There’s a question that comes up in many of the coaching calls that I have with my clients:
How can I create a life that is filled with freedom, abundance and soul, while still being grounded and fulfilling all of my needs?
I love this question as it is loaded with tons of underlying beefs, thoughts and questions. And it all simmers down to one thing.
Before you start re-creating your life, you have to decide why you’re changing it.
It sounds simple, and it is. Your why is going to guide you and align you with what you truly want. Which is exactly what you will be experiencing by going through the #10DaysofFree me noting program with me, starting on Saturday (yep, in just 2 more days!). Join us now!
Here are four ways you can figure out your why, to help you actually create the life that you want.
1. How do you want to FEEL?
The first question you have to ask yourself is how do you actually want to feel? The way we experience our lives is not through the doing, or having of it. But through what we feel. When we are clear on what we actually want to feel. Once you know that, it’s much easier to break down the steps of what it might take to get there.
For example:
I want to feel excited about my life, and like everything is always comfortable and secure.
2. What kind of CHANGE are you trying to create?
Write down, what exactly needs to change in your life, for you to feel the way you want to feel. What changes can you make tight now, to start moving in the direction of what you want in your life?
For example:
I need to make more time to write/surf/dance/sing/create, because without it my soul is turning into a prune. I need to reawaken that part of me to bring the juicy flow into my life. (Because abundance, fun and creativity are directly linked.)
3. Set a clear, uplifting INTENTION.
Focus on what you want to experience, give, as well as receive. Write down your intentions for the kind of life you actually want. The one that fulfils the dream conjure up by the question that you asked:
“How can I create a life that is filled with freedom, abundance and soul, while still being grounded and fulfilling all of my needs?”
Because in the intention and the why and the what you will discover the how.
4. Choose 1 BIG IDEA… and commit to it.
This is where the fun begins. One you are clear on the first 3 steps, you get to actually take action. From everything you’ve learnt about yourself and what you really want, ask yourself:
What is the 1 thing that stands out and is most important to me? What is the 1 thing that would have the most impact on my life, right now?
The sentiment is that you find something that actually can take action on now, because all small steps combined become one giant leap.
This is what my forthcoming mentoring program is all about.
#10WeeksofFree is a 3 month mentoring program that helps you change the way you think and feel, and to free up all of your potential and bring the unexpected into your life.
It’s about growing, stretching, taking a leap of faith, adjusting, refining our natures, and expanding beyond our limitations in order to evolve.
Essentially, it’s about being free. But it’s much, much more than that. It’s about creating the right mindset and having the tools to support you, to set yourself free. Because you are that empowered, luminous soul that can create you own reality.
With a little bit of help from a friend.
Join me for #10WeeksofFree now. We’ve only got 2 days left to register and spaces are limited and filling up fast.

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