Freedom is one of my highest values. Being such, my day-to-day decisions are often go like this: “Does this make me feel free?” If it does, then we are good to go. If it doesn’t, I seek out alternative options, choices and solutions.
Everybody has their own definition of freedom. For me freedom means:

  • LIVING AUTHENTICALLY: being intuitive, changing my mind, saying what I mean and honouring my feelings.
  • TRUSTING IN LIFE: knowing that every step of the way I am being supported and not being afraid to take risks.
  • HAVING SPACE + TIME: always having all the spaciousness in my life that I need to simply BE.
  • TRAVEL: enjoying a life full of new experiences, beauty, nature and culture.
  • SOULFUL CONNECTIONS: spending time with people who also follow their own brand of freedom.

To give us all an opportunity to explore our own definition of freedom, and because we all tend to grow the most in the face of challenge, I’ve put this really fun Instagram challenge together for us.
Starting on the New Moon on Wednesday the 24th of September, each day I am going to post a little something inspirational to get you thinking and dreaming about freedom.
I’d really love you to join me!
Here’s an outline of what you can expect over the 10 days:
WEDS 24 SEPT: What Is Freedom.
Introduce yourself by sharing what your definition of freedom is.  I challenge you to reflect and dive deep into what your understanding of freedom is. Share it with us by using the tag #10DaysofFree.
THURS 25 SEPT: Where Do You Feel Most Free.
Today your challenge is to find the space you feel the most free. It can anywhere, be it wandering through the forest or laying in the fluffy white sheets of your bed. Share in the comments and post a photo of your own: #10DaysofFree.
FRI 26 SEPT: Find Freedom in the Present Moment.
Let’s get less physical and more internal. Today, I challenge you to take a deep breath. Give yourself the time and space to focus on your breathing, appreciate that breath and find your freedom in each precious surge of air. How do you find freedom here in this moment? Share your experience with a photo that symbolises your freedom: #10DaysofFree.
SAT 27 SEPT: 3 Words For Freedom.
Three words. I challenge you to use three words to describe your freedom – three words most embody your moments of freedom and complete ease within yourself. For me the three words that most align with my sense of freedom are WILD, COURAGE + POTENTIAL. What are your 3 words? #10DaysofFree.
SUN 28 SEPT: Break Free.
Today, give yourself the space to feel free – get up,  and break free from your usual routine. Take a walk, do some yoga and give your mind the time and space to embrace your freedom. Make a conscious choice to be completely in the mount, and let your intuition guide you. What did you experience that was new? How did you break free? #10DaysofFree
MON 29 SEPT: Music for Freedom.
There is something mystical about music that reaches us beyond any words. Music can take us places and ignite in us that sense of freedom we often dream of. Todays challenge is to find a track or a song that makes you feel totally free, and share it with us, so we can play it too, and feel what you feel. I can’t wait to see what music sets you free! #10DaysofFree
TUES 30 SEPT: Let Go. Release.
Often what holds us back from feeling free, are unresolved emotions and experiences that we are still holding on to  way past their use by date. Sometimes these entanglements are things like gifts from ex’s, furniture, books or clothes. Sometimes they are simply old memories or regrets.
Letting go is not always easy, but I know you can. Give yourself the permission to let go, to release. Be brave, embrace that freedom, and share with us what you let go of. #10DaysofFree
WEDS 1 OCT:  Embrace What You Can’t Control.
In life, we often find ourselves struggling with the details – things may not always end up the way we expect. Accepting those changes will help you live a life of greater freedom. You may not always have control, the details may not play out as you imagined them in your head. That’s OK! By embracing what we can’t control, we are led one step closer to a life of deeper freedom. #10DaysofFree
THUR 2 OCT:  Try Something New.
We’re nearing the end of our 10 day challenge. If you’ve been resisting starting something new or avoiding reaching out to someone, today is the day to do it. Fear is natural, and not letting it control you is freedom. Share that new thing you’ve done today, to move past your fears. #10DaysofFree.
FRI 3 OCT: Only In Love Will You Find Your Freedom.
Today marks the final day of our journey together, #10DaysofFree. I hope you’ve taken something wonderful away from this little project, and remember, it doesn’t have to stop here. Giving yourself a moment to take a deep breath or permission to let go of something is a discipline we can all embrace in order to live a life of freedom.
Today, as my the challenge, I want you to uncover something you love about yourself. For once you understand and love yourself – you can truly find your freedom. Share your love with us: #10DaysofFree.
I’m so excited to be able to share this adventure with you, and even more thrilled about the announcement I’m going to be doing at the end of it. Keep your eyes open, and make sure you join us for #10DaysofFree!

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