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I often receive emails about how Manifest More has changed people’s lives. But I rarely share them. I really should do that more often! So when Nicola sent me an email filled to the brim with 11 inspiring things that she has manifested in less than a year, I had to share them with you. Here’s what she said…
Since I started Manifest More I often feel like a powerful magnet drawing in everything and anything but some seriously major shifts began to happen in October when I found out I was pregnant, so I’ll start there…
When I first saw the strong pink line on the pregnancy test, I was full of joy and immediately afterward full of panic. My husband and I literally live paycheck to paycheck. All I could think about was ‘how in the world are we going to support a baby?’. I didn’t allow myself to stay in that fear for too long. Your MM course helped me to focus my energies and I knew what I needed to do.
I needed to get into a flow of feeling amazing and full of gratitude.  I needed to trust the divine timing of everything. I needed to get super clear on what I wanted to manifest to feel good and safe bringing this child into the world. I needed to clear some deeply ingrained blocks. And of course, I needed to get moving! 9 months seems like a long time, but time moves in the most mysterious ways during pregnancy.
Over these past 9 months, the most incredible things have manifested both in my personal life and also in my business. To list a few…
1. A free trip to India with my husband.
2. I sold my wedding dress for $1300. It was so important to me to sell it to someone who would feel as amazing in it as I did… she was absolutely thrilled with it and I was so grateful to receive the money.
3. A co-sleeping cot was gifted to me by a friend who had never used it.
4. My best friend who lives in Canada surprised me with a virtual Skype baby shower complete with champagne and balloons. She gathered funds from all my loved ones and sent two suitcases full of gifts for the baby to my home in Bali. I opened all the gifts while my family watched me on the screen and every single item I had asked for was in there and SO much more. I feel so grateful to know that I have the things I need to be able to take care of this little one! 
5. I am planning on giving birth at a birthing clinic near where I live. This clinic is free to use, however, my husband and I wanted to donate $1000 for all the services they have provided to us and to support the clinic in aiding other women in having the opportunity to have safe, healthy pregnancies and births. This $1000 manifested through two $500 gifts given to us from family to put towards buying stuff for the baby. Since we had received everything we needed through the surprise baby shower we were able to make the donation.
6. Although I trust that my wish for a natural birth at the clinic will all go according to plan, we needed to have a backup plan just in case an emergency does happen. After my husband and I talked to a friend about the cost that would come to us if I do have to go to the hospital he said: “I’ll lend you the money”. He said if we need it, we’ll work out a payment plan afterward, and if we don’t end up needing it we just send it right back to him. I truly feel and trust in my heart that we will be able to have the birth at the birthing clinic, but it has given me and my husband so much peace of mind to know that if we do need to go the hospital me and the baby we will be taken care of.
7. Over the past few years, my husband and I have gone into a fair amount of debt keeping our non-profit alive. So often it has felt that we will never catch up, but I have been making a very conscious effort to keep my vibration around the debt and money very high and through your course, I have been able to get very clear on what we need. About 5 months ago, our accountant contacted us about a way to get some of our debt removed. It was a long (and at times emotional) process but last month we had $12,000 taken off of our debt! My husband and I were in shock for about a week! We couldn’t believe it. It felt like we had won the lottery. We still have a debt to pay but I have asked the Universe to be debt free and I know it is happening!
8. We manifested a home for 6 months. Since moving to Bali, we have been living in a sweet little one-bedroom flat style home. It was perfect for us and very affordable but we knew with a baby on the way and family coming to visit throughout July and August we would need a bigger space. I followed your steps on manifesting a home and totally trusted that we would find something we could afford where we would be happy. With the exception of 1 or 2 things the place we found has everything I asked for. We moved in last month and I have been able to nest and get ready for the arrival of our baby. I have no idea where we will go when our lease is up in November but I know and I trust that we will be guided to where we are meant to be. For now, we have this beautiful home and I am SO grateful every day for it.
9. When I first started on the topic of manifest more love I thought that it wasn’t really what I need to be focusing on right now. Then I realized that actually, I was really in need of manifesting love, just not in the romantic way I usually think about it. Since moving to Bali, I haven’t made many close friends. I have met people, but I haven’t felt that I have had a tribe around me. This has been particularly hard throughout what has felt like a very solo pregnancy as I haven’t had my closest friends with me to share it with. I also felt that I didn’t have female support for the birth of my baby because for a long time I didn’t have a midwife or doula who could commit to being there. I was feeling so much sadness around all of this early in the year. After doing some journaling and getting very clear about what sort of relationships I was missing and wishing for in my life so many wonderful women started to come into it! I was invited to join a mothers group and met the loveliest group of women who I am slowly building beautiful friendships with. My dearest friend and soul sister, Amy, moved to Bali with her family. And I met an incredible doula who will be assisting me during the birth of my baby. I am feeling so supported and surrounded by love!
10. One of the most important aspects of the work that my husband and I do is fundraising. Without funds, our projects simply don’t happen. Working through your course I realised that my money blocks were not only having an impact on me, they were impacting our organisation and in turn impacting our projects and the children we support. My husband had the same realisation. Knowing that our personal money blocks could have such an impact on others was a profound awakening for us and since this awakening, we have been applying your course towards our business. It’s often hard to separate personal from work because for us it’s all just life but there were some specific funds that needed to manifest for our projects and the kids. We wrote every detail out of what we needed and the total came up to $150,259. In the past two months, our organisation has raised $129,462 to fund education projects. We have never raised so much so quickly and without most of this funding, some of our projects would have been at risk.
11. A few days later Nicola added: A little update to the last story I shared with you… We received another grant/donation for one of our projects. Of the $150,259 we needed to raise we have now raised $143,109. Incredible!!
I just so wanted you to know how much you have done for me and my family. The gift you give to others through your work is invaluable. It has changed my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I am eternally grateful to you Vienda.
To celebrate manifesting and make it available to more people, from Friday 23 June at 9:00am PST to Saturday 24 June at 11.59pm PST Manifest More is $50 off using the code — mmv2 — at the checkout.
Photo: Hayley Richardson

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