The main thing that keeps us stuck when we really want to feel free, is that we are terrified about what will happen next. It paralyses many of us to the point of not being able to move forward any longer, because we are afraid that the outcomes will spell doom, disgrace and sorrow. Essentially, we become numb and immobilized by our fears.
Which is exactly the opposite of having freedom.
Freedom means trusting life enough, to take risks. To try something new. To actually take the steps necessary to create and live the kind of live you have always hoped for and imagined for yourself.
So to help get you unstuck, and as part of my #10WeeksofFree mentoring program, starting in 3 days (eeep! I am so excited! Have you signed up yet?) I have pulled together some of my favourite mantras that will help.
30+ Mantras to Inspire Your Freedom. For People Who Feel Stuck + Are Terrified of the Future.
+ I am ready for change. Now is a good time for me to change.
+ I am exactly where I need to be right now. I am learning thingsĀ that will uplift my future.
+ I trust in the process of life. I let go, and I am guided.
+ Only the best experiences are coming to me. I am always safe and excited about my future.
+ Strong lessons precede great growth. Something wonderful is about to happen.
+ When I find myself in a repeated pattern I become aware that I have to change.
+ Freedom lies in my self-awareness. I set myself free by being aware of my thoughts and actions.
+ I am my own best friend. What do I need to give myself right now, to feel good?
+ My thoughts and beliefs create my life. I always choose thoughts and beliefs that serve me.
+ I believe that I am worthy of living my dreams.
+ Self-expression is one of my human rights. How do I feel and want to express myself right now?
+ I love being creative, even if I don’t know how. Creativity flows through me in every moment.
+ I feel calm, at peace and supported.
+ The future is full of prosperous opportunities.
+ I embrace the unknown, knowing that I always attract the best possibilities.
+ Receiving the good in life is easy for me.
+ I am abundant with talents, abilities and possibilities. I have so much to give.
+ I trust that an ending is always followed by a new beginning.
+ I completely accept myself, just the way I am.
+ My feelings are the insights into my thoughts. I embrace my feelings and let them go.
+ I let go of expectations of others, and of myself.
+ Everyone, including me, is always doing the best they can.
+ I trust my intuition. My intuition is wise and reliable.
+ I am grateful for every moment, and every experience.
+ I love my life, and want to make the best of it.
+ The truth is simple. Only fear makes things complicated.
+ I allow myself to go with the flow.
+ I give myself permission to try new things.
+ I slow down and rest when I feel tired. I don’t need to push myself.
+ I support myself in everything that I do.
+ When I feel good I celebrate, when I feel bad I turn inwards and nurture myself.
What do you do when you feel stuck and terrified of the future? Run to the beach? Breath? Yoga? Write? Sing? Share your love with us in the comments below or on Facebook!
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