1. there’s a time to make a move + there’s a time to wait. do that which comes naturally in that moment.
  2. we always get what we ask for. every. single. time. even when we don’t realise we’ve asked for it.
  3. your perspective in unique. don’t be afraid to share it. the world needs it.
  4. money is an expansive entity.
  5. intuition is a great thing. trust it.
  6. listen to others. take their opinion into account. then do what feels right for you.
  7. it’s not you. it’s him / her.
  8. sometimes there are simply not enough words to explain a feeling. nothing grand or majestic enough to even come close.
  9. even people who come across as confident are insecure from time to time. we are all human after all.
  10. wishes. prayers. mantras. chanting. affirmations. they’re all the same thing. they all work.
  11. loving is easy. letting go. not so much. it’s the attachment thing.
  12. sometimes all you need to do is give it time.
  13. smiling to strangers changes everything. for them + for you.
  14. everyone in your life is there for a reason. ask yourself “what can i learn?” “what can I give?”
  15. there’s no such thing as a wrong decision. it all happens for a reason.
  16. love is everything
  17. the depths of your soul is like the ocean. it’s impossible to explore every part. you will always be surprised.
  18. live from a place of possibility. anything could happen.
  19. asking for something can be scary, but so worth it.
  20. pretty much everything is art. even accounting.
  21. men who make fun of themselves are far more sexy than men who take themselves seriously.
  22. it’s ok to have dreams so big that they seem incomprehensible. dreams become things. one day.
  23. we are all intricate complex beings.
  24. life is all about contrast. there’s no right or wrong. no good or bad.
  25. salt water makes everything better. the ocean. the tears.
  26. the more we count our blessings, the more blessings we have to count.
  27. trying to please others doesn’t make anyone happy. so stick with doing what’s right for you.
  28. there’s someone out there thinking kind thoughts about you pretty much every moment of the day. nice isn’t it.
  29. image + identity are simply masks + walls we hide ourselves behind. drop them + see that we are all so much more.
  30. pay it forward. give your gifts. the world will reciprocate.
  31. people are amazing

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