10 steps to figure out your 'thing'


We have jointly decided that the status quo just won’t do.

No. Thank you.


Because we know…

We are here to bring each other home.

We are here to perform tiny miracles.

Every day.


But what if you don’t know where to begin? What if… you don’t know how to bring your things to life? So that you are doing your thing and you are working?


1. Ask the people around you “What is the tiny miracle you need?” “What would make life 100 x better right now?”

Maybe they would say…

: A new house/apartment/office
: Getting fit again after having kids
: Sing my favourite song at my wedding
: Feeling safe and connected to my body
: Starting my pastries and pilates business
: Carving more time out for family/community/creativity
: Writing my first article/blog post/newsletter/book
: Cooking healthy meals for me and my friends
: Learning how to read my tarot cards well
: Rekindling my love and sex life
: More money in the bank


2. Get a piece of paper & a pen. Make a list.

: What skills, talents and experiences do I have that could make those miracles happen for those people?
: What can I do, that comes so easily to me that I’d do it for free, to help them?
: Where do I need permission to think + act, outside the box?


3. Choose something from your list. Decide, “This is my thing now.”


4. Create a service/offering/consultation system/class/course/product to solve their problems.

Serve up the exact flavour of “miracle” that your people are wishing for.
Not the miracle you wish they were asking for.
The miracle they’re actually needing right now.
Create little miracles. Or big ones. Daily.


5. Go tell them.

: “I love sourcing the perfect home for people. Let me help you to do EXACTLY that…”
“I hear you. I really abandoned my fitness when I first had kids too. Let’s change that, step by step…”
: “Thanks for sharing. Did you know that I’m a professional jazz singer? Here’s something that will help…”
: Omg, I completely lost trust in my body after (insert traumatic event) but I’ve since rebuilt it. Let me show you how.”
: Did you know that I support brick-and-mortar business in getting started after having several of my own?”

And so on… you get the gist.


6. Start offering your service/offering/consultation system/class/course/product to anyone who might need them.

Ask for referrals.
Treat everyone with tremendous love, kindness and appreciation.


7. At first, no one will care or notice you. Also, you will probably not be very good at it. Keep doing your job anyway.


8. Incrementally increase your pricing.

As your experience and expertise expand your value does too.
Ensure that your pricing always reflects the amount of love and energy you pour into your thing.


9. Keep going. Business is never, ever an overnight success.

Stay consistent and remember why you are doing this.
To make a difference. To help others. To create tiny miracles.
Do that, and you’ll never have to convince people to work with you or buy from you.
Soon they will begin telling you why your ‘thing’ is so high-quality, insightful and stupendously valuable.


10. Celebrate. You have figured and are doing out your ‘thing’.

Know that your ‘thing’ will change over time as you do.
Allow yourself and your thing to ‘evolve’ in response to the needs and desires of your people.
Remember that life is long and all we ever need is to help each other create tiny miracles.

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