I rarely talk about the incredible women who have dived deep into my 8 week course Manifest More and their achievements… I really ought to do that more often!

Today, I want to share stories from 3 women who are doing Manifest More and have created exceptional things in the world…
—  I met Janina in Bali in 2015. She was a yoga teacher at a retreat tucked away in the far north of the island in the mountains. She had sent me a sweet note on Instagram and I suggested we meet in person at Clear Cafe in Ubud one sunny day. We did and she told me about her desire to make a positive impact in the world. She wanted to share yoga with the world and help people fall in love with Mondays again. Then she leaned in, and shared an even deeper desire. It had been a while since she had really connected deeply with a man. And she was ready for some ground-shaking, heart-opening, passionate love. 3 months later she emailed me from Germany. This is what she told me: I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend Marc, who I manifested by doing Manifest More. He is the sweetest, most caring and beautiful soul out there. We just spent an amazing week together and I cannot wait to celebrate the New Year with him. It is that kind of relationship that I have always only dreamt about. Thank you for making it reality! — Janina Roeseler, Germany.
—  Nicola tells her story well herself:
My partner and I are running our own non-profit organisation. In many ways, our organisation is still a start-up and like any start-up organisation we’ve experienced a few challenges along the journey. Our latest challenges have meant that for the last few months we have come terrifyingly close to not receiving our modest salaries at the start of the month. We managed to pull something together for September but it was looking pretty grim that we would receive a salary for October.

After watching Vienda’s video about the steps she takes to manifest money I went through each one. I got absolute clarity and wrote down exactly what we needed. Then I had to clean up my blocks and this is where I had a breakthrough.
Block: I have chosen to work in the nonprofit space and for a cause I am passionate about. The work I do should only be done out of the goodness of my heart and therefore I don’t deserve to be paid well, or perhaps paid at all, to do it.
I spent hours breaking down this massive block. I really had to look hard at this idea that I don’t deserve money. I realized this block isn’t about nonprofit work. This is about ME work! There is still a lot more of my energy that needs to go into clearing this, but now that I can recognize this block I can do the work.
When I finished the steps I totally, completely let it go. I just got on with my work and felt so blessed for all the amazing opportunities and experiences I have been able to have as a result of the work my husband and I do.
With some magic woven by the Universe, we received our paychecks today and we also have a little bit of a cushion for next month.
I am full of so much gratitude and I am so so ready to do the work. Thank you for this incredible course, Vienda Maria! —  Nicola Courtin, Bali.

—   Simran joined Manifest More more out of curiosity than anything else. She had been dabbling with spirituality, intentional thinking and manifesting for a while, and wasn’t sure what to expect. Deep inside her, she also wanted to share her own experiences and make a difference in the world through her work and career. As she put it, she was a wannabe entrepreneur when she took the course. This is what she said: I didn’t even take it for business or anything like that but when I finished the course I started spiritual coaching and doing intuitive sessions and I was flooded with clients when I started. It was insane and still is since then. I wanted to really manifest a nicer life for myself and when I got clear and started setting intentions things really started to show up for me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I feel like this course really kickstarted the release of my blocks. After taking Manifest More I manifested a completely new life. It was amazing! — Simran N’golet, USA.
These are all normal women who simply decided to start making different choices. And those choices had an impact that changed their lives.
You’ve got 3 days left to join us.
Photo: Anouk Yve

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