I mentioned it here and here. And gave you a little taste of it with a free recorded meditation.
The Gypset Releasing Rituals – A 7 Day Program For Letting Go + Making Space For Miracles.
I started creating it about 4 months ago, when I first got to London, for a friend of mine who was going through a really challenging patch. A heart-breaking breakup. A highly stressful job. A sister who had just been diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disorder. She was hurt, angry, upset and having a hard time letting accepting the challenges she faced, and letting it all go. Because miracles and magic require space.
I thought it would take me a couple of weeks. However, several months and 2 continents later, it’s finally ready for launch. Get on my mailing list here, to access the program at a special pre-launch price.
Over 6,000 words; 34 pages; 7 days of meditations, affirmations and exercises; plus a voice recording of the program and backing with the soothing subliminal sounds of calming, nurturing music – I’m happy to announce that it’s finally ready to be revealed. It was quite a journey; I love the creative process of making programs and products for you, and I leant a lot from this latest expedition.
4 Lazer-Lucid Lessons On Getting Stuff Done. {What I Learnt From Creating This. For You.}
I’m not sure whether it’s because every idea requires a gestation period, or because the creative process has its own divine timing, or I’m just ridiculously over-optimistic with how quickly I can get things done (ha!) but this being my third digital creation, one thing I’ve most definitely learnt is: everything has its own time.
One of my business mentors actually told me many years ago that I can count on things taking me up to three times longer than I imagine they would. I guess my imagination doesn’t count in delays, mercury retrogrades or disappearing sound producers.
Finding the balance between creating something that is creative, fun, easy-to-use, practical, useful and entertaining all at the same time, is a fine balance. And it took quite some re-writing, editing and testing to get that balance right.
I’m very proud of what I’ve created here now. The 7 day program is soothing, supportive, fun to do, and can be applied to many different situations. The meditations and exercises can be done at any time, anywhere and don’t necessarily have to be done as part of the whole program. You can just pick one out, and do it!
I had a bit of a run-around with the recording part of this project: I finally finished all the content and design when I first arrived in India a month ago, with the intention to record and release it within a few days.
My friend who is a music producer and DJ offered to create a backing track, and lent me his super-high-quality microphone and recording gear to setup and record the program for you.
On my first go, an hour and a half of spoken word, we discovered that it hadn’t recorded. I recorded it again the next day, and my music producer friend suddenly had a lot on his plate, and couldn’t get back to me for two weeks, only to discover that the sound quality of the recording wasn’t any good.
So I decided to go pro on the recording; asked my other DJ and musician friends about a recording studio nearby, and was kindly directed to Studio Ra, where I quickly booked myself in for a two hour slot.
Best. Decision. Ever. Within two hours we had a super-high quality recording of the entire program; all the affirmations, exercises and meditations, backed to the soothing sounds of soft and gentle world music. My sound producer Gil was such a pleasure to work with, making sure that the sound was perfect, and stopping the recording when he heard the tiniest noise in the background. Quality is SO worth it.
I mentioned several times in blog posts, on Instagram and in my weekly newsletter that I was working on this program, and was hoping to release it soon. And you guys gave me SO much love and support, sharing your curiosity on what it’s about and fueling me to make it better, sweeter and more useful than ever. I’m so happy to have you on my team!
If you’re on my mailing list (you can get on it here) the Gypset Guide To Releasing Rituals will be available to you for 3 days at a special pre-launch price, saving you 33% off, until Monday the 17th of March when it will go on sale publicly. I’ll be sending the details out to you by email on Friday – which is tomorrow!
Can’t wait to share it with you then!

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