It’s been one of those weeks of intense self reflection. I didn’t ask for it, but perhaps it was in my stars. And as I am swept along by the swift river of life, encountering a few rapids and hurdles, I smile. I smile, because finally, the rapids don’t stir me from my peace.
I know exactly where I’m at, and what I’ve got to do. I feel finely focused and completely centered, no longer having any room for self doubt and uncertainty. It’s part of a greater journey that I’ve been on, since the beginning of 2013. As I look through the pages of my beloved journal, to explore and discover what choices I made that led me to where I am yet, I reflect what I am feeling. It’s almost like I have grown into myself. I am who I am, what I am, where I am. And that is exactly who and what and where I want to be. I’ve learnt to stand within my own power, lovingly, gently. To be able to say NO when it’s right, with no remorse. To be able to jump at the opportunities that make my heart sing. To be able to move closer and closer to my truth.
And today I want to share with you the 3 habits I use to inhabit my place of peace:
I face my fears.
Every time a fear comes up within me, I write it out. I journal, in detail what is that I feel, how it made me feel, the body sensations it brings up within me and why I feel so scared about this thing. I would allow myself to fully experience that fear. To sit with it. To almost hold it so close to me, so tenderly, that it became part of me. And then, miraculously, it disappears. I then journal what it was that I actually wanted to experience in my life. What I want life to feel like. What experiences I want to invite into my life. How different the feelings of joy, abundance and freedom are in comparison to the fear.
I place all my trust in Life.
And when I say all, I mean ALL! Every time a problem, a fear, a negative thought or a hurdle comes before me, I  take it in both hands, briefly inspect the contents and then pass it on to the powers that are Infinite. I repeat to myself: I trust in Life and I am nurtured and supported. (Or whatever suits the context of the circumstances.) Every day, so many times. Every single moment that adversity tries to take hold of my heart and lead me down a narrow alley, away from the Unknown and Source. I back myself up with a unwavering belief that I am completely safe, protected and supported.
I nurture my body.
In times of great change, inner growth and moving through blockages, I find that nurturing my body becomes a high priority. It is a physical gesture to yourself to show that you care and want to support yourself through this time which is highly beneficial as change can take a significant toll on your body. This is a time to go forth very gently, to listen acutely to what your body is telling you and to feed it nourishing food and beverages as well as move it often, in ways that you enjoy. In order to enjoy a state of peace in your life, your cup of life must be full and not lacking. I go for long walks, eat mostly simple, whole and fresh fruit and vegetables, enjoy long, meaningful conversations with the sweetest of friends and choose to remove anything in my life that is toxic, energy sucking and holding me back.
And now, I am starting to experience the return of these habits. I am completely focused on the positive in my life, in such a way, that there is no room for anything else. I am completely raw and open and vulnerable, yet powerful and present and strong all at the same time. I feel everything so deeply and fully, but do not ride the waves of emotions, rather I see them as street signs as I venture my way onwards through the beautiful life I have been given, and that I have chosen for me. Waves of gratitude ripple through my body and I can barely contain myself, as I imagine the feeling turn into glitter and sparkles which I sprinkle over all the ones I love, sending them good thoughts, love and blessings in their lives.
That is where I am at right now. In a space of observation and self reflection, and so much thankfulness that I can share these thoughts with you. How do you encounter and befriend your space of peace?

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