yourself than you have, care for yourself as you would care for someone you dearly cherish. your body and life will thank you for it and give the same back to you.

Follow your bliss my loves! This is what will bring you joy x

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