20 Mantras for disorganised people, who really, really want to get organised.
“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organised, actionable elements.” ― Scott Belsky
If you put your fingertips on your temples, just above the outside part of your eyebrows, there’s an area about the size of an almond on each side. Psychologists have been researching this part of our heads for over 15 years.
This area contains prediction circuits that are scanning and monitoring the environment and trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. If everything in the environment is utterly predictable, you become bored. If it’s utterly unpredictable, you become frustrated.
The psychologists have found that intense pleasure results from having this area of your brain experience an optimal balance between predictability and surprise. It’s the perfect line between being organised and spontaneous.
So many of us don’t get to experience this sense of pleasure, because we are utterly disorganised. So I wrote this, to help: 20 Mantras for disorganised people, who really, really want to get organised. Read them, often, until you believe them. They will change you.
1. Because I am organised, I am able to relax and enjoy my life more.
2. I take the necessary time to be organised, because I know that by doing so, it minimizes my daily stress.
3. While it is sometimes tempting to rush into a busy week, I still choose to be organised.
4. I recognise that my time is like money, I have to invest some, to gain some.
5. I organise my time to facilitate my goals by saying no to activities that drain me of my time and my energy.
6. I recognise that my day-to-day time is limited.
7. I choose to set aside specific times for those things that are important to me.
8. And I let the rest go.
9. I set aside time at the beginning of each project, to make sure that I have a clear picture of where I am going and that I have the resources I need, to get there.
10. New beginnings and projects excite me.
11. This means I don’t waste any of my precious time on limiting and unnecessary activities.
12. I am organised, which means that I prepare my things in advance, so that when it’s time to get started, I simply get started.
13. That means that, if I want to exercise daily, I map out where I am going, and lay out my running shoes and outfit the night before, in a place I can easily see and reach it.
14. That means, if I want to start each morning by writing a blog post, email, novel or letter I prepare: I put my paper, pen and laptop ready on my desk.
15. That means, if I want to work on my business: I charge up my computer, queue up my favorite music, get my headphones, block out the time on my calendar and treat it with the same level of devotion as I would an urgent appointment.
16. I ensure I don’t allow things to distract me, when I am doing those things, that are important to me.
17. Because I am organised, I feel secure in my sense of direction in my life.
18. A weekly intention or to-do list, eliminates any wasted time, wondering where my focus needs to be.
19. I take the time to get organized in all areas of my life, on a weekly basis to keep me aligned with my dreams and the direction of my devotion.
20. Being organised gives me more time to truly focus on what is important to me in my life.

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