It has been a whole year since I left my solid foundations, computer and home base after a two and a half year stint in Sydney to return to my gypsy roots and follow my heart and desires to become location independent again.
Since that time, I’ve been running my business entirely off my iPad. I sincerely can’t imagine life without this wonderful little item, and due to being limited to this (it was an experiment that became a lifestyle) have discovered an extensive myriad of methods to successfully complete my tasks.
Today I am sharing the Gypset method of using apps to run my life and business from my iPad.
I love gmail! And the iPad Gmail app is wonderful! I can use it to check all four of my different email accounts, and can easily and quickly move between them without having to re-enter any passwords or open new pages. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Gmail.
My site is built on a WordPress.org backend, and I use the WordPress app interchangeably with going to the online version of my backend WordPress site through Safari. What I find works best is typing up the first draft in the WordPress app and scheduling it from there; followed by editing and adding images from the online version. The great thing with the app is I don’t have to be connected to the Internet to use it, meaning I can work from anywhere, anytime.
I use Mail Chimp to send emails to my wonderful crew, like you (have you subscribed yet?), and the MailChimp app is wonderful for checking for new subscribers and to view reports and lists. I still have to go online in order to create newsletters and emails to send to my lists. Wonderfully, they are currently improving their user experience by making it easier to use all the elements of Mail Chimp with tablets such as the iPad.
Most of my payments are processed through PayPal and this app is a perfect way to keep an eye on in comings and outgoings as well as manage transfers. It’s simple, it’s easy to use and a smooth transaction platform that works globally
Clearly, this is self explanatory. The Twitter app is beautiful and functional.
Skype is mandatory as a gypsetter. It’s how I take most of my business calls when I don’t have a telephone connection and how I keep in touch with my family and friends. Easy and intuitive to use, I can’t imagine not using this app.
The “most beautiful word processor you’ve seen in your entire life” according to the ever-modest people at Apple, Pages is exactly that. Kind of like Word, but clearly much better (biased, much?!) I do most of my copy writing and creative writing in this space. And not only can you create beautiful PDF’s, there’s plenty of templates for brochures, flyers and letters full of design ideas and pretty images to include. I wrote my entire digital guide Build Your Own Business Blog on Pages, turned it into a PDF and then uploaded to Sellfy with the help of my friend Jaky. One of the limitations of iPads is that you can’t upload documents from it to sites so this is one instance where something a little more advanced in necessary.
This is Gmail’s calendar app, and even though visually I prefer the one that comes from Apple, Gmail allows calendar sharing and so on, making life so much easier when you are working with other people on a regular basis, such as a business partner (like I do with the Marketing Minxes). As Marie Forleo says “If it’s not scheduled, it’s not happening!”.
I use Evernote to keep a lot of my important documents. Scanned copies of my passport, birth certificate, my passwords and miscellaneous documents all reside here under lock and key. It’s a fantastic way to organize and keep documents safe and filed away.
This is such a handy little tool! I use StickyNotes to keep important reminders, short notes and code, quotes or phrases that I want to use and can simply copy and paste across as and when needed. Almost as good as having really Sticky Notes without the paper!
The designers of Pinterest really have an understanding for pleasing their audiences eye and the app is in exception. Apart from browsing through for inspiration and occasionally images to use for my blog posts, it’s a great way to see what the people I’m following are finding along the way as well as sharing my own little favorites. Pinterest is almost becoming my Go-To for recipes, travel destinations and blogging ideas!
This baby has saved me so many times I can’t count any more. THE best way to share documents on projects and keep things on file for more than one user Google Drive is the app for Google Docs. I seem to use the Word documents and Excel files the most and can’t imagine life without this fantastic little app!
Needless to say, being that Dropbox is an infamous storage box, I use this tool very often. Most of my photos and images are automatically directly saved to Dropbox and my website backups of there as well, making sure that everything is ticking over just as it should. Thank goodness! Honestly, because everything is automated, I don’t actually GO TO DropBox and use it very often, but it is securely supporting my life though backups which I appreciate endlessly.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. What did we do before Instagam? Just joking. But if you want to read more about my love for this photogenic app as well as the ones below I strongly suggest you read this.
It makes ze photos oh-so-pretty. Get it. Use it. Do it.
Been wondering how I write such inspirational stuffs in my images? Over. That’s how.
Ok, so BeautifulMess takes things to a whole new level. Created by the design duo from BeautifulMess.com you can imagine how wonderful and fun this one is. You get to place quirky frames, doodles and all sorts of cute graphics onto your photos to really get your point across. Even Kris Carr from Crazy Sexy Wellness loves this app!

Because I travel so much and get paid in different currencies, I often need to know what the exchange rate is. XE is wonderfully efficient and correct with its conversions. It’s good to know that I can trust them and figure out what my rates are within a few moments, whether it is to go shopping or to get paid!


Skyscanner, Momondo + Adioso

Whenever I need to book a flight, I use all three of the above to compare prices, because, from my extensive research, these guys are the absolute best. Nonetheless, they still have competing prices and one of them is always better. I always try to find a combination of best price mixed with best times and most direct route when booking, and these three apps work like a charm.
This is the app associated with the website booking.com and so far, they are my absolute favorite hotel booking site. I’ve tried a few others but found hotels from Booking to be the loveliest, with the best, most accurate reviews and the kindest staff as well as really competitive prices. I still do try other sites from time to time, but always come back to this one. It’s a favorite!
Let me tell you a little secret. Some years ago a little bird by the name of Chris Guillebeau told me about the wonders of collecting points from flights and hotels, which I obediently took on board. I now, as diligently as I can, collect points wherever I can. Which is where this app comes in. Instead of me having to keep an eye on what’s happening with my points, Award Wallet beautifully sum them up and keep track of them for me. Unfortunately I still haven’t figured out how to actually make use of these points and what to do with them, how to swap them around and so on, as these professionals do. But that’s another story. For the time being, this app is awesome cause I can see what I got. Enough said!
Next time I will share with you a list of resourceful website that also contribute to the successful running of my life and business. Keep a lookout for that follow up post coming soon to any good iPad or computer near you!
Vienda x

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