The main thing that keeps us stuck when we really want to feel free, is that we are terrified about what will happen next. It paralyses many of us to the point of not being able to move forward any longer, because we are afraid that the outcomes will spell doom, disgrace and sorrow. Essentially, we become numb and immobilized by our fears.
Which is exactly the opposite of having freedom.
Freedom means trusting life enough, to take risks. To try something new. To actually take the steps necessary to create and live the kind of live you have always hoped for and imagined for yourself.
Which is why I created this MP3 recording for you: 31 Mantras to Inspire Freedom. It’s 20 min audio of powerful, positive statements that will inspire freedom in the crevices of your soul. Each mantra is repeated twice, to let it really soak in, with a 15 second gap in between each set of statements.
The way that these mantras work is that whenever you say them to yourself, or listen to them, you create a powerful paradigm shift in your consciousness.
A new network of thoughts and beliefs are being created which transform the way you experience and view your life.
So you go from feeling stuck, to feeling free!
From today: Christmas Day, until the 1st of January, this MP3 is my little gift to you, available for the next 7 days to download for only $1 USD. After the New Year, the 31 Mantras to Inspire Freedom audio will will increase in cost.
Just click on the cover below to get your copy right now!
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