One question I am asked most often (right next to “How are you?” and “Where are you from?”) is “What are the best resources to help me manifest more of the good stuff?”
Here’s my latest list with all my current favourite movies, books, music, courses, ebooks and Youtube videos that inspire me to choose a life that I am madly in love with. If you are someone who is fascinated with taking their life into their own hands, then this list is for you.
I hope it inspires and delights you.
One of the main concepts in manifesting is around your “vibe” or the energy that you are emanating from you. This is because what you give out, you receive. And when you want to manifest joy, love happiness and abundance, you have to feel this things too.
If you’ve practiced being aligned and aware enough, you might have trained yourself to be able to feel what your energy feels like. If not, it’s as simple as paying attention to your emotions. Do you feel good? Or do you feel bad? If you don’t feel good, then it’s time to shift your energy, or your vibe.
The Shift with the late Dr. Wayne Dyer will help you, with exactly that: to shift your energy to vibe at a higher level. Watch it whenever you need a little boost, and each time you will learn something new. Plus, it’s free! So, no excuses.
This movie was probably what inspired my own personal manifesting journey to begin with. While it doesn’t quite cover all the steps (i.e. inspired action — which is a huge part of allowing thing to actually manifest — you will learn more about that in my Free 7 Day Manifesting Course) what it does do, is get you excited and motivated to start believing that there is more out there.
That in itself is a gift, and helps inspire us to start asking for more, receiving more, and believing in more possibilities. Again, The Secret will get you all revved up to start manifesting more!
This playlist is an inspiring soundtrack for those wanting to create a life that they are madly in love with through consciously creating your life by focusing on feeling good and manifesting. Curated by me, especially for you.

Sometimes we hit a big, fat, invisible block on our path and it seems like there’s no way to get over, under or through it. The book that has helped me the most through those times and that I strongly recommend is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. He explains this type of experience as an Upper Limit Problem, where your mind has learned to focus on negative things, to keep your feeling low, instead of chasing high-vibe feelings that allow your to manifest more good stuff!.
The first book I ever read about manifesting, that really opened up my eyes (and heart) to the limitless potential of human beings. I finally realised that, all those things I secretly wanted to have, be or do, weren’t actually as unreachable as I first thought, and that the only thing really standing in my way, was me.
My friend (the author) Denise Duffield-Thomas gave me this book as a gift when she first published it. Initially I thought “What an awful title!” but then I read it, and I was surprised. With this book in my hand, I managed to manifest $1,400 in 48 hours one day, when I was in dire straits, and uncertain how I was going to pay my bills and rent at my Venice Beach apartment. Empowering me with the ability to manifest money whenever I need it, this book was a total game-changer.
One of the best things I have ever done in my life was create this free resource on how to manifest. It came about when I noticed that everyone wants to have a happier, more loving and abundant life. But most people don’t know how to do it. I wanted to help. 1,400 (+ growing every day) people have signed up for the course, and I receive emails daily about what a positive impact those 7 days have had. My heart brims with elation every time I read words and stories about lives that have reached a new level of jubilation.
When I first launched Manifest More in late 2015, 130 amazing souls took the leap and we spent 8 weeks together expanding our worlds and manifesting amazing things into our lives. Stories began tumbling in about doubling and tripling incomes, magical love affairs and incredible opportunities that were things of dreams. It filled my heart. For more than 18 months the incredible women in the private Manifest More Facebook Group continued to show unshakeable faith in their manifesting abilities. They were reaching new heights and supporting each other’s successes infallibly. I felt so honoured and proud. They inspired me re-create the course, take it to a whole new level and jam-pack it with even more wisdom, helpful tools and tangible examples, to keep their momentum moving.
On the 1st of January 2017 I sat down and pulled together all the new lessons, resources, tips and tools that I had garnered since I first created Manifest More and turned them into a plan. I interviewed a filmmaker, a psychic witch, a publisher, a musician, a 9 x karate world champion, plus many more, to learn exactly what they did differently to create a life on their own terms. I spent 3 months creating the new content, 2 weeks recording meditations, 4 days filming 18 lessons on how to manifest more, and my team and I put together a brand new version of the course. Behold: Manifest More has opened its doors once again.
Create the best year imaginable is a heart-centred, intuitively guided and inspired workshop for manifesting a great future, using practical planning tools in the form of ready-made planner fills, to make sense of what you are creating for this year (and the years ahead).
Sometimes I need something to uplift me and bring me back on track so I curated some of the best movies and inspiring videos on You Tube into an easy-to-find playlist that I return to time and time again.
Abraham-Hicks is a non-physical presence channeled by Esther Hicks, who have been my biggest teachers around manifesting and co-creating my life in alignment with my truth and the universe. When things feel out or I’m not attracting in the way that I want to be, I return to their wisdom, time and time again.
Photo: Audrie Storme

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