So 2011 has been a pretty amazing year all round…I finally found my feet in Sydney and life has catapulted in all sorts of creative and inspirational directions but the truth is, it’s always the people that make it! So here’s my gratuitous adoration in the form of a love letter to you.
Thank you to the girls:
Girlfriends… are like sweet honey to my soul. You always know when to nurture me, entertain me ……and when to let me make my own mistakes.
Thank you for loving music with me the way only girls can.
Thank you to the sister that saves my days with dirty comedy and laughter until my stomach hurts, feeding me at every possible opportunity and bursting into tears with me at any unreasonable hour on account of any irrespective impulse. You are the one I lean on. Thanks for moving to Sydney to be with me. (Even though I know you moved here for your boyfriend!).
Thank you to the little blonde girl who held my hand through uni years ago and is still holding my hand now, has saved me from many capricious moments with boys and listened to my whims and fantasies for hours. Thank you for sharing my ridiculous obsession with philosophy and trying to understand EVERYTHING even though I know I can’t. My world would not exist the way it does without you.
Thank you to the gorgeous trio, my United Nations girls with whom we represent (almost) every corner of the world. You’ve made Sydney sane for me and been my family. Thank you for allowing me to entertain you with my fanciful stories of the local dating scene, for letting me scold you when you were frivolous with your judgements and ringing me with all you boy dilemmas. Thank you for being worried for me and laughing with me and thinking of me with all of your sweetness and love.
Thank you for safely escorting me home when I’ve had enough to drink. Thank you for being foolish and faithful and honest. Thank you for telling me when I look good. Thank you for worrying when I don’t. Thank you for telling me that you appreciate me and welcoming me into your homes and hearts.
Thank you to all of you who have let me interfere with your love lives (always with my best intentions), for letting me ramble fantastical notions about life and  love and stuff ….. and nodding and smiling even when it doesn’t make any sense.
Thank you for letting me play with your cute little babies and then hand them back to you at the end of the day. And then scaring me with stories of childbirth and motherhood. Your rock my world!
Thank you for my glittery twitter posse, you define the meaning of girl power! You are all so talented and unique and creative, I feel so blessed to be able to call on you with my every distress and confusion. Thank you for listening and always coming back with such relevant solutions. Thank you for all your support and being on this radical, cosmic twitter-verse ride of technology with me.  You are all heart!
Thank you to the boys:
Boy(friends)… are the strength and the power that stabilises my whims.
Thank you to those of you who managed to just be my friend when all I really needed was a friend. Thank you for listening and sharing your masculine views. Thank you for giving every story two sides of perspective, for your kindness and strength and pulling me back in line when I am flighty and impetuous and my feet are no longer on the ground. Thank you for laughing with me at my stories and feeling protective over me simply because I’m a girl.
Thank you for loving music with me the way only boys can.
Thank you to the 10 english lads that embraced my chemical romances and indulged my musical whims towards electronic grime. You were there for me when I just needed to take my life down to gutter level for a few months and relive some of that twisted melodic madness that is London.
Thank you to the young sweet lover who warmed my bed for a few months and thereby helped me move swiftly on from the last relationship that I had just barely escaped before it fell apart in ruin and shambles. Thank you for being so attentive and eager to please. You were the medicine that my deprived body longed for. Unabashed. Non-commital. Perfection.
Thank you for the random drunken compliments and deep and meaningful conversations with strangers on my late night walks home.
Thank you for all the funny dates that I went on which gave me endless romantic comedy-esque stories to share. You boys really make me laugh. Thank you for the awkward goodbyes and the half-mouth-half-cheek-missed-kisses. Thank you for the endless text messages of endearment ….. you always put a smile on my face.
Thank you for the short-lived love affair with the man we now call Buzz Lightyear….(the resemblance is uncanny!) Thank you for making me feel like a little minx in the bedroom after renouncing my nun-hood after 6 months of just pure unadulterated dating. Thanks for making me feel like everything I said and thought was spectacularly brilliant … you did wonders to my self esteem!
I really love and appreciate you all! Thanks for playing with me this year. Let’s do it all again! x HAPPY 2012 KIDS! It’s just getting better and better every year!

NB: There are so many more of you to thank but I couldn’t fit you all in together …. to all of you scattered around the globe, I am often thinking of you and carry you with me in my heart always. 
And just FYI: I am taking the first week of 2012 off to do pretty much nothing and will be back with our regular schedule in the second week of January. Happy holidays! x 
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